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Oil of Oregano Health Benefits

What is Oil of Oregano?

Oil of Oregano Health Benefits

Numerous university studies have shown that Oil of Oregano is a highly potent purifier that provides many benefits for human health. It is a natural substance that is extracted from wild oregano plants, and two key compounds found in it are carvacrol and thymol. Studies have shown that both of these compounds have significant effects on harmful micro-organisms that cause many illnesses in humans.

It is important not to confuse Oil of Oregano with common oregano that is used as a spice for cooking. Common oregano is typically Origanum Marjoram, while Oil of Oregano is derived from Origanum Vulgare.

Oil of Oregano can be purchased as either a liquid or as capsules/tablets. In both forms, it is important to verify that the oil is derived from the proper potent oregano plant, and that the carvacrol concentration is at least 70%.

What are the Health Benefits?

The ancient Greeks were one of the first people to recognize this oil for its health benefits and medicinal qualities. It is known to be a potent antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic oil that can reduce pain and inflammation and effectively fight off infections.

Some of the specific benefits of this amazing oil are:

  • Destroying organisms that contribute to skin infections and digestive problems.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Increasing joint and muscle flexibility.
  • Improving respiratory health.

Natural Remedies Using Oil of Oregano

Skin Infections

Oil of Oregano can be applied directly onto the skin to treat itches, skin infections, and irritated gums, but only if it has been diluted. Always follow the instructions on your particular bottle before applying topically onto the skin, since highly concentrated oils may first need to be mixed with Olive Oil or Coconut Oil before application (usually one teaspoon of Olive Oil or Coconut Oil per one drop of Oregano Oil).

Digestive Problems

The high concentrations of thymol and carvacrol in Oil of Oregano have been shown to calm upset stomachs and aid digestion. Therefore, a quick home remedy for mild indigestion is to drink a glass of milk or juice that is mixed with 2 or 3 drops of the oil.

Sinus Congestion

Oil of Oregano is a wonderful natural remedy for sinus congestion. A common solution is to add 3 drops of the oil into a glass of juice and drink this mixture daily for 3 to 5 days.

Colds and Sore Throats

Oil of Oregano is an excellent early defense mechanism when you feel a cold or sore throat coming on. Simply take 3 drops of the oil once per day (you can mix it into a glass of orange juice) and you should notice results within a few hours. Repeat this once per day for up to 5 days until the symptoms are gone.

What are the Side Effects?

While Oil of Oregano has many benefits, there are a few possible side effects:

  • It may reduce the body's ability to absorb iron. Therefore, it is recommended that any regular use be combined with regular consumption of iron supplements. For this reason, women are advised not to take this oil during their pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women should also avoid this oil since it can stimulate blood flow in the uterus, which can weaken the lining that surrounds the fetus in the womb.
  • People that have allergies to thyme, basil, mint, or sage may be sensitive to Oregano Oil as well, since they are in the same family of plants. If any skin irritation, rashes, or vomiting occurs when using it, it is recommended that you discontinue use and consult your doctor.

Where and How to Buy Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano can be found in almost any natural health or nutrition store, or from online retailers such as (see below). It is important to make sure that it is derived from Origanum Vulgare, and that the carvacrol concentration is at least 70%.


  1. on said:

    I have been using Oil of Oregano for the last twelve years for sinus infections which I use to get twice a year, and have not had any since I started using it. I take a very small drop of this liquid every day in the mouth and drink water afterwards. Do this every day for 3 weeks then every other day. Now I only use it once a week and it has even helped me with arthritis, I had in my fingers. This oil is gold to me!!

  2. on said:

    Castor oil contains undecylenic acid, which is a very effective anti-fungal, like oregano oil. I find that eating sugar, which feeds such fungi as candidiasis, causes knee inflamation. The source of the fungus, which affects sinuses, skin, joints, lungs, and GI tract, can be the ears. But perhaps that is more true of malassezia, a fungus that consumes saturated fats, which is why you should be careful which oil you use. Many saturated oils are used in the labs as a medium to grow this organism. If you've ever had tinea versicolor (in the tropics), it is thought, I believe, to be caused by malassezia, as is dermatitus and dandruff.
    I'm experimenting with castor oil. Vets are ahead of the curve on treating this condition, common to dogs. Many essential oils, like lavendar, oregano, marjoram, peppermint,bitter orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon grass are effective against malassezia. Coconut oil should be the medium as it has caprylic acid, which can kill fungus.
    The results of research [5] published in April, 2014, in the Journal of Medical Mycology demonstrated the benefits of using essential oils for treating Malassezia dermatitis. The researchers treated 20 dogs with dermatitis caused by Malassezia pachydermatis. They used a blend of essential oils containing bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) 1%, lavender (Lavandula officinalis) 1%, oregano (Origanum vulgare) 0.5%, marjoram (Origanum majorana) 0.5%, peppermint (Mentha piperita) 0.5% and Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum var. italicum) 0.5%. These essential oils were mixed into a base of sweet almond oil and coconut oil.

  3. on said:

    I was told to put some oregano oil under my tongue. But wasn't told how often and how much.

  4. on said:

    I have asthma and have been battling a sinus infection for several weeks. When I was having some issues with my throat before Christmas, my herbalist suggested the oil of oregano, 3 to 4 drops, in the palm of my hand and to add about a dime size of olive oil. Rub it into my feet and put on socks. She said she did not recommend drinking it as it very bitter. Even taking 1 drop in water seemed super bitter. I did this and recovered from the sore throat. Once I was better, I stopped using it. I got a sinus infection again and had bad drainage and coughing for a few days and nothing seemed to help. Last night, I rubbed the oil of oregano on my feet with a little olive oil, put on my socks and went to bed. This morning, no coughing and very little drainage. I am a believer! I will be using it on a regular basis through the winter and bad pollen seasons.

  5. on said:

    Nothing to lose and everything to gain...and yes it would appear that it would work. You have obligation to yourself to try it. I see no negative consequence.

  6. on said:

    Interesting remark that the oregano oil interferes with the absorption of iron. I have genetic hemocromotosis causing me to overload with iron. Maybe I could do a therapy with the oregano oil instead of flabotomies every two months for 3-4 weeks. Anybody have any ideas?

  7. on said:

    @ Zahid, Oregano Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory activity. Therefore, it helps with osteoarthritis, sprains and painful joints. Try taking 2-3 drops of organic oregano oil once daily. Also mixing about 5 drops of Oregano oil and one tsp of olive oil and applying this mix onto the affected joints before going to bed at night helps. Hope you feel better!

  8. on said:

    Can I use this oil for osteoarthritis?

  9. on said:

    I have had chronic bronchitis three times in the past year that lasts about 6 weeks. My doctor put me on a high dose of Prednisone, which does take care of the symptoms but it is the side effects from the Prednisone that kill me. "Chipmunk Face", the munchies, loss of leg strength. So I will definitely try the Oregano solution. Thanks for all your comments folks :-)

  10. on said:

    I've been taking oil of oregano for colds & upset stomach. I noticed that benefits include aiding with inflammation and joint pain. Has anyone used it for that reason?

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