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Bad Breath Home Remedy

Bad Breath Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Bad Breath

Bad Breath, also known as Halitosis, is a condition almost everyone has experienced some time in their life. A simple way to check for bad breath is to cup your hands over your mouth and nose, give a puff as if blowing into a balloon, and then quickly sniff your breath. If you have bad breath, you will be able to tell based on the smell.

In most cases, bad breath is not serious, but it can lead to significant embarrassment and self-consciousness. In rare situations, halitosis can be a sign of a more serious problem. Therefore, if you have tried all of our bad breath remedies without any success, it is best to see your doctor or dentist to make sure there is not some more serious cause.

Causes of Bad Breath

Almost everything we put into our mouth, particulary food and drink, can make it smell less pleasant. For the majority of people, the most frequent cause of bad breath is associated with bacteria that live in the mouth, particularly on the tongue. This bacteria can build-up as a result of poor oral hygiene and a lack of flossing.

The most common triggers of Bad Breath include:
  • food, particulary those high in protein
  • not eating breakfast
  • smoking
  • antihistamines and other drugs or medications
  • sinus problems
  • mouth sores
  • tooth infections or gum disease (gingivitis)
  • stress
  • dehydration
  • significant talking
  • zinc deficiency
  • gastrointestinal disorders (indigestion or stomach problems)
  • serious illnesses such as cancer, tuberculosis, or syphillis

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Home Remedy Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has recently been used as an effective mouthwash that provides long-lasting relief from bad breath. Simply dilute 1/2 tablespoon of the vinegar into a glass of water and gargle it in your mouth for 10 seconds at a time.

Bad Breath Home Remedy Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is a fantastic remedy for bad breath, since it changes the pH (acidity) level in your mouth, which results in a less friendly environment for odor-causing bacteria. Simply add some baking soda onto your toothbrush, brush with it, and then rinse with water. Another option is to purchase toothpastes that already contain a small amount of baking soda. It is also important to brush the top of your tongue with your toothbrush every morning, since this helps dislodge many odorous particles that contribute to bad breath.

Herbal Remedy for Bad Breath with Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil, is a natural cure for bad breath when used as a toothpaste additive. Simply add a drop of the oil to your toothpaste right before you brush.

You can also create a Tea Tree Oil mouthwash by adding 3 drops of the oil to a cup of warm water. Gargle this solution two to three times a day, preferably after each meal.

NOTE: It is important that you always spit out the Tea Tree Oil mouthwash or toothpaste. Never swallow it.

Natural Remedy for Bad Breath Using Citrus Fruits

Bad breath is often simply the result of a dry mouth. If this is the case, simply eating a citrus fruit that is high in citric acid (such as an orange, lemon, or grapefruit) can help improve your breath significantly. The acid in such fruits stimulates the saliva, which helps suppress some of the odor-causing bacteria. At the same time, the tangy taste of such fruits leaves the mouth smelling fresh.

Beat Bad Breath with Household Ingredients

Check out this new eBook that offers a fast cure for bad breath using ingredients that you probably already have in your home. The easy, step-by-step guide offers:
  • A dirt cheap solution that helps eliminate bad breath within 90 seconds.
  • Information about which foods contribute the most to bad breath, and how many existing mouthwashes and products might actually make your breath worse.
  • Information about how to keep your mouth smelling sweet, and your teeth white and strong.
Click here to find out more about their fast, 90 second cure.

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Reader Comments

Posted by Harry on Feb 14 2014 05:44:55
The secret to fresh breath is clean teeth and gums. This treatment has worked for me: 1) Buy a medical suction equipment (I use Liberty 7EA Phlegm Suction), tubing and a nozzle small enough to suck the grime from the gumline. A Yankauer suction tube may work. 2) Brush and floss as usual. Then use the medical suction to "vacuum" all the grime from your tongue and teeth and gumline. Position nozzle at an angle and not perpendicular to the surface being cleaned. Repeat three times for a really clean sweep. Do this before bedtime and once more before leaving home in the morning. 3) Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)is an antioxidant and supplement must be taken if this is not available from diet. I use chewables with 180mg each tablet. Try to "melt" one tablet after the suction session. You may wish to gargle once the tablet is gone. This can also be used if you need to freshen breath quickly. 4) Include this in your daily oral cleaning regimen and there's 100% guarantee you'll be astounded with the results. Within 3 days, you will feel and smell the difference. 5) For those who try, please let me know of your results in this website. 6) Oh, I forgot, you must clean the tubing by letting water flow through it after you use it. Leave the tube hanging and unrolled. Do not let stagnant water accumulate in the tube or you will get biofilms sticking inside the tubes. If you do, a simple string tied to a small bunch of cotton will do the trick. Let the machine suck the cotton (wet) and just pull it back to "scrape" the insides of the tube. Let me know of your success people.

