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Signs and Symptoms of Boils and Carbuncles


A boil (also known as a furuncle) is a bacterial infection of a blocked oil gland or hair follicle. A boil usually appears suddenly as a painful pink or red bump about half an inch in diameter. The surrounding skin also may be red and swollen. Within 24 hours, the bump fills with pus. It grows larger and more painful for five to seven days, sometimes reaching golf-ball size before it develops a yellow-white tip that finally ruptures and drains. Boils generally clear completely in about two weeks. Small boils usually heal without scarring, but a large boil may leave a scar.

A carbuncle is a cluster of boils that often occurs on the back of the neck, shoulders, or thighs, especially in older men. Carbuncles cause a deeper and more severe infection than a single boil. As a result, they develop and heal more slowly and are likely to leave scars.

Causes of Boils and Carbuncles

Recurrent boils are commonly due to gastrointestinal bacteria which enter the blood stream and prompt a skin infection. They can also be caused by consuming too much sugar, either refined or even from fruit. Most small boils that are less than half an inch can be treated at home, but boils that are larger than that and that don't heal with home remedies require immediate medical care. Boils and carbuncles that are around sensitive areas (for example face, armpits, groin and breasts) should never be squeezed. If you see red lines radiating from the boil or it is accompanied by fever, chills, or swelling in other parts of your body, you should consult with your health provider right away. If you have diabetes, you should always consult with your doctor as soon as any kind of boil or carbuncle appears.

Home Remedies for the Treatment of Boils and Carbuncles

Boils and Carbuncles Home Remedy Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been used as an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic agent for centuries. As a result, many people have used it for the treatment of boils and carbuncles since it often speeds up the healing process and relieves discomfort.
  • Dab a cotton swab into the tea tree oil.
  • Gently apply the oil onto the boil/carbuncle with the swab.
  • Dispose of the used swab and be careful that it does not make contact with uninfected parts of your skin to prevent further infections.
  • Repeat this several times a day.

Home Remedy for Boils and Carbuncles with Turmeric

Many people have found the spice Turmeric to be an excellent remedy to treat boils and other staph infections. Turmeric is a traditional Ayurvedic spice that is often used as a blood purifier and anti-inflammatory remedy. It can be purchased in powder form from many Indian grocery stores. Using this powder, a simple and effective remedy for boils is the following:
  • Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of warm water.
  • Drink 3 times per day.
  • Healing will begin within a few hours.
  • Repeat for 3 days.
If you don't like the Turmeric mixture with water, look for Turmeric capsules at a health food store.

NOTE: Regular high doses of turmeric can lead to dehydration and constipation, so be sure to take the above remedy only when necessary, such as when you begin to see signs of a boil. A single weekly dosage of the remedy is also acceptable at other times as a preventative measure.

Hydrotherapy for Boils and Carbuncles

Hydrotherapy, which consists of warm or wet compresses, has been shown to help soothe the pain associated with boils. By compressing a boil with warmth, blood is drawn to the infected area, which helps the body fight the infection more quickly.

Washcloth Compress
Washcloth compresses are the best and easy way to treat a boil. Take a clean washcloth and dip it in fairly warm salt water and place it onto the boil. The compress should be very wet and warm and it should be placed on the boil for 10-15 minutes at least 5 times daily. It speeds up the process of bringing the boil to a head, which leads to draining and then healing.

Bread Compress
A bread compress is an old folk remedy and people find it works quite well. Soak a slice of bread in warm milk and apply it directly onto the boil. Keep replacing the bread slices to keep the infected boil warm for 15 minutes at a time, four times a day.

Tea Compress
Simply place a warm tea bag on the boil for 15 minutes at a time, several times a day.

Vegetable Compress
Heated slices of tomatoes, raw onions, mashed garlic, or the outer leaves of cabbage can be pressed directly onto a boil. Place heated chunks of any of these vegetables onto the boil for at least 15 minutes several times a day. Make sure that you keep the area warm by replacing it with new heated slices whenever you feel the area getting cold.

Natural Remedy for Boils and Carbuncles Using Onions

Onions have been known to contain antiseptic chemicals which can act as an effective antimicrobial irritant. Therefore, they can be used to treat boils by "heating" a boil and drawing blood to the infected area. A simple remedy is the following:
  • Cut a thick slice of onion and place it over the boil.
  • Wrap the infected area with a cloth.
  • Change the onion every three to four hours until the boil comes to a head and drains.

Natural Treatment for Boils and Carbuncles With Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil has been used for hundreds of years as a natural remedy for skin infections including boils/carbuncles. Therefore, a simple boil remedy is to mix half a teaspoon of black seed oil into a hot or cold drink, and take this twice daily during a boil infection.

Herbal Remedy for Boils and Carbuncles Using Echinacea

Echinacea has been found to be effective at healing boils. The active substances in the herb helps to clean your blood and lymph glands, allowing antibodies to circulate better and fight off infections. Therefore, a simple boil remedy is to take two 300mg capsules of Echinacea per day. However, it is not recommended that you take echinacea continuously for longer than two weeks.

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Reader Comments

Posted by traceyfree on Mar 28 2014 11:43:52
I am so thankful to have found this web site ~~ Thought that I was the ONLY one suffering from boil pain!!

Posted by kumar sagar on Mar 19 2014 12:40:11
i also got this disease give me some hint and some name of the medicine and i not well till 10 days please help me.....because my colleges are open and this disease was so harmful & painful please help me............

Posted by Novantae on Nov 18 2013 21:44:37
I have had two decades of problems with boils on my inner thighs and stomach. I have been in heavy duty antibiotics that left me more vulnerable to more infections. So with a lot of home research, trial and error, this is what worked for me to prevent boils from being so bothersome. I have also used a product called Prid that is a drawing out salve at the beginning stages of a boil. Works wonders. Shower every other day with this mixture. Do not use on genitals. Mix together and shake well before using. If this dries the skin, add more rose water. Do not use on broken skin. 250 ml haemelais body wash by yves richer. If you have dry skin try the Creme formula 3 tbsp of selsun blue naturals 3% salyzcidic acid 1 tbsp sea breeze or clean and clear black head clearing astringent 2 tsp glycerin 2 tsp rose water 10 drops of lavender essential oil 10 drops of tea tree oil 10 drops frankincense oil ( if you can. It is very expensive but a natural anti bacterial and inflammatory oil) Mix well and use an exfoliating glove or body puff. Use circular motions and wash well. Every other day use a bentinine clay based soap, like creamy clay by the soap works. This will absorb oils but not dehydrate the skin, allowing the hair follicles to reduce oil production and are less likely to be inflamed. Once the situation is under control continue with the witch hazel wash once a week. Be sure to launder sheets weekly with hot water and the drying machine. I also use powdered peroxide as an additive. Hope that helps others as it has helped me. Boil free for two years now!

Posted by BT510 on Oct 31 2013 15:43:57
When I was a kid in Philly, in the 40's, I got a lot of boils from bacteria in the street gutters. My mom made a Home Remedy of Apple Butter and some other stuff. She spread that on and the boil would come to a head and pop overnight. Miracle drug to me.

Posted by -DC- on Sep 20 2013 09:45:56
Like a previous poster here, I also found that peanut products were the primary cause of my acne/boils. As a kid, I ate peanut butter cups and Butterfingers regularly. Both contain highly processed peanuts/peanut oil and my acne was horrible. Years later I started to figure out that I always got boils after consuming peanut products and/or peanut butter. If I ate enough of it I would be guaranteed of developing a boil within a few days. I've verified this many times now. Just wish I would have known this as a teenager, I could have avoided all the unnecessary acne medication I was taking (Accutane, Retin-A). Also, eating too many hamburgers in a week seemed to also cause acne.

Posted by Beth on Sep 12 2013 15:05:31
Three of us in our home have been struggling with boils recently-My son brought it home from somewhere. I almost had to go to the hospital with the second one I have on my lower ribcage-the ribs scrape it from the back and the skin stretches and pulls against the boil every time you take a breath or twist your torso. We've all taken bactrim, are currently putting mupirocin ointment in our nostrils in hope of stopping new ones, and washing with Dial antibiotic soap. We were told by a former pharmaceutical rep that school districts use ZEP antibacterial cleaner in the shower rooms to prevent staph. I looked all over for that specific ZEP product- they have a lot of different ones but it has to be the Antibacterial one. I actually found it in WalMart near the automotive department, to spray the tubs and showers and anything else we touch. It must be strong as it is the only product I found that states use for MRSA and even mentions on the label use for cleaning areas used around HIV positive blood. Hoping that this will get some of the germs out of our house and maybe this hint will help some of you as well.

Posted by Sandra Hall on Aug 18 2013 07:36:27
All the information found here on this blog regarding multiple symptom relief for boils has been very helpful not only to me but also to many people out there who are suffering from boils. I believe through sharing helpful tips and ideas for any kind of diseases or illnesses is such wonderful thing to do.

Posted by Lydia on Jul 06 2013 16:17:01
I had a big boil is swelled up to the size of a softball I tried a home remedy my in laws gave u buy a bar of soap and slice it as thin a u can place it over the boil place a bandaid on top to keep the piece of soap in place it works really good it worked for me by the next morning it had busted

Posted by Gary on Apr 18 2013 06:03:46
Lots of boil/carbuncle treatments use a soft medium which is HEATED and applied to the affected area. It would appear that warmth is the key to this type of treatment, however, this is not always a practical solution - can be painful, messy, and frequency of change of dressing. As a Registered Pharmacy Technician, I often recommend a 'cold compress' of MAGNESIUM SULPHATE PASTE, which needs only to be applied once daily, without heat and can be purchased from your local Pharmacy without prescription. Another tip I recommend to to apply the paste to the dressing first, and then apply the now medicated dressing to the affected area - this means that at no point could you be transferring infection, and therefore the healing process is expedited. Hope you find this information useful!

Posted by Diana on Mar 22 2013 16:46:28
Oh, forgot, if I'm sweating from gardening, hiking, cmaping etc, Take a shower as soon as possible afterwards, sweating encourages, or enhances the likely hood of plugging the glands. Eat healthy, meaning less processed foods, more veg, fish, fruits, balanced load of carbs...

Posted by Diana on Mar 22 2013 15:22:07
Hello, I have read all of your painful tales, I would recount mine, but instead of that I will tell you go to the derm doc! My regular doc would cut one out, and finally I went to the dermatologist, who correctly diagnosed me wtih Hidradenitis Suppurativa. It is the name given to an uncommon condition typically affecting the armpits, groin, breasts or thighs. Much like acne, the beginning of a hidradenitis sore is a plugging of the hair follicle. The hair follicles of the affected areas however do not have prominent oil glads attached, but rather a type of sweat glad specific to these areas. The plugging leads to overgrowth of bacteria within the sweat glads. Hidradenitis is a term for inflammation of these sweat glads. Hidradenitis affects men and women. It begins after puberty, but often persists longer than acne. Because of the similariites to acne, treatment is oten the same. Topical and oral antibiotics are often used. Occasionally Accutane is prescribed. Accutane is an execllent medication for the treatment of severe acne, but less effective for hidradenitis. The ultimate treatment is surgical removal of the areas prone to the problem. This surgery can be extensive, and may require hospitalization. Hidradenitis suppurativa is a frustrating condition. It is genetic in its orign, and like most inherited conditions, it has no specific cure. The treatment I was given, was oral antibiotics, a topical antibiotic (clindamycin phosphate gel - 1 %, and washed daily with Hibiclens (chlorhexidine Gluonate solution 4.0% w/v) Hibiclens has antiseptic activity and persistent antimicrobial effect with rapid bactericidal activity against a wide range of microorganisms. Yes, I like home remedies too, but you don't want a blood infection, and we all know, relief is only when it is opened and drained. The cleaning and topical anitibiotic was done as a preventative measure. My mom and sister also suffered, but never told me, tell your kids! I was also diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, once my blood sugar was under control, I no longer had the problems! So everyone has experienced the same things I have, but then I would just use a hot pad, then pop them. They are so painful! See a doc, tell him/her the name of the affliction I gave you, and about the use of oral and topical antibiotics and the Hibiclens... Get your blood sugar level checked too! Bacteria loves the environment of a heigh glucose existence! Best of luck!

Posted by sam on Mar 22 2013 13:04:46
when i lived overseas in the marshall islands a doctor told me to eat raisens when afflicted with a boil/carbuncle. he explained that raisens are high in iron and helps to inhibit the production of boils. i found it very helpful and only suffered once from a bad boil which left a huge scare on my shoulder.

Posted by Sharon on Mar 01 2013 21:05:25
For those of you who get the boils on your thighs or inner legs or pantyline, a nurse told me it is because you're wearing your jeans too tight and they rub.... maybe if you're getting this type of boil in the pants/panty/shorts area, try wearing looser clothes and see if there's any change.

Posted by Sharon on Mar 01 2013 20:56:58
I have a boil along the pantyline, that's where all of mine start....I read someone posted somewhere to saturate a cottonball with organic apple cider (like Briggs, found it at the local Kroger in the organic aisle) and allow to sit on the boil. I let the cottonball sit for about 2 hrs, took it off and the cottonball was white with a black stain where it appeared it pulled drainage from the wound. I felt the boil and it felt like it reduced by 50%. I will resaturate another cottonball and let it set on the wound overnight and see how it feels.

Posted by rainbow on Feb 24 2013 01:16:35
Sooooo glad I found this site have been suffering with boils really bad for 9 years now....thought I was the only one! will be trying the turmeric remedy, will post again with updates!

Posted by Sf on Feb 16 2013 13:30:02
I have had a boil well I think it's a boil come on my forehead I am 54 years old never had a boil in my life ,it came 5 days ago very painful red with bit yellow head it's getting redder by the day skin around very tight and saw. I have been bathing with hot water regularly taking pain relief what can I do next ,I am waiting to see doctor in few days

Posted by melissa on Jan 12 2013 20:36:30
I am 35 years old and i have had boils since i was 13. at first i got them over and over on my inner thighs. then i started getting them on and under breasts. then under arms, and on butt and crease of legs and pubic area. now i get them on back of thighs and in all previous mentioned areas. I actually can not remember a time when i didnot have at least one somewhere on my body since age 13. they are so painful! i have polycystic ovarian syndrome and one dr told me that was the cause of mine. my sister in law has pcos as well and she also has recurring boils. i am about to try tea tree oil.....hope it works! I have tried tumeric paste but it burns really bad! A friend ofmy grandmother's and the grandmother of my best friend said if you take a pinch of epsom salt with a glass of water everyday it will stop them completely. ihave never tried this...(can not remember to take it) that is my next try though if the tea tree oil does not work.

Posted by Suzi on Jan 11 2013 16:11:43
THe boils near the tail bone and in your crack are really Popolinytal (sp) cysts. They get infected and turn into boils or carbuckles. Castor oil will bring them to a head in NO TIME At all. I had this problem yrs agao and had surgery! Which didn;t solve the problem just doesn't happen as often now nad when it does it drains. But my son inheritated this HORRIFIC painful problem, NOW I have found Castor Oil help drain these nasty things. He has a huge one and I thought OMG he is going to be hurting for days! I put the castor oil pack on it and put a heating pad over it and within a couple of hrs it was draining! Try it you will be amazed!!!

Posted by Carol on Jan 09 2013 05:27:25
Hi All. I had a very painful (Golf Ball Sized) under arm boil last week. I began using turmeric on Saturday. Firstly I drank it as per instructions and made it into a paste. I found the paste did not stay in place for long so I then began to use manuka honey on a dressing with the turmeric and some tee tree oil. This worked and the boil began to drain after 48hrs of treatments. I then had a shower, gently pressed on the boil and it popped right out. I am still repeating with the dressing etc until the boil has completely gone. Thank you for all the remedies here it saved me a fortune in Doctors fees etc.

Posted by hannah on Dec 26 2012 19:07:08
i have boils often due to my pregnancy. i have found a product called boil ease and it takes away any pain caused by a boil and makes them disappear the next day you wake up. for all of you with severe pain and fluid(pus) i recommend seeing your local doctor. he/she may cut the boil open and take out any infection, don't worry, they use numbing agents.

Posted by Lisa Rinehart on Nov 28 2012 23:22:55
Hi All, Mine began giving me pain about Nov.6. Worse than childbirth.Took 5 days to open, had some pain meds left over from knee surgery or don't think I would have made it. It's now the 28th and still is open, was big as the palm of my hand, now about 11in. Took a round of antibotics and lots of the suggestions here. First day or two I had none of the items, but did have an aloa vera plant which I opened and rubbed on the area several times a day. Mine was also between my cheeks, couldn't see or get to it well. Started to pee in a funnel bc of pain. Also used cut up 100%cotton fabrics for bandages,bc of location. Disposed of most of them. Bleached, washed and reused the rest. Probably saved -70 on bandages. Still taking the one herb ech. and tittle. It just won't cover over, don't know what else to do. Very bad place! Best of luck to all.

Posted by Lisa Rinehart on Nov 28 2012 23:22:39
Hi All, Mine began giving me pain about Nov.6. Worse than childbirth.Took 5 days to open, had some pain meds left over from knee surgery or don't think I would have made it. It's now the 28th and still is open, was big as the palm of my hand, now about 11in. Took a round of antibotics and lots of the suggestions here. First day or two I had none of the items, but did have an aloa vera plant which I opened and rubbed on the area several times a day. Mine was also between my cheeks, couldn't see or get to it well. Started to pee in a funnel bc of pain. Also used cut up 100%cotton fabrics for bandages,bc of location. Disposed of most of them. Bleached, washed and reused the rest. Probably saved -70 on bandages. Still taking the one herb ech. and tittle. It just won't cover over, don't know what else to do. Very bad place! Best of luck to all.

