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Stretch Marks Home Remedy

Stretch Marks Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Stretch Marks

stretch marks
Stretch Marks are a form of scarring which occurs as a result of rapid stretching of the skin. They initially appear as red or purple lines, and then eventually fade to a light pink or white hue. The affected area is usually very soft to the touch.

While stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, they usually appear in locations where the body stores more fat. Common places therefore include the stomach area, breasts, arms and armpits, thighs, hips, and buttocks. In most cases, stretch marks do not pose any health risk and are mainly an annoyance.

Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by rapid stretching and tearing of the skin, usually as a result of rapid growth. Common reasons include:
  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid weight gain or obesity
  • Fast muscle growth due to exercise
While the scarring is permanent, a stretch mark can diminish slightly over time. Some home remedies can also be used to reduce the visual appearance of affected skin areas.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch Marks Home Remedy Using Cocoa Butter Massages

While it is not known why, many people have found that massaging cocoa butter into skin areas affected by stretch marks can help reduce the appearance of the scars. This works particularly well for individuals with darker skin tones. A suggested remedy is to massage cocoa butter over the stretch marks once a day. The stretch marks should begin to appear lighter in about a month.

Researchers speculate that the massaging of scarred areas helps stimulate blood flow and distributes collagen evenly in the affected areas. Collagen is a protein responsible for skin strength and elasticity.

Stretch Marks Home Remedy Using Coconut Oil

Many women have found that Coconut Oil is an excellent natural treatment for stretch marks. The oil can be massaged into the affected areas 3 times per day. This can also be combined with the Cocoa Butter remedy listed above.

Natural Cure for Stretch Marks Using Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps reduce scar tissue on both the inside and the outside of your body. Therefore, a simple home remedy is to massage Vitamin E oil onto the stretch marks each day after showering. Many women have found this treatment to work well on stretch marks after a pregnancy, although results vary significantly.

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Reader Comments

Posted by ahadammar on Feb 24 2014 01:02:51
yea stretch marks and face spots on the body look very bad, here is nice tricks to remove these marks, thanks sir

Posted by sadmanyasir on Feb 19 2014 22:13:42
I'm 19..i have very dangerious strech mark on my whole body in about 1-1/2 years...how can i get rid of this..

Posted by Michelle on Oct 30 2013 12:15:24
@ precious, I know how much a menace these stretch marks could be. I think the best way to et rid of them is laser. Try looking around for laser treatment if you can find some good place. Otherwise, organic Cocoa Butter and coconut oil help fading the appearance of stretch marks. It sure works but takes forever to show any significant difference.

Posted by precious. on Oct 29 2013 09:32:13
hi guyz ive bn having stretch marks since i waz 11 and nw im 19,i lost ma confidence agez ago. I want 2 get rid of them ,they r so annoying.

Posted by Kim on Oct 09 2013 14:00:44
Numbers didn't appear in my last post! So Estée Lauder Maximum Cover is around Thirty Dollars and Colortration foundation is around Forty dollars! Good luck!

Posted by Kim on Oct 09 2013 13:54:04
Hey guys, I had a lot of stretch marks and I started applying liberally organic cocoa butter and organic cold pressed coconut oil. It has soften and lessen the appearance of stretch marks but couldn't fully get rid of them. I checked around and found that laser can help fully get rid of them. So I don't want to go for laser, I went for another option that helps me hide them well - a good well matched, waterproof foundation which stays put for a long time. I found that waterproof foundations that work are hard to find. But after trying many I've found that Estée Lauder Maximum Cover () and Colortration Foundation () are the best. The Colortration can even stay after swimming. The key is to keep applying coca butter and coconut oil. I hope it helps you all looking for help!

Posted by Cammy on Oct 09 2013 09:26:40
ive had strech marks since i was 9 and i hit puberty im a currently 13 and i cant go out in a strapless dress because of my strech mark plz help

Posted by mira on Jun 27 2013 03:14:56
Hi my name for samira I go Mira for short I have stretch marks on my inner thighs and boobs I got them when I was 11 and I am turning 13 I want to get rid of them they are so annoying.I don't know how to get rid of them they came out of Bowers as soon as I hit puberty it is very emmbarrasing and I can't were shorts please help I'm desperate

Posted by mira on Jun 27 2013 03:13:51
Hi my name for samira I go Mira for short I have stretch marks on my inner thighs and boobs I got them when I was 11 and I am turning 13 I want to get rid of them they are so annoying.I don't know how to get rid of them they came out of Bowers as soon as I hit puberty it is very emmbarrasing and I can't were shorts please help I'm desperate

Posted by Pam on Jun 19 2013 19:02:33
Folks, I don't know about stretch mark "scars" but I will tell you when I was pregnant with twins and gained 40 pounds all on my pregnant belly as well as losing weight in other parts of my body.....(greedy little girls) however, everyday I used baby oil on my body while taking a shower. I believe that stretch marks are caused by dry skin and scratching with nails. Yes, my abdomen still itched and I rubbed with my shirt, yes the baby oil was still on. People didn't look at me weird because they thought I was just rubbing my babies...at 6 months people told I looked like I was ready to deliver any day....no, had 3 more months to go. Two healthy baby girls and no stretch marks. Please be very careful in your shower/tub because it will get slippery from the baby oil.

