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Cold Sores Home Remedy

Cold Sores Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Cold Sores

cold sore
Cold Sores, sometimes also known as Fever Blisters, are small blisters that usually appear around the outside of your lips or mouth, and occasionally on your nose or cheeks. They are often very itchy and tend to cause a stinging sensation. They typically last for 7 to 10 days, and they sometimes ooze fluid or form a yellow colored crust. Cold sores are very common, with about 20 to 40 percent of the population experiencing cold sores at least once in their lifetime.

Some people experience a sense of tiredness or fatigue one or two days before the recurrence of a cold sore. Othes feel a tingling or numbness at the site of the future outbreak. Although there is no cure once a cold sore develops, the home remedies listed below can help to ease the pain and discomfort that is often associated with them.

Causes of Cold Sores

Cold Sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Once you have been exposed to this virus you are infected for life. Infection usually occurs when the virus enters through small breaks in the skin, possibly at the site of injury small cracks in the skin.

If you have the virus, cold sores can develop due to a variety of reasons:
  • Emotional and physical stress
  • Colds or other respiratory infections
  • Exposure to the sun or wind without protection
  • Hormone changes such as during menstruation
Since cold sores are contagious, you should avoid direct contact with other persons during the period when the blisters are developing. You should also avoid touching your eyes or genital area unless you have first washed your hands thoroughly. Oral sex should be avoided when cold sores are present, as this can transmit the infection.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Cold Sores Treatment

Cold Sores Home Remedy Using Whole Milk

A compress using whole milk can help ease the pain associated with a cold sore, as well as help to speed up the healing process.
  • Let a glass of whole milk sit at room temperature for 10 minutes.
  • Soak a cloth into the milk and place the compress onto the cold sore.
  • Keep the compress on the cold sore for 10 minutes
  • Remove the compress and rinse the milk to avoid a sour smell.

Cold Sores Home Remedy Using Lysine

Lysine is an amino acid that counteracts arginine, which is another amino acid that is used by the Herpes Simplex Virus to replicate itself. Therefore, for people that experience frequent cold sores (more than 2 or 3 per year), lysine supplements of 2000 to 3000mg per day are recommended in order to inhibit the virus. Lysine supplments can be found in most health food stores.

It is also recommended that you limit your intake of foods that are high in arginine, such as chocolate, cereals, cashews, peanuts, cola, beer, and foods containing gelatin.

Natural Treatment for Cold Sores Using Ice

Ice cubes are a great way to ease the pain associated with a cold sore. Simply rub an ice cube directly onto the cold sore for a few minutes when it first begins to appear. Repeat this every 10 minutes for about an hour or so.

Using Aloe Vera as a Remedy for Cold Sores

The juice from an aloe plant can help ease the pain from a cold sore. Simply rub aloe juice directly onto the infected area for some fast relief. Aloe gels can also be used instead of fresh aloe juice.

Cold Sore Freedom in 3 Days

A new ebook claims to provide a 3-day cold sore cure without any prescription medications or expensive creams. If anyone tries it out, please post your comments below.

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Reader Comments

Posted by Sammy on Apr 14 2014 14:44:09
Cold sores are typically a manifestation of the non-curable herpes simplex virus. But you can easily get rid or them forever through natural remedies. garlic has great antiviral properties which people can use to get relief from a cold sore.Click here for more : http://coldsoresfreeforever.uni.me/ Cut up the garlic into smaller cloves, place one of the cold sore, this should make the cold sore recede then completely destroy it. The great thing about using garlic for this is that it doesn’t sting the person or make them want to scratch it; this will provide a source of relief when it comes to getting rid of the cold sore.

Posted by Sea Veggies on Apr 06 2014 17:38:19
Well, I will add that sea vegetables-Dulse! It contains polysaccharides & is proven (along with the iodine) to kill off the virus & stop outbreaks altogether. Sea vegetables can be found at your local grocery stores. Look up the information & remember if you have any existing thyroid problems consult your doctor first prior to eating Dulse. It is very good for everyone. Be happy,well & comfy!!!

Posted by Eden on Mar 02 2014 18:34:25
I've had the coldsore virus for as long as I can remember (I'm 26 and I currently have one, hence why I've been Googling ha ha). At times, it's gotten so bad that it'll spread over half of my lip and make me ashamed to be seen in public. Here are some of the things I do to help reduce the severity (NB, everyone is different, they may or may not work for you!): - No Abreva/Zovirax/etc. I was buying those by the tube and usually using the whole tuber per cold sore (expensive if you get them as frequently as I do). You can do any of the below to help with the severity and it costs a fraction of the OTC treatments. - Lysine. Keep a packet in your kit and take 2000mg every 2 hours for day 1 & 2, 1500mg day 3, 1000mg day 4 etc.

Posted by Ray on Dec 17 2013 13:05:25
Carmex works the best out of anything I've tried. Not one outbreak since I've been using it. http://www.loodibee.com/carmex-the-cold-sore-remedy-that-works/

Posted by GaryW on Oct 22 2013 22:14:48
I take 2,000 mg 3 times daily when I feel the first tingle. I have good success with concurrent use of Abreva. Also, if Abreva is not available or in conjunction with it, then I use Melaleuca gel(tea tree oil) and cortisone cream. Combined effort can either keep the sore from progressing from the tingle or at least stopping the sore in 3 days. AVOID KISSING anyone with a cold sore until even the scab is gone. I do also want to reiterate the above warnings: "Since cold sores are contagious, you should avoid direct contact with other persons during the period when the blisters are developing. You should also avoid touching your eyes or genital area unless you have first washed your hands thoroughly (ESP in the morning when you may have inadvertently touched the sore during sleep. Oral sex (BY EITHER PARTNER) should be avoided when cold sores are present, as this can transmit the infection.

Posted by Dawn on Oct 08 2013 17:30:19
I have been getting the same coldsores for a year straight. Right in the middle of my top lip and the corners of my mouth. I have tried Lysine, Abreva, aloe , garlic nothing works. And as soon as I get them finally healed up. Within a week I feel the burn in the middle of my lip and then they are back. I am going crazy???? What REAL remedy WORKS????

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 17 2013 12:34:27
I use Releve and they are gone in about 3 days

Posted by Dana on Aug 21 2013 22:58:34
I have used Lysine for years for cold sores. I take 2,000 mg 3 times daily when I feel the first tingle. By day 2 I reduce it to 2 times daily for 2 days, then 1,000 mg daily for 4 more days to make sure it is gone. Usually by the end of day 3 it is gone, but I like to be sure.

Posted by DAN DIVIRGILIO on Aug 01 2013 08:51:16
Folks...Virgin coconut oil goes to the nucleus of the virus and obliterates it. There is no need to do anything else but Lysine supplementation can't hurt either. It really does work and if you put it on at the first tingle, it won't even develop. I keep a container at home and at work and when I travel...It's awesome

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 11 2013 11:06:52
I have cured all my cold sores by two things...Lysine and nail polish remover. As soon as i know a cold sore is starting to form i immediately take 3 to 4 lysine pills and then begin dabbing nail polish remover on my sore with a q-tip. keep applying nail polish remover as frequent as possible. yes, it may burn but its worth the burning feeling rather than having a cold sore for weeks. trust me i have used this method every single time i get a cold sore and i kill it within a day or two at the most. but the key is to keep applying the nail polish and also keep taking lysine..the nail polish will dry out the cold sore which kills the bacteria. use common sense and do not swallow the nail polish people!! just use a little and only on the cold sore. good luck to all!

Posted by ashley on Jun 30 2013 03:51:48
I am sorry guys, I'm not gonna lie to ya'll, the ice:does NOT work at all!! I spent like, 45 mins holding an ice pack to my cold sore, and I put it down and literally 2 minutes later my cold sore swollen up again. :( I'm still trying other remedies, more feedback on the way ;)

Posted by reez on Jun 22 2013 00:31:47
Oh, and lemon juice, too! Sometimes I would just mix the lemon juice and salt together and let it chill out there. I hope this stuff works for you folks! Just keep rotating the stuff your using throughout the day... reapply them every couple hours. I always had something on my face when I was awake!

