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chapped lips

Chapped Lips are characterized by dry, cracked, flaky and sore lips that can affect people from time to time at any time of the year. Occasionally, Chapped Lips can be can be painful, embarrassing, and uncomfortable because they can interfere with many daily activities, such as smiling, eating and talking. Common signs and symptoms include dryness, redness, tenderness and sensitivity, cracking, splitting, peeling, and pain.

Minor lip dryness can be healed by simply removing the cause of the dryness or using some of the home remedies listed below. However, if dry lips are causing inflammation and bleeding, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor immediately since it can lead to severe infection.

Causes of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips can have several causes, including dry weather, overexposure to extreme temperatures, dehydration, lip biting, riboflavin (vitamin B2) deficiencies, and ill-fitting dentures. Dry, swollen, or cracked lips can also be caused by allergies, infections, drugs, winter colds and flus, and a number of other medical problems.

It is a common perception that Chap Sticks are the best cure for chapped and dry lips. However, in reality, the chemicals in a chap stick can infect the lips when you have bits of open skin. Therefore, the following home remedies are wonderful alternative cures that are also sometimes more effective.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Chapped Lips Treatment

Chapped Lips Home Remedy Using Honey and Vaseline

The nutritional characteristics of honey make it an amazing healing and anti-bacterial agent. Similarly, Vaseline is considered one of the best skin protectants. When these two items are combined, you have an effective home remedy for chapped lips:
  • Put some honey on your lips let it dry for a few seconds.
  • Without moving your lips, apply some Vaseline on top of the lips.
  • Leave the honey and Vaseline on your lips for 10-15 minutes.
  • Finally, dip a Q-tip dip in hot water and use it to remove the honey and Vaseline in two strokes.
  • Do this once a day for about 2-5 days to get rid of chapped lips.

Coconut Oil for Chapped Lips

Many people have found that Coconut Oil is a wonderful natural remedy for chapped lips. Simply apply a small amount of oil to the lips several times per day, particularly when the weather is cold and dry.

Natural Remedy for Chapped Lips Using Water Therapy

Since dehydration is the main cause of dry or chapped lips, it is recommended to drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily. Also, on dry winter days, try to use a humidifier in your home to keep the air moist.

Natural Cure for Chapped Lips Using Cucumbers

Rub your lips with a slice of cucumber. Many people have found this to be a simple but effective chapped lip remedy.

Using Aloe Vera for Curing Chapped Lips

The herbal benefits of Aloe Vera make it an amazing healing agent for skin. Therefore, to cure chapped lips, try putting a small amount of Aloe Vera gel on your lips daily.

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Reader Comments

Posted by Lachlan Molineux on Mar 25 2014 21:24:31
Be devoted to you very attractive! Do want to make you very attractive? It is very simple way. Using these natural products and make you very attractive. Take these products and alter your life style.

Posted by yomuma on Feb 11 2014 14:50:15
Vaseline is the best so all of you can suck it.

Posted by malpal on Jan 10 2014 23:39:58
What I did is put a little bit of honey in a bowl and add water and I squeezed a little clementine into it. It feels so good! (A little sticky though)

Posted by ivy on Dec 29 2013 22:56:37
bought the pure lanolin from Puritan's Pride's website for six dollar for seven ounces. Also, it did wonders for my brother and friend who tried the lanolin for their cracked heels. My husband said it did wonders for the redness of his skin from blowing his nose all the time. my severe chapped lips feel instant relieve from lanolin unlike vaseline which is just a coating and toxic.

Posted by ivy on Dec 29 2013 22:53:21
pure lanolin which comes from the oils of the sheep's wood which does wonders. Lanolin is also the same ingredient for the Lasinoh's breastfeeding nipple cream. I bought Pure Lanolin for Puritan's Pride for about for a 7 ounce jar with free shipping.

Posted by Donna Baumoehl on Dec 17 2013 19:26:25
My lips are very dry with a few wrinkles and often hurt even if I don't smile or move them. I just read the above remedies so I will give the honey a shot first and then get cucumber.

Posted by sweet1507 on Dec 07 2013 08:12:03
Am happy i am almost of of it now but what i have been through was horrible. for me it all started with a dry feeling of lips. i didnt paid attention and continued wearing my lipstick which were mate and hence were making my lips more dry. my lips got worse and i had to stop my lipstick because now lips were simply too dry. i was frustrated being 24 yrs old i cant wear lipstick. lips was dry, the feeling was irresistible. i had to keep it moisturised. at first the corners were getting dark. pharmacist told me buy vaseline. i went away but came back. day by day it was getting worst. my lips were not peeling but were simply chapped and i wasnt able to open my mouth wide. i was constantly looking for info on internet and got afraid to know people have been with that for years. I was worried thinking will i have to remain a vaseline addict now? because i wasnt able to bear the dry feeling if vaseline get wiped from my lips. even if at night in sleep my lips get wiped with my pillows that dry feeling would wake me up and i had to reapply vaseline. lips got itchy by the moving days. there were tiny bumps. i was feeling like crying looking at my situation. i went to doctor he gave me hydrocortison which did nothing. it was itchy and i rubbed my lips and guess what the bumps were now spread outside the two corners of my mouth and a little on my chin. i shouldnt have rubbed it. went to see doctor again, he now gave miconazole. miconazole my god made it itch more. when checked on internet some people experienced same thing as it was a side effect. may be my skin was too sensitive. i had candid cream clotrimazole which was better.. i applied it on my chin and corners. the outside on my lips and chin were healed with that.thank god but my borders of my lips were still itchy and corners still cracked. i went to see another doctor now because it was already more than 1 month i have been through and my lips were slightly swollen. now this doctor checked my mouth and saw white lesion and told me its actually oral candiasis also known as oral thrush. it was a yeast infection. he gave nystatin oral drops and piriton to prevent swollen lips. it cleared the white lesions but not completely. and my lips were no more swollen but still same dry. but now i knew it was a yeast which must be affecting my lips as well. i saw people recomending apple cider vinegar (ACV). so i decided to try it.. it burned my lips like hell and changed its color for few seconds but i endured it. i applied it in morning and apply vaseline.. the itchiness was greatly reduced by there was no great improvement. i thought ACV is not working for me because no dead skin was forming as many said it would after applying ACV. but actualy i was doing it wrong. after applying ACV i was puting vaseline which was actually not letting the dead skin to form and come out. it was keeping it moist and was again geting sticked to my lips. when realised i stoped applying vaseline.. i applied ACV and then if i wasnt able to resist dry feeling i applied coconut oil. coconut oil was actually letting my lips to breath unlike vaseline. now the dead skin was formed. i was no more addicted to vaseline. i didnt removed the dead skin. i let it come out on its own..it was embarassing. and irritating while eating. i used straw to drink but i didnt pick the dead skin because that will cause your lips harm. its true.never pick it when your lips are already irritated. it was also protecting the skin which was forming inside. i started to take b complex and some sargeform (vitamin c+ minerals pills) just because even if lack of vitamin b is not the cause it will help my lips to get healed somewhere. i was also geting burning sensation with floride toothpaste so i shifted to a non fluoride toothpaste and used sensodyne original one which has no fluoride. thats because fluoride will harm a lips which has become sensitive. after the dead skin were out lips were no more excessively dry but it wasnt also moisturised. the dryness was there but very little. i continued coconut oil for that...and i let my lips to heal on it own now. slowly slowly i stoped coconut oil also and let my lips like it is. and now its almost 99% cured. one thing during a lips treatment never use a moisturizer which is in the form of a stick thats because when you apply it get infected and this is why your lips will never heal and will worsen it. use things that you will apply with your hands you will wash your hands after applying it.. and next time when applying you again wash your hand before applying it. the moisturizer wont get infected. thats because my lips would have been healed within two months instead of 3. when my lips almost got healed i used my lipstick which i applied when i started with the problem. it brought back the little bumps. just to check if my guess is right whether the lipstick was infected i applied the lipstick on my arm,and there was itchy bumps on my arm as well. i threw away the lipstick. logically if you apply a chapstick it will get infected within the first application itself. next time you apply the same chapstick it wont help but worsen it thats why many people claimed chapstick made their situation worst.

Posted by sophia on Nov 22 2013 19:43:24

Posted by Skipps on Oct 10 2013 22:29:17
Vitamine E. Drink lots of H2O and only use Aloe strait from the plant. break off a leaf and yes it's edible. "Aloe creams and gels are drying to the skin."

Posted by Ruqiia on Sep 28 2013 19:56:15
Olive Oil or Chamomile are great remedies for cracked lips :)

Posted by hanana2008 on Sep 11 2013 17:50:07

Posted by Bella on Sep 06 2013 23:10:12
I had the same thing a month ago and tried everything from honey to RX but the only thing that worked was crushing a benadryl to powder form, dab a tiny amount of vaseline on your finger, dip in the benadryl powder and apply to your lips...ahhhh...you are welcome!

