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Signs and Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection

urinary tract infection

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are characterized by a strong and sudden urge to urinate, followed by a slow and painful release of very little urine. UTI is also often accompanied by soreness in the lower abdomen, back, or sides. While both men and women are susceptible to UTI, women suffer from it more often, with half of all women experiencing it at least once in their life.

While the home remedies described below can be effective in many situations, you should consult with your doctor if a urinary tract infection is accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Blood in the urine.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Fever.
These symptoms are usually a sign of a more serious infection that may need to be treated with antibiotics.

Causes of Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infections typically occur when the bladder and its exit tubes get infected due to bacteria. The most common types of bacteria that lead to UTI are those that live on the skin near the rectum, which can easily enter the urinary tract through the urethra.

Another common cause of urinary tract infections is sexual intercourse, since bacteria in the vaginal area can sometimes be massaged into the urethra by the movement of the penis. In rare cases, some women can get UTI each time they have sex.

Waiting too long to urinate is also a common cause of bladder and urinary tract infections, since the bladder can stretch beyond its capacity which weakens the bladder muscle. If this occurs often, the weakend bladder will begin to have difficulty emptying itself, which results in urine being left in the bladder that can lead to infections.

Finally, other factors such as pregnancy, menopause, and diabetes can also increase the risk of developing UTI.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

Treating Urinary Tract Infection With Water

One of the best home remedies for urinary tract infections is to simply drink lots of water. By drinking lots of fluids, you will force yourself to urinate more often, which will help your body flush out the bacteria that is causing the infection. A recommendation is to drink 6-8 large glasses of water per day.

Using Vitamin C as a Natural Cure for Urinary Tract Infection

Increasing your daily Vitamin C intake can help increase the acidity of your urine, which can help prevent bacterial growth. Therefore, if you suffer from frequent UTIs, taking 1000mg of Vitamin C per day has been shown to be quite effective at preventing recurring infections.

NOTE: If you are taking antibiotics for a bladder infection, you should consult your doctor before increasing your Vitamin C intake since some don't work well with highly acidic urine.

Cranberry Juice as a Natural Remedy for Urinary Tract Infection

Cranberry juice contains high concentrations of Vitamin C and Quinolic Acid, both of which are known to help treat UTI since they help prevent bacteria from anchoring onto bladder walls. Therefore, if you have UTI, drinking 12 to 24 oz of cranberry juice can be very effective. As a preventive measure against urinary tract infections, drinking at least 3 oz per day works quite well.

Herbal Remedy for Urinary Tract Infection Using Echinacea

Echinacea is an herb that contains a number of substances which help fight infections including UTI. You can either drink an Echinacea tea once per day after lunch or dinner, or consume high-quality 300mg Echinacea capsules or tablets once per day. Echinacea capsules can be found in many health stores.

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Reader Comments

Posted by laurie on Mar 27 2014 15:09:42
FOR JOSY. Hi. Research MORGELLONS DISEASE PLEASE. This is most likely what you have. It's government made & many of us all are now infected with it. Also, go on Youtube & type in Morgellons & see all the proof of people suffering the exact way as you are. Dr's either won't tell us or are not familiar with this yet. Best of luck.

Posted by Sapna on Jan 11 2014 00:14:24
Hi All, I was having same kind of problem,started after my wedding and it increased when I started my job again. I was bound to use office rest rooms, feel infection came from that only.. Though it is properly maintained. I am using a separate wash for intimate area now.. It's really working infection has almost gone...and for future also.. It helps not to occur it again

Posted by dd on Oct 10 2013 23:08:39
Same boat here I think, I get strange UTIs every so often every few years, Ive been trying echinacea supplements, 500mgs 3 times per day for the last 2 or so days, the burning sensations has subsided quite a bit, still trying them to see if it will clear it.

Posted by Maureen on Aug 12 2013 17:39:17
I get UTIs often and have tried cranberry juice and D mannose. Neither of them worked. I tried alka selter also but it made my infection worse! I found a tea that works great for me. It cleared my infection in under 24 hours! It is called Comfort Teas (http://www.comfortteas.com).

Posted by Clara on Jul 12 2013 21:38:57
If u suffer from bad or frequent utis like me, go to ur local health store nd buy something called goldenseal. They come in tablets and rea form (I recommend the tablets the tea is disgusting) works wonders for me. Hopefully someone else can get some relief using it aswell :)

Posted by FAIZA TANVEER on May 18 2013 09:39:22
Thanx 4 all & also this page bcoz of their commends i am now able to do any home remedy.I was firstly faced after my marriage & i made me afraid,i had no one for suggestion help doc gave me antibiotic course of 1 week but after 2-3 weeks i am again facing this DAMN as i am working lady also have to look for the house holds i have need some quick remedy that i found from here THANX for all :)

Posted by Storm McGowan on May 06 2013 11:16:24
I had been suffering with a UTI FOR 3 YEARS. and I have a cure it may sound crazy but my man urinated in me beacose urian is steral it helped me so much i was feeking better right after we was done

Posted by Maria on Mar 17 2013 14:49:49
I've had uti's before but not as painful as the one I'm experiencing now! Had intercourse with my partner yesterday, now today have woken up with a uti!!! Usually cranberry juice works for me along side pain killers! But today is different for some reason, these aren't taking effect. I've spent half my day on the toilet, every time I get up to leave, the pain comes straight back and so does the urge to pee! The most uncomfortable feeling in the world!

Posted by sandra on Mar 07 2013 12:01:58
Im 21 and today I woke up with a uti. They are the devil!!!! Jk I have gotten them before and they hurt so bad! Usually they last for me about four days. I just drink a lot of water and cranberry juice.today was horrible.I saw this and tried cranberry juice and 1000I mg vitamin c. I drank like there was no tomorrow! I had quick relief!! Right now there is no urge to go pee but I just went pee and it still hurt. But now I know its going away. I know for some of you this doesn't work. I hope u do find something bc I know the feeling and its horrible:/

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 31 2013 09:09:45
Baking Soda and UTIs Some people claim that baking soda is a cure for a urinary tract infection. This is a dangerous, spurious suggestion with no experimental support. If you must avoid medical treatment and choose a home remedy route, try cranberry juice. This method has been shown to help prevent and treat UTIs. Dangers of Baking Soda Baking soda, when not used in a baking product, can be very dangerous. It can cause interrupt kidney and liver function, exacerbate hypertension, and deplete your body's stores of vitamin B. When taken with a full stomach, baking soda may cause intense abdominal pain. Dissolving baking soda in water is not a safe supplement and should not be ingested.

Posted by Stacey on Jan 28 2013 08:54:59
FOR Nat: I hope you are already feeling better! As an insulin diabetic myself, I wanted to reach out. Eat plain Greek yogurt and cut out all yeast breads and simple sugars. Find health food grade no sugar cranberry juice- tastes awful but works. Getting your sugars as low as possible in the "normal" range will help the most. I wish you all the best.

Posted by Aachaarya on Jan 03 2013 13:29:16
BEST Remedy to Try: Neem Leaf powder - Available in Indian grocery shops. Neem has extraordinary medicinal values: Neem leaf powder is bitter and gives cooling effect to the body. It's medicinal value can kill any type of bacteria and small organisms/germs that are harmful to our body. How to use: Take 20ml to 50ml of plain luke warm water. Mix a little less than one quarter tea spoon of neem leaf powder and drink that water. This small amount can do miracles. As the water is going to be bitter, this should do. Take this water once a day for a week and see that your body had detoxified by that time. Note: Avoid meats such as beef & pork and this is so that you don't get infected by the bacterial organisms again. For persisting problems see the doctor.

Posted by Debbie on Dec 08 2012 22:38:17
Please really be careful on taking advise for UTIs. I don't have insurance and trying a natural approach, but something my mom said to me that I have not considered. Taking others advise on what they do naturally is like taking someone else's medication. If you can't get rid of it, see a doctor!

Posted by Andrea on Oct 29 2012 23:58:10
I heard that accupunture can help!! Give it a try!!!

Posted by nat on Oct 13 2012 00:32:27
I was just wondering if any of you are insulin resistant or diabetic? I know that the high sugar levels in your urine can result in uti's. I was diagnosed a while back with insulin resistance and I take victoza shots. My husband was laid off so we don't have insurance so i can't afford the victoza and since i have been off the medicine i started with a uti. I have been through 2 rounds of antibiotics and feel it coming on again. I have the feeling that the two are linked.

Posted by Ree on Oct 08 2012 08:33:15
Another thing worth mentioning, especially for people with recurring UTI's, is that not all UTI's are caused by E. coli. The STI Trichomoniases, for example, is another common culprit. It can linger in your body for longer, and can also sometimes mask the symptoms of other STI's (like Chlamydia). So I would get tested for that, and all of the other bacteria that can cause a UTI, not just E. Coli.

Posted by Ree on Oct 08 2012 08:30:17
After looking through the posts, I got some great ideas, but everyone appears to have neglected to mention a very common, very effective one- chamomile tea! They even sell it in a mix with some of the other things everyone mentioned.

Posted by Noemi on Sep 16 2012 22:16:14
I used to get a UTI almost after each time I had sex. It got to the point that it made me not want to have sex at all. I didn't think there was anything I could do until I found a supplement called D-Mannose that I bought from amazon.com which is a simple sugar that helps eradicate foreign substances from the urinary tract, it made me feel better from day one of taking the pills. It is kind of expensive, but it's totally worth it if you have an infection. If you are in a lot of pain and are peeing blood you should turn to your doctor because it could turn into a bladder infection!

Posted by Josy on Sep 11 2012 09:31:54
I have had UTI for almost 15yrs now. Some times, having tinkles on that tract inwards. Though, some other time, may not experience it. What do I do? Also, why I visited cod liver oil site is that I am having what my doctor described as parastethia. Insect-like movement on the body surface, burns inside my body and pinching effects one in a while. What do I do

Posted by Barbie on Sep 07 2012 20:44:01
I have tried many remedies for 5 months and I have found none. I have had genimicen and roserfin shots, and they worked, but after 7 days exactly it would come right back. I then recently heard from someone about going to a homiopathic docter about my E. Coli problem. I went to him and I got tested and he said I not only had E. Coli but I had 2 other diseases. I also learned that the E. Coli and the other 2 were in my blood. I have to take drops of some herbs in my water and I can get rid of all 3. If you can't find answers on how to get rid of your E. Coli I would recommend going to a homiopathic docter.P.S: I saw a lot of comments asking about if people need their bodys' to be acidic or bacic and the answer is basic because the more acidic your body is the easier it is for bacteria to grow.

Posted by ruby31012 on Aug 28 2012 08:43:36
Thank you to everyone that has posted, you guys have been very helpful! Last weekend I went to vegas with my bf we stayed in a hotel. We came back saturday night and on sunday I started having a tingling sensation down there, then I would go pee and only a little would come out with a bit of blood. I was worried because I thoigh I cought something because saturday my bf fingered me and Im a virgin. I have tried drinking lots of water and cranberry juice but it has only helped to the point where i dont see blood when I pee, tonight I couldn't sleep and I saw you guyses suggestions and so I tried a powder bag of of 1,000 mg vitamin C qnd I started feeling the need to bee so much go away and the green tea has helped too i feel so reliefed and like I can finally sleep!

Posted by Tayla on Aug 25 2012 10:56:05
Ive been suffering since Friday night. Frequant urinating and a burning sensation. I've read so many pages on home remedies tonight (Saturday) because I am at work and am unable to attend a surgery until monday. I read inserting a clove of garlic (peeled and nicked) into UR vagina helps. I was a littl concerned about it but I'm desperate and so damn tired... It's been 1 hour (it burnt like a mofo for the first 10 mins) but the feeling has gone n ZI have been to the toilet once. I'm so relieved I could cry! Leaving it in for the recommended 8 hours. I don't care if it doesn't cure it but the relief is amazing!

Posted by ramya on Aug 03 2012 09:26:44
iam suffering from uti for the past 10 yrs pls suggest me the permanent relief

Posted by Za on Aug 01 2012 18:37:09
I cant stress this enough! GREEN TEA! GREEN TEA! GREEN TEA! I've been sufferin from UTIs for 3 years, this year it got so bad that even slight intercourse with my partner left me with horrible UTIs the next day. I tried everythin - Dr. prescriptions, penicillin, vinegar,baking Soda, Eno, pure lemon juice,cranberry juice and gallons of water, but it didn't do ANYTHIN. I ended up miserable and in agony for 6 months and started to worry about kidney infections. Then i heard about green tea and it's miracles; 4 pint glasses of green tea a day, every day and my entire infection was gone in a week. Now, after intercourse, i make sure i have 2 pints glasses of it straight away in addition to the 4, haven't had an infection since. Also try to get the actual tea leaves instead of bags, trust me it makes a MASSIVE difference! GOOD LUCK and GREEN TEA!! :D

Posted by Carla on Jul 23 2012 01:22:15
Correction: I used to get 1-2 UTIs every month, now it's 1-2 a year.

Posted by Carla on Jul 23 2012 01:20:06
Just wanted to let you know that I've been taking D-mannose with cranberry extract on a daily basis over a year now. Used to get 1-2 every month, now it's 1-2 a year. Well, at least I acknowledge the symptoms and right away take the baking soda as suggested below and then increase the D-mannose for just a couple of days. Tried to drink sugar free cranberry juice, but that gives me cramps, too acidic. BTW, the baking soda trick is so useful when the UTI signs just appear, heals it right then. Also, staying away from sugar helps me. Good luck to everyone beating UTIs for good!

Posted by bladder infections on Jul 16 2012 13:44:46
I will be good in a few days. Bladder infections can be painful but at least they are curable..

Posted by KK on Jul 13 2012 09:29:47
Sorry seems the price was removed. Twelve AUD*

Posted by KK on Jul 13 2012 09:26:43
UTIs are such a pain, literally! What I have found that really works effivesant crystals called URAL which are urinary alkalinisers. What they do is flushes out your urinary track and make it difficult for the little nasty infection to linger. I will usually disolve 4 in water throughout the day if I feel a uti coming or feel discomfort, and the discomfort will usually disappear within 15mins of finishing my first pack. URAL can be purchased in australia (not too sure about other countries but i assume there would be a similar alkaliser) from your local pharmacy for about AUD. I think if you nip the uti in the butt early with URAL, it will usually be gone fast without the need for antibiotics, but if youve had one for a little while which feels severely painful and uncomfortable, or if you have been trying URAL for more than 5 days without relief, go see your doctor and get antibiotics. It amazes me the number of people who choose not to go in the hope the uti will just disappear... It won't, so it's better off just going and having the 'seemingly' awkward convo with your doc, getting the antibiotics and you will feel right as rain in a few days. Goodluck!!

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 10 2012 02:20:51
Jenny - Bleeding can occur after first time sex, in your case fingering. If you are not feeling any burning and no bleeding any more then you are probably okay without seeing the doctor. Keep on taking all these things and you'll be okay.. Good luck!

Posted by Jenny on Jul 09 2012 08:20:07
* the reason I didn't go to the doctor.

Posted by Jenny on Jul 09 2012 08:15:57
& by the wayit started hurting when I was peeing the day after my boyfriend fingered me, which was last Monday, should I still go to the doctor? I'm pretty sure I dnt have it anymore though,it doesn't hurt and I drank soo much water and vitamin c.

Posted by Jenny on Jul 09 2012 08:09:31
I had a UTI, there was a little bit of blood and it hurt when I pee, but I've been drinking a lot of water and vitamin c supplements, and watermelon and I woke up in the middle of the night to drink water and pee, and it doesnt h ur t anymore and theres no blood anymore. How do I know of I still have it? Should I still go to the doctor? The reason I did before is because I didnt wanna tell my mom because I didnt want her to think I was doing bad things because then she won't let me see him, if she ever though I was doing stuff.

Posted by pauline hodgson on Jun 27 2012 04:54:13
I have suffered regularly with UTI's and the doctors keep giving me antibiotics, I want to know if there is something more sinister - can anyone advise me on this.

Posted by Amber on Jun 16 2012 20:54:18
hi ladies, ihave been suffering a uti for 2 weeks now, i used to get them constantly before i had my child, this is the first one i have had in 2 years and as soon as i took the antiobiotics i got thrush, btw this all started when i started my healthy eating plan, so i eat barely any suger lots of healthy green vegetables and others no alcohol, lots of water and i excercise nearly every day. I have not been able to get rid of it. i only have a very mild case but have the most aweful achimg pain in my tummy.

Posted by gail peters on Jun 04 2012 08:51:10
I have tried everything for my uti caused by c-diff bacteria, except antibiotics, it want go away until I get rid of the Cdiff, that I have not been able to get rid of. My mom had a uti and it was from Clostridium difficile (klos-TRID-e-uhm dif-uh-SEEL), often called C. difficile or C. diff, is a bacterium that can cause symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon. Illness from C. difficile most commonly affects older adults in hospitals or in long term care facilities and typically occurs after use of antibiotic medication. It is a bacteria that is running rampant everywhere because it is so contagious. GET TESTED.

Posted by Sasha on Jun 01 2012 11:02:05
Marie - you may have developed thrush. This happened to me a few times when I had a UTI. Get some canesten cream from the local pharmacy. It took my mind off my aching of the bladder also - just keep skulling down the water dear. Hope you get better!

Posted by Jane on May 28 2012 17:59:57
Search for natural ways , you will be amazed what you will find ... Then figure out what works for your body

Posted by marie on May 28 2012 03:42:19
i have been suffering this uti for about 2 years i took the antibiotic that the doctor gave to me but it seems it keeps coming back again am so tired of looking for the right medicine for me.i have this burning feeling every time i urinate and i have itchy feeling in my vagina i need somebody to help me,please help me.....

Posted by jina on May 22 2012 20:43:03
I have had a uti for three days already i have tried cranberry juice cranberry pills uti meds nd it still wont go away i need it to go away by tommorow please tell me something that will take it away

Posted by T on May 07 2012 10:41:28
Some people don't have symptoms of uti until they have a full blown kidney infection, so make sure you understand that these home remedies will not rid you of infection. Also, if left untreated the infection can get in your blood and poison it, known as SEPSIS, WHICH WILL KILL YOU if not treated in 48 hours. Please be careful. I recommend anti-biotics for any UTI.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 28 2012 14:00:09
Can a lot of pop cause to have a uti also?

Posted by Nanb on Apr 25 2012 11:32:23
For those sensitive to the taste of all that cider vinegar..there are c/v capsules in the Nature section of large grocery stores...They work the same with alot of water!!!! Also, the alka seltzer and baking soda cures are great but watch that sodium!!!

Posted by seema on Apr 17 2012 10:00:32
take 1/2 cup milk with 1 cup soda..it is very useful

Posted by Sasha on Apr 16 2012 12:36:05
I'm 18, and have been getting UTI's for 4 years now. Nothing but anti-biotics seem to work for me. Unless I skull down water, and live on the toilet for the day! Last night I was up at 2am, and was In agony! No sleep til lunch time. And now tonight, I havent slept at all. I've studied psychology and am beginning to think this lack of sleep will scar me mentally if I continue this bulls**t. I need quick releif. I've just moved into my boyfriends loft, and have to walk into the house (unlocking the doors as I go) just to wee. And as you ladies know - there's no holding onto wee during a UTI. I havent tried the bakin soda thing yet. But will have to ASAP! Hope all you sufferers are getting help

Posted by Mary on Apr 13 2012 09:02:59
Not sure if it has been discussed before, but has anyone thought that men not washing prior to having sex can play a huge part in transferring bacteria since during their toileting rituals their penis tends to hang inside the toilet. Makes logical sense to me.

Posted by Lavender on Apr 11 2012 19:00:03
I had the same problem. Would get UTI every month after my period when I was 28. Uriologist said my urethra (tube where the urine exits the body) was too short an narrow, causing bacteria to stay. I had surgery to correct this (stayed overnight) and have had no problems since....that was 29 years ago!

Posted by marie on Apr 07 2012 12:00:45
try club soda!!!! i have had a uti for 2 months straight. ive been on 3 rounds of cipro and two rounds of macrobid. they helped but never got rid of it completely. get club soda and some lemon juice. nothing has gotten rid of my uti and i just took a test and its almost gone. this has helped me sooo much. and it is not as nasty as apple cider vinegar. also use unscented baby wipes to wipe with instead of tissue. also take away sugar. i bought three two liters bottles from the store. they were only 87 cents a bottle. drink that and lemon juice and it will help! im now on day two and it is working wonders. you will pee alot but it is worth it.

Posted by CandaceQ on Apr 04 2012 16:13:29
I used to get about 4 UTIs a year, always painful and requiring a doctor visit. 2 years ago, I cut all refined sugar out of my diet, including, but not limited to soda pop, candy, cookies, ice cream. Even got rid of the sugars/starches in white flour, white rice, cereals, and bread. Not only did I lower my cholesterol and lose 15 pounds, I never got a UTI once while on this plan. BTW--my personal trainer also started me on a shotglass of apple cider vinegar every AM and PM, for athletic performance reasons. Well, last month I went to a foreign country on vacation and got a UTI, and I know why. First off, my diet was high in starch there, and because I was on vacation, I was drinking more alcohol than usual (dehydration + sugar!), and I couldn't find apple cider vinegar there, AND taking showers was difficult. I'm convinced that in my case at least, I can prevent these things through diet, apple cider vinegar, limited alcohol (almost none) intake, and good hygeine. Good luck to all of you--this really is a pain in the ____

Posted by chandrapalsinh on Mar 29 2012 08:11:21
pain in ..... [I cant say]

Posted by Tammy on Mar 27 2012 18:17:11
I have been suffering with urinary tract infections since I was 13, I am 40 now and still get them at least 3 to 4 times a year. From the moment I feel the symptoms to the first trip to the bathroom, there is blood in my urine. I have had my bladder exrayed along with all kinds of test. All I get is I will suffer the rest of my life with them. I was told if the first infection is treated properly I probably wouldn't keep having them. I am at my wits end with this. They always seem to come on in the middle of the night. MANY trips to the ER. If I take antibiotics now I get Thrush. I am so happy to have found this post. I am going out to the natural food store right now to buy some of these items. Thank you everyone for your feed back. For you ladies who are suffering for the first time, see a doctor and take your meds as perscribed. Also make sure youhave your doctor give you Pyridium. It will numb the bladder and make it a lot easier to urinate and get sleep. They are messy and do eat before taking them because they can make your stomach upset. Also there is an Anti-biotic called Macrobid that is made for the bladder. I was on a one a day regimine to prevent. It worked for almost 2 years. The longest I ever had gone without a UTI. Unfortunatly I developed an allergy to them and the caused hives, so my Dr. took me off. But for the ladies with reoccuring, talked to Dr. about Macrobid. I wish I could take them. Thanks again and good luck everyone, I feel your pain!!!

Posted by alfred ly on Mar 21 2012 09:49:07
try to drink lemon grass juice.

Posted by Khasifa Kabenge on Mar 05 2012 02:14:14
My work involves travelling and staying in hotels most of the time. I guess this exposes me to a lot infections since i have to use public bathorroms and toilets. Recently, i got infected with a Urinary Tract Infection. Is it possible to have some suggestions on the best way to prevent or treat such cases?

Posted by Helen on Mar 03 2012 08:17:53
Hi everyone, I suffer a lot with UTI, probably being a diabetic doesn't help the situation, but I have found if I drink one sachet of URAL every night before bed I don't get any of the severe symptoms like frequency or burning. It's a routine I'm happy with, maybe some help for you out there.

Posted by Lola on Feb 26 2012 00:26:47
Oh, I have a typo in previous note: please read "probiotics", not "probity".

Posted by Lola on Feb 26 2012 00:24:29
Ladies, I tried and love the D-mannose pills!!! I take 2 pills every evening before I go to bed, that way all the bacteria that cumulates during my sleep is flushed out the system in the morning, without causing any more UTIs. I've had recurring UTIs that had mild symptoms but very bad ones since I never could identify them, until I got bad kidney infection. Doctor recommended the operation to stretch the urethra, but my personal research leaded me to D-mannose. I also drink so much liquid every day, including unsweetened cranberry and pomegranate juices by Knudsen family. Find the D-mannose pills on www.vitacost.com. I like the "Solaray" products. I've been able to stay away from UTIs for almost 9 months. Oh, definitely pee before and right after sex and you'll be safe. Also, eat as much yogurt and probity products. I hope these little things will improve your lives and help you enjoy them to the fullest!!!

Posted by Lisa on Feb 22 2012 01:48:33
Rebecca try d-mannos, it helps my daughter uti gone in 2 days!amazon.com has it!

Posted by Rebecca on Feb 20 2012 18:27:14
I've had a kidney infection for about 4 months now, I was in hospital on a drip and iv anti-biotics through a drip. I then came home and have been on 6 other different anti-biotics, I'm on ammoxicillin right now because I'm 16 500mg but It still hasn't gone, I can hardly walk with the pain, I like in the UK is there any suggestions in what else to try, I've tried every pain killer and been prescribed with the strongest co-codimal that doesn't help and I've drank "pure" cranberry juice and water and vitamin c and everything still nothing works to get rid of the uti or the pain anyone can help? Thanks :)

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 13 2012 16:18:09
I've suffered for a long time over 7 years with the UTI (E-Coli) i dont even want to have sex any more. I'm now pregnant 6 months and still get them. I'm going to see a professional or natural path hoping that what i eat will prevent me from getting them frequently & regulary.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 13 2012 16:18:06
I've suffered for a long time over 7 years with the UTI (E-Coli) i dont even want to have sex any more. I'm now pregnant 6 months and still get them. I'm going to see a professional or natural path hoping that what i eat will prevent me from getting them frequently & regulary.

Posted by Rhonda on Feb 12 2012 08:55:05
Ellie, You must take all the antibiotics, even if you feel better. Otherwise, the UTI will probably recur, which it sounds like it has a couple of times in your case. You need to get to a dr. and get a new course of antibiotics and take them all. Depending on a lot of things, your dr. might prescribe a course of antibiotics that lasts from 3-10 days. Take them all as prescribed by the doctor. Good luck!

Posted by keke on Feb 10 2012 00:55:32
Hello, when I was pregnant with my son I had a Uti the whole time. I was in and out of the hospitals and doctors offices and they would give me antibiotics but it would come back every time. They even got so bad that my kidneys started hurting and it felt like I was in labor and was rushed to the hospital, thank God when he was born it had went away. After he was born they started to return once again I was rushed to the ER because I was taking AZO and you are only supposed to use it for 2 days, but I was in so much pain I bought another one. The doctor told me one more pill and I would have overdosed. I am currently having burning now and haven't been able to leave the toilet for hours. I have no car and no way to get any medicine. What should I do?

