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Head Lice Home Remedy

Head Lice Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Head Lice

Head lice are wingless insects that live on the human scalp and feed off of human blood. They are different from fleas (which often infect pets) in that they spend their entire life on a host. Related species of lice can also infect other parts of the body. For example, body lice often live on clothing, while pubic lice mainly live on hair in the pubic regions. An infestation of lice is also often referred to as pediculosis.

Head lice develop in the following phases:
  • Head Lice Eggs (Nits): These are firmly attached to the hair shaft, and are difficult to see (they can easily be mistaken for dandruff). They are oval shaped and usually yellow to white.
  • Nymphs: After about a week, a nit will hatch into nymphs which are young head lice. At this stage they begin feeding on blood from the scalp.
  • Adults: After 7 days, a nymph matures into an adult, which is about the size of a sesame seed with a greyish-white color. The adult lifespan is about 30 days.
The most common symptom of lice infestation is frequent itching, which occurs as a result of a lice's saliva entering holes in the scalp when they feed. Note that excessive scratching of the head can result in sores, which may become infected, so it is best to get treatment as quickly as possible. Although a louse bites into the skin to feed, the reaction to the bite is difficult to see between the hairs. However, bites can often be seen on the neck of individuals with long hair.

Causes of Head Lice

Head lice are usually spread through direct head-to-head contact with an infested person, but they can also be spread by sharing combs or towels. Children are often the most affected by head lice, particularly those between the ages of 3 and 10. Additionally, females often get head lice more than males, possibly due to having longer hair. Pets are typically not affected by human head lice.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Head Lice Treatment

Use Tea Tree Oil Shampoo to Get Rid of Head Lice

Shampoos containing a small amount (5%) of Tea Tree Oil are often very effective at getting rid of head lice. An excellent shampoo is Nature's Gate - Tea Tree Calming Shampoo.

Head Lice Home Remedy Using Vinegar

A quick home remedy for head lice is to create a rinse using an equal part of water mixed with an equal part of kitchen vinegar. One-half cup usually does the trick. After you've created this mixture, do the following:
  • Take a shower and leave shampoo in your hair for 5 to 10 minutes. Tea Tree Oil shampoos (described above) work well.
  • Rinse the shampoo.
  • Apply the vinegar rinse to your hair and rub it into your whole scalp.
  • Leave the rinse in your hair for about 2 minutes, then rinse it out.
  • Repeat this twice per day (morning and evening) until the head lice disappear.
The active ingredients in the shampoo kill head lice as well as penetrate into the eggs that they hatch. The vinegar then helps to dissolve the dead lice and wash their remains away.

Eliminate Head Lice with a Nit Comb

Although shampooing is quite effective at getting rid of head lice, many nits usually remain firmly attached to hair strands. Therefore, after shampooing and drying your hair, it is good to invest in a quality nit comb to remove the pesky nits. A recommended nit-comb is the Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb from NitBusters. A natural peppermint oil repellant such as Nit Free Mint Spray can also help to loosen nits before using the nit comb.

Shaving your Head to Remove Head Lice

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of head lice is to simply shave your head, although many women would prefer alternative methods. Note that a short haircut usually isn't sufficient, since head lice typically cling to hair only a quarter-inch from the scalp.

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Reader Comments

Posted by mom on Feb 14 2014 21:53:11
After dealing with lice one too many times....we use head and shoulders as our regular shampoo. If there is a lice problem at school, we leave it on for longer. I got rid of lice on my own head that way. Study the life cycle....and keep in mind that the eggs keep hatching so treatment should continue until all eggs have hatched,emerged and have been killed before they can reproduce.

Posted by Manie Headrom on Dec 20 2013 03:57:48
My daughter picked some up when we visited a very expensive riding hotel. Olive oil works great. Pour on as much as possible (until dripping), wrap the head in a plastic bag, cover with a shower cap, and sit down, and wait. Excellent conditioner. Smells like a pricey salad :)) Works like a charm.

Posted by M.Dilip Kumar on Oct 03 2013 05:19:14
i lost my hair and im having bald head totally 70percent i lost my hair and im getting marriage with in 1year so wat is the solution for me

Posted by Shannon on Jul 11 2013 01:21:11
Rid! Rinse, then pour vinegar and leave in, massage, then rinse, Shampoo, condition, comb w/nit comb, A LONG time in sections.. REMOVE NITS!! Keep hair damp while combing with a spray bottle loaded w/vinegar. Gel hair and braid then spray with hairspray. Spray All that can't be washed with rid spray. Wash EVERYTHING else, stuffed animals and such- put in bags & seal for @ least 2 weeks. Wash hair, comdition well & Nit comb Every day for what feels like eternity! DO ALL OF THIS AGAIN 7-10 Days later!!!!! Must do this again!! If you missed only 1 nit ... Your problems will start all over again!!!! Vacuum, Mop, Sweep- clean all hair stuff. Spray your car!

