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Nasal Congestion Home Remedy

Nasal Congestion Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Nasal Congestion

Nasal Congestion (also referred to as blocked nose or stuffy nose) occurs when the nasal passage is blocked and stuffed due to swollen mucous membranes that line the nose. Nasal congestion can interfere with hearing and speech. Significant congestion may interfere with sleep, cause snoring, and can be associated with episodes of not breathing during sleep.

While nasal congestion is generally more of an annoyance in older children and adults, it is much more serious when it occurs in infants. This is because infants primarily breathe through their nose, which can cause life-threatening breathing problems when they are nursing.

Causes of Nasal Congestion

A congested nasal passage occurs when the membranes lining the nose become swollen from inflamed blood vessels. Congestion can be caused by many of the same things that cause a runny nose including colds, allergies, sinus infections, and the flu. Overuse of some nasal sprays or drops can also lead to congestion. In most cases, a stuffed nose is usually caused by a virus and typically goes away by itself within a week.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Nasal Congestion Treatment

Nasal Congestion Home Remedy Using Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano has long been regarded as a natural remedy for sinus or lung congestion, since it helps to strengthen the body's immune system. Simply mix 2 or 3 drops of oregano oil with juice, and drink this daily. Improvements are normally noticed within 3-5 days.

Nasal Congestion Home Remedy Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has wonderful properties that make it a great natural agent for curing the three main types of infectious organisms: fungus, bacteria, and virus. Therefore, it can be inhaled to help clear nasal congestion as follows:
  • Add 3 to 4 drops of Tea Tree Oil to 1 cup of boiling water.
  • Inhale the vapours for 5 to 10 minutes.

Using Vitamin C for Treating Nasal Congestion

Histamine is a protein in the body that is often associated with nasal congestion when histamine levels are high. Taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C three times per day can help reduce histamine levels, which can therefore help reduce nasal and sinus congestion.

Eucalyptus Oil as a Natural Cure for Nasal Congestion

Eucalyptus Oil acts on receptors in the nasal mucous membranes to reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion.
  • Add 3 to 4 drops of Eucalyptus Oil to 1 cup of boiling water.
  • Inhale the steam for 5 to 10 minutes.

Echinacea as a Natural Remedy for Nasal Congestion

Echinacea is an herb that stimulates the production of white blood cells, accelerating their maturation within the lymphatic tissue, and speeding their travel to the area of infection, where they help fight invaders in the body.

A study has found that people with cold and nasal congestion who drank 3 cups of Echinacea Tea every day for 5 days felt better sooner than those who drank tea without echinacea.

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Reader Comments

Posted by dharmendra jian on Feb 26 2014 10:01:14
I have alternative nose blockage problem from last 4-5 years. when my one nose is open other get block after 3-4 hours my block nose is completely open and open nose is completely or partially block. pls suggest me what is the reason of this problem, what is the name of this problem what treatment for this problem for completely cure.

Posted by Sam on Aug 27 2013 23:03:15
Thanks Jeanette for your time and detailed response!

Posted by jeanette on Aug 27 2013 20:23:49
yes i'm a nose donor but u don't want mine. i'm looking for a new nose too. that was comical voldomort

Posted by jeanette on Aug 27 2013 20:20:02
the fresh garlic bulb kills the bacteria from the sinus goop like mold that causes the sinus bacteria congestion ect........ your welcome sam

Posted by jeanette on Aug 27 2013 20:14:41
it should say on the garlic bottle i'm not sure how many pills a day I only did the garlic bulb more strong and potent and I do the sinus rinse bottle and alkalol bottle helps a lot they have that at walgreens and make sure u mix the blue saline packet with the alkalol it dissolves the congestion in sinuses

Posted by jeanette on Aug 27 2013 20:10:38
take your blankets pillow cases and bed sheets and put them in a freezer for five hours to kill the dust mites and then wash in wash machine

Posted by Sam on Aug 27 2013 19:43:36
Hi Jeanette, I'm gonna try garlic remedy. Do you think garlic capsules would work the same? How many capsules a day should I take?? Thanks!

Posted by jeanette on Aug 27 2013 19:29:38
there is also garlic pills also

Posted by jeanette on Aug 27 2013 19:26:48
fresh garlic bulbs take one clove off of bulb peel it take fingers and rub the clove and smell it with your nose three times a day and I don't have the congestion in nose and the throat or chest

Posted by lINDA on Feb 28 2013 17:19:07
Hello there, I have heard that ginseng helps a stuffy nose and inflammation but some types of ginseng work as mao inhibotors similar to psyche meds so if your taking those I would not take it... I took one tablespoon of unrefined organic flax oil for my stuffy nose. It was said to lower histimine levels I also read that diabetics are to be careful of it and it also works like a blood thinner. I already see and. I am also going to google aplha lipoic acid to see if this will help at all. I see and improvement in the first half hour of taking it. improvement and I will know more tonite..My symptoms are worse at nite I read to to also avoid red med as it contributes to inflammation. Drinking lots of water can lower histimine levels in your body also. Life will get better for you . You will be alright. This is my first time having allergies and I tried everything and my doctor added singulair to my zyrtec and flonse. So far , I don't have any side affects from singulair and it does help me breath better but last nite was still bothersome so I am doing the flax oil. The pharmacist said it was safe to take with all of my medications. I usually get a stomache ache from ground flax but I didn't with the oil. Good luck. I hope helped someone.

Posted by rajsingh on Feb 03 2013 22:52:00
SER PLEASE TELL ME THAT.meri noise se pani tapkta h or kafi chike aati h.m bhut paresan hu najle SE.PLEASE TELL ME SOME ADVICE FOR RELIEF

Posted by Corina on Nov 14 2012 12:10:07
Vika, I did the biofeedback testing in Canada. One web site that is helpful is www.inht.ca/Practioners. The lady I went to was in Dorchester. Can't say enough good about this procedure. Its simple,easy and painless and it works.

Posted by Melissa Durham on Oct 14 2012 10:51:33
my son he is 3 years old han have been suffering from serious nasel congestion and runny nose i have given everything his doctor has giving me and it has not worked so i need to find out what home remendies i can use please help me

Posted by Vika on Oct 04 2012 17:03:43
Corina, can you share where you have done this treatment of BIOFEEDBACK ANALYSIS? Is this in US or Canada? Could you please give some recommendations on how to find the right one? Thank you so much in advance!!!!!