Posted by Mark on Nov 17 2013 13:44:14
@ Mr.T, I think you should give a try to Apple Cider Vinegar remedy. Try gargling with ACV water ( 1/2 tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in a glass of water) three to four times daily and drink one glass of ACV water half hour before or after the dinner. It can help with many digestive issues. Also it's known to help with lowering high blood pressure levels. I hope it helps!

Posted by Mr t on Oct 21 2013 01:19:35
I m suffering from Bb from so many years and analyse that it may be beccause of stomach problem bcz my digestive system is very week I usually don't do breakfast ,urine comes very much but my odour is not always it some time disappear nd some time come very much so plz someone tell me wats can I do for this problem which medicine I will take plz suggest me thank you

Posted by muleme on Oct 10 2013 12:50:28
do i have to use this methods above for life? or once in a while?

Posted by chins on Sep 30 2013 00:41:26
I found out that no amount of brushing, flossing and mouthwash was completely taking my problem away. Then I read about Tonsil stones. Especially if you have sinus issues, nasal drip,etc., look for tonsil stones. They smell horrible. They need to be taken out. Try the ACV gargle that people wrote about. It helps. Talk to an ENT specialist about how to get the tonsil stones out. Hope this helps. Probiotics also helps, as does gargling with diluted hydrogen peroxide.

Posted by Sam on Sep 05 2013 12:12:25
@R. Jackson and Asha, I think there's some underlying issue for bad breath in your case. I used to have bad breath and I tried everything in the world to no vail. I later found out that it was due to intestinal parasites and after the treatment bad breadth was completely gone. I drank 1tsp Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in a cold glass of water twice daily as part of the treatment. Try drinking ACV water twice daily, it might help you too. @Asha, in your case it seems like Sinusitis might be the culprit for bad breath. Try focusing on treating sinus infection and see if it helps! I know how horrible life is with Bad breath! Good luck!

Posted by R Jackson on Sep 04 2013 13:47:48
I have suffered from severe halitosis fro 13 years now. I have tried EVERYTHING and I'm not exaggerating. I currently tried ORAMD, chlorophyll, apple cider vinegar, peroxide, Thereabreath, Profresh, and the list goes on and on. I've gone to the dentist and they say they can't smell my breath. I have my teeth cleaned every 3 months...please someone help me

Posted by Asha on Sep 04 2013 06:16:23
M 19 years old girl, I have a bad breath problem from past 2 years. In many situation I just keep quite because of my bad breath. I consulted a dentist he recommended me a mouthwash but it does not work. I have sinus problem too. Please help me to get rid of this problem instantly. This is really shamfull for me.

Posted by nirobkhanbb on Jun 15 2013 16:08:45
Hemorrhoids patient suffering in discomfort all the day long. It’s really very painful to carry on hemorrhoids. i think we need to prevent it as early as possible.

Posted by Henry on Jun 07 2013 04:37:07
Hullo everyone, please try 2 Tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide and a Teaspoon of Baking Soda. Mix well using your tooth brush and brush your teeth and tongue. This has help 100% effective with my son's Halitosis

Posted by NUNAL on May 07 2013 05:39:56
You know guys I have experienced always a bad breath I tried a lot of home remedies and only apple cider vinegar resolved my problem. I drink ACV twice a day in breakfast after I brush my teeth and in the evening before I sleep. You need to dilute ACV first 1 tablespoon of ACV and half glass of water you will see the difference instantly. Now I am more confidence to talk closer to all my friends and kiss my boyfriend :)

Posted by Mary on May 06 2013 21:45:58
@Pauline, Try Apple Cider Vinegar remedy. Simply mix 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and gargle with it for a few minutes and also drink one cup of ACV mixed water twice daily. Rubbing a drop of Tea Tree Oil onto the teeth and spitting it out after squishing it around every morning before leaving for work and at bed time seemed to help me too. I hope it helps!