Posted by Carol on Feb 09 2012 13:10:47
The site deleted the prices for both products in previous post. Thirty-four dollars for the D-Mannose with CranActin 2000 MG, 7.6 oz. Fourteen dollars for the Usnea Uva Ursi by Gaia Herbs, 1 fl oz.

Posted by Carol on Feb 09 2012 12:59:11
Ellie, I have a UTI that just started a day or two ago. Yesterday it was getting very painful and the Dr.'s office couldn't fit me in so I googled it on Dr. Mercola's website. He recommended D-Mannose. So I rushed to the health food store (none of our dept. stores carried it and the Health food stores all close at 6:00 pm). I knew that I was going to have a miserable night. The health food store clerk was friendly and knew exactly what I was talking about. Available in caplets or powder. The caplets were around and the powder was (Solaray powder D-Mannose with CranActin 2000 mg (lemon berry flavor, 7.6 oz 30 servings). We decided on the powder, hoping for faster absorption. I asked the clerk if there was anything to make me comfortable (pain during urination). She directed me to a product right next to the powder, Usnea Uva Ursi by gaia herbs ( for 1 fl oz). I tried these both last night (I was getting increasingly miserable). The Usnea Uva Ursi totally got rid of the pain!!!! I would absolutely buy this again. Clerk said that it would actually knock-out the infection. 40-60 drops in a small glass of h20 3-4 times daily. I took 60 drops in a small glass of h20. I also took 1 serving (scoop) of the D-mannose (2000 mg) in a glass of h20. One was supposedly a diuretic, and it helped to motivate me to urinate (no pain!). The D-mannose is suppose to help remove the bacteria from your bladder, it sticks to the walls and the D-mannose helps to attract the bacteria to the water in your bladder and you flush them out, instead of letting the little buggers increase. My advise to you, run out and get both of the products before the health food stores close. I am still heading to the Dr.'s today for follow-up, but feel like these products would take care of the infection. One side-effect was nausea, gas and flu-like symptoms (I think from the Usnea uva ursi). Here is Mercola's link: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/04/20/a-simple-natural-treatment-for-urinary-tract-health.aspx The Usnea link: http://organicpharmacy.org/products/Usnea.Uva.Ursi.Supreme/SKU:G34350 D-Mannose link: http://www.amazon.com/D-Mannose-CranActin-216-g-Powder/dp/B003LYMGHW

Posted by Sarah on Feb 08 2012 14:32:09
I've been taking vitamin C at 1000MG per day for a few months and it's definitely helped. Unfortunately I just read it can increase iron absorption and my doctor thinks I might have too much iron in my system as a result. I may have to stop.

Posted by Ellie on Feb 06 2012 23:23:37
I have had a uti for about 8 days. This is my second time this month. I had gotten one in Oct or Nov but I got antibiotics for it so it stopped. The second time which was this month i guess stopped because I took some left over antibiotics from the first time. That uti lasted about 6 days. Now that I have this one, it seems to get better then it worsens. I took some antibiotics that I still had from the first one that I had and it was only good for the day that I took the pill. Right now its about the 8th or 9th day having this uti. While I pee, it burns which is a usual sign of it and I have been drinking water since day one of the uti. I got cranberry cocktail on like the 5th day of the uti but that didnt seem to help, probably because it was a cocktail and not the pure one. About an hour ago I swallowed some garlic and Im hoping that works. Should I take alka seltzer or baking soda also? or some ibuprofen? I dont know what to do anymore. My antibiotics are gone & I dont want my parents to spend about 0 for the doctor. My symptoms also involve, oddly, an itchy/irratated vagina. PLEASE HELP. What has worked for you? Also I'm 17.

Posted by Serenity on Jan 31 2012 18:45:41
Im so glad to know I'm not the only one who gets these....I have one as we speak and it never goes away and I go to the doctor at least twice a month and they are getting tired of seeing me for the same problem it is so painful and hurts like crazyyyy I fell like I can't even have sex due to this it got so bad at one point that I had a kidney infection please help me I'm in so much pain and currently have no moneyyyy

Posted by lisa on Jan 25 2012 11:43:14
repeated uti's can be symptom of diabetes.ok to treat w/home remedies @ 1st,but caution cranberry juice has a lot of sugar & could send you into coma if diabetic & don't know it! I've been diabetic 48years, also a nurse.

Posted by Anita on Jan 21 2012 19:38:54
URGENT! - Take 1@ 400mg Ibuprofen tablet if in immediate pain (1)Get "Natural D-Mannose-Powder" - THIS ABSOLUTELY WORKS - My partner he had UTI with excruciating agony in groin, anus, stomach, kidneys, back, legs! Drank the powder 1@ heaped teaspoon in glass of water, pain stopped instantly - He got "Now" brand, we found the cheapest store here... http://www.jgsupplements.com/products/D-Mannose-Powder-85g.html?gclid=COWPsKev4q0CFUNTfAod8Fs49Q (2) Vastly cheaper option for treating UTI for those sadly broke - "Bicarbonate of Soda" MUST BE "aluminium and gluten free" - available here.. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Baking-Bicarbonate-Soda-Aluminium-MAINLAND/dp/B003VV12M0 - We haven't tried the bicarb yet but if UTI reoccurs then will NOT hesitate to order it. Love Anita xxx P.S. Don't use cranberry juice we tried it and didn't work! Here is where I first read about d-mannose powder! --> D-MANNOSE POWDER PREGNANCY & CHILDREN SAFE!--> In one case, a 5-year-old girl had almost continuous bladder infections for her entire life that had failed to respond to every antibiotic therapy her physicians tried (72 doctors in all!). At the end of their rope, her doctors were now considering a kidney transplant, since her kidneys were starting to fail due to years of chronic infection. Since urine culture showed her bladder infection was due to E. coli, she was started on D-mannose (1 tsp in a glass of water every 2-3 hours). Within 48 hours, her infection had vanished, and her kidneys were saved! http://www.remedy-bladder-infection.com/mannoseplus.html http://www.d-mannoseworks.com/

Posted by Hayley on Jan 20 2012 06:08:28
Hi, im 19 years old and i have had this pain since i have been 16, went and seen a docter they told me they would sample my urine and never herd back so i didnt think is was bad started getting worse since i have turned 19 went and seen a docter again and she informed me i had a urinary track infection and gave me medicine and said she will send my urine off to get tested and if it a really bad one she will call back to put me on stronger meds to get rid of it :( never called back. I feel the pain jsut befor i urinate and im scard to go pee because i know then ill have to keep going but the pain is so bad i have to im up so late now and have nothing to take for it only drink some water i drunk 2 cups of water its all i can stand because i dont really like water i nearly spew i think i have this problem because im not healthy i drink alot of coca cola do you think this is causing my problems :/ ?? I hate this so much

Posted by Tree on Jan 16 2012 01:40:39
Women can easily "apply" plain yogurt to the urethra. The probiotics in it target the bacteria... I know several women who struggled with ongoing UTI's that would go away temporarily with meds and then come right back. The yogurt nips it in the bud right away!

Posted by Danny on Jan 12 2012 22:32:39
Its Thursday 11pm...on Tuesday around 5pm I got my antibiotics for what I found out was a uti infection. I noticed something wasn't right 2 days before I went to the er...I shouldn't have hesitated to go. I work 60 hours a week and I'm 22 yrs old. I'm taking cipro and cystex(concentrated cranberry juice). I have been on it 3 days and I have gotten no relief at night so for the past 6 days I could not sleep because I have the sensation of my bladder going to explode every 5 minutes. Should it take any longer for the medicine to really work so I can sleep again?...I feel like I just wanna die with no sleep and having to work :(

Posted by Lisa on Jan 09 2012 09:16:17
from last Thursday, UTI came back, when I felt first sign of UTI, I took 2bags of URAL and drank a lot water, every 15 minutes a cup, the symptoms gradually disappeared. but after dinner, pain came back again with blood, I think it because I stopped drinking water for 2 hours because of dinner. I started drinking a lot water without sleep, pain gone. the next day, I kept drinking, sometimes changed to Bake-Suda, it was good, but night time, UTI came back again with blood after I stopped drinking for about 2 hours while I slept. I had to get up every 1 hour at night to drink water till Today, I gave up and saw a doctor. I will get medicine tomorrow. I think I will start Gerry's Regimen of Apple Cider Vinigar, Cranberry Juice, Vitamin C and Probiotics. it's great that I can learn from here, I appreciate this website and kind people here

Posted by Stella Stone on Dec 28 2011 10:42:29
Thanks to everyone for all the good information. When I was first married I got a urinary infection that hurt terribly. It was so bad when I voided I couldn’t stand it and applied Vicks salve to the area. It was almost as bad, but it cooled it and overcame the pain. My infection went away without doing anything else. I believe, however, that diet has a lot to do with infections. Eat a good diet of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. No meat. Rarely any sugar and I think your infections will clear up. I haven’t had a UTI since in all my 86 years.

Posted by Gerry on Dec 26 2011 08:29:39
Correction to my last post. 1) Should rear 3 times a week, not year 2) Obviously only probiotics should be taken vaginally also

Posted by Gerry on Dec 26 2011 08:25:20
Great advice from all, here is the solution. 1) check with your m.d. And have a culture of your urine. 2) Along with the antibiotics take Colloidal Silver and probiotics to significantly up the efficiency of the medication this is scientifically proven. Also make sure you get a 10 day course of the medication. 3) Once you have finished your medication start a permanent Regimen of Apple Cider Vinigar, Cranberry Juice, Vitamin C and Probiotics by mouth and vaginally twice a day for 1 year. After that you can reduce the regimen to 3 times a year. I had very severe UTI for 3 years ( 11 course of antibiotics) and nothing helped till I did this. By the way I drink 10 glasses of water a day, never more than 1 coffee a day and only drink red wine occasionally. All this is very boring but the relief is definitely worth the cure. You will not get this advice from any m.d. unfortunately but I can tell you from my experience that you are able to leed a pretty normal life if you take charge. Great website!

Posted by Kendra on Dec 22 2011 06:08:39
The pain doesn't increase when I pee much. It is a constant pain. I can't sleep because of it. I took my first anti-biotic and some painkillers but if anything it has gotten worse. Seriously so painful :(

Posted by jas on Dec 20 2011 14:20:57
hi kaylee antibiotic is suppose to be taken for 5 days or more or talk to ur doc

Posted by kaylee on Dec 19 2011 21:20:13
Hi everyone! I had suffered UTI two weeks ago, i completed an antibiotic course, right after the course i had dental surgery, meaning that i need to take another type of antibiotic to prevent infection for my surgery. Unfortunately, i felt that the UTI was coming back, discomfort, burning sensation yet not that painful, so i've been taking URAL for few days till now, although it has improved day by day, still i can feel the burning sensation, should i continue with the URAL or just take another course of antibiotic for three days?

Posted by Leska on Dec 16 2011 17:33:50
im suffering UTI right now and Ive been awake early since 5am, it's really painful after releasing the last pee drop! I'm drinking lots of water, 1glass after i pee. i prefer warm water. Then took 1000mg of vit c, and feel much better than a while ago. I noticed that everytime i pee, pain subsides little by little.

Posted by Ashley on Dec 07 2011 10:09:05
When I got married I started getting uti's constantly! It was horrible and the doctors would always give me cipro which I hated and eventually it stopped working. I started adding Braggs apple cider vinegar to my water and I stopped getting them. Hadn't had one in years! Well, I stopped the apple cider vinegar a couple of months ago and guess what. Yep, I got a uti two days ago and it was mad! Extremely painful and blood in the urine. I ran to the store and bought some Vinegar and sure enough it is gone. I slept all night last night with no pain, thank god. I mix about one tablespoon per two cups water and drink this all day. I drink with a straw because I don't think it is great for the teeth. I also took some cranberry supplements but I am sticking to my ACV from now on! Hope this helps!

Posted by Gentry on Dec 06 2011 12:26:39
Hey, I just wanted to add the info I've culled from the internet. In addition to Cantharis homeopathic remedy I've been reading about gokshuradi guggulu an ayurvedic herbal remedy. I've read reports of both these herbal supplements (one or the other) working in the place of antibiotics. I'm free of infection at the moment but am going to order these and experiment with prevention and maintenance. Also I'm taking a probiotic supplement daily of Lactobacilli (the dominant flora in your urinary tract and vaginal canal and the one that declines rapidly w infection) the science name is L.rhamnosos GR-1 and L. fermentum RC-14. These are supposedly the best-targeted strains to take. They think that diabetics (and possible hypoglycemics which I am) have increased episodes of uti because of increased glucose in their urine. So dietary influences are obviously for everyone to be aware of. A diet low in all known bad things (sugar, refined flours etc) is part of the road to prevention. Coffee I've noticed is one of the worst offenders of the bladder. Other things I've read about: Theracran (brand), bio-identical locally applied vaginal estrogen products (for women post menopause, there's a link between estrogen and uti), Vitamin C 1000 mg 3 times a day, cetaphil liquid soap for cleansing, no thong underwear?!, golden seal, marshmallow root, corn silk, horsetail, all berries in the uva ursi family blueberry,cranberry, bearberry, andrographis, celery juice, celery seed, licorice root, isatis tinctoria, echinacia in all forms, GARLIC- Ladies, when I have to take antiobiotics and I start to feel the tingling first signs of yeast infection I cut a garlic clove in half and put it inside my vaginal canal. IT WORKS GANG BUSTERS! 8 hours on 8 hours off, or something like this. The yeast infection never develops. I do this with uti's as well, the vagina and urinary tract are very interconnected, working on the flora in one definitely aids the other. Hope something was helpful here. Cheers!

Posted by Anonymous on Dec 04 2011 04:21:00
Hi Kristen, was it celery or celery seeds? Coz iv read that the seeds are antiseptic and good for our issues

Posted by Kristen on Dec 03 2011 16:04:56
I found a Cure! We (my husband and I are broke, due to layoffs) so stress is high... I took a home TEST from AZO it was positive so I used the AZO pills for a week. But it says not to take more than 2 days so I stopped. With no money for the doctor I went online after SUFFERING for 2 1/2 weeks! I found out that CELERY yes, celery, eat it raw, juice it w/water in the blender - just eat it! The pain went away, and so did my UTI! I also don't eat processed foods if that helped? Hope you feel better soon

Posted by Violet on Nov 28 2011 17:40:50
HI I have to take a pee every two seconds and i don't have any pain or anything and it happens every two days what should i do

Posted by Maheshpal on Nov 25 2011 15:10:25
Hai.few year ago when i am sucking my wife vergine,and she discharge her vergine water in my mouth since then i have a problem in breathing,my chast was blocked and i have a jaundise also every time i feel lazy and my tounge have no taste remained also i am losting my wait,my HIV test is ok.i take authromicen tablet daily but there is no response in my body ;please tell me what type of madison i will take

Posted by jas on Nov 24 2011 03:44:09
pragya try forever living aloe berry nectar .go to forever living web n check it out.i wil take it next week with a good plan with a proper diet n going caffienless

Posted by pragya on Nov 24 2011 00:44:41
I have UTI several times. I have been to th hospital several times and they are very costly.I am having it again since 2 days.today I decided to take Azo standard urinary relief. It refers to take six tablets a day. And for 2 days.I tried it today gives me relief for coupled of hrs. Again pain starts.tomorrow is the last day I m too worried I dont want to go to hospital cause I cant afford any more pls help

Posted by diane on Nov 23 2011 09:30:56
i woke up yesterday morning with pressure. by lastnight i was feeling pain, i couldn't walk on my right foot because it was hurting my back. this morning i woke up with a headache. I took 2 asprins. i still have my headache but my pain and the frequency of having to go to the bathroom is gone. I have a doctors appointment at 2:30 but i feel like the asprin cured me.

Posted by Shonkers on Nov 19 2011 18:10:18
Just wanted to reassure many here that UTI's are very common and can occur without having sex. I experienced my first uti when I was only 10 years old. I'm now 38 and have had several over the years and have learned a lot about them. I would recommend for those of you who are still experiencing symptoms, see a doctor and insist on testing your urine for resistance. Some bacteria are resistant to antibiotics - you need to know which one you have. Drinking water and taking cranberry juice/tablets will only work for very mild cases that are caught very early. My second recommendation is to always pee right after sex, and thirdly, shower every day (if you can shower before sex, even better!) Good luck to you all!

Posted by jenice on Nov 19 2011 06:12:27
Its my first time experiencing this and it pains like hell. i went to the doctor but unfortunately i had my appointment extended for another week and the pain is just so annoying and nagging.

Posted by jas on Nov 18 2011 10:27:24
hi i can explain.normally when we get the infection back means the previous antibiotic did not help much and there was little bacteria left.and any trigger will result in full blown infection back.also if ur doc gives u antibiotic belonging to the same group then its highly likely that it wont work.ur new antibiotic should be of a different group.i have ths same prob

Posted by Cathy on Nov 17 2011 22:08:29
I've had 3 uti's in the past few months and I don't know what exactly is causing them. I'm scared constantly that I'm going to catch another and its making my life extremely stressful. Any explanations/hep?

Posted by jas on Nov 14 2011 12:51:25
hi anyone suffering from backflow of urine means the uretra valves r weak which allows urine from bladder to travell back to kidney few times can be helped with ayurveda medicine with yoga which helps you to retone n normalize the faulty valve.the valves becomes weak for people who control urine and this weak valve can be reverse with a simple yoga step of breadthing.look for an ayurveda doc for further explainantions.hope my posts wil be helpful.wish u guys well and love u guys

Posted by jas on Nov 14 2011 12:39:48
if ur planning to take forever living aloeberrynectar{this is the right name ] pls do not take tea or coffee or any caffine or chocolates or refine foods or sodas.good luck i will take this in 3 weeks.have been suffering so much and hope this wil help me too.also pls meet any personels that sell these product and see what else is recommended.love u all.wish u guys well n good luck

Posted by jas on Nov 14 2011 12:17:48
if u pee n its clear n still some discomfort means bacteria is still in ur bladder.drink 45ml 3 times a day n a bottle can last u a week n pls drink for a month.n remember don stop half way has we don want the little balance potential bacteria to thrieve n becomes resistance to the juice.[has we know when a person is on any antibiotic n if he or she stops they wil show resistence to the antibiotic in future has smart bacteria wil recognize the the old medicine or suppliments and it will manage to overpower it and thus it wont work on uti then.also acidity in cranberry juice did not lessen my pain but made me pee alot but the pain was same n was giving me problems.also i guess y cranberryaloe works bec carnberry taken in small contents helps n i guess its acidity level becomes less has its only 20% of the 1litre bottle and aloevera also elimenates e.coli the bacteria causing most of the uti.also there is little apple in the juice which is fibre which is good for urinary tract n i heard fibre tones the urinary tract.also one can try d-manose which is the extract of cranberry minus the acidity.don take vit c with this juice .take it alone or u can try with little barley[but first few days take this juice alone then collobrate others that u wan after few days] n see if the collobarared items r better or taking it alone is better.each and everyone has a different body.also take a little n wipe it at ur urinary tract opening mybe this wil help too has the opening has no chance of being cleanceproperly and this wil surely help.this can be done 2 or 3 times a day.i have yet to take the juice but am thinking to collobarate it with antibiotic if possible but a fren of mine tells me that taking it alone does wonders

Posted by jas on Nov 14 2011 11:31:51
hi this will come has a shock to some of u.i have been having uti for 5 yrs now.then recently a person gave me a cap ful of abt 45ml of forever living brand cranberryaloe juice n to my surprise when i reach home to pee.the pee smelled so bad and it was brown dirty urine n i realize that some of us have extremely stuborn bacteria that wil stick to the urinary system with no matter how much water we drink actually detech n flowed with the urine.and before drinkink the small amount of juice my urine was normally greenish or white color[don know y it looks green sometimes].then after the first pee then followed by the 2nd n 3rd pee the kidney n bladder was so much better.now i just bought a bottle n am planning to take it with through plan of my diet am excited.check for urine backflow problems that can occur to some

Posted by chloe on Nov 12 2011 07:13:22
hi i usally get uti and i hate it im only 9 years old but i have been having showers evryday ofr 4 months and ive been drinking water for 3 months 6 glasses everyday :( anyone know anymore help ?

Posted by BL GHEI on Nov 11 2011 07:36:15
Help,help........if any one can,I did get uti once or twice in early years,and now its 6 months that i have got 3 times.I am on antibiotics again,my prostrate is only 10 gms,and i am 78 yrs old, any remedy and some way to avoid its recurrence pls help.

Posted by Cathy on Nov 11 2011 01:09:49
Any of you who live in USA and have been suffering from UTI'S for many years, you need to get in touch with BOMAMED chinese medicine based in Los Angeles. You could be suffering from Interstitual Cystitis, which I have for 8 years. They are the best people to help you, traditional medicine will not help you. Unfortunatey I had to return back to Australia, but they do treat people from different countries. I hope I helped somebody, I am still suffering and it takes over my life.

Posted by Sandi on Nov 10 2011 14:43:25
Drink one full 12oz can of beer! By the time you are done with the first beer, depending on the how severe of a case you have, you feel better.

Posted by rhiannon on Nov 10 2011 07:56:36
azo straight up. azo standard. u can buy it at the grocery store or walgreens. its a pain reliever and it will make the feeling go away till ou can go to the doctor or until you can manage to drink and pee the infection out.

Posted by maddison on Nov 09 2011 21:02:55
i have suffered from a uti for almost a month in finally went to the doctor well the doctor called me a week later in told me i had uti that i needed to take the antibotics quckly boy was i scared anyways i dont really know what it is caused from but those things hurt in there no fun at all !!!!!!! anyways i start my medicane tonight hopefully it helps pray for me in wish me luck

Posted by monica wanja on Nov 07 2011 08:59:48
you seem to be talking of medicine that we don't have in Kenya how can we get them because i have also suffered form UTI for now about 8 years?

Posted by Regenia on Nov 06 2011 04:47:03
hello people! im 16 years old and i recently discovered that i might have gotten a UTI. im still a virgin so it couldn't of been from sex. But things didn't feel or smell right.i started noticing the symptoms yesterday. i would notice my pee was cloudy and had the smell of a dead fish. ( very nasty smell) and i had to pee like 40 going north.so i looked it up on Google and it told me i might have a UTI. i didn't want to bring it to the attention to my mom til i had a feeling that she needed to know. she told me i might have a Yeast or Bladder infection. so i guess my theory was at least vaid enough. so i Got a jar ( biiig one at that ) and keep drinking water. ( i still am as im typing this) and keep having to pee every 4-6 mins. ( i got super happy when i see the bathroom) but on my second bigg glass of water i started to notice the smell was leaving and my pee was getting super clear.i feel alot better to. it would've been really embarrassing going to school like that. Crap got to go Peeee lol GOOD LUCK WITH YOURS! ITS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT NOW, I SEE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE IT SO IM NOT ALONE! :)

Posted by becky on Nov 05 2011 17:14:56
I should say, I just started CIPRO.

Posted by becky on Nov 05 2011 17:13:27
How much water is too much water to drink? I was diagnosed with a UTI on Friday - probably had for a while - along with a sinus infection, somewhat dehydrated - and feel like throughout the day that I have drunk 2 gallons of water and still feel somewhat dehydrated. I normally do about 1 gallon or less a day (16 ounce bottles or sip on 4 one quart bottles). I weigh about 240. Doc says to keep drinking and this will pass..

Posted by joline on Nov 03 2011 15:10:33
I get utis all the time when I am hungova so im thinking about giving up drinking it just not worth it the day after. i have to say skulling water when you feel the onset of a uti works for me and its usually gone within a couple of hours. I started getting them when I was 20 and I am now 23. I did have a 3 month one which was awful I took urinary tract pills and cranberry juice nothing worked till i realised i needed to drink water and now i know how to get rid of them .

Posted by Kaz on Nov 01 2011 17:31:04
It's so sad that this is such a common problem! I believe that there should be over the counter drugs for this as its pretty obvious that you are suffering a UTI! I hate going to the doctor because of my phobia of blood and anything that has to do with blood or would cause bleeding. I always hate the thought the doctor might suggest a blood test. So i always resort to home remedies first. For anyone looking for home remedies. Here is what I have spent the last couple of days doing and what I have done in the past. Cranberry Pills - 4 in the morning, 1 every hour or 2 after that and 4 before bed. Vit C Supplements - 2 in the morning, 1 every 3 hours after that, 2 before bed. Enchineca capsules - 2 in the morning 2 before bed. Lots and lots of peppermint tea and water. I can't stomach the baking soda and water stuff, literally I vomit it up again. Hence why I go all out with the pills. But if you can stomach it, go for it. I avoid caffeine, only drinking one coffee each day and no alcohol. I've also found cinnamon and honey tea to be quite helpful. A teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon or a cinnamon stick. Parsley and garlic are great too. choose how you want them. I took it in the form of tea. A teaspoon of vinegar now and then is good too. I drink it straight because i love the taste and don't find it strong. But if you don't, mix it with water and honey. I have a lot because when I get them, I get them bad.

Posted by Saik on Oct 28 2011 11:53:24
WOW!!!! I am so please to know like many of you said that Im not the only one whose alone on this,and I'm glad as women that we have pulled together from all parts of the country and reached out to one another to discuss our situations or give advice as to how we can take care of such horrible feeling....this is my first time having UTI, and I didnt know what it was until I started to google my symptoms and it all pointed to UTI to the exact tee. Im in so much pain I can cry...Everyones body is different and not every remedy works for everyone.This is also good for people like myself who dont have any insurance, and is trying so hard to fix the problem at hand rather than payin hundreds of dollars just for the doctor to take forever getting to you in the emergency and when they finally do write you a prescription for antibiotics and send you on your merry way.NOT FAIR! NOW IF I GET WORSE THEN I WILL GO. They have a treatment for yeast infection UTI should have followed right behind it seein how women AND men suffer from it. Im so over this entire thing I cant even stand up straight better yet walk with out feeling bad the pain is awful sitting to pee or even just laying down to relax....Im going to try the baking soda method first seeing how I can barely walk across my room fast enough to pee I keep it in my bathroom cabinet anyways so I will do process of elimination if that doesnt work im going through the entire list of things I wrote down just from reading this entire page of people recommended to do from home......may God be with me and God bless you all.