Posted by Stanley louis on Aug 21 2013 09:33:57
Stop peeling lips for 3week,i promise u a better cure forget the look after shower and drink 10 grass of water every day u can go 4 home remedies like honey and vasoline little of it pls thaks

Posted by ivy on May 27 2013 01:15:27
don't use vaseline or anything containing petroleum. Petroleum and vaseline which is basically petroleum are toxic because it's a by product of crude oil.

Posted by ivy on May 27 2013 00:41:12
need to use pure lanolin to help with the chapped lips. It has really done wonders for me but some people might complain about the smell. For me, the smell goes away a minute or two after applying it. It's totally worth it. I've been using it for nine months and still no problem. And I think the refined lanolin removes alot of the healing properties and thus doesn't work as well. So make sure to get the pure lanolin and not the refined lanolin.

Posted by Cindy on May 21 2013 20:33:16
Vaseline is not good in the long run, neither is any other kind of chapstick. Seriously.

Posted by Tamy on May 15 2013 13:09:44
Mix together coconut oil, petroleum jelly, 100% pure aloe vera gel, honey, and sugar and apply it to your lips. Works really well!

Posted by Amanda on May 13 2013 02:40:54
I've had chapped lips for years and have tried numerous things. Mostly chapsticks and balms but to no avail. I have a problem with picking my lip though when I can feel the dead skin. I pull the pieces off which I know doesn't help things and only damages my lips further but it's a habit I can't seem to break.

Posted by danny on Apr 08 2013 16:17:06
I will be interested along with enthusiastic about what you really are currently talking about the following. danny http://newcastleskips.co.uk/

Posted by Tash on Apr 08 2013 15:50:16
Okay so I brought this new lip balm that is a shine and gloss and I've used it for about 12 hours and omg I'm so happy with the results!!!! I seriously reccomend this it's called lip ice and only cost 99p my lips were so sore and red and ended up with ulcers they were that bad but now they look great just apply and leave overnight or get te normal balm or gloss and then wear out and about:).

Posted by Eve on Mar 02 2013 11:22:28
My 11 year old daughter has severe redness above and below her lip used to he called WILDFIRE does anyone have a cure I have tried Vaseline and Neutrogena nothing seems to be working she is constantly licking above and below her lips?

Posted by ivy on Feb 05 2013 12:19:26
Somehow, typing this wouldn't allow me to put five dollars and fifty cents in numerals on my previous two posts. So I spent five dollars and fifty cents for a 7 ounces of lanolin by NOW via online with free shipping. My chapped lips feel great instantly.

Posted by ivy on Feb 05 2013 12:16:53
Sorry, I meant I bought a 7 ounce tub of lanolin by Now for .50 with free shipping via online.

Posted by ivy on Feb 05 2013 12:15:47
bought a tub of lanolin with 7 ounces by Now for .50 via online with free shipping. I just put a tad of lanolin whenever my lips feel dry. My chapped lips feels and looks alot younger instantly.

Posted by sophie on Feb 04 2013 13:01:07
well i think that the whole rub with a toothbrush works but i have sort of adapted it. first i put Vaseline into a small pot i then place the pot into another pot of hot water this then heats it up just a little bit. now the next part sounds a little strange but it works for me i get a muscle pain relief gel and mix it in with the Vaseline i then put the warm mixture onto my lips but be careful not to get any into your mouth as the gel could be dangerous. i leave it on for about 15 mins and then rub off with a soft bristled toothbrush. i only use the gel for the pain when i get cracked lips they hurt like hell i even put the gel on painful spots to stop the pain for a while i do this about once a week in the winter and it really helps keep them soft and supple one thing you could change is a little honey if your lips are extremely dry

Posted by Renee on Jan 21 2013 06:50:57
I've been dealing with chapped lips for three weeks now. I had hives, which cleared up, but I was left with swollen, chapped, painful, peeling lips that wouldn't resolve. I was using an organic lip balm with sunflower seed oil and Vaseline (now I realize this was a mistake!). After reading posts here, I pulled out my Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream, which has glycerin, olive oil, lanolin, coconut oil, and vitamin E. I've been using it for less than 24 hours and I'm so pleased with the results! My lips look and feel so much better. At this rate they'll be healed in no time. Thanks for the helpful advice!

Posted by ivy on Jan 09 2013 22:56:46
I've had chapped lips for over 30 years off and on. I finally found a cure which is 100% pure lanolin which is alot better than coconut oil. I only put it on when it feels dry which isn't often. Best product ever.

Posted by Lilly on Dec 31 2012 23:58:32
This is to nimra who posted "tried honey over night didnt work", it didn't work because it says 10-15 min. not over night so just wanted to tell him why it didn't work.

Posted by Gia on Dec 22 2012 10:04:01
You should NEVER used Vaseline. Vaseline is a by product of petroleum which is made from petro chemicals...Always check labels.

Posted by Gia on Dec 22 2012 10:03:59
You should NEVER used Vaseline. Vaseline is a by product of petroleum which is made from petro chemicals...Always check labels.

Posted by Sara on Dec 21 2012 01:59:16
1. Remove the dead skin first. 2. NEVER lick your lips, it will just make them soooo much worse.

Posted by Manish Mandal on Dec 19 2012 08:07:24
I think i am addict of using lips balm and gels.even in summer and winter i have to use those vasline.otherwise lips get cracked badly.Mostly now in winter its too worse.What to do?Please suggest me something?

Posted by Jade on Nov 26 2012 10:57:51
I put lotion tahat mosterrises and it burned but it took the pain away

Posted by nimra on Nov 25 2012 09:22:21
tried honey overnight dosnt work at all

Posted by Violet on Nov 22 2012 03:28:37
Read this in a book of tips by people in the beauty industry: if you have dry, chapped, cracked lips, exfoliate with a paste of sugar and olive oil. (This is used as a remedy by a lot of models, because their lips can become really chapped from having lipsticks repeatedly applied and removed, and they can't afford to have dry, peeling lips for photo shoots.) So I've been doing this for years when my lips get chapped and it totally works. I use granulated sugar, personally, but that can sting a bit if my lips are slightly cracked, so if your lips are really bad, use brown sugar instead. If your lips are REALLY cracked and painful, I'm sure powdered sugar could be used to make an even milder scrub, though I don't know if it would be as effective because I've never tried it myself. But it seems like it should work in theory. In the palm of your hand, mix sugar and just enough olive oil to form a paste. Then gently rub it on your lips in circular motions. I do it for whatever length of time feels right to me. Then I gently rinse with cool water, blot dry (don't rub, you want to leave a film of oil on), and my personal preference at that point is to apply some Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment (the one that comes in the squeeze tube). Although my lips will feel tender for a few minutes, they also instantly feel so much better. Any residual pain or stinging usually subsides in 5-10 minutes. If you do this right before bed, you'll be amazed when you wake up in the morning. But even if you did it in the middle of the day, you'll still be amazed. One of the best treatment tips I've ever come across. And it tastes good, too! Coconut oil can also be used in place of olive oil.

Posted by Dan on Nov 07 2012 10:45:39
I have tried green tea bags treatment as well as the honey and vasoline. I it helps sometimes but what always works for extreme chapped lips is blistex lip medex here is a link. http://www.blistex.com/products/lip-medex

Posted by Isabelle on Nov 04 2012 07:20:48
Vaseline is just a cover up, it doesn't heal. It's like applying an isolating film of grease but it does not treat the problem. Coconut oil does work. And for me, anything that contains glycerin. Neutrogena hand cream has loads so I use this cream on my lips (it really mends them) and as an all round heavy moisturizer in severe cases. In the winter when my face skin is very dry I apply it on my face before going to sleep and wake up with baby skin. During harsh winters as a child I remember applying pure glycerin overnight on dried hands. It's sticky and sometimes painful if you've got lots of cracks but they were magically healed the next morning.

Posted by Janne on Oct 12 2012 18:18:02
Wow, I can't believe all the comments on this thread! A lot of people with chapped lips... While I have always had to use lip moisturizers, the past 2 weeks is different: my lips became suddenly chapped and peeling, but have not recovered despite applying moisturizing and healing ointments 24 hours a day (several times during the night.) Coinciding with my "newly" chapped lips, I began using two new products - a facial cleanser and a lip balm. I began to suspect ingredients and researched on the internet and learned the term "cheilitis", which describes various skin problems and conditions of the lips and surrounding area. There are ingredients in lip moisturizers that some people have reactions to, as well as toothpastes, and lipsticks. Please look at this website for more information: http://dermnetnz.org/reactions/lipstick-reaction.html If the link doesn't work, it's dermnetnz.org (DermNet New Zealand), I even found US medical websites quoting them. There is quite extensive information there on chapped lips and causes. Explore the website, because there are many categories involving chapped lips beyond the one in the link I posted.