Posted by corina on Oct 04 2012 09:39:28
I have suffered with sinus congestion and infections for years. For some time I was sick three days a week every week. Bad headache one day, severe headache, throwing up, dizzy and stay in bed the next day, third day feeling weak and yucky.I was living off sinus pills, tried all kinds of homoepathic and herbal concoctions used the netti pot 4-5 times a day. Sometimes I would have some relief but it was short lived. I was at my wits end and then I found out about BIOFEEDBACK ANALYSIS TESTING. I was treated for a few months (1 treatment every other week) and feel like a new person now. I highly recomend this easy treatment. Its been just over a year since I started treatments and I've had only 2 infections since but not half as severe. I can't say enough about how well this went for me. Hope this works for others:)

Posted by Wayne Simon on Aug 14 2012 02:25:00
In response to Sue Wedde's post, it is a bit concerning that the left side is always involved. I was recently diagnosed and treated for viral meningo-encephelitis which for almost a month was treated as a sinus infection!!. If I were you I would get a second opinion.

Posted by sue wedde on Aug 02 2012 19:57:57
About every 4 to 6 weeks I get sick.Pain on left side of head face and ear. Sleep alot when I'm like this. Dr puts me on an antibiotic and I get better. I know it's not good so take so much of that. I had this for several years.Any suggestions?

Posted by Kathryn K. on Jun 06 2012 06:52:15
Just a comment around Oregano Oil...some people have posted that it has helped their sinus/nasal congestion...it contains rosmarinic acid which is an antihistamine...see histamine causes blood vessels to widen which can occur in both the sinuses and the nasal passages...the sinus opening (ostia) is quite small so if there is a lot of swelling around that opening the sinuses won't drain properly.

Posted by Voldemort on Mar 05 2012 15:09:37
Uh... Keflex won't do the trick. My doctor told me that after complaints. A question though. Are there any nose donors anywhere? I figure I can defeat Harry Potter with one.

Posted by The Thinker on Mar 05 2012 12:30:46
I have discovered that peppermints work for me when I have nasal congestion. My sinuses get so bad that I get terrible sinus headaches. Peppermints or Listerine Cool Mint Breath Strips have worked better than anything else I have purchased.

Posted by clara on Feb 27 2012 04:16:03
he can help you if you have any eye problem, i was suffering from shot sightness and he cast a spiritual spell to help me gain my sight back again... is a specialist when he comes to eye problem. you can reach via: indianspell@yahoo.com

Posted by redginger on Feb 09 2012 09:21:40
I used to have severe problems with different areas of the Country and the Flora, until I discovered taking bee pollen from the areas stopped the wheezing and sneezing.

Posted by sunshine on Feb 07 2012 23:52:27
i seem to have sinus problems particularity when we go south.I live in central Canada and when we go south in the winter I get kinda sick.I'm so tired of this,as we go south for a winter holiday.But it's not a holiday for me anymore.I sometimes get bronchitis and now have got a severe case of sinus problems,almost like hay fever.I wonder if the flowers do this to me...just don't know.What should I do?Anybody have some ideas?

Posted by Julie on Feb 07 2012 11:52:09
I've had sinus problems forever. Use nasonex, neti pot with saline packets I buy ready to go. Is there something better to use than these? I've had Augmenten, then keflex since Christmas, plus a steroid shot. Thought I was getting better and not-- and still have junk in my throat, coughing. After using neti pot I don't blow much out my nose. Xray showed my sinuses were enlarged. I just bough oil of oregano capsules. Should I have gotten the oil? I do use a humidifer in the winter. I've not tried putting oil in it. I do put euculyups oil on a cotton ball and set next to my bed, and put some under my nose. Doc says I am obscessed with my sinuses. Guess he has never had the problem!

Posted by tesna on Jan 11 2012 04:58:55
i am having bad breath for the past 15 yrs from my nose and mouth . i am using nasal rinse for the past 3 weeks, but not cured completely.I will be checking with homeo today ,to start medicines, to see if by homeo , i can get rid of bad breath

Posted by tesna on Jan 11 2012 04:38:37
i am having bad breath for the past 15 yrs from my nose and mouth . i am using nasal rinse for the past 3 weeks, but not cured completely.I will be checking with homeo today ,to start medicines, to see if by homeo , i can get rid of bad breath

Posted by RKT on Jan 09 2012 16:01:50
I am not able to speak properly like i use to earlier.. I do not know the reason but its getting difficult day by day i did consult a doctor but it reduced for few days and again started.. especially in winter... please help me.. its there almost from 2 years now. which pops up during winter....

Posted by Jenni on Dec 24 2011 09:18:10
I'm 10 weeks pregnant and suffer from really bad allergies. My nose is always stuffed up and clogged. Yet still leaks. I have blowen/wiped my nose soo much that I have rubbed it red and raw. Not to mention, the skin on the top left and bottom right is a big cold sore type thing from rubbing/wiping the skin away. I wake up every morning on top of the typical morning sickness a puke because of all the mucous that drips in the back of my throat. At times when I blow my nose it feels as though my ear pops and liquid pours out. Then my hearing is very muffled and I then get very light headed. Though I must add that no liquid comes out. It only feels like it. I freaked out the first time it happened and thought I popped my ear drum or something. So I immediately checked my ear with a Q-Tip to see if anything was on it. I got nothing. I feel as though I can't get the right amount of sleep no matter how hard I try. If you have any idea's Please help

Posted by angella simmonds on Dec 16 2011 07:01:10
whenever I drink anything cold my sinus blocked up why is that.

Posted by justAnotherPatient on Dec 07 2011 21:22:47
@Mujahid ai KHan by the sounds of it you have something similar I lived with for about 5 years. Every morning when I wake up I keep sneezing and runny nose, or if you are exposed directly to sun light you would also sneeze. I found cure but please make sure you follow it as much as possible for the best results. By no means I am a professional or have any authority to prescribe you any remedies but this is simply to help out other fellow patients like myself. I got rid of sneezing in morning problem within 2 weeks completely but make sure you follow it punctually. Here are the things you need to do (it worked for me 100%) you have dry nose which is causing this a) drink lots of water b) increase humidity in your house, especially where you sleep in night (get a humidifier which blows out mist) c) use a non medicated lubricant in your nose before you go to sleep d) keep your nose moisturised throughout the day with a non medicated lubricant e) rinse your sinuses with salt water f) keep your body warm (especially head and wear socks at night) If all this works for you, you owe me just a million dollah!