Posted by mkkr on Jul 10 2013 21:55:38
USE LICE-R-Gone, by Safe Solutions. AWESOME stuff.

Posted by Ashlee on Jun 24 2013 23:16:56
My daughter has had head lice since the beginning of the school year, it is now the end! We have use, NYDA, Nix, Equate, tea tree oil & R&C. I am so very upset by this. Its seems as if this is a mystery because they just show up out of no where after I check her hair! every time I think shes clear, they come back. I am soaking her hair on Gel every night for 12 days to see if this will work. So upsetting for her and I, this is not ok!!! I don't understand why they wont go away

Posted by Sharon on Apr 18 2013 01:53:45
I picked up head lice from my granddaughter when she started school (a first for us both) we both used tee tree oil lice shampoo and it damaged our hair so bad. The only positive thing that helped after was to put in olive oil and comb hair out with lice comb....I have been colouring my hair and after the tea tree was used on my hair it is broken and colour doesn't take it is dull. It has been 3 months now my granddaughters hair is also only now starting to show result s of improvement

Posted by Heather on Jan 15 2013 23:24:31
I had the same problem w my doughter n my uncle gave me a old home remedy beer yup thats right beer apply beer.all over your hear leave for 20mins whyle having your hair wrapped w a plastic bag then rinse do not wash after u rinse use any condtioner all over your hair wrap it up again with diferente bagleave for 20min then take a towell with out rinsin your hair n start strokin from from scalp to the tips u will c how the nits n lice r on towell trust me it works

Posted by Heather on Sep 20 2012 21:24:48
I had the same issue for 4 months my daughter picked lice up at her head start because of one careless parent not reporting her child has lice. I used tea tree oil shampoo with peppermint and mint abstracts, I used it on her hair for a month straight leaving it in for 10 minutes before rinsing and bam no more lice. :D I was so thrilled, but I am a paranoid parent as well so I bought the tea tree oil soap and lotion as well we use them religiously every day and so far its repelled when other kids got it she didn't get it.

Posted by Heather on Aug 27 2012 03:27:11
One more thing, if you find a live bug at any time doing the 30 day conditioner/comb, olive oil head & hair and start the 30 day countdown again and wash & vacuum again. Also add a few drops of the tea tree oil & peppermint oil to the conditioner, I forgot that part! They hate the smell almost as much as I do

Posted by Heather on Aug 26 2012 18:38:12
The best remedy. Olive oil and a thick white conditioner plus baking soda and the Nit Free Terminator comb. Section off the front of head first, apply condition to a section of dry hair, start combing from root to the complete end of hair, make sure the comb is as flat against scalp as possible. After you pull the comb through a couple times wipe it on a folded piece of white papertowel. The conditioner stuns the bug long enough to remove it. After you wipe the comb clean look for little dark spots and get your magnifier and a strong light out to confirm yes, it really is a bug with legs and not dirt. If yes then olive oil entire scalp, leave in overnight for more than 8 hours because they can hold their breath for around 6-8. No need for saran wrap, just put a towel on pillow. In the morning comb head from front to back, from right to left, from left to right, and finally from back to front. Make sure head is tipped forward enough to get comb flat against base of skull, make sure you get tiny hairs all around hairline. Wash oil out. Nice soft hair! Now wash your bedding and anything you wore the last 48 hours in hot water and dry on high heat at least 20 mins. If your dryer has a cool down cycle like mine does, put them in for 30. (My cool down is 7 minutes) pillows in dryer for the same time. Vacuum bed real good. Vacuum house to get any hairs you may have shed. After 3 days do the conditioner check again, if no bugs keep doing the check every 3 days for one month. Also if the comb slides through hair to easy for conditioner check, use a dab of baking soda at hair root of section you are about to comb. They live for 30 days, so that's why you need to keep checking for the full month. Tea tree oil around the hairline and rubbed into scalp 3 times a week really does keep them away. If that's to strong, tea tree shampoos. They cannot live for more than 24/48 hrs after they leave the head. They cannot fly or jump. They cannot nest in rugs furniture etc like fleas. Good luck folks!

Posted by Lex on Aug 22 2012 19:50:30
My best friend slept over the other night, and today she call and said that she had lice. I haven't spotted any on me yet. My head is itchy. But I feel like I'm just being paranoid and imagining it. I slept in the bed that she slept in. We didn't have any head to head contact. I have olive oil in my hair right now, just in case. How do i make sure that I don't have lice? And how do I get rid of it?

Posted by Michelle on Aug 13 2012 23:04:40
I have three girls and head lice for us is an unfortunate fact after moving to.our current community. Best home remedy for US has been head and shoulders.....let sit.for 10 minutes and rinse, satuarate with conditioner (don't be stingy) comb out the conditioner with a flea comb (yup the kind for dogs) then rinse, pour white vinegar onto hair scrub into scalp (this part really sucks) leave in as long as you can stand it and rinse. Then cook your head......we use the hair dryer on high for 30 minutes (some people use a curling iron. We cover the mattresses with plastic covers and the pillows with trash bags. We normally treat every 3 days for a week or so but never find anything after the first treatment. Hope that helps some that have problems......