Posted by Sarah.. on May 24 2013 23:22:41
Aye, My name is Sarah and im 14. I have had streachmarks for 2 years.. How can i get rid of them ?!.;o Cause i HATE them and cant get rid of them and i needa home remedie that can help me, I have them on my inner thighs, Boobs, And my ass .-. Someone give me Advice please ?. Thanks(:

Posted by sam on Apr 29 2013 11:36:52
I have had my stretch marks since I was 16 and now I am 25 years old. They are on my legs literally on my butt, front of the knees, behind the knees, inside and outside my thighs. It destroyed my self esteem and I feel uncomfortable getting naked in front of my partner. Anyways I had enough of these and decided to put this to end. Here is what's fading my marks: do skin dry brushing then afterward massage virgin coconut onthe skin for like 10 mintues then take shower after, do this everyday . Also, do exercise and eat healthy food, believe it will help and oh one last thing eat 2 teaspoons of the coconuts everday too. Don't let anyone tell you that nothing can be done about fading these babies. Be happy ladies.

Posted by seo on Apr 08 2013 14:54:52
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Posted by Payy on Mar 25 2013 09:21:01
SEE GUYS! Even i had the same problem of stretch marks on my Underarms side, Knee's & Butt. First on my Underarms side :- You Can Use Lemon. But What i did is i took baking soda power with little water and used to rub it on my stretch mark zone for about 10mins and then wash it with water then after few mins take some moisturizer and give a massage in the same stretch mark zone for about 10mins in a *circular motion only*. Do it for about a week, you can even do it everyday i'm sure you'll get better results. Now my stretch marks can't be seen on my underarms, knees (Vanished) :D & still workin on butt.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 09 2013 23:15:56
Vitamin E lotion worked excellent for me. I noticed my stretch marks fading and shrinking! Apply once a day!

Posted by Taunya on Jan 18 2013 02:48:46
I'm 41,with 4 kids ages ranging 20yrs old to 22 months. I thought with having my last baby that I would have stretch marks due to me not having any with the first only on my hips. I never had any on my stomach. But, what I can say rubbing my body down with cocoa butter or some form of oil/lotion really kept the stretch marks away. I thank Palmer and vaseline cocoa butter lotion for helping with this matter. Basically, when my skin was dry and itchy. Instead of scratching it, I administered some lotion. Stretch mark actuaaly come from the skin drying and instead of moisturizing the skin, I first instinct is to scratch the area. I guarantee especially pregnant women you'll agree. You got to stay faithful to it now. Remember i have 4 kids and if it work for me, I'm pretty sure it will wok for you. Good luck......

Posted by loveth bassey on Dec 15 2012 03:28:44
Am diyin pls pls an pls I need help l can't dress the l want becusce of stretch marks have used all types of s/m cream but they are not working pls tel me waht to use that will work pls. I stay in lagos

Posted by http://beststretchmarkcreamhelp.com/ on Nov 01 2012 07:29:06
Stretch marks are a type of scar beneath the skin. When collagen, a substance located in the deeper layers of the skin, tears it creates a stretch mark.

Posted by Anna on Oct 10 2012 11:50:44
@ Fia, Stretch Marks are hard to get rid of them once you get them. I started getting them when I was pregnant. I started using Coca Butter and coconut oil alternately. I would apply them very liberally. Thank God they didn't grow more than what I had got them. I noticed that after consistent use of both coca butter and coconut oil, they are very light now. So When I need to hide them I simply apply a little bit of foundation/concealer and they are not visible. Oh yeah I also applied Organic Apple cider vinegar diluted in water with a cotton swab for overnight. I mixed one teaspoon in 2tbsp of water and applied it all over the stretch marks. I hope it helps you and other people out there.

Posted by fouzia nasir on Oct 10 2012 06:53:19
hi am fia,i've stretched marks after a baby. is this really possible to get ride from them?????

Posted by thendo on Oct 06 2012 01:43:05
I had stretch marks when I was in grade 9,I have had them for almost four years now,I tried every possible chemical to get rid of them,I tried bio-oil,tissue oil,stretch marks cream,and even CELLTONE but still no change,I have them on ma thighs,buttocks and even legs,I can't even put on a short they are so embarrassing and they make me feel uncomfortable,please help me out what can I do to get rid of them or maybe just make them match my skin,they kinda whitish an brownish in colour,PLEASE HELP ME OUT

Posted by aina on Sep 10 2012 06:44:50
Yes, coconut oil does wonders and I got mine from Sebasi Coconut Co Nigeria 07026015480 Sebasicoconutltd@gmai.com So if you are in Nigeria and want to get the oil, theirs has been tested as the best Virgin Coconut Oil Just for your information

Posted by sarswati on Aug 20 2012 11:53:46
hey m 23, and it is a month ago i figured out that i have got stretch marks on m stomatch, i had them ner m knee but never cared about that, but now i am worried,, please help me as i would get married in 1 year or so, n i have to wear saree after that , which would ambarace me. plz help me with some good tips. which work faster and are safe.