Posted by reez on Jun 22 2013 00:29:12
Here is something that worked for me when I had a cold sore on my lip: Ice, HONEY, Salt (put it on your finger and dab it on, keep it for a minute, wash it gently), Garlic clove directly on the site, regular tea bags. At one point, because I wanted ice on it, I ended up just freezing the tea bag; so that's an option as well. Do all of that frequently for even just a day, whether it's blistered or not, you'll see a huge difference. Also, I used hand sanitizer/peroxide to dry it out... Burns like crazy, but works! (dried up in the next 2 days)

Posted by Kate on Jun 18 2013 09:19:03
@ Jon, try applying aloe Vera juice on it. It might help with swelling and blister. Everybody is different, things that help one might not work for others. Also in the previous comment from Anon, this person applied ice with crushed garlic on. It could be that you didn't follow the remedy fully. I hope you feel better!

Posted by Anon on Jun 18 2013 09:07:56
It's me again from 12 th of June. As for me nail polish remover or garlic does not work, Ice may stop pain for a bit but that's about it. I seriously think u r better off to just leave it alone. I have started taking the lysine though so hopefully that might make outbreaks less frequent and I don't see harm doing it, bit other than that, for me it's a lost cause f these things to hell :(

Posted by Jon on Jun 18 2013 03:00:16
I tried nail polish remover last time and it didn't heal ANY quicker than normal. Just tried ice yesterday when I could feel the bump getting bigger. But when I took the ice off it started to throb as my lip warmed up again, then to my horror it was all swollen AND blisters had formed! If I'd just stuck to tea tree it possibly wouldn't have blistered like it did. I tried ice again several times to give it a chance, but doesn't seem to do anything at all. This morning the whole thing is quite swollen, so I thought ice would help bring it down. NO EFFECT. Are these people making all this stuff up??

Posted by Anon on Jun 12 2013 22:24:49
I have been getting a cold sore on my nose for ten years now. I used to only get one once a year so was bearable and knew if I got one it would be ages before my next. Then all of a sudden they have drastically picked up in frequency I have had four in the last six months. I don't know y the only thing I have changed in my diet/lifestyle is that I've given up smoking, but u think that would raise my immune system!? Anyways the tingling started yesterday. Before today I have never used any remedies because they happened so rarely I just didn't touch it and let it run its course, but I am so sick of having them and I wanted to go shopping tomorrow and now I feel I can't go, because its on my nose I find it so conspicuous and embarrassing. So I have read about everything on these sites and covered a ice cube with crushed garlic and held straight onto my sore until the ice cube melted to nothing ( hold in a face washer) after this I applied nail polish remover. Going to continue doing this and hoping to god it helps and hoping even more that it doesn't make it worse. My cold sore usually goes for a week so I will come back and post to tell u if I had any success. Good luck to everyone and I hope that someone somewhere can make a permenant cure for all us poor sufferers :(

Posted by Ernie on Jun 03 2013 13:34:12
Had problems with cold sores for as long as I can remember. Tried different remedies but Oil of Oregano worked best for me. One drop rubbed in every few hours after you feel that tingling sensation.

Posted by herbert Mattheus on Apr 10 2013 19:15:23
I have had fever blisters all my life, and suffered from bladder infection for many years. I read an artical about a lady with the same problem. She discoverd that she was allergic to dairy. She was not lactose intollerant but allergic. After stopping all dairy her problem stopped. Well I decided to try it and from that moment of not taking any dairy my cold sores and bladder infection stopped. It has been three years now without any cold sores and no more bladder infection. Praise The Lord

Posted by Emma on Apr 04 2013 03:30:45
Hi, I have suffered from coldsores most of my life now, My mum used to kiss me when I was younger when she had them! :( When I reached my late 20s they started to occur about twice a month, I either get one big one on the centre of my bottom lip, or a huge cluster of about 8 on the right hand side of my mouth. Mostly stress, being run down or cold weather starts them off. At the moment I've got the cluster of 8 going on, but I went to an Aloe Vera party a few years ago, and a lady swore by putting Aloe Lips with jojoba on every single day I wouldn't get a coldsore again..or as much....she was right, but I was stupid enough not to use it every day, so when I did get a tingle and small sore recently it was too late. I've used all the typical shelf creams, zovirax, blisteez, another one beginning with F which I can't remember the name for....you name them, I've tried them! I really do swear by this Aloe Lips stick, you can get it online, it's a little white tube with red writing, or book an Aloe Vera party....as Aloe Vera is supposed to prevent coldsores. Good Luck! :)

Posted by Helen mary on Mar 24 2013 01:55:35
Hi Beth, I came across a wonderful site with loads of information and natural and safe Home remedies that worked wonders. Like to share it to the community .. http://www.naturaltreatment4herpes.com/oral-and-genital-herpes-2 hope this helps thanks Mary

Posted by emily on Feb 28 2013 13:00:28
DONT DO ACETONE/ nail polish remover/ garlic. thats what i did. NOW half of my lip is a huge swollen bubble with the top layer burnt! it hurts so bad and i dont know what else to do. I have tried literally everything. l-lysine, tea tree oil, vitamin e oil, aloe, carmex, rubbing alcohol, neosporin. NOTHING HELPS this is my third cold sore this month. right about now, I am ready to give up on everything.

Posted by Sam on Feb 02 2013 16:47:58
For irritating cold sores applying clear nail polish has brought relief for me.It stops the burning and itching immediately, plus it heals quicker....

Posted by Anon on Jan 28 2013 20:23:16
Tried the Acetone/Nail Polish Remover last night. It worked! It felt better immediately, no more tingling/itching/pain for hours, when it starts to hurt I reapply the Cold Sore/ Nail Polish Remover for 1-2min. I'm so impressed, I've tried every Rx and over the counter meds that are available, nothing helped. Nail Polish remover, who would of thought? Thanks for the advice :)

Posted by Harri Myynty on Jan 27 2013 01:21:19
I like everyone else on this page,I suffer the occasional coldsore on my lip.I get thes emaybe 0nce every 2 or even 3 years ,but when one appears,my awareness heightens and I find myself looking for preventitive measures.I am nt even sure why I have had a minimum of occurances.I have eaten nuts,I drink coffee regularly,and have seen a few sleepless nights,all with no symptoms.When I havae had an outbreak,I have used prescribed Acyclovir cream with positive results in regards to the retardation of the eruption.The coldsore never really appeared and the event was done in 3 days.However I recently used the same method and unfortunately,the cream did little to no good and I had to just roll with the usual 5 day process.Its my assumption that the virus can evolve and develop an immunity to remedies.All this to say,there does not seem to be any "one sure cure" for this.The same treatment inevitably works different depending on the individual.Lysine seems to be a safe bet for strengthening ones resistance to this predator,apparently a strong body is the only solution.As far as the aforementioned" 3-day cold sore cure ",it´s a typical advert which hypes the reader,inflames the condition and finally asks for a credit card number...

Posted by cheryl on Jan 17 2013 00:20:42
I enjoyed the variety of ideas mentioned here. Something that no one has mentioned so far...cream w. real rose oil or pure rose essential oil...very costly, very very powerful and gentle healer of skin. At our house we dose up on B12 at first signs, lay on raw garlic (painful...it seems to burn the virus to death) and the the rose oil for next day or two. Bonus, beautiful scent...the tiniest amount will go a very long way. (PS: have tried many other essential oils..but they seem to irritate and burn though they are good bets too.) Good luck everyone.