Posted by pauline on May 06 2013 05:34:54
my name is pauline and havehad bad breathe for some time now went to the dentistbut they couldnt feel it when i spoke but do feel it my self when i speak and when am sitting in a bus have face the window other wise people will cover their nose and in church its much worse cos am an usher went to the ent department they said i had sinusis behind my eye socket and my tonsils to have been inflamed all the drugs i was given isnt working the vitamin c the nostamin the flucosascline and the antibiotics aswell what do i do i cant even go near my boyfriend for a kiss

Posted by eds on Apr 28 2013 07:05:40
i suffered 3 years from humiliating situation where i cant event answer from simple question coz im afraid that a person near to me smell the bad odor coming from my mouth/nose... i cant clearly identify either its coming from my mouth or my nose.. even in the distance of 10m, other people will still smell the odor. in that frustrating time, i even think for suicide. like many of you, i tried all the herbal treatment/remedies that will work just to minimize the odor but the result is just in short period of time (hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, eating guava, all kids of strong antibiotics, etc..). thanks god for this site.. i think and hopefully this is the final solution and the end of our suffering. scientific proven that the result of chronic halitosis is the odor causing bacteria. to fight the odor causing bacteria is to install or take good bacteria. since acidophilus capsule is not available in our place (philippines), i bough lacto pafi with live lactobacillus. from the first 2 tbsp, i already fell the effect, it seems like the good bacteria is fighting from odor causing bacteria. and after 10 minutes the odor disappear. this is the 2nd day of taking lacto pafi with live lactobacillus and i can say 90% of the odor is gone... dosage: 2 tbsp after or before meals. hope this info will help you... godbless us all.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 25 2013 00:45:34
I had bad breath for a long time but not anymore. Mix baking soda, a little hydrogen peroxide and water. Gargle but don't swallow!

Posted by mehran khan baloch on Apr 24 2013 13:44:06
i am suffring from halitosis bad breathing from very very long time ,,,even i brush twice thrice but get no result,,i recive bad breathing ,,,germy waters in my mouth every time,,i recive bitter water morning time too,,i have this problem with my nose too i recive horrible odor from nose also because ot these i m too upset my life is fully disturbed,i have hepatitis also,,,is there any one to get me ride of these

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 16 2013 16:59:05
Try probiotics daily. Take the best ones you can find with the highest number of strains in the greatest amounts. If the problem is due to GI/stomach this will help.

Posted by Tunde on Apr 03 2013 12:03:47
Thanks for this detailed information. At first I thought it was hereditory because I noticed my mother has it, then me, and now two of my children. That is why I become more worried.

Posted by pramod Jain on Feb 21 2013 08:14:26
bad breath & bad teeth Problem Pl. asked Sollution

Posted by Warren Thompson on Feb 12 2013 23:06:50
Thanks for sharing such an informative article on bad breath. I'll return in the future to read more. Regards, Warren Thompson Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted by Azim on Jan 26 2013 10:14:09
Pls, i have been suffering from serious bad breath for quite a long time. I think this mite be caused by the my stomatch This problem is realy affecting my social life that i don't talk to people facing them because i fear for them being irritated by the rotten smell/odour that always comes out from my mouth. Pls, help me cure to this bad breath so that i can resume the copius relationship between me and my fellows. Pls, i just suffered from hepatitis I need somebody to clearify me on this, and even how to cure the hepatitis once and for all, for it's realy causing great fear in me as they say that it is a very dangerous viral disease. Please sir/madan, i realy need this information as urgent as possible. Thank you so so much. Have a nice day...

Posted by Terry on Jan 26 2013 02:01:22
I use BLIS K12 probiotics (Fresh Breath Kit) and it does provide long term remedy. There is a lot of scientific/clinical research gone into this probiotic. This probiotic has other benefits. The biggest revelation was to understand why traditional mouthwash only provided short term cure because mouthwash killed almost all bacteria in the mouth. Guess what, most of the bacteria in our body are good ones so we kill more good bacteria. When we use mouthwash, all bacteria is killed, so good and bad bacteria repopulate or colonize at the same rate...this is where Blis K12 is different. It colonizes before the ones causing bad breath. This is best explained at http://blis.co.nz/conditions/bad-breath-halitosis.html#.UQMpcR32-BU. Visit http://www.blis.co.nz to learn a lot more.

Posted by Liv on Jan 16 2013 20:51:58
I drink lots of water, watch what I consume, floss, use toothpaste w/baking soda on it and rinse with hydrogen peroxide & water (rinse again with just water to ensure there is no hydrogen peroxide left to damage the enamel). At night before bed I floss, brush then take 2 (100 mg) chlorophyll capsules. Found out part of my problem is the anaerobic bacteria. It transfers from my tongue to my tonsils and throat every time I swallow, so my mouth would smell great but my throat would smell like hot garbage (my sweet tooth was like manna to the bacteria, lol). So now I do everything possible to limit the bacteria in my mouth to lessen the transfer. It has benefited me greatly. Wish you all the best and hope this helps.

