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Cough Home Remedy

Cough Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of a Cough

A cough occurs when there is inflammation or irritation in the lungs, throat, larynx, or bronchial tubes. There are two main types of coughs: congested and dry. A congested cough typically occurs when you have a cold, and is often accompanied by a stuffy nose or sore throat. A dry cough, however, will have a more raspy feel to it without any phlegm.

Causes of a Cough

A congested cough often occurs due to a cold, flu, or sinus/bronchial infection and is often called bronchitis. In this situation, you must usually wait at least 7 to 10 days until your body fights off the infection. However, a number of home remedies listed below can help boost your immune system to shorten an episode of bronchitis, while others can help to thin the mucus so that it is easier to cough up.

A dry cough often occurs due to smoking, asthma, dust, or pollution. Rapid temperature changes can also lead to a dry cough. In this case, the best solution is to moisturize your throat by drinking warm fluids, which helps sooth your mucus membranes.

Note that if your cough persists for more than a week, or if you are coughing up blood, you should see your doctor immediately.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Coughing or Bronchitis

Treat a Cough With Fluids

Drinking lots of fluids is a great way to help relieve a cough, since fluids make the mucus easier to cough up. Warm liquids or water at room temperature work best. However, caffeine or alcohol should be avoided since they are diuretics, which cause you to urinate more often and actually lose more fluids than you gain.

Inhale Steam and Aromatherapy to Treat Bronchitis

A simple home remedy to help moisten your throat and loosen the mucus is to inhale steam. An effective way to do this is to fill your bathroom sink with hot water, and then drape a towel over your head while you lean above the sink. Inhale the steam from the sink for 5 to 10 minutes every few hours throughout the day.

Adding 5 to 10 drops of certain essential oils to the hot water can also help stimulate your lungs to expel phlegm. Some effective oils are Thyme Essential Oil and Peppermint Oil

Use a Humidifier to Treat a Cough

During the winter, a cool-mist vaporizer or humidier is a great way to help thin the mucus that leads to coughing. The best time to use a humidifier is during the night while you sleep. Be sure to clean the vaporizer/humidifier often to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria.

Foods to Help Soothe a Cough

Some people have found that eating hot chili peppers, horse-radish, or other spicy foods can help loosen the mucus that leads to congested coughing. It is also important to avoid foods that lead to extra mucus production, such as meat, dairy products, and fried foods.

Increasing your intake of Vitamins A, C and E is also beneficial, since they help to boost your immune system and fight off infections that lead to coughing/bronchitis.

For dry coughs, a teaspoon of honey has been found to be very beneficial in soothing the lining of your throat.

Garlic and Honey to Relieve a Cough

Garlic and honey are effective natural foods which can help relieve coughing. Therefore, a simple cough remedy using these everyday items is the following:
  • Take 3 or 4 cloves of garlic.
  • Peel the cloves and then chop them into small pieces.
  • Mix the cloves in a cup of honey and let the mixture sit overnight.
  • Take one teaspoon of this honey and garlic mixture twice daily.

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Reader Comments

Posted by manish on Mar 22 2014 01:27:04
i am suffering from dry cough since 4-5 days and even i took the medicine its not working so am having strepsils now.will it be better?and also i smoke me please

Posted by Tim on Jan 29 2014 13:40:42
For Radhika, I think if your dad's cough is lingering for 3 years, you should get him checked for Tuberculosis. If he's clear of TB or any other lung infection, then I've found that taking 3-4 drops of organic Oregano Oil everyday helps with bad cough. Also inhaling vapors of Tea Tree Oil or Eucalyptus oil can help too. For inhaling the vapors, put a few drops of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus Oil in a boiled steaming bowl of water and cover his head and the bowl with a big towel. And he should inhale the steam/vapors with slow, long and deep breaths. Doing it regularly once or twice daily can help with bad cough and nasal congestion. Good luck!

Posted by radhika prajapati on Jan 29 2014 11:11:34
My father is suffering from cough & dama approximately last 3 years and his lungs fall down mean week. pls suggest any remedy as soon as possible . i will be thankful to you.

Posted by aryaman on Jan 18 2014 08:48:43
I have a problem of coughing from a long time and i am suffering from cold now today i saw blood in my cough 2-3 times it is the first time though and i am feeling a little irritation in my neck when i cough i do smoke on regular bases

Posted by Reema on Jan 06 2014 13:31:31
@Chanakya, try giving your mom 2-3 drops of oregano oil twice daily. I found that chewing a small piece Rosemary during the cough attacks helps a lot. I hope she feels better. She might need some antibiotics at this point.

Posted by chanakya on Jan 06 2014 13:19:44
My mom is suffering from cough from more than year.Took medication for more than 6 months but it is of no use.She is still suffering.Please suggest. Thanx in advance..

