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Chapped Lips Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips Home Remedy

Chapped Lips are characterized by dry, cracked, flaky and sore lips that can affect people from time to time at any time of the year. Occasionally, Chapped Lips can be can be painful, embarrassing, and uncomfortable because they can interfere with many daily activities, such as smiling, eating and talking. Common signs and symptoms include dryness, redness, tenderness and sensitivity, cracking, splitting, peeling, and pain.

Minor lip dryness can be healed by simply removing the cause of the dryness or using some of the home remedies listed below. However, if dry lips are causing inflammation and bleeding, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor immediately since it can lead to severe infection.

Causes of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips can have several causes, including dry weather, overexposure to extreme temperatures, dehydration, lip biting, riboflavin (vitamin B2) deficiencies, and ill-fitting dentures. Dry, swollen, or cracked lips can also be caused by allergies, infections, drugs, winter colds and flus, and a number of other medical problems.

It is a common perception that Chap Sticks are the best cure for chapped and dry lips. However, in reality, the chemicals in a chap stick can infect the lips when you have bits of open skin. Therefore, the following home remedies are wonderful alternative cures that are also sometimes more effective.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatments for Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips Home Remedy Using Honey and Vaseline

The nutritional characteristics of honey make it an amazing healing and anti-bacterial agent. Similarly, Vaseline is considered one of the best skin protectants. When these two items are combined, you have an effective home remedy for chapped lips:

  • Put some honey on your lips let it dry for a few seconds.
  • Without moving your lips, apply some Vaseline on top of the lips.
  • Leave the honey and Vaseline on your lips for 10-15 minutes.
  • Finally, dip a Q-tip dip in hot water and use it to remove the honey and Vaseline in two strokes.
  • Do this once a day for about 2-5 days to get rid of chapped lips.

Coconut Oil for Chapped Lips

Many people have found that Coconut Oil is a wonderful natural remedy for chapped lips. Simply apply a small amount of oil to the lips several times per day, particularly when the weather is cold and dry.

Natural Remedy for Chapped Lips Using Water Therapy

Since dehydration is the main cause of dry or chapped lips, it is recommended to drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily. Also, on dry winter days, try to use a humidifier in your home to keep the air moist.

Treat Chapped Lips Using Cucumbers

Rub your lips with a slice of cucumber. Many people have found this to be a simple but effective chapped lip remedy.

Using Aloe Vera for Soothing Chapped Lips

The herbal benefits of Aloe Vera make it an amazing healing agent for skin. Therefore, to cure chapped lips, try putting a small amount of Aloe Vera gel on your lips daily.

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  1. on said:

    my lips are very dry.plz tel the home remedy to remove

  2. on said:

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  3. on said:

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  4. on said:

    Vaseline is the best so all of you can suck it.

  5. on said:

    What I did is put a little bit of honey in a bowl and add water and I squeezed a little clementine into it. It feels so good! (A little sticky though)

  6. on said:

    bought the pure lanolin from Puritan's Pride's website for six dollar for seven ounces. Also, it did wonders for my brother and friend who tried the lanolin for their cracked heels. My husband said it did wonders for the redness of his skin from blowing his nose all the time. my severe chapped lips feel instant relieve from lanolin unlike vaseline which is just a coating and toxic.

  7. on said:

    pure lanolin which comes from the oils of the sheep's wood which does wonders. Lanolin is also the same ingredient for the Lasinoh's breastfeeding nipple cream. I bought Pure Lanolin for Puritan's Pride for about for a 7 ounce jar with free shipping.

  8. on said:

    My lips are very dry with a few wrinkles and often hurt even if I don't smile or move them. I just read the above remedies so I will give the honey a shot first and then get cucumber.