Posted by huggco on Jan 13 2013 14:08:39
Thanks for mentioning these causes. A proper oral hygiene is definitely recommended as part of life. Huggco

Posted by Jenny Masters on Jan 13 2013 00:21:19
I have had bad breath, lost my job due to it. Tried to find a new job but it's very hard once you stink up the office. I had tonsil stones and awful bad breath. My friend told me to check Oraltech Labs as it got rid of his bad breath and his post nasal drip. I've been following Oraltech Labs bad breath cure program for about 2 weeks now and I feel much better, also people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well:-)

Posted by Tulee on Dec 14 2012 08:11:34
i have a problem with bad breath i have tried everything but nothing helps>i hear about Oraltech Labs where to go for this please i need your help

Posted by paradise on Dec 13 2012 22:40:46
i came across this site about mouth odour information, am not suprise that is almost the disease that affect many people. I was once a victim, then i was ashame to talk to friends, not to talk of girls, i really lost my confidence, but now i can even talk inside ones nose without a single bad smell, ebook, and toothpaste can never solve ur problem, i have tried everything inside here but it failed. If u really want to fufile ur dream, u need to get rid of these because this is really affecting ur future. Try to email me on ejinkoparadise@gmail.com i promise to help u and get rid of it irrespective of the country u come from.

Posted by Allicia on Dec 06 2012 09:10:06
Myrrh works fantastically against bad breath. It doesn't taste good, but it's an excellent temporary fix.

Posted by Marion on Nov 22 2012 02:34:49
I've suffered from bad breath for two years. I've discovered Dr Katz's Therabreath toothpaste and mouthwash which had eliminated my bad breath. It had saved my life and I got my self-confidence back.

Posted by cassey on Nov 16 2012 05:30:17
Can someone get bad breath from kissin/or can one get bad breath from talkin with anyone Δaτ has it

Posted by Roopa on Nov 12 2012 22:20:38
@ Jenil - Try using Tea Tree Oil mouth wash. To make it, mix 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil in a half cup of water and store it in a jar or bottle with a lid. Use this mix three to four times a day. Also drinking a mix of 1 tabs of Organic Apple Cider vinegar in a glass water daily to deal with any stomach issues that might be causing bad breath could help. I help it helps you and others on this page!

Posted by jenil on Nov 11 2012 10:08:20
my breath smells very bad.plz tell me some good remedy

Posted by dee pars on Oct 13 2012 13:02:27

Posted by Adil on Oct 12 2012 03:31:03
Nice Info

Posted by curtis on Sep 17 2012 10:08:16
I have been suffering from foul breath for several years and have finally found the solution. Googling told me that a mouth wash should not contain alcohol. My wife has always urged me to gargle with the leading mouthwash brand of which she is a strong advocate. I checked the label to find that the medicine tasting urine-coloured original brand contained 21.6% alcohol, and that the newer minty blue type contains 26% alcohol. I immediately stopped using it, and switched to rinsing my mouth with hydrogine peroxide. She could not believe the difference. At last my breath was sweet again, and the mouth wash named after a pioneer in British medicine was to blame. While it may work for many, it did not suit my body chemistry. Maybe others can be helped by this advice. I wish I had known years ago.

Posted by Meccoyor on Sep 10 2012 14:00:34
Pls, i have been suffering from serious bad breath for quite a long time. I think this mite be caused by the yellow pigments on my tongue. This problem is realy affecting my social life that i don't talk to people facing them because i fear for them being irritated by the rotten smell/odour that always comes out from my mouth. Pls, somebody should email me a home made cure to this bad breath so that i can resume the copius relationship between me and my fellows. Pls, i just suffered from hepatitis (yellow fever) not long ago, so i wonder if this could be the cause of this bad breath. I need somebody to clearify me on this, and even how to cure the hepatitis once and for all, for it's realy causing great fear in me as they say that it is a very dangerous viral disease. Please sir/madan, i realy need this information as urgent as possible. Thank you so so much. Have a nice day...

Posted by amita on Aug 24 2012 07:21:49
Bad breath : always keep skin of orange with you, just spray the skin in mouth...it works fresh smell..try it :-)

Posted by jeeva on Aug 21 2012 13:06:00
Dear sir/madam, i'm suffering from bad breath over seven years. i also having indigestion problems... please help me.. please.. please....