Posted by RAJNI DIWAN on Dec 06 2011 00:32:54
I have a difficult in speaking clearly due to nasal block. Please help which gives me permanent relief.

Posted by Mujahid ai KHan on Dec 05 2011 20:41:37
I have been suffering from nose allergy coryza for last 7 years.whenever i ger up early in the morning then too many sneez come n every time my nose runs, wat i do plzz help me?

Posted by toni on Dec 01 2011 08:25:59
I have suffered with Hay fever and sinusitis for years, I have found that gargling with hydrogine peroxide for about 5 minutes gave me complete releif. Do not swallow it just garlgle.

Posted by Nicole Reger on Nov 23 2011 07:10:36
My husband and I moved into our house 2 in a half months ago and I have not been able to breath since then. We have an outside wood stove and that is what heats up our water and house, so I am positive that is what the problem is. Just the past 3 weeks is when my sleep apnea started. I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO SLEEP AGAIN. I wake up several times in the middle of the night because I can't breath and my mouth is SO VERY dry from trying to breath through my mouth instead. Its interfering with my work and me going to college. I have dark circles under my eyes now:/ I have taken 3 different sinus congestion medicines and not one have worked the slightest. I am starting to forget what it was like to breath through my nose. I don't know what to do...perhaps it's bad enough to go to the doctors??

Posted by khaleel on Nov 14 2011 23:25:29
i am suffering from nose block and i miss air in my head n now my stomach start get lot of pain and i get a depress as soon my nose block

Posted by rdaconnect on Nov 08 2011 20:11:01
This is a response to JEGAN who posted on Sept 11: "....The people who have IMBALANCE IN MOON ENERGY are the one who often gets Cold, and sinusitius (mainly on the left head, left nose)..." This is a fascinating theory and I'd love to know where it comes from. Intuitively it seems right to me. I was told by a Vedic astrologer many years ago that I needed to strengthen my Moon energy (wear moonstones, be freer with my emotions) and for the past two years I have been suffering from these sinus problems, predominantly in the left nostril/left sinus! Interesting. Might be a coincidence, except that I notice the situation improves dramatically when I exert myself and get active. (Sometimes I have to exercise at night just to be able to breathe enough to get to sleep.) Also, I insisted on building a little sunporch for this winter because I so craved getting more sunlight during the long gray winters of northern Indiana. I will keep track of this and see if the theory continues to hold true. In the meantime, I've also purchased a Sinu-Pulse nasal irrigation machine (Amazon.com) and am trying some of the fluids recipes recommended on this site. Will post again. Thanks, JEGAN.

Posted by Mato on Nov 07 2011 11:19:18
I am 63 and have recently suffered having a blocked nose, which would cause me a lot of trouble during night rest. I tried a simple remedy that worked for me. Do this: Before going to sleep or any time of the day, put a small amount of good quality baking soda (soda bicarbonate)on top of your forefinger and apply it to the inside of your nostrils. Try to cover lining as much as possible. Leave for a few minutes, then wash it out. After two applications I was healed. Now I apply it from time to time to prevent the blockage. Good luck and God bless you all!

Posted by alexandra on Nov 04 2011 16:03:47
My nasal passage is blocked. The roof of my mouth feels blocked. I make snorting sounds trying to clear it. I have diffuculty eating. My throat aches badly too. when I eat, its as if part of the food goes into my nose. My ears ache too. I spit constantly. This happens often and usually for a week. I need to know what it is so I can treat it. Please help me. Thanks

Posted by Friend on Nov 03 2011 13:14:33
For Nose blockage try Efcorlin, it will give u immediate reliefe. but for long term go for Hemopathic. God bless you and good luck. I am having same problem.

Posted by jaya on Nov 01 2011 06:14:50
i am having a serious nose block from past 2 months...please help me its getting difficult for me to breathe now...someone please help me..:( :(

Posted by jaya on Nov 01 2011 06:14:49
i am having a serious nose block from past 2 months...please help me its getting difficult for me to breathe now...someone please help me..:( :(

Posted by liv on Oct 26 2011 16:57:33
Every time winter even starts to show any signs my nose blocks up and i feel like i can barely breathe on nights, it take hours for me to be able to feel like i can sleep without having the subconcious fear of suffocating. by far the best thing i have found is a vicks nasal inhaler you simply pop it at the bottom of one or your nasal passages and hold the other closed and take a deep breathe in through the nose, it smells of mint and works almost instantly i highly recommend!!!

Posted by Sue Williams on Oct 18 2011 16:29:04
The greatest thing that we have found for allergies is drops from Allergy Associates of LaCrosse. They are located in Onalaska, WI. The drops give you small doses of what you are allergic to. This builds up your immunity to them and eventually cures you of your allergies. We saw great results in just weeks. They also do food allergies. I recommended for anyone suffering from any kind of allergy.

Posted by ketan shah on Oct 16 2011 05:16:20
I am suffering from5 years nasal blockage and an allergy from dust for quiet a long span of years . I had tried a lot of medicine after consulting tvarious doctors in my town.,or now take homiyopathy for 2 years But still i am having the same condition , Kindly help me with this all year cold and cough and give me some permanent solution

Posted by shruti on Oct 16 2011 00:26:23
i m also suffering from such problem, having blocked nose at early morning, doctors has told me to tak nas and avoid cilling fan, i m doing this but still i hav this problem, pranayam is cure of any deases bt i cnt do it because of blocked nose :( well,here m expecting any solution.. i m female 23 yrs old.. plz help me out

Posted by Rajesh gattani on Oct 12 2011 07:13:43
I am suffering from nasal blockage at night early morning and an allergy from dust for quiet a long span of years .allergy hi . From almost 2 year take homeopathy but no results what I do ? Pls help .