Posted by Brianna on Jan 07 2013 08:02:41
Try some mashed up bits of ibuprofen. I had a cold sore bubble a few hours ago (just noticed) and after reading this, immediately put an ice cube on the spot and then go an ibuprofen tablet and mashed it up to a gritty powder, and mixed it with some off brand tooth paste. I left the mixture on for about a half an hour, and have already seen results! Also, right when I noticed it, I took 4 tablets of l-Lysine. It works wonders.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec 19 2012 04:25:44
I have suffered from cold sores for years, usually they come out when under stress or run down. I found that if i took iron tablets at the slightest tingle, it would stop the sore from erupting. However I don't think that i was really low in Iron but with some investigation, realised that i was low in B12 (borderline test result of 240 which is considered within normal limits by med profession) So, i started taking supplements of B group vitamins including B12 and have not had a recurrence in 6 months. As you get older, B12 is not absorbed so readily so for any older sufferers, this might be worth trying.

Posted by Meredith on Dec 11 2012 13:35:51
Take an L-Lysine pill daily! works great! Alcohol does work good too, drys it up and cleans it so it heals faster from avoiding bacteria.

Posted by steff on Dec 09 2012 18:34:16
I have a cold soar and no medicineI hate the itching and pain..nail polish remover? And pre www..help and I even get like ten at a time IM tired of this HELP!

Posted by Jamie on Dec 09 2012 17:12:08
Tooth paste and salt works really well for me just mix it up In anything and put a huge amount on the spot where the cold sore is

Posted by anonymous on Dec 08 2012 18:06:52
hi i put the blur listerine mouth wash on a cotton swob and push it on for a minute or a minute and a half and it will num it and burn it off keep doing that for like 1 or 2 days and boom it shod be gone latez comment if it worked

Posted by anonymous on Dec 04 2012 20:57:42

Posted by ANONYMOUS on Nov 26 2012 11:27:46
RUBBING ALCOHOL. Works GREAT!!!! When the "tingle" starts a few times a day rub it on the area with a Q-Tip or cotton ball Not only will the sore not be evident from the out side it will be gone in a few days. The only thing is if you are not careful and get it on other spots of your mouth it will dry it out. but carmex on the rest of your mouth other then the sore will help it from drying and chapping your lips. OTC treatments are very expencive and ineffective. I have been using the rubbing alcohol for years and it works great for me.

Posted by Bter on Oct 20 2012 01:12:59
I just discovered manuka honey works wonders if you're unfortunate enough to have an outbreak :(

Posted by anonymous on Sep 19 2012 00:39:35
Clotrimazole (Lotrim AF) 1% for the treatment of herpes prevents cold sores from appearing. Off brands sold at the Dollar Store are just as effective but read the inpgredients carefully to read Clotrimazole 1% . They are sold as a tube of athletes foot foot fungal cream. It works! Another option isuse virgin coconut oil externally several times a day and take two to three tablespoon internally per day. It kills the herpes virus. It is important to start treatment at the first sign (tingling).

Posted by radhika singh on Aug 15 2012 13:16:43
use carmex everyday, cold sore will never happen....

Posted by jana on Jul 31 2012 23:46:40
In 40 years of getting cold sores, nail polish remover is the BEST remedy I have ever tried. About 4 years ago I was at a mountain cabin and got a break out. I had nothing. I googled home remedies and came across a site with several people swearing by nail polish dabbed on directly with a Q-tip several times a day at the first tingle. It's a miracle! It might be coincidence, but in the subsequent 4 years, I have not had a single cold sore grow huge, ugly and painful. I told my friend about it, and he had the same experience. Dab it on and hold for about 60 seconds. Be liberal without swallowing it. Apply it every hour or so for two days and as needed after that. In most cases, it doesn't even blister. It's a miracle. Good luck!

Posted by Nikki on Jul 24 2012 21:26:12
I take Lysine every day, but if I get super stressed and my lips somehow get irritated (windblown or chapped), I'll still get one. This time I tried a few things from here and it was never noticeable. Here's what I did. Took: 3,000 mg of Lysine, 3x day plus a shot of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in the morning and a shot at night (I dilute the shot with water) Topical: dapped a qtip in ACV (or cotton ball) and placed it on the sore for a few minutes. Followed that with a slice of fresh garlic, right on the sore for a few minutes, then covered my lips with coconut oil. Did this every few hours. Overnight: made a mix of coconut oil, crushed up lysine pill, a splash of ACV, and crushed garlic. Applied that to the sore before bed. I work from home, so on the second day, I put the overnight mix on the sore every few hours. The garlic and ACV will kill it from the outside, the Lysine will help kill it from the inside, and the coconut oil will keep it from getting all dry and scabby and gross. For me, the sores aren't as noticeable as the scab that follows, so not ever having that was great. My lip just looked like it was a little dry for a few days. Felt it Sunday night and by Tuesday night it was gone. SOOOO Happy about this! Note-I've tried tea tree oil and it killed it, but my skin was so dry and irritated afterwards, it was gross. I was afraid that would happen with the ACV and garlic as well, so that's why I kept it moist with coconut oil (which is also said to help get rid of them). I also have Aciclovir that I have used in the past in conjunction. If you can get a prescription to keep on hand, that works well too.

Posted by Heather on May 30 2012 12:08:04
OnGuard Essential Oil blend made by doTERRA stops them and heals them up even at a latter stage.  We have had them heal in just a couple hours.  We have found it needs to be rubbed on not just dropped on.  L-Lysine is huge for getting rid of reoccurring infections. Staying away from chocolate & peanuts etc during a breakout. It was a trigger for MS relapse in my body for yrs.  If your not formillular with doTERRA heather.doterrapro.com is my site. :)

Posted by Sandy on Apr 27 2012 17:29:54
I have fought cold sores with no real relief for probably 16 years. The only time it wasn't an issue was when I was on Acylovir for an entire year, and could not miss one day. When I went off the medication I started having almost back to back cold sores 2-3 a month. I used the Abreva cream and every other remedy I could find and nothing worked. You know how ugly and painful these things are and it was so much worse around my period time. By chance I found an article that promoted the virus as a fungus and enouraged Lamisil for up to 9 months to "cure " the problem. I am a nurse and way to aware of the liver issues to think I would talk my doctor into this. However, I started thinking if there was any truth in this, would oral topical medication for fungus work? Then I found a patent someone had taken out for clotrimazole (Lotrimin AF) 1% for the treatment of herpes. So I bought a tube of athletes foot cream, CVS even. I started using it 4 weeks ago. I have had the signs of a cold sore starting for the past week but it has never broken out. Normally i get a 2-3 hour notice before I have full break out. I have always gotten very large nasty cold sores. I think there is something in this medication that inhibits the virus big time. I am so anxious to see what happens over the next month, but I believe i am on to something. Would make sense that this would be surpressed, there is a lot of money in cold sore medications that don't really work, but are better than nothing. And this med is cheap. I have just spread a thin layer around my mouth, particularly where breakouts happen twice a day. You know what? You've got nothing to lose to try it. I have even seen postings against using this... with the explaination "this is a virus, not a fungus. " I know it is a virus. I know this medication is working.

Posted by tam on Mar 08 2012 19:17:57
I have been getting cold sores for the better part of 30 years and have tried everything under the sun. Here's what works for me: First, I have noticed that when my lips get really dry or windburned, I will almost always break out with a cold sore in the next day or so. What I do now is when my lips get really dry or windburned, before I go to bed I put Neosporin on my lips. When I wake up the next morning, my lips feel much better and I won't get a cold sore. I do this for a couple of nights usually, till my lips don't feel dry anymore. Second: If I DO get a cold sore, I have found that a little dab of Preparation H Cooling Gel works wonders. It shrinks that monster down and takes away the pain. I just use a little bit several times throughout the day.If I start doing this right away, they never seems to get that big anymore.Hope this helps someone, cold sores are miserable!

Posted by Rachel on Feb 28 2012 19:01:32
Thanks for all of the suggestions. I like this page. I HATE cold sores, even the name grosses me out. I have tried ice and abreva, and they have both seemed to be better than nothing. The ice definitely stunts the growth and abreva seems to help it dry up right away. Anyway, I am sending my bf to to Walgreens to get some lysine, bless his soul:) and am excited to see how that works. Again, thanks for all of the input. Love, your fellow cold sore hater

Posted by EmEnz on Feb 22 2012 19:58:52
A moistened Earl Grey tea bag is very soothing, and if applied in the very early stages of the blister, sometimes actually arrests the formation of the cold sore. It requires constant application, and has to be replaced by something else during sleep hours. The staining of the tannin may be a cosmetic problem, but it easily washes off.