Posted by Toyin on Jul 27 2012 15:11:26
I have stretch marks ALL OVER my body;frm my shoulders to my hands to my boobs to my thighs,my butt,my hips,my legs. All round! Am so scared because people believe as they appear a person would enlarge and get obese,this scares me alot because i am a plus sized and i can't afford adding more weight. Please wat can i do? Are these products really good? I just noticed some stretch marks on my tummy of recent. I can't wear shorts or anything because of this. HELP! I am in Nigeria,please where can i get any of these products????

Posted by heather on Jul 18 2012 11:17:20
girls, i have battled weight gain/ loss my whole life. your body changes with you...stretch marks i believe will disappear over time, as your body heals itself. eating properly, and moderate exercise for even a few mins a day will help your body repair. best exercise -the trampoline. get yourself to panting for a few mins a few times a day. wear a sports bra or other supportive one. your body will tighten, slowly making marks disappear,,,eat well whole foods, drink only water, alcohol only occasionally. believe me, will work for you. best way to look sexy-confidence. wish you all luck...

Posted by KThanks. on Jun 21 2012 09:04:04
Hah. I used to think I was the only one who had this problem...you guys made me feel 10x better... I think the most valued treatment here so far has been cocoa butter and vitamin E oil. I have tried bio oil and trust me, it doesn't do sh*t. Be careful when your using cocoa butter, I have also heard that it has various effects on your pregnancy...just make sure you check with your family physician. oh yeah and by the way im 15 and suffering from the same problem. Good Luck! X

Posted by Toni on Jun 06 2012 15:31:47
I use coconut oil,almond oil, sage oil, tea tree oil, and saff flower oil all together and shake it up everytime I use it and it helps get rid of stretch marks.

Posted by Felicia on May 30 2012 08:17:00
Guys plssssss help me out,I'm 22yrs now n startd developing those thick brownish marks 2yrs bk n I never used 2have them,I can't stand nude in front of my fiance n this worries me a lot,Wat can I use 2 get rid of them?????#sadface#

Posted by jalisiakkindred on May 11 2012 09:39:32
im 16 and i have streatch marks on my knees.im 5'6 and i weight 125 i dont know why im startingto get streatch marks on my hips and butt. im so worried that when i finally decide to loose my virginity my partner will want to see mt and ill feal uncomforable. on the bright side my scares are abstaining me from having sex .

Posted by Chanthyda on May 07 2012 17:10:23
So I'm 14 , I've been having stretch marks ever since 5th grade I'm not very thick . I'm 5'3 and average weight . I hate the fact that I have it mostly everywhere, my buttocks, thighs, legs , knees & now I'm starting to get it on my hips . I'm so insecure about myself because of it I just wish it was gone . But if I start using these products will it go away ?

Posted by Anna on Apr 27 2012 22:58:24
I'm almost 15 and I have stretch marks on my breasts. They're mostly white but I still have a few reddish-purple ones. They make me feel ugly. I wish they were gone.

Posted by cristina on Mar 17 2012 04:49:59
after my pregnancy i started to use palmer's cocoa butter twice a day,.morning and before going to sleep,and after a month my stretch mark and scars in my toes definitely fade away,thank you so much palmer's cocoa butter,god bless!!

Posted by Sammy on Mar 06 2012 10:01:36
I am 14 and got a few stretch marks on both my breasts. I havnt got many but they would be visable while wearing a swimming costume. I have tried using bio oil every now and then but i dont see much of a change. I feel embarrased about them! How could i reduce or even get rid of them?

Posted by Judith on Feb 25 2012 21:31:55
Pls i nid info on were i cud get d stretch mark cream in nigeria precisely kano pls i rily nid d infomation.u can snd me d reply through my email account.tnk u

Posted by Gena on Feb 09 2012 22:39:07
My friend told me not to use cocoa butter cream cause it causes preterm labor. I don't believe this and can't find anything about it does anyone know if this is true or not?

Posted by Tonnette on Jan 26 2012 16:11:26
I need help me my skin look bad body and butt stretch mark thks

Posted by Jess on Jan 17 2012 22:43:15
I have had stretch mark as big as my thumb starting at upper abdomen all the way down to thighs due to pregnancy. I tried these remedies and so far I learn if the redness is gone on your stretch marks it's permenant scarrings for life. I just bought Celtrixia, don't know if it works.

Posted by Kianna on Jan 03 2012 08:36:39
I had stretch marks on my boobs since I was 12, I really hope this works because I'm tired of covering my chest trying to hide the marks.

Posted by Tia on Dec 30 2011 15:10:24
So I have been googling home remedies for stretch marks because I don't want to have a tummy tuck done.. too much money and too much pain! Here are a couple I just found today, I am going to try them when I get home. When I found them these two had the most votes! 1. 1/2 cup baking soda 1/4 cup water cocoa butter with shea vitamin E oil Mix these together and leave on your stomach for 30 min 2. Put lemon juice on your stretch marks wrap them with 4 or so layers of saran rap leave on for 3 hours minimum (better to do this over night so it stays on longer!)