Posted by Healer Laura on Aug 07 2012 15:30:53
Remedies and Cures will vary depending on the person, skin type, and type of parasite (some are evolving and becoming immune). For head lice doing a vinegar and isopropyl alcohol cap for one hour daily until eggs are gone has worked for some people I have helped (do not wash out). Some minor hair loss may occur but is worth it. Or shave your head. For body lice anything acidy, drying, and absorbant (see list below) has worked for some I have helped but not for others. For others Raid has worked fastest. If the product fizzles and pops when sprayed on your skin (likes Pop Rock candy) then it should work since this action will dry out and fry the eggs. Some eggs might hatch from this and since the parasites first instinct is to bite and feed when hatched expect some bites to still occur for at least 2 or 3 days. (First take long hot shower to open pores then dry off and quickly spray entire body with Raid beginning at neck and nape and at least, then spray centres until all area is covered. Rub all over.) You might have to try various types of Raid until you find one that works best. Some used Ant and Roach, others Mosquito Raid, while others found Raid Max with Dicarboximide worked well. Acidy, Drying: Tea Tree Oil Cedarwood Oil Lemon Vinegar Isopropyl Alcohol Menthyl Silicon Oil, Silica Silicon Dioxide Epsom Salts Baking Soda Dicarboximide Carbamate You can contact me for more tips. becomeenlightenednow (at) yahoo.com

Posted by Shelia on Aug 05 2012 16:27:05
No matter what shampoo or method you use to kill the lice you should follow with the equal parts white vinegar and water rinse. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes then rinse out prior to combing for knits. The acid in the vinegar will disolve the stickiness of the egg sacks that keeps them attached to the hair strand and make them MUCH easier to comb out.

Posted by annomuys on Aug 02 2012 17:14:46
i need help i have been battlen this with my daughter for months nw i dnt know wat to do can somebody tell me wat to do. hw does she keep getten it. go anywhere. S hfddomebody please help. I have spent so wmuch money on the medicene.

Posted by Tera on Jul 31 2012 16:01:33
Ok, my daughter AND I have battled this mess all year. I tried everything until I found they now have LICE SALONS starting to open. These people were fully educated on the buggers and taught me a lot and disproved all the myths for me. In reading some of the ridiculous stuff here I had to share. One, lice CAN NOT live off a human host after 24 hours. There is absolutely no need to bag items for a month let alone a week, that is just silly! Also, they hate hate hate heat. It also isn't necessary to wash items in high heat, that honestly just delays the process because the lice can go dormant as soon as water hits them. All you need to do is put items in dryer for 20-30 minutes. If keeping them in longer makes you feel better than go for it but it isn't necessary. Also, lice ARE NOT bed bugs, they can't burrow into pillows or furniture. A good vacuum over all furniture is all you need because most importantly THE LICE SPRAYS DON'T WORK. Tea tree oil can be effective yes, but it is more effective when mixed with other natural oils like lavender, peppermint, etc... They told me lice and most bugs period HATE lavender over anything else. Which is great because it smells awesome and you can find it just about anywhere, you just have to make sure that if you aren't physically putting it in shampoo or conditioner to check the ingredients because most of them don't have actual oil in them, they usually have an extract which ISN'T the same thing. Also, the rid and nix nit combs are WORTHLESS, don't waste your money! The ones that do work cost money so you are going to have to deal with it, however you don't have to throw them away, the dishwasher is enough heat to kill them right away. I everything before just breaking down and going to the salon, nothing else worked so for everyone to say it did I just don't believe. Maybe there are different types of lice I don't know. All I know is I tried dog shampoo, tea tree shampoo, vinegar, alcohol, hair dye absolutely none of which worked. The hair dye dyed the bugs the color of the dye, they still were crawling around so I call bull on that too. Essential Oils are the only way to truly get rid of these things

Posted by Lisa M on Jul 23 2012 19:15:45
My daughters used waist length hair until they got head lice the only thing to do cut their waist length hair very short like a boy.After very short boys haircuts no more head lice

Posted by April on Jul 14 2012 12:37:49
I forgot to mention, the medication is called Ivermectin.

Posted by April on Jul 14 2012 12:36:23
Go to your doctor! They can prescribe a pill to take that will get in your bloodstream. When the lice bite you, they will DIE! You should still do all the combing and lice treatments in addition.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 23 2012 11:28:42
Quit being lazy and sit down and pick them... It's truly the only way....then have someone do your hair. It happens parents and it inevitable

Posted by Marie Browne on Oct 01 2011 07:51:33
Try orange juice, either freshly squeezed or fresh juice from the store. Cover with plastic bag until dry then shampoo and comb with nit comb . I have had the best results from using hair conditioner on my children. Buy the cheapest and smother the hair, cover with plastic bag about an hour, then shampoo( any brand).Do this every 2 day for 10 day . Comb with nit comb. Metal ones are the best.Put t-tree oil and water in a spray bottle and spray on hair every night to prevent head lice returning.