Posted by Adriana on Oct 12 2012 10:11:16
My 9 yr old daughter has very severe dry, swollen, red lips especially not in the Fall where New England weather gets cold and dry. I have tried everything you can imagine, except cortisone creams because of their damage on long run. I haven't and will try coconut oil. I learned she is sensitive to apples, she loves to eat 4-5 of them a day and I had to stop her. Her lips got better, still, something she is eating is irritating her lips. Most of the time it comes from the inside out.

Posted by Priyanka on Oct 11 2012 01:21:41
I had chapped lips all my life, for me i tried everything vaselines, chapsticks, oils nothing worked. this was constant and forever and i started living with it. But soon i discovered key is proper moisturization. Some fast tips:- 1) Never leave ur lips dry, put vaseline, coconut oil, shea butter, Body Shop's aloe lip treatment(best lip balm till today). 2)put good mositurizing lipstic or after putting chapstic cover your lips with lipstic this is the key your lips will not wither in day as lipstics stay for long. 2) Apply coconut, olive or any other oil in belly button over twice daily 4)scrub softly with anything. I bet noone will have chapped lips ever until its some medical problem.

Posted by Michala on Aug 20 2012 12:19:26
I Put A Small StriP Of Clear Scoth Tape You Pushh It On Then Quickly Pull It Off It Hardly Hurts. When You Look At The Tape The Cracked Dried Skin Is On It. You May Have To Do It A Couple Of Times.

Posted by Alice on Jul 30 2012 01:15:53
I apply a generous amount of Boudreaux's butt paste on my lips every night before bed and rinse it off with warm water in the morning. It works great! I hope it works for some of you as well.

Posted by Allison on Jul 15 2012 01:25:18
Vaseline works for me pretty good, it keeps them smooth for the whole day

Posted by Yong Lee on Jul 12 2012 21:16:57
Thanks for this article!!! My lips getting well within one week by putting honey & lip balm method. :D

Posted by Hannah on Jul 03 2012 21:30:37
I have had chapped lips for months. I've tried chap stick, aquafor, and vaseline. If you have any way to help me out let me know!!

Posted by preethi on Jul 02 2012 02:02:43
i apply himalaya lip care on to my lips...its appears good for that time..but every two day once my lips completely get dried up and layer of skin peels off...and i have cuts/cracks on the lips..please suggest any remedy for this

Posted by KThanks on Jun 21 2012 09:11:45
Chapped Lips? use the chapstick called 'SoftLips' and see the difference. I just pound a thick layer on my lips before I go to bed and ta da! in the morning you will have nice soft shiny lips... Most of my friends use Carmex but personally I think that hasn't made any difference to their lips... and it also tastes like medication [cause it contains medical ingredients] anyways...why use something so strong when you can get a chapstick. Good Luck! X

Posted by sharad on May 30 2012 04:32:01
Hey, my lips are chapped and its since very long time, maybe many years, now its usual for me and my lips have grown a lot thicker, I have tried numerous things, coco oil, lip balm and a many lot stuff, it does gets soft but after 2-3 hours, its one and the same thingnow my lips are even getting white, if u can then suggest me something. It would be great of you. If you want to suggest me something then you can do the same in this page only.

Posted by Edward on May 27 2012 12:20:07
Hey, my lips are chapped and its since very long time, maybe many years, now its usual for me and my lips have grown a lot thicker, I have tried numerous things, coco oil, lip balm and a many lot stuff, it does gets soft but after 2-3 hours, its one and the same thingnow my lips are even getting white, if u can then suggest me something. It would be great of you. If you want to suggest me something then you can do the same in this page only.

Posted by Jules on Mar 14 2012 11:39:52
K-Y jelly works for me! It's water based and dries to a lovely shine like lipgloss. All other lip balms just left my lips more dehydrated and cracked.

Posted by dina on Mar 09 2012 14:11:46
put your tooth brush under running warm water then brush your lips 3 times a day . it works for me

Posted by Sabrina on Feb 15 2012 02:09:24
So i was on this forum the other day looking for help but didn't find any. i went to the doctor and he gave me something that helped. I had swollen lips because of an allergic reaction, they were getting crusty and oozy on the outside too, but the reaction went away after about 2 or 3 days and to take down the swelling i took advil and allergy meds plus iced my lip. besides the allergy tho, my lips had been before and were again, extremely dry and cracked and painful. they at times were red around the outside too and looked like id sloppily applied lipstick. it was painful and embarrassing. So to my cure. This may not work for everyone, but its worth a shot. Instead of using any kinds of chap sticks or vasaline or anything, my doctor gave me some eucerin original moisturizing lotion. weird i know. so i use that in place of chap stick. directly after, i apply Aquaphor healing ointment (made by Eucerin) on top. It is thicker and kind of like vasaline but more healing. After 24 hours i noticed a huge difference and 2 days later my lips are almost 100% back to normal even with nothing on them. They don't feel as tight as they did before when i had nothing on them and they deff. dont hurt anymore. I hope this helps you! Good luck!

Posted by mike on Feb 13 2012 16:29:35
I know the solution dont laugh i forgot the name but its thick lotion used by breast feeding mothers for their nipples

Posted by bumble2233 on Feb 09 2012 16:43:59
The cuccumber slice is fast & efficient.

Posted by Santanna on Feb 06 2012 10:52:04
I have really bad chapped lips and the skin around the my bottom lip is also very chapped and painful and the past two days I have woken up and they have been swollen blistex DOES NOT HELP neither does vasaline.

Posted by abdul majid on Feb 05 2012 05:35:13
hi i have a some problem about my dark lips i am smoking 10 to 15 cigratee every day but wen i see my lips in mirror i am very sad plz find for me some good tips how i pink my lips ?

Posted by blah blah on Jan 26 2012 16:08:10
Let's talk about causes for a moment. Too much vitamin A can cause chapped lips in some folks. B vitamin deficiency can also be a cause, which includes folic acid. If you're getting cracks in the corners of your mouth, that's a b-vitamin deficiency. You can try taking a multi-vitamin. Get some extra folic acid. Vaseline & mineral oil lock in moisture. Licking your lips wets them, and the moisture wicks away in the air causing chapness. Oils moisturize by keeping moisture in. Wouldn't add water to lips unless you're drinking. And don't bite your lips.

Posted by Hayley on Jan 20 2012 12:51:39
Vaseline is ok in the short term, but it is designed to not let moisture out so your lips can't breathe, and it doesn't do anything to heal chapped lips. Also, it trick the body into thinking that the lips are moistured, so it stops making the cells needed to naturally mositurize the lips. This is why you constantly have to re apply! I haven;t tried cocunut oil yet but I liked the idea of a natural cure. I know Arbonne has amazing skin conditioning oil that works amazing and vitamin packs than you can take, so I'm going to try these and see how it goes

Posted by Diamond on Jan 16 2012 16:20:02
As someone who has suffered from chapped lips for half of my teen life I know just how annoying it can be, especially when you have a date with someone you're hoping would kiss you *wink* I tried these steps and it worked miraculously. 1. The first thing to do when you notice chapped lips is wash or clean the lips with clean water. Yes that is essential, I know it'd come out drier but don't worry. 2. Dab petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the lips for about 10mins to soften the lips and the peels that would come off. 3. Use a semi-hard brush (clean) or a new toothbrush to gently scrub the peels off. You can use a rough towel too. Repeat this step twice for both lips. 4. Mix some Vaseline and Honey or Aloe Vera and apply on the lips. Then you go to bed. Make sure you apply enough to last the night. 5. When you wake up in the morning, you'd definitely notice an improvement in your lips as it will feel smoother and softer to the touch. And the stubborn peels that didn't come up the night before would have softened. 6. Repeat step 3 before you leave the house and use lip balm before topping with gloss. BONUS: To make your lips pinker,apply beetroot juice on your lips at night before sleeping, and you will notice a reddish pink stain next day. This should last few days. I hope this remedy works for you. It did for me and I have smooth kissable lips that boys often dream of kissing now. The beetroot worked for my lips too, it's naturally pinker now and it lasts for four days on me. Good luck.

Posted by Deziie on Jan 15 2012 21:46:57
oh my lord , i've tried the honey and vaseline trick , and i really hope it works , my mom said it would probably last for a month , and i dont wanna look like some freak with huge red cracked up lips at this dance im goin to D:

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 15 2012 11:50:56
julie u may have something else wrong, i suggest you visit a dermatologist.