Posted by Joke rasaq on Dec 15 2011 03:39:49
Am joke,i had stretch mark on my stomach,after 2kids,nd i dont lik it,pls help me out

Posted by Gc on Nov 10 2011 04:25:52
I am 12 years old with stretch marks on my inner thighs and breast I do alot of horse riding could this be the cause

Posted by Anna on Oct 20 2011 20:37:30
@ Mpho, Try using Cocoa Butter liberally on the stretch marks at night. Leave it on over night - helps with stretch marks. During the pregnancy with my daughter I used Cocoa butter during the day and coconut Oil at night liberally and religiously. And thank God I didn't get a lot of stretch marks. I did get some on my upper legs but they look lighter after keep applying the cocoa butter and coconut oil for past nine months. I hope it helps. Good luck!

Posted by mpho on Oct 20 2011 09:38:42
i have stretch marks due to the birth of my daughter please help me......

Posted by ciana on Oct 13 2011 05:06:11
Old folks remedy in my country is using castor oil.My girlfriend had a lot of stretch marks on her stomach after givin birth to her son ten years ago,she used the castor oil and it worked wonders for her.ensure that its not processed.it has to be pure

Posted by Julie on Sep 27 2011 17:24:38
I was 98 lbs when I became pregnant. At delivery I weighed 156lbs. It was all baby. It appeared that I had a beach ball under my shirt and my stomach was stretched to maximum capacity. I didn't get one stretchmark. The recipe for prevention????? Every night of my entire pregnancy I religiously slathered a mixture of pure Vitamin E oil and Palmers Cocoa Butter over my breasts, tummy, lower back, and upper thighs. My skin is still taught (no sagging) and stretch mark free. Looks the same if not better than pre-pregnancy!

Posted by Rita on Sep 27 2011 02:49:11
Yvonne, I think this is how stretch marks develop. You should definitely go and buy cocoa butter and also apply organic Castor Oil onto the red marks. Make sure apply it liberally and regularly. I hope it helps!

Posted by Yvonne on Sep 26 2011 01:58:19
Hi I have gotten some red stretch marks on my butt my legs my breasts due to a rapid weight gain, but I m working out to lose them and am on a diet. However, the redness has become lighter I m scared that they will turn white and never go away. Can I now do something to save my body? I have heard of the plamer cocoa butter and I am using another stretch mark remover. Should I go buy the cocoa butter? Save me, please!

Posted by Yvonne on Sep 26 2011 01:58:18
Hi I have gotten some red stretch marks on my butt my legs my breasts due to a rapid weight gain, but I m working out to lose them and am on a diet. However, the redness has become lighter I m scared that they will turn white and never go away. Can I now do something to save my body? I have heard of the plamer cocoa butter and I am using another stretch mark remover. Should I go buy the cocoa butter? Save me, please!

Posted by maddie on Sep 24 2011 01:42:54
hi im 14 and had to get shots and vaccines into my buttocks :( eww ikr! but because that happened it swelled for 2 weeks leaving a ton of deep purple stretch marks im really embarrased about confrunting a doctor or my parents about madication so i need an easy home remedy that works fast so i can wear a bikini with my friends when hot tubbing

Posted by cassie berchtold on Sep 23 2011 15:14:39
Hi my name is cassie after seven years ago had a little girl i have been try to get rid my strechmarks are really they are deep and small and large and i cant find anything to get my skin back they was it was

Posted by leanne on Aug 29 2011 07:11:07
im 15 and have stretch marks on my buttocks and my breast's there like a purple colour i have recently gained weight from being on the pill,what could i use to help get rid of them? and is this from losing weight or gaining it?

Posted by k.c on Aug 19 2011 23:02:06
i have stretch marks on my lower sides n my thighs n where my breast are can i be help !!???!!

Posted by Nicole on Aug 09 2011 08:11:46
hey can you help me i have had really bad stretch marks all over my body from my calf's to my chest since i was a little girl, they have went from purple to white and i have tried bio oil which didn't really help my, I'm still finding new stretch marks over my body & i don't know why my wait has not realy changed atol and as a child i was at a normal wait. Thanks Nicole.

Posted by seemal nair on Aug 08 2011 02:32:38
iam 2o years old and i have black scars or marks on my upper thighs and butt area.it makes me lose my self esteem because i cant wear my desired clothes and i feel ashamed also.please tell me what to do.it is said that it will never go away,isnt there a solution for this.

Posted by marie joy malanyaon on Aug 03 2011 03:33:12
hellow good day..now im 17 year old ..im to conciuos to my stretch marks on my legs coz i can't wear my short and my miniskirt to .bços i have this in my legs ..pls help me on my problem ..i want to back my confident in wearing my short ang miniskirt..pls help me pls..!!