Posted by karen on Oct 27 2011 12:13:15
I started getting urinary infections after my daughter was born, 4 years ago, i usually get them every 2 months or so, all these years i've been able to beat the infections with Cantharis 30 c but I always buy boiron brand , I usually take this at the first sign of infection and this medicine usually takes care of it, but the last urinary infection I had, Cantharis did not help that much because I didn't catch the infection right away, so I suffered like for 3 months, Someone finally recommended me at the health food store to get d mannose , the brand is called " Vibrant Health" which is called " Crisis Intervention Formula" this is a little different from the others because they add botanicals, and it really worked, I took it every four hours till the bottle was empty,the bottle lasted for 4 days but it really took care of my U.t.i. I'm mentioning the brand cause this is what worked for me, but I'm sure the other brands are good too as long as they are natural mannose,So if you are experiencing a U.T.I , run to the Health food store and get your D-mannose and lots of water, cut the sugars like Sodas, cakes, candy,chocolate, alcohol because these just feed the bacteria. You should get better soon, good luck!!!

Posted by keeley on Oct 23 2011 20:05:32
Im 19 a few yr ago i had a really bad kidney infection since then things have gone from bad to worse, in the last 2months iv had 3 uti's i keep going back to my doc but i feel he just isnt takin any notice im in constant pain, when i dont have a uti i still have pain there but not when going to the loo its so horrible i really dont know how long i can go on like this for its drivin me crazy and all i wana do is cry surely this aint normal?? : x

Posted by brenda on Oct 20 2011 16:05:38
Go the the Health Food store and purchase D Mannose. It is the best thing I'v ever used. The directions are for maintenance. If you have a uti Take 4...wait 2hours take 4 again.. repeat if needed. start taing 2-3 every couple hours after that for the first day or two then 2-3 twice a day...This works for me in about 20 minutes after the first dose.It flushes the bad bacteria right out of you. i use the capsuls by solar ray. It is very safe no side effects...please look up on line. I never get them any more...I was a cronic case.

Posted by tabiya on Oct 19 2011 08:12:36
All the comments are so supportive makes me realize that I am not alone in this whole world staying up all night cause of UTI. I am 19 years old and I have been having this problem since, I turned 19. This honestly, is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. For the past couple of days I have been up every single morning from 5am-10am because of Uti problem. I have been taking my antibiotics and 2 cranberry gel pills per day. Still no change. To top things off I have heavy period. The worst part is I am a college student who has so much studying to do..since, I have exams every other week. This UTI really takes so much of my energy that when every thing is alright all I wanna do is just catch some sleep. I have stopped attending classes for the past 3 days. I am typing this while I am sitting in my bathroom reading comments from you guys which are so supportive. It's been 5 years since I have been in the bathroom my knees hurt..and I can't even lay down cause my vaginal area itch's so much and I have to urinate. I have my GYNO appointment today and I hope I can get rid of this problem FOREVER! The cranberry pills have stopped working for me so I am thinking to buy the D-Mannose I checked its review and it's safe and fast relief from pain. Wish me luck guys I will keep you all posted.

Posted by Max on Oct 13 2011 20:22:34
Sheri, I'm also prone to them from sex. Have you tried drinking a litre or more of water right after? This has helped tremendously .don't sip it , skull it, drink it as fast ad you can...so when you pee next you have heaps to flush out!!!

Posted by Sheri on Oct 13 2011 17:05:46
hey TT....ive been getting UTIs for over 10 yrs...one time i had the chills and a fever...thats a sign of kidney infection!! those must be treated ASAP..i was in the hospital for it...i am prone to UTIs...mine are after sex...i feel as tho i constantly get them...my dr gave me losr dose antibiotic i can take afta sex....the over the counter AZO only takes the uncomfort away IT DOES NOT CURE THE UTI...still seek ure drs help....drink water yes,cranberry juice yes, vitamin C yes...but for me im considered a rare case...im a walking UTI in effect and ive done it all,taken it all...for all that r in pain for more than a day GO TO URE DR!! the more u wait the worse it gets!! also,it could be something else serious other than a UTI...so if u want anymore advice lemme know...im practically a proffessional on these it has been almost 15 yrs for me...and im talkin about 15+utis a year...nothings a complete cure for me so far they keep coming back

Posted by Lara on Oct 12 2011 13:36:25
Hello, ladies! Followed the advice of taking baking soda with warm water at periods of time. I guess I took too much for the first round, 'cause 20 minutes later I had the worse case of diarrhea. So sorry for the details, but it is working while I also spend so much time in the bathroom for another problem. Oh well, it worked at least. Just felt that knowing the outcome and possible side effects would have been nicer ahead of time, not as a surprise. Yes, do not leave UTIs untreated, figure out ASAP. Good luck!

Posted by Ali17 on Oct 12 2011 13:16:22
I suffered from constipation so My penis becomes so weak and after urine i have drops of urine from my penis so guide me

Posted by Ali17 on Oct 12 2011 13:15:28
I suffered from constipation so My penis becomes so weak and after urine i have drops of urine from my penis so guide me

Posted by Annoymus on Oct 12 2011 05:08:45
Diane, so sorry to hear that, wish you all the best, what do you mean about messing around with them??

Posted by Diane on Oct 11 2011 20:16:40
I don't mean to scare you ladies, but please don't mess around with the UTI's. I was on antibiotics twice cause I was peeing blood...I have grade 3 bladder cancer and not long to live. So please see an urologist and get it checked.

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 25 2011 07:45:26
Yamila, I hope your sister has gone to the docter and is on antibiotics? Increase the vitam c intake, that will help rid the bacteria from clinging onto the walls of the bladder. Drink heaps, I mean plenty of water!! The more the better and faster she will cure. Also having drank plenty of water will lessen the pain while urinating.

Posted by Yamila Rahman on Sep 25 2011 03:10:34
Currently my sister aging 2.5 yrs is suffering from lower abdominal pain and she feels pain while urinating and it smells bad !!! i need some help to cure her. thanks Yamila

Posted by Frankie on Sep 24 2011 02:33:55
I have gotten uti's constantly since I was 14 years old ... So 7 years now, I get them about 3-4 times a year and when I do it's all or nothing I have blood puss and bacteria I'n my urine when they culture it and they are very severe and come on quickly ! I recently got a recommendation from my doc to have x rays done of kidneys bladder etc and then had to see a urologist... Come to find out I had multiple cysts inside of my ureters which take urine from kidneys to bladders. Also they found that my urethra where you release urine from was too small causing me to get a back up with bacteria and anything else release I'n my urine suck as sugar etc. I was hospitalized and had to get my urethra dilated aka stretched out .... Sorry tmi but for those of you who's parents think you are crazy and you think you have mad woman issues you don't ... Plus I was no where near sexually active at 14 so that had nothing to do with so don't let people tell you that's the only reason ! If you see a doc when you get them have them send you to a urologist and find out the real reason you keep getting them and have the problem fixed so you can have a healthy life :) also drinking nothing but water really does help if you have them constantly . Drinking stuff that is sugary and carbonated is harder for your bladder and kidneys to filter leaving the excess having to come out somewhere and usually is uncomfortable. I hope this helped and good luck to all you lady's cursed with this issue !!!

Posted by TT on Sep 23 2011 01:32:29
I'm 20 years old and I've been getting uti's since I was 17. A little less than a year ago, I started to feel one coming on so I started drinking tons and tons of water and I didn't feel it anymore. Now I usually drink more than a gallon of water a day starting from the time I wake up, but on the days where I go more thn an hour and a half without drinking water, i feel the irritation on my bladder and sometimes even the pressure (feels like someone is crushing my bladder). I also get chills and stomach aches, and its ubearable to do anything when you feel like this. I make a point to carry around large cups of water with me so I always have some, but when I'm out in public, I don't always have access to a restroom. Its been at least 8 months that I've been experiencing this, and it got unbearable two days ago so I went to the hospital. They tested my urine and the doctor said it came back clean and he prescribed me with two days worth of pyridium. While this numbs the pain, it doesn't cure the cause and idc what my urine sample says, I know what a uti feels like. Is there any chance that this could be a bad kidney infection since it originated months and months ago and hasn't been properly treated because I thought it was gone? I just want to not feel like I have to drink 2 gal of water a day and pee 3-4 times an hour to not be in pain. Until I found this site, I thought the pain was something I was going to have to live with, as I have been doing for the last 8 months.

Posted by Annonymous on Sep 21 2011 06:05:22
Morgan !! You shouldn't be afraid to tell your parents as this happens whether your sexually active or not. Hope you have it under control by now and have taken antibiotics. As for the rest of us sufferers, if it's due to sexuall intercourse, drink one to two liters of water after, you should find that you will feel better about not getting an infection as this flushes bacteria out of your bladder!!

Posted by Bridget on Sep 19 2011 14:45:09
All of these remedies have worked for me, but when I have the start of a UTI, my urethra feels tight and pinched kind of. To numb this irritating pain I place an ice pack between my legs while I am lounging around. Although it doesn't cure anything, it makes it feel significantly better for at least the next few hours. It also helps to do this when you can't get to sleep because of the infection. This can buy you some time while trying to cure it.

Posted by morgan on Sep 18 2011 08:32:09
well. im a 15 year old girl. and im really scared because lately whenever i urinate theres a weird feeling where i usually get cramps. but ever since its been doing that, ive been urinating what i think is blood. and im really scared../: no im not sexually active.i am still a virgin.and iits not my period. i just recently got off. and idk what to do! i cant tell my mother because she will flip and think im whoring around.. please somebody help me /:

Posted by Bridget on Sep 17 2011 23:35:22
Hello there, I have been feeling like I need to go urinate, but I feel my bladder cold, and thats what makes me want to go the restroom, My Dr. said I did not have an infection but still prescribe Cipro and some other pill that makes me pee pee orange, but I don't have pain just the feeling that I have to hold my urine every second of the day because I feel a cold mental sensetion in my lower abdomen, has anybody felt cold mental sensation in there lower abdomen?..

Posted by Beatrice on Sep 16 2011 14:44:18
Hi, I am a veteran at this UTI curse, 20+ eyars on and off. I did the low antibiotic a day - macrobit, 1 per day, 1 after sex, 6 months until it did not work anymore. Now I juggle between antibiotics because i am resistent to them. NOTHING works anymore: no pure cranberry, no high probiotics, no berberis, no peeing before and after, no wiping front to back, etc. I am now trying d-mannose thing. I don't know if it works or not, I still have symptoms 1 week later, I am taking it with macrobit at the same time as it went into my kidneys again! The only break I got this year was for 1 month, and it was while I did a cleanse for gall stones: vitamin c 3 times a day, Coptis liquid at badtime and gold coin crass liquid morning, empty stomachs for all 3. I don;t know if coincidence or what, but that was the only thing that worked.

Posted by Ashley on Sep 15 2011 22:35:49
I had an awful UTI for about 6-7 months last year. I kept switching physicians since I am away at school and go to a health clinic - I also travel frequently. Anyway, it wasn't until my last doctor that anyone had SENT MY URINE TO BE TESTED FOR WHAT KIND OF BACTERIA WAS IN IT. So I kept being prescribed Cipro and the other one.. blanking on the name.. anyway, as it turns out my body was immune to those medications. I tried to self-medicate but I was constantly on pain medication and antibiotics, which is not so great for your body. Please, PLEASE urge your doctors to send your urine out to be tested so you don't have to go through what I did! Best of luck, everyone. I've also read that the bacteria in yogurt can do wonders for your body as well. Put some cranberries and/or blueberries in greek yogurt every morning!

Posted by Koro on Sep 14 2011 01:14:45
I have a UTI at the moment and ive been getting them almost every month since becoming sexually active. Every time i feel one coming on i skull as much water as i can and drink 2 sashes of Ural which you buy from chemists, supermarkets etc. After skulling masses of water i hold my urine in for as long as possible before urinating than repeat this over and over until the UTI has cleared off

Posted by VickyKC on Sep 13 2011 22:01:24
I have UTI that comes back every year or so. This year, I didn't have the money to renew my Cipro medication, so I started looking into natural remedies. Meanwhile, I have developed severe constipation and have the symptoms of IBS (irratable bowel sympton). I am hoping I can cure up both of these conditions. I don't know which pain is worse, bladder or spastic colon. I am now on a special diet, taking probiotics and cranberry pills and doing the best I can with it. I take Tylenol if I start cramping. I will try taking Vit C, cutting the sugar and drinking a lot more water. Wish me luck! I appreciate the advice.

Posted by alice on Sep 07 2011 23:42:44
I used to constantly have UTI's - it was chronic - this phase of my life lasted for like 5 yrs and it was pretty depressing. Until I discovered that the only thing that cures my UTI is "pure" cranberry juice. Not the kind the sold in most stores - but the bottle sold in health stores. It tastes pretty sour. A bottle or 2 - cures my UTI immediately. In time, I got the UTI less and less. Another thing that helps. is not using birth control pills but using condoms when having sex. Also, it's really important to read up on the ph balance of the body and increase alkaline levels - this also helps decrease chronic infections in the body. Hope these help!

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 06 2011 23:39:49
They say that apple cider vinegar helps, baking soda.. You should look up the Chinese herbs. Acupuncture . The list goes on. Now not everything works, everyone is different I guess

Posted by nicole on Sep 06 2011 18:40:00
what r some good remides for utis?

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 06 2011 10:45:28
Guys I know what it's like, my infections started from the first day I had intercourse. Try drinking one litre of water after sex, if you can drink even more. By having a strong stream of urine will help flush the bacteria away. It's important to do this right after sex.. Just start drinking heaps. This had seemed to be effective for me so far. Also take vitamin c as it's really important. I take some after sex aswell. Baking soda is good when you have the inkling that a uti is coming along. Take half a teaspoon with a glass of water, you should feel releif

Posted by Maria on Sep 06 2011 06:24:15
I used to get utis often. I read somewhere that taking one low dose antibiotic every night can help prevent reaccurances. So my doctor prescribed 100mg macrodantin tablets and i take one evry night before bed. This seems to work and if you think it is related to intercourse take one after that.

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 06 2011 05:51:56

Posted by Eva on Sep 06 2011 00:26:37
I suffered severe UTI which was really very painful that I cannot walk due to burning sensation while urinating.A lady doctor who worked in UN advised me to take Ciprofloxacin 500mg, 1capsule/day for 10 days.I followed her advise and from that time on for almost 10 years I did not have UTI .

Posted by SALI on Sep 03 2011 23:45:42
first time to try Bi- Carb Soda, I drank it 2 times till now,once a hour, I feel much better now, pain has gone, at the same time, I am keeping drinking lemon juice (natural lemon),10 minutes one cup,it's really workable, I will report to you all later on to see how I will feel, hope everybody get rid of this suffering

Posted by Ann Barker on Sep 03 2011 13:39:50
I, too, have had many uti's. My primary, years ago, said: a uti cannot last without sugar. The bacteria thrive on sugar! I am allergic to cipro, penicillin (sp) and sulfa..makes it tough to take an antibiotic. I also drink a little vinegar in natural apple juice. My current Doc, who is very young, loves a cranberry shake made with whole berries. I use Stevia as a sweetner,natural yogurt and skimmed milk. We all hope something natural and wholesome will work for us. @Linda: I just bought AlkaSeltzer Gold..someone told me the fizz is created by baking soda! who knew? I hope this works!!

Posted by Lara on Sep 02 2011 21:15:10
Hello! according to the forum notes below it is good to take baking soda - about 2-3 teaspoonful and dilute in the warm water and drink for a duration of 1/2 day, depending on the symptoms. I personally take d-mannose and have been spared so far by the UTI for almost 2 months and I used to get them easily right after sex. Honestly, it is vital to follow the regimen of ALWAYS peeing before and right after sex, no matter how little urine you might have. Now I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to ensure constant flow of urine. My doctor also recommended to colloidal silver, but since d-mannose is working for me know, I want to save that as my last resort. Wish no one had this annoying disease, but we need to always update each other on new and maybe be better methods to prevent it from happening at all! Feel better soon!

Posted by tara on Sep 01 2011 23:31:22
I've been suffering with almost constant uti infections every month for 7 months. I've got one now that's so severe I was in the er tonight. I feel like I have no life at all. My husband and I have no sex life at all. Its so frustrating always having the burning and pressure and lower back pain. Doc use to always give me septra but I think my body is immune to it now. New Med is nitro something. Its specifically for uti. Day 2 and feel worse. Someone please help. Been doing the water and cranberry juice. Also on Med called pyridium to numb the pain but not working as well as it did before. Any advice would be great.

Posted by Neha on Aug 29 2011 23:32:28
do we have High ESR also due to UTI

Posted by Angela on Aug 25 2011 17:10:40
I used to get UTI's all the time... one of the biggest things I have done that has stopped them, is I DO NOT TAKE BATHs anymore... I only shower. Soaking in a tub is a sure fire way to get one if you are sensitive like me. As well, drinking lots of water and taking cranberry supplement tablets every day as they are lower in sugar and calories than cranberry juice. I started up one today for the first time in over a year. Unfortunately, I had a bit of alcohol in my system due to a crazy bday weekend and became dehydrated which just made the infection worse before I could try to do a home remedy. I did soak in a tub with half a box of baking soda in the warm water which seemed to ease the burning sensation. Going to pick up a prescription antibiotic since I did not realize that I had one. I will say that drinking tons of water especially when drinking alcohol is important... also going to the restroom before and after intercourse and cleansing yourself after. Changing out of wet bathing suits and work out clothes as soon as possible has helped me as well. I think cutting back on the high sugar and carbs that were in my diet helped. Believe it or not, diet plays a lot into your UTI infections. You should always call your doctor though because if you let one go, it can turn into a very bad bladder/kidney infection. UTI's should be taken seriously. Acidophilus and probiotic tabs taken in combination with the cranberry tabs help as well. Hope everyone feels better soon. I used to have them all the time and it was bad because you should not take antibiotics so often... Cipro does nothing for me now... Also do not use douches or powders etc.. and scented tampons and the like - those are the worst.... my doctor said to leave the poor thing alone and do not over cleanse with soaps etc... many women bring them on that way. Also if you get sick and have food poisoning and diarrhea, do not soak in a bath and be very careful to cleanse the area so that you do not get e-coli into the area. I only throw these ideas out because I got them 7-8 times a year and I haven't had one in over a year now that I have changed my lifestyle around a bit. Worst thing you can do when you have one is drink orange juice and other acidic drinks and NO ALCOHOL!!!! or caffeine..... Good luck and I hope you feel better.

Posted by Dee on Aug 25 2011 07:37:48
I have found at the first hint of a UTI I take D-Mannose powder 100%. I take one teaspoon in water morning and night and at the end of the third night no more signs of UTI. The trick is to start immediately and not wait or else it may be too late. D- Mannose is a simple sugar and it adheres to undesirable foreign substances preventing them from sticking to the lining of the bladder. Also the usual drink lots....perhaps some apple cider vinegar at midday. Its brilliant and the only thing I have found that works...the cranberry juice etc just didn't cut it for me.

Posted by Carla on Aug 24 2011 23:08:07
Hello, ladies! Yes, d-mannose did amazing results for me: besides losing the feeling of frequent urination and pelvic pain, I do not feel pain after sex (and that issue no doctor could properly cure). Any problem associated with UTI is gone, hopefully, forever! I also keep a jar of unsweetened cranberry juice in the fridge and time to time drink a glass of it diluted with water (otherwise, it is very acidic on its own). Please, keep sharing your ideas, thoughts and possible cures for this annoying disease.

Posted by Barbara Bishop on Aug 24 2011 07:32:49
I had monthly UTIs - until I went to an emergency local clinic where the doctor said his wife had a bidet and that worked for her. Couldn't afford to install a bidet to rid myself of bacteria BUT I could use a fresh WIPEE every time I used the bathroom going from front to back. It's been 8 months now - and I'm loving life without the pain and suffering of a UTI. I haven't seen this very basic solution anywhere on the net, but it worked and is continuing to work for me.

Posted by Petra on Aug 24 2011 05:13:15
Hi, I have been suffering from UTIs for a while they come and go. Many of them where from when I was on the birth control pill or any synthetic medication. Theres not much information on synthetic medication and its side effects but they do cause bladder problems. I think they weaken the bladder and make it susceptable for bacteria to enter. After I ceased those they would go away. D-mannose has helped heaps cause it doesnt make the urine acidy like cranberry does. I have read that cranberry and vitamin c makes the urine acidy and ecoli and bacteria loves acidy environments and they multiple like crazy, so the antibiotic cant keep up with the constant production of bacteria. Try using d-mannose, apple cider vinegar, garlic, lemon, and if you can use herbal tea uva ursi. They make your urine alkaline in which the bacteria cant survive. Uva Ursi is great, google it and to will see the benefits. I just hope we all get better soon..

Posted by Samantha on Aug 24 2011 04:15:21
Hey all, I am soo glad at I am not ththe only one going through this pain! I am 18 years old and since around Jan this year I have started getting UTI's. I go to my doctors and they give me antibiotics. But when i've finished my course, it always comes back again but faster and more painful! my previous UTI was about 2 weeks ago, so I went back to the doctors as the walkin Centre didnt help for the 2 previous UTI's during this year. I was then given a 1 week course of antibiotics called 'Macrodantin 50mg Capsulus' and had to book an ultra-sound the next day to see what was going on, but it came back as all clear :S. But last week I knew something wasnt right? but I wasnt sure or not if it was another UTI coming back again! Well this morning it has hit me! I tried to phone my doctors this morning, and I was shocked! they said that I would have to wait 2 weeks !! I cant wait 2 weeks! as you know the pain is unbarable! I take all my Capsulus inc the cranberry ones every day, but it really doesnt work! the doctors said that I would have to try again tomorrow! What can I do in the mean time ? can I take paracetamol 500mg for it? or wont it work? I get sharp stabbing bains where my bladder is, and a consistant burning pain in my Urithra, I sometimes also get kidney pains on my sides! It sometimes puts me into tears...

Posted by Sarah on Aug 24 2011 03:16:39
I get uti's regularly. After my first one, it seems I can stave off a real one by recognizing the onset. I drink a whole lot of water and take cranberry pills. Not so lucky this time...I'm in full uti problem mode...wish I knew what caused the differences...I'm heading to the doctor tomorrow for some antibiotics...

Posted by Maggie on Aug 23 2011 05:35:41
I take about 3/4 teaspoon of Bi-carb soda dissolved in water on an empty stomach. It works like magic...... like taking 2 Alka-seltza...... they contain bi-carb soda.

Posted by andrea on Aug 22 2011 14:06:47
Try Akutur Spag- its a homeopathic herbal antibiotic. You cam order it online. It's worked wonders for me! You can up the dosage for acute symptoms up to 6 times per day. I went to get a uti test from my doctor just to make sure and they found zero bacteria and started asking me what I've been taking. Also, try the UTI report, you can also order it online, great herbs and a 12 hour cleanse that works well

Posted by Tyler on Aug 22 2011 12:00:48
I'm 13 and I'd like to say thank you all so much . I read this and drank about 5 glasses of water and some cranberry juice. The pain went away finally. Thanks guys

Posted by Alisa on Aug 21 2011 18:42:30

Posted by Brittany on Aug 19 2011 10:03:16
I am 20 years old and have had some really bad UTIs over the passed few years. This year especially, I have already have 3 or 4 of them, one leading to me rushing to the emergency room for help. I had microscopic blood through my urine causing horrible pain. After paying that co-pay, I knew there had to be something else than paying so much money. This is what I have done to help: In the morning: - Bottle water (16 oz) - AZO tablet - My morning routine - Glass of 100% cranberry juice During the day: - Lots and lots of water (if you think you have drank enough, have another body) - Go to the restroom once you get the feeling, do not wait. I know it is a little embarrassing when you are constantly getting up, but its better than crying at work. - I keep AZO tablets with me in my purse, just incase! Evening: - Another bottle water (16 oz) - Glass of 100% Cranberry juice before bed REMINDERS - Always pee right after sex!!! Super important - Wear clean underwear all the time, carry a pair in your car just in case - Wash down there and your rectum area religiously in the shower (even think of getting cleaning wipes, not expensive and for during the way restroom breaks) It is so nice to know that I am not alone with this horrible problem. Just wish there was something that would fix this for good, not likely though. God Bless!

Posted by teela on Aug 17 2011 23:41:52
I am almost 59 and still have horrific UTI's. Sometimes there's proteinin the urine or blood, but sometime the dr. says it's clean. It doesn't matter when you are in pain, you just want it fixed! That's where I am right now...it's late, this pain started a few hours ago and I'm hosting a prty tomorrow. Just took an ambien and drank some vinegar, but I'm thinking, surely someone knows a bwtter cure than me. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Posted by Danni on Aug 17 2011 00:26:56
So many ladies (and gents) with the same problem! I have suffered with constant UTIs since a young age (I'm now in my mid 40s). I could cry sometimes with the pain. I have had every investigation known to man to find out why but they've found nothing.....and incidentally my mother suffers with them as badly as I do. I was on a one a day powerful antibiotic (Noroxin) which worked great for a while until one day it just didn't anymore (right when I was on a holiday in Rome - try dealing with that when you don't speak Italian well and can't find any Medical person who speaks English). I am finding now that it is getting harder and harder to find an antibiotic that works for me so am resorting to preventative measures rather than cures - thus I found this website (so helpful and, sadly, comforting to know that I'm not the only one). Anyway this is what I'm doing now. I now take a 4 a day Natural herbal Urinary Tract Support tablet (which can be ramped up if you get any symptoms, cranberry juice every day (but think I'll give the tablets a go as they are supposed to be more effective), I have a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar on my desk to drink for the first twinges should I get them, I am trying to drink far more water throughout the day and now not holding out for loo breaks (some days I would wait all day until I got home from work....found toilet breaks a waste of time!), oh, and though it's a pain in the neck...getting up after sex to go to the toilet. Really breaks the mood of the moment though. Anyway - let's hope it all works. Thanks to all of you for your helpful hints and support stories.

