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Tea Tree Oil Health Benefits

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil Health Benefits

Tea Tree Oil (also known as Melaleuca) is a natural antibacterial disinfectant that was commonly used as a general antiseptic by the aborigine tribes for thousands of years. More recently, the scientific community has confirmed that Tea Tree Oil has tremendous medicinal benefits. It is a light yellow oil that has a scent similar to nutmeg, and it is produced by steaming tea tree leaves and then squeezing the oil out.

What are the Benefits of Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil has wonderful properties that makes it a popular natural agent for curing all three types of infectious organisms: fungus, bacteria, and virus. More importantly, it is known to effectively fight a number of infections that are resistant to some antibiotics. Therefore, Tea Tree Oil is an excellent natural remedy for hundreds of bacterial and fungal skin ailments such as acne, abscess, oily skin, blisters, sun burns, athlete's foot, warts, herpes, insect bites, rashes, dandruff and other minor wounds and irritations.

Studies have shown that Tea Tree Oil also treats respiratory problems ranging from common sore throats, coughs and runny nose to severe conditions such as asthma, tuberculosis, and bronchitis. The anti-viral properties of the oil fight many common infectious diseases such as chicken pox, shingles and measles, flu, cold sores and verrucae. It also strengthens the body's immune system, which is often weakened by stress, illness, or by the use of antibiotics and other drugs. It can also be used as a mouth wash, since it is highly effective in healing oral candidiasis (a fungal infection of mouth and throat).

Uses of Tea Tree Oil

Skin Infections

Acne Treatment

A common use of Tea Tree Oil is as a natural Acne treatment. An effective remedy is to dab a cotton swab into tea tree oil and then gently apply the oil onto affected areas before goin to sleep. In the morning, rinse off the oil and wash your face as usual. Repeat this daily.

Boils and Carbuncles

Tea Tree Oil has also been used for the treatment of Boils or Carbuncles. It has been found to speed up the healing process while also relieving discomfort. Dip a cotton swab into the tea tree oil and then apply it directly onto the boil or carbuncle. Be sure to carefully dispose of the swab and make sure it does not touch any uninfected parts of your skin. Repeat this 3 to 5 times per day until the boil has healed.

Toenail Fungus

Tea Tree Oil help treat toenail fungus infections. Simply apply 1 to 2 drops of the oil directly onto the infected toenails and rub it above and under the tip of the nail. Repeat this once per day.


Many people have also found that Tea Tree Oil can be used as a very effective treatment for Genital Warts. An effective remedy is to dip a cotton swab into the tea tree oil and gently apply it to the wart. Repeat this once a day for 10 days.

Bad Breath, Inflamed Gums, and Plaque

Tea Tree Oil, when used as a mouth wash, acts as a natural cure for bad breath, oral candidiasis, gingivitis, plaque, and inflamed gums. It also kills mouth bacteria prior to dental surgery and also reduces mouth irritation that is often caused by dental procedures.

  • Add 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil to a cup of warm water.
  • Use the solution as a mouthwash two to three times daily.
  • Always spit out the Tea Tree Oil mouthwash. Do not swallow it.
  • You may also add 1 drop of Tea Tree Oil to toothpaste when brushing teeth.

Sore Throat and Congestion

Tea Tree Oil can be combined with a simple steam inhalation technique to naturally cure congestion, sore throat, chest infections, and clearing up mucus:

  • Fill a large cooking pot or bowl with water.
  • Bring the water to a boil.
  • Remove the pot from the stove and add 2 to 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil into it.
  • Cover your head with a towel and lean over the top of the bowl so that the long ends of the towel are hanging down at the two sides of the bowl.
  • Inhale the vapors for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Repeat the process each night before going to bed until symptoms are cured completely. If symptoms persist for more than 5 days it is best to consult your doctor.

Canker Sores and Laryngitis

Diluted in water, Tea Tree Oil is an effective treatment for canker sores and laryngitis:

  • Add 3-4 drops of Tea Tree Oil to one cup of warm water.
  • Gargle this solution twice daily. Do not swallow.

Dandruff and Lice

Studies have shown that shampoos with 5% of Tea Tree Oil can cure dandruff and help get rid of head lice. You can also create your own shampoo by mixing 1 drop of tea tree oil per 1 oz. of your regular shampoo. Massage the mixture into your scalp and then rinse as usual.

What are the Side Effects of Tea Tree Oil?

Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid the use of Tea Tree Oil.

Undiluted Tea Tree Oil can cause itchiness, irritation, and redness on sensitive skin. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, it is always safer to dilute the oil in another base oil such as olive oil.

Pure Tea Tree Oil should never be taken internally in its undiluted form. Extra care should be taken when using it near the eyes, genitals, or even as a mouthwash. If taken internally, Tea Tree Oil can result in diarrhea, vomiting, impaired immune function, excessive drowsiness, sleepiness, confusion, poor coordination, and even coma. If you notice any of these symptoms of overdose, seek medical attention immediately.

Where and How to Buy Tea Tree Oil

Pure Tea Tree Oil and shampoos that contain Tea Tree Oil can be found in almost any natural health or nutrition store, or from online retailers such as (see below).


  1. on said:

    I have skin condition on my legs and went to the doctor. The antibacterial meds he suggested did not work but the tea tree oil is working. This is the second day and the sores have started leaking on their own and has given me relief. I got the front of the legs looking good, now I am working on the back.

  2. on said:

    I have used Tea Tree Oil to kill head lice. I used a couple drops directly on scalp, behind ears, base of neck and top of head for overnight for 3 nights. I would then use a few drops in shampoo. It kills and repels lice and makes your scalp feel amazing! I also noticed my hair was softer and fuller than normal.
    I have also used it to kill and repel mites on my dogs' tail and the tip of his ear. The smell actually keeps my other dog who is a compulsive licker from even getting close to him, and the first dog keeps the oil on the skin long enough to be effective.
    I love the stuff!
    I picked up a bottle at walmart for 7$ and it lasts a very long time.

  3. on said:

    I read somewhere that Tea Tree Oil is effective on scabies. Is this true? Has anyone used it for this type of condition?

  4. on said:

    Diatomaceous earth (food grade) is the best for getting rid of bed bugs.
    Here's a link to read more about that here:
    Good luck! I gave some to a couple of friends who'd been plagued with those pesky insects and they both said it worked like a charm!

  5. on said:

    I just got a small bottle 0.5 oz. at a Health Store for $15.00. There was no trade name other than '"100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil" highly concentrated essential oil. Should dilute with another oil (does not mention cooking oil). This site is a big help because I was reluctant to rub full strength on my arms where there are moles, spots, and bites. Thank you.

  6. on said:

    My husband had a cyst on his back. It was very swollen, so I started putting tee tree oil on it. 10 days later it started pulling out the pus. This stuff is amazing!

  7. on said:

    I used tree oil on my cuticles and after 2 days, no more hang nails and also used on cracked lips and mouth sores and poof, all healed up. I am amazed with this stuff!!

  8. on said:

    The best thing to kill bed bugs and their eggs at home is the dryer or freezing temps..

  9. on said:

    I had it real bad on my ankles, fingers and knuckles and I would rub tea tree oil on it twice a day and it's completely gone. My knuckles still occasionally get rough but ankles are healed and they were to the point they were so scaly and painful and they would bleed. You can't even tell now. I had tried everything-- creams, lotions, steroids, different diet, medical treatments. I would say it's worth a shot for your husband. It definitively takes a while to notice a difference but it does work.

  10. on said:

    I read on-line that a few drops of tea tree oil can kill bed bug eggs when used in the washing machine to launder. Is this true?

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