Posted by Gris. on Aug 02 2011 01:40:00
I have strech marks since i was 15 years.Now i am 17 year old.Due to this i lose all my confident because i cannot wear clothes according to my wish.How can i get rid of this?

Posted by chels on Aug 01 2011 05:52:11
i had my little girl a year ago and i got stretchmarks all over my belly and they really dark and angry looking coulor i been told they will never go i dont even wear bikns or dress cause of them

Posted by Emm on Jul 25 2011 21:56:08
Heyy, I have had stretch marks since I was like 10. And now Im 14 and I have not tried anything to get rid of them because i thought they weren't that big of a deal. But now I am getting tires of trying to hide beneath fabrics! Like shorts that stop at your knees and bathing suites with a long top and skirt!!! I just want to feel confidednt in my own skin like everybody else wants to feel. So I am going to try everything and i will post all of my results on this website!!! So good luck to everyone!!

Posted by kim on Jul 10 2011 23:19:35
I've had stretch marks since I was a teen. I don't like them but I try not to let it bother me. It's just a thing.

Posted by MChristine on Jun 20 2011 16:04:59
heyy everyone! i went searching for something to help with my stretch marks and i came across this website: myhomeremedies.com Go to topics then scroll down to stretch marks and read the 5th one i think................well, its a website like this and TRUST me i promise you it will help. It has comments and stuff too. i am a teen, and had stretch mrks since i wuz about.........8 or 9 i think. and i HATE having them! the website i just mentioned, the remedie i was talking about says to USE LEMONS AND SOMETHING ELSE. IT HAS ALOT OF COMMENTS AND A HIGH RATING. ILL COME BACK TO TRY AND POST IT. ITS NOT THAT LONG.

Posted by cyLamish on Jun 08 2011 23:01:58
Hey! @mary francis. . . i just wanna ask what creams did u mixed to get rid off your stretch marks!?????please reply...

Posted by RoZ on Jun 05 2011 22:00:59
Ive had stretch marks since I hit puberty.. some lighten..but they never go away :( The ones i hate most are the ones on my shoulders.. so I never EVER wear sleeveless dresses. I do find that if u get a spray tan it helps cover the stretched skin..or even the self tanning lotions. I used to be self conscious being in the nude with a man... women! if the man loves u.. he wont care!! :)

Posted by juba on May 24 2011 06:33:54
Once stretch marks are there, they are there for good. The best way to minimise your risk is to nutritionally keep your vitamin and mineral level up - eat well, supplement - do whatever you have to do. Kids get them because they are growing so rapidly and using all their reserves. Moms get them because baby is tapping into their nutrional supply. Remember stretch marks are scars and the best way to minimise,reduce risk and keep your skin healthy is moisturise, moisturise MOISTURISE - from both the inside and out. Keep that zinc level up people!

Posted by Ashley on May 10 2011 21:09:42
I had stretch marks on my legs for about 4ish years now. I got them from my short employment at Tim Horton's (Yeah, I'm sick of their fatty foods now, thank God!) I have used Vitamin E ever since I found out it could reduce the look of stretch marks (about 3 years). In my experience your stretch marks will never go away, they just fade to white and become much harder to see. I don't hate myself because of it, because it can happen to anyone...I am 24, pretty active, 6ft tall and average weight. Just as an example, my boyfriend is same height, has ZERO fat on him, not as active as I am and he has stretch marks on his back. They can be caused from so many things, most of which we have no control over. There is no point hating yourself or your body over it, your stuck with that body for the rest of your life and hating it is not going to make those little marks that don't matter go away. Love yourself and your body and treat it right and it will return the favor.

Posted by Diangela on May 04 2011 14:17:07
Im 31 and have 4 kids. I got my stretchmarks with my first pregnancy when I was 20. There is a cream that worked for me called Renuee u ladies can find it on ebay n make sure u buy the silver tube thats the best I had had had stretchmarks on my thighs butt underarms breasts behind my knees n now I dont use it twice a day for six weeks

Posted by rg on Apr 29 2011 05:08:51
i am a 21 year old male, yes i said it a male! ive had them since i was 12, puberty aahahha, honestly as a mexican, common thing ever! so you live with is. my buddies say they have hair on their ass, im like wtf i dont :/ whatevers though. i mean my fiancee loves my ass, she is a very beautiful woman for i still look like im 16 still :/ but honestly all and all, you women should not let it get to you, be happy live it up while you can, cus honestly a man who doesnt appreciate a woman for who she is is not really a man at all, just a very very picky person who they themselves cannot tolerate what they have. so remember there is always someone for somebody, and trust me i know i didnt lose my virginity until i was 19 lol, so please dont beat yourself up over it. Hope this cheers you gals up :)

Posted by anu on Apr 18 2011 11:07:48
hate myself and my stretch marks:((

Posted by Shelby on Mar 21 2011 13:48:34
I have had strech marks for some time now. Everyone calls me FAT!!!! Like my grandma and my lttle sister. I'm Sixteen and iam Anorexic becausee of my marks. Don't let anyone tell you that your fat! WE are alll beautifull in our own way.