Posted by Healed up on Nov 26 2012 18:25:23
Hi all, I have been meaning to type up my experience here for a while - I too had massive boils/carbuncles/abysses under my arms. They came out of nowhere when I was 37 years old I had them every week for about four months and was going to emergency at the hospital to get them drained as they were becoming the size of walnuts. Extremely painful and I was starting to wonder how I would deal with it for the rest of my life. I was trying everything - tumeric, tea tree oil, oregano oil, manuka honey, magnoplasm, you name it, I was doing it. Some things helped (a paste of tumeric, manuka and oil seemed to keep them at bay) most of the information I got from the internet and from this site. Thank you everyone, I was going mad but seeing I wasn't the only one and that people were so helpful with their advice truly helped me. My doctor was terrible and sent me to all the wrong specialists. But the hospital referred me to an infectious disease clinic here in Melbourne - I was put on very strong antibiotics, antibacterial cream for inside my nose (apparently that's where bacteria hides between outbreaks - so STOP picking your nose!) and a antibacterial body/hair wash - I wasn't allowed to use any other soap except that one for 2 weeks. That was over a year ago now, and I've never seen another painful lump since, not even close. The infection tested positive as a resistant Staph infection, but not golden staph. I'm not saying that what I had was the same as everyone elses, I think there's a lot of different causes of the same symptoms - but this was my test result and I was misdiagnosed for 4 months before I got onto the right doctor who mentioned that he 'sees this kind of thing every 3 weeks'. I knew my doctor wasn't right when she kept telling me I had ingrown hair follicles, but she wouldn't listen. My advice is to use all the natural remedies people share here - some are really effective and will work for you when sometimes others won't. Watch your diet as well - sugar is not good for people with infections or bacteria problems so quit it if you can (includes giving alcohol a miss for a while as you are getting better) Go to a different doctor if you feel yours is not listening to you. And for all those that are still experiencing these horrible afflictions, I wish with all my heart that you get better soon and find out what will work for you. For the short 4 months I had them I wasn't sure how I was going to live the rest of my life with work, study and all the rest. Get better soon and thank you for all your help - a lot of people read what you say and don't post themselves, but your kindness in trying to help others is really appreciated.

Posted by dee on Nov 17 2012 19:01:49
From comment listed by dee.also for faster recovery add a salonpa patch....only if you can handle if there is a sign of infection you will feel slight burning...skin absorbing tea tree oil...I have a high tolerance to pain I can not tell you what relief this has given me.....Thank god for ole remedys

Posted by dee on Nov 17 2012 18:53:31
I begin with witch hazel....you can get from dollar tree....my boil drain heavily for 2 days felt like it was refilling with pus...3rd day place tea tree oil and witch hazel on cotton ball...drain continuously but this time drained did not refilli could tell healing..did have chills/broke a slight sweat and felt a little nauseas...that lasted a couple of hours.....I am happy to say after two years of pain on and off I am on a road to recovery...pcp try to tell me it was not there because it was deep in the skin....

Posted by anonymous on Nov 16 2012 10:05:40
i'm turning 20 soon. I've had a boil in the same spot for god knows how long. But i do remember that i've had it since i was little. Maybe 5 or 6. i've tried ALOT of things to get rid of it. It usually drains after a while. But then it bloats up again and again i'm in pain. does anyone have any comments on that? and what's worse is that the boil is in between my buttocks. So you can probably imagine HOW MUCH IT HURTS everytime it bloats up :(

Posted by Vic on Nov 12 2012 09:50:12
Wash with Dial Antibacterial soap and put Proactiv Refining Mask on the spot. Dab the red hard spot (when you first notice it appearing) with the refining mask using a Q-tip and cover that with a large band aid. At night, clean it gently with alcohol or witch hazel (use cotton swab or cotton pad & always keep fingers off!) and replace the mask and band aid...do this morning and night and the boil will form a head and keep doing this treatment and it will pop on it's on or form a seed...continue to keep it covered and use with the refining mask until it clears. This usually takes 2-3 days from the first sign of a hard, red spot. Continue to use the antibacterial soap for showering/bathing as it keeps skin clear and helps to keep these from forming. You can now buy Proactiv at a mall kiosk or via Amazon. Remember to wash your hands and the spot with Antibacterial soap and to keep your fingers off the spot...only use a cotton swab or cotton pad to clean and apply. Change your wash cloth/towels after each shower as the boils spread easily. Hope this helps some one!

Posted by Jonathan O'Toole on Oct 19 2012 22:53:32
Stinging nettle leaf powder healed my chronic boils and carbuncles after a 5 year battle and after trying many of the remedies on this page without success. I'm not knocking them all and I'm not selling anything, just giving my testimony. http://www.terrorofgod.com the story is there if you want to know what I went through.

Posted by Marge on Sep 27 2012 23:54:14
I forgot to mention I no longer have any occurrences of boils and pimples on my skin. Please research the Paleolithic diet, everyone.

Posted by Marge on Sep 27 2012 23:46:08
Last year, I started eating too much baked goods. I had boils on my neck and forehead. I decided to do the paleo diet and my skin became less oily and it actually had a healthy glow. I read somewhere that the bacteria in your body feeds off the sugar in your diet. I also notice that ever since I went paleo, my gums has stopped bleeding. I guess I don't have enough sugar in my saliva to feed the bacteria that causes gingivitis.

Posted by Sharon van Dijk on Sep 27 2012 16:38:54
Devin, you sound like you've been through some tough years. I hope you can find a solution to help you with ideas on here. Suicide is a long term solution to a temporary problem...it's sure gone on too long for you but never give up hope. Thinking of you.

Posted by Suzy on Sep 23 2012 04:33:19
Hi everyone, I have been suffering from boils on my face for 6 years after a trip to Europe. I finally found an alternative doctor who got to the bottom and discovered the root cause (or multiple cuases, as it applies to me). In my case, what's causing the boils includes: parasites, skin fungus, pathogens, yeast and bacteria. Please look up parasites. They are a silent epidemic and boils are often a symptom. If you go to a conventional doctor, they won't even be able to diagnose you and if they're lucky to do so, they won't know what to do with you. Seek out a good naturopath or Ayurvedic physician and look into biofeedback therapy. I'm still in the process of healing and going through a healing crisis, so my symptoms would get much better then a lot worse. It is entirely possible to heal. You just have to be willing to look for answers. Good luck! May you all be healthy and happy.

Posted by devin on Aug 27 2012 01:48:34
ya i have had these boils on my neck every since i was 16 and now iam 28 and i cant find a way to get rid of them i have even been cutting them open my self but then the next day there back every inch of the back of my neck is covered with them there big and they hurt so bad i cant keep a job because they hurt so bad all my shirts are ruined because i have at least 2 a day that drain so they stain my shirt and they stink really bad i need help bad its gotten to the point i just want to kill my self to stop the pain its just to much

Posted by VJ on Aug 22 2012 17:53:49
take 2 pieces of garlic (RAW) with water (500 ML) before bed for one month. you will get permanent relief from Carbuncle boil. if you take Alcohol, coffee and cool drinks, please avoid it because it will create more acidity in your body and any bacteria/virus enter in to your body with out any visa.

Posted by Lumpy on Aug 14 2012 06:37:53
Judging from the symptoms and recurring episodes, a lot of people here appear to be suffering from Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Please look it up. It is a horrible, debilitating illness. I wish you all well.

Posted by Kay on Aug 01 2012 14:37:32
I had never experienced acne but suddenly got the most painful bump ever after shaving (privates). It was so painful and then spread. I didn't know it was a boil. I suffered to the point of tears. they eventually bust and drained. Now I have one on my butt and can hardly sit. I will try Tumeric paste and the capsules and see if this helps. I also am an avid sugar eater so now i know what the culprit is: ME and my love of sugar!

Posted by gigi on Jul 22 2012 13:09:17
i am 13 and i have a boil right below my breast its small and its been present for about 2weeks it drains then fills back up and its ruining my life if any one can help me please send me what ou want me to do.

Posted by Bijal on Jun 25 2012 05:13:39
Hi,I m suffering from boils in Vagia last 2 yrs.I had taken lots of medicines but it worked temporary again the same problem.Can you suggest something that it never return back.

Posted by Tina on Jun 14 2012 00:31:58
@James: I think looking at the size, it is a carbuncle. I used to get these all the time until I learned about Tea Tree Oil and Oil of Oregano. Applying Tea Tree Oil on it and taking 4 drops of Oregano Oil 2-3 times daily as soon as I'd see it coming, saved my life. I keep taking Oil of Oregano for about a week even when it stops growing. Make sure you drain it only when yellow head develops and pain and inflammation in the surrounding area is decreased. Before draining, put on a pair of disposable gloves and disinfect the surrounding skin thoroughly because these buggers can spread fast. Also drinking lots of water helps drain the infection out of our body. It always helps me - Good luck!

Posted by james on Jun 11 2012 23:00:50
hi, I'm an 18 year old boy and i have always had small pimple like things surrounding my genitals; I think they're ingrown hairs. Anyway, I am a very hairy person and i recently got a very firm nickel-sized bump on my lower abdomen. I suspect that it is a boil or a carbuncle but this is the first time i've had this happen. I know that the ingrown hairs are the cause so would it be safe to say that its a carbuncle? All of the other pimple things are small and never grow more than 2mm in diameter, but this one is disturbing and painful. I wonder if I have had staph for years since I have all these smaller bumps and ignored them. I assume that the smaller bumps are the cause of this boil thing and I'm worried that ignoring the little bumps was a bad idea. I popped it unknowingly a few days ago but not all the pus came out, should I use the tea tree method or something to get the rest out? I'm going to see a doctor in a few days but i'm trying to fix it myself before then. Please feel free to help me.

Posted by Melanie on Jun 11 2012 06:46:31
Eating healthy and avoiding sugar is the best preventive option.....but I found applying diluted tea tre oil to the area is very helpfull. I used to suffer from at least one boil a month on my bum or in that area....after I started using tea tree oil...I dont get them anymore. Just put a drop or two on a cotton pad....run a little warm water on it...and apply daily to the areas where you suffer from boils....also make sure you shower at least once a day...preferably two times a day.

Posted by missy on May 29 2012 01:08:10
I have a very large very painful boil..after reading these sugestions i put a turmeric paste on for 20-30 min and i can already see a head starting to form...i have also chugged down 2 tsp of turmeric in milk and now have applied a turmeric and honey poltice(sorry spelling) in hopes to draw it out some more.. :-) fingers crossed :-) thanx everyone for the advise..

Posted by Anonymous on May 20 2012 13:48:29
Hello. I'm a white 34 year old female. About three weeks ago (May 2nd), I developed something that looked like a boil, on the front of my neck. It grew to a total size of a 2-euro-coin (red infectioned area), with a hard center the size of a chick pea, but did not ache nor itch at all. It grew rapidly, but only a week or so later did it come to two-three very small heads the size of a sewing pin. At some point, it broke (I didn't squeeze it) and pus along with a little blood came out, and after that it grew smaller in size and volume. I only put pure alcohol on it with a piece of dampened cotton before and after it broke and a tea-tree & manuca rosalina ointment twice a day. However, it isn't completely gone, but still visible as a dark red bump, the size of a lentil, and it feels hard in the centre. It looks as there is another small head coming along, but for the last 3-5 days, nothing has changed, as if it has paused evolving. What should I do? My skin is very pale and this shows ugly and I don' t like it.

Posted by Renee on Mar 19 2012 22:25:16
I am 25 and have suffered from boils all over my body (stomach, armpits, inner thighs, genitals, buttocks) since childhood. Boils are hereditary and my Father is an avid suffer. I have tried everything antibiotics, black salve, warm compresses, self lancing. Some methods worked but only for a short time. Then I found a remedy that truly helped. I began taking 1 turmeric pill daily. Over the pass few a large boils that has not opened for a month and was the size of a quarter is now almost gone. I have no new boils on my stomach. It takes time but stick with it, it's worth it. Best of luck!

Posted by steph on Mar 15 2012 22:46:59
I found out that taking pain killers (advil) relieve the pain as well as toothpaste (colgate that includes baking soda & peroxide). I have been getting them on the left side of my bums and always on the same spot. I plan to go to the doctor to get tested for staph

Posted by Now on Mar 09 2012 01:55:05
I suffer ocassionally and using a paste mixture of baking yeast and water paste covered with a wet rag hot as you can stand until it cools. Store extra only a few days outside fridge. Fridge makes mix hard. Do this about 4 times in one session twice a day. I've had up to 30 plus abscess at once and what a relief. Thanks to my boyfriend that was tired of me suffering. Draws it to a head quickly. Apply aloe or tea tree oil after to promote healing. Ladies pour a few drops in pantyliner to help heal if in groin area. Or anyone use pantyliner as a huge bandage and pour tea tree then tape liner to wound. Drink lots if water. I'm going to try black seed oil & the turmeric.

Posted by jenifer on Mar 04 2012 09:38:09
my son will be 6months old by march 14, 2012. he has a boil like growth on his forehead. each time it opens water comes out,it will form back again.he has had it for 2 days now and it's now 3 on his forehead. what is the cause and cure please?

Posted by Tammy P. on Mar 03 2012 15:37:22
I'm 21 and for about three years I've been getting boils- I am extremely sensitive to sunlight, and every time I'm out in it for more than an hour or two, the next day one inevitably starts coming up. After reading a good many medical sites, I came to the conclusions that firstly, boils can be caused by allergic reactions as well as simple infections, and secondly, that going to the doctor was useless. I didn't go for my first six boils, they were very painful but eventually went down, however, this week I've had one the size of a golf ball under my arm that made it very difficult to sleep, not good since I'm a student. I found this site by accident, and when I read that turmeric was a cure, I was slightly apprehensive, but oddly enough... it works. And it's amazingly effective- when I first took the turmeric the boil had no sign of a head, was aching, throbbing and just generally a nuisance, and twenty minutes- just twenty- later, after the turmeric, the head had risen, popped, and the boil was draining. It was such a relief! Thank you so much for posting this, I will now keep Turmeric in the house!

Posted by OnTheMend on Feb 25 2012 22:57:14
Hi All! I just wanted to share my story (-: I stumbled upon this thread about less than a month ago (& no doubt, this is 1 of the best & most helpful sites 4 carbuncle remedies IMHO). 1 particular remedy that stood out 2 me is the turmeric-meat tenderizer paste (mix both with H2O to make a paste-like consistency, apply 2 affected area & let dry. Repeat throughout the day until healing occurs). I've probably tried all the pastes, creams & ointments you could buy from a pharmacy, but I never thought the best cure was in my own kitchen's spice rack. Yep. McCormick should start mktg their spices as skin treatments too!;-) Anyway, to all the people who have tried & recommended this "wonder spice", thank you. The year old "spots" I've been desperately trying to get rid of in my sensitive area are finally starting to disappear. Now if I can only make these turmeric stains on my undies disappear too, things would be perfect. Haha! (Suggest wearing no undies or thong under skirt when trying this tested&proven remedy.) Never thought I'd be 1 of those people recommending turmeric here haha but it REALLY DOES WORK!!! :-D Good luck!

Posted by james on Feb 20 2012 20:04:59
iv been getting bad carbuncles around my groin for a few weeks didnt think much of it at the time just put some cream on it and that didnt seem to work went to the doctors and have been trying lots of things that aint helping can any1 suggest the best way to get rid of the annoying itch and pain!

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 17 2012 18:45:33
I used the turmeric tea on my boil in three days it healed n the pain was gone, I also drank the tea 3 times. Day my headache also went away

Posted by Priyanka on Jan 27 2012 03:40:47
I have been suffering from the re occurence of carbuncle past two years. None of the prescribed medicine worked. I have been consulting doctors but all I get is no relief....... Plz suggest me a permanent cure from this awful pain that I go through every alternate month.

Posted by C on Jan 20 2012 22:02:41
-tried to drink turmeric powder mixed with water, and couldn't stomach it... found it was easier just to eat the turmeric powder straight, by itself, about 1/4 tsp at a time. you would think water would help, but it just makes it taste worse.

Posted by Amy on Jan 20 2012 01:34:09
hello,im 27yrs old n had boils in my vagia for 5yrs or so.recently I got a big boil it scared me it popped on its own and became more painful,went to doctor and she gave me doxycycline hclate 100mg 2x daily for a week. I took one pill and when I went to use the restroom I noticed the skin of the boil was peeling off.Does anyone know if this is normal? I don't have health insurance and I'm unemployed,amy advice will b good.thank you,i apologize for typos im using a public computer trying to type fast.

Posted by jane on Jan 11 2012 20:22:46
If you're looking for a way to drain your carbuncle then please use this remedy, it worked for me when not even prescription medication would. I mixed turmeric powder with meat tenderizer and just enough water to form a thick paste. I then coated the area and allowed it to dry. You will then have to gently rinse the area. Repeat as needed. The turmeric helps soothe the pain and the meat tenderizer draws the pus up to form a head just like its used to draw liquids from meat. I hope I can spare at least one person from the horrible pain I went through with this thing. I couldn't even walk when it was at its worst and it had gotten so big by the time that it drained that it left a huge scar.

Posted by srish on Jan 10 2012 13:21:31
2 yeras back carbuncles left scars on my legs..wich looks hideous..plz help me out with some remedies..

Posted by vivian on Jan 07 2012 12:27:55
I have a terrible time with boils, the doctor says it's because I have curly hair. I discovered over the years that Dial Antibacterial soap used as a daily bath soap tremendously reduces the frequency of them. Now I might have a boil once in 3 years. When I was younger, I had a boil every couple of months.

Posted by Ryan on Jan 03 2012 10:06:04
I haven't gone through and read all of the replies to this post but I know what works for me is a hot compress followed by applying a product called "porters salve". This stuff stinks, kind of like a doctors office, but it gets rid of boils in no more then a day or two at most. These things are painful and i wish there was a more solid remedy to avoiding boils rather then treating them once they are there.

Posted by Matt K. on Dec 31 2011 13:42:17
**MY SOLUTION! This forum was very helpful, so I wanted to come back and share what worked for me. I'm 36 years old, and for the past 15 years, I've had 1-2 boils on my back or butt at all times. They were painful and embarrassing... but I did my best to ignore them. Then, last year, they suddenly got more serious. Two of them had to be cut open, drained, packed and repacked -- an awful experience. I decided to get serious about eradicating them altogether. I made a huge list of possible remedies - many based on the comments here - and began implementing them one at a time. #5 on the list was cut back on sugar. I realized that each morning, I had been putting one and a half spoonfuls of sugar in my coffee, then again for an afternoon cup. I decided to COMPLETELY stop putting sugar in my coffee. The first couple weeks were tough as I choked down my morning brew... but my back and butt has been CLEAR for 5 months now. Only during the holidays, when my sugar intake increased with all the cookies, goodies, etc. did the boils return -- but I quickly cut back again and they disappeared. TRY THIS! Stop drinking so much soda, stop eating so many sweets. And then thank Matt K. on here, haha. Good luck!