Posted by Kourtney on Aug 16 2011 13:56:02
Hi, I have a UTI and I didnt go to the doctor yet. I asked my mother about it and she said she used to get them all the time she told me to drink alot of water and I took amoxicillan. Everything was going great and it went away for 2 days. Last night however I drank a 1 1/2 cup of soda and now its back to hurting and even some blood. Its been a week since the first symptoms do you think its because of the pop or is it getting worse

Posted by carissa on Aug 15 2011 13:02:30
Im 23 and have had between 2 and 7 bladder infections that required antibiotics per year since I was a teen. The rest of the time I had some discomfort pretty much year round when urinating, like a very slight infections that wouldn't ever go away even with antibiotics. HERE IS THE ANSWER!!! Drink 1/2 cup pure, 100% cranberry juice very first thing when you wake up and another 1/2 cup right before bed. Always stay hydrated, especially when it's hot out or you're being active. Cotton underwear only, no thongs, no going commando. If your groin gets wet from sweating because it's hot out or you're biking or for any reason, or if you have a lot of discharge that make your underwear wet, change panties immediately.. dry yourself with a towel or blowdryer before putting on fresh dry underwear. Each time after you shower make sure your buttcrack, groin, and vaginal area is dry with a blowdryer before getting dressed. (The blowdryer technique also works very well for yeast infections which can be brought on by the antibiotics taken for Utis). Use the COOL setting on your blowdryer as heat helps bad bacteria grow. Never hold it even for" ten more minutes." I used to hold it til my tv show ended and bam I would get the beginnings of a uti. Go RIGHT as soon as you THINK you might have to go. Trader Joe's grocery stores have 100% cranberry for 4 dollars a bottle, that's the cheapest I've seen it. Follow these guidelines ALL of the time, as a lifestyle, religiously, forever and you will be able to live pretty normally. You can't just have juice once a week, it must be every morn and every night, always.

Posted by Cindy on Aug 12 2011 21:50:04
I am reading this because I keep getting UTI's also. I have done everything right but still I get them. I am so sick of Ciprio and Amoxicillian and quite frankly binging on cranberry juice. I'm just reading that all these ladies including myself are getting them more and more frequent and just like most of them several times per year. What is going on that we keep getting so many infections ? There has to be something in the water.

Posted by laila on Aug 12 2011 06:04:49
I higly recommend taking solaray multidophilus capsules 20 billion I had uti 7 times already just this year and I have tried everything but this is a miracle! The lady at GNC told me you need to put good bacteria back into your body, so I take 2 a day with 2 cranberry capsules.

Posted by Priscilla on Aug 10 2011 06:49:18
Hi Everyone! I have a friend in GA who's a pharmacologist who went back to school to become a Naturopathic MD, he is also a minister who's goal is to help people be healthy through natural means. He has helped me many times. His consultations are free. He has many of his own formula's made and uses others as well, you can purchase at his website which are very reasonable.(By the way, he tells me the ingredient in cranberry juice that helps w/ UTI's is D-Mannos - it guess it's a sugar where the bacteria lets go of the cell wall of the bladder and attaches to it so it gets flushed out in the urine. You may also need an antibacterial agent like Colloidal Silver, too.But he can tell you what to do in your specific case). If you want to contact him and get his opinion, to to www.themedicineman.com His name is Dr Rouse. Tell him I sent you..He'll take good care of you. Good luck to everyone and God Bless you!

Posted by Luz on Aug 09 2011 16:06:02
Hello, ladies! I saw my urologist today and was told that my kidneys are fine and there is no infection. I shared with doctor that I've experienced pain during sex and also frequent bathroom trips ( almost every hour and depends how much I drink, generally). My urologist recommended the urethra stretching. I am scared now since it seems a little too invasive. Did anyone experience this kind of procedure and were there any significant results (or none)? I am not aware of this step, so please, share some info! Take care!

Posted by Alicia on Aug 09 2011 10:24:59
I have had a uti 5 times in the past year! I know I have another one and as soon as I felt the symptoms went to my doctor. They tested my urine but said it was fine but I wake up this morning with very obvious signs including peeing 5 times in 10 minutes, pain, and burning. I don't want to have to go back to the doctor and pay another co-pay for her being wrong. I'm going to try everything today to try and flush it out and I really hope something works... :(

Posted by Dawnarie on Aug 08 2011 13:19:36
Just got another UTI on Saturday. I have found AZO works really well for me, if I catch it in time(if you don't mind your pee turning orange!) A little worried that it is just masking the infection, but since I have crappy insurance that won't pay doctor's co-pay's until I have met my annual deductible,I am holding off going to the doctor. My UTI's were so frequent I have totally screwed my bladder, leaking all the time, frequent urges. I feel like a 2 year being potty trained. Always wearing Thin Maxi Pads, know where every restroom is in every store I frequent. Will try the baking soda and water tonight, I know the AZO works for the symptoms, just want to be sure to get rid of the bacteria also.

Posted by Luz on Aug 07 2011 12:14:31
Hello all! Have had bad recurrent UTIs that were symptomless and that's why developed chronic blood in urine. As usual, doctors prescribe antibiotics and I did take a full course just to eliminate further kidney infection. Somewhere on the internet found out about d-mannose. It is a type of sugar that tastes slightly bitter, but after addition to the water or juice, doesn't taste sweet. It is protective to the urinary tract since it binds E. coli, not any other bacteria. I've been taking it for a week right after Cipro, and even though I had slight cystitis, pains slowly disappeared. I don't want to have another UTI, so I also take unsweetened cranberry juice (in NYC it is about for a jar that can be diluted with water, not recommend to drink it by itself - very acidic). Sex was a major issue of UTI starting immediately after it, but I followed all advise on this forum and so far I've been ok. I also try to not wear any synthetic underwear, and while at home, it is au naturel. I have read so much and still feel that medical field does not do enough to improve the lives of so many women and men. In a few days my ultrasound results will be ready and will see my urologist. Will keep you posted. Thank you everyone for support and precious information that doctors sometimes do not want to share!

Posted by janz on Aug 06 2011 13:41:57
What a nightmare this can turn into overnight, now i live with a constant fear of a UTI attack. Currently suffering from one now, all the symptoms are there (burning sensation when urinating, lower abdominal pains and general discomfort. It's also causing me a lot of stress as i'm living in fear of another attack! I decided to act on it myself, as the doctors at the walk in centre only give you antibiotics and send you home, similar general practioners.I've been put on Keflex twice now and its my 4th UTI in under three months. Started taking cranberry tablets as there seems to be a general consensus on its effectiveness and vitamin C tablets as well. Drinking more than plenty of water, which i started doing after my first attack. I've also tried drinking a glass of water with 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar but not sure if that helped anything. Couldn't do the baking soda as it was nearly making me puke! I feel more at ease after reading so many different peoples encounters with this horrible bugger!

Posted by Stacy on Aug 06 2011 09:31:58
Im 16 and I had an uti for about a month the doctors gave me antibiotics it worked but acouple of months later now im having.it off an on one day I have the other I dont nd it starts all over.its been happening for about two weeks now ans I dont know hat to do.

Posted by Marg on Aug 05 2011 22:17:30
Hey everyone. I feel like this uti is ruining my life. It's making me depressed. I've had it for over a month, I'm taking bactrim now I was taking cipro for two days but stopped cuz it made me sick. Is that bad to do? I wanted something with less side affects. So doc gave me bactrim. Will I now be resistant to cipro?

Posted by Bonnie on Aug 04 2011 22:05:57
I have had UTI for 3 months. Antibiotics do not help. I am now drinking 6 glasses of water a day, taking Vitamin C (500IU )a day and Cranberry pills (475mg) 2 times a day.Will post back if it works:)

Posted by Evy on Aug 03 2011 13:51:36
Get your doctor to prescribe a low dose of bacterim to take after each encounter with your loved one and that should keep the tis away. I have just started taking it again and it always helped before

Posted by Duke on Aug 03 2011 06:43:58
This was a great page to find and hear that there are lots more women out there like myself. This is my 3rd UTI in the past 2.5 months and I am in a lot of pain. My boyfriend is very understanding. I take cranberry pills and acidophilus on a daily basis and am starting to force myself to drink a big glass of cranberry juice daily. I would recommed staying away from the Ocean Spray cranberry juice due to the sugars. I have been on Cipro XL, Marcobid, Septra and these meds do work they just don't seem to keep them away. I am starting to get worried as I cannot live like this. I want to be able to enjoy sex and not get up right away after because I need to go and clean myself up and chug a bottle of water to flush everything out. It's just not fair. I am going to be making an appointment with my doctor to see about getting some Ultrasound done or getting a prescription that I can take over 6mths and would take the pill once a day or after sex. I read that there are medications out there that doctors will prescribe for a 6month period that are supposed to help, especially for those of us that get them after sex. Anyways I am off to the walk in clinic to get yet another prescription.

Posted by Luz on Aug 03 2011 01:27:53
So scared of yet another UTI. My bf is very understanding and follows all the methods to prevent the recurrent events of UTI, but last week went swimming in the ocean and did not change my wet swimsuit. Big mistake! Oh, I am sick of Cipro and afraid of developing resistant bacteria strains. Just recently learned about d-mannose, started taking it and hope for the relief for some time. Aside: A few years ago I read about the possible research on the UTI vaccine. Does anyone know about it? Maybe, it did not work. Women need this so badly! I'm going to join this forum and keep in touch with all of you, ladies! And will get oil of oregano, too!

Posted by Anita on Aug 01 2011 09:39:19
Currently dealing with this issue...2 back to back. I was put on Septra (Bactrim for generic). I was allergic and quite taking it. Now Im regretting it. However, Walmart, CVS...all those places sell Cystex. It doenst cure it persay but my gosh does it stop the pain, the throbbing and the spasms. I also bought cranberry pills that have vitamin C in them. I stopped taking them when I moved in with husband...back on them as of last night. Most natural rememdies work as preventative measures...doesnt do us much good after the fact...but I promise you, try the Cystex!

Posted by Nikki on Jul 31 2011 22:38:32
This is probably my millionth uti in my life, and its making me crazy. I'm probably going to try sleeping on the toilet tonight just to keep from waking my husband up getting out of bed all night. I have tried the cranberry juice, antibiotics, azo, everything from a to z with the exception of abstinence, I doubt my husband would like that. Is there anything I can do without having to cut him off from sex, because I'm about to the point that its not even worth the pain I'm going through anymore.

Posted by Ray on Jul 24 2011 07:56:42
I heard that cranberry juice is good for preventing UTI'S,but How can cranberry juice help when you already have a UTI or Prostate infection.

Posted by Joe on Jul 24 2011 07:47:54
I already have prostate,bladder, and testicle infection.I am taking a antibiotic for these infections.The antibiotic doesn't seem to be working very good.Maybe I need a different antibiotic. The infection is not getting worse,but it not getting better either.I heard that D-Mannose has helped some people.Can you take D-Mannose when you are taking antibiotics?

Posted by Joe on Jul 23 2011 08:34:55
I had a UTI and I was prescribed antibiotics(Bactrim).I thought the infection was gone.A week later I was E/R complaing of testicle pain.Later on that night the nurse came into my room and told me what the doctor said they found.I had a prostate infection,bladder infection, and a testicle infection.I thought to myself, is that all?They give me a prescription for cipro.I hope the cipro knocks out all these infections.I am tired of hurting.

Posted by Siphiwe on Jul 20 2011 08:24:37
My ten Year old girl has always felt a more frequent need to visit the bathroom. Two days ago she started crying when using the loo and i took her to the doctor. Of course i paniced and asked if she had been abused but the doctor said its UTI. She is currently taking antibiotics and I am grateful for this site since I can now make use of the home remedies.

Posted by Andrea on Jul 20 2011 03:38:57
I have had a UTI for several days. I took two days off from work and have tried so many things. I tried the 2000mg of Vitamin C. I tried the baking soda and tried drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice. I have lost hope i told the office i will be going back to work tomorrow but now i'm not even sure i could. It's 4:35 a.m. and i havent been able to sleep because of this horrible feeling. omg can someone help me i don't have money to go the doctor and get antibiotics if i do go i will be leaving my 3 year old without food. i need something fast

Posted by Jessica on Jul 18 2011 16:38:40
i have been getting utis since i was little, but now that i live with my boyfriend i have been getting them every month! iv gone to the doctors and they always prescribe me the same thing which for the record it does work....but they come back a couple weeks later. i have tried everything from cleaning myself out with warm water and vinigar even drinking it, drinking water with baking soda, drinking cranberry juice, taking cranberry healthy urinary track vitamins 3 times a day, changing the brand of condom my boyfriend and i use, not using a condom, peeing and washing before and after sex, washing after every time i pee; nothingh seems to keep it away for good! i have a uti now and iv been taking the meds prescribed for me, they evern gave me a greater amoun of the medicine, i am still taking the meds but my symptoms have come back!!! will someone please please please tell me what i can do to make them go away and not come back? email me at juicyonme@hotmail.com

Posted by Linda on Jul 11 2011 14:37:08
The best thing I have found for UTIs is D-Mannose. It's very safe, and works. Google it. I have used it for years. I like Kordial Nutrients brand (877-567-3425), but can also be found at health food stores. The Kordial name is "On-Tract Caps). If intercourse is causing this, take some before and after to avoid a UTI.

Posted by Bellabear on Jul 07 2011 03:28:34
Hi. Kinda strange but I never had a uti ever and I have gotten a positive result. The crazy thing is, that I got the pos result in December. So it's been 8 months and vie never gotten rid of it. It did spread to my kidneys and I went to the hospital. It sucked. I've been on sulfameth, cipro, levaquin oral and I.v. And it hasn't went away. Had a stone study which was negative but the recommended a ultrasound so I get my results tomorrow. But I tested my pee with home strips and still got a positive result :( so next step is urologist. Sucks but I don't feel very bad. No painful urine or pain anywhere.. Just a constant positive. The culture said e.Coli (gross) and I do not wipe back to front.. Lol... Makes me feel gross. Like ingot a shitty vagina. Anyone had any probes like that?

Posted by Madison on Jun 30 2011 10:02:08
Hi, I'm 16 and get Uti's very frequently. A tip for all you who struggle with this like me, take AZO pure cranberry tablets I think it's 1-3 times a day. There is also a few other brands that work just as well. Seriously just take a few everyday, and you will almost never get one again. I'm serious I even had one go to my kidneys and it's just awful. I'm telling you take the time to go buy some pure cranberry tablets and everyday just take some like in the morning. It's also great for those who don't like drinking cranberry juice :)

Posted by Jess on Jun 23 2011 06:37:34
i am drinking cranapple juice from ocean spray. does that help? im in the Philippines right now and AZO is not accessible :( I was prescribed though to take Zithromax once a day for 3 days. and its going to be my 3rd day to take it tonight and the symptoms of UTI come and go. but today was just horrible I had to go pee like every 20mins. I'm a nursing student and I couldn't sit properly and had to keep going out to go pee. I am so desperate at this point. I have a very low tolerance to pain. And I would really like the pain to stop ASAP.

Posted by rbreezy on Jun 22 2011 09:43:44
Im 14 & something going on. I feel like i have to pee constantly & it burns sometimes. I feel fine if i just sit on the toilet:( it hurts and my parents are not being much help. Cause my mom has cancer and is to sick to help an dads at work. Will someone give me advice. Pleaseeee:(

Posted by Krysten on Jun 22 2011 08:50:45
If you're an "All Natural" health nut like me, Go to a herbal store and get some Shave Grass. Your local store might carry it. Heat up 3 cups of water over the stove like ur making tea and add it in. You can add honey for taste if you like but I like it by itself. You can have it hot or serve it over ice...IT WORKS! I had severe pains for a week, I drank nothing but that for two days and it completely flushed the infection out. Shave Grass is a herbal plant that works strictly for the kidneys.

Posted by lucy on Jun 21 2011 15:27:53
I had a UTI about a week ago with the burning and pain, also with a little bit of blood on the 4th day only. I went to the dr. and he prescrived me the medicine wich took me 2 days to finally get. By that time all the symptoms had and are gone..My question is should i still take it since ive heard that the bacteria can go to the kidneys. I dont want that to happen but i also dont want to take the medicine if i dont need it anymore. Can anyone help me.

Posted by Bonnie on Jun 18 2011 09:11:55
Thank you so much for all the suggestions! It's 4am now and I've been up for a couple of hours trying to get rid of my early-stage UTI. So far I've had 5-6 cups of water. The best thing I've found in the very early stages is Airborne. Don't know if it's just the Vit C or the C plus a mixture of the herbs, but it definitely gets rid of the bacteria in the very early stages (when your urine starts to smell "off", but you don't have pain yet). It also works when you just start to have the pain. I've also noticed that baking soda works. I just do 1/2-1tsp in a cup of water. I don't know about drinking it every hour though. Seems excessive. I usually just try 3 times/day. Just now I tried 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract in a cup of water, since it's anti-bacterial, so we'll see how that works (beware the extremely nasty sour taste). I also take pro-biotic capsules daily and double up whenever I feel ill, so I figure that can't hurt either for UTIs.

Posted by Ari on Jun 10 2011 23:58:33
Iam only 18 years old and I get UTIs a lot it seems. My mom and my grandma are health nuts so there are a lot of things I take to make mine go away. I take 2 capsules full of grapefruit seed extract, bilberry capsules, drink lots of water and cranberry juice. I also read that AZO Yeast pills for yeast infections work well too.

Posted by Shannon on Jun 09 2011 14:09:48
Hi all. I am so frustrated. I was married in December - and since then, a kidney infection and then bladder infections. In fact, finishing an antibiotic for one now and can feel another one coming on IMMEDIATELY. I am at my wits end. They want to prescribe taking an antibiotic everyday, but that doesn't make sense to me. I am just so overwhelmed with it all and don't know what to do. I've tried cran tabs... drink tons of water, stay away from sugar, clean myself, pee before and after sex...nothing seems to work. There are so many natural options out there - where do you start?

Posted by Brazil on Jun 08 2011 21:00:17
i am thankful for you ladies here, i just choked down my first cup of baking soda, by the time i got almost to the last drop i thought it was gunna come back up, ughhh it is not a great taste, lol i just drank 4 gallons of water in 3 1/2 hours as well., pray for me this pressure is ugly, if these remedies i try do work, i will post it in a ladies magazine and will ask for your e-mail addresses so u can see the publication, again , thank you ladies for all the advice, you are appreciated....Brazil///

Posted by Wolfgirl on Jun 06 2011 23:25:28
I don't usually get UTIs. The last one I had was when I had been with my ex husband, when we first started. That was in 2006. So when I got together with my current boy, I was happy that for a month there was nothing. No twinging, no pain. I drank cranberry juice just to be safe and did the whole pee after intercourse prevention as well. We don't use condoms (both tested for STDs - we're fine; other contraceptives are used) as I can be sensitive to those. So when a UTI hit after the first month, I was surprised. I went and got Macrobid from the doc. It helped, but then the UTI came back within two days, far worse than before. I was devastated. The pain was phenomenal and I was really worried. I have Lupus, so I'm more scared of this than I would have been before. Today I was desperate to find something, because even after three days of a new antibiotic (a sulfur based one), it still hurt and was uncomfortable. I've been sweating a lot, as if breaking a fever, and sleeping so much. After reading all the information here and the comments (you ladies are lovely, thank you so so much for sharing!), I decided to try the baking soda remedy. I've been doing it since 2pm today, and now (9:22pm), I feel like I'm actually going back to normal. It feels like it's healing, there's far less discomfort and pain and my body actually feels lighter, not as heavy as the infection made it feel. I'll continue with this for the next three days. I've also been drinking a lot of water (the glass doesn't leave my side) and I've been drinking cranberry juice (unsweetened 'expensive' stuff). I've not had any tea or coffee and barely any sugar. Maybe it's a combination of everything, but considering I've done most of that other than the baking soda before today, I kinda think that the baking soda is what's doing the trick. Thanks again for sharing everyone. It's such a modern-day blessing to find support and help online like this.

Posted by JY on Jun 06 2011 12:37:45
First timer here. I want to share what worked for me with all the rest of you ladies who have been suffering so much :( Yesterday, I had to pee more frequently than normal until it escaladed around 11:00 pm. From that point onward, the need to pee was incessant and painful. Each dribble of pee felt scorching and cutting. At first it was only the end of the pee that was painful; that spread as time went on. As it progressed, I began to pee little bits of tissue and blood. I frantically searched the internet, as I wouldn't be able to see a doctor until the morning, and drank at least 20 cups of water from that point until 5:10 am, when I finally fell asleep. Every hour for four hours, I drank 1/2 tsp of baking soda mixed with a cup of water. It wasn't too bad, because I knew the nastiness would help me. I drank vitamin c powder mixed in a cup of water early on, then drank it again four hours later. After doing so, I think I had too much vitamin C, because I pooed afterward. Taking great care to make sure to wipe properly (front to back, gently but efficiently), I sat on the toilet for hours at a time, just drinking cup after cup of water and letting everything dribble out. The more you pee, the better. You want to be flushing everything out of your system. Finally, after my fourth cup of the baking soda mixture (don't take it all at once, spread it out over hours and try not to do it over a prolonged period of time, as it might have further health implications), I felt normal enough to fall asleep. I woke up periodically through my sleep to pee again, and drank water each time I did, but from that point on, the pain was gone. This morning I took the medicine that the doctor prescribed and have been drinking water and cranberry juice. I plan to have another cup of the baking soda mix to be sure, but the UTI is already on its way out!! Trust me, THIS STUFF WORKS! As long as you drink tons of water and pee everything out, your night should go a lot better. Good luck!!

Posted by nicci on Jun 05 2011 17:21:05
i,ve been suffering from uti's now for about 6 months every 2 weeks i,m at the doctors having my wee tested and then being put on medication to treat the infection ...i,m getting tired the symptons are very painfull at times .i,m off to the hospital tomorrow for an ultrasound scan to check my kidneys out i,m a little bit worried of what they might find .i started buying cranberry tablets from the health food shop and i take 1 or 2 tablets 3 times a day plus i drink ocean spray cranberry juice ...i,ve had 2 wee samples now come back normal ...dont know if the cranberry is helping i,d like to hope it is ...plus i,ve increased how much water etc i drink and cut my sugar intake down as i heard that too much sugar helps the bad bacteria in the bladder grow and cling to the walls of ur bladder ......

Posted by jessica on Jun 04 2011 08:02:54
Last week on wednesday (5/25/11) while i was at work i went to use the restroom around 12pm and i noticed a weird stinging feeling when i peed. I looked in the toilet and saw two red dots of blood tissue. So i freaked out. I started drinking lots of water right away but the blood and pain got worse with in the hour. I went home made an appointment with the doctor and was seen later that day. Gave me some pills. So i finished my last pill 6/1/11. Now today 6/4/11 i keep urinating and have a slight burning when the last of my urine is emptyed. Does this mean im getting another UTI?????? Or do some symptoms linger? HELP!!!

Posted by Barb on Jun 02 2011 22:02:50
I spent years and years getting serious UTIs. Once, I avoided going to the doc and didn't try any natural cures. It got so bad I couldn't walk, was in extreme pain, felt like I had a fever, going to pass out and was rushed off to my doc. I dismissed the symptoms for so long, they had to inject me with antibiotics since it had traveled to my *kidneys*. It took me nearly a month to recover. My doc sat down with me and my bf and explained the causes thoroughly (so he understood too). So, please inform your significant other as well. BTW: you can get a UTI from receiving oral sex too. Also, if your symptoms do not go away after a week, seek out a MD or naturopathic doc for advice. You may need antibiotics if you cannot cure yourself. If you let it go with out fully recovering, you may cause more harm to your body. I don't recommend taking lots of antibiotics by any means, however if you cannot get over a UTI or have your symptoms reasonably subside, then there could be major problems later. If you UTIs often, you know the symptoms. So please! Take care immediately if you feel an infection coming on! Here are some hints (from my own experience and my doc's advice): If you think you have a UTI coming on, take in lots of vitamin C (powdered form is the best) up to 5000mg/day if you can tolerate it. If you get them frequently or have a weakened immune system, then keep taking vitamin C continually. Research how much to maintain daily once you are over your infection. Everybody is different. Drink at least a gallon of water a day until the infection is gone. Yep. Just do it! Buy pure cranberry juice at the health food store (yes it is expensive but worth it) with NO sugars. Just pour a few tablespoons (it is like syrup) into a glass of water and mix. Don't add sugar! Avoid sugars, yeast products, caffeine, alcohol. Rest, rest, rest. Avoid intercourse/oral sex (yes, that aggravates it too!) for a while until you feel better. If you continue to have intercourse/oral sex, wash up with warm water and a natural non-harsh soap and rinse well (*both* you and your partner) before *and* directly after (yes ladies, hop out of bed and grab a washcloth asap!). UTIs can be extremely dangerous to your health. Take precautions as mentioned in these posts and article. I hope this info helps!

Posted by Amanda on Jun 01 2011 03:49:13
My name is Amanda im 22, and this is my 2nd UTI ever.Its currently 4:45am, and ive been up sience 2am suffering from the pain and extremely frequent urination, deffinately it sucks, but I started drinking alot of water and slowly its feeling a little better..I came looking for an answer to help me get rest, and I found this website, I think this is deff good for all women, makes you feel less alone! Im deff going to try some of these "remedies" as soon as the grocery store opens...So to all of you who shared what has helped you, thank you soooo much!

Posted by Kym on Jun 01 2011 01:57:07
I've had UTI's 3 times in the last 3-4 years. the first was horrible and i didnt take anything for it nor saw a doc and it lasted a week. the second time i got it early and drank alot of water and 2 glasses of cranberry juice and it went within a day. Now i have it again and its the second day, it hurts and getting worse now with blood. But the thing ive found the most helpful is having a bath 3-4 times a day with 2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda in warm water for about 20 mins. the pain goes and you feel better and relaxed. Hope this helps

Posted by Kimmi on Jun 01 2011 01:03:55
I have been a brittle diabetic for 32 years now. So UTI's and yeast infections I am very familiar with. Cystex is an OTC pill or liquid form that works very. It relieves most of pain and pressure. If it doesn't take all of the pressure away the best for pressure is the little purple pills usually says for urinary pressure relief. "Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride" is the medical term. it does turn your pee orange, and can come in prescription strength if needed, but if the pressure is that bad, trust me, a little orange pee is nothing. I do like the advice of the vinegar also. The soda though sounds rough, sounds as if it is needed a lot for many days. I was also unaware of the alkaseltzers. I always thought I was alone in this, since I am such a sick person, or that I am cursed or something. Thank you all for all the great info. Good luck.

Posted by Sara on May 30 2011 16:34:13
Uuugh I wish there was an INSTANT cure for UTI's because the first 2-6 hours I am completely crazy. I just took a warm bath with baking soda in it and it seemed to help the urge to pee a little bit... I am also drinking tons of water and herbal tea and some water with baking soda in it, and eating concentrated cranberry pills. I feel better than I did at first but still hating life right now. Thanks for all of your stories, it really does help to not feel alone!!