Posted by lostwiththis on Aug 27 2011 04:58:18
many of the dandruff fighting shampoos such as selsum blue do work on head lice! Denorex is the one i hear of being used more often something very helpful is drying/straightening your hair (then cleaning the straightener) especially drying it on high heat near the roots. lice can not stand heat. also do not use shampoo every day. in fact you should not wash your hair everyday either. but if you must use denorex and some conditioner. make sure you leave the dandruff shampoo in for about 5-8 minutes! also you should comb the lice out and wash the comb as you are doing it to prevent buggie build-up. but i have found that the constant heat of a hairdryer and or straightener really helps] also once you have gotten rid of the lice you should continue to use denorex or selsum blue! because the lice actually eat away at your scalp and give you TERRIBLE dandruff

Posted by Suzanna on Jul 23 2011 06:35:54
Roma laundry soap n raid . W hile showering before you put shamooo or conditioner wash hair with roma or ariel laundry ksoap ( soap MUST be powdered ) then rinse out then wash with shampoo rinse it out again then spray with raid ( little bit of lice -10 ,15 minutes , mild case - 20 to 30 minutes , and if it really bad , 40 to 1 hour ) tie in bag or shower cap then ribse the hair out and wash with shampoo AND conditioner , every fivevdays ifvtje hair is still infected

Posted by Marie on Jun 25 2011 18:21:50
The best solution I have found to get rid of headlice and makes it very easy for parents is to simply dye their hair. Naturally you still have the headaches of cleaning all bedding and etc....... but, the chemicals in the hair dye work everytime. to prevent reinvestation simply buy suave shampoo and conditioners it has an ingredient called sodium laurel sulfate which is a natural killer to lice.

Posted by jodie on May 12 2011 23:54:37
My daugther got lice three times within the last three years. The store lice shampoos didn't work so I covered her hair with vaseline over night. The next day I washed it out with Dawn (dish soap) and rinsed it out with vinegar. Using a metal lice comb brushed out her entire hair. Washed again with dawn and finally used tree oil shampoo to wash. I also used tree oil and mixed it with water and sprayed her hair morning and night. I used the vinegar for the next week as a rinse and shampoo her hair with tree oil. Every night for 2 weeks I used the metal brush. This has seem to work because the lice is gone. I think I will make it a bio-weekly thing to rinse with vinegar and use tree oil shampoo every day. I hope she never get lice again.

Posted by Leona on Apr 14 2011 08:09:59
This is messy but has always worked for me the first time. Add several drops of Sasparilla Oil to some olive oil and smear it on the head. Cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap and leave it on for at least a half hour or as long as can be tolerated. Then wash with Tea Tree Shampoo, several times and rinse. Then get busy and pick out every single nit you see. The live ones will be suffocated but don't leave one single nit or you will have to repeat the whole process.

Posted by Lindsay on Mar 28 2011 13:45:43
three dollars for mayo, and three dollars for dog shampoo- instead of a hundred on Rid and Nix

Posted by Lindsay on Mar 28 2011 13:43:42
I've been battaling for years with my daughter, tried cutting it, tried shampoos even bought new pillows and brushes, and had her stuffed animals bagged for months. everytime we thought it was gone I'd find another in her hair- a co-worker told me "you're gonna think I'm crazy but coat her hair in mayo root to tip tie a platic shopping bag on her head and leave on for 24 hours, rinse and comb out with metal nit comb- then wash her hair with flea and tick dog shampoo about once a week" Has worked like a charm and havent had one come back since- cost me about for mayo and for dog shampoo... wish i would have own that before i spent early 0 on the Rid and Nix

Posted by Anonymous on Mar 27 2011 13:14:46
ALL these DO work if you put them on you hair DRY...

Posted by sheena on Jan 01 2011 20:20:35
My daughter have been fighting lice for months! when i think it goes away one come home with it! imma try some of what yall said n hope n pray it stays away

Posted by Randi on Nov 12 2010 17:05:47
Lisa.. that comb doesn't work as the hair can catch in the "teeth" and cause it to NOT "Hum" thinking you killed one of the louse's. RID doesn't work either... BUT LiceMD is good.. easy to use and comb through. I'm dealing with this issue TODAY! I am going to try Bambi's suggestions witht he vinager/mouthwash... I got the live live out.. its the eggs that I cant get out. I have acrilyc nails and its hard to get them out. But picked up a metal comb to try removing the eggs/nits