Posted by nikol on Jan 20 2011 22:29:36
i struggled with stretch marks since i was in the 5th grade. all over the inside of my thighs. they got pretty light and u could tell unless i was sitting indian style in a bathing suit.i didnt wear a bikini until i was 19. i got pregnant at 23, my child is 3 1/2 months old. i only had 4 years to accept and love my body. but now i suffer severe postpartum, mostly because i feel so ugly and destroyed. im covered with deep wide stretch marks, hips, stomach!, front of thighs, calfs, back of arms and boobs. one pregnancy. i cry everyday, i think about missing out on the beach and water parks with my child. if my fiance ever leaves me who will want me. i ahd about 5 friends that were prego with me and non of them gotten any. i cant stand them when they tell me i will be ok. i know from experience that they dont go away. and these things are huge. its a shame and i absolutley hate my body

Posted by GoAskAlice on Jan 19 2011 05:45:28
To BLUNT_KUNT!! You are a blunt kunt. How awful! There is nothing wrong with stretch marks! Even celebrities have them! I live in LA and have a lot of friends who are celebrities and I've seen them naked; NO ONE IS PERFECT! NO ONE! I have a good amount on my butt and hips, and BLUNT_KUNT, I am underweight and in very good shape for being underweight. Boys don't care about stretch marks. Really. When I was applying castor oil daily, it helped A LOT! Don't but it at Walgreens or one of those stores. Buy a big bottle of it at Whole Foods. It's really cheap there. Be happy with your bodies. If a boy does not like you because you have stretch marks, then they are uncomfortable with themselves...not you! : )

Posted by DANIELA on Dec 28 2010 22:01:59
Hey Mary Francis, i would love to know ur secret. I had a baby not long ago and while i was pregnant i got heaps of stretched marks and i dont kno what to do to make them less noticeable. thanks

Posted by D2012 on Dec 11 2010 20:40:52
I'm 16+ and i've had my stretch marks for 2 1/2 years. I'm always wondering if they will go away. I've don't date because of this reason. I feel trashy and that its my fault and my mom things it's cause i'm fat. We just found out that i have PCOS and that caused my to gain weight which caused stretch marks. PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO HELP ME GET RID OF THEM!! THANK YOU!

Posted by mary francis on Dec 10 2010 02:22:23
ok im 16 and have not worn shorts in 3 years because of my stretchmarks until a simple mistake happened and i mixed creams up...prepration h i swear by it even tho it sounds insane...i use the cheap offbrand and cant wait to wear shorts next summer! email me if their are any questions id love to answer

Posted by Kathy on Oct 11 2010 19:58:09
best thing for prevention is to do lymphatic drainage, so that there is space between the layers of skin. ur cells are bathed in water (lymph) and if your body becomes overly loaded with toxins your body will not drain the water from your tissue's thus your skin becomes hard. have you ever noticed that a babys skin stretches nicely all over theyre body? and if ur unhealthy and have to much stagnated lymph in parts of your body you will have very tight skin. if you drain the extra fluids out the skin becomes more sumble and stretchable. and cellullite goes away also. the reason so many people nowa days have stretch marks is because the quality of our food sucks nowa days. my mother and granmothers did not have stretch marks my mother had 5 children. their generation hade to rely on them selves for food nowa days you have all sorts of junk in the foods (artificial flavers and colors, preservatives,) its not genetic I think it has a lot to do with a persons diet and if you live in the same house as your family does your going to eat a lot of the same foods. do a self test pick up your skin and try to stretch it, if you cant you have lymph stagnation. trust me! with my first child i riped up with stretch marks from my breast all the way down to below my knees before my 2nd child I got into lymphatic drainage and myofasia release not a sinlge stretch mark with my 2nd my skin hasn't looked this good since I was prob 8! also the french do a lot of lymphatic drainage you do not see the amount of chunky people there and the women do not have near the stretch marks we do check it out.

Posted by Vanessa on Sep 06 2010 04:33:39
What I find that works for me is Petroleum Jelly. People keep telling you not to put that stuff on your skin because it's hydrocarbon distilled from paraffin and hence really greasy but greasy or not, the important thing is that it works! I've had my stretch mark for almost 15 years since puberty on my breasts, butts and thighs so they're all white and very old now. What I do is dry-brushing the affected areas before the shower. After a shower, I massage petroleum on those areas in circular motions for something like 3 minutes each with a plastic glove so my hand doesn't get sticky. Then, I'd put on some ratty old clothes and go to bed. I've been doing it religiously for 2 weeks and my stretch marks are 50% reduced. The light marks are completely gone and although the very deep ones are still there, I've only done it for 2 weeks after all. Petroleum jelly itself doesn't get absorbed into your skin but it seems to have some interactions with the outer layer of your skin. The deep and long massage (really important, I believe) also stimulates the blood flow and accelerates healing and plus the petroleum jelly covers the affected area, preventing moisture from evaporating. I just want to end this by saying that stretch marks don't go away overnight so you need to be patient and wait at least a week or two to see the result. Keep a photo record of your stretch mark removal journey to see the improvement.