Posted by Julie on Jan 12 2012 16:47:03
I have chapped lips 365 days. Tried lanolin, cortibalm, vasiline, olive oil, and everything over the counter. After reading all posts I have yet to try coconut oil, aquafor,vitamin e and a&d ointment. Hopefully something will help going on 12 years of painful, chapped, sometimes bleeding lips:(

Posted by Amelia on Jan 11 2012 08:13:02
I've had VERY chapped lips for the past few days and none of my lip balms were helping (Burt's Bees, a shea butter balm, etc.) I started using Burt's Bees Res-Q ointment last night, though, and it worked like a charm, the chapping is greatly reduced. I also put on a little honey and left it for a few minutes this morning and that also helped.

Posted by Judy on Jan 06 2012 15:20:40
My lips have been ravaged by the cold. It's red, chapped and cracked at the corners. I also have a red ring around my mouth that make it uncomfortable and embarrassing. I've used chapstick, blistex and lysyl. All 3 seem to give very brief and temporary relief. It also goopey, greasy and after while, clumps and thickens. I've been using them for a long time cuz I thought it would eventually do the trick. But just moments ago, I tried coconut oil and saw results INSTANTLY. Though its still a bit red, my lips and infected area don't burn as much and it *feels* like its working. After my shower, I tried the honey and--becuz I don't have vaseline--carmex treatment. WOW! Also saw results!!

Posted by Rosci on Jan 04 2012 19:57:24
My lips look like a puffer fish today because of the lip gloss i used. It had beeswax and bee pollen in it. It was a gift and the person stood there and waited for me to use it, so i did without checking ingredients. My bad, I'm allergic to both and now I don't want to leave the house! So be sure you look at the ingredients. Test new lip glosses on the inside of your elbow or some other spot to make sure you don't wind up looking like a clown. Probably the only remedy that would work is lanolin or the honey/vaseline remedy above. This is NOT a time for exfoliation.

Posted by Rebekah Heller on Dec 27 2011 20:10:24
Try using Flexitol Heel Balm or Kerasal Exfoliating Moisturizer Foot Therapy (found at WalMart or CVS). Apply three to four times daily. Positive results within two to three hours after first use. Expect slight burning or irritation at first use, also unpleasant taste (avoid licking lips).

Posted by Lynn555 on Dec 23 2011 22:21:33
What works for my dry, itchy lips is Lansinoh cream (pure lanolin) and 1% hydrocortisone ointment, mixed together in the palm of my hand. You must be sure to get hydrocortisone ointment, not cream because the ointment contains only hydrocortisone and petrolatum. Avoiding irritants on the lips is very important -- the reason products like Blistex sting when applied is that they contain ingredients like menthol and camphor which are the worst things possible for skin. Hope this helps.

Posted by libby on Dec 23 2011 19:55:32
I switched to Lansinoh lanolin ointment ( for irritated nipples of nursing mothers) and I'll never go back to regular lip gloss. I got one of those wands with a piece of foam at the end, for when I get tired of applying it with my finger. I put some in a little jar for my purse. If babies can eat it.....

Posted by Dry Lips on Dec 20 2011 18:40:02
I've had dry lips since I was an infant. Especially in the winter time, where I live it is very very dry during the month of December. My lips get painfully dry. I've used carmex for about a week and my lips seemed to get much better, but then I went ice skating outside with a friend of mine and as dry as it was my lips got worse than ever, carmex couldn't quite do the trick for that sever dryness. I just used the honey/vaseline remedy and so far it feels very soothing, I really hope this works. I hate dry, cracked lips. *fingers crossed*

Posted by jackie on Dec 19 2011 16:09:25
use almond oil and a few grains of sugar to exfoliate. gently wipe off sugar and follow up with carmex. try and do several times a day. in my fourth day and seeing improvement.

Posted by nikki on Dec 17 2011 13:53:20
I have major dry flaky lips, I've been using pure jojoba oil on them, works great because it penetrates not just coating the lips. Then Burt's Bees when i go outside. Gonna try the honey remedy.

Posted by An on Dec 17 2011 12:27:58
cucumbers help for a few seconds. Don't try!(unless you're willing to rub it on your lips day to night)

Posted by Senor Ed on Dec 07 2011 22:04:49
My lips have been killing me for a couple days. The weather has been really dry lately and I've had allergies too: runny nose and sneezing. I just put straight up coconut oil on my lips ten minutes ago. So far so good, the immediate symptoms have been relieved. I had it in my cupboard, I bought it from Trader Joe's cheap. I'm gonna do a another application before bedtime and see how they feel in the morning.

Posted by Senor Ed on Dec 07 2011 21:58:25
All petroleum jelly products are not good for you. It's called petroleum jelly for a reason because it is a by-product of the oil drilling. These are hydrocarbon products made from oil industry waste, so why in the world would you put that stuff on your lips for your skin to absorb into your body? So all the recommendations for Carmex is ill advised... as is Chapstick, lipgloss, and most beauty products. But whatever, do what you will.

Posted by Nina on Nov 22 2011 08:55:10
I have no Vaseline here at home right now, so I just put honey. I feel a little pain. Is this normal? The dryness has improved though.

Posted by beyonce on Nov 20 2011 18:22:52
guys i really dont think its that healthy to put all that on your lips trust me i have tried it all cucumber,honey,aloe vera,ect, ect. so i have tried carmex lately and its works like a charm go out to your local krogers its olny a dollar sorry i know this is a "home remedies" site but you know if you dont wanna spend the money try hetting olive oil and sugar mix them into a paste then apply in circle motions with a toothbrush i tried it works and its an alternitive for camex then wash it off with warm water love, beyonce

Posted by Anonymous on Nov 05 2011 14:51:18
I have really chapped lip. I stopped licking them and I started drinking a lot of water, after 4 or 5 days they kind of disappeared. But then I noticed areas around my mouth are getting dry. I'm afraid to use lip balm because I believe I'm allergic to them. I tried using cucumbers but they kind of burn and after a while the areas become dryer. I don't know what to do, this usually happens to me during winter of ever 3-4 years or so.

Posted by Mrs.Durant on Oct 25 2011 17:57:20
My 4year old suffers with extremely dry cracked lips as soon as the weather gets cool. I literally put the vaseline and honey mixture on him maybe 5 minutes ago and he just ran up to me and said "mommy my lips feel better."

Posted by Tiffany on Oct 08 2011 08:36:02
The website link below is www.amomknows.com/2011/10/never-ending-chapped-lips

Posted by Tiffany on Oct 08 2011 08:34:16
Sometimes chapped lips are caused by what you eat or what your lips come in contact with. This is called contact dermatitis. Read this article about a Mom who had chapped lips caused by toothpaste.

Posted by Lynn on Oct 07 2011 09:41:29
I happened to see a Doctor Oz show and the top 2 things he recommended for lips were lanolin or coconut oil. Tried the coconut oil and it WORKED!!! I got a huge jar at the health food store for less than !!

Posted by Shay on Oct 02 2011 10:55:31
Yeah A&D ointment is so great. I just apply it in the morning after every ,meal and at night. Usually by the next day its gone, but it even takes the pain away almost completely. And it doesnt need to sit for 3 hours for the pain to go away or anything, the pain is gone almost instantly.

Posted by Sammie on Oct 01 2011 04:05:27
Wow. I'm glad Im not the only one with this issue.. I've had this problem since as young as i can remember, and I'm now 22. Will definately be trying a few of these remedies as nothing has seemed to work so far! I get the swollen sore lips every few months... So sick of it!

Posted by satisfied on Sep 17 2011 01:54:11
A&D ointment NOT THE CREAM, works like a charm !

Posted by Ella May on Sep 15 2011 15:50:47
Vasaline, Nivea, Blistex - there all the same over priced lip treatment that smells nice or tingles but does nothing but make you lips greasy! YOU NEED CARMEX! A TRUE LIFE SAVER. CHERRY FLAVOUR OR NORMAL, KEEP APPLYING IT THROUGHT THE DAY AND YOUR LEFT WITH FRESH, SWEET, SOFT LIPS! I know it not a home remedy but you cant get better! Although a dab of honey works overnight quite well.. and the cucumber remedy really refreshes your lips and the skin around it!

Posted by Gibby on Aug 29 2011 09:31:00
My doctor told me to put a&d ointment on my lips before bed, or use aquafor. Lately I've used Sally hansen pm lip treatment that worked well but can be used up quickly so will try the others.

Posted by bee on Aug 25 2011 10:57:29
put on honey overnight, works like a charm! also, since chap stick tends to drag on dry lips and crack them, try mint based lip balm. it's soothing AND fresh.

Posted by mario on Aug 21 2011 02:48:36
dear all our skin is mirror of our health dont try to solve internal problem externaly there is something going wrong in your gut see candida or yeast infection and stick to that diet for life if you want to avoid early trip to haven regards dr fungus

Posted by Dave on Aug 08 2011 20:21:10
Some had said that they went off a number of different food and that did the trick. I normally have chapped lips only in the winter but here recently (last month or so) I constantly have them with no relief. The food allergy post got me thinking about what I've eating for the last month. I love peaches and will eat 3 a day sometimes. I bet it's the acid in the peach or the skin that's bothering me. Thanks for the idea.