Posted by Yong on Dec 29 2011 22:35:03
For your face, you can go to the dermatologist and get the blue light/levulan treatment, lasts at least a year.

Posted by Yong on Dec 29 2011 22:33:38
I've had these for years in the groin area. Warm tea bags work and so do steroid shots from the doc. The sure fire way to get rid of them is to get rid of the hair through laser hair removal. Laser hair removal takes at least 5 treatments but you will NEVER get them again!

Posted by Sarah on Dec 28 2011 14:13:58
Hi guys - just wondering if some of you have a condition called hidradenitis suppurativa? I have this and it took me a few years to work out why I was getting so many boils all the time. I try to stick to a diet that consists of mainly whole foods (no preservatives etc), try to control my stress, sweating and so on and I hardly ever get them anymore. Hope this may help some of you :)

Posted by Janetlyn on Dec 20 2011 11:43:38
I've had boils since i was 10 .. several monthly .. Only when it close to my periods . I have scares that will never go away .I was so surprised to see others deal with this . i thought i was the only one . funny how u can go to doctors for yrs .. cry an scream about these boils that run my life . an everyone acts dumb to this problem ... Im so frustrated at 45 yr old ..many yrs of suffering an pain . Maybe Just maybe me finding this site today .. Ill be on a road to maybe control this to some measure .. "loven this site ..

Posted by DailyBlend on Dec 18 2011 07:55:28
I have a question: What do you do about the REPULSIVE ODOR once a large boil begins to drain?

Posted by katesisco on Dec 14 2011 08:52:49
Most staph infections (carbuncles, impetiago, styes, etc., are fended off by the body's immune system, and as such, self limiting which is why the herbals help, have you tried silver mouth spray?

Posted by JTP on Dec 13 2011 19:51:34
All good comments... Allow me to add this ... CHARCOAL CAPUSLES made into a paste and applied to the boil will help draw out the infection. Break open 2 capsules of charcoal and mix with JUST ENOUGH water to make into a paste. Also Calcarea sulphurica, is useful if a boil has opened and is draining, BUT IS NOT HEALING PROPERLY.

Posted by Sheryl on Dec 08 2011 10:38:35
I have been dealing with this boil in my cleavage area and it has been a painful/ frightening experience. The ichthammol ointment (black salve) works incredibly well in pulling out the head! Turmeric is nasty to drink but is so worth it. Also, I found "StaphAseptic" gel at CVS next to the black ointment to prevent further infection. I have antibiotics as well but this itching part of it (hopefully a sign of healing) is driving me crazy. Just remember to keep any boil as sterile and clean as possible. OH, AND EPSOM SALT SOAKS will amaze you!!!

Posted by james on Dec 02 2011 02:07:51
2 weeks agp ihad a carbucle cut out.i went back to the same doctor the next day and he told me it was looking good. The next day i went back he said it was infected. The next day again before the dressing change he said it was infected.I decided that day to change to a cleaner looking surgery.My friends suggested a hospital here in Jaipur India.I went there everyday for a week after having the wound inspected by a skin doctor and he took over and suggested dressing changes there.. A few days later it was decided to cut out the dead skin that was gathering inside its edge.With no local anesthetic they did this. The next day it was infected again.I wasn't told this immediately. As it is on my stomach it is difficult for me too see what exactly is going on in there. So i have to trust the nurse.After 3. Days i consulted the doctor again as now when the nurse changed the dressing i could see in his face something wasn't right. The doctor said we must cut out the dead skin for it to heal.The next day under a local anesthetic this was done. That is 3 days ago.I go for a dressing change everyday and ask each time how it is looking.. I want to know what ever you can tell me to help speed up the healing process..I just read about the black seed oil i am now going to see if i can get that here in Jaipur

Posted by elaine on Nov 30 2011 22:37:49
READ UP ON TAMANU OIL AT THE FOLLOWING: http://www.texasnaturalsupply.com/productinfo.aspx?productid=TAMO

Posted by manoranjanghadei on Nov 22 2011 02:48:13
i am having boil under my arm but it got slighty bigger first i thought that it was Carbuncles but my father and mother told that it was a boil.it got bigger because one of my friend pressed my arms in joking way but due to his joke it got bigger and i am having pain in that area so what should i do please help me please sent me any remedie to gmail account: manoranjanghadei@gmail.com

Posted by Cobby on Nov 21 2011 12:11:51
There is one cure that works for carbuncles of any severity. It is an ayurvedic lotion available in Kolkata, India - and it is called "Antibactrin". If you are able to get it from there it works 100% of the time no matter how deep the puss is.

Posted by AIDAN CONVERY. on Nov 15 2011 14:20:19
Most of you are on American junk diet. I've never had even a pimple in my life.

Posted by vijaya on Nov 13 2011 21:08:24
I came across this article after the worse experience. the carbuncle was operated and the inspected part was removed twenty days back. still little bit pus formation. no pain. But the dressing gets wet the next day. Is there any home remedy for quick healing of this wound?

Posted by Tanya on Nov 09 2011 18:30:37
I will swear by the Echinacea, since I have started taking it daily, I will see a red area, but it never comes up to the top of the skin, No pain either, I know it says only take two weeks, but I was getting the boils every week, so I take them daily, and it has really saved me.

Posted by Randi on Nov 09 2011 17:11:36
I had a huge boil on my right bottom cheeck. I went to the doctor and they cut it open. Then they packed it. It has taken three days and I am still draining. Anyone know how to get this to heal faster so I can sit on my butt and do what normal married wifes do and fast? Also home remedy slice a Potatoe and put the slice on the spot it will most times pull the infection out.

Posted by Maly on Oct 27 2011 21:53:12
Tea tree oil , helped my 7 years old son he had extremely painful with horrible Boils with in 3 days the boils are gone and am so happy came to this web site I was reading a lot and I found it useful and thanks for the information May God bless each of you , Tea tree is the Key

Posted by felix on Oct 27 2011 19:11:41
Any pimple anyplace on the body I use Lysol or Clorox wipes and wipe real hard. It goes away after an hour or so. Never had a Staph. infection again after I had it 2x in the past.

Posted by Chase on Oct 26 2011 08:17:52
I had a boil on my face ontop of where my temple is.. And i didn't even know it was one.. I thought it was just a really bad pimple that hurt.. I looked on this sight and saw the good results of Turmeric. So i went to Wholefoods and bought it for about . Went home and put a teaspoon of it in my warm water and drank it. Next morning, i squeezed it gently and it instantly opened.. i kept squeezing until everything was out. I was so happy because it only took one night to have this happen when it has been here for like a week and wouldnt drain! This is my second day drinking Turmeric and it looks 10000x better.. But funny thing is... This boil wasn't wat i wanted to treat. I have two bumps on my groin that i got from shaving and now the hairs never came back up. its been here for like 2 years and im almost losing hope in finding out what it is or what to cure it. Im thinking its Folliculitis but nothing is working for me.. I tried putting Turmeric powder on it too... I don't see a difference so therefore im concluding its not a boil... Please feel free to help me out with your opinions... comments... stories.. anything to help me out with this problem. Its driving me crazy

Posted by POJA on Oct 20 2011 23:51:35

Posted by Sally on Oct 19 2011 09:59:23
I posted on 10/13 about the "holes" left from boils...I've purchased "black draw salve" and powdered Turmeric (on Friday 10/14)...I'm amazed at the progress of healing. I use the black draw every other night and take 1/2 tsp of Turmeric in milk once a day. Slowly but surely getting better. I've tried so many options...apple cider vinegar, baking soda paste, hot/salty compresses...while they all have helped, I think Turmeric is the key to my healing. Good luck to all and I hope you find what works for you!

Posted by Jade in Pain on Oct 17 2011 15:31:05
OMG! This is horrible. I have been suffering for a while now. I am a bigger girl, and I get the boils either on the sides or under my breasts, or under the fold of my tummy. the start of as sore red bumps, then build and build. The ones under my tummy hurt the most, and the skin around the boil becomes extremely swollen and red (about 2 full inches all the way around. Size of a hand maybe) They are SOOOO painful, and drain this black bloody stuff. Is this normal? Should I go see the doc? Whats the BEST home remedie. I am not fond of pharmasuiticals, my bf and I prefer the natural remedies.

Posted by Kumar on Oct 14 2011 16:21:49
Hi, I need to know, if I have operated the Carbunkle, it is second time that a carbunkle has grown. Last time also it was operated and took a month and a half to go completely. This time also, even after surgery, its too painful and small pus are still appearing. What can be the best remedy for this situation. also preventive techniques.

Posted by Choi on Oct 13 2011 10:06:56
I too have this gigantic hole on my cheek after the stupid boil burst. Any remedies to aid healing...fast? Thanks!

Posted by Sally on Oct 13 2011 09:31:51
Any recommendations on caring/healing for the "holes" left from a boil? Seems like everything I try, nothing is helping with the healing.

Posted by MINNA on Oct 11 2011 23:34:25

Posted by annonymous on Oct 11 2011 05:12:59
you guys are realy helpful i have boils between my thighs and i cant walk properly 'i will try everythng u guys said

Posted by little debbie on Oct 06 2011 15:41:58
I thank you all so very much for the information on boils, and the home remedies. I am trying the black salve, but now at least i know there are other options to try. And having it lanced after hearing some of your stories is a last resort. Wish me luck. Thank you all so very much for sharing you stories.

Posted by Elaine on Sep 30 2011 22:22:34
To soothe the wounds and to help the healing process. Go buy a mint plant or a lemon balm plant, use the leaves to make a tea. And give your boils a warm (or as hot as you can stand) bath and this will soothe the wound, bring it to a head and drain it, will help the healing proces and help take the pain away. Repeat, repeat and repeat till you feel relief. Use papertowels to dry the wound and throw them away immediately so that you don't touch and spread the infection.

Posted by Mals on Sep 28 2011 00:18:38
I had a boil right at the junction of thigh and buttock. That area constantly under movement/pressure. Doctor drained the boil, it was very painfull, when doctor drained it. But I got bunch of them around the old one, I didn't go to doctor, I got them drained by running hot water on it slowly. But I still have stiffness around the whole ara, it's not going away and the stiffness still pains. How can I get rid of the stiffness.

Posted by Ravin on Sep 27 2011 13:49:05
I want to thank you for this so what my problem was I had a huge boil under my arm from sweat glands it was so bad I had to go to the emergency room and they cut it and drained it then it was fine untill 2 weeks ago another one under the same arm accured and I didn't want to get it drained again so I went buy Tree Tea Oil and I bought a womb spray cleaner and antibacterial soap and bandages and I applied it under my arm after cleaning it well and with the spray also and I took aspirin to be pain free and I applied the Oil 5-6 times a day but cleaning well each time and now it is a week later and it is clearing well.

Posted by Sally on Sep 27 2011 06:02:57
I use what my grandmother used when in the depression. I put a heating pad on it all day till it ruptures then place a gauze pad with Bag-balm on it. Bag-balm I found can only be gotten at an feed store. This stuff is the bomb. It will draw out any infection in there. I have had 2 boils in 7 years. The first I ended up going to the hospital to have drained. NEVER AGAIN. They lanced and packed it. I had to go to my doctor daily to have the packing removed and new put in, extremely painful, the didn't numb it at all before attacking it. So, when I got this one I refused to go to the doctor. Turmeric works great, but I can't rave more about bag-balm. My grandmother got an infection in her breast after a biopsy and used bag-balm to draw out all the infection. This stuff is what dairy farmers use on their cows when the teats get chaffed and infected. I use it for everything, chapped lips, boils, infections of any sort, and softener for the calluses on my feet. Hope this works for you like it does me. I would always recommend the old time therapy,

Posted by Shannon on Sep 27 2011 00:51:16
Our family had a problem with boils when I was young and our family doctor said that's easy just use Dial soap and don't share the wash cloth. We did it and in a short time they just dried up They have never returned until my daughter was 20 and she got them I just picked up Dial soap and they are gone! Try it,its never failed us!

Posted by Nora on Sep 22 2011 12:17:46
Found this site quite helpful... dealt with this problem for over 15 years. Just wanted to share and hope it helps since no doctors have really helped. Basic hygiene, turmeric pills, HIBICLENS!!!!, and hot compresses on the rare occasions I get them anymore. I hope this helps=)

Posted by Lopang on Sep 22 2011 06:32:49
Boils are extremely horrible, i had one 4 or 5 months in the middle of my bum jst next to the anus, i went to the doctor and had two boxes of antibiotics, then the dr popped it out and drained the pus and i also used the sunlight bar, mow it popped out next to my Vee-g... i will try the remedies.

Posted by Eddie on Sep 20 2011 15:35:59
I got rid of a reoccurring furnucle/boil by using wart freeze away. Nothing else got rid of until I used it just like 2 - 3 times lightly on the furnucle/boil. Gone in 1-2 weeks.

Posted by Carrie on Sep 18 2011 01:23:32
My Father is prone to boils big time. Some of them got so infected that it turned GREEN. When i was younger he used to get me to pop them. But then he learned another trick (thank god) He used the HOT compress on the boil until it started to come to a head. Now If your boil is at a head this is how to get rid of it. Take a beer bottle and wash it. Then Boil it, Put the bottle over the head of the boil. Hold it there an let it cool it will draw the boil up and then it will bust on its own in to the bottle. Its great you have a ring where the bottle was for a little bit but it takes it all out. Then make sure you clean it with peroxide. You dont have to go to the Doc and it takes out the head. Thats what really matters. Good Luck

Posted by Alicia Danker on Sep 12 2011 01:23:48
Hey everyone, i've had swelling under my armpits for quite sometime now and i just thought i was allergic to the deodorant i have been using but after stopping that the swelling was still there. And recently it burst with puss and blood coming out. I have been in pain for several weeks now and im going to try out the remedies such as the turmeric. i hope this works as i am only 23 and i thought i was the only one going through this. thank you so much for the information posted here.

Posted by John on Sep 11 2011 10:10:09
Regarding hygiene staphylococcus aureus the bacteria responsible for boils can survive for weeks on dry clothes and 3 months on plastic[1]. Responsible environmental hygiene includes cleaning door handles, taps, light switches, plugs, power cords, phones, remote controls, anything you touch especially keyboards. Obvious explanations for repeated infections are an environmental infection, i.e. the bacteria is living in your home or people you know, or you have an internal infection which should be shown by the appropriate blood test. [1] http://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2002-08/how-long-do-microbes-bacteria-and-viruses-live-surfaces-home-normal-room-tem

Posted by John on Sep 11 2011 09:43:31
Definite improvement, no new boils. The new boils I had seem to be clearing up quickly. The oldest ones are taking longer but appear to finally be drying out. Went back to the doctor, and he told me I don't need antibiotics now, unless I start getting fevers then that's serious. Still taking Turmeric tablets, and doctor prescribed me betadine salve. But my main focus is on hygiene, including environmental hygiene. Doc reckons I'll be back to normal in 2 weeks, seems hard to believe.

Posted by Dhillon on Sep 07 2011 02:31:53
Thanks for the info guys, earlier in the month i got a bunch of boils and took the prescription my doctor gave me (forget what now sorry) and it got rid of them after about 5 days and i took the meds for the full course of 7. Those three boils i got the first time, all left nasty purple scars and weren't even that bad. This time two weeks later when i got them again i did the turmeric and tea tree oil. It got a rid of a few but sadly more popped up, i finished the turmeric the full three days then stopped, i did find a slight bit constipation but nothing bad or anything. I wish i could do it more as i still have some boils but hopefully the tea tree oil keeps doing its magic. The ones i treated naturally that have gone away didn't leave that nasty purple bruise scar that the other ones did, but if the ones i still have don't go away with the tea tree oil i'll probably go back to get meds on top of the tea tree oil to prevent it from getting really bad. I also started taking oil of oregano drops which is also highly recommended and i've tried before and its helped. Natural is really the way to go though i think, best results, and not harmful to you body so why not. Good luck anyone reading this who has it, don't be ashamed, i have really great hygiene and i clean my house all the time, since i got the boils I even been bleaching the tub after i shower. So don't think its cause your dirty or something and don't be embarrassed, it can happen to the best of us.

Posted by John on Sep 06 2011 13:34:16
Don't want to jump the gun but I seem to be on the mend. No new boils. No boil formed in my ear. Boil above my knee, went away without forming properly. New boil on my butt is more like a bad pimple. Other boils have opened, it's pretty disgusting lots of pus flowing out for several days now. Wondering when it will finally stop. In my lost comment I meant to say some people recommend Turmeric powder over tablets. I've been using bandages most of the time, have to when wearing clothes and sleeping now that the boils have opened, but changing them at least every 10 hours. Here's a tip when taking off bandages take them off in the shower letting them get wet so that they don't rip the skin off when removed.

Posted by John on Sep 04 2011 01:57:06
Current status, made a paste of tea tree oil and Turmeric applied that and went to sleep 9 hours ago. Woke up in pain after 2 hours. Took a pain killer, another anti-biotic and Turmeric tablet and had 8 hours good sleep. Unfortunately no visible improvement this morning. Additionally I've notice 3 new boils, 1 new boil within the original boil on my butt, another one on my lower back, and something weird above my right knee. Also I had some pain in my right ear for a short amount of time but can't easily see if there is an infection in there. It's demoralizing to see so many new boils form so quickly, perhaps they started before I realized that I had a staph boil. Normally my health is excellent. Probably eating a bit too much sugar and not enough green vegetables. I take multi-vitamins regularly. I'm using Turmeric tablets rather than Turmeric powder. I've seen one person recommend power of tablets. I can't think of any obvious mistake I'm making in my treatment.

Posted by John on Sep 03 2011 11:00:44
After a few hours no improvement. In fact I've noticed that a 3rd boil is forming on the other side of my butt.

Posted by John on Sep 03 2011 10:08:32
For the first time in my life (mid thirties) I've developed Staph boils, after travelling in Asia. Currently 5 days into the process, one boil on my lower back and one on my butt, both unopened. I went to a doctor got Kefexin (antibiotic) and pain killers. Additionally from researching here I'm using anti-bacterial wash, Turmeric capsules (took 2 today, total 800mg), hydro-cortisone and tea-tree oil applied to affected area. Plus some hot compresses and very high level of hygiene. And bandages, not sure about the bandages put some on but don't want to use the same ones for long. Wish me luck, I'll let you know how I go.