Posted by Bambi on Nov 05 2010 18:59:59
I have been figthing lice in my daughters for about 3 years on and off. CPS was threatening to take my children because the girls just kept getting them. I have been using perscriptions from the doctor for Rid and Ovide, Rid does not work and Ovide hurts my daughters more then the headlice. I then decided to try new things and see what they do. I tried the Tea tree oil and the schools complain about the smell. I have found the answer to all my troubles. I tak mint mouthwash and douce their heads with it. Place a shower cap on and leave on for 1 hour. Then I heat up white vinegar for 30 to 45 seconds in the microwave and dump that on their hair with the mouthwash still in. Replace the shower cap and leave on for 1 hour. Wash it all out with a regular shampoo and then condition. Leave the conditioner in for 1 hour and then rinse out. Heat kills the eggs and the vinegar losens the glue on the eggs. When you take the shower cap off the head after using the mouth wash please wash the shower cap because the lice will be all over the inside of it. I hope this works for you because it does for me and my daughters. If you want to prevent them from getting it again after they are clean, put three to four drops of Tea tree oil in Detangular spray and spray their hair every morning.

Posted by Claudia on Nov 03 2010 19:40:50
Listerine seems to work. Leave overnight wrapped with a towel, just make sure it does not get into the eyes and rince the next day.

Posted by Lisa on Oct 29 2010 09:39:44
Robi comb you can purchase at walgreen for 30.00 bucks, We just had these lice problem right before school and battled it for like a month, I used a product call quit nits from cvs, I think it worked good, but 4 hours waiting time with shower cap. after inital lice problem gone I use robi comb like 3 times a week on her hair havent had a problem till this morning I had a felling about something and ran through her hair real quick and got one louse, I went through her hair about 5 more times and nothing else yet. So either at school , or she went camping the past weekend and no said they had it but it came from somewhere. So Even though i believe in quit nits, I am going to try lice md this time from walgreens for her treatment, 10.00 a 4 oz bottle so I will need like 3 for her thick hair. This is so mentaly exhausting after last time . but I should get better control cause last time no told me one of my family members had it i think she had it for monthes. I know this cant be more than a week old. keeping fingers crossed , and I do recommend robi comb ...google it like the other person said...And once treatment dont I will do robi once a day again , no slacking , and if i have to start dying her well then I will I havent gotten yet , and I dye my hair and my husband shaves his...and never gotten yet either. good luck and wish me luck ....

Posted by linda on Oct 12 2010 21:35:30
I have been using tree oil for a Week on my skin and nothing is clearing up I've had docs say its from stress and a unknown cause from these sores and bumps all over my body mostly my hAnds and elbows irt looks like leporsy what can I do

Posted by davidson on Sep 17 2010 02:49:47
very nice post keep it up! head lice home remedy

Posted by Tracey on Sep 05 2010 11:06:40
You have to get the Nits out, otherwise they will hatch and the cycle will keep repeating. A good comb is one that is notched so it will actually lift the Nits off from the hair shaft...but the smooth pronged ones will miss the majority of nits...So I recommend the Nit Free Terminator comb from NitBusters. It will cost you...but would you rather spend hours on end going through each strand of hair pulling nits..or getting a cheaper comb and still miss most of them and have to constantly go through the cycle. Remember Nits are immune to shampoos...they must be removed first!

Posted by Helen on Aug 31 2010 15:54:52
My 7 year-old daughter ended up with lice last fall, and the whole week prior I had been snuggling and hugging her and I never had got them. Why? Because I have been using PAUL MITCHELL TEE TREE SHAMPOO daily. The shampoo repels the lice. So now that we are coming into the school year again, I will be having the girls on that shampoo from now on, every other day and leave it on for a few minutes so it soaks it to the skin. Plus being very through in checking my childrens scalp and staying on the ball helps. Pulling back the hair in a ponytail, spraying the hair with hairspray and being aware of what is going on is the only way you will get rid of it.

Posted by Marie on Aug 21 2010 21:34:22
We have been battling head lice for a month. We tried covering ur hair with rubbing alcohol and put on a shower cap. Sleep with this on( but no more then 8 hrs) Then rinse the hair and apply shampoo. Work into a lather and add a cup of vinegar to it and let it sit 10mins. Rinse. It works and kills the eggs. Hope someone else finds this useful

Posted by Beth on Jul 28 2010 12:52:03
I was recently diagnosed with having what looks like scabies... Dr. Gave my Lindane which scared the heck out of me so started to research Tea Tree Oil... I have been dousing the areas with full strength for 2 days now and will begin baths tonite... It seems to be appearing on my elbow areas... Any advise would be most helpful... Went on vacation last week cause Dr. said I was ok to go but everything I have ready says contagous... Husband is fine... no issues... puzzeled....