Posted by Cindy on May 23 2011 22:52:50
If I'm taking antiobiotics (sulfameth/bactrium), could I/should I try these home remedies as well? When taking antibiotics, my doctor has told me that NOT urinating often helps. Of course, I go if I feel the urge. I'm curious to try the apple cider vinegar with water as a drink. However, I'm not sure if acidity (vinegar) or alkalinity (baking soda) is what I need. Can anyone comment?

Posted by Mia on May 23 2011 07:07:48
I have just got a UTI, at first I didnt now what it was, now I am on antibiotics for it. It hurts alot to have sex, how long should I wait to have intercourse with my partner? and when will it stop hurting?

Posted by Paula on May 19 2011 18:51:26
Go to the health food store and get d-mannose powder and Quercetin with bromelain it workds wonders. I had infections for two years and nothing helped till I found this product.

Posted by Vanayssa on May 17 2011 17:30:11
For about twenty years I had recurrent urinary tract infections, very painful and frightening, always got antibiotics which I became more and more resistant to as years passed. Read about apple cider vinegar and tried it!!!! Put a tablespoon or less of Bragg's apple cider vinegar into a tall glass of water and drank it, the infection was gone like magic in hours without antibiotics. If I know it's coming on, I take a glass of water with cider vinegar in it right away, and it is stopped in its tracks. If it is well developed before I know it is there, and the pain warns me of it, I know to take much stronger amount of cider vinegar in the water, and if necessary I take another glass or even another one as well, and the infection is gone again. It seems, in my opinion, to balance my body's PH and that the bacteria causing the cystitis or UTI cannot survive in a proper acid-alkali balance environment, which is created within minutes of drinking the solution.

Posted by Meghan on May 16 2011 22:25:44
I just found out I have a UTI, only I apparently do not get any of the usual symptoms. I instead had high stomach cramping, nausea and a high fever. I went to the ER thinking it could be apendicitis or something more serious, but my doctor said that some people do not have the early warning signs of a UTI leading to more severe symptoms before it is caught. Always go to the doctor early if you feel wrong - I had no idea that this was happening to my body. Now I'm in for a kind of long recovery.

Posted by Meena on Apr 14 2011 12:56:59
My UTIs started almost a year back and I had 6 infections in 6 months when it began. I had all the symptoms-blood in urine, urge to pee every second, abdominal pain etc...I felt like I was on antibiotics constantly and even on a vacation I ended up getting it and it was very annoying. My utis are caused by intercourse so in the beginning I used to drink lots of water and take cranberry pills after sex but in the end it did not help eliminate the problem. My doc put me on this low dose antibiotic to take after sex. I have not gotten one in the last 6 months now but last month i forgot to take it and here I am again with the symptoms..if i wake up more than 2 times to pee at night, I know I have a uti. I'm sick of taking antibiotics and honestly don't know what to do. I have tried the cranberry pills, water but it does not seem to cure the infection..just keep it at bay. I have read all the posts and I am thinking of trying the same route again cuz I am sick of taking antibiotics. This time I wont' stop the home remedies until after like 4 or 5 days. I have gotten an ultrasound, cytoscopy done and everything appears to be normal. It just sucks that we have to suffer through this.

Posted by Peggy on Apr 13 2011 10:24:45
You're not getting it every day, it is the same one.EERCC

Posted by Peggy on Apr 13 2011 01:54:59
What a great site this is! I am not alone in this and have a story like many of you ladies. I only have had these UTIs since menopause. I am a little confused that some of the remedies seem to contradict each other. Acidic or alkaline--which is it? Vinegar is acidic and baking soda is alkaline. Many of you are taking them together--Alka Seltzer is alkaline, too, I think. Does the remedy need to be acidic or alkaline??? So glad I found you all.

Posted by Sophie on Apr 12 2011 03:29:09
i keep getting uti's everyday i usually take 2 sachets of ural effervescent powder everyday and it helps within the hour but i just don't get why it keeps coming back, im pretty sure its a uti but i haven't been to a doctor for a check up as im quite self conscious about that... is it usual to some girls to get it everyday?

Posted by njpammy on Apr 10 2011 15:42:40
hi gals !! OMG, that baking soda with water really works! It is about 4:30pm now. At 3:30pm, i took 1 glass of water with 2 teaspoons of baking soda, and at 4pm I did the same. now it is 4:30 and I swear I feel so much better!! But to be on the safe side, I will continue thorughout the day. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all you gals who advised about the baking soda! The whole box only costs 89 cents and the relief is so so so so worth it! Thank you thank thank you! hugs and xoxoxo

Posted by njpammy on Apr 10 2011 13:18:23
Hi everyone, I am so glad that I found this website. Having a UTI is such a personal and painful problem. Only 1 of my other female friends get them, no one seems to understand how painful they are. Last year I had 4 utis, but this year has been better. In addition to what the ladies wrote in the above posts ( and thank you everyone for sharing your tips, I will def try the baking soday!), here are some things I do as a preventitive, each day: 1. glass of cranberry juice each day. I don't like juice in general, but I make myself drink it. 2. yogurt. One of my co-workers suggested yogurt. I eat organic Greek yogurt and it really has helped decrease the incidence of UTIs 3. Sleep in baggy, cotton pajama pants with NO underwear. The reason is because, if you live in humid places, sometiems all that moisture and heat can actual cause a lot of bacterial growth. So sleep with no panties if possible. 4. Lemon juice - I put some in the cranberry juice if I feel a UTI coming on. Lemon juice in water is also very healthy. 5. Emegenc-C packets. These are 1000mg vitamin c packets you can get at a CVS or Shoprite. If you feel a UTI coming on, then take 2 packets, with lemon juice and cranberry juice. Take echinicea too. This all-natural cocktail has really worked for me. Please make sure you drink lots of water though. I hope these tips help!

Posted by PKS on Apr 08 2011 11:32:13
I also suffered years with UTI infections and I'm a nurse. Went to OBGYN and he had me tested for kidney stones. Found I had a stone stuck in my kidney that when it moved it caused blood. Sugar is attracted to injuries. Bacteria forms at the the injury site due to kidney stone. I had the stone blasted and have not had UTI infection for 2 years. Starting again to experience UTI's again. Not as often. Also constipation can cause UTI's. You can also find relief by using AZO fast relief for urinary pain. It contains Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride. Antiseptic for the bladder. Try it.

Posted by Marissa on Apr 06 2011 13:46:10
Oops Beginning not Begging

Posted by Marissa on Apr 06 2011 13:46:07
Oops Beginning not Begging

Posted by Marissa on Apr 06 2011 13:35:11
I am happy to know that i am not the only person that suffers from UTI's all the time. I was begging to think if their was something wrong with me. This is going to be my second day of having one and I've been drinking water,cranberry juice and tea. I haven't found relief in any it still hurts to use the bathroom. I heard some wheres in a book that baking soda and water helps. So today is going to be the first time i try the remedy. I am hoping it works due to the fact that i can't make it to the doctors :( I just need too know how often do i drink this remedy for and how many times a day?? Somebody help please

Posted by Marissa on Apr 06 2011 13:35:01
I am happy to know that i am not the only person that suffers from UTI's all the time. I was begging to think if their was something wrong with me. This is going to be my second day of having one and I've been drinking water,cranberry juice and tea. I haven't found relief in any it still hurts to use the bathroom. I heard some wheres in a book that baking soda and water helps. So today is going to be the first time i try the remedy. I am hoping it works due to the fact that i can't make it to the doctors :( I just need too know how often do i drink this remedy for and how many times a day?? Somebody help please

Posted by Taylor on Mar 29 2011 06:32:39
I meant to say I am 17*

Posted by Taylor on Mar 29 2011 06:32:08
I have been suffering from utis and yeast infections for about 2 years, im not 17 and still am not sure what causes it. I do wear thongs(which no one mentioned but it is a factor that leads to infections), and i drink lots of sugary/caffeinated drinks, and i have a lotttt of sex(im pretty sure this was brought on by spending the day with my bf at my house on a rainy day). I have been up for 2 and a half hours trying to pee and even took a warm bath but im still in so much pain. I took an aleve cause theres no more AZO and drank water, im gonna try the alka-seltzer when i finally decide to get off the toilet. right now i also feel nauseous but it might be from lack of sleep. ive read this entire page and im glad im not the only one but what can i do for a yeast infection?

Posted by Nora on Mar 28 2011 20:13:21
Hi Doll, I am sorry to hear what happened to you, it wasn't your fault and please believe it no one but no one has the right to force you. And the doctor's behaviour was disgusting. Can you see any other doctor (may be a female) you may need antibiotics. Please never come back to that doctor. You can try cranberry tablets and baking soda (bicarbonate)and vitamin C with lots and lots of water, these are all natural products it they have worked for me and others, but please visit another doctor you may need antibiotics if it doesn't get better soon. Good luck darling.

Posted by Hope on Mar 24 2011 12:43:39
I am a believer now! Thanks to this website and all who shared their stories (you ladies are saints for real!), I have found a cure for UTI that works for me. No more antibiotics! So for the past year or so I've been getting UTI 4-5 times a year where I would use antibiotics to get cure it. Finally finding out my body grew resistant to Macrobid and getting UTI a couple of weeks a part I knew I had to resort to something else. Although I was kind of a skeptic to home remedies, I was desperate and was willing to try anything to avoid antibiotics. So to make sure I didn't get UTI again I took preventative measure like taking lots of Vitamin C and drinking lots of sugar free cranberry juice for 2 wks. Then, when I finally had intercourse with my husband, like clockwork 48 hrs later I felt the first signs of UTI. I couldn't believe it! that morning I drank lots of water, cranberry juice, ibuprofin, and took 2000mg of Vitamin C like I read on some posts. By noon I could feel it was getting worse since I felt the need to urinate alot and the stinging was starting. I felt bloated from all the liquids and was feeling very uncomfortable. I read more of the posts and decided to run to the store and bought some baking soda, cranberry AZO tablets and echinacea vitamins. When I got home, I drank an 8 oz glass of water with 1/2 tsp of baking soda, took 2 AZO tablets and 1 echinacea vitamin. Within the first hour I felt a noticeable relief right away! I wouldn't feel this kind of relief with antibiotics until 48 hrs later. After being a believer, every 2-3 hrs I would drink 8 oz of water with the baking soda. Then at night before I went to bed I drank one last water/baking soda for the day, took another 2 AZO cranberry tablet and 1 echinacea vitamin. The next day I repeated the same routine to make sure all the bacteria was completely gone and it hasn't came back since. This all happened this past weekend.. so far so good! Daily I would still take 2 cranberry tablets,1 vitamin, drink lots of water and went to the restroom more often as preventative measures but when I have intercourse, I make sure to follow the original routine to cure my UTI right afterwards and 24-48 hrs thereafter to make sure it doesn't return. I'll keep you posted. THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL WHO SHARED THEIR EXPERIENCES!!!

Posted by doll on Mar 17 2011 18:56:27
last october i was diasnosed with a uti after being raped. i was told that there there was a trace of blood in my urine sample. the doctor was very rude to me when he saw that i was uncertain and hesitant to accept the antibiotics which he prescribed me. he didn't answer and of my questions and just rushed me to the front desk to pay for the pills. so i refused them because i was scared. he yelled at me and pushed me out the door. i am afraid of doctors now. 6 months later i am still experiencing symtoms (urgency, frequency, straining during urination) but there was never actual pain. i try to stay very hydrated, avoid alcohol and caffeine. cranberry juice/supplements are very hard to find in japan. i am worried about this continuing for the rest of my life, maybe turing into a chronic infection. should i take antibiotics at this point?

Posted by Kathi on Mar 11 2011 12:20:20
I have tried the 1/2 to 1 tsp of baking soda in water 2 times daily and it works very well, for me, to eliminate the pain and burning. However, it does not "cure" a UTI! I too am tired of going to the doc for every UTI so began researching home remedies. I have found several different choices: D-mannose; uva ursi; oil of oregano. D-mannose does not work on some of the bacteria that cause UTI's, but it is the most benign of all of the remedies. It is the same compound found in cranberries but huge concentration. Uva Ursi can be dangerous if improperly used (as can the commonly used Cipro) but is effective in curing a UTI. I have not tried oil of oregano for a UTI, but it has many, many good qualities so I will definitely try it. *** Whatever home remedy you choose, do your research thoroughly, including side effects, so you know what you are getting into. If you have access to a homeopathic expert then be sure to talk to them.

Posted by NADU on Mar 05 2011 01:39:47
if urine infection is caused by after intercourse, what to do?

Posted by NADU on Mar 05 2011 01:34:42
I am 32 years female suffering from recurrent urine infection from last last 7 years. Please tell me what to do?

Posted by Natasha S. on Mar 01 2011 09:11:14
I have had a UTI for about a week now and when i first started feeling the symptoms i started drinking a lot of water and taking cranberry pills. I have gotten UTI’s several times over the past 2 years and have gone to the doctor to get antibiotics about 3 times and was able to catch the other ones early enough by drinking a lot of water. This time on the other hand I was not as fortunate. I got tired of going to the doctor because A) I hate waiting in a doctor’s office for them to test me and give me medication for something I know I already have, and B) taking antibiotics cannot be that great for my health if I’m constantly taking them for the same reason. Instead I’ve been looking for a natural remedy and found a few sites that said that taking Echinacea supplements, Vitamin C should help. I started taking them last week and they started to help but did not fully do the trick, so when I came across this page and read all of the advice, I started taking D-Mannose and ½ tsp. of baking soda with 8 oz. of water yesterday in addition to the Echinacea and Vitamin C, and it has greatly reduced the pain and started to clear up my urine as well. I am going to continue this regiment for another couple of days and see how I feel. I will keep you guys posted.

Posted by Liz on Feb 28 2011 10:48:08
Ok, so I ended up finding an urgent care clinic that opened on sundays. And since I didn't have insurance the cost wasn't so bad. I have money saved incase I get strep throat or some other thing I need 2 go 2 the doctor for. I was given a rx for cipro. I went 2 the pharmacy and they filled it in 10 minutes. Within minutes I felt better. It didn't hurt as much wen I had 2 pee, and went 2 sleep since I had been on the toilet since 2am that night. I will be drinking more fluids, limiting my coffee and soda consumptions and drinking atleast cranberry juice every couple days. I don't want 2 experience this again!

Posted by Liz on Feb 27 2011 04:30:38
As I read all these tips and stories about uti's while currently sitting on my toilet (@ 4am) suffering from a uti, I wonder why they don't make an otc pill that we can just buy from our pharmacies. We know what we have, and it hurts like crazy. I don't have insurance and the planned parenthood clinics aren't open on sundays :-( I have cystex, but that doesn't work for me. I really don't want 2 go 2 the emergency room and end up paying hundreds of dollars when I already know what I have. This just sucks.

Posted by Erin on Feb 26 2011 16:13:30
UTIs/ bladder infections are issues i have delt with since i was a child. now at 21, ive finally started taking charge and not letting them even get started. I dont have inssurence so a doctor visit is out of the question but i have learned 7 helpful tips that have me feeling better with in the hour and in recent years have prevented them from sicking around more than 2 or 3 days. the trick is to do something the second you think theres a problem, the longer you wait the harder it will be to get rid of, and none of these tips can hurt you if it turns out you didnt have one. and always better safe than sorry. so at the very first inclination that you might have a UTI, do the following: 1.take 2 super-concentrated cranberry gel caps 3 times a day 2.take 200-400 mg ibProfin 2-3 times a day 3. wash your vagina carefully and gently with a hyop-allergenic, non- irriatting soap (i like "basic" brand soaps and "dove" white bar soaps)don't get soap inside any openings but just cleansing the outside can remove any other irritants that could be contributing to the pain 4.Drink 10-12 glasses of water a day 5.Drink as many cups of green tea or similar as you can 6.Eat chicken soup! its not just for a cold; it will make you feel better and get more fluids in you 7.Go to the bathroom everytime you feel like you need to; the more you pee out the faster the bacteria will leave your body. *I have not tried the baking soda trick that i see many other have posted about but the science behind it makes sense and it seems to work for many others so try that next

Posted by katrina on Feb 25 2011 22:27:39
I have a uti at the moment and all these stories are talking about how they cant stop going to the toilet but i cant go to the toilet at all, it got so bad that i had to go to emergency to have a catheter inserted and they took out almost 1 ltr of urine, they did say that the uti would cause this, but am i the only one this is happening to? its still so hard to pee...

Posted by Laura A. on Feb 25 2011 05:41:53
I get a UTI about every 5-6 months, but its never gets too far, because at that first sign of it, I take these precautions: 2 AZO standard pills (pick up at any pharmacy/CVS/Walgreens), one large glass of water, 1000mg viamin C, more water, two ibeuprophen pills,more water, and 1/2 tsp. baking soda mixed in a large glass of hot tea (helps with taste). I always start feeling better within 30 min - 1 hr... but you have to catch it early.

Posted by Laura on Feb 20 2011 10:21:49
Okay so i have a UTI or bladder infection if you want to call it now i'm 26 and i get frequent UTI'S now usually i would just go the the doctor and get med. for the problem,but now i i'm just tired of going through all of that. So now i decided to check out a website about cures etc....well i came across this one and i have read alot of remedies and i'm not sure which one to do but i want to get rid of it fast i have had it for a few days now and i'm using the bathroom every sec. or at least it feels like i have to then when i go nothing comes out or it is just a drop or two so instead of going to the doc. i'm reading and reading and i'm just wondering what would be the best thing for me to take or do to get rid of the burning sensation and the frequent going to the bathroom? It's really ticking me off and i'm not too good at taking anything that doesn't taste good i'm afraid i will just turn around and throw it up.I wanna try these remedies i'm just not sure how it will go down so is there a pill that will help take away the burning and frequent peeing? I wrote down a few ideas from the page just in case but i'm just tring to find an easier and faster way to get rid of this problem and avoid going to the doctors

Posted by Alex on Feb 17 2011 09:42:21
Look at the apple cider vinager section. NB Must be certificied organic and not distilled. Hence will have the mother in it. Mother is the floatie bits [it is the dead fungus] . By this being present you are assured the ACV is alive and active.

Posted by Cam on Feb 12 2011 08:44:28
I have a bladder infection right now.. And I'm wiping brown and it's Ben like that for 4-5 days.. I thought I started so I so I put a pad on And nothing was on it for 2 days but I was still wiping brown... I have had this problem before but it's a different feeling now!! Can't realy explain it!!

Posted by Carrie on Feb 07 2011 17:19:04
I have suffered from UTIs for years, and on average, I get one at least once every 6 months for almost 10 years. I've had ultrasounds, all kinds of testing, and there is no rhyme or reason as to why I constantly get these. I am so sensitive to my symptoms at this point, that I can determine I will have a UTI about 3 days before a doctor's test would suggest that I have any bacteria present. Anyway, I have always gone to the doctor immediately, but on top of the antibiotics, I always get a yeast infection, so it gets expensive. I felt symptoms coming on for a UTI today around 1pm (it's now just after 4pm), and I left work about 45 minutes later to hit up the grocery store. I got 100% cranberry juice, and cranberry pills (I usually have these on hand, but haven't had them for a couple of months, now). I got home, drank 2 glasses of the cranberry juice, took 1000mg of cranberry pills, 1000mg of Vitamin C, 2 tablets of alka seltzer and 400mg of Ibuprofen. I literally sat on the toilet for an hour, just going when I had to and not forcing it. After taking all of the above, I feel SO much relief, already. I have never feel this good so quickly, even after taking antibiotics. I'm still going to keep an eye on everything as I chug multiple glasses of water, but I'm optimistic that I seem to be feeling better, already. Hoping this combination could be a new discovery!

Posted by Angie on Feb 03 2011 08:03:31
Thanks for the advice. Here's something I came across that worked really well for me last week. I hadn't gotten a UTI in over 10 years, I've been lucky not to be prone to them. Well, the other morning I felt all the symptoms, a twinge-y feeling right after peeing, not being able to release much pee, and feeling the need to pee again as soon as I stood up. There was a pinkish tinge when I wiped, too, and it was distinctly from the urethra area. Because I don't have insurance...so I was thinking worst case scenario I will have to go to PP and shell out whatever they charge for a visit, test, & antibiotics. But I decided to look online for home cures for them, I figured they are so common there has to be some other first steps at the beginning signs of an infection that you can take. Of course the cranberry juice tactic was there, but I didn't get very excited over that because it's supposed to help prevent them with daily doses, but not really for treatment of it. The other remedy I came across intrigued me because I'd read about it before for other illnesses & infections. Baking soda. It recommended that I drink 1/2 tsp mixed in 8 oz. cold water to raise my body's alkalinity. Supposedly many kinds of bacteria thrive in acidic environments and cannot survive in too alkaline an environment. So here's exactly what I did- I drank the baking soda water (it tasted off but not too terrible- I took down the 8 oz in 2-3 big gulps and got it over with) I took the max amount of ibuprofen i could in one sitting (more than the labels say, doctors will tell you can safely do 600 mg for therapeutic use & 800 mg for severe trauma, so I did 600 mg) this was to reduce the inflammation in my urethra so I could get some pee out and not let it sit in my bladder breeding more bacteria. Then I laid down with an ice pack wrapped in paper towel pressed gently to my nether parts (also because I figured cold would reduce the inflammation in the urethra and give me an easier time peeing). I breathed deep and tried to relax so the "needing to pee" feeling would get easier to deal with (tensing up just seemed to be making it worse) About 45 minutes later, I went to the bathroom and peed more than I'd been able to all day. It still wasn't as much as normal, but it progressively got better through the day. There was blood in my urine though, and cytoplasm looking thingies, which told me the infection had gone from my urethra and was in my bladder. I looked at the baking soda box, it said you could do the 1/2 tsp thing every 2 hours up to 7 times a day. I did it about 5 times that day. By the next morning, the blood was gone, my pee was clear, and it was a normal amount. I figured there were probably some trace amounts of bacteria in there and should keep doing the baking soda thing for a few more days to be sure to kill them all off completely so as not to let them repopulate. Well, I tried but I was out hiking & couldn't do the baking soda as regularly as I had the day before. I wound up taking it only 3 times that day and missed the bedtime doseage. I also didn't wake up in the middle of the night to pee so it was sitting in my bladder overnight. The next morning I woke up and had those first initial signs all over again, although a little milder. So I did the max number of dosages that day of the baking soda. Immediately after the first dose, the symptoms began to clear up again. I did the max number of doses the next day, too. Then I did about half of them the day after that. Everything returned completely to normal, it's been about 2 days now of not doing the baking soda, and the infection remains gone. I was absolutely amazed. I will, however, aim to do about a glass or two of the baking soda water a day- things I am reading online say that raising your alkalinity a little bit staves off a variety of illnesses. I'm always cautiously optimistic about these things, but after seeing and experiencing this firsthand, and NOT having to shell out a bunch of money for doctors and pharmaceuticals, I know this has scientific merit.

Posted by Kat on Jan 30 2011 03:42:21
I greatly appreciate all of the advice that has been offered here. I used to have frequent UTIs years ago, but haven't had one in several years. I started suspecting a UTI at 9pm this evening but was optimistic I was wrong. I drank about two 16oz bottles of water and a cup of tea and went to bed. I awoke at 2a with severe bleeding, pressure, kidney pain and frequent urination. I immediately drank three 12oz glasses very quickly of lime water, ate a non-fat light yogurt and 1C of mixed blueberries & raspberries (for antioxidants) and pineapple (for bromelain), took 2000mg chewable Vit C, 1800mg CVS brand cranberry supplementation, 2 AZO Standard tablets, 2 Aleve tablets, washed my personals with ice cold water, have continued to drink a minimum of 64oz of water with 1t baking soda with every 16oz refill, laying on the couch with a heating pad on my abdomen & legs spread apart. Oh and of course, urinating approximately

Posted by Rin on Jan 28 2011 21:37:53
I have have a few UTI's before, but this one I looked up home remidies, and I found this site. I saw the 1/2 teaspoon of bakeing soda in water, and I thought "That seems easy" so I tried it. About an hour after drinking it (I admit it tasted REALLY bad)the burning was gone, and hours later (like six hours) the burning hasn't come back, and I feel great!

Posted by ash on Jan 22 2011 23:23:44
so, i got a UTI a few days ago. as a guy, i thought it might have been something else, but i was thinking i'm way too young for that! looked up the symptoms online, found this page and a few others. thought, this must be what it is, and i have a good idea how it happened.. living in shanghai, i couldn't find baking soda at 9pm at my local supermarket, but found cranberries, blueberries, pineapple, and i had plenty of vitamin c on hand. i try to avoid antibiotics as much as possible... but was prepared to go to the doctor as a last resort, such was the pain and frequency i had to go to the can... so, last night, my dinner was a whole pinapple, a bunch of cranberries, a bunch of blueberries, a heap of vitamin c and about 2L of water... lo and behold... within 2 hours the symptoms waned. slept, woke up and all symptoms are completely gone and everything feels back to normal. great!!! good advice....

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 21 2011 15:05:08
Instead of wiping you should use a spa toilet seat that cleans with water instead of paper. Check out spaloo.com Water cleans better, feels better, and is more sanitary than toilet paper.

Posted by Anne on Jan 21 2011 12:06:10
I had almost UTIs every 4mons., and i took antibiotic every time I felt this infection. Thank God that I found this website it helps me alot according to the exprience of some viewers. All I can say, drink plenty of water & cranberry juice & take UROSOLVINE and it helps.

Posted by Natasha on Jan 20 2011 16:31:36
Kaytlyn: You need to go to the hospital. Yes, it's how my parents found out I was doing the deed, but when you're bleeding, it means you waited to long to even do the smallest help for your body. And it can do some serious damage.

Posted by kaytlyn on Jan 19 2011 06:50:07
so i had sex with this man a couple days ago and now it hurts so badly to pee i have small amounts of blood on the toilet paper and its extremly hard to hold my pee its like ever 15 minutes i get up and go pee im scared to now cause it hurts sooooo much it makes me almost cry... hopefully these tricks will work cause i really dont want to tell my parents they would be so upset and furious :( hopefully they will work

Posted by gill on Jan 12 2011 05:15:26
I suffered from UTI's for several years, finally had a cystoscopy and discovered I had a condition called Interstitial Cystitis. So if you find antibiotics don't help with your UTI get yourself checked for IC. It's an autoimmune disease, not much fun but I managed to control it with diet (no acids, alcohol, caffeine....) for 10 yrs but now I've reached menopause its worse and I'm taking prescribed drugs.