Posted by The Cure on Feb 15 2012 06:10:51
Hemp oil. Go to the site called "Running from the Cure" You will have to make your own oil. It is rather easy to produce, use it correctly and you willnot spend another sent at a pharmacy ever. :-) How wonderful, im so tired of hearing how this and that product does not work. This remedy is free and it works! once you have made your oil, keep it safe and use tiny quantities, the blisters will stop comming out and disappear completely, and you will not getanother blister in your life!! One drop at night and one in the morning under your tongue. This remedy is not for sale and you will have to make it yourself.

Posted by sally on Feb 14 2012 06:33:35
I'm new to this site and I'm finding lots of useful tips but it's hard to know what to go with. I've suffered on and off with cold sores since I was a child and I've always hated getting them but over the years it was just something I started to accept. Even when in relationships in the past it wasn't that big a deal to take a few days out to let a cold sore pass... My current situation however is a lot different and I'm getting increasingly desperate. My cold sores eased off for a while but this last year they've been increasing in frequency again and it couldn't have happened at a worse time. I'm now in a long-distance relationship, and only get to see my boyfriend every few months and, naturally, what with the stresses and excitement leading up to this, well, you can imagine how prone I am to them. As I'm writing this, I'm due to fly over tomorrow and lo and behold, woke up this morning with that tingling redness. Crushed wouldn't even begin to describe it...I have used zovirax, tea tree oil, lysine, vit C and zinc so far today, also drinking green tea, and it hasn't progressed anyway but I don't know if it's going to fully disappear either or just lurk until my guard is down again. They seem to develop mostly while I'm asleep and can do nothing about it. If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it so much. If I get one now it will ruin the whole week. So fed up with this:(

Posted by Paige on Jan 24 2012 17:25:32
Use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for cold sore. Just rub it on (all over lips) and keep it moist as much as possible. The cold sore will be gone within days. Trust me! It works.

Posted by Sammie on Jan 16 2012 03:36:59
I've had cold sores all my life, since childhood, and suffered from the embarrassment for many years until I realized the triggers for me, and now mostly manage to avoid those triggers. I never believed that L-Lysine worked, I guess because I never took enough of it. I must have only been taking a fraction of what I needed. I will say though that I disagree with posters who said that ALL nuts trigger cold sores - because for me, that has never been true. I can eat ANY other nuts, or any other nut butters besides PEANUTS, and I'm fine, they don't trigger an outbreak. I can even eat some peanuts or peanut butter once in a while - but only once in a while - and only in a tiny amount. Peanuts, for me, are the worst trigger food. I can also eat some chocolate, have caffeine, and no problems. The other sure-fire triggers for me are poor sleep for several days, or having a cold or flu. Whenever I get over a cold, I feel a sore start to come out. If I have bad sleep, or massive stress, for many days in a row - same thing. I've gotten so much better about lessening stress, getting more regular sleep most nights, and eating peanuts hardly ever, and chocolate only once in a while too, in small amounts. The best treatment I've found, to dry them up sooner, or to sometimes even stop them from even erupting, is TEA TREE OIL. Don't bother with a product that has it as an ingredient - get the actual TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL from your drugstore - most carry it. Health food stores always carry it. Here's how I use it: As soon as I feel that first itch or tingle on my lip, I rub several drops of the UNDILUTED oil on the spot (use it full strength), and then I repeat it EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR, or as often as I can remember to do it. I basically assault that area with it. You can't let the cold sore take hold - you have to keep applying the tea tree oil, like 20 times a day. It tastes disgusting, so try hard to not lick your lip, and soon the taste fades anyway. On people's recommendations here, I will start taking L-Lysine in large amounts, as a preventative, or if I feel like I want a peanut butter sandwich again!

Posted by Megan on Jan 09 2012 13:23:30
I'm so tired of Cold Sores. I've been getting them for about 5 or so yeas now...i real wish there was a cure for this. I currently have a cold sour and it is big and blistering (i know sounds grosss) anyway the cold sore has already blistered and become scabbed and hard.. now it is like mushy and its still there...ive had the cold sore for about three days now..i'm ready for it to be gone!! Ive tried most of this stuff and i cant seem to find something that works! I really want this cold sore to be gone by tomorrow! anybody have a treatment that will work! i needd help asap! please! :)

Posted by Katie on Jan 06 2012 13:16:26
I've been getting cold sores for as long as I can remember- at least 5 (from pictures). I used to use the white chapstick, and it would sooth, but still take a long time to be gone. I started using Abreeva, and if I apply it at the first sign (tingling, red spot) it never breaks the skin! After it breaks the skin, all Abreeva did was help sooth, and almost seemed to make it get bigger faster. I got my most resent cold sore from having the flu and a fever. I tried Abreeva, but was too late, I tried Alcohol and Ice, and it make it break open.(After I cleaned for a good 1/2hr with alcohol so it wouldn't spread) Overnight I tried toothpaste mixed with table salt! This was after it had broken open, and it dried. I just put alot of chapstick to keep my lips moist( even a little lip gloss to cover). It worked really well! I still have a mark, but it is drying up fast and shrinking. I got the coldsore yesterday at about 7:30am (or at least when i first noticed it) and I think that by tomorrow morning it will be almost gone to the point i can cover it up really well! I am throwing away the chapstick, and lip gloss i am using now. (Or I will put tape on it with an "X" so I know that i used those, and to only use when i have a coldsore. I hope this helps! One thing to remember, almost everyone gets coldsore, and they feel just as horrible when they get one. they shouldn't judge, and even thought you feel embarresed and stuff from it, act like it doesn't bother you. Most people know what it is, and don't even say anything. They understand what you are going through. Besides, everyone will forget about it after its cleared up anyway! Good Luck! PS I am going to get the Lysine! It sounds great! You take it everyday? And just +the dose when getting one?

Posted by Cortney on Jan 04 2012 20:50:59
Ok so I am literally at my breaking point with these cold sores. I do not get a breakout all year but the last two years when I have gotten a breakout, around colds/finals/Christmas time, I get tons of breakouts. Usually no more than two at a time but they are continuous for two months+. I have tried everything from Lysine, diet, exercize, Vatrex etc. I used to use benzylkonium chloride, which worked wonders, but now it seems I got immune to it. I was recently prescribed Valtrex and I have done five of the prescribed treatments and they have helped but haven't nipped it in the bud. Every time I try a home remedy they seem to get worse. Hopefully someday a better solution comes out. Has anyone had these same problems?