Posted by Sarah July 24 2010 on Jul 24 2010 15:43:52
We have head lice twice. I have used the buzz treatment on my boys and this was the easiest. For the girls we successfuly used this method. Go to Walmart or some other store and buy a huge bottle of the cheapest, thickest hair gel you can find. Suave or dippety due will work. Also, buy the old fashioned shower caps. Dont forget the stainless steel or metal lice combs. before the kids go to bed, put the hair gel all over their heads. Coat every inch down to the ends of their hair. Now place the caps on them and put them to bed. When they wake up the next day wash their hair out with regualar shampoo. Use the lice comb and blow dry. The hair gel suffocates the little buggers and washes out pretty easily. Also, bag everything you can in plastic garbage bags and leave it all in bags for 30 days, at least. PS. everyone in our family who used a blow every day never got headlice. Go Figure!

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 03 2010 18:42:34
Yess, lice stay in the beard too. The body parts that have thick long hair (head, beards, pubic areas) are haven for Lice! As long you keep your hair clean and not damp for longer hours they tend to stay away unless you get infected by somebody who had them.

Posted by larry taylor on May 31 2010 20:22:13
not really a comment but i have a beard do they stay in there or just mainly the head ???

Posted by Sue on May 19 2010 21:29:23
The absolute best thing to get rid of lice is an electronic comb. I bought mine at Walgreens for about 30.00 It it battery operated and makes a whining noise but comb it through the hair and zap, it kills the lice on contact.. (it will quit beeping when it gets one in the teeth of the comb, so you'll know you have got at least one.) then you brush them out of the comb and go again.. The first time I used it I zapped about 14 out of my granddaughters hair.. and with my eyesight , I couldn't even see them in her hair. but it found them..no messy shampoos or chemicals.. We went through all of those before I found this.. then just use it every few days and get the little nits before they can multiply.. gone gone gone... It really works and since it does kill the lice, it can be used on more than one person, if needed.. google it ROBI COMB.. You'll not be sorry... They need this item in the schools.. As you can tell, I am a firm believer it this item. This was a year ago, and we have another outbreak at school so I comb her hair almost daily to make sure she has none. so far, so good.. Robi comb ought to compensate me..LOL Good luck ,, good hunting...

Posted by Darlene on Apr 29 2010 17:04:27
Lets try this again! The combs cost three dollars and ninty nine cents.

Posted by Darlene on Apr 29 2010 17:03:12
Sorry, Cost should read .99.

Posted by Darlene on Apr 29 2010 17:01:45
I have 9 gkids and we have battled the lice for years. I found that either white vinager or apple cider vinager sprayed on the hair as you are combing releases the nits and kids dont scream from pain. Also, the school nurse gave us this recipe. 6 oz. dawn 2 Tablespoons tea tree oil and 2 oz vinager. Leave in hair for as long as u like. wont hurt the kids except if gotten into the eyes. The only nit comb we have found around us is sold by Sally beauty supply. They are only .99!

Posted by Jill on Apr 08 2010 13:47:04
When My three daughters had head lice only thing to do is cut their waist length hair very short like a boy My girls has very short hair I will keep my girls hair very short from now on

Posted by Heather on Apr 05 2010 04:53:54
A Professor at a Nth QLD UNI in Australia found that using conditioner stuns the head lice. They are then able to be combed out. Also there are Neem Tree products available in Australia that dissolve the glue that attaches the egg to the hair, hope this helps, cheers H

Posted by ruby on Mar 03 2010 16:34:14
Campho Phenique works! it doesn't burn, and it kills lice as well as other body hitch hikers;

Posted by Beth on Feb 25 2010 14:26:49
OK, I have read and tried most all of the remedies listed here, I even spray my kids hair with a tea tree oil mixture daily and use neem oil when I shampoo their hair. Nothing is working. I am tired, stressed, embarressed, and just do not know what to do. Someone please help me.

Posted by jenny on Feb 17 2010 09:18:08
I've also found geranium essential oil to be effective with head lice. Just add a drop to a nizoral based or anti-lice shampoo to kill them off. Then a drop every now and then in your shampoo for maintenance. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes before you rinse off. But the other essential oil recipes look good here.

Posted by Charlene on Feb 05 2010 10:12:51
Sabine - and anyone else with persistent lice: Combine 1 tsp tea tree oil, 1 tsp eucalyptus oil, and 1 tps rosemary oil,about a 1/2 cup of vinegar, and 1/2 cup cooking oil (we used vegetable oil), mix this up, and put it on each persons head for about 20 minutes. We did this and we were lice free for over 5 years, despite a lot of people around us keeping them through the years. Once you've waited the 20-30 minutes, wash out with a daily cleanser shampoo (Prell is recommended but other stuff works just as good). Repeat in a week. Hope someone else finds this helpful! It was recommended to me by the school nurse about 6 years ago now. Cost me around to get the natural oils and you can find them at any local vitamin store. Also, adding tea tree oil to your shampoo will keep them from coming back if used regularly - and it should be 10%+ tea tree oil. The bottle I got from Wal-mart has 15% in it.

