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Signs and Symptoms of Warts

Warts are benign skin tumors that can appear on almost any part of the body but are commonly found on the hands or feet. They are usually pale, skin-colored growths with a rough surface and dark borders (see picture). They can grow either as single protrusions or in clusters.

Warts are very common in the general population, with almost 75% of all people experiencing them at least once in their lifetime. They can also develop at any age, with both men and women being equally susceptible.

Most warts that appear on the surface of the skin are usually not serious or painful, and as a result they are more of a cosmetic concern. However, you should still consult with your doctor if warts suddenly appear on some part of your body, if they are painful, or if they continue to reoccur.

Genital warts are also very common, particularly among young people in their early 20s. They typically occur around the genital area such as the anus, penis, scrotum, vulva, or vagina. These types of warts usually cause an itching or burning sensation, particularly during intercourse. For some women, genital warts occassionally cause abnormal vaginal bleeding, while others don't experience any symptoms for months or even years.

Causes of Warts

Warts are caused by a viral infection known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). Since the infection is on or close to the surface of the skin, the virus is contagious and can be spread when infected skin makes contact with uninfected skin. Therefore you should avoid touching a wart since it can easily be spread to other parts of your body. For the same reason, warts can also be spread when sharing clothing, towels, or other objects with an infected individual.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatments for Warts

Duct Tape

Duct tape has been known to help cure warts. The remedy takes a few days, but it has been found to be over 80% effective when treating warts on the hands and fingers:

  • Place a piece of duct tape over the wart.
  • Leave the tape over the wart for at least 6 days.
  • After 6 days, remove the tape and soak the wart in warm water for a 5 minutes.
  • Dry the wart, and repeat the 6-day process for up to two months until the wart disappears.

Many people find that a single six day cycle is usually sufficient for small warts. NOTE: It is important to avoid using this remedy on sensitive skin areas such as the genital area.

Vitamin C

Research has shown that some warts can be treated with Vitamin C. Simply take a single Vitamin C tablet, crush it into a powder, mix it with a few drops of water, and then apply the mixture directly to the wart. While the infected area is still wet, cover or wrap it with a bandage for one day. The high acidity from the Vitamin C will help to destroy the papillomavirus that is causing the wart.

Tea Tree Oil

A very effective treatment for genital warts is using Tea Tree Oil. Simply dab a cotton swab into the tea tree oil and gently apply it to the wart. Repeat this once a day for 10 days. If the treatment is effective, the wart will eventually turn white and then fall off. Note that the tea tree oil may causing a slight stinging sensation, but this is normal. Also, be sure to dispose of the used cotton swab to avoid spreading the infection to other areas.

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  1. on said:

    Hi, I am still using tea tree oil on my wart and it is doing wonders. I had a flat wart that looked like a cauliflower from the top. I've had it for 2 weeks now. After hearing about TEA TREE OIL, I started using it and the size of my wart is getting smaller and smaller. I'm going to continue using it until it completely disappears. So I recommend to others to use tea tree oil. Thanks

  2. on said:

    You can use Vitamin C serum but it should not be applied on healthy skin where there is no wart. I have applied it and my other normal part of the skin got damaged (it got burnt).

    But using Vitamin C is very good techie i wish

  3. on said:

    Vitamins C serum got rid of 2 warts I had for over 15 years. I used it for anti-wrinkle and toning which was great. Then I noticed my wart disappearing after years of treatments on it which was too close to nail bed to freeze for doctors. It always bled and was very painful! Now it's gone after 3 weeks. I was putting it on my hands then rubbing it on my face. Good luck!

  4. on said:

    I have small warts on the face and medium sized warts on my neck. Can you suggest a solution for this problem?

  5. on said:

    Can oil be replaced with citronella oil or any other oil with very sharp smell?

  6. on said:

    Iodine would not cause any negative thyroid problems, especially any swelling because iodine is a necessary component for thyroid health. In other words, your thyroid and other glands need iodine to function properly.

  7. on said:

    I would not recommend the use of Iodine. This remedy caused my thyroid to swell giving me goiter for a few weeks. Please choose a different treatment.

  8. on said:

    @ Anne on Jan. 31, What did you use because the Aldara cream didn't work for me.

  9. on said:

    Tea tree oil can be applied directly onto the warts without dilution. I think Tea Tree Oil is one of the only essential oils that can be applied direct without dilution. I say no to the E oil and let the tea tree oil do its thing. TTO will make your skin smoother too.

  10. on said:

    What type of potato should I use please? Is it the sweet potato or irish?

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