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Stretch Marks Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks Home Remedy

Stretch Marks are a form of scarring which occurs as a result of rapid stretching of the skin. They initially appear as red or purple lines, and then eventually fade to a light pink or white hue. The affected area is usually very soft to the touch.

While stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, they usually appear in locations where the body stores more fat. Common places therefore include the stomach area, breasts, arms and armpits, thighs, hips, and buttocks. In most cases, stretch marks do not pose any health risk and are mainly an annoyance.

Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by rapid stretching and tearing of the skin, usually as a result of rapid growth. Common reasons include:

  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid weight gain or obesity
  • Fast muscle growth due to exercise

While the scarring is permanent, a stretch mark can diminish slightly over time. Some home remedies can also be used to reduce the visual appearance of affected skin areas.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatments for Stretch Marks

Cocoa Butter Massages

While it is not known why, many people have found that massaging cocoa butter into skin areas affected by stretch marks can help reduce the appearance of the scars. This works particularly well for individuals with darker skin tones. A suggested remedy is to massage cocoa butter over the stretch marks once a day. The stretch marks should begin to appear lighter in about a month.

Researchers speculate that the massaging of scarred areas helps stimulate blood flow and distributes collagen evenly in the affected areas. Collagen is a protein responsible for skin strength and elasticity.

Coconut Oil

Many women have found that Coconut Oil is an excellent natural treatment for stretch marks. The oil can be massaged into the affected areas 3 times per day. This can also be combined with the Cocoa Butter remedy listed above.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps reduce scar tissue on both the inside and the outside of your body. Therefore, a simple home remedy is to massage Vitamin E oil onto the stretch marks each day after showering. Many women have found this treatment to work well on stretch marks after a pregnancy, although results vary significantly.

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  1. on said:

    You have to try celltone tissue oil, I've been using it for some time now and it is working.

  2. on said:

    Hi, I have strechmarks on my bum, and stomach. What should I do?

  3. on said:

    Hi Shweta, You can use dermalmd stretch marks serum. No matter where the stretch mark are, if you apply this serum on stretch marks anywhere on the body - with in 3-4 weeks all marks will disappear.

  4. on said:

    I have stretch marks on my boobs, hips, waist and under my arms. What should I do?

  5. on said:

    You should try Vaseline with Vitamin E and mix it with even tone lotion. It fades the appearance of stretch marks.

  6. on said:

    I am a mother of two kids and I feel uncomfortable with my pregnancy stretch marks. I have tried a lot of creams to improve my stretch marks. Not happy with the results. Suddenly I met one of my college friends and we discussed this stretch mark issue. She already used Dermelastic Serum. So I bought this product via online and started using this. Initially for a few days I was not happy with the results. I thought its waste of money. But I continued the usage and after a few weeks I can see the improvement. Feeling excited. Lol.

  7. on said:

    Hi guys, I have big black marks on my bum. What can I use to lighten these marks?

  8. on said:

    How long does it take to see effects if I use coconut oil on my old stretch marks? I have tried so many other remedies like Bio oil and Vitamin E but don't see any difference.

  9. on said:

    @ Waithira, try applying coconut oil or grape seed oil onto the marks. I use coconut oil at night and grape seed oil during the day. I find that they are helping me.

  10. on said:

    I have stretch marks on my bum and boobs and this is quite uncomfortable. Please help.

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