Posted by Danielle on Jan 03 2012 21:43:43
Ok I am seeing a lot of mixed messages on this board, and I think that some of these suggestions are just bogus. I used to get cold sores about twice a year, then this year (due to stress i think) I got three within the first 5 months. I was really frustrated and pissed off so i started researching remedies. I found out that L-LYSINE is the best supplement you can take as a preventative measure. I take 1000mg a day and havent had one in the six months I've been taking it. When I feel a sore starting to come on I flood my system with the Lysine. I take any where from 3000mg to 7000mg spread out during that day and the tingling stops completely- no cold sore. TEA TREE OIL is a very strong natural antiviral treatment, as well as LAVENDER oil. I like to mix a few drops of each in an old sample perfume tube and carry it around with me. It tastes bad but it is said to inhibit the virus, and it also numbs the area which provides relief from pain. I had read that ALCOHOL or hydrogen PEROXIDE worked best at drying them out, which makes sense because they are fluid filled blisters. It was recommended that I pop them and soak them in the alcohol. I tried this and this is the WORST thing you can do. First of all, NEVER pop a cold sore. the virus is in the fluid and it will spread to other areas that it comes in contact with. Second, you do not want the sore to become dry, it sounds counter intuitive that you should keep the area moist, but trust me- unless you want a big crusty scab that cracks and bleeds, or you want a scar that lasts a long time, you should keep your skin moist with something like carmex, or petroleum jelly. There are also numerous lip ointments now that contain lysine, zinc, tea tree or all of the above. When you keep your skin moist it allows for the new skin cells to mesh in there more rapidly and heal that bad boy up. This will help it heal faster with hardly any scabbing and therefore less scarring, and it will be much less painful throughout the healing process. My last two tips are to use an ice cube on the sore for a minute or few, every hour or couple of hours to relieve pain, this helps. Also remember to always appply medication to the sore with a new qtip, or if you have to use your fingers wash them well before and after. It is a highly contagious virus and you do not want to accidently rub your eye or genitals after applying medication to your mouth. I hope this helps at least someone out there. Like I said, I have tried some of the other remedies on here and some of them are a waste of time. good luck!! :)

Posted by OMG on Dec 06 2011 17:00:21
Ok so this works, I had to write cause I HATE cold sores, they r gross, and I hate having them, however I have 3 right now that are currently basically gone, and they came up on Sunday. Ok so I read through everyones advice and I created the magic paste of them all. Make a paste in a small cup of the following: 10 Lysine Pills, crushed so that they are dissolved 2 cloves of Garlic, crushed as well 10 pills of Echinacea Some Apple Cider Vinegar Put in a bit of Camphonique A little bit of Abreva as well Some lemon juice Milk Honey Ok yea yea it seems like a lot. U know what? My cold sores are basically gone 2 days later! I'm excited. I have something major going on this weekend, and do not want these awesome friends around. So don't put too much of anything, just enough to make a paste, that you can place on your lips. It will sting. I usually pop them, and then add this. It will sting again, Yes. But you will notice a difference the next day. It smells cause its vinegar. But hey, u want it cured right. Keep putting it on like every 4 hours or 6 hours (after 4/6 hours I wash it off, eat something, and then put it back on) and I slept with it as well. Yes you will look like a little kid with chocolate all over his mouth, but it works! It started Sunday, they were HUGE, and I've never had 3! I kinda wanted to die. But now it's healing and I've moved on to Vitamin E to help it heal faster. I hope this helps. It actually did for me. 2-3 days healing is not that horrible. Considering online it says the natural time takes 14 days! Or some people saying 7 days! gross. Good luck kids! Oh and things that bring it on - fake sugar Do not drink Red Bull!!! Don't eat Halls! And for me, and it's probably mental, as well as stress, but the minute I see someone else with a cold sore.....I know I will be getting one soon, idk if its because I start to think about it or what not, but anyways, get ample sleep, don't stress, and do not drink caffeine, red bull, or eat Halls candies or nuts, they will make you break out. Ok have an awesome day and bye!

Posted by green on Dec 02 2011 19:48:38
LYSINE is the answer! If it doesn't work, you're not taking enough. I've taken 8 grams in one sitting. Each tablet had 500 mg, so I've chewed up & swallowed 16 L-Lysine tablets in one sitting. It tastes sorta good, but also sorta gross in a way. I've tried many brands. They all have a similar taste, but depending on the carriers/insipients(?) added to the Lysine you want, it might taste more bitter. Anyways, I've taken about 30 grams in one day. Nothing works better that I know of. The cold sore virus also is related to the virus that swells up the tonsils, causes strep, voice loss, laryngitis, tongue sores, lip-sores, roof of mouth sores, sometimes bleeding gums, swollen gums around the wisdom teeth... all sorts of mouth related sores and bleeding. With MY mouth & throat, with high enough doses of Lysine, all of it gets fixed! fast. Lysine is amazing stuff, BUT, because it tastes a bit yucky, food sources may be a better bet. Parmasean cheese, sardines, cod, & chicken all have it in high quantities. Don't you love the taste of Parmasean cheese? Crave it? Get a bunch & see what happens? That's what I plan on doing. & remember: Arginine is the antagonist of lysine, so, avoid chocolate, peanut-butter & other high-arginine foods until your mouth clears up! OH, & quit eating all that peanut-butter anyways. It might have caused the "cold-sores" in the first place! Perhaps cold-sores are just a lysine-deficiency! PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!! Medical drugs are poisons. Food is the real healer. Cold sores are a nutritional deficiency, like scurvy. Get educated and protect your health from the pompous drug-pushers in white-coats and free your mind.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 10 2011 22:28:07
Here is something that works for sure. Yes, for sure.... I have been using it for 15 years and I never have outbreaks. http://www.herpesgone.com It is a confidential site with lots of help, even if you don't order the herpes product.

Posted by sherose on Oct 10 2011 17:45:30
this site is amazing. i have a cold sore right now and after a day at school my self esteem had plummeted but thanks to this site i feel my confidence growing and my doomed life of these horrible sores seem a lot easier to handle. thank you so much! i hope these solutions work!

Posted by sue on Sep 19 2011 17:47:12
use black walnut tell cold sore is gone

Posted by sue on Sep 19 2011 16:31:26
Black walnut extract under your lip. 3 times a day. when you fill the cold sore coming on. then after use it tell it is gone. works wonders.....

Posted by matt on Sep 17 2011 17:41:19
ALSO always have a tube of "NOVITRA" with you at all times ...when u go to work , for a ride , a party i dont care where just always have it ready. Just the fact that you know u have it with u will ease ur nerves of having a coldsore thus stopping frequent outbreaks! i only get one once every year and some change BECAUSE OF THIS! Take 1000mg of lysine a day, make it a part of your daily routine you can get it anywhere GNC has it. its very cheap and if you care so much about your coldsores then u have 5 mins to make a trip to the store to buy it. on a day with an outbreak take one more more pill 2000mg of lysine stops the virus right in its tracks...

Posted by Matt on Sep 17 2011 17:31:47
best way to get rid of them....(1)-grab a BOTTLE of rubbing alcohol. (2)- a handful of qtips. (3)- put on a boxing match doesnt matter who preferably mayweather..(4)-dab alcohol on it every time a round is over to keep it WET WITH THE ALCOHOL it will dry it right the hell up! change the qtip everytime you use it to start fresh....PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE that you will be amazed!

Posted by jorge on Aug 22 2011 23:56:08
if you want your cold sore gone read this............i get them from time to time... as soon as i feel it coming on my lip i take care of it, if you get them you can always tell when ones coming in. the reason cold sores stay on your lip for so long is because thats how long it take the cold sore itself to dry out so the more wet you keep it the longer. i personally feel that abreva makes it worse but heals it over time... the second you feel it come in dip toilet paper or a cotton ball into rubbing alcohol and rub your lip until its wet let alcohol dry and repeat. every time you think about it rub alcohol on your lip... nobody likes going out with a coldsore on their lip so chill out and watch a movie and continue to wet that lip with alcohol and let dry. mine last a day if that... the alcohol drys it and thats what it takes to get rid of them that why after youv had one for a couple days it turns into kind of a scab and peals off... do net use nealsporn or abreeva and im sure i spelled both of those wrong but who gives a shit

Posted by anonymous on Aug 19 2011 21:07:28
Also, when I have a really bad one I crush up a small portion {1/4) of the Valtrex pill, add a little water to create a paste and put it all over the sucker. Nothing beats getting the pill right into where the sucker is.