Posted by Lynn on Sep 01 2011 13:18:21
I use ichthammol (black tarry thick ointment found at the drugstore and recommended by the chemist) and it works every time. I simply put some of the ointment on the boil/carbuncle, then bandage the area. Within hours, the salve draws out the pus, relieving the pressure and the resulting pain. I wash it every 4-6 hours with antibacterial soap and re-bandage it until there is no longer any drainage and it mostly heals. Be careful to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap frequently during the day and whenever you touch the infected. Additionally, wash all clothes that come in contact with the infection in hot water, this includes bedding. This helps prevent spreading.

Posted by savvy on Aug 29 2011 20:40:11
i have a huge cluster of boils that have been on my face for months and months now.. i am starting to really get tired of them. they are painful, unsightly, obvious, and aren't going away. is there any way i can use a syringe to drain them?

Posted by Anonymous on Aug 26 2011 12:16:37
I have been dealing with unsightly boil outbreaks near my genital region for quite some time now. Obviously it can be extremely painful and embarassing. I have searched and searched for home remedies and usually they help slightly but nothing has ever done a stellar job of improving my condition. Until I read about Turmeric. Once I saw that on a forum I searched over and over for it looking for more info and success stories. So yesterday I finally went out and got some. Took 1000 mg capsules yesterday night and woke up today and noticed my boil and outbreak had lessened quite a bit. This morning I made a paste of the turmeric and put it on the boil today. I am also planning on bringing the dose up from 1000 mg. I just wanted to put my story out there and maybe give hope or push someone to try this remedy. Its worth the try and hopefully it can help someone else.

Posted by Em on Aug 22 2011 05:28:22
My dad used to get boils and carbuncles all the time and the other day he told me that what he used to do was mix about a third of a bar of soap(grated), about 1 and a half teaspoons of sugar and a little bit of methylated spirits and mix it into a very thick paste and leave it overnight with a band aid ir bandage over it and it should draw out all the liquid inside. Hope this helps

Posted by Larida on Aug 21 2011 08:58:31
I had boils from time to time and just left them alone and they went away in a few days (less than a week). One cause was the leg elastic on underpants. I'm female but I switched to men's boxers 3 years ago and no more problems. Less chaffing and more air flow. Plus if you pick well, they just look like shorts... nice for hot weather around the house.

Posted by madhuri on Aug 14 2011 04:29:31
I ,my both sis ,my mom we all have this boil pro.My elder sis have a lot.my mom makes a dough of besan,oil,sugar and little water.Constitency should nt be very hard .For eg 1 Tbsp of besan,1/2 tbsp of sugar and 1/2 tbsp of oil,little water.mix it.Make like a soft ball then make a flat thing and apply tightly with any cloth or u get biG white cloth like bandage.Hope it help u.God bless all .

Posted by Judi on Aug 14 2011 00:10:35
I have been having boils since I was like 12. After about five years of having them I learned that it was mainly because of my high sugar intake. I never really got any answers when I went to the doc when I was younger so I just dealt with this wretched thing... I started doing research and learned that I most likely have the skin disease HS but I found this site really helpful recently because this past week I got a really bad carbuncle in my armpit area. I rarely get carbuncles but when I do get them they're really bad I found this site and a few others to find a better at home remedy than the hydrotherapy one (hydrotherapy takes too long if you have large boils in my opinion) I decided to do the tumeric remedy I went to CVS and got the capsules for about 7$ I opened up the capsules and mixed them in with tea before I went to sleep when I woke up in the middle of the night one of the boils had begun draining and the other had gotten smaller. Great Product!!!! Absolutely love this site I'm 22 and I've been suffering from this stuff for years I learned alot about what causes these dreadful things and how to prevent them and just knowing that I'm not the only one has really helped me Thank you every one for your testimonials and the information and thank you to whoever created this site!!!! :-)

Posted by wendy on Aug 13 2011 09:30:11
aloe vera gel gets rid of shingles,boils anykind of sickness...I have diabetes it help to lower my blood sugar... i had shingles and boils i put on washcloth and apply to my skin it all went away..do this every time it will work....my email shaktiamba@yahoo.com if you have question

Posted by moses jigga on Aug 07 2011 16:47:06
I just don't understand how this boil got into my system..... So painful within my private & armpit... Am so scared. Going through the symptoms for HIV I feel infected by the deadly desease... Am so scared to go for a test... Please what should I do? Somebody help!

Posted by Diane on Aug 06 2011 22:19:49
For those of you who get recurrent boils in the groin, butt, arm pits and under the breasts, you may want to investigate the skin condition of HIDRADENITIS SUPPURATIVA. Great support group for this condition is at "Daily Strength". Best of luck to you all.

Posted by Jason on Aug 04 2011 06:26:11
What I uses for carbuncles is: I heat rice and wrap the rice (cooked or uncooked) with paper towel and apply it to the infected spot. The rice stays hot for a long time. It works great for me.

Posted by Jo on Aug 03 2011 16:04:37
I am almost 40 and have never had a boil before just thought it was a pimple, like I've had from time to time. It was very painful and tender to the touch and of course in the worst possible area, right on my butt crack. I started taking the turmeric pills as suggested and also treating the area with tea tree oil.Within a couple of days it started to drain and it has been going away slowly but surely. Thank you for all the wonderful advice and I feel for anyone who has had the misfortune of battling these things on a regular basis. My heart goes out to you but there is hope for sure.

Posted by RONEISA on Aug 01 2011 18:52:43

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 26 2011 15:57:37
The best thing I have found is plain old hydrocortisone cream. Start applying as soon as you notice the telltale dot and it will nip it in the bud. Another great item is called Tend Skin. It burns quite a bit but really works well.

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 24 2011 18:00:11
Hey, 19 year old diabetic here. I was having random huge blood sugar spikes - feeling very sick for a couple weeks, then all of a sudden this boil developed on my panty line almost. It's between my leg and my crotch area. I looked at my insulin pump one day and realized the numbers were off! Somehow, it had reset itself.. thank god I caught it, but I think the sugars in my body made this come up as a 'warning' sign. I do NOT want to get it lanced... I have had a scare with staph before and that terrifies me... so I've just been drinking turmeric and putting it on the boil as well as tea tree water. I am calling my dr on Monday, is there anything else I can do? Reading some posts have been scaring the hell out of me...

Posted by Kim on Jul 16 2011 23:17:11
I developed a large boil on my buttocks over a week ago, I started off by putting a potato slice on it and using a hot compress. 6 Days later it finally popped and started to drain. But I noticed I started my period within those days also. It is healing now, I use antibacterial cream and either band aides or gauze, I am experiencing itching and the draining as decreased a lot. But today I noticed yet another one on the other side of my buttocks and I do consume a lot of sugar ( cokes, suckers..etc..) so I am glad I read this, I will stop drinking cokes and continue to do all the steps I took with the other one that is healing.

Posted by Reese on Jul 15 2011 10:34:58
Thanks for all the useful information and short stories posted in this site! It lessened my worrying for my carbuncle in my groin area. I am now using a washcloth compress and I hope it works for me!

Posted by Rachel on Jul 13 2011 13:28:09
I agree with you when you say, "Hydrotherapy, which consists of warm or wet compresses, has been shown to help soothe the pain associated with boils. By compressing a boil with warmth, blood is drawn to the infected area, which helps the body fight the infection more quickly." The warm wet compression causes a very good relaxation feeling and helps ease the itching and stinging of the boil. I once tried that and it worked very well for me.

Posted by Heather on Jul 05 2011 18:23:38
Tetracyclin people it is so awesome it will bring to head quickly or drain it completely & take away the boil without rupturing it is an antibiotic so unfortunately you have to see a doctor. I'm tired of getting them lanced I refuse to because of scarring & pain it never numbs & I feel everything when I use to get them lanced at doctors or hospital. I have tried turmeric bacon fat bred soaked in milk tomatoes onions potatoes banana peels tea tree oil camphonic salt compresses hot soaks oatmeal baking soda peroxide witch hazel & so much more some are good for pain mainly I use camphonic boil ease and clean with peroxide & witch hazel & use safe guard or dial soap on my body I'm frustrated like most & what works for 1 may not work for you but that tetracyclin really works awesome & I was diagnoses with hidradenitis suppurativa

Posted by Lili on Jun 24 2011 03:29:22
I get boils on my groin for over two years now.Where do they come from?I am getting them irregularly and they are very unpleasant. I heard the words'try the turmeric'in my dream... when I checked about healing abilities of turmeric on the web-I decided to take that too.

Posted by Charles on Jun 20 2011 17:45:31
I have had over 100 horrible MRSA boils and a few nasty carbuncles - THE BEST CURE is a Calcium Bentonite Clay poultice! It works every time - I know because I've tried everything else and nothing works better. For more information on healing MRSA, boils & carbuncles check out my blog, gohealthnow.net. I'm not selling anything but have good information from a long painful healing of MRSA.

Posted by Shelley on Jun 13 2011 10:45:36
I am so thankful I found this website and posts! I felt so alone and weird with the boils I get in my groin area which I have been getting since I started growing pubic hair! I am going out today to get some tumeric pills and chocolate milk and start the treatment tonight! Thank God for sites like this and all of you who are sharing your stories!

Posted by J on May 10 2011 01:26:56
I want to try these Tumeric capsules but everyone is saying they get them only on the body? I do get them on the pelvic region (which I thought was ingorwn hairs from waxing) but I get them badly and all the time on my chin. I thought for the longest time it was acne but this is more of a deep rooted boil. Has anyone tried and had success on the facial area?

Posted by Princess Bluey on May 08 2011 21:53:54
Update Day 3: Continuing with medical honey/turmeric poultice, changing it morning & evening. As well as taking 2 x turmeric capsules 6 hourly. You know how after a large carbuncle ruptures, you usually get a huge gaping hole that takes forever to heal & leaves a huge scar??? Well, I seem to have missed this step! I have NEVER, I repeat I have NEVER healed this fast my whole life & I am 47yo!!!

Posted by Princess Bluey on May 07 2011 19:48:21
UPDATE: After applying the honey/turmeric powder poultice, at some stage during the night, the carbuncle came to a head & ruptured. I know from experience that this stage was another 3-5 days away from happening! I'm continuing to take the turmeric capsules every 6 hours to cope with the pain. I AM SURPRISED & IMPRESSED!!! Why use honey? Honey has high levels of the anti-bacterial compound, Methylglyoxal (MGO). Have a read of this article: http://www.qaafi.uq.edu.au/index.html?page=152798&pid=148101

Posted by Princess Bluey on May 07 2011 03:33:00
WELL!!! I AM AMAZED!!! I asked a friend who's into homepathic remedies what she would do if she had a huge carbuncle. So, I took her advice & took myself off to the chemist to buy turmeric capsules, took 2, then to woollies to get turmeric powder, came home mixed turmeric powder with manuka honey & smeared it on a dressing before slapping it on my huge carbuncle. 2 hours later & I am pain free & quite relaxed. It's still quite tender, but the agonising pain has gone!!!

Posted by Kelly on Apr 23 2011 11:15:06
Hey...Just in case someone stops in here and sees Tumeric on list of remedies: I was told at the Health Food Store, that Turmeric is the actual plant, and you can buy that in tablets, like someone ese also posted. BUT...if you have trouble finding it in tablets, etc...the purest derrivative of that plant, is the stuff inside it, called Curcumin. I took two capsules yesterday mid-morning, and two capsules, (5) hours later. WOW!! It IS super good, and the only thing I ever found, that could actually, totally make the dang things go away. And SO quickly, too! Almost completely healed-up over night. Pain and redness and swelling all gone. Awesome stuff. I know all of our bodies respond differently to things, but I would tell anyone I know, that has been plagued by these crazy things, to start with Turmeric/Curcumin. BEST all-natural cure I ever tried. My sincere Thanks to all of you...and for God answering my prayers, by showing me this site, when I was at my witts end./ Prayers and Turmeric! :>)

Posted by Kelly on Apr 20 2011 18:32:21
Wow! ALL of these posts helped me in such a HUGE way. The biggest way, being that now I see others have had this horrible problem too. I will definitely try many of the remedies listed. In fact, I read half of these posts at noon, and ran to the Health Food Store and got Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel pads. The heart-tugging stories of all of us, going through these stupid things for SOoo long...Man!! Ya know?? It's awful, that all of us have basically had to become our OWN Doctors, to get ANY relief. That is a crying, sincere shame. I...am SO pleased that someone else out there knows this hideous thing that just appears. I have had these since I was just a little sprout. I always felt dirty or ashamed. Couldn't figure-out what I did to "deserve" them. I am seriously empathetic to all of you that are plagued by this. I never dreamed there'd be so much info on this. It seems to be an enormous Health problem. How come I never se or hear anything out in the real world!? SO thankful to ALL of you that posted unabashedly./ God Bless you guys.

Posted by jane on Apr 06 2011 12:24:23
I found this site in a desperate search to releive the intense pain I've been suffering from a large carbuncle on my left butt cheek. Antiobiotics weren't working so I applied a turmeric paste twice yesterday and was able to sleep the entire night without waking up in pain. Also, the pain has reduced by about 50% and it looks like a head is beginning to form!

Posted by kat on Feb 28 2011 05:10:04
hi, is mccormick turmeric okay? we have it in the kitchen. or do i have to buy some other kind of turmeric? (different from what is used for cooking) thanks!!

Posted by polk on Feb 17 2011 05:30:10
Made a paste of cayenne pepper baking soda and water applied that directly to boils. Placed warm salt water compress on for about 10 minute no pain and this huge tennis ball sized carbuncle just exploded. It was on my neck at the base pf my skull and has caused me considerable pain and sleep loss

Posted by Mo on Feb 10 2011 15:27:30
Thanks for all the great advice! I had a small (like the size of a regular size gumball) boil on my inner thigh about a month ago and used tea tree oil and tumeric tablets and it went away in about two weeks. Right now, I've got one about the same size on my labia very near the hole. It opened this morning and the only thing that is coming out is red blood -- no pus, no maroon blood, no hard "kernel". I'm trying to find something that can draw the head because it is still a very pronounced, round "nugget" deep inside. I've started the tumeric tablets and might even go for the powder/water drink, but am frankly afraid to use tea tree because of the location. Tea tree burns!! Then the next question is what can I do that won't also lead to a yeast infection. All help will be appreciated!

Posted by Renae on Feb 03 2011 16:53:09
I love home remedies and I do have to say onion works for me. Though I have heard from other people that cloves work especially well too! Along with these you really should see a doctor. I normally abhor going to the doctor but I finally did because my boil popped at had bad colored pus and wasn't healing right. Turns out I had MRSA which is a very bad infection. It can get horrible untreated so if a boil is refusing to go away/heal get a medical opinion!

Posted by Robert on Jan 25 2011 15:25:48
Folks you must visit this site: www.oldtimedoctor.com It will show you how to get rid of these boils and perirectal cysts for good. oldtimedoctor dot com.

Posted by Dawn stokes on Jan 11 2011 08:34:13
I've got a carbuncle in my ear canal its very painful haven't slept in 2 days last night I've apply-ed a hot water bottle to my ear which drawn the infection to the top and popped which has help the pus smells bad but thankful my doctor booked me in to see ENT consultant to drain it all ive been taking high does of antboics for 4 days 2000mg a day which has helped i advise every 1 dnt suffer doctors will help you mind even give me tablets to sleep

Posted by Nolan on Jan 10 2011 21:28:19
In addition to my post below.... I forgot to ask if anybody has a solution to my tomato problem? Thank you in advance for any help you can pass onto me.... as I am SOOOOO sick of these boils!

Posted by Nolan on Jan 10 2011 20:55:17
For years I have been getting boils in my groin area and on my buttocks. This happens when ever I eat or drink anything acidic. I get them for tomatoes, ketchup, etc... I have hid this problem as it is not one I wanted to let others know I had. Recently, at a doctors appointment for a bad cough I had, I asked the doctor if tomatos can cause boils. He looked at me like I was nuts and responded to me "I never heard that one before". Yet I know it is tomato products that give me the boils... but, so many things have some form of tomato in them, I end up eating these products without knowing that there is some form of dried tomato product in them...and sure enough, more boils. Does anybody else have this problem with tomato products?

Posted by Chris on Jan 09 2011 16:31:07
Diagnosed wih severe Hidradenitis finally a few years ago. I have chronic boils on entire back, face armpits, breast area, groin, buttocks, ribcage. Doctors solutions have not helped so I have been looking into natural remedies. Have been soaking in bath with Lavender & zinc epsom salts for hours at a time, taking zonc supplement, turmeric root capsules & rubbing tea tree oil onto to body for about the last month & my golf ball size boils appear to actually be draining & healing.

Posted by Amy on Jan 06 2011 19:33:39
Scott, Try taking 3-4 drops of Organic Oregano Oil everyday too. I swear by Oil of Oregano for Boils. Amazing remedy! I suffered from boils for about 4 years and haven't gotten any after using it for about a month or so. It's a natural antibiotic and immune booster. One thing to remember when taking Oregano Oil is keep an eye on your iron levels because it may hinder the absorption of iron in the body. Taking iron supplements every now and then helps. Good luck!!

Posted by Scott on Jan 06 2011 14:14:29
As with most of you, i have been plagued for years. 1 on my cheek, 1 on my back and recently several on my buttocks. The recent ones have scarred me so bad and lowered my self esteem to the point of no relations. Been single for over 10 years and it is to embarrassing to have a relationship. I am excited to try some of these remedies as i have another large one, currently trying the Tumeric...taste pretty bad. I feel every ones pain and wish you the best of luck with the relentless pain makers.

Posted by cole on Jan 05 2011 10:11:05
ive had a few boils starting last year for the first time in my life and i discovered it is sugar that is causing it,i love to eat ice cream and just lots of sugar,im about 15 pounds overweight so nothing major but yeah thats whats causing it for me,i really watched my diest from may to november and didnt have a single one and during holiday season i ate sugar like a madman and guess what? i got one right now on my arm and it really hurts bad, its almost gone and frankly the ice cream wasnt worth it so back on a strict little sugar diet.look into the sugar thing, this is not advertised very much on the net.

Posted by Rajan on Jan 05 2011 00:10:32
I have had perianal abscess over a ten year period , my luck ,one every year .I had them surgically removed , the pain is tremodus, cannot bear it , i would not want my worst enemy to get this. The last 3 years , i was lucky , never had and now its back again to haunt me. . Now my wife inssist i apply Tea Tree oil to the area. I am praying that it works and i dont have to surgically remove it. Will keep yourll informed.