Posted by Rachael on Jan 11 2011 00:58:15
I am so glad I found this site. I went on a trip this weekend to get away and suffered from a UTI the whole time.. ugh I have been reading all the commemts and it makes me feel less alone.. I just went to the store and got Baking soda, Corn silk, Vitamin C, cranberry pills.. It super sucks we all suffer from this but its great when have this website.. Thanks ladies!!

Posted by suzanne on Jan 09 2011 16:33:53
None of you mention the cause of UTI's Usually fecal material(poop) entering the uriter (where you pee from). Make sure your sex patner has clean hands and mouth (depending on if you engage in oral sex); when you finish the deed make sure you go pee right away and have a glass of water or cranberry juice with Vit.C 1000mg. I haven't had a UTI since I started doing this. Hope it helps.

Posted by D Mackey on Jan 03 2011 13:11:58
Vitamin C works within hours to stop UTI's, but the key is to start with 2,000mg every hour until symptoms go away (usually just 3 or 4 hours) and then reduce to 1,000mg every few hours for the next few days. If you stop taking it when the symptoms go away, the UTI will just come back. When the Vit C starts to cause loose bowels, you will know you have reached your tolerence level.

Posted by Jessica on Dec 31 2010 18:04:39
I have had UTI's for six years now and after all these years a doctor finally decided that I should get a cystoscopy. Making sure that you have a UTI and nothing else is important. After all these years and with worstening pain I am getting a test done for bladder cancer and I am only 18 yrs old.

Posted by Kristen on Dec 29 2010 04:31:43
I had a UTI this late spring/summer and it was SEVERE!!! I waited 3 days before I did anything, and honestly, if you get it when it very first starts, you're good. I had to go to the doctor and get antibiotics last time, but today I started feeling it coming on. The constant urge to pee (literally every 30-45 seconds) and the terrible burning. Right away I ran a slightly warm bath. (not too hot, but don't make it too cold either) an layed there for about 30 minutes or so, soothing my private area and peeing when I had too. When I got out I patted dry and found some vagisil in the cabinet. I put just a little on, but I still had the bad urges to be. I drank 3 huge glasses of water and just say on the toilet. I felt it coming on two hours ago, now I'm completely fine!!!! :) the beat advice I have is to go when you have to. Even if it hurts, olding it in is just keeping the bacteria inside you!

Posted by Jayde on Dec 25 2010 19:44:35
Hello, I currently have my first UTI like many of you I feel like peeing ALL the time!!! Right now I am taking AZO which does help with the constant discomfort. I am also drinking tons and tons of cranberry juice and water. I was wondering if any of you might be able to tell me signs that indicate you are recovering. I am trying to avoid going to the doctor.

Posted by Ashley on Dec 22 2010 22:16:13
This is my 4th uti in less than two years and I have had one for using tampons two from sex and one for holding my per cuz I didn't want to get out of bed. The first time the doctor gave me the wrong medicine and I got really sick and started vomiting. There are different kinds of medicine for different kinds of bacteria. I'm going to try cherry juice and the baking soda with water this time because I'm embarrassed to go hack to the same doctor for the third time in less than a year. O hope it works.:/

Posted by Jen on Dec 22 2010 18:25:24
I have been getting UTIs for a few years now. It started around the beginning of the perimenpause. It really screwed up my sex life. I don't even want to have sex any more because I am so nervous about getting one. I know all the things I'm supposed to do but this time I just forgot to pee after I took a bath. Also, I did have a bathroom episode and flushed the toilet while sitting. That is a definite no no. I never knew that. Anyway, I started the double doses of the DMannose powder and for the first time used the baking soda. I think I am better but I am still peeing a lot. It must be because I am drinking more water than usual.

Posted by Salma on Dec 21 2010 02:48:59
hey ladies, i am very prone o UTI's, if i cant be bothered to go to the loo coz i feel lazy and just want to lay in bed or dont drink atleast 2 litres of water a day...BANG! another UTI. i have one right now. but after reading many comments it appears that many of us have it for more than a day. i only ever have iit for 5 hours max and clear it out straight away with loads of water , when i have an UTI i force myself to have 2 litres in just 2 hours to flush it all out instantly

Posted by Ron on Dec 19 2010 08:35:17
Sad to read about so much suffering. Antibiotics can add to the suffering with diarhea and other side effects like candida infections. I was prescribed Cipro by an awful doctor who would not do a urine test. I got one anyway and it came out negative. I must use a catheter so my symptoms were some kind of irritation. From all my readings on UTI's it appears that Baking Soda and D-Mannose are the most effective. D-Mannose is the ingredient of Cranberry that gives it effectiveness too, but it is more concentrated as D-Mannose. It appears that for women keeping the area between the anus and pee hole clean is a key to prevention. Proper wiping away from the pee hole should do this. Another good way is the use of a bidet. They use them in Europe. Dr. Mercola sells an inexpensive add-on bidet that should help especially chronic sufferers. Here's are the links for info: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/10/27/Stop-Using-Toilet-Paper-Get-a-Blue-Bidet.aspx http://www.bluebidet.com/ I hope this might help some sufferers.

Posted by Brittany on Dec 15 2010 19:57:29
I have a recurrent UTI. I get it every 2 or 3 months and unfortunately I've got one now. I've found that eating blueberries soothes it and helps to keep it away. I drink water with lemon in it and drink a lot of orange juice. It's already starting to go away(thank heavens!)

Posted by Cheri on Dec 13 2010 10:30:31
Yet again, started to feel that "twinge" this a.m. Took 2 Cystex right away, and an antibiotic. I try to avoid taking the antibiotics all together, but didn't want to have to deal with this for long. I have also done the D-Mannose powder, which does help. I need to start taking it regularly as I get these things after sex, not always, but often enough to make life miserable! it's nice to know that we're not alone in this misery. Wish they would just come up with a cure where they never come back! I hope everyone that posts finds their way of getting rid of this pain sooner than later.

Posted by Anessa on Dec 11 2010 20:55:48
okay, UTIs suck! So I believe I have one..again,and how about this i'm only 16! I had one last May, and was on 20 days worth of antibiotic's. Now nine months later, and I think it's back. The pain isn't nearly as bad as it was when I first had it, but it's very uncomfortable. It's been lasting for about a week now, but it seems I burn everytime I get my period, before it starts and when it's over. I think it's just a genetic thing cause, my sister, mom, and late grandmother had it. Sooo... right now i'm living on water, water, water, and AZO! Today is Saturday, if I don't stop hurting by Monday i'm seeing my doctor for more antibs. Oh yeah the whole irony of this is that i'm a virgin, (plan to stay that way till marrige) so i'm assuming it's genetics? I hope. Well I know this is horrible for anyone! so I wish you all the best!

Posted by Dawnn on Dec 03 2010 11:02:38
I am so happy for this website. I laid awake until 4:00 last night with urges to go pee literally every 5 minutes. At one point I just sat on the toilet because I knew the second I got back into bed I would have another urge. I drank tons of water and eventually got so tired that my body fell asleep. I woke up this morning feeling much better. There was a little bit of blood in my pee last night so I am going to see a doctor today to make sure the infection isn't something worse. Mainly I liked this website for the support and knowing that I'm not the only one who has ever felt this horrible discomfort! Good luck, it will always get better!

Posted by Teasha on Dec 02 2010 15:10:03
I have had about 2 UTI's every month for a couple of years now. When I feel one coming on I take Cystex, which you can buy at CVS and it not only helps ease the pain, but it also helps clear up the infection. My OB/GYN just recently prescribed me an antibiotic that I can take every day to prevent them all together. The antibiotic is called Macrobid and has worked so far at preventing them....I haven't had one in months! Hope this can help anyone suffering from UTI's

Posted by Mindy on Nov 30 2010 15:03:59
ALL NATURAL DIY Home Remedy is D-Mannose & CranActin. Read entire article here www.evokeelegance.blogspot.com Works for me 100% of the time! Knowledge is everything! Learn it, retain it, and share it!

Posted by Tammy on Nov 30 2010 08:56:07
Thanks for all you wonderful post. Thank God for this site. I was in unbearable pain and this site help me make it through the night. I drink an entire botttle of Ocen Spray No Sugar Added 100% Cranberry Juice 64 FL OZ. I took 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider vinager with a glass of water, pour salt and sugar on lemon and sucked put wet towels in mircrowave and laid them on my tummy. Took cold bath, put Ice in my private area. laid with legs open. And I think this was the most important part. Everytime I got the urge to GO I WENT. I slept in the feta position at times as well. I must have gone to bathroom 100 times but everytime you go the infection is leaving. anyways I must have dosed off to sleep around 3oclock in the morning and when I woke. I felt good no pain. Thank God.

Posted by April on Nov 29 2010 13:11:28
The BEST over the counter remedy I have found in addition to the cranberry juice is a pill called Cystex. I can only find it at Walmart though, CVS and Walgreens DO NOT carry it! Within 20 minutes I always feels better after taking this, and I usually take it for 3 days with the cranberry juice and my UTI is gone. Hope this helps!

Posted by irene on Nov 28 2010 10:10:10
Hi! I agree with J.deidra

Posted by Courtney on Nov 23 2010 18:11:43
Hi, everyone I have not been feeling well for a while now. But I do not know the cause. I'm thinking that it mighht be a UTI but i'm not sure. I have a strong odor in my urine, its cloudy, and now im feeling a little naseau. Do anyone know if this is a sign of a uti or std? please help. thank you.

Posted by Angie on Nov 20 2010 14:43:39
Having one right now and for about a week my doctor said no bacteria in urine so no antibiotics for me but I feel it. I have even developed these huge dark circles under my eyes!! Found you guys and will try cranberry pills, dmonnose azo dover sensative to wash, baking soda, tylenol and will see. Wil let you know!! Thanks for posting info!!

Posted by Mariska Du Preez on Nov 11 2010 20:40:32
Hey, yeah well we all know how horrible UTI is, I dont wish it on anyone. I absolutely hate it!! Have had recurrent UTI before I had my son, but always managed to cure it myself with Citric Soda and Cranberry Juice. Since falling pregnant I never had it again until Sunday evening, its the worst I ever had it. Went to doctor on Monday and she prescribed antibiotics. I was also drinking heaps of water and Cranberry juice, since I read all the advise here, I went out and bought, Vit C, Inner Health and last night I tried the Baking Soda cause I just couldnt take it anymore, it seemed to settle it a bit so I got about 3hours sleep. Today Im going back to docter, I only have 2 Antibiotics left.I wish they can find a cure for this!!!

Posted by Ineda Mann on Nov 09 2010 21:41:25
Hey i've been suffering for about 2-3 days now after going to the hospital and recieving antibotix i still am in an extreme amount of pain. I am EXTREMLY curious towards whethere there is a type of immediate relief the pain is practically unbearable =(

Posted by sc on Nov 08 2010 13:03:23
3 easy steps and you will be clear by day and a half. 1)Drink buttermilk(take plain yogurt with a pinch of salt and whisk it till smooth in a glass and fill with water constantly stirring),it would take jus 2 min to do this.Drink 5 glasses of these in day and 1 before sleeping. or Buy 'Pure Coconut water' not coconut milk from Kroger or Martins.It has 230% of Vitamin C in it(11oz). Drink 3 of these all thru the day and 1 before sleeping. 2)Wipe with medicated hemorrhoidal pads(u can get these from Kroger too.) or wash and pat dry after every pee with a soap. 3)Avoid Coffee,tea and chocolate for two days. That is it.Most natural,low calorie,safe,good for your skin and fastest way to cure UTI at home.Do this as soon as you identify UTI and u will be clear by 1 and a half day.

Posted by j.deidra<3 on Nov 03 2010 22:34:39
I'm a junior in high school and it seems that after everytime me and my partner have our, 'nightly fun,' I get UTIs. I've had this many times already and been brought to the clinic and was givin antibiotics. I didn't take them when I was supposed to. This time, I told my partner he should get checked for any STDs. Would that be a reason why I'm getting this infection? Could he have an STD? I've been trying to learn more about these stuff, so... And I'm just asking if he could have an STD.

Posted by Elizabeth on Nov 02 2010 21:15:14
I had an extreme case of UTI in May... I had such bad pain in my lower right abdomen and below that we all thought it was appendicitis! I am noticing another mild onset again... will try the baking soda thing in the morning :) Hope you ladies are all good, and not having to cope with these nasties too often! Thanks for the great advice, everyone. Take care.

Posted by Sue on Oct 26 2010 22:13:44
While taking D-Mannose I don't drink Cranberry juice or have too many acidic foods(follow the link below for more info on this - the article in the link below really helped me). I get on an Alkaline diet. As soon as I stopped taking cranberry juice and took D-Mannose my symptoms almost disappeared within two days. I was suffering for a month prior to this and was drinking lots of pure unsweetened cranberry juice every day. When I stopped the benefits happened to me. The link below explains the relationship of Cranberry juice, D-Mannose and UTI's very well in my opinion: http://www.cranberryjuice.eu/ Good Luck!! Please note: I'm not a doctor or have any authority on this subject. I'm just giving my opinion on what helped me.

Posted by Linda on Oct 26 2010 14:34:08
Buy some AZO - you can get it in any drug store. It doesn't cure it, but you'll get thru the night. It knocks out the pain almost instantly. It's specifically made for UTI's. It turns your urine red/orange. It will calm the bladder lining down. It will last about 8 hours until you can get to doctor. Cipro doesn't work for me. I use the sulfer drugs, which have worked consistently. I've used all the natural remedies, and years ago they did work, but not any more. I try to use preventative measures - lots of fluids, steer clear of too much caffiene and too much alcohol. My doctor said to take 1000 mg. of Vit. C a day as well. Hope you feel better...

Posted by Polly on Oct 23 2010 23:51:56
I get a lot of these infections too. Some of them is caused from me being dibetic. I found out that I stay away from coffee, dark pops and tea and drink more water and cranberry juice it gets better by its self in no time.

Posted by LD on Oct 21 2010 08:50:53
I felt one coming last night, so I went to a natural grocers store & bought pure- unfiltered cranberry juice. It's kind of expensive & tastes bitter but if you experiece pain with UTIs like I do, you don't care what it costs or how it tastes. I also bought a 6 pack of light beer. I drank 2 cups of the juice & had 2 beers & within 30 min, immediately felt better!! It was gone in the morning. Beer has always helped me because it forces you to pee often & a lot which is where you get the releif.

Posted by Josie on Oct 18 2010 08:45:20
Just felt the first symptoms...it makes me angry that this is so common, yet all of us are suffering at night time when we can't get help from a GP. There must be a better way. I don't have any of the remedies ingredients suggested and I have a 6 month old baby to feed and look after.

Posted by Krys on Oct 07 2010 11:19:56
I had severe symptoms last night. This morning is much better. This is what did: I drank 3/4 jar of the pure cranberry juice that I diluted with warm water to about 1:2 ratio 1cup juice, 2 cups water; had 1/2 glass water with 1 tsp of baking soda, 4 vitamin C (500mg), 2 glasses of water with apple cider vinegar with a few glasses of water in between. I also simmered some dried parsley and celery seeds, I wish I had celery root at home to boil, as parsley and celery are diuretics, and drank 2 cups of the liquid. It all helped and I am almost back to normal. Good luck!

Posted by Cj on Oct 07 2010 11:10:09
Hey all of this has been really helpful but does anyone know of a temp relief from this discomfort and pain? It's 2am and nothing is open I've tried tally ural which is an over the counter medicine that I had in the cupboard but that takes a while to kick in.

Posted by Jillian on Sep 26 2010 11:30:58
I've only ever had a couple UTIs in my life, and have always been able to clear them up in just a couple of days by chugging ridiculous amounts of plain water and maybe a little not-from-concentrate, no sugar added, 100% cranberry juice. Exactly one week ago today I felt one coming on. I tried the water remedy that has always worked. I drank an entire big bottle of cranberry juice. I've been taking cranberry tablets! Nothing has worked. My "area" down there is so freakin' sore, and the external pain is actually worse than the internal pain! So, I decided to check the web. I decided to give the baking soda and water a chance. I choked it down. Gagged. Almost puked. And then, NO LIE, within fifteen minutes that urgency I was feeling from within tapered off to nearly nothing! It's been about a half hour now since I drank that grody mixture, and I really do feel alot better. I'm going to do that again in a few hours and keep chugging the clear water as well. Hopefully I'll feel better before work tomorrow! Thank you all for such excellent and helpful advice! ... Now I just have to figure out how to make the external pain less intense! Any ideas?

Posted by Kelly on Sep 24 2010 19:17:21
Here is the solution...WRITE IT DOWN!!! 1. You and your man only wash down there with Dove Sensitive Skin. Half of the problems are caused by soap. 2. Drink one tablespoon of Heavenly Greens in water every morning before breakfast. 3. Don't overdo acidic foods such as limes, lemons, tomato sauce, and cranberry juice... Those are causing pain!!! 4. Drink a teaspoon of baking soda and water or some club soda when you are hurting. 5. Don't overdo on chocolate, tea, cokes, or coffee. Caffeine puts the bladder on alert. THESE REMEDIES SAVED ME!!!!!

Posted by Amanda on Sep 16 2010 22:44:55
Well, This is my third UTI and I usually get them from sex. First two times I went to the doctors and got antibiotics but this time I decided to search and found you guys. Its been two days, the pain varry's each time I pee. Sometimes its a 7 or 8 but usually a 4, 5 or a 6. I've been drinking a lot of water, taking Vit. C and Cranberry capsuls and ibprofein. I tried drinking a tsp of salt in 8oz of water. it does help. BUT I'm going to try 1tsp of baking soda in 8oz and see if that works. I do feel a bit better but still. Hope everyone feels better soon!

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 16 2010 12:28:31
@Nikki: Try drinking organic cranberry juice instead of its tablets. Also drink lots of water. I noticed that juice was more effective than taking the tablets for me! Hope it helps!

Posted by Nikki on Sep 16 2010 05:39:12
I have been suffering so badly with UTI's and my doctor is no help. I am going to try D-Mannose, Cranberry Tablets and Apple Cider Vinegar. I have also been recommened Solidago by Vogul which cleared up a friends UTI's quickly and she had none since! Will update with how this Solidago helps...has anybody else tried it?

Posted by Karen on Sep 13 2010 19:48:47
If you have trouble getting rid of a UTI or if the antibiotic Cipro doesn't seem to help you without it returning often, ask your doctor to do a sensitivity study. It takes a couple of days, but the bacteria you have may be resistant to the normal antibiotic given. Recent experience with the problem has really opened my eyes to benefits of cranberry juice, probiotics, baking soda, and cranberry tablets.

Posted by psmiyh on Sep 12 2010 21:21:17
tried two tsp of baking soda in water and then alka seltzer and wound up vomiting three times. not fun.

Posted by marti klever on Sep 08 2010 09:06:04
Unsweetened cranberry juice - be sure to dilute it with water, about 50-50. Just keep drinking it naturally throughout the day - use it as you would water. Your problems should go away within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. It has always worked for me. (And if you hate the slightly harsh taste, add a packet of stevia or other sweetener. I make myself get used to the harsh flavor and find it comforting because to me it means "natural" and "healing.")

Posted by sf on Aug 31 2010 16:01:16
try d-mannose. as quoted on the Now brand bottle: "D-Mannose is a simple sugar that occurs naturally in some plants, including cranberries... In the bladder, D-Mannose can adhere to undesirable foreign substances, preventing them from sticking to the lining of the bladder..." basically the bacteria causing the irritation bind with the d-mannose rather than the walls of your bladder, and are then flushed out with urination. i found that acv, and baking soda helped a bit with my symptoms, but that d-mannose was the only one to actually solve the problem. i think it's also useful to notice if your symptoms appear worse after eating or drinking certain things, and to avoid them until the situation clears up.

Posted by Anonymous on Aug 29 2010 13:24:36
I get them about once every two months. I take the antibiotics for about a week or two then i'm good for about two weeks and it starts again. This happened over and over for about 6 or 7 UTIs total and finally the hopsital recommended me to a specialist. turns out i have a blockage in the tubes near my kidneys that's causing it. im having surgery to remove it and if i take care of myself properly the specialist says i shouldn't ever get another one. i HIGHLY recommned you guys who get them over and over even with tons of antibiotics to see a specialist!

Posted by Daisy on Aug 17 2010 05:26:36
Frequent use of antibiotics had made me resistant to many of them. It was getting difficult to mange my episodes of fever due to recurrent UTI. After consulting my doctor I started natural therapy kits to help increase my immunity and fight infections. The kit (Biogetica) I used was a combination of auyrveda, homeopathy and herbs. Not only did they relieve my symptoms of itching, burning, pain in the flanks and frequent urination but also reduced the recurrence. My general health improved too!Try it ladies..

Posted by pramod on Aug 12 2010 06:32:31
i have uti problem from 3 months this is second time .i taken antibiotic as doctor prefred but after that i am not feeling well still i go toilets several time ...........some tmies i scared wht. to do....i dont wnt go to doctor plz give advice

Posted by Martha on Aug 10 2010 14:31:49
Tried the D-mannose,vinegar and water,cranberry pills and Vitamin C and Echinacea for three weeks, and yet still another UTI infection. I'm sick of antibiotics and they only mask the situation and do not cure it. Is there any hope of getting rid of this after six years of trying.

Posted by lisa on Aug 08 2010 16:01:10
I'm starting to know my body well enough after tons of UTIs to know what causes it for me. I'm a daily coffee drinker and have red wine with dinner. If I drink any type of liquor on top of that (margarita, rum runner) - guaranteed UTI. Stress is no help either I'm sure. Thanks for tips!

Posted by Sarah on Aug 07 2010 17:02:36
MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE A DOCTOR! I had my first UTI and did EVERYTHING at the first signs....100%pure cranberry juice, tons of water, baking soda, blueberries, D-Mannose, Vitamin C, Cystex (over the counter antibiotic), acidophilus, glycerin soap, as well as stayed away from all irritants (coffee, sugar, etc.) I peed every time I had to (didn't hold it) and the list goes on....I didn't have insurance so tried everything to kill it on my own but still had the UTI for a week and ended up in ER with a severe kidney infection. You really just need antibiotics and a quick doctor visit (even without insurance) is a LOT cheaper than an ER visit for iv's, blood tests, urine tests, etc.

Posted by Nikki on Jul 17 2010 00:15:56
D-Mannose!!!! It almost always works for me! You can get it WholeFoods.

Posted by Anna on Jul 11 2010 17:06:15
hey everyone, I havent had a bladder infection for about two years. last week i had sex for the first time in a while, over the next week i got thrush and went and got that treated (it is still there but not as bad). This morning i woke up with this horrible pain in my lower abdominal area. I constantly need to pee and my pee is redish. Im hoping to get into the doctor today. my question is, is it actually possible for a bladder infection to get better without antibiotics? cause ive heard it only gets worse.

Posted by Christina on Jul 07 2010 13:23:45
Hello everyone! I have had 2 UTI's so far and both have been treated with medical help. The first one lead to a kidney infection. I am now on my third one and it is really annoying. I have been drinking lots of water and it seems to be helping. Does it however make it go away or does it makes the pain less?

Posted by Indu on Jul 06 2010 09:02:04
I was suffering from UTI since 6 month .The time I started drinking canberry juice thrice a week it helped me alot.Now I am fine .

Posted by Gabriella on Jul 02 2010 15:59:07
Just to want everyone know how much I appreciate any ideas to avoid UTI. Thank you for all this is a great blessing for me.

Posted by Gabriella on Jul 02 2010 15:53:04
I have had UTI in this year 3 times, right now I am on the third time and I really annoyed by this. I went to see a doctor on last sunday and he gave me an antibiotic and today is friday and sometimes still can feel the uncomfortable feeling. I went on couple of homeremedies websites and found out a lot of good ideas. Try to eat more cranberry capsule and drink more unsweetened cranberry. I hope I am getting better because it is not a good thing.

Posted by Jo on Jul 01 2010 22:50:19
Hi all, just a note of warning...if you use bicarb of soda make sure you eat a banana...as you will deplete your potassium levels otherwise...

Posted by Angela on Jun 28 2010 12:22:03
Thanx I've started the water last night and had to p all night go figure but woke up n not too much pain or burning

Posted by jennifer on Jun 28 2010 09:06:14
You have all shared a wealth of knowledge...just curious, has anyone had sudden onset knee pain along with the first stages of the UTI??? I am wondering of there is a connection, since I am very healthy but over the past year sexually active with my partner,

Posted by Home Remedies Web on Jun 28 2010 05:30:08
Hi Angela, For Urinary Tract Infection, start with at least 6-8 glasses of water per day and add more if you can. Also drinking 2-3 cups of Cranberry juice or one cup of Echinacea tea may help. You can read about these remedies in detail above on this page. Urinary Tract infection is a bacterial infection which is mostly caused by the bacteria that exists in the vaginal area on the skin near the rectum, which can easily infect the urinary tract through the urethra when having sex. I hope it's just a UTI but it may be something serious because, in your case, if sand or anything else goes into the urethra it can cause other health issues. If it doesn't get better in a couple of days with these remedies, I'd highly recommend consulting with a doctor even if it seems finacially hard for you. I hope it helps!

Posted by Angela on Jun 27 2010 13:38:41
Ladys I did some bad stuff in the sand with my bf and the next day I felt my uti coming I've had it for like 5 days and it's gets some what better and comes back when I pea azo hurts me when I take it I have an unmanagable back pain and turns my freaken pea neon oarnge n so Im broke and all I can try is water how much and how aften should I do that and what should I do in the mean time?

Posted by Elizabeth Brown on Jun 14 2010 11:20:33
Hi there, after ten years of UTI pains I'm able go to enjoy nice holiday in Italy. Thanks to a natural product based on D-Mannose and other plants components which in about six months has solved my problems. See you again when I'll be back. Elizabeth brownlizza@gmail.com

Posted by Paula Anderson on Jun 14 2010 04:43:38
Dear Amber, keep under control the urine's acidity. Don't drink to much water per day, it could give you some bladder's problem. Low urine's acidity will help you but you need to take some natural product to relieve the inflammation. D-Mannose and Morinda Citrifolia could help you. Keep in touch. Paula panderson.one at gmail dot com

Posted by Amber on Jun 13 2010 15:32:55
Oh, this site is a blessing.. I have a history of UTI's, and they're horrible. Now, at 13, I have my 2nd UTI this year. And I can't take it. 1st time it happened, I just waited it out for a week. But this time, after 2 days, I finally just told my mom, and she helped me out, with cranberry-extract pills, specifically for UTI-treatment, aswell as an ibuprofen, and the pains still there, but not as bad.. =) Someone on Yahoo told me to drink lots of water. I've had 3 500mL bottles of water since yesterday, and today. I'm gonna try some things suggested on this site, and hopefully they help. Curse you, UTI's. But what is "Alka-Seltzer" ? I've heard of it..