Posted by anonymous on Aug 19 2011 21:01:02
I have been getting cold sores for about 15 years now. I have exhausted all remedies/prescriptions/etc. In my experience, there are a million things to do to stop them or speed them along. Firstly, cold sores thrive in moist warm environments, so anything that's going to keep it moist is going to lengthen the healing time. I.E. ointments, vaseline, oils, lip balms, etc. That is a proven fact. The drier the environment the better. Lysine works for some people, however, after years of use is very ineffective. I used to get them around my lip line, now I get them smack dab in the middle of my lower lip, which ironically is so much better to deal with. Avoid nuts, peanuts, the whole friggen family like its the plague, this greatly reduces your risk of getting them more frequently. I tell everyone that I'm allergic to the entire nut family. Convincing yourself is the first step. Taking B12, vita C, lysine, are all good to do, but they never hindered mine. In fact when I first started getting them I used Lysine, witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, and a tweezer to immediately pop the sucker. I was prescribed the asinine zovirax, which always made matters worse. During this time my cold sores last from 10-16 DAYS. RECURRING 2-3 times MONTHLY. None of these measures were effective. After years of trying everything under the sun the only thing that truly stopped it was Valtrex. I hate having to take medication, much less having to pick up a prescription for Herpes medication when I in fact, do not have the Herpes it is made for. But it works, and it the last two years I looked past the embarrassment of having to pick the stuff up, and enjoyed the fact that I only get 1-2 a year, lasting only 3-5 days, and being barely noticable to anyone other than me. I'm a girl, so I used the covergirl 10 hour lip stick stain when I do have one, always covers it completely and protects it like a bandaid. Most of you choose homeopathic measures, organic ones, etc. They may work, but it you suffer chronically your best bet is medication.

Posted by Anonymous on Aug 17 2011 17:05:24
I know Abreva works if you catch it at the itching staage or irritation, it may cost a lot but trust me i havent gotten one in over a year, i have one now cause i got there too late. I have one now, and im currently in the process of using Whole Milk, its suppose to help the heal time and rid it quicker, we will see how it turns out

Posted by Anonymous on Aug 04 2011 15:12:35
I've been essentially cold sore free for two years by taking 1000g of lysine and one small dropper full of B12. Whenever I feel the tingle coming on, I put 2000g of lysine into a Stonyfield Strawberry yogurt, and the tingling goes away. I get the tingle because I haven't stopped doing things like: hanging out in the sun, drinking beer, or drinking tea/coffee. The lysine has been the real life saver. I had cold sores on and off for eight year, and I'm essentially cold sore free for the last two years.

Posted by Dianne on Aug 04 2011 15:01:38
This was only my second ever cold sore so I think my immune system works well. I tried different remedies for 3 or 4 days but nothing worked. I read that Aloe gel might help but I don't have a plant or any real aloe gel so I broke open a capsule of 'True Aloe' (I am not selling anything here but this seems to be a well made brand...I'm sure there are others), added a tiny amount of water to make a paste and covered the area and left it on overnight. It stays on very well and somewhat concealed the sore which was a bump and not yet a lesion. It took some rubbing with water to remove the aloe paste the next day and it was smaller and hurt less. I can't say for certain yet but I believe this is working.

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 16 2011 17:11:49
dont try to pop it dont touch it , because if u doo, its just going to get worse and leave marks on your lips or face . dont put ice on it when you already have the cold sore, it woul gust get bigger, put ice on it before the cold sore forms . im 13 and this works i swear

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 16 2011 17:08:07
seriousley t does help as soon as you feel the itch put as much ice cubes on it as you want i just put on two , then in a few minuts it starts to form , its really small and it onley lasts for four days trust me just try it.

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 16 2011 17:03:00
puting ice on it when ur starting to feel the itch really helps it . you would notice that wen it grows it wont last very long and it wouldnt be very big . this is true ive tried it ... thank me later

Posted by Stephanie on Jul 12 2011 20:41:13
I use a prescription called Valtrex 500mg,if you catch your cold sore at first sight it never appears, and if you catch it a little late it helps with pain more than anything else I've tried..

Posted by Stephanie on Jul 12 2011 20:37:20
There is a prescription medicine called Valtrex, if you catch the first signs of the cold sore, take one pill and it will stop it in its tracks, if the cold sore is there is helps reduce the pain by 75 percent. I keep it in my purse at all times, I only get a couple of breakouts a year, but it has definitely worked for me. Hope this helps.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 21 2011 07:24:43
Does the clear nail polish work guys ?

Posted by Barbie on Jun 07 2011 22:30:36
Try a dab of oil of gloves.It can sting a bit and tastes yuk but if you catch the cold sore early it will dry it up. Then vaseline for protection from sun.

Posted by D on May 22 2011 06:27:52
People there is a cure. If we found out what it was drug companies such as ABREVA wouldnt make anymore money off our ever dying desire to get rid of an outbreak. They just gives us something that LESSENS the heal time. Well if they can speed up the healing process a little, surely there is a way to completely destroy the virus. Come to think of it when is the last time we cured something. Its all about containing and lessening symptoms so it can be continuly purchased and sold. Welcome to the 21st century of medicine. :)

Posted by Brooke on May 19 2011 12:27:20
I have tryed all of these.. and nothing seems to work for me.. I currently have 4 at the moment.. and Im not entirely sure what to do right now..

Posted by Barbara Davis on May 17 2011 15:32:51
Take high doses of vitamin c's. like 1000mg of vitamin c every ten min. It will be gone in two days! You can even smash a vitmin c and put a lil water on it and then put it on the sore. but I find taking the vitamin c works great and it's natural.

Posted by Arionna on May 04 2011 21:36:44
Campho Phinique is awesome, it dries the cold sore and bye 1 2 days its gone, i also use lysine, its a huge pill but it works!!!!! in less than one day

Posted by Lemondrop on Apr 25 2011 04:04:05
Banadyne-3, I carry a tube in every purse I own, If im going without a purse i put the tube in my pocket. I found this ointment in Sav-on drugs over 10 yrs ago & will never ever try anything else. They no longer carry it in stores, but i google the name and order it online. When you feel the slightest swelling or tingle apply & it stops the blister in its track. No blisters for me in 10 yrs. I'm ready when ever they try to come to the surface. Goodluck

Posted by Kim on Apr 05 2011 18:13:05
Stella, Stella, Cold sores are not the same thing as genital herpes, they aren't STDs and you don't get them from having sex. You originally get the virus for them by kissing, sharing drinks, etc, but outbreaks of them are usually triggered by getting sick or stress. Also, applying a cool Earl Gray tea bag helps, and for a more work-friendly version, I make a cup of Earl Gray, leave it in the fridge overnight and have iced tea the next day. Ice is also really helpful for me, as is a lemon balm cream I use (which doesn't sting at all) and I'm about to try the milk thing.

Posted by Eric Bakker ND on Mar 11 2011 02:57:19
For herpes viruses the best solution is to increase foods containing the amino acid lysine (proteins, chicken, etc) and to reduce arginine foods (chocolate, nuts) when you feel a tingle coming on. Vitamin C, Zinc and Lysine are great as a prophylactic and your best friends here. Have 3000mg of Vit C a day and say byebye to cold sores, especially if you reduce arginine containing foods, reduce stress and rest up. And for the lips? Try propolis ointment (from bee hive) as it is the best I've used. Go to naturopath.co.nz for lots of great natural health information at no cost to you.

Posted by anmnoomus on Mar 08 2011 01:00:36
ear wax , it sounds to gross to use , and i dont wanna use it for no reason , does it realy work? i ahve like 3 cold soars it embarrisng ! i need help asap.

Posted by cindy on Mar 02 2011 14:58:51
I figure if i take a l-lysine every day, i wont get a cold sore, as long as i have the l-lysine in my system im good:> thanks for all these helpful ideas.

Posted by Kim on Feb 27 2011 20:47:47
I just recently broke out badddddddd....my whole bottom lip due to fighting off a cold and ear infection! What usually takes days and days to clear up seems to be going away extremely quickly. I applied oil of oregano.....tingles and stings for 5 minutes and then I was fine. It's the only thing that has EVER seemed to work in all my years of trying EVERYTHING!!! Note* I did read above that it should not be applied directly in its concentrated form but rather mixed with virgin olive oil but I DID apply directly and it's working great!!