Posted by Raj Maheshwari on Oct 12 2011 07:07:30
I am suffering from5 years nasal blockage and an allergy from dust for quiet a long span of years . I had tried a lot of medicine after consulting tvarious doctors in my town.,or now take homiyopathy But still i am having the same condition , Kindly help me with this all year cold and cough and give me some permanent solution pls call 9323035882 raj mumbai

Posted by elzabet on Oct 05 2011 10:20:59
jaya I am sorry about your baby she is to young to suffer like this. Give her extra vitamin c, you can put the vitamin in a juice every day I hove that helps. Good luck

Posted by Nonyana on Sep 22 2011 04:13:01
My 16 months daughter is an allegist and she had been coughing for 3 months now and some times has running nose and they(nose) got blocked. I took her to a doctor several time but no change. What is the best remedy for her?

Posted by Twila Grandchamp on Sep 13 2011 14:03:08
Does sleeping under a ceiling fan on high help or hurt my sinus/

Posted by Gurdeep Singh on Sep 13 2011 03:29:19
I am 25 and have been suffering from frontal sinusitis for the last 6 years. It has gotten progressively worse. but the main problem is imbalancing my body. so please advice me

Posted by Jegan on Sep 11 2011 03:26:35
Dear All I have been analysing the cause of this cold and sinusitis for past few years and recently i found a link....It need a bit of explanation..pl. have patience.. In our body, God has given "pair" of many body parts...even Nostrils are two...Two halves of brain...and in our body there are 3 energy systems at work...One is called Sun Energy (or Male energy), second is Moon Energy (or female energy) and thir one is the Sushmana Energy (which is derived when sun and moon energy annihilate together.. The people who have IMBALANCE IN MOON ENERGY are the one who often gets Cold, and sinusitius (mainly on the left head, left nose)... The people who have IMBALANCE IN SUN ENERGY do not get cold but will get sinusitis on the RIGHT FOREHEAD... Now the Question is how to get rid of these problems.. Balancing Moon Energy: Whenever we get emotional we get tears (i.e., water) and at that time the MOON ENERGY in the body supercedes everyother energy...So, in a rever way the people who get cold and left sinusitis need to increase their SUN ENERGY....by either doing BRISK EXERCISE or STAND IN SUN LIGHT or Try to see some Action Movies so that you get that BRISK energy in your body..or apply warmth on your both the palms and legs..and apply warmth on your nails. The people who have more SUN ENERGY, will get headache often on right head...and they will get sleep problem...and they will be over ambitious..will have HEART PROBLEM in the long run...and hence if they want to balanc it then they need to relax..and need to see emotional movies...speak loving words...and feel pity for other...and drink lot of water.. I hope that the above points will help you recover... Best Wishes in the name of God.....

Posted by Sid on Sep 10 2011 16:48:09
I have suffered terrible chronic sinusitis all my life for decades, and was very dependent on daily steroids to have a normal functioning life. But the steroids have side effects, so I stopped using it and turned to natural remedy. It actually worked very fast and I was astonished. Take 2 dozens of goji berries just before going to sleep (or you can replace with other potent vitamin C fruits and berries). Try sleeping on your back and don't put your face towards the pillows or mattress because of dust mites. Take 2 or 3 drops of oil of oregano daily throughout the day. And flush out your sinus using a netipot daily (once your sinus cures, you can stop using the pot). You must add salt into the netipot, preferably using himalayan mountain salt or sea salt. I recommend the former. And that's it, my sinus was cured in the shortest possible time after suffering for 25 years. It also helps a lot to eat kefir or probiotics daily. My skin has never looked better now too.

Posted by sruthi on Sep 08 2011 00:59:43
my baby of 6 months old suffering with cold?can i use eucyalyptus oil for her and how can i use it?

Posted by Alejandro on Sep 02 2011 08:31:48
Hey Anngell, have you tried with homeopathy? It's done wonders for some people I know who had severe allergy / asthma problems. Also you could go with Ayurveda and Acupuncture, I know they help in some cases. Hope you get better, just don't give up and keep trying!

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 01 2011 05:43:01

Posted by mukesh on Aug 29 2011 08:00:58
where can i get oil of oregano in bangalore.Pls tell me its urgent.

Posted by Raju Neyonghang on Aug 25 2011 04:24:20
i hve a sever sinusitis allergy.I hve tried several thousand of ways for controlling it but, it wont work so far.As jal neti,accupunture,steam but it doesn't work what other homepathy remedies is there plz help me

Posted by Anngell on Aug 10 2011 11:53:46
I am 23 & hav bin coughin 4 d past 15 years without cure.I hav used both medical & traditional herbs but 2 no avail,I hav gone 2 countless hospitals 4 differend typs of test & treatment but all in vein.D cough is not a communicable one becoz dos wit me neva contacted it.Each tym I cough,my chest respond 2 it wit much tears on my eyes & my throat scratch me alot.Sumtyms I do tink mayb God made me dat way coz am even tired of it.PLZ HELP ME OUT WIT D FINAL SOLUTION.*tears*

Posted by simarpreet singh batra on Aug 09 2011 11:56:14
re to get relief from sinus

Posted by Bharti Bansal on Aug 08 2011 01:15:24
Oregano oil's local name in India is "Ajwain".

Posted by Meh on Aug 06 2011 15:09:15
Sleep with a humidifier it helps, it might seems childish. But the water vapor helps to loosen your nasal passages as you sleep, thus allowing you to breath easy. In affect it reconditions how you breath naturally overtime, but if your problem serious its better to see a doctor.

Posted by M.S.AZMI on Jul 15 2011 01:03:54
Dear sir,I am suffering from nose block since more than 15 yrs due to mucus/phelgm collection.Breathing becomes difficult. I Have to depend on nasal drops.Once nose is cleared,breathing is very comfortable. Please advise for permanent cure.

Posted by Chen on Jun 26 2011 20:29:51
I suffered from nasal block for few years now and it getting worse. Doctor normally precribed me cetrizine, oxynase spray and saline but it seemed not working at all. Now I run into sleeping disorder where I only sleep sleep less than 8 hours for the last 4-5 days. i would appreciate for everyone sharing the possible remedy I could & btw thank for some sharing which I may give a try... Cheers

Posted by prashant gupta on Jun 19 2011 06:30:07
I am suffering from nasal blockage and an allergy from dust for quiet a long span of years . I had tried a lot of medicine after consulting to various doctors in my town., But still i am having the same condition , Kindly help me with this all year cold and cough and give me some permanent or temporary measure. Thank you.