Posted by Emma May on Jul 31 2012 04:53:53
I have had bad breath, lost my job due to it. tried to find a new job but it's very hard once you stink up the office. I had tonsil stones and awful bad breath. My friend told me to Google Oraltech Labs as it got rid of his bad breath and his post nasal drip. I've been following Oraltech Labs for about 2 weeks now and I feel much better, also people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well.

Posted by Ray on Jul 18 2012 20:02:45
I have tried everything. I've spent money going to different doctors and yet my bad breath never seem to get eliminated. i floss,i brush, floss and rinse. drink water like crazy. NOTHING:( i hate my life because of me having to deal with chronic halitosis. Ive had it for 4 years. I am so deppressed. i stop making friends. i even avoid my friends i have now. if anyone knows any solution email me at rachelletelcy@yahoo.com i cant take it anymore.

Posted by hussain on Jul 03 2012 07:15:55
im getting tired my life because of bad mouth smell..i always try to eat chewing gums and mints chocolate but my mouth smell wil become double and no body stand in front of me and they take thre hand near nose and and im getting very sh.me to get rid of thiz...

Posted by tseng on Jul 02 2012 09:41:39
how can i cure my bad breath? for home remedy?

Posted by test on Jun 24 2012 20:39:05

Posted by J Smith on Jun 23 2012 06:11:55
This is a rare one -- One issue some of us have is that when drinking or eating foods with the many forms of sulfite preservatives in them -- wine, bear, processed meats, cider etc etc etc -- somehow when digesting it comes back in your breath as hydrogen sulfite ( rotten egg gas)-- so if this is the issue try and avoid the many foods and drinks with this type of preservatives. Also, try eating the herb, tumeric --kills the bad bugs in your gut,suck on vitamin c (sugar sweetener free) and try also a strong anti biotic from your doctor

Posted by Glory on Jun 20 2012 04:36:19
When brushing your teeth please take time on brushing your tongue after that guggle a bit with plain water. Teeth Tongue Throat(Brush Brush n Guggle)

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 05 2012 02:14:24
I want best homemade solution for my bad bcz I’m very worry about this plz help me

Posted by jenny may on May 19 2012 03:24:09
hope this helps you. I had tonsil stones and awful bad breath. My friend told me to check Oraltech Labs advice as it got rid of his bad breath and his post nasal drip. I've been following Oraltech Labs advice for about 4 months now and I feel much better, also at work people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well, so good luck

Posted by rajat on May 18 2012 09:12:09
very nice work rally appreciate your website. one can know more abou health on healthyandfine

Posted by meishee on Apr 03 2012 21:35:29
I recommend watching the video, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". It's about a man on his journey for getting healthy, loosing weight and overcoming a debilitating sickness, through "JUICING". Which enabled him to "clean out and clear out" all the JUNK in his body! Then I would recommend going checking out Dr Schultz website called, "herbdoc.com" where he teaches that most of our illnesses and diseases come from the stomach/intestines including bad breath! Its time to pull our your juicer machine and start cleaning out your colon which will also improve your sinus/mouth problems. Good Luck!

Posted by princes on Mar 14 2012 20:35:55
eat like pineapple mongo drink salty lemon juuce ? brushing teeth only 2 time moring and night with sensodyne mix baking soda am loveing it help my friend's if want i help u so ask me any think

Posted by princes on Mar 14 2012 20:13:45
bad breath 4 pic mish mish 4 pic longe 4 pic elichi 4 pic mint podina fist take 1 cup water put mish mish longe elichi cook at 20 min after put farish mint cook 5 min remove put in the bottle drink drop's moring and night only water this tip very helpfull try my friends

Posted by Suze on Mar 14 2012 16:06:44
Would i get a floss in nigeria?thanks

Posted by April on Feb 27 2012 06:55:31
Home remedy for bad breath is baking soda.

Posted by pooja on Feb 17 2012 23:49:58
how to solve my bad breath problem can suggest me i am not having any tips

Posted by Michelle on Feb 14 2012 20:35:04
Very important! Bad breath is cause by bacteria! Even after u brush food particles will be stuck in your teeth.. U MUST floss after each meal, if not then food will decay and cause plaque that cause cavities...and caviies smell.. Also you may need to go to the dentist to fix a bad tooth..also it's very important o brush before bed everrrry single night. Good luck

Posted by Dhwani on Jan 26 2012 09:44:41
I have serious bad breath problem. please provide appropriate solution to get rid of it as soon as possible. this problem is lacking my self confidence. provide any home remedy.