Posted by Sonia on May 31 2010 07:59:56
Thanks for this site too. Ive had the first UTI in months this weekend and its bank holiday so I cant get to a GP. So ive tried drinking echinacea tea, and alka salztser. anyone know of a cure/or help for lichen sclerosus I have this too!!!

Posted by Elizabeth Brown on May 27 2010 06:03:44
Natural remedy, a kind of magic !!!!!!! I'm feeling very well and I don't need to take antibiotics anymore. Cheers.................. Elizabeth

Posted by Paula Anderson on May 27 2010 05:20:01
Dear Janet, after 10 year of antibiotics I'm taking natural remedies since 6 months. My BC is not a problem anymore and now I'm feeling very well. This new product formula is based on the D-Mannose. Keep in touch. panderson.one@gmail.com Cheers. Paula

Posted by janetspencer on May 26 2010 16:15:35
Dear all, I like the naturale food supplements and remedies , I tryed a natural product composed of QUERCITINE, D-Mannose and other natural product from plant kingdom. It was a great solution for my IC problems and now after about 5 months of treatments I'm really feeling well. I suggest you to try this product, there are no side effects and you won't get antibiotics anymore. Feel you free to contact me for any further information. janetspencerone@gmail.com cheers. Janet

Posted by Clare on May 17 2010 19:46:23
Today I felt the first signs of discomfort again with UTI after sex, I have been looking on the internet for months now for help and found this site. Thanks ladies!! I have tried most things mentioned here except the baking soda, and I am going to try that now. I have found a couple of tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water together with loads of water to work in the past.

Posted by odette matilda on May 04 2010 11:41:55
im really grateful for this site. i have just accessed it and im a sufferer too. i have been taking antibiotics but the infections re occur. i hope the home remedies will work.

Posted by Liz on Apr 22 2010 10:03:09
Holy cow!! I've dealt with UTIs and pylonephritis for ages- I REALLY wish someone had mentioned the baking soda+water potion before. I woke up on my vacation with those usual symptoms and Google sent me here. Not 30 minutes after that potion and I'm feeling so much more comfortable. I thought I'd mention a regiment that a doctor suggested to me years ago, and it never fails for me. If you can get to a pharmacy, pick up a box of "Cystex" and one of "Azo." The cystex is an anti-bacterial pill and the Azo is a pain-killer. If you can get a hold of these in the first few hours that you've noticed the symptoms and follow the package directions for a day, you'll be just fine by the next day. Good luck, ladies- feel better and thanks so much!!

Posted by amanda on Apr 21 2010 21:55:09
Ok started feelin uti symptoms around 8. Thought omg no insurance what to doo? Remebered the whole clear liquid thing and started on water. Than found you guys and attempted baking soda. Gross! But two cups later and the constant urge is subsided to mild. Still drinkin to keep flushin but I highly recomend bakin soda and water at first signs of uti.

Posted by I on Apr 19 2010 11:31:57
I just want to say thank you to this site! I was in so much pain and felt so frustrated last night from the UTI symptoms, and it was too late to see a doctor ... so i searched online and saw u guys! I tried using the baking soda and water approach, as well as taking cranberry tablets, and also washing the area with vinegar and water...and loads and loads of water...i'm not sure what did it, but within an hour and a half, I was able to go back to sleep and this morning I woke up feeling a lot better. I'm gonna keep drinking the water and hope that it doesn't come back! Good luck ladies!

Posted by Moon on Apr 18 2010 12:11:51
Have had symptoms for two days, over the weekend. I have been drinking pure unsweetened cranberry juice (it's harsh) and so much water it's making me sick! Also been taking vitamin C, and no real relief so far. :( I can't see the doctor till at least tomorrow because of the weekend. I'm so glad I found this page with more ideas for help, thank you! I just choked down some baking soda and water (it was disgusting) and took Echinacea with Goldenseal, two things I haven't tried yet. I really hope it helps! I will update with results.

Posted by Kelsey on Apr 18 2010 01:06:42
Wipe front to back, not back to front.

Posted by Victoria on Apr 15 2010 01:28:25
Ugh. Can't sleep from the pain. Hopefully drinking baking soda + water potion works. Wipe back to front ladies. sending love.

Posted by LIZ on Apr 14 2010 22:47:18
I recommend having your partner wash up before having sex. It helped me out a lot because my boyfriend is uncircumsized.

Posted by helen on Apr 11 2010 06:54:48
i have been getting UTIs since i was two years old, from the age of two i have been taking one pill a night from the doctors. age of 15 they told me to come off them, i did and have been suffering every week ever since. i am now 17. i have been sent to hospitals to have tests done and they said everything looks fine. my bladder is healthy and my kidneys havent been damaged. i have spent over £100 on treatments for my injection. done the cranberry juice, water, soda, cranberry pills, vinagear, certain teas, vitamins etc. the only thing which has ever done anything was the cranberry juice, it didn't cure my injection. just took the pain away. i have been suffering for 15 years max and do not know what to do. my mum used to suffer with UTIs when she was my age but it cleared up on its own as she got older. i don't know what to do anymore.

Posted by Hokinga on Apr 10 2010 01:53:07
Unfortunately I get UTI's from having sex. What I usually do is I would make sure I pee after and sometimes before sex and I also drink lots and lots of water. I've just given birth to a baby boy who is now 6wks old and I noticed a week ago the burning sensation and an odour after I pee. I asked my midwife for treatment who assured me I was ok and to see a doctor if symptoms persist. I really wish I had been persistent and gotten a prescription, cos I thought it had gone away until today. I now have blood in my urine with lower back pain and its the weekend so of course going to an oncall doctor is going to cost the world! I was going to persevere with the home remedies but after finding this website... I changed my mind and I'm definitely going to the doctor!! I realised I might become worse if I hold out a few more days and thats not going to help me, my newborn baby or my husband. So a huge thankyou I'm glad I found this website

Posted by Chelsea on Apr 08 2010 13:41:21
I fell asleep feeling OK but I kept getting up to go to the bathroom every 3 hours or so. I get this on occasion but it's more common when I am stressed out (like when I had finals). This morning I was a mess. I drank a 2 liter bottle of cranberry juice and gagged down the water with baking soda. I've also been having tons of bottled water. I feel a little better. Also, taking tylenol or ibuprofen and using a hot water bottle has helped immensely in the between time. I hope everyone feels better. One of these options is bound to work for you so try to stay positive.

Posted by joellen on Apr 05 2010 10:05:31
OKAY, EVERYONE LISTEN UP FOR ADVISE FROM A FORMER SERVERE UTI SUFFERER. take acidophilus and a supplement u can pick up from a healthstore called D-mannose. The issue is bacteria and bacteria loves sugar....u need to flush this out. the acidophilus promotes good bacteria and the D mannose flushes out the bad bacteria. trust me on this ....

Posted by melissa haney on Apr 02 2010 11:27:37
I have suffered from UTI for many years but I have learned all the tricks throughout the years. But now my 4 year old daughter has had 3 in the last 8 weeks and we just can't get it all cleared up. So can my daughter try all these remedies that we adults use? We are doing the cranberry juice & water. She has never taken baths only showers. Help me!

Posted by Kathy on Mar 30 2010 15:26:33
A natural remedy that usually works for me is an herb called cleavers. I buy it as a tincture. A quarter to a half teaspoon in a cup of hot water at least 3 times a day at the onset of symptoms will usually take care of the infection within a day or two. If the cleavers doesn't work for me, then the infection is too far gone and I need Cipro. I get relief from Cipro (antibiotic) within an hour of the first dose. I can't take sulpha drugs for UTI - they do nothing for me. I began feeling UTI symptoms today while at work, and as soon as I got home I drank a cup of cleavers tea, then another cup of parsley tea and I can already feel the symptoms dissipating. I'm also about to drink water with baking soda after learning about that here. But I sent my husband off to the pharmacy for some Cystex, just in case! I used to get UTIs frequently, but haven't had one for about 10 years now, until today. Years ago a kind nurse told me to pee both before and after sex and that was a big help.

Posted by Mel on Mar 26 2010 09:26:15
You ladies are Saints!!! I'm a very busy business woman and I am away on a trip, woke up last night around two in typical UTI pain, Couldnt sleep, Googled and found u all, no 24 hour clinics here, but had two full tablespoons of baking soda in two glasses of water within an hour comfortable enough to fall back asleep, it's 8:00 and no signs of UTI!! WOW is all I have to say. THANK YOU!!!

Posted by Laura on Mar 18 2010 21:20:31
Okay so I have had lets say my fair share of UTI's in the past - mainly I think from sex. I have always done the water and cranberry remedy but always ended up going to the doctors to get antibiotics. Now that I am older and have no health insurance, I am not about to spend an arm and a leg for a stupid uti antibiotic. So after looking at this page, in addition to my regular water and cranberry juice, I tried the baking soda/water combo, and the apple cidar vinegar/water combo. Both of those additions tasted absolutely disgusting but drink-able if you just gulp it down quickly haha. Anyway, within a half hr i definitly felt a noticeable amount of relief and will have another mix of "gross mix water" before bed and see if its all gone tomorrow... well see! thanx for the tips - I was really surprised at these tips but i guess they do work!

Posted by Yuri on Mar 11 2010 20:17:44
I'm trying some pills that he phamacist gave me and 2 alaka zelzerst hopefully is gone y tomorrow. I have to work I already miss today. I need something that help me with this pain.

Posted by Jennifer on Mar 08 2010 00:43:16
Is it normal to continue to have a tingly sensation "down there" when recovering from a uti?

Posted by Jennifer on Mar 08 2010 00:42:18
I forced myself to drink a glass of water every 15 minutes! It was not an easy task, at one point I had to force it down! But definitely worth it. I think the cause might have been having sex on Wednesday. It started burning while I peed Thursday morning. Bought cranberry juice for Thursday, and took AZO. Didn't do much for Thursday or Friday until Friday night, when I drank all that water! I peed it all out of my system. It's Saturday night and I feel great! (: Going to keep drinking tho, to ensure that I'm fine!

Posted by amanda on Mar 04 2010 21:44:56
hey everyone. i am suffering right now from a uti. i went to my hollistic health doctor today and she said that emotions can contribute to this. like alot of stress.. so in the end after youve tried all of the above remedies, remember- try not to let stress get the best of you. i know its easier said than done but u have2 try.

Posted by Lizzie on Mar 02 2010 14:42:44
I had to add something to this page after reading all of the comments -- Ladies please, please, please give this remedy a try that I discovered all on my own: I started to take vitamins every single day without fail and I have not suffered from frequent UTIs in over 6 years. I used to get them so often, one year I had a total of EIGHT and even had an ultrasound done. It makes me very angry to think back over the years of how long I suffered, and all doctors would do is give me drugs (antibiotics). Never once was it mentioned to me that PERHAPS I had a vitamin deficiency. Please try it -- I am so much happier and healthier since taking vitamins. I take GNC, but I think any brand is fine and better than living the way I was.

Posted by Angela on Feb 23 2010 12:46:24
Hi everyone. I also suffer from frequent UTI's. Alka Selzer really does work BUT other things we do to get rid of uti's might work against it, like too much cran juice. The alka selzer makes your bladder more alkaline while cran juice makes it more acidic. They kind of work against each other. Cran will help prevent but not do too much to really get rid of it. Lots and lots of water and alka selzer when you first notice symptoms and then again before bed. Cran juice/pills in moderation and water, water, water. Then when you think its gone, drink even more water or it will come right back. Good luck girls.

Posted by Ms. K.D. on Feb 21 2010 21:32:29
Urinary Tract infections are ridiculously painful, not to mention irritating but this website really helped. I took 1 set of alka seltzer, 2 Echinacea tablets, guzzled down sum Cranberry Juice (unsweetened), and tons of water and with 4 hours I was pain free and back to normal. I still plan to take another set of alka seltzer and Echinacea Pill in the morning to end the treatment, but this stuff works, no lie! Hope this helps any other suffers out there!

Posted by Sheila on Feb 13 2010 00:09:22
I've gotten UTI's frequently. Dandelion root tea is AMAZING for the pain. (although it doesn't taste great) About 30 minutes after I drink it, the pain is almost gone. Also, you can take AZO (found at Walmart, HEB, or health stores) for the discomfort as well. These won't cure the infection, but definitely helps with the pain. Hope this is helpful!

Posted by MARY on Feb 05 2010 21:16:03

Posted by Dianna on Feb 05 2010 13:51:46
Hello sufferers! I have been getting UTIs farely fequently for the past 8 years. My suggestion to anyone who has a minor case (frequent urination, burning pain, etc) then follow many of the home remedies on this page. Drink LOTS of water - flush it out. But dont drink TOO much cran juice, I've read that this can actually cause more problems for some since E.Coli is the common bacteria involved, it actually can multiply much quicker in an acidic environment, which is what cran juice does. I am going to try the Alka-Seltzer thing and see if it offers relief. I'd prefer to avoid antibiotics (they have worked for me) but I don't like the cost plus they get rid of good and bad bacteria. HOWEVER - if you are experiencing or begin to experience nausea, vomiting, and fever GO TO A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. The first infection I ever got had no warning symptoms that I was aware of, I just woke up one night throwing up and had a 104 fever. My parents rushed me to the doctor and blood tests confirmed I had a UTI that had spread to my kidneys. PLEASE if your case is severe - go to the doctor - don't wait and try to fix it w/ home stuff, people CAN die from an infection that is left untreated. So take the above symptoms seriously and get yourself checked out!!!! Good luck everyone! I know these things really suck!

Posted by amanda on Feb 04 2010 08:09:02
I tried baking soda in water, i swallowed a whole colve of garlic, some honey, we'll see!

Posted by Rachael on Feb 03 2010 05:32:51
I used to get UTIs about every month or 2...the only antibiotic that seems to work for me is Cipro...I finally was so tired of getting UTI's that I went to a urologist and she gave me the best advice EVER!! No one had ever told me before that I should pee before AND after sex...I cannot believe that this has helped for such a long time...hope that helps...

Posted by laura on Jan 30 2010 08:52:32
I've had one UTI before the one i have now, and it was only a few months ago. the worst thing is i woke up at 6 this morning realizing and i have to wait till Monday to see a doctor. i cant stand the burning pain. my pain though is more annoying than hurtful. like this really weird tingly burning. it happens when i urinate, but then stays with me even after i urinate! i can stand it when urinating, but no for the whole day after. i seriously need something that works! i cant stand all today and tomorrow with no sleep from this. and something that is found like at walmart, because its the only place i have to go.thanks

Posted by KA on Jan 29 2010 14:35:51
ALKA-SELTZER, CRANBERRY JUICE, BAKING SODA, GARLIC AND ECHINACEA AND WATER!!!! i Used to get UTI's at least once a month for 1 and a half years and all the doctors did was give me antibiotics which seemed to kick in after about 2 days. I got my first one in 2 years yesterday and took 2 alka-seltzers, one glass of water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda, garlic and echinacea tablets (garlic is one of the best natural infection fighters-also good for yeast infections), drank loads of water: i just kept filling up mt 1 litre bottle and forcing myself to drink it, and downed 1.5 litres of cranberry juice in 3 hours. I took another 2 alka-selzter in the afternoon and last night it was gone! This morning im pain free and normal again :) This is the first time it has gone away with home remedy and definitely worked much quicker than antibiotics. Other things tht could be tried: * douche with hydrogen peroxide 3% and water * colloidal silver sprayed on a tampon and inserted for about 2 hours * bathe in baking soda with a drop of tea tree oil I also used these as well, i don't know which one worked but i got the result i wanted!!!

Posted by Linda Clark on Jan 22 2010 09:02:25
Hi: One thing that has helped me with UTIs is drinking lemons on a daily basis. It's really good for alkalinizing hte body. I recently read that people who have an acidic body get UTIs easily. I usually get one when I'm detoxing or fasting, even though I don't drink soft drinks, coffee, etc. But one thing I haven't seen mentioned up above is Juniper berries, which is really good for the pain. Unfortunately, you don't always see a UTI coming, but if you start taking the Juniper berries when you first notice it, the pain will be completely gone the next day. Then for the actual infection, garlic and Echinacea and nature's strongest antibiotics, without the side effects. I used to keep antibiotics close but wouldn't take them for anything BUT UTIs. Now I don't take them at all, as these natural remedies work just as well...sometimes a lot better. God bless all of you poor girls...it's very painful!

Posted by Kimberly on Jan 20 2010 15:42:06
Best cure for a UTI is the purest form of Cranberry juice you can find and limes. You want to make your urine more acidic to kill bacteria. Take 2 of your favorite OTC pain reliever, and drink a 16oz glass of cranberry juice with the juice of a full lime. Repeat as desired, and drink loads of water in between. I swear it works! I went from pain to no pain within an hour! I am on day 2 and still no pain! Also, I found a hot bath relieves pain temporarily.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 20 2010 06:27:41
Drink plenty of warm water first thing in the morning and before going to bed instead of cold water and apple juice work as well

Posted by Liza on Jan 18 2010 15:34:24
Popped a couple of Cranberry tablets plus Alka-seltzer... less painful than an hour ago... still in pain though... I hate UTI! :(

Posted by Jennifer on Jan 15 2010 13:05:38
I'm only 16 and get uti's often, i normally just wait it out and it goes away, but it does come back somewhere down the track. It is soo irritating. I just found out today that a uti is what my symptoms have been indicating. Atm, i'm trying to eat heaps of pineapple and drink heaps of water and take some vitamins.. its seems to be working..

Posted by Janine on Jan 08 2010 07:16:35
I have had several UTI due to side effects of Eye drops. I boil coiled parsley for about 20 minutes on low heat and if I drink 2 cups of it the pain goes away for the whole day. Do not use sugar, I use a bit of artificial sugar because that tea does not taste good. It does not cure UTI but it takes away the pain.

Posted by Melissa on Jan 05 2010 09:59:10
there is a natural cure that works the same day!! I have had countless repeated uti's along with antibiotics that made me sick and didnt work.. i finally found a natural supplement called D-Mannose.. i suggest the powder form Clear Tract.. it works immediately!! i havent taken an antibiotic since..

Posted by Elle on Jan 04 2010 16:20:39
Tried the baking soda in water and 2 alka-seltzer and gone by morning. Wow!

Posted by Jamie on Jan 04 2010 03:58:28
I have been getting UTI's for the last three years. They come and go on their own. I use AZO and cranberry juice and tablets as well as a ton of water. But the one I am experiencing now is horrendous. I soak in hot salt baths (which seems to help eventually), drink so much fluid I feel like i am going to explode, tried the baking soda idea and nothing. going to the Dr this week, but don't know what to do until then. Any other ideas?

Posted by Darian Neal on Dec 23 2009 19:15:17
Hello everyone, i am an 18 young women, i have had 4 or 5 UTI's this year. I must say, Antibiotics was my only cure! Cranberry juice and water does stop the urge and burning but doesnt cure the infection, my last infection infected my kidneys and i was in the hospital for several days. If you have an UTI please see your doctor.

Posted by Dee on Dec 16 2009 19:36:40
I have suffered from UTI's for several years sometimes more than once a year. I got one recently and didn't have medical insurance. In despair I called my grandmother and asked about natural remedies. She told me to buy fresh corn, take the hair off and boil it. I was hesitant but desperate for some relief. I'm glad I listened to grandma because IT WORKED! I drank the tea three times a day for about three days just to make sure it didn't come back. I've used this remedy more than once and my UTI's don't come back as often! I also take EZO Standard to ease the pain. You can get this over the counter at most drug stores and grocery stores.

Posted by rebecca on Dec 15 2009 03:05:26
i have had UTI for one day now and the pain is excrusiating i cant stand it for much longer, last nite i didnt get any sleep becos i didnt know how to treat it, it was horrible. today i went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics they havnt kicked in yet and its soo painful my boss called me in for work tomorro i dont know wat im going to do wat r some really fast remidies that stops the pain please HELP.

Posted by Anthony Collins on Dec 14 2009 06:35:29
I am having this for couple of months, had visited the doc x3 had antibiotics and other medicines in the Rx but still have that irritation and pain in the two sides of the hops when peeing. Am trying Echinacea, cranberry pills and ural alkalinezer, feelning better but not yet recovered still is what I feel. Have irritation and difficulty to pee if I did masturbate (once done) Is this a problem?

Posted by Kyla on Nov 26 2009 01:02:45
Hi, ive had this for three days now. I thought it was something else like pregnancy, but after reading this, i feel like it is this that i have. I bleed almost everytime i go to the toilet, which is very painful. I want to know what is the quickest and most efficient way to ease the pain and urge to pee all the time. Please help.

Posted by Painfull in Vegas on Nov 25 2009 20:02:20
I am now batteling UTI for the second time in a row over the last 2 weeks...I have been to the Dr. for both times and have been on 2 different antibiotics. My concern is the bloading and swelling in the lower abdominal. I have had UTI in the past, however, not as severe. Is it normal for you to have massive pain and bloading in the lower abdominal like it is going to explode? I have been drinking Cran juice and staying off my feet to relieve some discomfort. I wish all of you the best luck w/UTI. Not fun stuff!!

Posted by Bianca on Nov 16 2009 16:56:42
I tried the alka-selzer thing and it really works woke up the next morning and the UTI was gone!!!!!

Posted by K on Nov 09 2009 00:45:17
I've had 2 UTIs before the one I have now. There have been multiple times in which I felt one coming on and was able to keep it from erupting into a full blown infection by drowning myself in water and cranberry capsules. I likely got this one from drinking too much caffeine lately, and I ignored some of the early warning signs so now I'm at the point where it either has to get better fast or I need to see a doctor. After reading up on various home remedies, I decided to try a combination of things. I've continued with cranberry capsules, lots of water as well as cranberry juice. I've tried the baking soda twice today, the ACV once, Alka-Seltzer once, and a collection of herbal supplements and extracts (oregon grape, echinacea, goldenseal, bromelain (found in fresh pineapple) and a tablet that is a blend of uva ursi, dandelion root, marshmallow root & parsley root among others). If I don't wake up pain free in the morning, then none of these home remedies are going to work and I will need to see a doctor. But I have my fingers crossed. If I am successful, I unfortunately won't know exactly what did it, and it may just be a combination of things. I don't think any one thing will work the same for everyone, so all of us need to try things to see what's best for our bodies. One last thing I may try tomorrow is D-Mannose if I can find some at our local co-op.

Posted by Calder on Oct 30 2009 23:08:14
I suffer from UTIs, too and it's hard to read all these stories about the struggles women have had to deal with the pain. I don't have any sure answers; there are many reasons why women get them so frequently. Yes, it can be if you have diarrhea often, especially if you wipe back to front, that you can contaminate the urethra. You can try changing your underwear often (my naturopath said after every bowel movement; which is a pain in the butt- lol) and wiping front to back, too. But there a host of reasons why women get UTIs so frequently and everybody has their own issues- there's never just one reason, despite what the women who is pushing her book says. First of all, women have a uterus that presses on their bladder, so it makes it harder to have a full bladder and it's not so easy to find the opportunity to pee every 20 minutes, which increases the chance of bacteria building up in the urinary tract and also the muscles of the pelvic floor get loose with age or having babies and don't hold the urethra up as well, so it's easier to get contaminated- try kegel exercises- and also sex does introduce a lot of bacteria into the genital area, which can get into the urethra. I really get discouraged, too, especially when I have eaten ZERO sugar and white flour, have tried to eat lots of greens and taking all the natural and alternative supplements my alternative doctor puts me on (probiotis, herbal remedies, etc.) and it's still hanging on. I get it down to where I don't feel any symptoms (my urine still shows it) and antibiotics do the same thing with bad side effects- it's still there- antibiotics never quite get rid of it- and I get discouraged, too, but at least I can get it down to a dull roar. Then I get frustrated and have a slice of pizza or something and it goes back up. Just keep on trucking and maybe one day we'll figure it out- I wan to do the Alka-Seltzer thing- maybe that will help. I'm trying lots of naturally sourced vitamins, too, esp. B,C,A and E.

Posted by Rachel Falk on Oct 30 2009 22:29:20
If you get UTIs frequently and don't want to always immediately go straight to antibiotics, there are a number of steps you can try beforehand. First, if your body is in an acidic condition (sugar, meats, lots of dairy and refined grains-i.e white flour bread and pasta), try changing it to an alkaline condition by increasing the amount of veggies and whole grains you eat in your diet. Even distilled or reverse osmosis water is acidic; the minerals in spring water make it alkaline. Second drink UNsweetened cranberry juice and dilute it with water to make it more palatable or another unsweetened, naturally tart juice (like pomegranate or blueberry). There is a very good brand of cranberry juice called Medicea that has herbs specifically for UTIs; it is unsweetened and though rather expensive, can be diluted to last a long time. D-Mannose is good for light UTIs or as a preventive measure, but once you have it, Uristatin (an herb blend) and cranberry capsules (Genestra makes a gel cap with pure cranberry oil) in 1000 mg. doses may also help. If you can stay home for a couple of days and drink, water- just drink, drink, drink and take the Uristatin and cranberry away from meals, you may see some immediate improvement. Also, there is an herb product called Kidny- no e, by New Roots Herbal that has several herbs that support kidney and bladder function. It has Uva Ursi and Buchu herbs- both good for kidney and bladder. The first time I took it, it was amazing; it got a little less effective each successive time I took it- I didn't see the miraculous results like I did the first few days, but it still helped a lot. If you take it, drink it with lots and lots of water and stay home for the next few hours, because it makes you pee a river every 15 minutes, but it will get out more of the infection in one day than most other stuff will get out in several days. Some of the other suggestions people made sound good, too; I'm going to try the baking soda trick. Hope this helps.

Posted by ronnie-anne on Oct 30 2009 20:07:04
Soi have had a uti for a week now. I have been on bactrim and pyridium and nothing is working. I have gagged down a gallon of cranberry juice. I am hoping it works. Your posts have really helped me knowing I am not the only one who suffers from this agony. Men could never understand or handle pain and discomfort like this!

Posted by Vincent on Oct 28 2009 21:15:06
Okay so I have had this for awhile, but I just found out that I have a UTI after thinking it was something else this whole time. Will it go away if I drink a large amount of cranberry juice?