Posted by LT on Jun 11 2011 00:37:20
Diana S. you are most likely allergic to your cat or pet dander. Try keeping your pet out of the bedroom if you can't part with it. Allegra-D & Benadryl helps.

Posted by denay on Apr 26 2011 01:33:03
my 5 yr old son has been suffring from chronic sinusitis, we think from mold contamination, we have since moved, wondering if tea tree oil can help clear this?

Posted by jaya on Apr 15 2011 02:50:39
My baby has problem of conjution Most of the time her nose is blocked giving medicine but when we stop giving medicine it turns again.She is only 2 years & 8 months.Pls suggest what should i give her.She is very sensitive also.She has low immunity problem & she catch up disease easily. I m very upset.Pls suggest if anyone can help me out by suggesting something. Regards, Jaya

Posted by Leona on Apr 14 2011 07:56:08
I have been using Oil of Oregano for over 10 years and I rarely get a full-blown sinus infection anymore. I also suggest using a Netti Pot to flush out and hydrate your sinuses. This will prevent an infection.

Posted by Fran Winiarski on Mar 16 2011 13:59:31
I am 73 years old. I had sinus problems all of my life. Visit my site http://www.howicuredmysinusnasalproblems.com It work a miricle for me.

Posted by Jay on Mar 12 2011 04:48:52
Omveer, I think Oregano in Hindi is Ajwain plant. However, some people think it's Sathra,or Mirzanjosh. I'd say take a look at the Ajwain plant and see if the leaves look like the Oregano plant. You can easily find images on the web. Good luck!

Posted by omveer on Mar 09 2011 23:20:33
hi i am omveer from india, i also having the problem of nasal blockage, some one has suggested the oil Oregano which might be found in india also in other name, if some one please tell the local indian name, pls suggest. thanks.

Posted by sabita singh on Mar 02 2011 06:10:11
i dont have running nose but my left nostril gets block usually its more problematic at night . please can u give me correct suggestion? i m 3 months pregnant so have not used medicine.

Posted by mahboob on Feb 20 2011 04:33:44
I am suffering from chronic sinusitis since 15 years, a thick white mucus which i need to drain daily otherwise too much headache and making my life horrible. Had sinus surgery no use,, is there any permanent cure for this... please please do mail me.

Posted by DKW on Feb 19 2011 21:39:16
I have been suffering from a stuffy nose, sinus congestion, sinus infections for 6 onths now. I have tried all types of over the counter allergy pills, antibiotics, menthol vapor, nose sprays and rubs!!!!! NOTHING HELPED! A friend suggested I try Oil od Oregano for my allergies. Best thing I have done in 6 months! In 5 days I feel 110% better. No more sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, etc.... I take it 2 times a day. LOVE IT!!!!!! Good luck to all and give it a try......what do you have to loose? I gained 54 nights good sleep so far.

Posted by Marko Malou on Feb 17 2011 06:33:04
I have been suffering from nasal swam, my breathing haven,t been well since 2007 upto date,frequence spiting and some kind of smelling.

Posted by preeti on Jan 28 2011 09:32:29
My daughter is suffering from nasal congestion by birth. She is now 5 n half years. Every winter season she is facing this problem. His nose is almost blocked n she use to breath only from mouth, can u please tell me the diet food from she can be relief from this problem?

Posted by KB on Jan 12 2011 03:30:57
I have had blocked nose for about 6 months now. Anti alergice do help for a while, but the allergy is back soon after i stop taking the aniti allergics. Same is the case for otrivin. Any physical activity opens up my blocked nose. But it comes back as soon as i stop. Is there a way to get rid of this nasal blcok

Posted by Jennifer on Jan 07 2011 19:29:17
Oh Yah,few more things I've done just need a nasal rinse with Echinicea/Golden seal with nasal Rinse,Instantly My Runny Nose & Eye's Stopped..Trying all I can to get better,Multi-vitamin, Garlic Oil are a few other things & 2 packets of Vitamin C EMERGENCY C in 1 large glass of water..

Posted by Jennifer on Jan 07 2011 19:24:28
I've been suffering with Chronic sinusitus,2nd time turning into Lung infection,taking Leviquin 1 day,Prednisone hate it, Astmia Inubulizer, Recently started doing nasal rinse with Eucalyptus Oil 1drop,Menthol,Eucalyptus & Rosemary Seasalt for bath soaks,(yes I was Despirate this week)put a Pinch of the Sea Salt Mix in,Got at Whole Food market,can mix your self)Did Once with the nasal rinse,then Followed up with another Reg.salt nasl irragation Rinse,My Sinus' Opened up Finally & Started Running out of me,My Eyes & Nose has been running like crazy & Coughing up lots of musus from Lung infection, Did only once though..Then Soaked face in Hot wash cloth with Eucalptus Oil only 1 drop,is real strong,if you can handle more then go for it,Open ups air ways ASAP! Makes you cough it Up any more..Been adding eucalptus oil & Tea tree oil in Humitifyer at Night to Sleep...My Husbands stopped snoring at night even~~ last 2 days added Vitamin E Oil,with 1 drop of tea tree oil & Eucayptus oil in on finger tips & Messaged on face,for face has been Twitching from sinusitis & Is feelin better as well...I Think This Eucalptus oil & Tea Tree is The Ultimate Gift for Sinus suffers as myself..Looks like Oregano Oil & Olive oil as well is a goof one to add from you advice on the Board,I will add them too...Have a Polip in Left Sinus Cavity thats been they're for 5 years & has gotten larger this past CT scan done last Monday...Been a ruff past 2 weeks...My Daughter has a Sinus infection as well,fromm Virus..So Going to message her face in Vitamin E Oil,Tea tree & eucalptus oil..I think this is the real relief...She's only 8 so need to be more careful with her & skin sensitivity to it....Best of luck To US ALL..God Bless

Posted by Shafik Patel on Jan 07 2011 01:46:21
Hello i'm a internationally known yoga master, teaching the goodness of yoga to the people of india and abroad for over a decade. If you have any kind of nasal problem, please try yoga from a perfect master and get 100% relief.