Posted by TK on Jan 25 2012 06:19:00
i have 20 years suffering from bad breath.pliz help me.i want to know the simple and cheap home remedy for bad breath.

Posted by sanjeev on Jan 11 2012 23:14:24
Dear sir/madam, i have mouth bad smell problem when i eat anything then from my mouth bad spell starting. please some suggestion to releif from this problem. im going to the doctor and cleaned my teeth but no relief. please send me some good advice.

Posted by risha on Jan 10 2012 01:17:21
I have been suffering from bad breath for the past 15 yrs from my nose and mouth. 3 weeks back, i tried the nasal rinse and my bad breath has reduced a lot.and i am still continuing nasal rinse daily so i encourage all of u with these symptoms to try for nasal rinse.Don`t give up !!

Posted by it sucks on Jan 08 2012 07:40:33
after i eat, i brush my teeth,then it smells good. but later,it smells as the food i ate,, its so irritating,,, what will i do?

Posted by elle0 on Dec 15 2011 01:53:05
Tea Tree Oil is also known as Melaleuca or Melaleuca alternifolia. It is a natural antibacterial disinfectant that has been used as a general antiseptic by aboriginal tribes for thousands of years. Science has confirmed the uses for about nourishing tea tree oil as it has tremendous medicinal properties and benefits. It is a light yellow oil that smells like nutmeg. Tea Tree Oil was originally ingested as a tea (hence “tea tree oil”) by the Native Peoples but is now produced by steaming the leaves and squeezing this essential oil out. Absorbable care tea oil should be a part of every home's emergency first aid kit. It is also wise to have tea tree oil in the car, cottage, and camping first aid kits. Unlike many essential oils, it is able to be directly applied to minor injuries once or twice per day. Green tea tree oil shampoo can also be used to invigorate the scalp and remove greasy residue off hair shaft.

Posted by Lizzy on Dec 12 2011 05:30:21
Biotene mouthwash and baking soda

Posted by Lizzy on Dec 12 2011 05:27:42
Take Chlorophyll, its cheap get it at a health food store. Its a green liquid, it's a pigment that will stain so be carefull and brush your teeth after. Add one or two tablespoons in full glass of water or juice if u really don't like the taste. It's also good for you. !ALSO! Floss your teeth regularly, and you wont have bad breath!

Posted by anoliefo chioma on Dec 06 2011 23:33:44
i have yellowish substances beneath my teeth how can i get rid of them?

Posted by tristan on Dec 01 2011 02:02:51
close up fire freeze helps.....i'll try baking soda nxtym..i heard that it also helps in whitening..(skin and teeth)....removing scar etc....

Posted by So Sad on Nov 19 2011 15:10:38
As someone mentioned before, I've already read we cannot use baking soda very often, beacause it will damage our gums. I'm trying tea tree oil this time. Has anyone tried using it every day for some months? By the way, for the others who brush their teeth and tongue and floss 4 or 5 times a day and have no relief, maybe it could be xerostomia. There's a test to measure our saliva production. Who knows... I've also read that eating yogurt every day can help a lot. Good luck to everydoby, me included...

Posted by nona on Nov 08 2011 08:08:44
i have heard about closeup fire freeze. is it helpful??

Posted by dj on Nov 08 2011 08:07:10
tell me about bad breath removing toothpastes

Posted by i venkatewarlu on Oct 30 2011 14:49:35
explain about bad breathe removing tooth pastes

Posted by samuel on Oct 24 2011 23:26:55
your comments have been very helpful thank you to all of you.samuel

Posted by bing on Oct 18 2011 02:40:41
I don't have a credit card. Is there any other way of payment to purchase eBook?. Thanks

Posted by chewy on Oct 17 2011 09:33:55
has anybody heard of closeup fire freeze toothpaste? i think it may be a solution to bad breath. that's how they advertise it in commercials..

Posted by Mel on Oct 08 2011 06:38:16
Please try this very simple remedy: Please drink lots of water in between meals, at leat 2-3 hours after eating. Please limit your liquid intake right after meals. Also, try not to lie down right after eating, and brush your teeth right after meals. Please try this and let me know how it goes. I'm a halitosis from gerd sufferer for years, and this seems to have improved my condition without any medications or change in diet. Thanks and good luck!