Posted by maimai on Aug 21 2010 22:16:30
pls help me i have stretch mark inside my knees i can't wear shorts anymore plz help me tnx a lot..

Posted by sara wali on Aug 15 2010 02:50:44
I am 37 years old. When I was 13 years old,I started having some brown spots on my left side of the body over my breast and under my arm. I has not gone away. I went to doctor 2 times,but he could not figure it out and his medication did not help. I would appreciate if you guys have any idea to give or any remedy that can help. Thanks, Sara

Posted by vanessa on Jul 30 2010 23:13:45
im 21 and i have been dealing with strech marks since i graduated i have no kids its just from me gaining weight idk what to do about it. I dont like to be sexually active with my bf cuz im so worried about what he will think. i dont like my body and i want this strech marks to go away. im so young for this. plz if anyone could help me i would really appreciate it!

Posted by Happymom on Jul 25 2010 22:39:16
Forgive my spelling errors in my last message. I almost forgot to give my remedy away... Vita K. (Vitamin K) They sell it on Amazon and at walgreens. It is about USD and works WONDERS on stretchmarks, spider veins, age spots, you name it! I swear by that stuff for my skin deep issues! :)

Posted by Happymom on Jul 25 2010 22:35:04
If you really have stretch marks then you should be able to feel them when you run your finger over them. They aren't just marks on your skin, they are scars. Unfortunatly, there is no natural way to get rid of them. You can possible change the color by using lotion everyday but you cannot truely get rid of them without some type of plastic surgery. I am a mother of two, I am still in my 20's and I will have these scars forever but that is OKAY! We are HUMAN ladies, please, learn to love your body and all of its characteristics rather than hate it with all of its "flaws". Normal lotion should work to lighten them, but you should use that everyday anyway to keep your skin healthy. To the younger ladies that have stretch marks from puberty... I personally never got stretch marks from hitting womanhood, but everyone is different. Try to use lotion everyday, stretch your body in the morning when you wake up and stay active. You don't get stretch marks from puberty, you get them from your body growing too fast for your skin. Watch what you eat, drink LOTS AND LOTS of water, because that will make your skin look amazing, and stay active. DO NOT starve yourself or feel upset about the scars. EVERYONE has them, even guys. And guy'd bodies don't go through NEARLY as intense of a change as girls. No worries. Lotion everyday, drink LOTS of clear filtered water, and stay active. :)

Posted by Rekha on Jul 05 2010 21:13:41
I have my little girl she is 10 months old. I had a too much stretch marks it looks bad i want to get rid of it tell me some effective natural tips to that?

Posted by Kim on Jun 23 2010 23:22:21
I'm 14 and hit puberty when I was like 9. I figure skate a lot, so I'm quite active. I'm starting work on Friday and will be wearing shorts because it's so hot here. But I have stretch marks on the insides of me knees, the sides of my stomach and on my breasts. I don't want people to see them, especially not my boyfriend. I've had them for about a year to a year and a half, and there still between red and purple. What should I do?

Posted by jenny on Jun 07 2010 23:35:25
i am 18 and i have those annoyin white to gold looking strech marks that shine against my darker skin.. im half indian and no one in my family has them other than me. im 5'8 and weigh 150 so i aint heavy but seriously i cant put on a bikini with out them glowing please help everything i been doing makes them lighter

Posted by Blunt_Kunt on Apr 05 2010 05:06:46
I only have stretch marks from exercising so much. I don't mind though cuz they're very tiny and hard to see, until you look at it 6 inches away...anyhow...for those that are VERY VERY YOUNG ... and are developing stretch marks already at your teen years...puberty, of course, but stretch marks EVERYWHERE??? Sounds like you're eating way too much! Which is WHY you're gaining weight so FAST that your skin is unable to adapt to your new BIGGER FORM. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you all to WATCH WHAT YOU'RE EATING...***YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT***

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 15 2009 17:40:23
For stretch marks apply Cocoa butter or oil 2-3 times everyday. Vitamin E lotion or oil and Aloe Vera gel works great too.

Posted by noey on Oct 15 2009 16:44:59
i am seeking urgent help with these stripes

Posted by Cindy on Jul 29 2009 20:42:53
My stretch marks on my stomach go all the way above my belly button. I've decided to have them tattoed in red and yellow... so they look like flames coming out of my pants... gotta laugh cuz they will always be there.

Posted by Jessica on Jul 17 2009 03:56:21
i find that bio oil helped me with my stretch marks. Use it everyday.. I use mine in the mornings after bath.