Posted by PHIL on Jan 03 2011 23:19:33
mix some tumeric powder with some milk make a thick paste, apply to boil bandage worked for me in an hour

Posted by phil on Jan 03 2011 23:17:19
suprise guys the tumeric worked :D. started draining within an hour amazing

Posted by phil on Jan 03 2011 07:07:43
well iv got a REALLY big painfull boil on my chest wall just under my ribs, went to hospital got two drips worth of antibiotics did nothing, now on codiene ibuprofen and panadol for pain relief and taking antibiotics 4 times a day. doesnt seem to be getting any better. just put some tumeric on it will let you guys know how it goes

Posted by Sommer on Dec 31 2010 08:40:41
so ive been reading all of these and im not sure if what i have on my lower back a little lower then my waist line on the right side (not in a crease or anything where moisture collects) i have this bump that is red a little warm to the touch about the size of a golf ball and is very painful. i have insurance after the first but im wondering if its actually a boil or not. ive had boils before when i was SUPER young and havnt had them since and from what i have read they are all in places that moisture cant really escape.. like the armpits, under arms, thighs, butt, etc but mine is on my lower back?? im super scared but im comptemplating going to the ER if it is just a boil. ive also tried hot washrags and although it helps a little with a pain which at the moment woke me up from a sound sleep out of ten i would say my pain level is an 8. just need some advice.. thanks so much.

Posted by Marie on Dec 29 2010 23:40:20
I have had trouble with these for years, in the groin area, and had surgery once. During an acupuncture treatment I mention these to my acupuncturist. She gave me a treatment that immediately reduced the swelling, pain and infection. She said that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine they are caused by damp heat in the body. For some people damp heat is created in the body from sugar...and dairy products. When I cut out the dairy...the problem goes away. This week, during the holidays, I consumed more sugar and dairy than I have in ages...and now one has returned. I also saw a dermatologist at one point and you can get perscription antibacterial wash to use on the areas of the body where you are prone to getting these painful things! Also, taking probiotics daily helps. I recommend the antibacterial wash periodically, the probiotics daily and stay clear of sugar and dairy products.

Posted by Rey on Dec 23 2010 18:23:12
I've been suffering from boils for years, large painfull swollen inner thighs. If you guys and gals can get a hold of crystacide antibiotic cream it's awesome, used at first sign of boils occuring will reduce size and swelling around boil, starts working straight away.

Posted by MG on Dec 23 2010 11:41:33
this is absolutely horrible!! i a=have been having this for a year now. it satrated last year and stopped suddenly and they came back . I cannot relate to why they came back as my diet is same i dont eat lot sugar just regular in tea and may be some sweet but not everyday. I got almost 5 this month around my thighs, armpit and one in my head.. they all were very very painfull.. i have to go see the doctoe reagrding this. but i have tried everything excpt tree oil so hopefully that works. but does somebody knows what can i do to avoid them not to happen again.???? PLease i really need help and they drive me crazy with the pain.

Posted by Lisa on Dec 19 2010 19:57:36
People! Use Tea Tree oil. I use it on everything and it heals!! I've even tried it (diluted) on my hemroids and WOW! Stung a bit but worked. Also any cuts start healing right away. I've even used it on a vaginal infection and it cleared within 2 days!

Posted by keren on Dec 10 2010 12:01:00
I had many small boils over my perineal area while I was a teenageer, started when I was about 12. They would always bleed, itch soo much and take a week or so to heal. They were very painful until they burst open with blood. I always had blood on my panties but never told anyone. I got scars too. I should have told someone but it was an embarassing spot I guess. Never any on my back end, just my labia / groins. It became alot better in my early 20's when learned high-sugar foods would help cause them. So I could eat almost no high-sugar foods eg. chocolate, ice-cream etc. If I did, sure enough I'd get a large one. Mid-twenties it started in my armpits. They never perspired though, so I think it was all clogged up to begin with. They both became very infected, and my doctor said it'd need skin grafting. So I had surgery for that, there's just scar tissue now but no more boils. At the same time, I told them about my groins, and it was really flared up at that time too, more than usual. Not really infected though, So they removed tissue from there, all of my left outer labia and most of my right one. It took several years to adjust mentally to that, altered look on my perineum but I can't reverse it. I do wish I hadn't encouraged them to do surgery there, but I never imagined that much tissue would be removed. They just said they'd remove the sweat glands. It's too late now, maybe I could've tried other treatments, but the plastic surgeon said nothing else would work. At least though I don't really ever get boils anymore. No more pain which affected me so often.

Posted by Lynn on Nov 09 2010 03:48:16
I'm so grateful to have found this site! I've been getting these things for years & years! Will definitely try some of the remedies I've read here. I get them in my armpits & on my bikini line. They hurt so bad, & make a person feel dirty. So glad I'm not alone here. Thank you so much!

Posted by Victoria on Nov 08 2010 13:48:40
What I have had was the hydranitis supperativa. A doctor lanced one the size of a gold ball in the crease by my pudendum. Blood and pus spurted all over him, the walls, and everywhere. I have had drains stitched into them. One doc said it was a boil, took his whole staff in the room to show them how to treat a boil. I had told him that it was hydranitis supperativa, but this gold ball size in my armpit, to him looked like a boil, so he squeezed and mashed and mashed, while I was begging him to stop. He was trying to get a hard core out, but it was not a boil with a core, the supperativa means that it is a combination of plasma, pus and blood, supperating in the tissues, mixing with the flesh, not an isolated cyst, encysted, or in a separate area of flesh, but blended in, so they can form runnells or tunnels between them. there is a hydranitis supperative yahoo group with pictures. My friend now has one, that I cannot tell for sure is a boil, it does not head, has thin area, whitish underneath, but mostly red, and it is on her sit bone, and she tried not riding horses all week, and putting hot compresses on it. If it were a boil, the heated coke bottle would work, but it looks more like the supperativa. She eats lots of sugar. I have not had a lesion in four years, due to alkilinizing my diet. She will not give up the sugar, and is back to riding, and the thing has gotten pressed back in, still hurts her, not gone. I wish she would try the turmeric, and the epsom salts pack with the vaseline.

Posted by susan huff on Oct 13 2010 06:49:27
tooth paste on boils works wonders....better the teatree oil...for me....

Posted by pat on Oct 03 2010 19:38:10
To evelyn- you can regularly cleanse the area with alchol. I do this in the morning and evening under my arm and on my bikini line. this helps to prevent them. Also i only use Nutrogena bobywash. That helps tremedously

Posted by Carrie on Sep 22 2010 11:18:02
My boyfriend suffers from boils and carbuncles. He gets them mostly in his armpits, and occasionally near the line where his pants ride on his belly, buttocks, and in the groin area. They are always very large and rarely if ever come to a head without some help. When we tried the Smile's Prid he did say that they felt like they were getting smaller, but it took so long for it to work that he couldn't stand waiting any longer. He has a time-tested rememdy that he uses, and it seems to be the best treatment we have found so far. We simply cover a large gauze pad with globs of Vaseline, and throw a pile of Epsom Salt on it. We then tape it over the boil. The Vaseline basically acts like a glue for the Epsom Salt to stay on the gauze {I have suggested using large amounts of antibacterial ointment). The Epsom salt serves a dual purpose. It not only very quickly draws all the moisture out of the boil and helps bring it to a head, it also acts as a sharp type of grit that actually "cuts" into the head of the boil and helps it to release the pus. The gauze catches most of the mess so he can even wear it to work or out of the house without fear of having it let go and making a big nasty mess. Hope this helps, it usually takes a day or two for the boil to blow, but it starts feeling better as soon as some of the fluid drys, as it relieves pressure on the skin so it's not so bad compared to some other methods.

Posted by Lindsay on Sep 22 2010 02:36:36
I never thought I'd actually find anyone posting much about boils in weird places!!! It's NOT funny, but it is if you know what I mean. I have a nasty small boil on tip of nose kind of heading up inside and outside. It makes me look like Rudolph today. Ugh. I read/heard just this past week that vinegar is great for drying an area and helping it heal. After I put some cider vinegar on this a.m. it hurt a lot more, but it was more definitive (as in head coming up so I could see I think). I also drank some cider vinegar (easy to find and cheap). This "small boil" is a lot like a sty. I used to get them as a kid. Ow!! I think if someone tried to touch my nose now I'd keel over or smack them upside the head. These things HURT! like sin. I've never had much problem with "sores" infected and I don't get flu or colds (go figure). I do take at least 1000 mg Vit C per day (have your D3 levels checked as many people are low, and I was WAAAY low. This vitamin affects so much of how we feel and live it's amazing. Take a good multivitamin (and be sure you don't have too much iron in blood...rare but not that much rare, and it can kill after having made a person sick for months/years). Check B12 levels to be sure you have enough to avoid dementia (pernicious anemia). I have obnoxious hayfever (more this year), and my nose runs like a head cold but is not! I did earlier notice a small sore place in nose up higher then yesterday where I can actually see the silly thing on the end of my nose of all things!!!! I have to blow nose and get the area dry, and that really hurts! I'm ditzy from antihistamines and so tired of hurting. No fair as I also have chronic FMS/IBS. "It's a lovely day in the neighborhood...." I have been through tremendous stress for some time now, and I got a little bit careless with nutrition. Back to drawing board. I know that we need LOTS of veges and fruits and whole grains. I have to be careful due to IBS, but I know I need to push forward gently. For diet for a very healthy body and brain go find Daniel Amen, M.D. (psychiatrist and specialist in how to care for our bodies and brains with diet and exercise). His name will get you to his wonderful website. He has DVDs and books out to walk people through all he has managed to ferret out and test. We have something like four or five brain types needing that many diets or we can't lose weight, we feel sick and tired (I hate that so I'm going to check this out carefully), and we die too soon without getting what we wanted to do all finished.

Posted by Farmer Brown on Sep 20 2010 05:53:54
For years a family member had painful perianal abscess. Many doctor visits and surgery were needed over a 3 years period. Careful observation and dietary elimination resulted in identifying the culprit to be peanut butter and peanut products. Removing peanut products resulted in no more abscess/boils. This theory was tested by eating a small amount of peanut butter after being symptom free for over a year. They came back after consuming the peanut butter. Eliminating peanut from the diet has kept them free from these painful and dangerous events. Another family member began to have the same problem. I told them to avoid peanut products. After they did avoid peanut they were free from the boils also. By paying attention to everything consumed we discovered this when the doctors were at a loss. During the episodes we used soaks of yarrow and lobila to draw out the boil. This was effective in

Posted by evelynne on Sep 13 2010 17:33:27
I have been getting boils for about ten yrs now and doctors have always told me its ingrown hairs and being over weight. Recently I heard about draw out salve and boil ease. The boil ease never worked. But the draw out salve did. But lately it hasn't worked. I'm going to try the tumeric . I read a few comments saying it works. I was wondering if anyone has found something that prevents them from coming back. I stopped shaving in that region, bathe daily..but I still get them

Posted by Terry on Sep 09 2010 02:46:25
I had a boil I read that taking Tumeric an Indian herb to kill bacteria and clean the blood, I sprinkeled some on a small bowl of rice, also a penut butter sandwich, and in chocolate milk over two days and the boil that drawing salve had draining for two weeks went away in two days, I'm sold on Tumeric for cleansing the infection internally.

Posted by anonymous on Sep 05 2010 22:57:47
Apparently this is a large club. Glad to know I am not alone. In Feb I had a small bump that grew to the size of a grapefruit in my perirectal area. It caused me to go septic and I started to go into renal faliure. I tell you this because these infection pockets can be dangerous so please don't squeeze or play with them. If you are in doubt please see a doctor! The bout in Feb landed me in the hospital for 6 days and required 3 surguries. Since then I have had 2 more surguries to drain subsequent carbuncles that have shown up. I just had my 5th surgery a week ago and I already have another carbuncle on the other side. These don't seem to respond to antibiotic treatments. All my trouble spots have been on the inner thigh or groin region. I'm an otherwise healthy person, but I can't seem to break this cycle. I am getting ready to see my surgon again tomorrow to access this new trouble spot and I have an appointment for a second opnion. My surgon has told me in no uncertain terms do not touch it, play with it or squeeze it so please take heed. Doing so will most likely only drive the infection deeper. None of these responded to warm water to draw them out. I've tried using herbal supplements to help bolster my immune system too. I hope to find a solution soon. In the meantime, please please please be careful with these things. The first one I had in Feb caused me to get very ill and I think I may have made it worse by trying to pop it like a zit. Good luck to all of us.

Posted by Tammy on Sep 02 2010 22:59:37
i get boils often what i use is a paste made of green rubbing alcohol and baking soda make a paste and apply to the boil it will drain that infection out right away it will sting a little but doesnt hurt i swear this really works just keep applying the paste until it all drains out.

Posted by babsie1952 on Sep 01 2010 21:55:29
Rapinka, the ointment probably delayed healing by covering the boil, you should have stayed in the salt water and your boil would have shrunk right away. My grandmother used to put a paste of eggs and salt to draw the core out and it shrunk the boil right up. Just put gauze on top of the paste overnight and see how it does. She also would take a piece of string and put it across the opening of the boil and pull it across to get the hard part out. I don't recommend it and warm compresses.

Posted by Rick on Aug 27 2010 04:23:19
Just doing a survey: Does sleeping late causes boils and eruptions slow/not to heal/recur? Sleeping late means going to bed after 10pm? Because according to Chinese Medicine the liver starts to detoxify at around ten pm and if we sleep late our body toxin accumulates because the liver is not at rest to detoxify and wreaks havoc to our immune system. In the long run boils and eruption occur because the body is trying to clear up toxin. Bacterial infection is a secondary cause because our immune system is going down and down due to accumulated toxin.

Posted by Mim on Aug 20 2010 23:15:36
I was diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa. That’s the medical term for the groin area boils I have, and most of the stories on here are the same as mine. I have had them for years also. My aunt suffered with them and lost tissue from her armpit area and vaginal area when they went untreated, it became necrotic and had to be surgically removed, which led to complications and ultimately her death. My older brother had them on his knees as a young boy. My sister has them also. I have had them in the groin area most often, sometimes also in my labia. One doctor only wanted to lance them all the time, which only made them worse as the liquid they expel causes the infection(which is basically what they are)to spread and multiply. For every one he lanced I got another 2 to replace it. My current doctor is an Angel. She prescribed Phisohex and doxycycline. The Phisohex contains hexachlorophene which is a topical anti-infective, anti-bacterial agent for cleansing skin and preventing the spread of infection. It is used to clean the skin before surgery to prevent the spread of infection. It works like a detergent to cleanse the skin by killing or preventing the growth of bacteria. I wash my groin and private area with a very small amount every time I shower. I never take a sit down bath any longer either, only a shower. I have not had any outbreaks in almost 3 years now. When I first started using it I was really badly broken out, and I would put a drop or two and leave it on the boil after getting out of the bath, then after a few weeks they were all gone, so I stopped using the soap, boy was that stupid. When I first felt I was getting one, & you know how that first feeling is, I would immediately dab some directly on it and leave it on. Then I just began washing with it daily instead of using during an outbreak, now I don't have them any longer(knock on wood). I love that soap, but at the moment it is scarce, and apparently only being sold to hospitals because of the issues with MRSA. It is a prescription soap, so my doctor has to get it for me. As for the doxycycline I was on it long term, about 6 months of daily antibiotics, and there after I took it only when I felt them coming on, and now I keep it on hand(watching the expiration date) just to be prepared. You can see some more info on this and other forms or boils at http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/medical-conditions-diseases/what-causes-boil-boils-appear-body-103501.html just copy and paste into your browser, I have no part in that website, and get nothing from sending anyone there, I just know the pain these cause, and that one page has a lot of info toward understanding them better. Hope this helps at least one person out there; it has saved my sanity, as many of you know these boils can cause such stress and pain you want to scream!!

Posted by rapinka on Aug 20 2010 22:25:09
To PLEASE HELP!! I had a similar problem while on vacation in Hilton Head last month. You can imagine my discomfort as I was in my bathing suit every day sitting on the sand... Moving was painful. All I did was smear triple antibiotic ointment on the sore several times per day and wear dry clothes as much as possible (which was hard since we were at the beach!) I also took 800mg of ibuprofen twice a day for two days, morning and night. By the second or third day, the swelling and pain were gone and by the fourth or fifth, there was no trace of it at all. I don't know if this will work for you, but it's worth a try. That's such a sensitive spot to have a sore :-( I feel your pain.

Posted by Karolee Batycki on Aug 15 2010 17:32:53
I have been getting boils around my viginia area ever since I had 6 shots on the my lower back. Like other people they mirror on each side. I have tried everything and some works really well one time and then the next time it doesn't. I read about the turmeric and decided to take it with cholate milk as someone suggested. I noticed a change with-in the hour. The boils that had been so painful stopped and the two new ones that were just beginning have gone away. Just make sure when you put the turmeric into the choldate milk you really stir it well or you will end up with lumps that will be straight turmeric. I really don't mind the taste as it is not so overpowering. I am so glad for this suggestion.

Posted by Karolee Batycki on Aug 15 2010 17:32:53
I have been getting boils around my viginia area ever since I had 6 shots on the my lower back. Like other people they mirror on each side. I have tried everything and some works really well one time and then the next time it doesn't. I read about the turmeric and decided to take it with cholate milk as someone suggested. I noticed a change with-in the hour. The boils that had been so painful stopped and the two new ones that were just beginning have gone away. Just make sure when you put the turmeric into the choldate milk you really stir it well or you will end up with lumps that will be straight turmeric. I really don't mind the taste as it is not so overpowering. I am so glad for this suggestion.

Posted by Pete on Aug 13 2010 08:17:57
I have had boils for many years. I tried all types of home remedies and Doctor visits. I have found total success with Turmeric. 500 mg tablets. You can buy them anywhere. I took 2 tablets 3 times a day. The boils were gone within 2 weeks. I now take 1 tablet per day and have not had an outbreak in 2 years.

