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Boils and Carbuncles Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Boils and Carbuncles

Boils and Carbuncles Home Remedy

A boil (also known as a furuncle) is a bacterial infection of a blocked oil gland or hair follicle. A boil usually appears suddenly as a painful pink or red bump about half an inch in diameter. The surrounding skin also may be red and swollen. Within 24 hours, the bump fills with pus. It grows larger and more painful for five to seven days, sometimes reaching golf-ball size before it develops a yellow-white tip that finally ruptures and drains. Boils generally clear completely in about two weeks. Small boils usually heal without scarring, but a large boil may leave a scar.

A carbuncle is a cluster of boils that often occurs on the back of the neck, shoulders, or thighs, especially in older men. Carbuncles cause a deeper and more severe infection than a single boil. As a result, they develop and heal more slowly and are likely to leave scars.

Causes of Boils and Carbuncles

Recurrent boils are commonly due to gastrointestinal bacteria which enter the blood stream and prompt a skin infection. They can also be caused by consuming too much sugar, either refined or even from fruit. Most small boils that are less than half an inch can be treated at home, but boils that are larger than that and that don't heal with home remedies require immediate medical care. Boils and carbuncles that are around sensitive areas (for example face, armpits, groin and breasts) should never be squeezed. If you see red lines radiating from the boil or it is accompanied by fever, chills, or swelling in other parts of your body, you should consult with your health provider right away. If you have diabetes, you should always consult with your doctor as soon as any kind of boil or carbuncle appears.

Home Remedies for Boils and Carbuncles

Boils and Carbuncles Home Remedy Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been used as an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic agent for centuries. As a result, many people have used it for the treatment of boils and carbuncles since it often speeds up the healing process and relieves discomfort.

  • Dab a cotton swab into the tea tree oil.
  • Gently apply the oil onto the boil/carbuncle with the swab.
  • Dispose of the used swab and be careful that it does not make contact with uninfected parts of your skin to prevent further infections.
  • Repeat this several times a day.

Home Remedy for Boils and Carbuncles with Turmeric

Many people have found the spice Turmeric to be an excellent remedy to treat boils and other staph infections. Turmeric is a traditional Ayurvedic spice that is often used as a blood purifier and anti-inflammatory remedy. It can be purchased in powder form from many Indian grocery stores. Using this powder, a simple and effective remedy for boils is the following:

  • Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of warm water.
  • Drink 3 times per day.
  • Healing will begin within a few hours.
  • Repeat for 3 days.

If you don't like the Turmeric mixture with water, look for Turmeric capsules at a health food store.

NOTE: Regular high doses of turmeric can lead to dehydration and constipation, so be sure to take the above remedy only when necessary, such as when you begin to see signs of a boil. A single weekly dosage of the remedy is also acceptable at other times as a preventative measure.

Hydrotherapy for Boils and Carbuncles

Hydrotherapy, which consists of warm or wet compresses, has been shown to help soothe the pain associated with boils. By compressing a boil with warmth, blood is drawn to the infected area, which helps the body fight the infection more quickly.

Washcloth Compress
Washcloth compresses are the best and easy way to treat a boil. Take a clean washcloth and dip it in fairly warm salt water and place it onto the boil. The compress should be very wet and warm and it should be placed on the boil for 10-15 minutes at least 5 times daily. It speeds up the process of bringing the boil to a head, which leads to draining and then healing.

Bread Compress
A bread compress is an old folk remedy and people find it works quite well. Soak a slice of bread in warm milk and apply it directly onto the boil. Keep replacing the bread slices to keep the infected boil warm for 15 minutes at a time, four times a day.

Tea Compress
Simply place a warm tea bag on the boil for 15 minutes at a time, several times a day.

Vegetable Compress
Heated slices of tomatoes, raw onions, mashed garlic, or the outer leaves of cabbage can be pressed directly onto a boil. Place heated chunks of any of these vegetables onto the boil for at least 15 minutes several times a day. Make sure that you keep the area warm by replacing it with new heated slices whenever you feel the area getting cold.