Posted by Rob on Jan 02 2011 11:06:13
I tried Sinus Buster and it didn't do anything for me other than burn when I sprayed it in my nose. It was a complete waste of money. I'm going to try Oil of Oregano.

Posted by Dina on Dec 02 2010 13:06:22
For Renu Arora, My dad had nasal congestion through out his life until he started taking Oil of Oregano and used Tea Tree Oil remedy. Oil of oregano is a natural antibiotic and an immune booster. It helps with sinus and lung congestion. Simply take 3-4 drops of Oregano oil under your tongue or mix them in some juice everyday. For Tea tree oil remedy, mix 2-3 drops of TT Oil into a cup of boiling water and inhale the vapours until the water is cold. These 2 things along with rinsing the nostrils a couple of times a day with clean water helped him. I hope it helps you too! Good luck..

Posted by Renu Arora on Dec 02 2010 07:39:05
I have had bad cough from last 2 years almost & took so many treatments but nothing worked & now trying naturalpathy. Doctor is giving some different oil massage on neck & down also the steam bath along with massage but still unable to see any improvement. In reports it shows that there is some congestion in lungs & if it last long then it may cause harm to liver. Can you please help ??

Posted by Jack on Nov 20 2010 08:14:09
Hi, Im Jack. I saw your comment asking where to find Oil of Oregano. Any health food store should have it. I found mine at a private owned health food store, so if a small store carries it, they all should. Mine was for a bottle of 60 caplets (they look like small vitamin E ). I have had sinus problems all my life (deviated septum), over the counter & prescription sinus meds would only open 1 side or the other of my nose. Maybe 30-40 minutes after I took the first caplet, BOTH sides were open. & it lasts a long time. I havent found any dosage info anywhere but I take 1 in the morning, & 1 in the evening. The only side effect I have encountered was an increase in my sex drive. Oil of Oregano is AWSOME.!!! Good Luck, & have a Great Day

Posted by W. Shaikh on Nov 14 2010 16:09:40
Where can I buy oil of oregano? Can any one e-mail me at wshaikh22@yahoo.com. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

Posted by kaleem on Nov 10 2010 19:38:45

Posted by Kim on Oct 28 2010 18:22:23
@Meagan, I always use vapours of tea tree oil for blocked and congested nostrils and it works for me. I boil a cup of water and add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and inhale the vapours through the nose and mouth. I noticed that repeating this for 2-3 times a day unplugs my nose. It might help you too!! Good luck!

Posted by Meagan on Oct 27 2010 09:10:29
I am 25 and have been suffering from sinusitis for the last 8+ years. It has gotten progressively worse. This summer/fall was the first time I've used a sinus rinse daily. It seemed to help..until there was blockage and the rinse wont go through the nostrils at all! Has this happened to anyone else? I have written down all of your suggestions and plan to try all of them, one by one to see if there is one that works best for me. I am just wondering if I need to go to the doc first..in case the complete blockage is a poll-up, etc. Anyone have any advice???

Posted by Tim on Oct 10 2010 12:55:44
Good for you, Diane! Oil of Oregano rocks!! It never disappoints me with nasal congestion, or cold and cough!! I hope you get better!

Posted by Diane Small on Oct 10 2010 08:22:09
I submitted a comment regarding nasal congestion Oct. 9, 2010. Once again, however, my hopes are dashed. Once my cat stretched out on my pillow, my nose clogged up. I am going to try oregano oil, tho.

Posted by Diane Small on Oct 09 2010 07:09:03
To Linda Conroy: Try moistening a Baby Safety Swab (CVS) in distilled water or olive oil and very gently moisten your nostrils a few times. If this doesn't work in loosening the hard stuff, you probably should see a Ear Nose and Throat doctor ASAP. To Tom and anyone else with nasal congestion, etc. I have suffered with nasal congestion for many years, which kept me from sleeping lying down; I would have to sleep in my rocking chair. Right now, I have found the following to help me breathe thru my nose, especially lying down, also I now have some moisture in my nose. First: Taking a shower right before bed; washing my hair, as well, and I apply aloe vera gel (Lily of the Desert) to my face, scalp, and nose, including around my nostrils--I rinse off the aloe vera gel. Second: I wash my bedding in hot water, at least once a week, should be done more often, but I don't have my own washer/dryer. Third: Keep dusting/vacuuming. Books collect a lot of dust, not just floors and furniture. Fourth: I've always taken nutritious vitamins, but now I have added 500mg of Vitamin C (Bluebonnet). Fifth: Now that fall temperatures have arrived, I can close the windows at night and turn on my Humidifier/Air Purifer (Air-O-Swiss AOS 1355N) into which I pour distilled water (Whole Foods 365 brand)--I have found that tap water eats away at the inside of the machine. I live in a dusty, polluted, poisonous, city with heavy traffic. Whether those actions will help when the weather once again becomes oppressively hot and oppressively humid and I have to open windows, I don't know. One friend left the city and moved to a quiet suburb across from a lake; she has porches and cross ventilation--the air quality is liveable and she doesn't even need A/C. An out-of-state friend moved to a different neighborhood where she has a porch and cross ventilation, also ceiling fans. She can now breathe thru her nose again. However, I think this depends on how clean your apartment is and whether it is free of moth balls, fragranced dryer sheets, and fragranced detergent, etc.; my nose closes from those fragrances. Someone I worked with moved to my city from China, but her allergies became so severe that she immediately moved to a suburb about 40 miles away. She can breath again. Someone told me she swears by an air purifer from the E.L. Foust company, Series 400 Air Purifier. http://www.foustco.com/airpurifiers.html It's expensive, 0.-0., but maybe they'd let you try it out. But all this may not be necessary, if oregano oil works. I've never tried that, yet.

Posted by Cathy on Oct 03 2010 15:56:03
I've had nasal congestion - both moderate and severe - since I was a child. One of the main causes, if not THE main cause, was over use of dairy products, particularly milk. Once I went off cow dairy it made a significant difference. However, what really knocked it on the head was a course of cranio-sacral therapy and the advice the therapist gave me to stop using Vicks Sinex nasal poison, which he said was exacerbating it. After a few days of following his advice I was able to sleep at night without the spray for the first time in two years.