Posted by Sabine on Jan 18 2010 05:33:05
TREE TEA OIL does not work. My daughter has lice, and i've tried the tree tea oil shampoo, lice shampoo, pharmacy benzene and glycerine but the buggers are still wriggling around when combing them out with a nit comb. I am now going to try the listerine and vinegar solution and if that doesn't work, mayonaise. If neither works, then I don't know.

Posted by Jim on Jan 12 2010 02:55:46
Hey, try plastering your hair with mayonnaise. Leave on over night then wash out and use nit comb to remove eggs and dead lice. Works a treat. Do again after a couple of days if you still have live lice.

Posted by Pubiswig on Jan 10 2010 00:50:42
Why not get a bottle of Rid and use it. Its made from Chrysanthemums so its natural enough that someone could have mentioned it! Really now, its the kind of thing you just want to get done when it happens. You can even use it for crab lice like a charm. Come on people who are an authority.

Posted by beckaann18 on Jan 07 2010 14:17:11
I trying everything nothing works. well i haven't tryed the tea tree oil yet or the dyein gof the hair. ive been battling this for three months . help !!!!!!! my kids r fine they dont have it . it me that we fine it on everytime it come back

Posted by Deb McEnery on Dec 31 2009 19:56:45
Flea-Rid Dog Shampoo is by far the safest, easiest method to rid yourself/or others of head lice. You can wash all your linens in it, even mop the floor with it. Bathe and shampoo with it. Use regularly for 2 weeks. My young daughter had Scabies once and the Rx shampoo looked so much like dog shampoo -smelled like it too -I commented to the Dr. He said yea, it's basically the same thing. Why pay more, and smell like who knows what? Not to mention what it does to the condition of your hair? Dog's skin is 100 times more sensitive than ours. So it's gentle too..

Posted by Joe on Nov 21 2009 01:41:12
I found after many otc natural and pesticides didn't work by there direction but that if you use rid x then wait exactly 8 days then repeat the use of rid x you will be free it was a 4 month episode and no one could help the life cycle from nymph(baby lice) to maturity is 7 days so rid x kills the 1st mature adults then when the nits turn to baby lice (nymphs) you kill them before they mature and lay more nits you can repeat three times if you feel necessary it was horrible I called everybody with no sucess except for what i did

Posted by Paula on Nov 06 2009 21:53:51
Green Soap

Posted by maria sajid on Oct 03 2009 16:03:31
remedy 4 head lice Take 1 litre of coconut oil and 200 gram carom(ajwain, mix them in glass bottle and then put in sunshine for 15 to 20 days or heat on fire for 5 to 10 minutes on low heat. Apply this oil on head every night and wash in the morning. This is my own experience that lice is gone permanently.

Posted by Shana on Oct 02 2009 19:09:11
My duaghter had headlice her first year of school and she has never had her hair cut it was down to her bottom and we tried everything and my mother in law saw a lady who works at a hair place and she told her to get a bottle of suave shampoo and reguler pin-sol the brown kind that smells like pine and pour half of the shampoo into anthore container and then fill that bottle up with pin-sol and shake well and use it once a week and she has never gotten it agian ..but before it was all over with she missed 15 days of school

Posted by Millie on Sep 17 2009 04:15:17
There's a new non-toxic benzyl alcohol FDA approved lotion that works. I got rid of them from baby-fine adult hair by using Old Spice After Shave lotion - it contains benzyl alcohol - it kills the lice . Repeat a few times. It was the only thing that worked after 5 months of combing twice a day with every thing listed on every headlice site. Type in benzyl alcohol + head lice and you will see the new product.

Posted by ann on Sep 08 2009 21:38:46
Douse hair with Listerine, (I used the off brand) Wrap hair with a plastic bag(airtight) for 2 hours, then rinse. Rinse hair thouroghly with vinegar, wrap airtight with a different grocery bag, or garbage bag, saran wrap-whatever. Leave on for an hour. Rinse hair, put alot of coconut conditioner (lice hate the smell apparently) And the MAIN THING people need to be aware of is: BUY THE METAL NIT COMB!!! It only cost .99 at Walgreens, it's by the shampoo. I ain't from France but excuse my French.. Those little nix and rid combs aren't worth shet. Comb & comb & comb in the shower with mucho conditioner and bam - they're gone. The moral of the story is: It is not a shame to get lice, it is a shame to keep them & do nothing to get rid of them.

Posted by LACY on Sep 06 2009 21:45:18
I have had lice since december of 2008 and it is now septmeber..... of 2009 I do not know what to do... and i dont want to shave my head....HELP!!!

Posted by Madisyn on Aug 09 2009 16:01:47
Ive tried using a shampoo but it just doesnt work!!I do not know what to do!!!!HELP!!

Posted by Kali12345 on Jun 14 2009 19:01:03
If you have tried everything, and have been suffering for months, then shaving the head is a good option. Great for boys, wigs or hats are a good option for girls and women. I suffered for 15 months before I did this, and I'm sorry I waited so long! I had tried everything, and the stress was unbelievable. I don't like having short hair or wearing a wig, but hair grows back and not having bugs is worth it!