Posted by marie on Oct 26 2009 10:06:23
Please do not take the recommendation from the person who gets her antibiotics at a pet store. I am a pharmacist and I can tell you this is a very bad idea. We check expiration dates monthly in our pharmacy and store all drugs in proper storeage conditions. Will a worker at the pet store have the same standards as your pharmacist? Who knows how these drugs are manufactured. Also, the dosing for the amoxicillin is incorrect and generally these antibiotics are not first line meds for UTI. Please consult your Dr or Pharmacist. Pharmacists are a great resource for info and are generally very honest and concerned for your well being.

Posted by marie on Oct 26 2009 09:56:46
I have tried D-mannose powder (Clear tract) and it worked at first, but then it wasn't working so I did order the UTI report online (Barton Publishing).Their protocol did work well. It was .00 well spent. My friend uses a more expensive D-mannose powder from Vital Nutrients and she says it is more effective than Clear Tract. I also take a high quality probiotic daily to boost my immunity. Try all the natural remedies first, but sometimes an antibiotic is needed. The natural remedies need to work in a day or so or go see your Dr so a simple UTI doesn't develop into a kidney infection.

Posted by silvia on Oct 18 2009 12:05:03
I'm dying! i've been suffering from UTI for nearly a week now, tried the baking soda and water and didnt work, maybe i need plenty of it. i'm gona try the cranberry juice, this must stop today. it hurt soooooo bad..... :(

Posted by Christy on Oct 17 2009 16:19:26
Diabetes and UTI ... Do you any of you have Diabetes as well? I am diabetic and now have a UTI. When doing google searches, I found there is a much better risk of UTI if you are diabetic. Also, some of the "home remedies" might not work for me due to the high sugar content in them. Any advice for me? It sounds like maybe I just would be better off going with an anitibiotic. Any advice would be appreciated. Suffering as we speak!!!

Posted by Becki on Oct 13 2009 17:24:18
I haven't had a UTI in over 10 years, I used to drink cranberry juice and it was healed. I am going to try the H2O and baking soda, because I am in the bathroom every 5 minutes with the painful burning urge.

Posted by Tara on Oct 13 2009 13:29:46
I read all these posts last night while in agony and today I am cured! I was ready to go to the ER, even without health insurance. I've always used cranberry juice as a remedy, but had never tried the baking soda in water. I drank 2 glasses, each w a tsp of baking soda, downed a gallon of cranberry juice(the regular kind, not unsweetened like I should have, funds were low and it was late) and just kept drinking water as often as possible. It only took a coupe of hours for the pain to dissipate. I couldn't believe how well it worked. I used to get UTI's twice a month, but I've been careful to wash and urinate after sex and it's been a year at least since I've had one and that was mild. The only side effect was some diarrhea, but I would take that to a UTI any day. I saw a question above about a hot compress. I do this- I use a heating pad and place it between my legs, I wear pants obviously, I don't want to burn myself. It really helps with the pain. I also splash water as hot as I can take it there too. I can understand how this might sound off putting, but it works for me so I'm sticking with it. I also wanted to second the poster who said coffee causes burning. That and all alcohol. There's probably some bacteria brewing and all those things are acidic, so I'd imagine that's where the irritation comes from. I drink tea for my caffeine fix when I have a UTI.

Posted by Jenn on Oct 12 2009 07:07:44
Woke up at 5am with symptoms of a UTI (constant feeling 'like you need to go' but don't actually have to+ burning sensation). I do not have time to go to the doctor, so this site really helped. I have drank 4 large glasses of water 2 with baking soda, and one with 'Airborne'. I have also taken 1kmg of Vit C and Ekenacia (sp?). I hope to be symptom free soon.

Posted by Lisa on Oct 10 2009 23:14:47
Ok ladies, serious UTI here. Gotta love great sex right?!?!?! lol I was positive that I had a UTI, and was unwilling to wait until Monday for relief from the agony. I felt fine, just a bit of pressure and a nagging in the back of my mind at all times that I kinda had to pee. But actually peeing? Ewww, misery. Peeing was fine, until I got to the 'end', then there was intense pressure and the feeling that I had to go again soooo very bad. It was painful, I'll tell ya. Read this thread, and many others, praying for some immediate relief. Last night, I worked with what I had, baking soda and water, until I could get to the store this morning. Relief in the early am, but I could feel symptoms returning, quickly. Went to the drug store at 8am this morning, purchased Alka-Seltzer and Cranberry tablets, the Triple-Strength from Nature's Bounty. I took the two Alka tablets in water, and used that to swallow the first dose of two Cranberry softgels. Same thing 4 hours later. 2 more Cranberry tabs early afternoon. It is now 11pm, and I am urintating normally, and often, pain free! I have been drinking as much water as my stomach will allow. Not sure if it was the Alka or the berry, but something is working its butt off. My nether-regions feel vaguely normal, yay me! Will continue to take the Cranberry supplement for at least the next 24 hours, as well as maintain a high water intake. I am not sure what is working, but something is! I will update the status in a day or so. Good luck ladies!

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 09 2009 17:28:17
OK ladies! You are going to think that I am crazy. But, I used to date my ex for about 8 years and I would get UTIs ALL THE TIME. I went to the doctor (Bactrium became my best friend). Anyway, she wasn't there and so a resident doctor came in. I told her about my frequent UTI issues and she suggested that I used white soap (such as Dove or Ivory), when I wash my private area. Have not had a UTI in forever! Also, I drink a glass of cranberry juice every day. Good luck - I know the feeling!

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 06 2009 23:04:30
The best prevention that I found is this stuff called D-MANNOSE sugar. It\\'s sold in health stores or organic stores.Trust me ladies, this stuff works! It\\'s a natural sugar that your body makes that grab onto the bacteria in your bladder lining and pull them away when you pee. They sell it in powder and tablet form. I like the powder, you mix it in with water and voila, your UTI is gone. also take it with cranberry pills for a quick recovery! But I am still trying to figure out why there are percentage of us who get this problem. I am waiting for my urologist appointment. I hope they can help me figure this out. wish me luck guys!!

Posted by Ellie Eruysal on Oct 05 2009 07:23:52
help me.. ım gettıng a UTI every 2-3 weeks and all my doctor ıs doıng ıs prescrıbıng me antıbıotıcs..ok they clear ıt up after 3 days of TERRIBLE paın but ıts never clears the problem. ım lıvıng ın Turkey and NOWHERE sells cranberry juıce of apple cıder vınegar whıch ı see most of u gırls are suggestıng... what do ı do now? sometımes the paın ıs so bad when ı pee blood ıs present and what appears to be tıssue from ınsıde my bladder or urınary tract on the toılet paper whıch ıs really worryıng me...

Posted by Candice on Sep 30 2009 14:12:27
So greatful for your comments. I'm on day 10 of a UTI. The first antibiotic didn't work and now it feels that the new antibiotic isn't going to work either. I decided to take an alka seltzer and drink ACV, I almost immediatly feel better. I have been taking cran pills daily but they only seem to work if I catch it early enough. Thanks again you guys are lifesavers.

Posted by Lynda on Sep 30 2009 10:15:58
Thanks for all the tips! Just took everything I could think of before reading this. I heard a thing for flu of Asprin and antihistimine like Benedryl. I tried that, 4 asp. and antihistamine..(think it might be what is in Alka-Seltzer), plus powdered Vit C Most important?: I took an old vinegar douche container and put like 1/8 cp of Vinegar and warm water/douche and rinse in and outside. Pretty sure that e-coli and careless w. wipe prob was "cause". Also, did a pack of EmergC, of course quarts of water! Even took Hylands homeopathic Calms Forte hoping to calm the bladder spasms. It has been maybe 1 and 1/2 hr and even aching all over is going! I did do that baking soda and glass of water suggested maybe 1/2 hr ago. Last nite spent 2-4 hrs drinking about 2 qts of water etc just to sleep a few hrs but woke up with it Full Blown symptoms again, but NOW I am COMFORTABLE! BTW I always do pure HF store cranberry but not notice a real differance.

Posted by Carrey on Sep 27 2009 02:00:13
Desperately trying to look for a home remedy online I found this thing called utireport. It claims to have a natural remedy for uti. I followed the instructions to purchase and download but it never gave me the recipe! Also, at first it said it would charge me .99 but ended up charging over without my consent! I feel scammed! Has anyone had the same experience?

Posted by Jessica on Sep 24 2009 21:20:19
i have had horrible utis for about 2 years now to the point where i have had blood in my urine and been in so much pain to the point of tears.after doing alot of research and understanding differnt sources for them i think i traced my back to not peeing immediatly after sex or my partners hands not being completley clean (especially if they smoke) ive found taking a shower right when the symptoms start and literally chugging as much water as possible kicks the recovery process into gear. i believe in the cranberry pills and have tried the baking soda but it is not fun i warn anyone in desperation also ive read before to only go to the bathroom when you have drank enough liquids that your positive you are able to pee. i get the chills really bad, cant focus on anything but the pain, and cant help but trying to use the washroom every second. my prayers go out to every woman who gets them. i hope we can all find the perfect remedy!

Posted by Lena on Sep 24 2009 19:59:00
I found that after I've stopped taking antibiotics I would develop uti. So, apple cider vinegar is a real saver for me because I have chronic sinus infections (which is why I started with antibiotics in the first place. Needless to say, antibiotics don't work for it). A few months back I ran across an article and testimonies claiming that apv works for infections of such; tried it and it worked. And it's helped to keep my skin clear of break outs. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like an infomercial. I'm just really glad to have come across something that actually does what people claim it to.

Posted by Betsy on Sep 24 2009 02:02:22
I wish uti's never existed... I suffer from the constantly! My mom gets so upset with me because she says I don't care of my self but I do!!! I have no idea what I get my uti's from but there reaccuring for me.. When I go to the doctor it's pure antibiotics she gives me which never works!!! It's 2:00 in the morning. I have school tomorrow so I'm goin to try the alka seltzer! I hope that will give me sum type of releif... And a question.. Why do I get chills along with my uti's

Posted by Sarah on Sep 12 2009 14:42:11
I'm trying everything the baking soda and water are really helping. BTW ladies don't take azo then go to the doctor they will be really mad at you.

Posted by brittney on Sep 10 2009 08:36:09
I woke up this morning with UTI symptoms..mostly some serious burning. I drank as much ACV as I could stand, took a warm bath with ACV in it and within 30 min have no pain..maybe I just caught it early but what ever helps HELPS! I get UTI's pretty often and notice that mostly drinking the vinegar helps.Actually ACV, acidophilus (spelling?)tablets, eating grapes and drinking that 100% cranberry (yeah, the stuff that tastes like jet fuel, not the grape or apple-diluted stuff) baking soda, steeping parsley in water, garlic juice and olive oil mixed in water have actually gotten rid of serious infections that non of my antibiotics I was given were getting rid of. I can't remember the authors name at the moment of that "home remedies" book I bought online several years back but I'll go look for it and post it. Shes where I got all those ideas from and she actually gives you an hour by hour, step by step process that you go through for a total of twelve hours but I'll tell you what! it works! and within the first 3 hours too. I actually haven't been back to the doctor for UTIs since I got the book or atleast knew what to do

Posted by Judith on Sep 08 2009 07:26:49
All these things help with the SYMPTOMS but don't necessarily cure it. Drink loads of cranberry juice and baking soda with water to make the wait at the doctor bearable

Posted by lauren on Aug 31 2009 14:37:40
One thing that helps for immediate relief (for long enough to help you go back to bed) is to wash the area with cool water right after urination. The cooling effect last long enough for the non-prescription Phenazopyridine HCL pills to take effect. I felt a lot better reading your responses and knowing that I was not the only one who wakes up at 5 in the morning and cries from the pain.

Posted by Kathy on Aug 27 2009 20:25:47
I have struggled with UTI's since I was 16. For whatever reason, I am getting them as frequently as every week. I did hear the warmer temperatures can cause you to be more likely to have a UTI. Also, every time I have intercourse, it seems to cause them. I have found that the best treatment is pure 100% cranberry juice (you can only find this at the health food store) and drinking tons of water. I also take a UTI supplement, cranberry capsules and a probiotic supplement. I just recently am starting on drinking apple cider vinegar with honey and water. Will start drinking a little bit of the pure cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar every day as well as the supplements that I have taken daily for over a year. It is frustrating because it is something I worry about every day. Antibiotics do not solve the problem. Wish everyone the best of luck in defeating this constant battle of infections.

Posted by crystal on Aug 27 2009 08:18:49
Ok, i just drank a glass of baking soda water (gross, but do-able) and then i drank 6 ozs of pineapple juice and took 2 cranberry pills. It is now 7:19AM. I really hope this works. I'm gonna drink a big glass of water too. Then take a nap and I will let cha know how I'm doing this afternoon.

Posted by crystal on Aug 27 2009 08:18:46
Ok, i just drank a glass of baking soda water (gross, but do-able) and then i drank 6 ozs of pineapple juice and took 2 cranberry pills. It is now 7:19AM. I really hope this works. I'm gonna drink a big glass of water too. Then take a nap and I will let cha know how I'm doing this afternoon.

Posted by penny on Aug 21 2009 17:59:57
omg. i am going crazy. bactrim doesn't work anymore. so i'm going to try the baking sodq or alka seltzer thing. hope it works. dr. put me on cipro. does this work? bactrim and utira c have always worked in the past, but not now.

Posted by Amy Roberts on Aug 20 2009 19:41:53
It is the wierdest things but I get a UTI everytime a condom is used. I was married at the time and I asked my husband to start using condoms at the end of marriage, I thought he was trying to get me pregnant again. The morning after using the condom I had a UTI, then three weeks later another UTI, of cours my doctor had record of all this. Three years later after getting a divorce and moved on to a new relationship, the first time we had sexual intercourse we used a condom, and again a UTI. My doctor putting two and two together said that a latex alergy, or ingredients in Spermicide can irritate and cause UTI's. I had never heard this before in my life and never would have thought. So please be aware and if UTI's result after using condoms take this into concideration

Posted by Stephanie on Aug 20 2009 12:34:20
I get them once a year and usually they stay with me for a couple of hours because I drink cranberry juice. Well this time Ive had for over 12 hours now. Dont have time to go to the dr., so bought some AZO pills for the discomfort. But reading about this home remedies is great. Cheap and quick.Im going to take more precaution now with going to the bathroom when I need to go and going before sex and after.

Posted by Michelle on Aug 17 2009 20:24:04
Apple Cider Vinegar helps a lot.

Posted by Molly on Aug 11 2009 15:00:43
I have been gettin uti's for the past year. It happens frequently when I am sexually active and don't drink enough water. I am getting sick of always going to the doctor so I am trying cranberry juice and the baking soda thing. I really hope it works!! When I have a UTI it is the only thing I can concentrate on all day. It is horrible and I just feel like laying down in my bed and crying. AZO helps a little bit. It is also awkward to be in public because I know people can see the pain on my face and I am highly irritatible. I hate UTI's and I feel sorry for any other women who experience them. I have got to start taking more preventative measures. This site has really helped.

Posted by Kelly on Aug 06 2009 12:28:43
I just finished my third antiiotic the other day and I still think I have a UTY. I tryed the baking soda and have more relief than I have had in days, will drink another glass before bed.

Posted by Kirstyann on Aug 04 2009 09:11:37
Once again, i have a UTI. I've had them 3 times a month over the past 2 years (im 16). I've done everything to prevent them. I tried taking cranberry pills, and vitamin C tablets everyday, i have stopped being sexually active all together to try and prevent it.Yet still i get the bloomin things all the time! The pain is so bad soemtimes, i come out the bathrom crying and i have to use all my self restraint to try and not go back 2 seconds after peeing. All my gp does is prescribe antibiotics like: Trimethoprin, C Ciprofloxacin, Some-thing-else-axin And sometimes the Antibi's don't even work. It's a lot of hassle, and sometimes it can get quite depressing, if i get a UTI it rules my life,i have to take days off of college, and i end up in a lot of trouble sometimes, even when my Doctor writes to the college explaining i get UTI's reguarly. I desperatly need help in findng something that takes away the pain :( Or relieves it somewhat. I feel like tearing out my hair

Posted by Jamie on Aug 01 2009 15:07:03
This will sound funny...but if you visit your pet tropical fish store, they sell an array of over the counter antibiotics such as Tetracycline, Pennicillin, Amoxicillin, Erythromicin etc. All are usually 250 mg. These are the SAME as human antibiotics as they do not make different versions. Normal course of 250 mg amoxicillan twice day for 7 days. They are pretty inexpensive. Try it. Desperate times call for desperate measures sometimes.

Posted by May on Jul 31 2009 10:08:58
This is my first time having an Uti. Well Im pretty sure from the symtoms ive seen, that I have it. I recently had sexual intercourse and the next day I had pain in my bladder and constantly needed to go pee. Im on birth control which makes me try to find out natural remidies! Thanks for the help!

Posted by Erin on Jul 31 2009 06:49:35
does anyone know if heating pads work as a form of temporary relief?? this really is not fun.

Posted by sue on Jul 28 2009 09:36:10
reading all these articles, i should say am alittle relieved,not from the pain but to learn certain things.i ve had my uti for coming to 13 years. started as a uti,consequently another bacteria of some is found, then later 3 to 4 bacteria found after a culture and swab.then a yeast infection. its been hell , painful sex worst part of it. and am afraid now for my reproductive sys. the last time i visited the lab, some liquids were found hanging in the pouch of douglas somelike like that cant recall that scientifc name really. gathering all this remedies its sheer desperation to try almost evrything, just dont know where to start. my antibiotics have proven resistant, they relive the pain and symptom but dont cure me anymore. should all hope be gone at his stage? need help.

Posted by angela kilmartin on Jul 24 2009 17:16:08
Sad to see so many girls posting comments and not one of them mentioning prevention of UTI\\'s. Its so simple girls. Its your own germs from your own anus that swim around in liquids until they reach the bladder opening and find a safe, nutritious harbour inside! Until you learn all about it your lives will be ruined as mione was when I was younger. But its over thirty years now since I had a UTI and all I do is take 20 seconds a day to correctly bottle wash these germs away after a bowel movement and always before se. I wash last thing every night like I do my teeth and if sex happens then I\\'m all prepared, no problems. Please read up, the comments are above contain nothing that will make you well and prevent infections, neither will any commercial product. You only need my book, The Patients Encyclopaedia of Urinary Tract infection, Sexual Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis. Amazon or any other bookstore worldwide will get it for you or from my distributors , phine numbers for both UK and USA from www.angelakilmartin.com (click MORE on my homepage for buying details) get well--PROPERLY and forever. ANgela Kilmartin author of over 12 books on UTI\\'s

Posted by Em on Jul 17 2009 19:42:36
I have been exprencing UIT's for about 3 years and everytime I get one my whole day(s) are just ruined because it hurts so much and I always have to go to the bathroom. I get them pretty frequently, I would say every two weeks or so. I never heard about the alka-seltzer thing eather and I just took it but its so gross! blah! I really hope it works!

Posted by Lindsey on Jul 15 2009 18:01:30
APPLE CIDER VINAGER!!! 2 tbls. mixed with a juice glass of water and add a little honey to it (which is very healing as well) and you are on your way to feeling better! I haven't tried baking soda or alka seltzer, which is something I have herd over and over. WATER is, and always, has been my best friend! I normaly get UTIs when I get stressed! I also take a multi vitamin, garlic, cranberry pills (stronger then just drinking the juice), and Echinacea.

Posted by Karen on Jul 12 2009 13:04:28
I've been having uti's quite regularly for the past 4 years. I started going to the dr the first two years only to be prescribed antibiotics. I heard about alka seltzer and tried it and it works. I just recently caught another one and decided to try a teaspoon of baking soda with 8 oz of water and drank cranberry juice right after. Needless to say, it works. No more pain or painful urination. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Posted by jen on Jul 12 2009 12:27:38
I have a UTI about every 2 weeks. This has happened for the last year. I cannot see taking antibiotics every 2 weeks. It think mine is related to drinking coffee. Every time I do..I get one.

Posted by Meg on Jul 08 2009 11:52:04
Woke up this morning and knew... Don't have cranberry juice. Tried the baking soda... yes, I agree. Not pleasant at all. I wouldn't have gotten through downing it unless I mixed it with other juice. Perhaps could mix with cranberry (2-in-one). Also took Vit-C. Hope this works...

Posted by Rae on Jul 07 2009 13:27:37
Believe it or not, I didnt think the baking soda and water would work either, but after seeing atleast 3 different pages that said it would help relieve the pain, I tried it. Its NOT pleasant to drink.. I will be very honest about that, but it HAS helped relieve that CONSTANT urge and some of the pain associated with the UTI. I was desperate to try anything that would ease the spasming and pain as even the over the counter AZO medication was NOT helping me.

Posted by jane on Jul 06 2009 19:05:08
I don't understand how baking soda and alkasetzer works. They are bases and would not make the urine acidic like cranberry juice (which is acid). I have had uti for years and have found nothing that really helps.

Posted by Jenn on Jul 01 2009 23:31:40
I load up with cranberry pills, calcium CITRATE pills, echinacea with goldenseal, alka seltzer, vitamin C, and baking soda. I take a ton of pills because the extra ends up in your urine, where you want it. Calcium citrate (name brand Citracel), vitamin C, cranberry, and baking soda or alka seltzer make your urine alkaline and bacteria cannot survive. I don't take any chances and use everything. I take cranberry pills instead of juice because the potency is so much higher. And then drink water constantly. It completely eradicates a UTI.

Posted by Bridget C. Mulcahy on Jun 23 2009 12:29:49
Hey ladies, like many of you, I have suffered many UTI's for about 10 years. Sometimes for even no reason. I was wondering if any of you know how to use Tee Tree Oil to cure UTI's. I have been googling for the past 2 weeks and I haven't gotten the answer I need

Posted by Tiffany on Jun 22 2009 04:25:19
Actually, I just woke up hungover from partying last night (so irresposible) to realize I had a budding UTI. so painful. After writhing in slowly increasing pain for a few hours--I started searching for all the home remedies. I just took a vitamin C pill, and drank 3 glasses of water--one of which I dissolved half a teaspoon of baking soda in. I feel some instant relief. I\\'m gonna try to do al of the home remedies possible to see if that gets rid of it because I dont have insurance. If I get no relief in a few days I will hoowever pay the expense of a doctor.

Posted by dani on Jun 20 2009 01:05:42
ouch I have had this for three days now, sometimes worse than other times and some times it goes completly for ages! I think my problem which caused it this time was holding my wee over night. Woke up at five o clock and can't get back to sleep. Taking ibropruphen and drinking water! I'll go and buy some more cranberry tabs later at a more appropriate time! Help

Posted by Heather on Jun 16 2009 07:19:25
I believe I have yet another UTI... it started a few days ago so i did the normal water consumption and what not and it went away until tonight. its uncomfortable and i cant sleep cause i feel the urge to turn my bed into a toilet, how do i subside the urge and pain in order to fall asleep?? can anyone help ASAP

Posted by Margaret on Jun 14 2009 22:16:58
I know men don't tend to get UTIs but my husband is suffering from his 2nd UTI in 12 months. I think he has actually been passing them to me because I had never had one until after he had his first and now I have my 2nd one as well. I know what to do to prevent them for women, but what can men do to prevent them?

Posted by trini maldonado on Jun 13 2009 19:25:31
trying the 2 alka-selters.... will update in 24 hrs.

Posted by cinthia on Jun 11 2009 08:18:41
hibiscus with garlic tea. disgusting but it helps right away!!! (jamaica con ajo!!!)

Posted by amanda on Jun 02 2009 01:27:43
Alka-Seltzer is always good. Also Uristat, it's a little pill you take with a meal. Takes the pain and urgency away within 15 minutes. Doesn't cure but helps. If you take that while doing either Alka-Seltzer or just drinking cranberry juice. You'll be back to normal in no time.

Posted by Renee Archey on May 26 2009 17:04:19
Wow! I am a home remedy queen and haven\\'t heard of the baking soda and the alkaselzer nor vit C! Yes, I cant stand the pain either and I don\\'t even want to go out to the store because I constantly have to go potty!! Thank you to this site for helping me because I don\\'t have insurance and needed help quick. They definately need to get antibiotics over the counter for this because everyone knows one they have a UTI!!

Posted by Caitie on May 08 2009 11:54:38
i haven't been to the doctor just yet, pretty sure i have a UTI. i've never had one before, i've just been drinking a lot of cold water, and been taking Ural Effervescent Powder. my mum bought this from a chemist off the shelf. i've had UTI for 4 days today and seems to be a lot better. still a bit of pressure on the lower part of my stomach just had a heat pack on it. and a little burning while urinating but nothing extreme like the first day or two. it's on and off, comes and goes. it will hurt the slightest bit one time i urinate then the next it won't hurt at all. i'll see how it goes today and if things don't get better i'll see a doctor

Posted by Denise on Apr 27 2009 15:18:05
To all of you UTI sufferers: Google Angela Kilmartin. She's written a book on the subject--she was a sufferer for many years and finally figured out a lot of stuff on her own. You'll be glad you found her info. What else have you got to lose?

Posted by stacia on Apr 04 2009 02:48:50
I found that use half a glass of water and a teaspoon of baking soda really works within 30 minutes or so...

Posted by Glenna on Feb 20 2009 09:39:44
i hate this i've been drinking cranberry juice and taking cranberry tablets 3 times a day....(6 tablets) and it's not going away! this is horrible!!!!

Posted by Diane on Jan 05 2009 23:03:02

Posted by Jetta on Nov 13 2008 12:33:21
This has been an ongoing thing for me for 2 years and im gettin sick of it its every day and all the doctors can do is give me anti biotics. i had a urethral dilitation in august this year and still get the same pains. but they just keep filling me up with pointless pills that do nothing. i am losing alll faith in my gp as they don\\'t seem to have a next step for me and i can\\'t cope with this pain much longer im 17 and its ruining my life.

Posted by Esme\' on Nov 06 2008 15:57:59
If I feel the disconcerning pains of a UTI coming on, I automatically take 2 to 3 Cranberry Tablets- I hate cranberry juice, and the tablets seem to be effective almost immediately. You can get them at CVS or Target!

Posted by Linda on Aug 10 2008 04:00:15
Take 2 Alka-Seltzer and it will be gone by the next morning I don't know why this works but it does, it has been tried by several people that I told to do this and they where so amased, for it worked that fast! No more Urnary Tract infection..

Posted by Trisha on Jun 08 2008 04:10:59
Another great thing for UTI's for people who dislike cranberry juice and has worked wonders for me is white tea. It is packed with antioxidants and works wonders drink and plenty of water and should feel better in a day or two..

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