Posted by Jan on Sep 24 2010 11:48:49
Only heard about this product today. My husband has had "glue" ear symptoms for a few years. Recently had a chest infection and now has serious congestion and subsequently lost all sense of hearing. We are so depending on oregano oil for a cure! He will be able to hear me agin!!!!

Posted by ML on Sep 12 2010 14:00:01
I take Oil of Oregano for acid reflux. I use the dropper to place 2 or 3 drops on the back of my tongue and immediately swallow a glass of water, thus alleviating the taste that can be problematic when taking this excellent remedy. I highly recommend it also for gum inflammation - simply rub on the painful area.

Posted by Tracey on Sep 05 2010 11:25:15
I use Olive Leaf capsules and eliminate dairy products. Milk and cheese are mucus forming, which will take longer to get relief from nasal congestion. Olive Leaf capsules work the same way as oil of oregano..except it is cheaper.

Posted by Deeks on Apr 15 2010 17:27:21
I had chronic sinusitis for 15 years. Nothing worked for long. Once I started to improve my oral health due to the discovery of mild gum disease my sinuses, headaches and neck pain all cleared up. Now I have a daily regime that includes doing a sinus rinse each morning, brushing after each meal, flossing each evening and then using a Panasonic oral irrigator with hydrogen peroxide. Whilst starting on this I took oil of oregano for 2 months and still take high dose Vit C and Zinc Citrate to boost my immune function. I also do not eat wheat, dairy or sugar (other than honey. My overall health has improved dramatically.

Posted by kim on Apr 15 2010 17:05:30
hi i heard that tea tree oil helps with tuberculosis is that true and how would it be used

Posted by Trish on Apr 14 2010 11:24:31
I tried the oil of oregano for a few days and it seems to help the sinus infection /congestion but it tastes like pizza spices ALL DAY LONG.Hard to handle sometimes

Posted by JERRY MASON on Mar 28 2010 15:24:47

Posted by Dani on Mar 22 2010 20:16:12
Hi there! My fiance is recommending that I take oil of oregano since I have had a bad sinus cold with lots of phlegmy coughing but I don't feel stuffed up in the nose any more. My ears keep popping and the right one feels like I have water stuck in it. I hope this will help with the ear thing as well. Wish me luck!

Posted by Anonymous on Mar 18 2010 21:48:28
Hi Tyler, You are definitely right! I do exactly what you do, take a couple of drops of Oil of Oregano and 1 teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and notice the difference next morning! These are just magic remedies for cold, cough and flu! Trick is to take them as soon as you feel the trouble coming!

Posted by Tyler williams on Mar 18 2010 16:33:58
Hey, honestly,when i feel a sore throat coming on(pretty regularly in winter time). I take a teaspoon full of olive oil, add 12 drops of oregano oil and swollow it. It's not great tasting, but i can really feel the oregano working on my throat. works pretty good

Posted by HomeRemediesWeb on Mar 12 2010 15:41:35
Hi Ed Fannon, For Nasal Congestion, try using the Tea Tree Oil remedy mentioned above on this page. Wonderful healing properties of Tea Tree Oil make it a natural agent for curing all three types of infectious organisms - virus, bacteria, and fungus. I hope it helps!

Posted by Ed Fannon on Mar 12 2010 11:55:49
Thanks, Steve, I'll look into that.

Posted by Steve Brandon on Mar 12 2010 11:52:41
I've heard recently that N.A.C. and probiotics will heal sinus problems,

Posted by Ed Fannon on Mar 12 2010 11:46:42
For years I suffered from nightime-nasal congestion, especially in winter. It's not too bad during the warm weather. I uses Breath Rights, but they only help minimally. Do anyone have any other suggestions? Thank you.

Posted by HomeRemediesWeb on Mar 10 2010 16:05:31
Hi Dhwani, If sinusitis lasts for more than 8 weeks, it is considered chronic sinusitis. Try using the natural home remedies stated above on this page. You can start with Tea Tree Oil and Oil of Oregano remedy. If it doesn't get better within a week after using these remedies, it's recommended to consult with your physician as soon as possible.

Posted by me on Mar 06 2010 08:00:17
where are the answers. What good are questions without answers.

Posted by dhwani on Mar 02 2010 05:51:06
hey i m suffering from sinus since six yrs........can any1 help me to cure it

Posted by Richie Arg on Feb 22 2010 16:40:14
I have a drip in the back of my throat for years and can't get rid of it , it's driving me crazy ,i'm constantly chocking on it ,can anyone help, the neti pot helps but only for a hour ot tw0 then it comes back

Posted by Home Remedies Web on Feb 22 2010 02:40:34
Monica, Oil of Oregano has very minimal blood thinning activity. Therefore, it is recommended to be cautious when taking Oil of Oregano regularly along with Coumadin or any other blood thinner because it may add to the medicine's anti-coagulant effects.

Posted by Monica Carnes on Feb 21 2010 14:01:13
I have suffered with sinus problems for way too many years and I would like to try the oil of oregano to see if it will help me. My problem is I have to take coumadin daily and I was wondering if anyone knows if the oil of oregano would counteract with my other medication. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Jeanne on Feb 16 2010 20:37:30
I suffer from sinuitis and I was on Flonase (it does work but expensive) my daughter had a head cold and her Occupational Th. suggested a nose spray you can buy at health stores. It's a sterile water with a sugar in it. Ours is called NOW Activated Nasal Mist with Erythritol and xylitol. A three month old can use it. The sugars attach to the bacteria in nose and clears nose also I spray at night and it clears my sinuses. I use this every night before bed and it really works for me.

Posted by Cathy on Feb 15 2010 16:49:40
Allergy attach with runny nose then swollen nasal passages. Cycle of misery blow nose, then nose stopped up. I can not lay down to sleep because nasal passage on left side swells up within 3 minutes. Really tired of decongestants. What else do I do? I got a steroid shot 4 days ago and drainage is better, but still have swollen passages when trying to sleep.

Posted by Gael on Feb 12 2010 19:27:35
I finally found a cure for my chronic sinusits.#1 a netti pot, use it at least once a day. #2 Oil of oregano,three drops under the tongue at least once a day.Fresh apple juice, 1L a day. Took almost 8 weeks. I can breath, sleep, enjoy life.