  9. on said:

    Am happy i am almost of of it now but what i have been through was horrible. for me it all started with a dry feeling of lips. i didnt paid attention and continued wearing my lipstick which were mate and hence were making my lips more dry. my lips got worse and i had to stop my lipstick because now lips were simply too dry. i was frustrated being 24 yrs old i cant wear lipstick. lips was dry, the feeling was irresistible. i had to keep it moisturised. at first the corners were getting dark. pharmacist told me buy vaseline. i went away but came back.

    day by day it was getting worst. my lips were not peeling but were simply chapped and i wasnt able to open my mouth wide. i was constantly looking for info on internet and got afraid to know people have been with that for years. I was worried thinking will i have to remain a vaseline addict now? because i wasnt able to bear the dry feeling if vaseline get wiped from my lips. even if at night in sleep my lips get wiped with my pillows that dry feeling would wake me up and i had to reapply vaseline. lips got itchy by the moving days. there were tiny bumps.

    i was feeling like crying looking at my situation. i went to doctor he gave me hydrocortison which did nothing. it was itchy and i rubbed my lips and guess what the bumps were now spread outside the two corners of my mouth and a little on my chin. i shouldnt have rubbed it. went to see doctor again, he now gave miconazole.

    miconazole my god made it itch more. when checked on internet some people experienced same thing as it was a side effect. may be my skin was too sensitive. i had candid cream clotrimazole which was better.. i applied it on my chin and corners. the outside on my lips and chin were healed with that.thank god but my borders of my lips were still itchy and corners still cracked.

    i went to see another doctor now because it was already more than 1 month i have been through and my lips were slightly swollen. now this doctor checked my mouth and saw white lesion and told me its actually oral candiasis also known as oral thrush. it was a yeast infection. he gave nystatin oral drops and piriton to prevent swollen lips. it cleared the white lesions but not completely. and my lips were no more swollen but still same dry.

    but now i knew it was a yeast which must be affecting my lips as well. i saw people recomending apple cider vinegar (ACV). so i decided to try it.. it burned my lips like hell and changed its color for few seconds but i endured it. i applied it in morning and apply vaseline.. the itchiness was greatly reduced by there was no great improvement. i thought ACV is not working for me because no dead skin was forming as many said it would after applying ACV. but actualy i was doing it wrong. after applying ACV i was puting vaseline which was actually not letting the dead skin to form and come out. it was keeping it moist and was again geting sticked to my lips. when realised i stoped applying vaseline.. i applied ACV and then if i wasnt able to resist dry feeling i applied coconut oil. coconut oil was actually letting my lips to breath unlike vaseline. now the dead skin was formed. i was no more addicted to vaseline. i didnt removed the dead skin. i let it come out on its own..it was embarassing. and irritating while eating. i used straw to drink but i didnt pick the dead skin because that will cause your lips harm. its true.never pick it when your lips are already irritated. it was also protecting the skin which was forming inside.

    i started to take b complex and some sargeform (vitamin c+ minerals pills) just because even if lack of vitamin b is not the cause it will help my lips to get healed somewhere. i was also geting burning sensation with floride toothpaste so i shifted to a non fluoride toothpaste and used sensodyne original one which has no fluoride. thats because fluoride will harm a lips which has become sensitive. after the dead skin were out lips were no more excessively dry but it wasnt also moisturised. the dryness was there but very little. i continued coconut oil for that...and i let my lips to heal on it own now. slowly slowly i stoped coconut oil also and let my lips like it is. and now its almost 99% cured. one thing during a lips treatment never use a moisturizer which is in the form of a stick thats because when you apply it get infected and this is why your lips will never heal and will worsen it. use things that you will apply with your hands you will wash your hands after applying it.. and next time when applying you again wash your hand before applying it. the moisturizer wont get infected.

    thats because my lips would have been healed within two months instead of 3. when my lips almost got healed i used my lipstick which i applied when i started with the problem. it brought back the little bumps. just to check if my guess is right whether the lipstick was infected i applied the lipstick on my arm,and there was itchy bumps on my arm as well. i threw away the lipstick. logically if you apply a chapstick it will get infected within the first application itself. next time you apply the same chapstick it wont help but worsen it thats why many people claimed chapstick made their situation worst.

  10. on said:


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