Posted by To the Loser on Aug 08 2011 15:54:35
Dear unsatisfiedlips, had you really searched the website, you would have found they have one called DCT, he might have just put the wrong letters.

Posted by GCW on Jul 31 2011 13:22:14
Beware! Please remind food allergic people (especially peanut allergic) that using coconut oil can cause a reaction as well Made the mistake of trying coconut oil for my really chapped lips and had an allergic reaction to make things even more attractive Raging red, peely and now swollen and itchy too! When I asked a pharmacist about things getting worse instead of better using coconut oil She told me Peanuts and Coconut have a common property

Posted by Larissa on Jul 27 2011 22:32:06
Ugh, my lips get chapped really badly in the summer, and the skin around my lips is red, and very irritated. I have no idea what to do, lip gloss doesn't always do the trick.

Posted by Bee Gee on Jul 26 2011 11:02:54
Use pure 100% lanolin (wool fat) which should be cheap from a chemist but hard to get. Do not let them try to sell you an over-priced junk compound allegedly containing a small amount of "lanolin."

Posted by mad and chapped on Jun 24 2011 02:52:00
dear unsatisfiedlips, what ever your doing Sean is compleat and uderly mean.did you ever think maby he had a typeing mishap.well any way,now that i have got that off my chest.my lips are usally read and kinda chaped i use Blistex Lip Massage it helps alot. love, mad and chapped

Posted by DESPERATE 4 HELP!!!!!! on May 28 2011 08:19:21
a few days ago, i was about to have a cold sore so i put toothpaste on it (i researched and found that it would work). In the morning when i washed my lips, i found they became chapped. the cold sore went away, but now i have another problem 2 tackle.Since my lips are chapped, when i kissed my boyfriend, it hurt like hell for me! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Posted by Rebecca on May 21 2011 17:45:02
I am trying the honey & vaseline and it feels SO good! If it works, You're frikkin amazing!

Posted by Lysssssa on May 14 2011 00:38:37
I have chapped lips all the time summer or winter it dosn't matter everyday i have to deal with it. Not sure but could it be some sort of condition?

Posted by Arionna on May 04 2011 21:34:31
Im trying the honey and vaseline, so far it feel comfortable, and my lips feel great i think this on ewill work, also, coconut oil ive noticed doesnt really work for everyone

Posted by Matt on Apr 19 2011 22:18:35
If this works... YOUR A GOD :D

Posted by Leona on Apr 14 2011 07:39:24
Try a drop of mineral oil rubbed on your lips. It will seem thick and sticky at first but it soaks in quickly. Do it as often as you can, especially before going outdoors. Mineral oil also works great for dry, chapped hands. Smear your hands with mineral oil and cover with gloves before going to bed. In the morning, your hands will be soft.

Posted by yanti on Apr 08 2011 10:40:15
i got the habit of peeling my lips whenever its dry and crack.. the problem is, sometimes it bleeds and leave a scar.. doctors say it might be burnt lips but may i know if theres any cure for this because it permanently discolouration till even lipstick cant cover it off.. help me!

Posted by Ashley on Apr 05 2011 15:12:50
I never usually get chaped lips however I stopped using chopstick for awhile and now I have a mild case of chaped lips. I tried chopstick and it just made my lips feel cakey. Aloe Vera worked to help relieve the uncomfortale feeling and also hid the dry skin.

Posted by unsatisfiedlips on Mar 28 2011 09:31:52
Dear Sean, I have searched the Blistex website and I have noticed that the product SFR does not exist in any shape, way, or form. I am still chapped and I hurt. I was hoping your solution would save me... however it failed because it does not exist. I hope karma comes to you in the form of chapped lips for eternity. Love Always, unsatisfiedlips xxoo...ouch those kisses hurt...due to the chapness

Posted by marilyn on Mar 28 2011 00:06:59
I've had this problem of very red, sore chapped lips on and off for years and it is worse in winter. I went to regular M.D.s and dermatologists, years ago. Then I learned that anything with lanolin, parabin, or petroleum (like vasoline) is a carcinogen. I finally went to a homeopathic practitioner, who said it was dyshydrotic eczema-- not a simple case of chapped lips. I was advised to eliminate dairy, nightshades (potatos, onions, peppers, eggplant and tomatos), and all raw fruit (except bananas) from my diet. This did the trick-- apparantly, my food sensitivities/ allergies were cuasing the problem. Sometimes, it is not just a matter of environmental concitions-- like winter weather. It could be another cause as well. Now, I am also using Alba Botanica "Sun" Lipcare with 18 SPF on top of a product called Aqualine (which is hydrolized water). A

Posted by tia on Mar 26 2011 00:32:36
This may seem like a lot but it WORKS I used a brown an white sugar make it a paste get some peanuts butter and triple antibiotic ointment get a tooth brush an scrub lips with first the paste then add PB after scrubbing for about 3 mins add triple antibiotic ointment an scrub some more after bout 2mins stop wipe it off with a Warm wet towel an do the process again....Then put a dime size among of ointment on lips an relax NO LICKING LIPS FOR A WHILE GO LUCK PPL

Posted by sharon on Mar 25 2011 01:08:32
almost any type of moisturizing lotion applied to lips before and after eating and especially before going outdoors,also ,women don't forget to keep a tube of lipstick with you to apply when going outside ,it's the perfect protection from dry lips and to prevent chapped lips (smile).

Posted by sean on Mar 22 2011 09:12:35
I'm a brass player for a drum and bugle corps, that tours the country for 40 days during the summer, so believe me when I say we murder our lips in those 40 days. The only lip treatment we use and trust is SFR made by blistex, sold at CVS usually. It usually can completely unchap lips in 2 to 3 days even during 10 hour practices in the sun, and its SPF 20 which is more than enough protection. The active ingredients are Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, and unfortunately for people who don't like petroleum, petroleum is also in it. Other ingredients that aid to the quick healing are aloe, protein, and cacao seed butter. This stuff works like magic everytime, and is the little known secret of saving lips that brass players have known for years ;)

Posted by Salma on Mar 17 2011 18:22:07
I've just tried this, the honey with the vaseline, I've heard great things about honey, so i thought hey i have it downstairs, i was abit skeptical still, well just before i tried it i was suffering the most horrible dry skin and it was just simply drying so fast that chapping would take an instance 5minute and my lips would dry up, so i tried it, and as i left it on, yes it does sting, but i think thats because its healing and working its magic, and the great thing is it tastes and smells so divine, so far its day 1, i would probably need 5days to sort it out but i will defo let you guys know the outcome :) ps i heard Burt's Bee's is a good thing, also lemon juice helps with bleaching the lips, so with me chapped lips have cause dark and uneven tones on my lips after this remedy im hitting the lemon :)

Posted by Jen on Mar 11 2011 11:39:23
To Lola, That sounds like you have eczema on the skin as well as chapped lips. Go to a dermatologist for a prescription ointment.

Posted by Kim on Mar 05 2011 03:04:37
I have chronic chapped lips and have been looking for a permanent fix. Tried pretty much every balm recommended everywhere. So far the best thing that's worked for me is Labbri lip treatment. it gets rid of all the flaking so i'm starting to kick my habit of biting my lips. other products seem to make my lips flake more but this doesn't and it actually makes my horrible lips look "normal". I checked the ingredients and it doesn't have any of the bad ingredients - mineral oil, petroleum jelly, etc. If you have seriously bad lips like me - I would recommend giving this a shot as it's saved me from many embarrassing situations. If I find something better I'll let you know!

Posted by Derek on Mar 01 2011 10:05:06
One of the main causes is dryness. If it burns, DO NOT like your lips. Use Berts Bees Chap stick with an aloe vera moisturizer around your lips at night. Works like a charm. Some oils, if used to much, can strip the natural oils of your skin away. Be aware.

Posted by dreadlocklady on Feb 24 2011 20:18:45
lethithcin oil , omega oil on lips. stops chapping or cracking. make a drink or water, organic apple cider vinager and honey also put in green tea bags, 2 or 3... drink for good health.

Posted by Cristal on Feb 18 2011 04:03:26
that guy above who posted a lack of 'OMEGA 3s and Vitamin B' seems to be right. For a decade I've had embarrassing cracked/peeling lips. I've been taking omega 3s (in fish and flaxseed) and all the peeling went away. I wish I had known this earlier.

Posted by Lola on Feb 17 2011 16:12:26
I seem to be able to get my lips under control.I do like the bert's bees ,but my trouble is the skin above and below the lips . I have tried applying different things to is as well as my lips .Some days it is so bad it look like i have red clown makeup on . does anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by Barbara on Feb 06 2011 01:57:04
I first brush my teeth, then I brush my lips. I then dry my lips. Then I put on Alba Lip Balm in Passion Fruit Nectar. I do this three times a day. Plus I drink extra water. My lips feel really good!