Posted by Jen on Feb 26 2011 13:34:42
I have had cold sores monthly during the winter for over 20 years, on both my nose and mouth. I started treating them topically with Lemongrass essential oil and have completely cured them in two years, with a decrease in outbreaks after the first treatment. Much more effective than Abbreva and other prescriptions, and less than for a bottle that has lasted me two years! Don't spend or on an e-book that promises results in 3 days, try this for free! It has worked for me and many other people and it will work for you! Apply directly to the affected area two times a day with a Q-tip. It will STING when applied for a few minutes and smells like lemons. Do not take internally. Good luck!

Posted by Melanie on Feb 08 2011 20:32:35
I have been suffering from cold sore since I was about 5. I think I have tried everything. I take 2500mg of L-Lysine daily and I do have them less often. Seems like stress is what causes most outbreaks. Today, after waking up to two cold sores (clusters) on top and bottom lips I am trying something new and will let you know how it works. Oil of Oregano with Newtons Homeopathic Detoxifier. Im continuing with my L-Lysine. Let you know what develops.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 29 2011 22:36:53
I have suffered with having cold sores since for 20 years. Have tried EVERYTHING! There is a medication called DENAVIR. It is in a small tube like abreva. This medicine is AMAZING! Unlike a lot of medicines that harden it this shrinks your coldsore and is gone within hours. I recommend this to anyone

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 24 2011 17:13:06
CURE!!!!!! Get the topical Rx Zovirax - put that on the blister, then put Licorice Root Powder on top of that. If the blister has not popped yet it will be gone in 24 hours.

Posted by Katie on Jan 18 2011 10:33:51
I had a could sore yesterday and it is almost gone today you can barley see it. what i did first was put ice on it this numbs it and brings down the swelling. after that i put red wine on it it seems silly but it actually does work! next i actually crushed up ibuprofen and then put red wine on it again it is pretty much gone. i repeated these methods several times a day.

Posted by hannah on Jan 17 2011 16:31:47
if u get regular white toothpaste and salt and mix it together and put it on your cold sore right as its coming it will dry it out. I did it right before i went to sleep. Leave it on there for 6 hours and then wash it off and for the whole next day use nothing but carmex on it. It worked for me! Good luck! The salt and the toothpaste taste a little odd though.

Posted by Mike on Jan 16 2011 08:50:34
slice a piece of fresh garlic in half, and press and hold on the cold sore for 5 minutes. works best during the early stages but even after breakout. do this initally then 12 hours later and thats it! This will kill it, then simply let it heal. A friend battled cold sores for years, and now uses this remedy for 100% results.

Posted by Brittany on Jan 11 2011 21:48:32
i have had cold sows ever since i was little and they sting and hurt and i get one or two evey year in winter its summer at the moment and i just got the biggest one i have ever had its right in the middle of my top lip and i am too embarssed to go out i want to get rid of it quickly how do i make it go away??

Posted by cheryl on Jan 10 2011 01:31:57
cold sores are nasty, when you get the first tingle dab on some peroxide, it works well to stop it in its tracks, you can still use it after it breaks out but it takes longer to work, and thanks for all the other suggestions, great site :)

Posted by fat lip on Jan 07 2011 17:55:58
any one have a cure for cluster cold sores. I get them right across my bottom lip. At least 3 times a year. I like the ice cube that helps with the pain. But to get rid of them i need help.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec 06 2010 19:20:11
As gross as this sounds, pee works.. :) I just got a cold sore like two days ago, and it's already gone. Because of pee.

Posted by Dc on Dec 01 2010 10:52:08
I work in an office and interact with others all day long. I can't try remedies that are visible (like toothpaste) or smelly (like vinegar) and I don't want to take a sick day over a cold sore! But what I do have on my desk is a bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer. I felt the familiar tingle of a cold sore developing about 4 hours ago. I could also see slight redness and a tiny white dot forming under the surface. I dabbed on the hand santizer. It's clear, it's discreet, with no huge odor. I kept reapplying it every chance I got. And now, I think the sore is ending already! I can talk and smile, I don't feel the sore. And when I look in the mirror, I don't see anything. I think I caught it in time! ........... Also, as an added side note, I won't get into a long story about it, but I realized at some point in my life that I my cold sores seemed to flair up after eating too much peanut butter items. I've eliminated all peanut butter from my diet and I now get one cold sore per year or one every other year ... as opposed to the 4 or 5 per year that I used to get. I have no science to back this up ... this is just what I feel worked for me. Thanks!

Posted by sue on Nov 25 2010 10:30:59
lysine works if u remember to take it , avoid nuts especialy cashews caffeine n chocolate .ok hope your ready for the home remedy list- liquorice , zinc lozenges, milk( topically), lemon balm, reishi(a mushroom) and astragalus for the immune system , also vit c for immunity, vit e topically, propolis topically ,herb-prunella vulgaris extract, herb- chaparral. oregano oil ,tea bags, blackcurrant extract , wakame , rhubarb n sage cream , maybe we should try put all these in one paste n b done wiv it lol good luck dont forget to take your lysine !!!

Posted by Jenni on Nov 17 2010 18:21:42
I personally don't believe that urine or ear wax will do anything but more damage to the situation. I appreciate all the other posts. Thanks everyone.

Posted by eva on Nov 12 2010 23:38:53
I get cold sores often and they last a good 5-7 days and leaves a scar. I found that using 100% Tea Tree Oil on a cotton ball and rubbing it in at night, dries it up and kills the growth. Try it.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 30 2010 13:42:39
Just drink a lot of water and it should go away fast.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 25 2010 15:56:11
The best home remedy for riding yourself from ugly cold sores and facial acne is your own urine. I know that this sounds gross but it really works. Pee a little in a cup, take a clean q tip and apply to cold sores that are just breaking out, same goes for acne. Cold sores and pimples will be dried up and gone within two days. Hope this helps!!!!

Posted by Ryan on Oct 23 2010 11:17:14
Lysine works wonders! I usually feel my sore coming on, so as soon as I feel it I start taking my lysine. Usually 3 or 4 a day for the first day or two.

Posted by Adrian on Oct 22 2010 17:04:33
does lysine really work guys???

Posted by Kylie on Oct 20 2010 19:12:34
I use after shave it work it dry it out and heal real fast

Posted by Carol on Oct 16 2010 06:04:00
I used to get cold sores all the time. I tried taking L-Lysine to prevent them. It really works!If I run out and don't take it I always end up with a cold sore.Taken daily it does prevent them.

Posted by stella on Oct 13 2010 19:38:47
i feel so hopeless and so sad im 14 and its not fair to have to lie to my friends when they ask me whats on my lip im scared if they find out that they will hate me i never had sex so im not sure how i got this i need help

Posted by Niv on Oct 05 2010 13:46:28
cold sores have always been a nightmare!! I used to get them since I was very little but I had them a month ago and i found a perfect solution! Apply a clear nailpolish on it before it breaks the water in it. Spply the nailpolish overnight. You'll probably use it for a couple of days overnight. When it breaks and seems to be very stiff, apply vaseline for another two days and its gone! worked for me! I do not believe in medications anymore!

Posted by MB on Sep 24 2010 15:56:17
Use a bit toothpaste, original white paste works best. It dries out the infected area. Apply as needed

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 18 2010 00:56:17
I am just trying the acetone nail polish remover trick, i will post to tell you if this works or not. thanks (: this is the first cold sore i ever got in my life and im 19 yrs old, i think i got it from being with my boyfriend cause him and as well as his whole family pretty much get cold sores. Never thought I would have one but guess thats proved wrong, i didnt even know what it was when i seen it. it was just a very painful under my skin bubble almost?? does anyone know what im talking about?

Posted by Mike Mullett on Jul 23 2010 11:25:39
There is a herpes simplex product at "Forces-Of-Nature.net" that does a great job of eliminating cold sores very quickly when dabbed every 2 hours onto a cold core.It is a pure all Natural Organic solution that seems to work well. Cost is around a bottle.It is extracted from living plants.Lasts a long time.

