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Chapped Lips Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips Home Remedy

Chapped Lips are characterized by dry, cracked, flaky and sore lips that can affect people from time to time at any time of the year. Occasionally, Chapped Lips can be can be painful, embarrassing, and uncomfortable because they can interfere with many daily activities, such as smiling, eating and talking. Common signs and symptoms include dryness, redness, tenderness and sensitivity, cracking, splitting, peeling, and pain.

Minor lip dryness can be healed by simply removing the cause of the dryness or using some of the home remedies listed below. However, if dry lips are causing inflammation and bleeding, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor immediately since it can lead to severe infection.

Causes of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips can have several causes, including dry weather, overexposure to extreme temperatures, dehydration, lip biting, riboflavin (vitamin B2) deficiencies, and ill-fitting dentures. Dry, swollen, or cracked lips can also be caused by allergies, infections, drugs, winter colds and flus, and a number of other medical problems.

It is a common perception that Chap Sticks are the best cure for chapped and dry lips. However, in reality, the chemicals in a chap stick can infect the lips when you have bits of open skin. Therefore, the following home remedies are wonderful alternative cures that are also sometimes more effective.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatments for Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips Home Remedy Using Honey and Vaseline

The nutritional characteristics of honey make it an amazing healing and anti-bacterial agent. Similarly, Vaseline is considered one of the best skin protectants. When these two items are combined, you have an effective home remedy for chapped lips:

  • Put some honey on your lips let it dry for a few seconds.
  • Without moving your lips, apply some Vaseline on top of the lips.
  • Leave the honey and Vaseline on your lips for 10-15 minutes.
  • Finally, dip a Q-tip dip in hot water and use it to remove the honey and Vaseline in two strokes.
  • Do this once a day for about 2-5 days to get rid of chapped lips.

Coconut Oil for Chapped Lips

Many people have found that Coconut Oil is a wonderful natural remedy for chapped lips. Simply apply a small amount of oil to the lips several times per day, particularly when the weather is cold and dry.

Natural Remedy for Chapped Lips Using Water Therapy

Since dehydration is the main cause of dry or chapped lips, it is recommended to drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily. Also, on dry winter days, try to use a humidifier in your home to keep the air moist.

Treat Chapped Lips Using Cucumbers

Rub your lips with a slice of cucumber. Many people have found this to be a simple but effective chapped lip remedy.

Using Aloe Vera for Soothing Chapped Lips

The herbal benefits of Aloe Vera make it an amazing healing agent for skin. Therefore, to cure chapped lips, try putting a small amount of Aloe Vera gel on your lips daily.

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  1. on said:

    Petroleum jelly locks in the moisture, it's a natural healer.

  2. on said:

    I love Camrex, its doing wonders!! I'm also gonna try the honey/Vaseline.

  3. on said:

    I got a red line on the top and bottom lips. I got it from locking my lips too much. How do I make it go away? Is there any simple, easy and fast remedy?

  4. on said:

    I have the same thing except for the black spots, I thought I was just allergic to peppermint chap stick but now its everything that gives me a tingly feeling, the next morning my lips are swollen and after the swelling they are chapped all around my lips, its itchy and burns! what do I do! ):

  5. on said:

    Coconut oil works Wonders! My lips were very dry but with coconut oil, wow, they are perfect!

  6. on said:

    I tried the honey/vaseline remedy and it worked wonders! My lips were in horrible condition, and within 2 to 3 days of applying the two ingredients 2 or 3 times a day, they were dramatically improved. Wish I had known about this sooner! Will definitely remember this for next time!

  7. on said:

    Just so everyone knows Vaseline has petroleum which is extremely bad.

  8. on said:

    please how can I get back my pink lips? They are a litlle dark now?

  9. on said:

    The coconut oil works so well! I applied it on my lips. One day my lips were cracked, the next day they were sealed and looking great!

  10. on said:

    Neetasha, yes honey burns a bit at first but it eventually makes your lips feel better. Try applying coconut oil on top of honey as well. For regular lip moisturizing coconut oil works really well.

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