Posted by kingz on Sep 30 2011 05:46:06
my gum has been swollen for year and getting worse with badbreath.been to dentist and its been fustrating.pls can i get names of home remedies that con be found in nigeria

Posted by avinash on Sep 27 2011 07:08:09
i m read i will try your home remedy some one or two then i'll send my next comment

Posted by Saint Louis on Sep 22 2011 14:01:10
I ve a bad breath also for past 2 or 3 month I use a mouthwash I brush my teeth 4 or 5 to 6 7 or even 10 times a day still wont help got speciall Thera breath toothpaste n mouthwash still won't help more than an hour tried avocado is gd for a minute then it's all same it changes ur life ur attitude ur talking everything is a really bad thing to ve but I think it's all cuz I got low vitamins so all I eat now is fruits and vegetables and 1000 mg of vit c and zinc for poor immune system hopefully that would make it better but for rite now no changes !!! Allot of ppl talking about pro fresh working real gd I don't kno what to do I guess I'll ve to check it out

Posted by thulee on Sep 09 2011 11:05:29
i don't have a credit card,how can i get the book if i don't have a credit card?

Posted by BlogShag on Sep 07 2011 05:22:52
The odor usually doesn't come from the mouth, it's the fumes from the stomach. This is the reason burps smell so bad, another good reason you shouldn't be eating bad foods, and too many processed foods

Posted by BlogShag on Sep 07 2011 05:19:02
Also, like Saleema said, chewing fresh parsley or peppermint leaves is very effective against bad breath. This is why they put parsley on a plate at restaurants, among other reasons. Although many people don't seem to be able to figure out why they put parsley on dinner plates. They just look at it and say, "Yuck." You must chew the herbs thoroughly for them to work. If you cannot handle the taste, as many can't, throw some grapes in with the herbs

Posted by BlogShag on Sep 07 2011 05:15:21
One of the grossest things to have to deal with in life is someone with bad breath. It's caused by eating bad foods, processed foods, and having dental problems. This is another reason why you must consume a lot of green herbal foods. They clean your breath If you're not flossing your teeth after every meal, you're in for a rude awakening. Use tea tree oil as a regular disinfectant for your mouth. Stop using fluoride.

Posted by Mary on Sep 05 2011 09:31:34
I am sharing my secret with u guys cause I know how u feel, try hydrogen peroxide 3% + the equal amount of water and used it as a mouth wash twice a day I swear u will see the result right of way do not waist ur money

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 01 2011 05:49:04

Posted by Joy on Aug 27 2011 15:28:42
I want to see dentist for bad breath they wash my mouth the following day the smell came up. Pls help me out my friend run away beause of the odour from my mouth.

Posted by rahul on Aug 21 2011 07:35:09
Very informative .. I also found another interesting website http://www.how-to-get-rid-of-bad-breath.com

Posted by cure bad breath on Aug 19 2011 10:26:48
I just made my new blog about curing bad breath naturally ;).. you should come and check it out soon... c'ya @ how-to-cure-bad-breath-naturally.blogspot.com/

Posted by cure bad breath on Aug 19 2011 10:25:32
I just made my new blog about curing bad breath naturally ;).. you should come and check it out soon... c'ya there

Posted by Laura Desouza on Aug 17 2011 20:39:52
Since I've had breast cancer,been thru surgery, chemo,radiation and booster which finished last November. I've just started taking 1 teaspoon baking soda, a teaspoon pure honey with a warm water. My sister has noticed that I have serious bad breath. Pleadse help -What is the cause?

Posted by aklilu on Jul 01 2011 08:51:01
i have problem about bad breath there fore what shall i do to remove it once and for all

Posted by Rosalie on Jun 10 2011 21:32:06
just try warm water and 1 tsp of salt and gargle it every morning..

Posted by Amber on Jun 07 2011 01:19:07
Peppermint tea and peppermint leaves after meals. Drinking lots of water helps, also.

Posted by Anonymous on May 01 2011 15:04:52
try chewing on fennel seeds

Posted by Ayobami on Apr 24 2011 12:44:49
My breat smells teribble what can i do??

Posted by Ayo on Apr 15 2011 11:00:34
My name is ayodele 4rm western part of nigeria,am a musician.i wanted to give up on music due to bad breath.some of my lady leave me bcos of mouth odour.i dnt kno wat to do,if i go to dentist dey will charge me lot of money,dat is why am searchin 4 home remedy,all this scientific remedy like netipot n Avocado are rare to find maybe u should break d words 4 people undastanding.

Posted by Hugh on Apr 13 2011 08:15:26
can i mix baking soda acv? just curious...

Posted by ravi on Apr 04 2011 05:29:02
kindly suggest me for my bad breath.