Posted by Lisa on Jan 29 2011 14:12:51
I've been having a problem with dry lips for months now. Tried everything I can think of. I would not use anything containing petroleum (a.k.a. vaseline) because it's very unhealthy and causes cancer. I've been trying the home remedies mentioned here. I'm still having to apply something to my lips every 15 mintues or so. It's that bad. The only thing I've found in the way of something pre-made that really looks to have some benefit and is all natural is on a site called "HealingHandsApothecary". There is a lip balm called "Healing Lip Treatment" where the base is beeswax and organic coconut oil. What I found different with this product, is that it's infused with healing essential oils, like calendula and hyssop (and there's something about it being antibacterial and preventing herpes lesions). Not sure about that.. but I'm giving it a try. It's the best thing I've found to buy, besides trying to concoct something on my own. Also, just so ya'll should know, mineral oil is toxic. It causes cancer. Google it.

Posted by MrsRoseyT on Jan 25 2011 14:47:47
I just tried putting honey on my lips and then opted for coconut oil over the honey instead of the vaseline. We shall see how it turns out. My lips taste good and they have a nice shine so far...lol

Posted by Jeff on Jan 24 2011 12:36:30
put a moist cloth on your lips for about 15 minutes then use Carmex moisturizing lip balm every hour. works perfectly.

Posted by Nicole on Jan 24 2011 11:43:17
Ty - Im with you ive tried everyhting and onto the Neosporian Lip treatment as Well. Today i have both going on the overnight treatment and the daily along with Burtsbees Lip balm.. I tried putting some Aveeno Intense Relief Repair Cream around it a bit. Seems to be helping slightly but nothing great!!!

Posted by Ty on Jan 20 2011 20:13:00
OMG... For the last past 5 weeks my lips have been extremly chapped and even have several splits. Im so embrassed. I used Neosporin Lip health,vasaline,coco butter,eczema cream,chap stick,carmex,bath and body works mint lip gloss,etc. I need a miracle!

Posted by lady on Jan 17 2011 04:16:14
y dont u use SKINFOOD AVOCADO LIPBALM it does really work im also suffering from a chapped lips every winter and i've tried almost popular lipbalm but none of them works and when i discover skinfood avocado lipbalm it was really amazing.Its not oily and it can easily be absorb by the lips..

Posted by April on Jan 09 2011 15:23:03
I just tried the honey and vasoline remedy and WOW! It really does help/work. I can see and feel a difference.

Posted by april on Jan 06 2011 19:54:44
hey LA try honey w/ vasaline on top works 4 me

Posted by LA ! on Dec 30 2010 19:53:22
I'VE HAD CHAPPED LIPS FOR ABOUT ALMOST 2 WEEKS. It got worse. I don't know how to cure it. It hurts so bad :( Vasaline doesn't help, blistix doesn't help.. Nothing helps. :(

Posted by judyd on Dec 27 2010 00:29:09
I'm sticking with the coconut oil and it has plumped up my lips and releived the chapped feeling, but it hasn't cured the problem. By using the coconut oil as a carrier oil, I've combined it with other oils such as tea tree, oregano, birch, and lavender. Any ideas?

Posted by Myfanwy on Dec 24 2010 17:37:43
I have tried the honey and vaseline solution only, but I will say that it has served me well. I've had the flu for the past 5 days and my lips have become painfully chapped as a result. I put some honey and vaseline on my lips last night and twice today, and now my lips are back to normal. I also drank lots of water and have used my menthol lip balm a few times, so that probably helped as well.

Posted by Fallen on Dec 18 2010 22:32:53
im 15 years old and i have SEVERE chapped lips .. like its mostly the top one .. its like red , swollen , and itchy . they burn REALLY bad too .. ive been looking on about every natural cure websites but other websites are saying it doesnt work .. i dont know what to try .. i dont ANYONE have an idea what i can do ? :(

Posted by Jess on Dec 17 2010 14:50:26
When i get chapped lips it gets me so pissed of. what i usually do is take my toothbrush (i have the kind that spins)and i brush all of the dead skin off. the i add warm water to it. sometimes it doeant always work, but i woul;d still try it. but it might make it worse.

Posted by hannah on Dec 16 2010 16:51:05
Omg, I have been looking for something to use on my lips forever. I just went to put oragel in my mouth and it accidently got on my lips. Skin started coming off, so I put a little bit more on and all the dry skin came off. Then I just put a little bit of chapstick and my lips are so smooth (: good luck

Posted by robert on Dec 16 2010 03:40:04
the honey vasoline thing along with plenty of vitamins and H2O cleared up my chapped lips in 24 hours!!!!!

Posted by Madi on Dec 15 2010 20:37:20
I have had very dy lips every winter. My dad says I should drink more water but the thing he doesn't know is that I do drink alot of water. Can anyone help me?

Posted by Madi on Dec 15 2010 20:37:17
I have had very dy lips every winter. My dad says I should drink more water but the thing he doesn't know is that I do drink alot of water. Can anyone help me?

Posted by Emily on Dec 10 2010 22:35:48
Aquaphor ointment by the makers of eucerine cream. Works awesome for chapped lips. Lather on your lips in the morning and at bed time. It works for any skin irritations.

Posted by Kelly on Dec 09 2010 23:39:49
Pure Romance sells a product called Bosom Buddy. It is a tingly lip and nipple baum. While it can be used for foreplay (hence the name) it is great for lips! Cured my winter lips and it has a good flavor. If interested email me @ KellySheldon@PureRomance.com

Posted by Fluffy on Dec 09 2010 21:28:29
Lol I just ran out of cucumber two hours ago, cannot find anything else. Lame excuse, I know. Use Chapstick every five seconds!!! Help!

Posted by alysen on Dec 07 2010 19:46:38
omg my lips are chapped realy bad i mean realy bad and i have tryd evrything and nothing worked yet sooo sad i wish i could use somthing that would realy work i have tryd neo sporn and a aloe plant that dint work dont know what to try now so sad maby i could try this great chap stick that is very exspensive maby me and my mom will go get it lo lololo

Posted by Me on Nov 30 2010 19:24:15
Olive oil - amazing stuff!

Posted by Anonymous on Nov 28 2010 18:04:47
Burt's Bees wax is a miraclel worker. I use either theReplenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil or the regular one (with peppermint). Some of the other ones are dry and don't absorb into your lips well, but those two are my absolute favorite and cure chapped lips in 2-3 days, but lessen pain and irritation immedeiately. TRY IT!

Posted by Anonymous on Nov 28 2010 14:07:55
I have had chapped lips from a very young age. The only thing that has worked, for me, are the lipsticks that stay on for ever. I prefer Revlon.

Posted by Fonz on Nov 23 2010 11:58:55
I find Burt's Bees works great. The key is to put it on before you go to bed. You'll wake up and your lips will be peeling and flakey, but this is a good sign. Don't rip off the dead skin, just keep it moisturized and try not to lick or bite them, and it should go away within a couple days.

Posted by Kim on Nov 22 2010 23:48:28
Dr. Weil's Conditioning Lip Balm with Tumeric is a miracle. Purchase it at Origins. When I first put it on, it didn't seem like a big deal. I went about my business, and 30 minutes later the layer of dry skin was easily peeled off when I rubbed my lip with my fingertip...revealing super soft skin. Mind you, I tried to peel the skin off before I applied the lip balm. DO NOT DO THIS. Then skin peeled off easily initially, then it went too deep and started bleeding. Ouch! So just use the balm, it works!

Posted by Matt on Nov 17 2010 13:12:57
My lips are always chapped especially during the wintertime. I find nothing to be working, because most chapstick brands just irritate my skin, is there any way to help my situation???? :(

Posted by brooke on Nov 07 2010 21:15:01
Try Neo-sporn thats what im using right now

Posted by Alisha on Nov 05 2010 13:03:20
my lips are so chapped i call them shredded wheat! I use chap stick and although it then moisturizes my lips it produces a white kind of paste on my skin? which looks more awful than my original chapped lips :( hate my lips :( from what ive read coconut oil, aloe Vera and B2 seem to be good for your lips so might try that...exfoliation hasn't worked for me and damn have ppl really tried nappy rash cream on their lips? how many others have done that and has it worked for and for the person who wrote you should put tape on your lips thats cruel lol if anybody has a remedy that actually works please do tell

Posted by Dru on Nov 01 2010 14:06:11
Most lotions probably shouldn't be ingested, and I don't know about you but I can't help but lick my lips when I put something on them. My tip is to exfoliate with your toothbrush whenever you brush your teeth. Put a dab of olive oil on them before you go to bed. Or, the coconut oil may work better. I think the petroleum based things are great for protection from wind and sun but don't permeate the skin for actual moisturizing.