Posted by Kris on Aug 11 2010 10:27:47
I have had what I think are carbuncles for over 10 years in my armpit, nape of my neck, tailbone, and severe clusters in my leg/groin area on both legs. My carbuncles one my legs/groin do not heal, they constantly ooze and if they do heal its only a couple of days reprieve and they're back again. I've previously had surgery on one leg to sort the problem, worked wonders for a couple of years but one eventually returned. When things got worse on my other leg/groin area I went to see the surgeon again, but he refused to operate. At that time I only had two carbuncles, but 2 years later they have multiplied and I now have seven and they're nastier and more painful than I could ever imagine! I've written every single remedy you have all posted here. And after reading all your posts I have a feeling its my diet that's working against me!So I'm saying goodbye to all the bad foods and hoping to god it all works because I'm really at the end of the line here and its not only effecting me physically, but mentally also.

Posted by Kelly on Aug 07 2010 06:36:18
i been getting them since i was pregnant with my middle child which she will be 22 in september and i soak in a hot bath use black drawing sav and heating pad and that usually speeds up the process pretty quick and is gone very quickly

Posted by PLEASE HELP!! on Aug 05 2010 17:46:30
I have a boil on the inside of the labia majora right next to my clitoris and it hurts sooooo soooo bad...I noticed it on Wednesday(2days ago). I have been trying everything from hot compresses to tea bags to sitting in a hot bath and nothing is working. It kept waking me from my sleep last night and it throbs. I have no insurance because I am currently unemployed. What can I do to make this thing go away.

Posted by Sufferer on Aug 04 2010 09:06:13
I get boils on my buttocks just a week befor my periods. They always come at that time. I tried homeopathic treatments and they seem to have reduced the size and the frequency. But i still get 3-4 a month. Anyone has any good ideas to prevent this?

Posted by Anna on Aug 03 2010 17:24:02
Nell, I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with so much pain and discomfort. But you are not alone, I went through this pain for a period of three years until I found out the benefits of Oil of Oregano. I used to get one or two boils pretty much every month and it sucked. But since I started taking 3-4 drops of Oil of Oregano once daily and started drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water everyday. The Oil of Oregano tastes very bitter and have the after taste of oregano spice but it's nothing compare to the pain and scars I would get with these boils. One thing to remember when taking Oregano Oil is, if your iron levels are low then start taking iron supplement because it interferes with the iron absorption. I took Oil of Oregano for no more than a month and kept drinking water only. Now I only get a boil when I don't drink water for a day or two or I take some kind of antibiotics for other health problems because after antibiotics our immune system gets affected. I'd say just to disinfect your body after the shower, put 5-6 drops of Tea Tree Oil in a litre of water and pour it onto the entire body except the head. If you notice the smell of Tea tree oil bothers you then pour some clean water after. I hope it helps! Good luck!

Posted by Nell on Aug 03 2010 08:37:47
Hello All! I must say thank you to each and every one of you for your helpful comments...I am 26 years old and am suffering from recurrent boils on my inner thighs, groin area, and near my vag. Have been sufferig for about four years now, they start off as a tiny red bump and gradually swell until the center is tender and slightly white. I usually clense the area and drain it, with a little pressure they eject tons of black blood and a small amount of pus. The relief is unbelievable. I drain them very well, clense the area and apply a small amount of tea tree oil. I wash with anitbacterial soap everyday. The scary part is once I have drained/cleaned them I usually have a black hole on my skin. I have so many scars :( My hubbie understands also but I wish there was a way to just eradicate them forever.

Posted by Margo Corbett on Aug 01 2010 21:57:21
Well first I guess I must say that I have suffered from boils from the time I was 16. I am now 42 and they have only gotteb worse, I get them in my inner thighs, buttocks and all over my vaginal area. I find for me the stress and heat make them come out the worse, I have also been to mutilple doctors through the years and have been told everything to antibiotics and lancing them. I have sooo many scars that it is very embarassing. My fiance is so very understanding but I still just hate them. I have learned to just deal with them but am ao very thankful to know that I am not the only one who suffers so much from these. I have been told to use aso many different things through the years that I am tired... but thank you all so very much for sharing your experiences so that I dont feel like the only one.

Posted by CAROL on Aug 01 2010 05:00:49
Hi, I have had the same problem for years now, don;t under stand how I got it in the first place. I have had 2 operations to my both arm pits and still they come back, in my scars under my arm pits is mainly where they grew, I am not able to use deodrant or anything and do not shave as no hair grows there. I am being treated at the moment with staphlex, I also now have a boil on my thigh and I do get them in other areas which is very uncomfortable. The pain in my armpits is so bad when it flares up it feels like I am being burn't with a burning hot poker and them I am unable to do anything like get myself dressed etc. I have just had one of my arm pits drained and now the other armpit feels as though a boils is starting just my luck, I am over these things but will just have to live with it, I have read some of your remedies on here and I am gonna try some also I am going to see a dermatologist to see if there is anything that I can do even further to try and prevent the flare up of these boils, i am so glad I came across this website and now do not feel like the only person in the world to suffer from this.

Posted by Alison on Jul 30 2010 10:07:32
@Kerrie - looking for tin oxide. As a child I used to get frequent styes (has similarities to a boil/carbuncle). I was also recommended to take tin oxide. It wasn't available under the ingredient name but we found a make of anti acne treatment tabs which contained mostly tin oxide. This worked well.

Posted by HydraWoman on Jul 28 2010 15:51:49
I have had problems with boils for about ten years, they seem to appear during times when I am under an immense amount of stress. I tend to get them in the upper inner thigh area and sometimes near my vagina. I use simple witch hazel daily to help prevent them and I just swab that whole area as part of my bathing routine. If a boil forms and starts to get big I still use witch hazel to try and heal them but I alternate with swabbing the area with Campho-Phenique several times a day. I also will soak in a hot as I can stand it bath for 30 minutes a day during these breakout times. These remedies have worked for me, and usually the boils/inflamed skin/pain subside within a week or two. Keep the area very clean and tape some soft padded guaze over the boil or boils if possible. Wash your hand before and after applying any treatment and try to wear loose clothing. Sometimes I will add some epsom salts to the hot bath and this seems to dry the boils or bring them to a head that is soft and will erupt on its own. I would not recommend any squeezing, scratching or lancing yourself....doing that will leave a scar. Good luck to everyone, lordy, I hate when these things show up!!!!! Oh, and it's a good idea to clean your bedding frequently when you are having a breakout.

Posted by Kat on Jul 28 2010 01:09:00
Kerrie - thank you for all the information. I'm sorry that you suffer from boils and carbuncles but it is nice to know that I am not the only one who suffers from them in these areas. I gave in and went to the doctor today because nothing was working. She gave me an antibiotic and pain medication, which at least dulls the pain. She said it wasn't ready to drain so she didn't lance it. I have been taking warm baths/showers and using warm compresses but it seems to have grown today, is that normal?? Fish oil may be a good idea and I will definitely try the hot pack and nuroefin, thank you!

Posted by Kerrie on Jul 27 2010 06:17:00
I have suffered with boils and carbuncles on my tailbone, vagina, neck and back for over 25 years, Antibiotics - you have to take for around 10 days and by this time the boil is almost ready to burst anyway and you still have to suffer all the pain. 'Magnoplasm' Drawing ointment - I found only works when the boil has already formed a head, then it will help it drain. I am recovering from a carbuncle which was approx 3-4 inches in diameter and very very painful, the worst I have ever had. The swelling and redness lasted about 12 days then finally it formed 11 small heads, and then it finally started to drain, thank goodness. It has been nearly 20 days now and it's still draining and the hardness has reduced down to approx 1 inch across and it's almost gone. I found the only thing that eased the pain was a hot wheat pack and an antiseptic numbing gel, there is no miracle cure, it's all about managing the pain. My Aunt has suggested an old remedy that she used gave my cousin who also suffered boils as a child and has never had one since 'Tin Oxide Tablets'. I have search high and low and cannot find them anywhere in Australia, I am really keen to try them. My friend also suggested fish oil tablets. She has noticed that it has cleared up the blemishes on her face. I will try this and ICHTHAMMOL OINTMENT 20% in the meantime. Kat I know how your feeling, try the hot pack and some nuroefin.

Posted by Kat on Jul 26 2010 16:51:16
PLEASE help! I have a boil my "nether" region and I cannot for the life of me get it to a head so I can drain it. I have had several in this area and they have all (including this one) been very painful. I've had 3 or 4 of them lanced by a doctor, which is both an embarrassing and incredibly painful experience. I'm new to my area and REALLY don't want to go to an urgent care type of place. It grew for about two days but seems to have stopped. I have applied warm wash cloth compresses and started using the Ichthammol Ointment (Drawing Salve) for the past 12 hours but there is no sign of a head. Does anybody have any suggestions?!?! (I'm in tears at the thought of having to go to Urgent Care and will do ANYTHING to avoid this!). Im desperate.

Posted by Chris on Jul 16 2010 14:42:37
I have read some of the posts and there is something that you might able to use for cleansing your body. There is over the counter product called HIBILCLENS antiseptic/antimicrobial skin cleanser that might help. I have had a few staph ridiculous staph infections and this has been recommended by some friends in the nursing business and prescribed by the ER Dr that I just saw for my most recent infection. The most important thing to remember about the staph that is infecting all of us likes moist areas i.e. armpits, groin area, between the buttocks, ANY area that is constantly moist and warm. I have been showering and doing a full body cleanse with it, I have info from others that this has alleviated their problems. Hope this helps.

Posted by Nath on Jul 12 2010 19:43:02
Hey Ive found that using the Aloe Vera plant is very affective, wiping the slimy sap on the infected areas 15-30 min before going to sleep to let it dry. leave it on over night. ( Careful it will stain clothes )

Posted by qwerty on Jul 07 2010 02:02:29
Hi Guys! I woke up with upper lip swollen and full of boils yesterday. I thought those would go away on their own and tried not to think about how ugly they make me look. Today I got up with my upper lip looking even worse. Any ideas?

Posted by Mel on Jul 03 2010 23:54:06
I also get these boils several times a year. I always get them on the inner lips of my vagina. I just had one a few days ago and I messed with it, so it got bigger and finally I popped it. Alot of blood and puss came out and then a huge white core, as big or maybe bigger than a watermelon seed! I have several of these white bumps in this area on both sides and they usually don't bother me unless they get infected, and then they turn into these boils. I asked the dr about it and she said not to worry. Can't help it, cause I do! Just wish there was some kind of ointment to cure up these bumps that I have and keep new ones from forming.

Posted by Anais on Jun 23 2010 17:36:37
Thanks so much for the comments on this site! It has helped me tremendously. Doctors don't know anything and certainly don't help about this issue. I went twice to the doctor and had tests done and was told that it came back as skin flora and was given an antibiotic ointment that didn't do anything and sent on my way. I have tried various of the things mentioned here and can say that the campho phenique one works wonders! I tried it and the next day both of my boils were reduced in half and by the 2nd day they were almost completely gone! I'm also trying the tumeric tea and now using dial soap to try to prevent these nightmare boils from returning.

Posted by Crystal on Jun 20 2010 02:22:32
yall just need to use some Smiles Prid drawing salve! check it out, stuff really works for real..

Posted by pained on Jun 10 2010 02:37:43
I have got a huge heat boil twice before and I have one right now.All three times after stressful physical activity in the sun with not enough water to drink. Right now its on the foot and its just a thick lump slightly pink under THICK skin. I applied and internally took the turmeric remedy, tried garlic, no change:( Neither is it showing signs of coming to a head nor is it going away. The last two times I was given such strong antibiotics, it killed my stomach and I dont want to visit a doc.Its been 4 days now and its just the same. What do I Do? I dont want to eat tablets and it go away temporarily only to reappear on some embarrasing spot.Please reply.

Posted by vickyr15 on May 29 2010 18:10:43
hi i just noticed this like spot thing on my left vaginal lip and its really sore ive done some research about boils and to me it looks like one i think the way i got it is when i shaved without using shaving foam im really worried and dont know what remedie to use as im only 15 and im too shy too tell my mum can anyone help me please thank you

Posted by Rhonda on May 28 2010 09:04:41
So far the tea tree oil is the best! Rids the boil super fast and a lot less pain!! Try it with a cotton ball or QTip, you'll be soooo happy you did. I use it for really bad zits too, so I keep a mixture of witch hazel & TT oil handy. In my case, I think its sugar related. I am not diabetic, however, when my sugar intake is higher - that is generally when one will appear. Mine developes in the bikini area, at one time I thought perhaps due to waxing. I have also wondered if its related to the position I sleep, I tend to cross my legs at the ankle....who knows! Bottom line is the TTO has worked wonders and cut down on duration of healing for sure!

Posted by dr fatima on May 12 2010 05:42:54
what are the alopathic treatments of boils and carbuncles

Posted by Cutch on May 10 2010 19:50:29
I have been suffering from these boils mainly in the groin area but occasionally on my back, hip, face for about 15 years now. They are painful and the only ones I will ever had drained by a Doctor again is the one I get on my tailbone that makes it impossible to sit, stand, move. The others I will suffer with first the pain of the lancing was worse than waiting for them to drain on their own. I have been prescribed Erythomycin Gel that helps them process faster. But does keep them from coming back. I have tried the tea tree oil with little results. Soaking and just ridin git out works best. Now more frustrating and annoying then anything. I have been to many Drs and used Many different products. Nothing as of yet has cleared them up all together.

Posted by Aub on May 03 2010 00:21:32
I have had this happen before, but im not sure if its a boil. Last year i found this odd bead type thing on my back. I had my mom look at it. She tried to see if it would come out but nothing. A few days later it had a huge head and was quite red. I was afraid to touch it, so i went to the dr. He told me just to put a hot wash cloth on it. I did that and when i was trying to look at it in the mirorr it popped! lots of pus came out then at the tail end a odd hard ball came out too. It was grayish white and was super hard. I have another one, its slightly gray under the skin and really hurts. I've been trying to figure out what it is. If you have any ideas that would be wonderful!

Posted by Robert on Apr 30 2010 19:58:43
The best way to cure boils is to alkanize your body. Boils grow when the body is too acidic. if a boil shows up you are eating too many acid producing foods. Read up. A short term cure for the boils is this: mix half a teaspoon baking soda(not baking powder, baking soda, like arm and hammer) in a glass of water. make sure baking soda dissolves totally. drink it down. repeat every few hours. Within a couple of doses the boils will start to reduce in size like magic. continue until boils gone. LEARN ABOUT PH AND CORRECT YOUR EATING AND DRINKING. ALKANIZE YOUR BODY AND BOILS WILL NOT RETURN. I have used this method with great success.

Posted by ken on Apr 21 2010 20:21:15
does tea tree oil really works on boils?

Posted by louise on Apr 09 2010 11:14:15
my son has a huge boil on his neck. for several years. he refuses to have it taken off.what can be done for it to burst and drain. he will not have his hair cut , because of it.

Posted by LaShondaRenee00 on Apr 07 2010 19:28:17
i've been suffering from boils every since october 2009. i had my first one under my left armpit and i went to the er to have it lanced and drained. i was put on septra ds, after 7 days of taking the antibiotic, i've became allergic to it. my second boil occurred in december 2009, it was located on one of my right labia (folds of the vagina). i've got it to drain on my own by soaking in apple cider vinegar, hot water, and epsom salt. after soaking, i've applied the a&d ointment. within 2 days, i was able to get rid of the boil successfully. on feb 2010, i got another boil under my right armpit this time. i've cried like a baby because i absolutely did not want to go through the pain, so i went down to the er again, to have it lanced and drained. i was prescribed with ciprofloxacin (cipro). 2 x a day for ten days. within 2 weeks later, i've developed another boil on the right armpit, went to the er to have the usual done to it. this time, i was prescribed with two antibiotics. doxycycline hyclate and cephalexin. supposed to of taken them 2 x a day for ten days. i've developed some side effects from taking them. so i did not finish them. i just felt like it wasn't neccessary due to the fact the boil had healed. and as of date, which is april 7 2010, i have developed another freaking boil!! i am soooo sick of these things. its like, punishment when they appear. the good news is that its forming not just one head but several heads. so that means, it about to drain. yay! the only thing that has gotten it to come to heads is this homeopathic spray called boilx. it does help get rid of boils. i'm fixing to go to rite aid tomorrow after i get off from work to purchase some campho phenique. i heard it does wonders in drying up boils and healing them. i'll come back with results on how well it worked and everything.

Posted by Jody on Mar 15 2010 06:45:16
My three year old son has had a boil on his bottom....right beside the crack....for seven months now. We took him to the doctor multiple times and she put him on four different antibiotics. Nothing worked. In December he had surgery on it to clean it out. A couple weeks ago the scab from that finally came off and we were so excited!! It looked as if it had healed correctly. However a couple nights ago my husband looked at it and proclaimed it a wreck. He was right. It's back...a large red area about 1 inch in diameter with a scab in the center. I soaked him in Epsom salts again this morning and dabbed some tea tree oil on it. We're about sick of this thing and he is too!!! We brought him home from Russia 1 1/2 years ago and he arrived with pimply things all over his bottom. The first one popped last June, but healed up fairly quickly. This one popped in August and simply won't heal up. Is the tumeric safe for small children? We're ready to try anything!

Posted by Linsie on Mar 07 2010 18:20:35
Well, we did try and sqeeze some out, and a lot came out with some blood, but its still there it looks like... Im so nervous with this, I appriciate your help so much, I have calmed down a lot after reading all these post on here this weekend, but Im still worried, because there still is a core, the doctor is suppose to be where he went last week, so depending on how tonight works out and how it is tomorrow before I go to work, he may go back to see if they can do it, were both scared to try and take it out because I sure dont want to get infected lol and he doesnt want it to spread...So anyways we went ahead and did exactly what you said, and I just re gauzed it up with some watkins salve and I also put some salt(he wont put bacon on his nose, something about raw meat he doesnt like...?) So I am going to have him wear that for about an hour or two and then take it off and see how it looks...

Posted by HomeRemediesWeb on Mar 07 2010 17:29:53
Hi Linsie, If the balloon looking tip is large now, and if it is occasionally bleeding, then that usually means it is ready to be removed. With lots of care, you can cover it with an antiseptic pad and gently squeeze it to release the pus. It will usually be liquid, but it may also have partially solidified sections (which gives it a hard or heavy feeling). But don't force it, only gentle squeezes should be sufficient. Once it begins to come out, continue removing as much of the pus as you can with gentle squeezes. You should also continue applying the antiseptic products to clean the area to avoid spreading the infection. This is the most critical time, since you want to remove as much of the pus as possible but also prevent it from spreading. When the oozing stops, cover the area up if possible, and then repeat a few hours later if/when it begins to ooze again. Once the main tip has been removed, there should be some significant pain relief as well since the swelling will begin to decrease. Continue using the tea tree oil, and take oregano oil if possible to speed up the healing process. Please let us know how it continues to progress.