Posted by donna on Jun 11 2009 14:19:52
hi I'm in desperate need of some advice,since my daughter of 4 started nursery I've been battling nits,i feel so bad 4 her because she hates me combing her hair through,I've tried all these nit treatments from the shop and after a while it just works out 2 expensive so then i tried them all vinegar,mayo,even aftershave but i just cant shift the eggs,and they just stay there no matter wot i use please help if you can thanks very much,donna x

Posted by susansmurals on Jun 03 2009 21:42:44
I highly reccomend tea tree oil for Lice. We had this problem one too many times and after spending money on expensive RID, not to mention the awful smell and chemicals on my child,I found it to be not effective. I researched the internet and found Tea tree oil.I bought it at Walmart by the vitamins. After mixing it with my current Shampoo and conditioner about a tablespoon to (bottle of Suave tropical coconut shampo,and cond), I let it sit (conditioner) and combed it out with the nit comb. we were able to get rid of those pesky little buggers. We did this every other day for about 4 times.

Posted by lisa on Jun 02 2009 09:13:01
TREE TEA OIL and Olive OIL .. to get rid of lice .yes it really works.I use 1 bottle of TREE TEA OIL and 1 bottle of OLIVE OIL.mix together in a spray bottle.shake well and spray on the entire head.I put a shower cap on and let on hair for about 30 mins. i take a LICE MISTER COMB and comb the strands of hair one section at a time.the OLIVE OIL helps break down the eggs for easier removal.I then use DAWN DISHSOAP to help remove the olive oil and tree tea oil followed by suave coconut shampoo followed by suave coconut conditoiner.then about 3 times a week I use tree tea oil shampoo.The unused portion of the mixture can be stored under your sink for future use .

Posted by Mary on Apr 05 2009 21:26:08
ok it is not my typing the cost is two dollars and fifty cents at trader joes! 2.50

Posted by Mary on Apr 05 2009 21:25:00
Sorry that is .50 AT Trader Joes.

Posted by Mary on Apr 05 2009 21:23:37
I bought Tea Tree oil at Trader Joes today .50. for anyone interested. It also, works well for dry scalps/dandriff.

Posted by terry on Dec 31 2008 14:28:39
tara can i ask where did you get the tea tree oil and tea tree shampoo thanks

Posted by terry on Dec 31 2008 14:24:46
thank you ladies for all your advise iam going crazy trying to get rid of my daugthers head lice DR. RX work for a while but still having problems plus the smell stays with her for days she gets them often iam going to try all these remedes thank you

Posted by Tara on Dec 30 2008 21:32:59
I have used tea tree shampoo on my children for years. My daughter had an issue with repeated headlice infestations from school. I tryed Rid, Mayo, Viniger, Karosene...Nothing worked. Then a friend told me about tea tree oil. I used it and it got rid of it and then the tea tree shampoo weekly as a normal shampoo and she has not had lice since..even though other children in her class have had it.

Posted by Lisa on Oct 30 2008 23:14:08
When I was young we tried all the above. Vinegar did help with the nits but it burned so bad it really didn't help enough for how bad it burned Mayonaise just left my head super greasy for a couple days and did not kill them the Sargants flea and tick shampoo was the best shampoo but finally what did it was blow drying my hair in the morning and at night.

Posted by Lana on Oct 05 2008 10:39:02
This came from a registered nurse and it really works, my 7 year old daughter was getting lice and we couldn't seem to get rid of it until we tried this, Sargents flea and tick shampoo for CATS only we washed her hair in this and it made the nits almost glow now we was her hair in the shampoo about once every two weeks leave it on for 10 minutes and then condition her hair really well so it won't burn her hair up. using the shampoo every week or everyother week will also repel those critters. we have had alot of success with it, try it it works

Posted by brandii on Sep 02 2008 15:57:41
my 2 year old step son kept getting headlice at 2!! we came up with our own solution which consists of mayo vinegar and dawn dishsoap use 1 cup of each apply to the whole head leave on for approximately 10 minutes and rinse out this has been approved by a pediatrician as well this is 100% safe

Posted by Linda on Aug 10 2008 04:14:20
Get a Jar of Salad Dressing Miracle Whip are any cheap brand will do, put it in your hair real thick and work it in and leave on for 30 min. are so then rinse and comb out with a nit comb, no more head lice..

Posted by Susan on Jul 21 2008 11:30:18
While some of these may work, you forgot to mention the importance of a good nit comb to get all of the eggs out of the hair after using whatever remedy you choose. There are also natural shampoos that are proven to loosen the glue that is holding the nits to the hair shaft and there are mint sprays that help to repel lice. The brand that I prefer for all of these is NitFree that is sold at www.Kleen-Free.com

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