Posted by HomeRemediesWeb on May 30 2010 02:16:18
Hi Debbie, Oil of Oregano shouldn't be applied directly onto the skin in its concentrated form. Simply add 1-2 drops of Oil of Oregano into one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or organic coconut oil and apply this diluted oregano oil onto the affected skin 3-4 times daily. If irritation caused by oregano oil lasts for longer than an hour, discontinue its use. Also check your email for detailed response. I hope it was helpful!

Posted by Debbie Toner on May 29 2010 20:17:30
I am starting to try the orgeano oil, tried it first time today will get back to you on how it goes. Felt a bit of burning when I put it on, not sure how much to use?

Posted by FreeFromSores on May 26 2010 20:46:53
I was getting several outbreaks a year on my lips ocurring in the same areas on my mouth. It was a very depressing thing to deal with. I found colloidal silver aka silver hydrosol and have not had one sore since. Silver is amazing for so many health reasons. Also started taking oil of oregano, vitamin C supplements from a whole food source, hemp oil, and raw milk. All things that are amazing for our immune systems. Long Live the Immune System!

Posted by Sasha on May 21 2010 13:00:06
For me i only have this every other three year even longer just one for the year. And what i do is get the salt with lemon or lime juice on a cotton a rub it. Its very painful but in couple hour it start to fade. My friends pay me for giving that treatment lol

Posted by hooperpaul on May 06 2010 05:31:24
I have tried the creams that are really dear and they dont work. I dab on a few drops of meths as soon as i get a tingle and after two days it is totally gone. They never amount to anything and turn into sores. I just apply it as often as i think of it during the day and it never fails. It costs basically nothing as there is always some in the garage. I would take a 0.00 beat if it would help you try it. It stings a bit but hay it works. Try it next time. Paul

Posted by jw on Mar 27 2010 13:03:24
I agree with other writers regarding Lysine. I take it daily (1000 mg) and it helps prevent cold sores. However, the most amazing cure is apple cidar vinegar. If you start to get a cold sore (feel the tingling and or start to see the little bubble) pour apple cidar vinegar on a cotton ball and dab on your mouth. Do this several times a day. It will completely PREVENT the cold sore from progressing. It will dry it out and disappear within a few hours!

Posted by Dee on Mar 23 2010 15:18:53
The best remedy that I have found for cold sores is to take wax from your ears and gently rub it on the cold sore. I know it sounds gross but trust me it works. Keep doing this until it is gone.

Posted by craig on Feb 26 2010 20:44:51
I started taking 1000 mg of vitamin C on a daily basis just for it's anti-oxidant benifits. My cold sore outbreaks went from an average of 4 times a year to an extremely rare occurance.(one time in the past three years) Another source I read also confirmed this.

Posted by زيزى on Jan 26 2010 18:04:30
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Posted by زيزى on Jan 26 2010 17:37:46
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Posted by Cindyq on Jan 16 2010 01:00:25
I used 2 get cold sores all the time but recently discovered a miracle worker. I got this @ walgreens for 1 dollar. Its a little round chapstick. It looks jus like carmax but it saids its medicated.

Posted by Deb McEnery on Dec 31 2009 19:49:18
Cold sores can also be caused by a B-12 deficiency. Honey put directly on the cold sore can help. Vitamin E helps ease it too. Drink lots of black tea, hold a tea bag on it too. Regular rinsing with salt water.

Posted by NTaylor on Dec 14 2009 19:08:00
Ok..So i've been suffering from coldsores since i was 4...SO I know the drill.first the tingling..then the pain,,then the humiliation. So i was thrilled when I threw a bunch of home remedies together and came out colde sore free! Step 1. (I have a problem with catching them fast, so this is after theyve blistered out.) POP IT.POP IT NOW! but make sure to rub with peroxide after. Step 2. Put some ice on it. put it on in 30 minute intervals. 5 minutes with the actual ice for 3 hrs Step 3. Put some aloe Vera (gel) on it with a cotton swab. (try to keep it on as long as you can) Repeat process for pretty much all day..and VOILA! colde sores goneee

Posted by justice on Oct 10 2009 12:51:06
I am a personal trainer/sports nutritionist and have had enormous success w/helping clients & friends w/this & many issues. before outbreak: build ur immune system daily. Superhydrate 3-4lts distilled H20 w/squeeze of Key lime juice. alkalizes ur sysytem, boots ur immune strength. Lysine supplementation 500mg3x a week. avoid arginine containing foods, almonds, chocolate..Onset of breakout: Bitter Melon supplement 3x a day, Lysine 500mg.6x a day, Go liquid next 1-3days (soups, shakes,structured water) & yes, apple cider vinegar is also worthy as it converts to highly alkaline in human system. Most of my clients who follow this regimen halt the virus w/in 24hrs. remember: Alkaline batteries last longer! If you have any more questions that I can be of help to anyone feel free to email me @ Leadership33@aol.com "Peace Be with you."

Posted by Tom on Sep 18 2009 16:40:53
I have gotten cold sore all my life but they sudden got much worse and more frequently in the last few years since I have been going through a particularly stressful time of my life. It got to the point where I was afraid to make plans because I didn\\'t know when a cold sore would strike. Finally, after doing research it dawned on me that my diet was having a huge effect. I had been eating a mostly vegetarian diet high in arginine--I\\'d been eating peanut butter every day--and low in lysine. I just started taking lysine supplements and working more chicken and fish back into my diet. Another big culprit: coffee. My advice-- exercise; cut back on caffeine, nuts and chocolate; eat more dairy; and take lysine.

Posted by Ken on Sep 08 2009 05:06:37
L-Lysine works for me and I orders it in a ointment as well.

Posted by Heather on Aug 10 2009 23:22:42
I've been taking grapefruit seed extract, so (knock on wood) I haven't had a cold sore lately. I've read that applying the gse directly to the coldsore helps if you actually have a break out. As I've said, I don't know if this actually works, but thought I'd share since no one has mentioned gse.

Posted by joy on Aug 08 2009 00:22:43
put some acetone polish remover on a swab and dab the swab on your fever blister/cold sore. this sounds crazy but it works good and fast. also take a lysine pill everyday. zovirax is a prescription if you prefer that but lysine works just as well if you take it regularly.

Posted by Katie Molina on Jul 03 2009 12:28:21
hi there ive been suffering from coldsores all my life i have them 1 or 2 a month and im 14 years old.ive tried everything i mean everything! my coldsores are huge and it takes away so much of my social life and everything if someone knows that 3 day cure thing please contact me im desprete i don't want to go like this for the rest of my life! my email is KatieMolina18@yahoo.com thank you!

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 18 2009 18:49:31
I used to get awful cluster cold sores, often, and i tried Lysine, and it works wonders!! As soon as you feel a cold sore coming - i would take 4 x 500mg pills every few hours, and 90% of the time they don't even come through!!! So, now I carry some Lysine with me wherever I go! If a cold sore does start, still take lots of Lysine and they won't be nearly as big and won't last nearly as long! You can also buy a Lysine gel in a tube to put on the cold sore, which even speeds them up more!! I was SO glad to find something that actually works, and it's not expensive, and you can't overdose because it's just an amino acid.

Posted by Mouth Sores Treatment on Apr 29 2009 00:20:05
I never heard that milk remedy before. I'll have to use that one next time. Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 06 2009 14:51:31
For cold sores--Steep 1 tsp of dried sage (not powdered) in 1 cup of boiling water for 15 mins., strain and add 1 tsp dried ginger (powder) ( I add less cuz it is too hot) and sweeten to taste with honey (I have used sugar too) Drink 3 cps over the day. If you catch the sore early this reduces swelling, tingling and stops the sore from growing.

Posted by Beth on Feb 01 2009 10:53:49
I place oil of oregano and tea tree oil on a tissue and dab each of them onto my cold sore. I do this hourly when I feel the first tingles and I rarely have a full-blown cold sore. If I'm away from my oils when it begins I still use them when I get a chance and I find that it speeds the healing process.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 30 2009 18:58:00
This is a very good website since I don't like to take medications for anything. I will always go natural first. Thank you for this. Diana

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