Posted by Linsie on Mar 07 2010 12:12:16
Now when I put the warm compress on his nose, the yellowish balloon looking spot starts to bleed? When he cleans it, it wont move it just stays there, even when i take the wash cloth and try and rub it gently it doesnt come off...Is this where the core is forming? How can I speed this up a little, it looks like its pussing out on its own, but when we try and clean it, that doesnt want to come off his nose and Im afraid to pull it off, should I pull it?

Posted by Linsie on Mar 07 2010 12:02:48
Re:HomeRemediesWeb: Wow! Thanks for the quick response! I had him last night clean very throughly, and we put some Watkins Salve over the spot where the yellowish-puss is looking kind of like a little balloon on the ridge of his nostril, and today it got bigger with the puss popping out right there,but when he goes to try and wipe the puss off, it feels hard kind of,(could it be because it just sat like that over night with gauz on it? If I have him law down put the warm compress and alternate with a cold compress, will that help break that balloon looking spot with the yellowish puss so it will start to decrease in size? At least the swolen went down some what last night... I mean it looks like its starting to puss out but when he tries to remove it off his nostril, its kind of hard to explaine, I wish I could take a picture and send it =/ What about if I put some salt, bacon or something will it make it actually pop to drain? Please help, my last day before I go back to work, and I hate to leave him alone, I really would love a good outcome so when he goes back to his "doctor" he can wow them, because all they did was put him on meds and told him to go home. Ughhhhhhh some doctors, only care about a paycheck!

Posted by HomeRemediesWeb on Mar 07 2010 02:40:28
Hi Linsie, If you start to see a yellow tip forming, that is usually a good sign since it means that the boil is coming to a head. However, it is very important that you do not try to pop it prematurely, since this can spread the infection to another area and cause a new boil to form. Instead, try alternating hot and cold compresses. First use a washcloth soaked in warm water (with a few drops of tea tree oil), and apply it onto the infected area for 10 minutes. Then repeat with cold water and apply for another 10 minutes. Repeat this 3 times, and try to do this a couple of times per day. Eventually the tip will pop and drain on its own, at which time the pain should be begin to decrease. However, be very careful with the pus that is released, since it can cause another infection if it gets under the skin again. It is a good idea to use an alcohol based swab to wipe the area clean each time pus is released, and dispose (or thoroughly wash) any towels or clothing which may come into contact with the pus. Another suggestion is to get some Oil of Oregano from a health store, and take 2 or 3 drops per day (usually with a glass of juice). It is an excellent anti-bacterial oil that can help fight many infections including those that cause boils. Also be sure to try some of the other remedies listed above. I hope this helps! Please let us know how things progress.

Posted by Linsie on Mar 07 2010 01:36:37
I need help...My boyfriend got this pimple like at the tip of his nose last Thursday, and he tried popping it but nothing came out. Well come Friday it grew into like this reddish bump as if he had blood under where he tried to pop it.By Sunday when he woke up his entire left side of his face was swolen and he had starting feeling pain Sunday/Monday he went to the doctors on Tusday and they prescribed him Bactraban, and Bactrum(I know I probably spelled that wrong)there wasent reallt any change, he went back on Friday(yesterday) and she finally took a culture inside his nose to see if he has "mrsa"...Well ok, but since then I have been doing a lot of research, on Earthclinic.com I think it was. I read about Tea Tree Oil, and Red Clover tea, so I am trying that with him. Also had Red Clover tea, which I am taking the tea bags and just barely soaking in water with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil just enough to heat up the tea bag and using that on his face on top of using a warm compress... Theres two spots on the tip ridge of his nostril that have like a yellowish puss coming, but then you look inside his nostril and it is soo swollen it looks as if its about to block his nostril. Is that the puss pocket? Then where the puss is on the outside part of the nose shouldnt that be where the core will start to form? Am I going in the right direction since last night it has tremendously come back from being so swollen. I cant wait to see how it looks tomorrow on Sunday to see if the oil worked..Does anhone have anymore opinions? I think either tomorrow or Monday we will put some Watkins Salve to hopefully either form, or remove the core...What do you think? p.s and no he wont go to the hospital, he is terified! Help please

Posted by Cas on Mar 07 2010 00:22:32
Boil or Carbuncle on my face (left cheek), been causing deep throbbing pain last few days- not to mention embarrasment and lower self image. I Drained abit today, almost passed out afterwards!? Felt queesy, probably because after draining it there was a pit in my skin which looked deep and filled with blood. Sunday tommorow so cant go to Docters. Took some turmeric and dabbed with diluted tea tree oil. Put plaster over to protect. Any other suggestions? I had a boil before (also on my face) and tumeric really seemed to help, pretty much overnight it went down alot. Thanks xx

Posted by Sasha on Feb 26 2010 12:44:33
I have struggled with boils off and on over the past few years and had tried almost everything to treat and prevent them with little success, this is until I tried tea tree oil! Within a day the large boil I had had almost dissipated and was completely gone by day two. I now swab the area once or twice a day and I haven't had a problem since!

Posted by charlotte rodrigues on Feb 26 2010 03:23:22
I have boils on my back esp. from the shoulder blade, arms and they do dry up and when u peel the skin the irritation starts and the boils come back again enlarging the area/ The scars are still there. Though I am diabetic and on insulin and tablets for diabetes this problem still remains. If I sleep well those boils do not bother me. Please advise

Posted by ashley on Feb 15 2010 05:37:08
i got this on my face while i was pregnate it was just a bump now it is red and hurts im gonna try th veggie thing i hope it works.because this def gives me a complex about my self

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 05 2010 03:33:02
I eat more brocolli as that seems to really help. If I catch one coming on, get away from sugar and chocolate. Chocolate seems to be the culprit for me. Eating brocolli really does the trik for me and gets rid of one if caught in the first 2-3 days. Even cleared up one I had for a while. Took me a long time to figure this one out! If only I had known years ago after having about a million of them, surgeries, lancing, pain and misery!

Posted by Kim on Feb 05 2010 03:19:39
Plagued by boils my whole life, I have finally found a simple remedy that really helps. I eat brocolli and that instantly seems to help if not get rid of my boils. I have to catch it early like the first day or two and lay off the sugar and chocolate. Chocolate seems to bring it on.

Posted by Blavarian Boil sucker :) on Feb 02 2010 04:39:37
Magnaplasam works for me i get them on my butt and also they seem to mirror on the left and right side of my front pubic hair area i didn't worry about them for a long time they just seemed to be there as a big red dot with not much pain and if i squeezed them (yuk) Blhhhh pussy stuff comes out and they turn into bigger things with more heads on them so i thought i better do something as i have been a silent sufferer of these buggers for some twenty plus years but because and luckily they are in places that are hidden and havnt really been that painful till latley and i figure that could be due to a poor diet i have had since Christmas and i have seen a increase in them popping up so i thought i should adress this so i bought some Magnaplasam banged it on coverd them all with a bit of Guaze and like a Blavarian Boil sucker come along and sucked them away in my sleep just some small scaring left now that maybe vitamin E may fix

Posted by shange (change) on Jan 31 2010 13:54:47
Shan, I was doing situp with a boil on the middle of my back, it lasted 4 days, my work out partner could tell something was bothering me but I didnt want to break our routine. Its that important to change. We've been at it a month, when we started he told me he really wanted to loose weight. I told him not to concentrate on the weight, but instead on breathing, form, exercise (and stretching throughtout the day). Then as our bodies would began to feel a fraction more tone (from every day workout), we would concentrate on spacing out our meals through out the day (6 small meals daily and slowly making portion control). This is not a diet, this has to be a life plan, it does not stop. Its the path we are choosing. The most important component when you start will be to breath, you need to learn to constantly breath, in thru the nose out thru the mouth. We start our workout with the first 8 minutes of p90x chest and back workout, its very simple, you breath then jog in place for 2 minutes 30 second (2 minutes of slow in place yoging, and 30 seconds of jumping jacks). Next its about 7 minutes of various stretching. Then our workout starts, remember to keep breathing thru your nose and out the mouth (this is very important even after your workout is finished you will need to keep breathing through out your day, if you are doing nothing breath, and imagine breathing past your lungs into your abdominal region). Our workout consists of doing 10 squats, 10 abdominal excercises, 10 pushups, 10 back excercises (laying on your belly, stretching out arms and legs like you are superman than just raising them 1-2 inches off the ground and feeling a gentle squeeze in your lower back.) We repeat this routine 4 times without resting(just 1-2 minute breathing in between each bodypart), all in all this portion takes us about 25 minutes and with the p90x jog and stretch it takes about 35 minutes. Everytime we complete 1 round of excercises (squat,situps,pushups,back) we slightly change how we perform the next round, for example for our abdominal routine we do regular situps the first round, then the next round we do leg raises, and the next round we do side crunches (for love handles 10 each side total of 20 that round), and the last round we do 10 upward thrust with our legs. You will not be able to do P90X, in order to just be worthy of doing p90x you have to actually get into shape, so we plan on doing this for 6 months, along with breathing, cardio, and watching what we eat. Then we should be able to start P90x. Right now we both have noticed fractional changes, WE DONT FOCUS on WEIGHT, the major change so far has been to our pysche because we are making change, losing weight, and toning up. You will need to find someone that needs to explain proper form for even the simplest exercises that have been described to you, it is essential. You are actually very fortunate, you are alive, and you are able to feel low, this is a Great place to feel humility. As you breath In and Out just take the time to think of the Almighty Creator Who has Thought you into existence. God Bless

Posted by Shan on Jan 29 2010 10:05:28
You know I've read a lot of stuff about Boils and Carbuncles and had many chances to post something never did until now dont even know why, maybe its just theraputic to get it out. Im a 30 year old female I've been suffering with this for many years. It started maybe 10 or so yrs ago when I was putting on weight I reached mid 200's and the boils came almost like overnight. Started between my thighs and a few under my breasts. At that time I didn't know much about it and how you should NOT pop them, but I did anyway. Now Im living a life of obesity and diabetes and constant Boils and Carbuncles they are EVERYWHERE btw my thighs, under breasts, butt, vagina lips, stomach ughhhhh. In the past two years I've been hospitalized 4x and had surgery 3x to drain the boils it was a nightmare to say the least. My boyfriend of five yrs has been supportive, however Im not inlove with him frankly I want to move on without him (for many reasons) and I feel like Im stuck with him because no man will ever want me Im disgusting! and to add insult to injury I have PCOS which causes excessive hair growth I made the mistake of shaving and now I am forced to shave my chin and neck from ear to ear , sideburns, upper back, and even upper lip on a consistant basis. I am what you would call a very facially pretty woman and if I lost all this weight I am carrying I'd look like a knockout, but thats just from far away because Im anything but. I hate myself no couseling, or pep talk in the world could cure this. I feel constantly embarassed, depressed even sucicidal at times (although I know I wouldnt take my own life) I feel trapped, helpless Im scared physically and more so emotionally. I dont even try to loose weight because I will still have these awful scars whats the point of trying? Anyway I know my post is depressing as heck, but I needed to get this out sorry

Posted by Emma Mitchell on Jan 28 2010 15:50:59
Hi, I too repeatedly get boils. My bf also gets them. After continuously taking antibiotics to get rid of them we discovered that we have MRSA. It is resistant to penicillin and is usually something that old people have as there immune system is low If you have an open wound it is highly contagious and should be kept covered at all times. My bf doesn't get them any more but I find I get them usually under my arm. I have discovered that this probably from my rasor. If you have the slightest cut you need to disinfect it and keep it covered, my bf discovered this as he got an infected blister and was in the hospital for three days!! So sorry to tell you this if you repeatedly get them it is MRSA and usually your blood is infected for the rest of your life.

Posted by Tanisha on Jan 24 2010 23:04:38
Heyy im 15 years old && i juhs received my 1st boil a few days aqo. at 1st ithouqht iht was ah pimple . . buht nw iknow ihts ah boil. iht really hurts i sit on my side && 2mar ihave to qo to skewl && idk hw im qoinq to put up with iht all day.. ive dun dhid bacon and the warm compress && it came to a head && ah bunch of puss came out . . nasty iknw buht ihts still hur . . im tryinq tea tree oil rhite nw && 2mar my mams qetten me sum epsom salt && sum qoldine =) omq anybodyy thad has a boil i feel your pain && ireally hpe this is my last one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Posted by Annelise on Jan 11 2010 13:13:06
I had been suffering from large boils appearing on my buttocks - they dont come to the surface and leave such unsightly scaaring/dark purple marks. My husband tried to open them up with heated pads, needles etc but only small drainage if any appear leaving me bruised/scarred. I dont know what causes it and being newly wed causing me so much embarrassment. Im healthy, gym often, practise good hygiene. My GP gave me a mild anti-biotic but it does not make any difference. I lost faith in my GP now. Im desperate - if I can only get them to surface but that had been an impossible task - if I can just drain them then it will heal but they dont.

Posted by marlene on Jan 03 2010 20:25:48
Thanks Vimana. I will get some tomorrow when I go to the store. Thanks again

Posted by Vimana on Jan 02 2010 21:45:05
Marlene, start doing the tumeric treatment mentioned in the above article. One teaspoon in a glass of warm water 3x a day. Make sure he drinks extra water after each dose to avoid dehydration.

Posted by marlene on Jan 02 2010 16:41:32
My son is suffering with a carbucle in his ear canal, they said to put warm compresses on it. Can not do that in the ear canal. Any suggestions? He is in a lot of pain. They gave him antibiotics.

Posted by Tammu on Dec 21 2009 15:58:41
Thank you everyone for commenting. I din't realize boils were contagious. I will hunt down some of these products tonight.

Posted by ellenorigby on Nov 29 2009 20:32:23
I found my boils were caused by the evil unnatural poison called high fructose corn sryup. So I cut it from my diet and now I rarely get them. So yes too much sugar will feed them.

Posted by josephine on Nov 19 2009 16:18:41
This was the best sight on the web. There are so many things that i can try now. I am diabetic and sugar isnt a factor nor is my diet but, i do get these terrible boils on the in side of my thighs, and i am very excited to try sone of the things people have posted. Thanks for all your tips, glad to know im not alone.

Posted by v.loven on Nov 06 2009 13:09:39
If you have boils, mrsa or mssa, you need to clean your home with a solution of 1 TBS clorox to 1 quart of water. I use a windex bottle. Make the solution fresh every day and spray it on anything you touch that it won't ruin. Door knobs, toilet seats, sinks, tubs, etc. Staph lives on surfaces for months. Use bleach in your laundry (whites) if you can't use bleach wash it in hot water and put in in your dryer on the hottest setting. Staph is horrible, and very contagious. Wash your hands for 15 seconds with antibacterial soap, or use purell or germex. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands. Good Luck.

Posted by debbydo4 on Oct 10 2009 22:56:04
hello everyone i suffered with mrsa and had to have 2 boils in the private area lanced,so so painful,well i checked out a website called earthclinic and read about turmeric and let me tell you all ,IT WORKS WONDERFULLY,it will usually get rid of your boils within 24 to 48hrs flat,you can take it anyway you like 3 times a day,about a tsp or so 3 x a day,some people drink it but i would rather put it on a sandwich,whatever works best for you,also use bleach to clean with and if its one of those real bad boils that needs to drain use cabbage leaves,they work wonders,but clean that area real good,also for atleast 10 days after the boils are gone,use alcohol or triple antibiotic in your nostrils to make sure that it is all gone,because it can hide in your nasal cavities,or atleast thats what one person said ,well God bless you all and hope this helps alot of people deb

Posted by John on Oct 04 2009 14:28:00
There was a period of approx. ten years that I suffered from boils around my waistline, on my back, forehead, and chin. A potato poultice will easily bring the boil to a head.

Posted by jen on Sep 26 2009 17:45:38
i have a really poor diet and as a result get reoccuring infections including boils. The best treatment i have ever found was recommended to me by a doctor that had a wholistic approach. Make sure you take vitamin d, vitamin c, a multivitamin and calcium magnesium in the appropriate doses EVERYDAY. my infections have dropped off dramatically

Posted by jen on Sep 26 2009 17:45:36
i have a really poor diet and as a result get reoccuring infections including boils. The best treatment i have ever found was recommended to me by a doctor that had a wholistic approach. Make sure you take vitamin d, vitamin c, a multivitamin and calcium magnesium in the appropriate doses EVERYDAY. my infections have dropped off dramatically

Posted by Rob Smith on Sep 23 2009 18:21:12
I am reading up on skin infections such as MRSA and am trying to find my own peventative routine with natural remedies. can anyone give me any Ideas. I am starting with OIl Of Oragano.. Any information from someone who has been where I am at with this terrible, mind boggling infection, would be outstanding

Posted by Kimanne on Sep 21 2009 04:13:44
Hi I feel you all on situation I get them all the time but last year I had a boil the size of a soft ball on my butt cheek on the inner part. My doctor told me it was from being diabetic from sugar getting to high. I still get them but not as bad as that one I had. The one thing that has worked for me is go to wallmart and get a cream called goldline Ichthammol Ointment20% it is used to draw a head and it pops on its own big help for me it stinks like motor oil but it works very well and when it pops keep it clean soak in a hot tub and don't get in on another part of you skin boils do spread if contact so keep it clean wash you hand any way this I was also reading another story posted by shawnda she says she keeps getting them back in the same place I do to like I said if you have high sugar and yes poor diet if the worst part that's why they do keep coming pack but try what I said it helps me all the time my mother also suffers from them good luck all and hope try my suggestions.... oh i also didn't mention dont pop them let them pop on their own they will get bigger if you mess with them..