Posted by ravi on Apr 04 2011 05:28:49
kindly suggest me for my bad breath.

Posted by ALICE on Mar 30 2011 04:46:33
baking soda, it works

Posted by ching on Mar 29 2011 13:10:36
i need your ebook but don't have a credit card.Is there any other way of payment?Plis let me know i'll do that.

Posted by Christopher on Mar 21 2011 04:11:01
Please i'm in need of your e-book but don't have a credit card. Is there any other way of payment? Please let me know and i'll do that. Thank you.

Posted by Rebecca on Feb 08 2011 14:38:39
I just went to the dentist and they gave me info on Xylitol, a natural sugar substitute from fruit & veg fiber. It is used in a few sugar-free products like Mentos gum. Xylitol kills the bad bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities and bad breath.

Posted by tintin0506 on Jan 31 2011 23:14:03
Hey Hitesh chaudhry, Don't be upset for having a BB. But, you should try every possible way on how to get rid of it. Try not to eat foods which can cause BB. You should be hygienic too. You could also consult a doctor. You could also try visiting this site where in a lot of info to get rid of BB are there. (tinyurldotcom/endbadbreath )->Just change "dot" into "." This might help you too! :)

Posted by Hitesh chaudhry on Dec 20 2010 01:46:42
my breath smells very bad.plz tell me some good remedy.I use colagate toothpaste.

Posted by temitope omoniyi on Dec 16 2010 16:04:14
my breathe smells really bad. Help me what can i do?

Posted by Mary Joe on Nov 18 2010 18:23:55
someone on dealstop.com mentioned oil of oregano

Posted by vishnu on Oct 18 2010 03:49:40
hell, i liked that one in particular ........the baking soda stuff..but....hmmmmh....let me tell you embedd some more one like that

Posted by reema on Oct 16 2010 10:52:11
i try baking soda.bt i heard that using baking soda frequently will harm ure gums.so i stop using this.plz suggest something for yellow spots on teeth.plz

Posted by akki on Aug 24 2010 06:09:07
baking soda works well !!!!

Posted by Jennifer on Jul 07 2010 15:45:47
My daughter's breath has been terrible for 4 years. She brushes her teeth well, but breath was like dog poo. Finally went to the health food store and was recommened Mega Chlorophyll. She has been taking one capsule a day and almost immediately her breath was normal.

Posted by Waqar on May 14 2010 16:36:34
Using a Netipot to rinse your nasal cavities will eliminate bad breath within 3 days. The Netipot solution would comprise of a cup of boiled water (cooled), one quarter a teaspoon of sea salt (not table salt) and one quarter a teaspoon of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda). Use twice a day. Once in the morning after breakfast and one hour before bedtime. Used frequently, you can eliminate the frequency of Cold and Flu virus.

Posted by lbr on Mar 21 2010 08:47:20
my bad breath is coming from my sinus and it smell really bad

Posted by umme talha on Mar 12 2010 10:21:18
stomach should not be empty eat something with short interval

Posted by Levi Soko on Feb 23 2010 08:40:24
Chewing fresh guava leaves after meals works

Posted by Shirley on Feb 23 2010 04:33:34
Try eating avocado. It cleanses your stomach and kills bacteria in the mouth. simple bad breath home remediesare extremely effective

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 20 2010 06:22:25
bad breath eat cardomn after every meal it improve eyesightas well

Posted by stacey on Dec 24 2009 06:56:23
if you have sinus problems, use a nasal irrigator, it works!!!

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 16 2009 20:06:05
I'll try baking soda!

Posted by cherah on Jul 28 2009 01:52:12
i have found bad breath to be associated with diet. A lot of people who change their lifestyle to include more fruits and vegetables and less meats suffer from less body odor all together.

Posted by Ruksana.R on Mar 31 2009 05:29:46
use baking soda with ur toothpast it will prevent bad mouth smelling...trust me.

Posted by mark isturis on Feb 21 2009 00:37:49
how can i get rid of the bad odor of the saliva?? my breath is fine but the saliva dont smell good.. pls help

Posted by eddie miller on Oct 22 2008 21:40:36
I tried to get the ebook info yet it has not moderated so how do I get to view the book or even download it concerning the 90 second cure?

Posted by Saleema on Oct 12 2008 00:28:09
Chewing fresh parsley or peppermint leaves after meals or before bed is a natural remedey that works. Also lots of water.

Posted by keldo on Sep 04 2008 06:42:55
home remedy for bad breath

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