Posted by Quinn on Oct 28 2010 19:22:44
I use some lotion, but that stings a LOT!!! And, at the moment, we don't have any Petroleum Jelly, or chapstick. So, do I keep using the painful option?

Posted by NEED HELP on Oct 13 2010 20:39:03
plz help the petroleum, chapstick, lip balm, and vaseline havent done a thing!

Posted by KM on Sep 27 2010 16:48:13
Thank you a million times for such great info.Im a 27 yearold man,have had the problem of dry,chapped lips for the past 3 years and cant seem to be getting rid of.My bottom lip has now changed its colour from pink to red because I am always peeling off.

Posted by Anna on Sep 23 2010 14:58:48
@Candacde, For your 7 year old applying organic coconut oil, cucumber, honey or fresh aloe vera on the lips should be safe! Just tell the kid not to lick for the best results, because the longer the remedy stays on the faster he/she heals.. Good luck!

Posted by candacde on Sep 23 2010 09:53:05
My 7 yr old son has very chapped lips and I want to know if I can use any of these remedys on him?

Posted by Kehau on Aug 05 2010 18:41:15
I love to surf but the wind and the sun does some serious damage to my lips. I usually use abreva and it dries up and heals by a week, but now abreva is discontinued. A coworker of mine suggested oregano oil so far it's drying out my blisters and seems to be working but I'm only on day 2.

Posted by michelle on Jul 24 2010 18:43:29

Posted by me on Jul 22 2010 01:35:35
i'm trying the cucumber right now... but it seems to sting a little... i wonder how long it takes

Posted by william on Jul 14 2010 18:28:00
another reason for chap lips is licking them with your saliva becuase saliva is mainly used in your body to digest foods and not for dry skin so your lips will be moist for a minute but it will take even more water from your lips and be even more painful for your lips also it might cause blisters and bleeding.

Posted by Jenz on Jul 04 2010 01:53:12
Coconut oil is really useful.Things like petroleum jelly..vaseline...chapstiks like labelo etc are damaging in the long run. They only 'appear' to give a healthy look to your lips.The substances in em are not healthy.Some have also experienced blackening of lips after using chpsticks and petroleum jelly.

Posted by Jann on Jun 20 2010 23:53:44
What are vaseline and mineral oil? Crude petroleum! These should NEVER be used on the skin.

Posted by jhezzie on Jun 10 2010 06:13:46
LANOLIPS 101 OINTMENT is the best in healing chapped,cracked and dry lips!!!!!!

Posted by Jenny on Jun 02 2010 16:10:51
I live in a really dry region. so, I get chapped lips quite often. But what really irrates me is when I have dry skin hanging from my lips. Recently I tried this for my dry lips and it really works! First put on chapp stick or vaseline. Then, get a piece of tape and place one strip on your upper lip and another strip for the lower one. Press down and smooth the tape out with your finger. Pull the tape off and you can see the skin that was hanging from your lip!

Posted by NoMoreChappedLips on May 26 2010 21:11:38
I used to have chapped lips all the time. Ever since I started using colloidal silver aka silver hydrosol I havnt had chapped lips once. Chapstick justs makes you dependant on it and makes chapped lips worse in the long run. Silver is awesome for so many things. Research it. Also havnt had any cold sores anymore after using silver hydrosol. Build your immune system with silver hydrosol, hemp oil, oil of oregano, vitamin C from whole food source, and raw milk. Long Live the Immune System!

Posted by carla on May 25 2010 10:23:20
Apply Vaseline everyday. I went to the pharmacy and they gave me cymex, it really works. Or, if your lips are dry then rub vaseline and sugar into your lips to exfoliate them.

Posted by mirandaaa on May 09 2010 20:30:14
okaay so i trieddd vasiline and itt works greattt over night depending on how chapped ur lips aree. I also tried the aloe vera and it helped alot but it made it burn horrible and dont get that in yourr mouth its NASTY! lol.

Posted by James on Apr 18 2010 10:53:25
guys i have the answer CHAPSTICK MEDICATED

Posted by joni on Apr 05 2010 22:34:52
where do i buy coconut oil and bees wax

Posted by joni mcguckin on Apr 05 2010 22:12:49
i have crackes in corner of my mouth also very chapped lips on the bottom lip mostly i went a lot of drs i took pills cream nothing works lots of dryness any one can help me or has the same thing also my tongue burns is wh ite then turns red and really hurts

Posted by Beth on Mar 28 2010 22:00:34
Rose Salve from bath and body works is really good esp. @ night also in the day i use softlips

Posted by HomeRemediesWeb on Mar 10 2010 14:42:30
For chapped lips applying lukewarm organic virgin coconut oil three to four times daily especially before going to bed can help. Coconut oil has high antioxidant activity. Its small molecular structure easily penetrates through the dry layers of the skin and keeps the connective tissues strong, hydrated and soft. Also applying Cucumbers and Aloe Vera gel can be beneficial for chapped lips. I hope this helps!

Posted by somebody on Mar 09 2010 21:15:53
my lips have been chapped for EVER!!! I have tried evrything from carmex to neosporin at night...i play the saxophone and everytime i play it irritates my skin so the dryness from my lips just moves doen until it hits the top of my chin, it makes you look like an idiot and burns all the time!!! plz plz plz tell me a remedy that practically heals over night besides vasaline and other things like chapsticks

Posted by Heather on Mar 09 2010 14:43:29
I have really chapped lips - they have started splitting and burn constantly! I work outside all day 6 days a week, but eat plenty of fruit and veg and drink more than the advised amounts of water. Its not very practical for me to have oils in my pocket during the day - any handy pocket sized remedies?

Posted by JayJay on Feb 26 2010 20:18:45
I know pretty much why my lips are always chapped and has nothing to do with the weather. They are very dry and I constantly bite my lips to peel off the flaking skin. Nasty habit but can't seem to stop. I suppose it is do to the dryness - the reason they flake. The more lip balms I use - the worse they get - more dry than before. So I have resorted to checking out some of the home remedies. Skeptical about the Cortisone. I have some that I used for some skin rash at one time but feel hestitant in using it for the mouth area where I may ingest some. Will purchase some coconut oil and see how that goes. Also the cucumber.

Posted by Laurel on Jan 28 2010 16:18:23
I'm sorry to say this, but mineral oil in NOT NATURAL!!! Things like petrolium jelly and cortizone cream appear to work at first, but are EXTREAMLY damaging to your skin in the long run. Cortizone is a steroide which thins and scars your skin. Petrolium jelly, i.e. mineral oil, is a derivitive of gasoline and is terribly drying to your skin. It stops your skin from producing it's own natural lubercant, leaving you addicted to it and suffering from worse skin conditions down the road. Do not confuse mineral oil from mineral powder makeup which is natural and healing for your skin. These are facts that are easily backed unlike some of the other personal opinions that have been posted. Don't believe everything you hear, even from your doctor. Learn to research things. It will empower you.

Posted by Hap on Jan 02 2010 12:27:58
Another life-long sufferer. There are two products I've tried that seem to work the best. One is the chapstick with aloe vera made by Desert Essence (and all of their products that I've tried really are awesome, notably the blemish dauber, I always keep that in my purse too). The other is the chapstick made by Dr. Bronner's (the company that makes the awesome natural soap in with the preacher's labels on them). Note that, as both of these products are natural, they will spoil over time, so not the sort of chapstick you can leave sitting in your hot car for months).

Posted by Lizzie on Dec 29 2009 22:37:41
Over the years, I noticed that I had an increasing problem with dry lips. At first, I thought my chapped lips were due to the extended amount of time I spent outside. But when I started doing my work indoors, I realized that something else was to blame. I took a closer look at what my lips came in contact with. For those of you that are struggling with chapped lips, it might be caused by your mouthwash and/or toothpaste. I frequently use a strong mouthwash and toothpaste. I was not in the habit of rinsing out my mouth afterwards. Now, I make an extra effort to rinse my mouth out with warm water and gently rub my lips with a wash cloth. After that, I end my routine with by lightly applying chapstick. I've already noticed improvement.

Posted by Ammy on Dec 15 2009 08:16:57
Hey i have tried so many things but let me tell you one thing that nothing works.... so plz

Posted by Laura on Dec 13 2009 16:39:42
Airllusion, I have another recommendation of a lip balm that would be safe for you. It can be purchased in 3-packs at Trader Joes. It is called "Trader Johann's Lip Balm Virtuoso." Ingredients: SPF 15: octinoxate, oxybenzone; organic virgin olive oil; beeswax; organic jojoba oil; tocopherol (vitamin E); essential oil of spearmint; shea butter; rosemary extract; organic comfrey; organic calendula; organic st. john's wort.