Posted by mother of 3 little ones on Sep 18 2009 12:30:05
for infected boil my 4 year old uses bactroban ointment, epson salt baths and kinoki pads pull pus out... there's also staphaseptic to help prevent infection if you have boil.... the heads of boils need to be removed (acid ointment is best) so there's no chance of infection. there's a sulfur oral antibiotic to use

Posted by Patti on Sep 15 2009 15:06:14
Hi I am type 1 diabetic i have been getting these alot lately, under my arms, on my neck etc, went to the dr and she stated that it was infact for type 1 diabetic's high blood suger's my dauhter has come up with a good, way to remove them, hot compress and she digs it out with tweezers inbetween the treatments she packs it with neosporin and a bandaid them kets it so that up again every two hours picks it out untill all gone,

Posted by hillary on Sep 11 2009 06:40:31
Has anyone been told that they are not boils but that they are Herpes,that is what the Dr. Diagosed me with and I do not belive it, my husband doesn\\'t suffer either and we have been married for over 30 years and faithful. Mine come back during stressful times and eating a lot of sugar, any comments would be appreciated here

Posted by Philip on Sep 01 2009 20:26:50
For Boils... I'd do what my brother was told to do, just take the sulphur powder mixed with molasses or honey once a day, a tablespoon max, teaspoon for a small child of course..

Posted by Leah on Aug 26 2009 19:23:06
My entire family has had a staph infection (horrible boils) for two years now! All five of my children 13, 10, 4, and 3 year old twins, my husband, myself, my mother, father and my sister and her husband. They are absolutely relentless. I was hospitalized with it for 5 days on heavy antibiotics because it cased me to have swelling all over my body. Our doctors have repeatedly put us all on sulfur based antibiotics but it still just won't go away. Does staph stay on surfaces inside of your home or something? How can you get it out? It's nearly driven us all crazy, I'm going to have to take my husband to the hospital tonight because he has one under his arm that has red lines running off of it. I'm at my wits end.

Posted by Hurting on Aug 22 2009 16:32:55
Great suggestions. Never had to deal with this before now..will try several mentioned here.

Posted by LEIGH on Aug 22 2009 16:10:48

Posted by Alyssa on Aug 16 2009 11:11:29
i just had a boil pop not even an hour ago. it was on my knee so it was very hard to walk. i got to the bathroom and blood just started dripping out. i had put a peice of bacon on it about 2 days ago. it brought the head out and everything. only a tiny bit of squeezing was needed and couldnt feel a thing. it was amazing. still stomach turning tho : (

Posted by JK in CA on Aug 08 2009 22:41:06
I developed a boil on my lower abdomen that proved to be very stubborn. I tried just waiting 4 months for it to heal on its own - no good. I tried the tumeric cure, that had no effect. I tried Neosporin and that helped fight the infection where it was close to the surface of the skin but I found the main part of the (staph) infection would just bury itself deeper in my skin where the topical antibiotic (Neosporin) could not penetrate so that did not work either. I tried exposing it to UV from the sun and that helped a little but did not cure it. I was at my wits end and didn't want to go to the doctor because I don't have any health insurance. So I tried something that may or may not have been advisable but it ended up working: I applied tea tree oil several times per day using a Q-tip. I read somewhere not to use band aids so I didn't, I just let my underwear get somewhat soaked with the tea tree oil and scent. Then one day I applied an over-the-counter topical salicylic acid solution (Compound W) to the boil which is normally used to treat warts. It burned real bad and then turned purple. I did this twice and it burned both times. Then I went back to the tea tree oil and Q-tip. Finally the infection seemed to break and it began to feel more like normal skin and the nucleus of the infection in the center of the boil seemed to die. I kept up the tea tree oil for several more days and also gave that area of my abdomen about 20 mins of strong sunshine (UV) every couple of days. In the end the infection went away 100% and I feel healed now. In summary, I feel it was a combination of the topical salicylic acid, tea tree oil and UV sunlight that did the trick for me. This was an infection I got overseas and it was very very stubborn but it's gone now after more than 5 months. About the salicylic acid idea: I am not a doctor and don't play one on TV. If you try this, you are responsible for whatever might happen, good or bad. I am only reporting what I personally did to myself that healed my stubborn boil. Good luck! JK in CA

Posted by L.J on Aug 02 2009 20:42:31
Thanx for all the info and the stories being shared. Boils are such a big issue in my life as a young adult. I only started dealing with them over the past year and my self-esteem has dropped big time. I have become quite insecure with the scars that are left and very determined to destroy one as soon as i see it appearing. In the past 5 months I hadnt developed any until lastweek I noticed a bruise on my butt that developed into an infected boil and now I am dealing with the pain of not walking or sitting or sleeping comfortably. I didnt quite understand why i keep getting these daym boils but i guess i'll have to deal with this one seriously because its on my tail bone and go see a doc tomorrow. For all the people who have to put up with boils, you are not alone.

Posted by Suzan on Jul 23 2009 20:18:36
Thanks for this info.. i thought i was the only one suffering from this.. i have been to a dermatologist many times, the doctors always refer me to him. HE prescribed me these tetracycline pills, with a dalacin apply to skin med, and a ance soap. I usually get this around my inner thighs, i've been suffering from 7-8 years. Finally today i got sick and i wanted to do a little research. I have a big boil much higher than my thighs, its inside the butt and it is the most pain i have ever experienced, i am missing work, i cant walk, i cant sleep.. for the last 3 days :( i am glad u have posted some cures here.. i dont have the tree tea oil.. but i am going to try the warm cloth.. i hope it works for me. I also wanted to know the root of this problem, i see that it could be because of diabetes or suppressed immune system. What else could i be doing on my part? How can i get rid of this disease.. because it's leaving all these scars on my thighs and my legs and im so embarassed.. :( Thanks once again!

Posted by tbabes on Jul 21 2009 23:35:41
I think I have the cabal. infection because it on my nose and its reappeared around the same area 2 times before. and I have been eatting a lot of sugar lately. if this is running through my blood is it a sign of diabetes

Posted by Karen on Jul 17 2009 22:17:17
If my boil comes to a head and I dont puncture it myself will it eventually one day puncture on its own?

Posted by Jimmy Ray Jit on Jul 14 2009 00:57:55
Nice information about boils and their cure. I am very glad for this information and sending you thanks........... From: Jimmy Ray Jit, India

Posted by jintydavies on Jul 10 2009 08:45:40
'Recurrent boils are commonly due to gastrointestinal bacteria which enter the blood stream and prompt a skin infection. They can also be caused by consuming too much sugar, either refined or even from fruit' I used to have lots of boils on my bum and treated each one as it came along with tea tree etc etc with success, but it wasn't until I addressed the root cause that it stopped completely. I had been treated with antibiotics as a child, was addicted to sugar, ate loads of fruit and constantly felt fatigued and depressed or hyperactive.I went to an amazing doctor in London who diagnosed me with a candida overgrowth in my guts and throughout the body. The treatment was to 1. Go on the "Candida Diet" no-: sugar yeast Gluten fermented foods eg alcohol, vinegar soy sauce. Fruit except lemons or lime Mushrooms or molds. Dairy. I was addicted to all of these! Build up your immune system with good multivitamins (hypoallergenic) Take bioacidophilus and antifungal pills eg Mycopryl, garlic; there are lots. Do not go for the heavy systemic drug antifungals at the beginning; they will knock you for six. I did this for a year and was not only cured, but for the first time in my life had energy and felt brilliant! This is a very basic account - I hope it helps someone.

Posted by Bill on Jun 26 2009 09:47:10
I was plagued by boils on my butt for years. Some would prevent me from walking normally I assume because they were so deep that they were affecting my muscle. I have effectively kept them under control, although for some reason, about once a year, I will still get one. I have taken a two-pronged approach. First, I bought a fairly aggressive foot exfolatior on a long handle and use that almost every day. My reasoning is that most of these come from clooged follicles. Sometimes, I can feel one starting and I will go over that area with a little etxra pressure. I found that using the exfolatior is helping to minimize my scars from all of the prvious ones, too. I picked it up at Wal-Mart. The second prong is that I use tea tree oil as mentioned here, and also grapefruit seed extract. I apply them just into each nostril, because the Doctor told me that is one place the Staph lives. If I start to get one, then I apply the Grapefruit seed extract directly on it. Be careful because you can exfoliate too much too soon, and the grapefruit seed extract will burn the skin -- that is why I alternate with the nostril applications. But if I do start to get one I don't care about the skin irritation when I apply it directly because that is a small price to pay to avoid weeks of discomfort. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers with this plague.

Posted by michael on Jun 11 2009 18:06:21
Hi..Like many other stories here, I have a medium sized boil on my outer right thigh, the infected area started out to be (what i thought was a pimple) a very large one, Upon two-three days after popping the allegid pimple, i found that it had almost doubled in size and that there was an intense sensation of soarness around the initial area (almost like raw nerve endings) , Along with this there developed a large area aprox 2'- 2&1/2' around the area where a large amount of swelling occured.. My brother was a medic and a coreman in the navy, upon examining the affected area, his opinion was that i had been bitten by a (brown recluse spider).. There is really No way of telling what it is unless it is compleetly obvious. I am going to seek medical attn tomorro morning

Posted by tina on May 22 2009 02:05:31
It should read "under five dollars." The comments don't allow dollar signs so it edits it out...

Posted by tina on May 22 2009 02:04:08
The black drawing salve or "Ichthammol Ointment" made by Goldline can be bought for under at WalMart/CVS/Walgreens at the pharmacy. You have to ask a pharmacist for it but do not need a prescription. It seriously works overnight. Do an online search for it (like on Wikipedia) if you are not sure what it is. -5 is a LOT better than a doctor visit or hospital visit. I keep it in my house all the time now because from time to time I get a boil on my face. I apply the cream and overnight the boil drains and shrinks or dries up in a few hours/days depending on its size.

Posted by c.lady on May 22 2009 00:42:52
been going through this for about 10 yrs now,since i was 18yrs old.nothing has worked for me yet.i need serious help!

Posted by fi on May 10 2009 13:25:36
i am soooo pleased i found this site...my boil on my forehaed is causing me so much upset. everything everyone has suggested is fantastic, im definately going to try them. only thing is mine doesnt naturally come to head, the doc had to drain my last one. anyone else had one that doesnt come to a head??

Posted by James David Watts on May 08 2009 01:57:14
This is my son. He has recurring boils all the time. Some get really large and have had to be lanced and packed for drainage. He was tested for MRSA, but was not MRSA. He was put on antibiotics, but the things keep coming back and now they are coming in droves!!! What can I do to help him? He is in terrible pain. I am desperate!! Please somebody HELP!!

Posted by Meg on Apr 24 2009 18:54:52
I have what i think is a boil on my chin... i think it came from a fun sunburn that i had..... i tried the warm press... now i have some boil cream on a band aid covering it... any ideas?

Posted by Michelle on Apr 23 2009 12:34:43
I've have been going through this for 2 1/2 years. I was given meds for a Stap Infection, which only came back in a couple of months. The area most affected was the cut from my C-section,what do you recommend.

Posted by JP on Mar 25 2009 06:47:37
To treat the boil, use moist, saline heat 3-4 times daily. Applying Prid (an herbal ointment/salve), it really works well for me. You can find it at drugstores or online. Keep it clean. See Dr. for Retin-A or minocycline. Both work great. Eat less sugar, nuts, coffee, chocolate or other acne-sensitive foods. Oatmeal baths or pastes work good. Echinacea is good for short term use. Don't use toothpaste, it burns really bad. Don't pick at it, it's the worst thing you can do, let nature take its course! Use sunscreen, wash 2x daily, don't over-do the products and don't mix different chemicals on face. Eat right and exercise. Find a way to reduce stress and enjoy life, stay positive, think positive, imagine clearer skin...and it will happen. Sounds too simple, just do it!

Posted by Just Me on Mar 15 2009 12:27:57
I clean mine by using a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide leave it on to soak for a while then I use a heat pad that seems to speed the process along by days. Also keep it covered because it is boils are contagious.

Posted by Crissy on Mar 09 2009 23:56:48
Thanks for all the wonderful remedies. I think I have carbuncles. Its the very first time I've ever had it before and it's on the area right above the vaginal lips, where my panties sit. Anyway, it appears to be 3 in little cluster and one has a black spec in the center. It started to drain on its own today although I haven't seen a head. I asked a friend and she told me to sit in some hot water with epsom salt, then pat it with peroxide whenever it starts to leak. I just started doing this today but if it doesn't help, I'll definitely try you guys' suggestions. Thanks.

Posted by mich on Mar 09 2009 06:16:41
hi i have developed heat boils in my chin area. please suggest me a home remedy to get rid of it

Posted by java on Feb 26 2009 14:30:26
about 6 months ago I had a boil on my sac. This thing grew to the size of a golf ball. It would not come to a head. Ended up going to the ER and they cut it. It hurt like nothing I have ever felt. It was very red and swollen and I was running a temp from it. Even with the novacain it hurt when they were cutting it. I will never do that again. Part of the problem was me messig with it squeazzing on it and such. My advice, Hot compress 4-5 times a day and hands off

Posted by Tiffany on Feb 20 2009 23:54:49
I used to get boils in my groin area all the time that would never completely heal or close. Then I read if you use Dial the bar soap (only), the yellow bar and neosporin on the infected area every day it would go away. In a few days the infection started to shrink and close. Eventually it went away. Now I use Dial bar soap daily. Because it drys out my skin, I also use a body oil while my skin is wet but not near the areas were I used to flare up. I started this in October and I haven\\'t had a flare up since...knock on wood. I hope this helps.

Posted by krista on Jan 26 2009 15:15:09
i have repeated carbuncles under my arms.the first 1 got drained by me and i still have a painful 1 under the other arm.i seek medical help and they gave me antibiotics but I've been taking them for bout 1week and no improvement and its like my arm is broken,the hot water i did that,its forming a hard mass coming 2 my arm,i have fever 2.im in pain really in pain,what do i do? please

Posted by Tamara on Jan 22 2009 09:38:10
i have a boil under my arm and its a major pain cause the worse thing about it is i cant really raise my arm to see the damage ... i am going to try these remedies to see what happens . thanks for the info guys

Posted by Luis on Jan 22 2009 00:34:51
HI. I developed a nasty boil on my neck. I get boils all the time. This one is possibly from an ingrown hair however I did nick myself shaving. I have tried Burrows Solution and warm compress. It developed a "head" yesterday but only leaked a little. I tried Tree Tea oil but it stings like all heck..Pleas help i want this thing gone.

Posted by Sandy on Jan 19 2009 00:04:56
So a friend of mine told me her mama's old time remedy is to crack a raw egg and pull the thin white skin away from the shell. Put the moist side on the boil and cover with dry bandage. I tried it and let it dry over night. My boil came to a head the next day.

Posted by jaykay on Jan 17 2009 14:20:05
use black salve found at health food store. Doesn't smell great but takes care of the biggest boils or infected insect bites (spiders). Works wonders - has been used for years.

Posted by shawnda on Jan 09 2009 01:09:41
I am 27 and every time I am under stress or my diet is poor my boil situation seems to be worse. I keep getting them in the same two places. it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s like the same 2 boils keep reappearing. I haven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t had a lot of success treating them. I have tried many of these remedies and so far I have never gotten a head on my boils. I treat them, the go down, leave a bruise the eventually goes away and then comes back 6 months later. The last one seemed to have a black speck in the center?! What is this nightmare that lives on my inner thighs? Help!

Posted by Dannie on Jan 02 2009 22:15:21
This site is awsome! In my early to late teens I suffered with boils (Dr. say staff) the meds did not work. Then we found tea tree oil. wow it worked! So now it is a staple along with alchol and peroxid. I belive the other remidies will be help full too.

Posted by Ploppy on Dec 29 2008 00:16:30
For the nasty ones, heat, heat and more heat!! Just dont burn yourself.If the pain is very severe and the boil is close to coming to a head, gently pierce the head with a very fine sterile needle deep enough to allow passage of the pus. Then apply a very warm salt water soaked compress. Try to get all the fluid out and the \\"root\\" of the boil. Once all of the pus has drained, throughly clean the wound with sterile saline, 3% hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Put a sterile dressing on it for a day or so, then remove so the wound can air dry. Note, this procedure may leave a scar.

Posted by fanny on Dec 15 2008 23:54:14
had a boil as the result of a hair bump. went to the doctor, she got only 1/2 of it. now its back, only it does not hurt. i know it will 1 day. is it ok to use a remedy to bring it to a head anyway? please respond. or should i just leave it alone?

Posted by Jay on Dec 11 2008 23:45:30
LB, I have actually had some boils which never came to a head, so it is possible. But I'm not sure what happens in this case, since I can't imagine the bacteria simply disappearing internally? I hear what you're saying though, these boils are so annoying and painful, yet it is difficult to give attention to them all day long...

Posted by LB on Dec 03 2008 21:50:04
I have a boil on my upper most right thigh. I first put neosporin on it, put warm packs on it - still do. Have gone to using Strydex and now put Boilease. I still do the warm packs at night. How do I manage going to work and do the stuff that says do 5 times a day - It seems like it is less painful and not as irritated - Can boils heal without coming to a head?

Posted by Rock-Dog on Nov 28 2008 12:07:04
Lately I've been using "Campho-Phenique" & it doe's a wonderful job. I apply a small amount at first appearance & "BAM" it seems to go to work immediately. Just keep area clean & apply 3-4 times daily, a small amount goes a long way. The greatest thing about this is that it is nowhere as odoriferous as some of these other remedies I have read.

Posted by lois on Oct 02 2008 21:10:32
I suffer from them and always have, since I was a kid, they hurt so badly and never heal completely no matter what meds the drs put me on, I am going to try all of these remedies!

Posted by Dawn on Sep 19 2008 04:26:40
I noticed a boil on my forehead this morning. I cut some fat off some bacon, dipped it in epsom salts and covered and placed it over the boil with a plaster. Hey presto! Whithin 30 minutes it popped and started to run :)

Posted by Peter on Sep 03 2008 06:27:23
Great site, it provides alot of knowledge in skin conditions. I suffer regular out breaks with boils. I've tried alot of methods. I found using 'Magnoplasm' can speed the process of boils and carbuncles.

Posted by Erin on Aug 26 2008 12:01:22
i had a boil and omg it hurt so bad. it was right below my belly button where my pants come to and i could pull my pants up to that spot or even touch it. it hurt very bad for at least a week. i found that warm epsom salt made sort of into a paste and put on the area worked quite well.....

Posted by Jeff on Aug 14 2008 03:13:05
Boils are horrible, they seem to pop up out of nowhere and are extremely painful for at least a day or two. Thanks for the remedies!

Posted by lucy on Jun 27 2008 09:22:14
Thanks for the info I am in great pain and have to go to work. Will try thr remedy, I saw a DR/ yesterday.

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