Posted by J Pati on Jan 06 2014 05:34:36
I am coughing 5-6 days. I take Dcuf medicine but still can't recover. I can't talk well, my voice is broken. also can't sleep well. Please suggest a good way to get rid of this restless pain.

Posted by Birendra on Sep 12 2013 07:13:16
During season change especially during winter and also due to change in waether throughout the year I suffer from cough and cold. Many times I sense a symptom like light pain in my head (back side of head and above the left ear). The problem of blocked nose, frequent sneezing with eye iritation starts. After a day or two the frequent coughing develops which also affects my voice. I am 40 years old vegetarian and never smoke or drink. Please suggest the remedies.

Posted by CMFleming on Aug 25 2013 09:07:24
Trying to get over a cold. Still have itchy/sore throat from congestion and a cough. Trying Oregano tea with honey helps and vitamin c lozenges. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the sinus drainage and cough faster? Thank you.

Posted by man on Jul 14 2013 05:30:27
How to get rid of bad cough

Posted by M.Yousaf on Jul 12 2013 04:30:19
i am also suffering from cough approximately 30years and my lungs fall down mean week. pls suggest any remedy. i will be thankful to you.

Posted by eva louis on Dec 23 2012 04:47:48
I have a 61/2 month old with a cough n stuffy nose can i give him a small amount. Of honey and viniger?

Posted by ram on Nov 22 2012 20:55:07
i am 24 years old. and i was severly attacked by cold and after this attack suffer from fever. i have dust allergy and sinus problem. with in 1 weeks i was attacked by cold and sinus. i take lots of tablets during these. plz gve me advice. i m getting irritated

Posted by langam on Nov 12 2012 01:32:19
iv had sore thorts since sataday iv been takn viniger nd honey....nd its slowly workn the other problem is tht i feel weak nd i caugh bad kind

Posted by Sutapa Bhattacharjee on Sep 25 2012 05:43:10
i am 22 years old. and i was severly attacked by cold. i have dust allergy and sinus problem. with in two weeks i was attacked by cold and sinus. i take lots of tablets during these. plz gve me advice. i m getting irritated. plz help.

Posted by Anthony Joseph Lucchese on Sep 07 2012 22:47:46
I had a slight cough and head congestion and sneezing with a 100-101 fever, tried some authentic mexican chili from a mexican restaurant and it seemed to clear it up a bit. I also inhaled steam from small a pot of boiling water,being carefull not to inhale steam too close. Saturday I will be having homemade chicken soup and that should be good for me to resolve this issue!! I also bought some yougart too.

Posted by Amina on Jun 07 2012 14:09:40
My daughter earlier had cold and cough and almost once in every month we had to consult the doctor. From last one year we were giving her a mixture of organic honey (it's better honey from small bees), turmeric powder, garlic powder and little salt - when we see sometimes she has cold or start coughing. It is working well and give her comfort. But if there is high temperature must consult your doctor.

Posted by Bee on May 26 2012 13:18:32
I get coughs and sinus problems in spring and fall. I'm certain it is allergies. It makes me have problems sleeping. I have tried nebulizing distilled water with a few drops of sole (salt water) It seems to loosen the phlegm some. I try to cough as much up as I can before bed. Is there anything else I could add to my nebulizer that would be helpful?

Posted by bonuke from kenya on Apr 27 2012 14:54:42
I had a congested cough i took some squeezed lemon juice, ginger and garlic. within two hours the cough was cleared these are wonderful natural medicine. use them thanks

Posted by Alysha on Apr 14 2012 08:11:01
i have a severe cough that if i cough hard enough i throw up and my throat is so irritated that it feels like i have a constant tickle that just wont go away, i have tried the tea with honey and lemon and that helped for a little bit and then it just came back again i don't know what to do

Posted by shilpa on Apr 08 2012 08:35:32
i m 26year old,i m suffering from cough and cold since 1 week.i consult to doctor he gave me anti-bio-tics and cough syrup.still i m coughing continuasly at nite.i can not sleep properly because of cough,i dont know what to do?i tried once honey and ginger but no effect.

Posted by Thea on Jan 26 2012 01:50:16
I am 11 and i have a really bad cough. does more sleeping help it fade away because i have been going to bed at about 8:00/8:30 and my cough doesn't seem to be getting any better. i will try and try some of the solutions. thank you.

Posted by sdfghjkl weirdo on Dec 20 2011 05:47:53

Posted by eric j. on Nov 08 2011 02:26:18
Where would you get quality oregano oil?and my five year old son is a mouth breather ,at night and through out the day he's got a dry cough and sometimes he gags.He is also getting over a cold ,what home remedy mix would you use for him?thanks!