Natural Remedy for Boils and Carbuncles Using Onions

Onions have been known to contain antiseptic chemicals which can act as an effective antimicrobial irritant. Therefore, they can be used to treat boils by "heating" a boil and drawing blood to the infected area. A simple remedy is the following:

  • Cut a thick slice of onion and place it over the boil.
  • Wrap the infected area with a cloth.
  • Change the onion every three to four hours until the boil comes to a head and drains.

Natural Treatment for Boils and Carbuncles With Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil has been used for hundreds of years as a natural remedy for skin infections including boils/carbuncles. Therefore, a simple boil remedy is to mix half a teaspoon of black seed oil into a hot or cold drink, and take this twice daily during a boil infection.

Herbal Remedy for Boils or Carbuncles Using Echinacea

Echinacea has been found to be effective at healing boils. The active substances in the herb helps to clean your blood and lymph glands, allowing antibodies to circulate better and fight off infections. Therefore, a simple boil remedy is to take two 300mg capsules of Echinacea per day. However, it is not recommended that you take echinacea continuously for longer than two weeks.

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  1. on said:

    Using one teaspoon of cod liver oil once daily for a few days gets rid of boils. This information is from my grandmother, and it worked for me!

  2. on said:

    I have been suffering with boils which are now carbuncles for over 3 years! I'm starting to get sick from them. Nothing I've tried has helped. I'm gonna try a couple ideas I've read. Thanks guys, any more suggestions would be very helpful.

  3. on said:

    @DC: you're 100% TRUE about the peanut butter! I used to power lift and eat jars of peanut butter years ago with no problems.

    Now if I have just one teaspoon, within an hour I have a week long boil or two. Confirmed over and over. Since this has happened for 10 years now I have wondered if GMO peanuts are to blame.

  4. on said:

    Ed, same thing happened to me. Shingles out of nowhere and then staph infection in same area. In my case, the boils were much more painful than the shingles were.

  5. on said:

    I never had a boil until last year The previous year sepsis nearly took my life Also I had shingles rights before the boil I wonder if all this is connected

  6. on said:

    I also suffer from boils and have a long history with staph/MRSA. Just wondering if the tumeric works to ward off these infections. I am starting on second round of antibotics today. I also can't get this one to form a head and drain.

  7. on said:

    I am so thankful to have found this web site ~~ Thought that I was the ONLY one suffering from boil pain!!

  8. on said:

    i also got this disease give me some hint and some name of the medicine and i not well till 10 days please help me.....because my colleges are open and this disease was so harmful & painful please help me............

  9. on said:

    I have had two decades of problems with boils on my inner thighs and stomach. I have been in heavy duty antibiotics that left me more vulnerable to more infections. So with a lot of home research, trial and error, this is what worked for me to prevent boils from being so bothersome. I have also used a product called Prid that is a drawing out salve at the beginning stages of a boil. Works wonders.

    Shower every other day with this mixture. Do not use on genitals. Mix together and shake well before using. If this dries the skin, add more rose water. Do not use on broken skin.

    250 ml haemelais body wash by yves richer. If you have dry skin try the Creme formula
    3 tbsp of selsun blue naturals 3% salyzcidic acid
    1 tbsp sea breeze or clean and clear black head clearing astringent
    2 tsp glycerin
    2 tsp rose water
    10 drops of lavender essential oil
    10 drops of tea tree oil
    10 drops frankincense oil ( if you can. It is very expensive but a natural anti bacterial and inflammatory oil)

    Mix well and use an exfoliating glove or body puff. Use circular motions and wash well.

    Every other day use a bentinine clay based soap, like creamy clay by the soap works. This will absorb oils but not dehydrate the skin, allowing the hair follicles to reduce oil production and are less likely to be inflamed.

    Once the situation is under control continue with the witch hazel wash once a week.

    Be sure to launder sheets weekly with hot water and the drying machine. I also use powdered peroxide as an additive.

    Hope that helps others as it has helped me. Boil free for two years now!

  10. on said:

    When I was a kid in Philly, in the 40's, I got a lot of boils from bacteria in the street gutters. My mom made a Home Remedy of Apple Butter and some other stuff. She spread that on and the boil would come to a head and pop overnight. Miracle drug to me.

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