Posted by Robby on Dec 22 2009 22:45:38
I have had allergies all my life (54) and 2 of the best hings I have used lately is the Neti Pot to rinse your sinuses and nose filters, nice little things that filter all that crap out of the air you breathe. Check www.betterbreathers.com. I love these things!

Posted by deepak on Dec 15 2009 13:00:06
i m suffering from nasal congestion since 5 years, i tried all the stuff from antiallergic medicines to nasal sprays to jal neti to steam. have got any relief from all these. also use euclyptus essential oil, but still helpless. could anyone provide me help...

Posted by Omar on Dec 07 2009 06:53:23
Ephedra, well known as a chinese treatment, Ma Huang, acts upon on the mucous membrane by drying out, thus an effective decongestant. Unfortunately, most Western governments have banned its sale. You will find that pseudoephedra (an analogue to ephedra) is the main content of over-the-counter allergy drugs such as Claritin-D and Zyrtec. Drugs companies are slowly phasing it out from the ingredients of over-the-counter drugs.In fact, to buy them you must have prove of identification and must be databased. Apparently, there is a widespread of illicit conversion of pseudoephredine drug into methamphetamine; thus the crack (no pun intended)down by governments. Oil Oregano alleviates my sinuses somewhat (3 capsules), but does wonders for my gastro-intestinal acid reflux stomach, which I think is connected to my chronic sinus problem.

Posted by Kat on Nov 26 2009 06:21:15
I have a deviated septum & lupus, therefore suffered from sinusitis which invariably would lead to sinus drip, sore and/or scratchy throat.. upper chest infection then bronchitis. Twice a year, if not more, I'd end up on antibiotics. Finally, I started Googling: drank more water, green tea 2) Gargling with salt when my sinuses started acting up, which helped stave off further infection 3) discovered Flonase, which stopped the heavy breathing after just walking up a small hill where halfway I'd have to stop before the block was over! Previously I thought I was just out of shape. 4) eventually discovered apple cider vinegar. I just mix a tablespoon with a half cup of water & a half teaspoon of honey. All natural except for the Flonase but years go by without my having to go on antibiotics & my colds when I do catch one don't last as long or are as bad as they used to be.

Posted by Paula on Nov 06 2009 21:51:01
I can't take it due to an allergy to echinacea. Felt achy the other day after a dose of Sabuco, Immune Builder, thinking it was straight Sambuco. Read label and it has echinacea. So does Super Lysine, another good anti-viral supp. My "medicine cabinet" has oil of oregano, l-lysine, elderberry juice, colloidal silver, Nedi-Med's saline, sinus flush, I don't care for their Nedi pot, and Yogi Tea's Breath Deep for congestion.

Posted by MARI ALLEN on Oct 28 2009 15:05:19

Posted by lailamalti on Oct 10 2009 12:28:40
people try becoming Raw vegetarians, this forever will solve sinus problems, no dairy products, no bread, no pasta , no rice. Eating raw vegetables, fruits, nuts. It works wonders for your whole body! But first your body will go through cleansing process/you feel as you have bad cold/ but afterwards it becomes better! search on internet about this Raw vegetarianism.

Posted by Adam on Sep 08 2009 16:54:06
For those looking, I just bought this Wild Oil of Oregano from Hedd Wyn Essentials http://www.wildoiloforegano.com. It seems to have lots of references to it as being a reputable source.

Posted by tom on Jul 21 2009 21:42:44
I have had surgery after surgery for chronic sinusitis. i have tried everything on this earth to cure it, the list of things i have tried is to numerous to mention. seeking disability, severely sick all the time, spent thousands of dollars, on medicines, allergy shots, surgeries,acupunture,herbs,vitamins,nasal flushes,you name it i have tried it. NOTHING WORKS. 18 years of pure hell.

Posted by Anon on Jun 23 2009 05:41:22
Saline Spray sold at Walgreens works wonders

Posted by Denise on Jun 22 2009 02:47:46
Open up the pours by running bath water and the steam is suppose open the nostril passage will re-open

Posted by Anita on Apr 16 2009 23:05:35
I suffer with numerous environmental allergies in the Fall and Winter. I had tried oil of oregano a couple of years ago and found that it relieved the nasal congestion and other symptoms of allergies. I ran out of it and didn't reorder I recently had a bad allergic reaction to pollens and ended up in an ER with a sinus infection, inner ear infection, irritated throat and bronchitis. I had two different antibiotics which helped some but didn't relieve the sinus congestion or coughing. I ordered and received the oil of oregano a few days ago and started taking it again. In 3 days I noticed a big difference . The congestion is easing and the coughing is stopping. I highly recommend this product.

Posted by Anita on Mar 11 2009 22:09:20
I suffered for years with chronic allergic sinusitus which inevitably became a lung infection that needed antibiotics. It never left, as sinus problems seem to linger forever in their bacteria rich environment. After my millioneth infection I googled 'chronic sinutsitus-help' and found out about a product called 'sinus buster'. It helped almost immediately. It really hurts when you first spray it, but I now have had relief for months and only take it as needed.

Posted by Sonja on Mar 11 2009 20:57:20
CKrenn 1/26/09 - My mom was smoking 50+ years, has COPD and oxygen only on occassion. PRAYER... and a visit to the ER she has stopped smoking! We are trying PRAYER for the COPD! GOD is more than able!!!

Posted by Simone Boudhan on Mar 11 2009 06:16:35
I have sinus problems my nose always blocked, i use otrivin products but they give me relief for a while then my nose block again. Is there any relief for me? haven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t had any sinus pressure problems lately.

Posted by CKrenn on Jan 26 2009 13:58:26
my sister suffers from copd & arthritis. she is on oxygen now and still smokes. will oregano oil help her copd and is there any home remedy that can help her to stop smoking?

Posted by Linda Conroy on Dec 27 2008 09:27:18
My nose is all clogged up. Big hard stuff way up in nostril that I can't get. Will Oregano Oil help?A333c

Posted by Mark Lindsay on Dec 19 2008 08:30:12
I have had a cough for the last 4 mths and can't get rid of it. My Dr. says it's allergies and everything he tries doesn't work. A friend of mine heard that oregano oil might. Can you please help?

Posted by PRAMOD on Aug 25 2008 07:00:30
I am suffering from cold allergy, Hay fever and sinusitis since last 8-9 years. Is there any way to relief from it?

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