Posted by faiyaz on Oct 17 2011 14:13:57
dear i want to know any home remedies of my cough and phlegm problem i am allways coughing while coughin allways white phlegm comes so i need remedies

Posted by carol on Oct 12 2011 02:41:32
@Sherry, Try taking 3-4 drops of Oil of Oregano 2-3 times for 4-5 days. It can help with cough and sinus or throat infection. It tastes bitter - if you find it hard to swallow then mix it in a small amount of orange or mango juice. I hope it helps!

Posted by Sherry on Oct 10 2011 04:26:41
A couple of days ago I swallowed while exhaling and a particle of food got caught in my sinuses and could not be dislodged for anything the resulting irritation and my attempts to clear them unsuccessfully resulted in a sinus and throat infection that has now, two days later, turned into a fully blown upper respiratory infection. This does little to help my asthma. Is there something I can take that doesn't bring on an asthma attack? I have a slight allergic reaction when I take honey.

Posted by Antony Karingada George on Sep 30 2011 10:49:07
Please send me Mails on cures of Urine Theraphy and Treatment. Thank You.

Posted by Marlene on Mar 11 2011 14:20:23
I found this website very useful... i have also tried juicing a few cloves of garlic,tumeric,and lemon and them mixed with honey very useful for coughs.

Posted by kenedy on Mar 09 2011 08:33:58
i want this information in my inbox

Posted by Kulbhusan on Dec 26 2010 18:41:44
my son is facing breathing problem due to throat congestion and he is also allergic, how to get relieve from this, what are the home remedy for it

Posted by k on Aug 31 2010 14:34:06
I cough until I almost throw up my boss give me some tea with leamon an honey- she said it was croup and the mixture was a family secet? Is there a tea just for colds it did stop the coughing for about 3hours

Posted by m.rukmini on Mar 20 2010 01:17:38
my daughtershe keeps coughing always pls give me some solution

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 22 2010 02:57:52
To anonymous, Oil of Oregano is a natural antibiotic. It works great for me if I start taking 2-3 drops of Oregano Oil when I sense cough and cold coming. I use to get severe cold and cough in every season. Fortunately, since I discovered the benefits of Oregano Oil I'm avoiding the sickness. Actually, this magic oil has been helping me with every kind of infection so far. Knock the wood!! I'd suggest start taking it during the seasonal changes as a precaution. Try using the garlic and honey remedy mentioned above on this page too. Good luck!

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 20 2010 17:06:26
I get a mucusy cough just about every season change. When I go to the doctor i just get antibiotics. The cough will go away for about a month and then return full force. Ive given up on the doctors but I still need my lungs to work properly. How do i get rid of the ick and keep it gone without putting more pharmicuticals in my system?

Posted by ANOYMOUS on Oct 29 2009 16:38:30

Posted by Laurie on Oct 27 2009 01:23:59
i have had a cough for about the last 15 years or so and it only seems to be getting worse, i have been told i have acid reflux and also told that my cough is due to the tubes the doctors have to put down my throat during surgeries, my cough has gotten so bad that sometimes i will cough so hard my throat starts to bleed, what can i do?

Posted by jacquie on Oct 18 2009 01:33:34
It might also help to mix honey, lemon, and garlic squeezed from a softgel together and drink the mixture straight. I used this remedy several times last night and today for sinus congestion, with postnasal drip that was turning into a bronchial infection. My throat was extremely sore from coughing. I'm about 80% better.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 15 2009 17:29:49
3-4 drops of Oil of Oregano works great for cough and sinus infections! Start taking oregano oil before flu and cough gets severe.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 15 2009 17:25:57
Re:How much honey and garlic for throat irritation and cough? Making garlic part of your diet is a good idea. It has many health benefits. I believe this site also has good information on benefits of garlic. For sinus issues, 4 crushed garlic cloves can be mixed in a cup of organic honey.Take a total of 2teaspoons of this mix through out the day whenever you feel discomfort. I've also found that a mixture of 1tsp of ground black-pepper in a cup of honey works great for cough. Take no more than 2tsp of this mix during the day/night whenever you get a cough attack. Hope it helps!

Posted by shailaja on Oct 15 2009 04:53:54
we can use daily garlic is it good for health. i have sinus problem & throat pain so what should i do.. i having mostly headache,nasal block & throat pain or irriration so what should i much i take garlic & to take please advice.....

Posted by julia segura on Apr 13 2009 10:56:24
If you drink honey with natural fresh squeezed lemon juice in it, helps a congested cough alot!

Posted by B R SANKHLA on Mar 19 2009 02:44:59
i m also suffering from cough. i found it useful & will follow the advices given above. thanx 4 this article

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