Posted by @li on Jun 13 2009 00:14:17
I had stretch marks for 5 years...Now im using 100% COCOA BUTTER STICK its .19 and it REALLY works..my skin is so soft now and my strech marks are fading away..I have spend so much money in products that dont really work but cocoa butter stick save me money...THANK YOU

Posted by Crystal on May 07 2009 13:45:35
Girls, I hate to tell ya my oldest is turning 14 on Sunday and I STILL have strech marks from having him. They DO fade but NEVER go away. The Only way to get rid of them on your stomach is to have a tummy tuck. Depending how many you have and how high they go, this may not even get rid of all of them! :(

Posted by Leslie on Apr 02 2009 22:00:15
With my first child I had no stretch marks, now being pregnant with my second I found the palmers cocoa butter lotion makes the marks "clear" but the Oil makes the go complelty away.. It only took 2 weeks for mine to go away.. Im sure everybody is different, but that worked for me

Posted by sofia on Mar 25 2009 02:04:22
hey!! i am 12 and i have sooooo many stretch marks all over my body due to puberty and weight gain... those stretch marks are irritating me!! i have it everywhere... i have it in stomach, thighs armpit! everywhere that you can possibly place stretch marks on... they just came about 8 months ago... help me!! i dont know wat to do and i was thinking what will happened in da future? how am i supposed to live happily like other people do? live free without stretch marks? how am i supposed to be more confident??? what is your suggestion?

Posted by ana c. on Mar 10 2009 22:29:56
Trust me, the cocoa butter stick actually works. I have been using it for weeks...and you get results within the 2nd week! They do not completely go away. But they faded. Mine used to be brown but now its matching my skin tone and kind of a white-ish color. (I had stretchmarks for about 2 years)

Posted by Staci on Feb 11 2009 16:57:31
What ever you do, do not expose your stretch marks to sunlight if they are purple or new, the sun will intensify the color of the marks. There are other things to try for your stretch marks that worked for mine, such as scar cream you buy in any store, you have to apply it liberally though and it will take the color out. Unfortunatly stretch marks do not go away but the color will.

Posted by c.w. on Feb 08 2009 18:32:23
i had stretch marks at the age of 11 because i hit puberty very ealry however i used lotion coco butter and it hasnt gone away can anyone help?

Posted by Kimberly on Feb 06 2009 09:22:26
I have used the vit C serum from Isagenix, and it has done wonders for my stretch marks. The best part, if I didnt like the product or it didnt help, I could return it, and get a refund. You can find it at healthybodywithkimmy.com

Posted by Kimberly on Feb 06 2009 09:22:17
I have used the vit C serum from Isagenix, and it has done wonders for my stretch marks. The best part, if I didnt like the product or it didnt help, I could return it, and get a refund. You can find it at healthybodywithkimmy.com

Posted by Kimberly on Feb 06 2009 09:19:58
I have used the vit C serum from Isagenix, and it has done wonders for my stretch marks. The best part, if I didnt like the product or it didnt help, I could return it, and get a refund. You can find it at healthybodywithkimmy.com

Posted by abc on Feb 04 2009 06:00:14
i ve heard that applying olive oil on the affected part can really help. but, its not a one day wonder. u have to keep on doing this for a while specially after a bath when ur skin is moist and before going to sleep. massage it gently over the marks and gradually, they start lightening and if ur lucky, they may become almost invisible! all the best

Posted by Suzana on Jan 15 2009 14:29:44
Oh Lord HELP HELP HELPE these strech marks are tarin my skin it looks like a lion strached me in all places

Posted by catalina on Dec 28 2008 09:17:10
i'm just 13 years and i got strech marks...due to Puberty and Rapid weight gain..now i lost weight...and my stretch marks(from buttocks)are showing a lot..and i'm shy to go in this way to the beach and wear some bikini ;(

Posted by evva on Dec 25 2008 19:55:40
i really need some help to get rid of my stretch marks,can anyone give me a real solution you can't tell me that there is nothing that can be done to remove them,i don't believe that for a second,does anyone know of a low cost remedy using natural oils?

Posted by dias on Nov 11 2008 00:44:45
i have been expecting my second child but i have stretchmarks on my stomach is it possible to get rid of them

Posted by rita on Oct 16 2008 23:14:03
i had a baby a year ago and i have been losing weight but as this is occuring the marks are really ugly looking and i have them all over my stomach from my cesearian cut to about 6 inches from my bra line. i mean horrible will they ever go away and if i continue to loose weight those marks will still be there?

Posted by Lisa LaMotte on Oct 11 2008 21:03:42
Stretch Marks dont affect just humans, they are also on whales! Once skin is scarred which is a stretch mark, they are permanent. I have tried everything and nothing gets rid of them for good. I did get my stretch marks tattood to match the skin tones and that helped hide them. All those miracle remedies out there just rip off your money! Sometimes surgeons can get rid of some of them with tummy tucks and liposuction. There is also no cure for cellulite. That is just part of being a woman. You can reduce it alot with diet and exercise! Just realize all the models in the magazines are airbrushed! My doctor told me all of this and I am qouting him.

Posted by KJ on Sep 25 2008 20:57:59
I have had stretch marks now for over 11 years and I was told by a doctor that there is nothing on the market that I could by that could remove them. He said that the damaged skin would have to be removed. Is this true?

Posted by Betsy on Aug 06 2008 21:58:03
i had a baby 5 years ago and i have some stretchmarks although their already white is it possible to rid them?

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