Posted by Dusklvr on Dec 04 2009 09:06:53
Chapped lips and dry skin are usually signs that you need more B complex vitamins and Omega-3 EFAs in your diet. The standard N.American diet lacks the correct balance of Omega-3:Omega-6 due to eating too much cooking oils, sugars, starches, and refined foods. The best remedy to alleviate chapped lips and dry skin is to exfoliate your lips with olive oil and salt once or twice a week (or whatever exfoliation product you like), apply some flax seed oil to your lips as needed, exfoliate your skin with a loofa or gloves several times a week, take an Omega-3-6-9 supplement everyday (do some research on the many health benefits of doing this), eat a healthy diet that focuses on maintaining slightly more of an alkaline base in your body (research acid/alkaline base of the body-it's incredibly valuable to know about this), take a daily multi-vitamin, and ingest some probiotics either in pill form or in a plain priobiotic yoghurt. Avoid vaseline and products containing mineral oil, they cause your skin to stop producing it's own natural oils. Be careful when using hydrocortizone products, this can thin the skin permanently is used long term, which will cause many issues later on. I had so many health problems over the past several years, until I started to study nutrition and it's effects on the body, it's incredible. Most illness, disease, and health issues begin in the gut...Since I've changed my eating habits I've never felt or looked better, and it just keeps getting better everyday. I hope this helps! Good luck!

Posted by someone on Nov 09 2009 13:20:49
the best thing for your lips is natural remedies, things like chapstick, and vaseline all contain chemicals, especially lipsticks and lipgloss, the chemicals in these products dry your lips and even make them shrink. the more you use chapsticks the more your lips need them and without them will be dry. olive oil and salt is a good scrub to take off the dead skin, also olive oil and cinamon. overal all the remedies listed are pretty good but they don't last more than a day of effectiveness on your lips they are just temporary. As listed above you may lack vitamin b2 or have allergies if so then the best thing for your lips is a healthy diet and there isn't anything better. you need to eat your veggies, fruits to get all the vitamins you need and water to keep you hydrated because no other liquid hydrates your body better than water.

Posted by someone on Nov 09 2009 13:19:45
the best thing for your lips is natural remedies, things like chapstick, and vaseline all contain chemicals, especially lipsticks and lipgloss, the chemicals in these products dry your lips and even make them shrink. the more you use chapsticks the more your lips need them and without them will be dry. olive oil and salt is a good scrub to take off the dead skin, also olive oil and cinamon. overal all the remedies listed are pretty good but they don't last more than a day of effectiveness on your lips they are just temporary. As listed above you may lack vitamin b2 or have allergies if so then the best thing for your lips is a healthy diet and there isn't anything better. you need to eat your veggies, fruits to get all the vitamins you need and water to keep you hydrated because no other liquid hydrates your body better than water.

Posted by Balmmom on Nov 06 2009 23:09:56
airillusion, My grandpa and grandma both were on oxygen for COPD and Burt's Bees Beeswax lipbalm was the only stick balm they could use. There's no petrolatum in it. Another option can be found online or at health food stores. It's called UnPetroleum (www.unpetroleum.com). Ask your doctor about these products!

Posted by airllusion dot com on Oct 31 2009 20:42:35
I have COPD and cannot use any fossil fuels and oils on my lips because of lung irritation. I have chapped lips every day of the year UNLESS I put something on them. Am searching for good natural stuff. We need to let them know with our dollars to quit putting petroleum in products to put in our bodies. Read the labels!

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 28 2009 10:56:39
I will put olive oil on my lips befoe I go to bed and my chapped lips are much less chapped the very next morning, fine the second morning.

Posted by Mary on Oct 17 2009 17:36:10
I have had an ongoing issue with extremely chapped lips, so bad that they are swelling. Had been using Carmex, this made the issue worse. Finally got cortizone 10 and lansinoh, which is lanilon based (used for breastfeeding mothers), this is finally helping the issue.

Posted by Judi on Oct 11 2009 19:20:11
my lips constantly hurt, are dry...even in the warm weather. I've tried everything except honey. I'll give that a try.

Posted by Jane on Sep 30 2009 13:42:10
I tried the honey, vaseline, & cucumber nothing worked. I finally called a friend and was told to use hydrocortisone 1% with moisturizers 3 times a day. So far it is working. Another miracle drug over the counter.

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 19 2009 12:56:47
Diaper Rash cream works wonders, put it on at night and in the morning your lips are almost completely healed! I swear by this, it is the only thing that has worked for me

Posted by Aspen on Sep 07 2009 12:07:24
Cetaphil really works. I would get chapped lips when I got sick (you can imagine how bad the flu was for me). My cousin had the same problem and suggested Cetaphil. Put it on twice an hour(or more depending on the severity) until your lips are moist again. It really works. P.S. drink lots of water. You may be dehydrated and it could be the reason for your chapped lips.

Posted by Jen on Sep 02 2009 19:33:08
Mineral oil and Vaseline are NOT natural: they are derived from fossil fuels. They are actually refined by-products of the petroleum industry. Try Un-Petroleum Jelly, which is a truly natural substitution for petrol. And the only thing alum might be useful for in Carmex would be to treat fever blisters/canker sores/herpes. Otherwise, it isn't a soothing ingredient.

Posted by Yair on Aug 28 2009 17:34:26
I'm trying it with honey right now. So far, i like it. It doesn't irritate my lips, and it tastes great :3

Posted by stef on Jul 25 2009 22:57:25
my grandson came home from camp with very dry lips and we tried putting honey on his lips and he found the honey was buring and stinging and we had to take it right off. We put Aquaphor for relief. We are going to try either the cucumber slice or vitamin E tomorrow.

Posted by Joannie on Jul 03 2009 06:01:46
Butter and oil aren't really effective to me. It just makes my lips greasy and disgusting....

Posted by Joannie on Jul 03 2009 05:59:06
i mix brown sugar and cold water and rub it to my lips for 15 minutes. it lessen the pain and its effective..but usually, i rub petroleum jelly on my lips when i am not home.:) this is really effective..trust me.

Posted by Amy on Jun 05 2009 12:51:34
Vaseline itself provides relief temporarily but doesn't heal chapped lips completely. But when you apply honey or aloe vera on lips and use vaseline on top of them as a sealant it speeds up the healing process. It really works!

Posted by Karen on Jun 05 2009 02:41:23
WAIT! no no no.. vaseline is Not good for your lips!! Neither is carmex, because of the mineral oil... petroleum jelly (i.e. vaseline) and mineral oil actually will make your condition worse in the long run! they deprive your body of its natural ability to moisturize!! I don\\'t know why this is allowed to be posted here, but it shouldn\\'t be.. honey, yes. vaseline, no!

Posted by Tim on Apr 20 2009 02:46:08
I suggest avons lip moisture therapy. I also like thier hand moisture therapy. (by the way, I do not sell these products... I just buy them for myself and they work very well)

Posted by Miss L on Apr 19 2009 15:25:30
I have tried countless number of chapped lips products, and none of them work for me, this is very embrassing because my lips are starting to split on the sides which cause bleeding. I have spent so much money going to the doctor and no relief body lacking vitamin B2. Well last night I decided to search the web for a home remedy and guess what this morning the sides of my mouth was not split, I sliced a slice of cucumber and rubbed on my lips followed by my latest purchse of lip salve by a company called \\"BOOT\\" from target it is now 3:30 the following evening and my lips feel great. THE CUCUMBERS REALLY WORK can someone tell me why?

Posted by Anonymous on Mar 17 2009 13:53:53
muterded oil and vasiline,carmex are very popular for dry lips they are very good there sold in most stores bye the u no u want to (")

Posted by stacey on Jan 26 2009 18:26:07
I would recomened Dionis chap stick. It is made with all natural ingridients such as, beeswax, sunflower oil, coconut oil, shea butter honey, and goats milk. I think it can be found at bath and body works you WILL notice the difference!

Posted by Sheila on Jan 19 2009 21:51:30
Can lips be exfoliated and what about using Coco butter?

Posted by Lemus on Dec 01 2008 14:10:34
Putting Vitacilina every night before u go to bed also helps to prevent and heal chapped lips.

Posted by Alana on Oct 11 2008 23:10:02
I recomend carmex, it has only naturaul ingriedients; Menthol, Camphor,Alum, Cocoa Butter, Mineral oil. It works wonders for my lips! It's avaliable in most stores for exactly .19. Get it! It's worth it!

Posted by Sarah Gao on Aug 14 2008 12:44:03
Apply vitamine E one the lips before bed and leave it over the night, and the next morning you\\'ll see the difference! try this for 3 days or as needed. It\\'s very convenient! just punch little hole into the Vitamine E capsule and squeeze the liquid to the lips.

Posted by Vikki on Jun 04 2008 05:14:26
messaging coconut oil into my lips every day has completely taken care of my chapped lips. I have had dry chapped lips most of my life. Coconut oil is the only thing that has ever worked.

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