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Warts Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Warts

Warts are benign skin tumors that can appear on almost any part of the body but are commonly found on the hands or feet. They are usually pale, skin-colored growths with a rough surface and dark borders (see picture). They can grow either as single protrusions or in clusters.

Warts are very common in the general population, with almost 75% of all people experiencing them at least once in their lifetime. They can also develop at any age, with both men and women being equally susceptible.

Most warts that appear on the surface of the skin are usually not serious or painful, and as a result they are more of a cosmetic concern. However, you should still consult with your doctor if warts suddenly appear on some part of your body, if they are painful, or if they continue to reoccur.

Genital warts are also very common, particularly among young people in their early 20s. They typically occur around the genital area such as the anus, penis, scrotum, vulva, or vagina. These types of warts usually cause an itching or burning sensation, particularly during intercourse. For some women, genital warts occassionally cause abnormal vaginal bleeding, while others don't experience any symptoms for months or even years.

Causes of Warts

Warts are caused by a viral infection known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). Since the infection is on or close to the surface of the skin, the virus is contagious and can be spread when infected skin makes contact with uninfected skin. Therefore you should avoid touching a wart since it can easily be spread to other parts of your body. For the same reason, warts can also be spread when sharing clothing, towels, or other objects with an infected individual.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Warts Treatment

Warts Home Remedy Using Duct Tape

Duct tape has been known to help cure warts. The remedy takes a few days, but it has been found to be over 80% effective when treating warts on the hands and fingers:
  • Place a piece of duct tape over the wart.
  • Leave the tape over the wart for at least 6 days.
  • After 6 days, remove the tape and soak the wart in warm water for a 5 minutes.
  • Dry the wart, and repeat the 6-day process for up to two months until the wart disappears.
Many people find that a single six day cycle is usually sufficient for small warts. NOTE: It is important to avoid using this remedy on sensitive skin areas such as the genital area.

Natural Cure for Warts Using Vitamin C

Research has shown that some warts can be treated with Vitamin C. Simply take a single Vitamin C tablet, crush it into a powder, mix it with a few drops of water, and then apply the mixture directly to the wart. While the infected area is still wet, cover or wrap it with a bandage for one day. The high acidity from the Vitamin C will help to destroy the papillomavirus that is causing the wart.

Natural Treatment for Genital Warts Using Tea Tree Oil

A very effective treatment for genital warts is using Tea Tree Oil. Simply dab a cotton swab into the tea tree oil and gently apply it to the wart. Repeat this once a day for 10 days. If the treatment is effective, the wart will eventually turn white and then fall off. Note that the tea tree oil may causing a slight stinging sensation, but this is normal. Also, be sure to dispose of the used cotton swab to avoid spreading the infection to other areas.

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Reader Comments

Posted by Joe Shmoe on Mar 15 2014 12:18:41
Many of you are making this WAY more complicated than it needs to be. Seriously, just apply iodine 3 or 4 times a day, and the wart will soon start showing some dark dots on the inside as it starts to die. It will shrink a little at a time until it disappears. Regular iodine will work just fine, a will clear iodine.

Posted by Helen on Jan 21 2014 20:11:52
I have two remedies that have worked for me and my husband. First is for plantar and any wart on your body, other than genitals. My husband had plantar warts on his feet and regular warts on his hands. I had heard about using potato and ginger, you slice the potato very thinly so that it is flexible and dip it in ordinary powdered ginger, the kind that you bake with. Put the ginger side down onto the wart, tape or bandaid it to the skin, we did this at night before he went to bed. The warts on his hands fell off literally when he was washing his hands about 3 days later, doing this treatment each night. The plantar warts on his feet took about a week and they were gone. Now for genital warts, I had one at the opening of the vaginal canal, I used Tea Tree oil and a Vitamin E oil with lemon oil in it. Tea tree oil can be bought most anywhere, the vitamin E with lemon oil I bought at Sams Club. First I put the tea tree oil on a cotton ball and then put the Vitamin E and lemon oil on top of the tea tree oil. The reason I did this is the tea tree oil will burn pretty much, but the other oils make it more bearable. I used that nightly, left it on and about 4 days later the wart was gone. I had gone to my GN and he had given me a prescip that was over 400.00, I was like no way, couldn't afford that. When I called them back to say this remedy worked, the nurse wrote it down to give to others who could use it. The potato and ginger remedy really works well, it is odd but I had seen this from a 90 year old woman who had written this to a magazine and swore it worked, IT DOES! Give it a try and it is not painful in the least. Good luck!

Posted by Blogzilla on Jun 03 2013 10:08:58
Tea Tree Oil is very effective because if left on long enough, it's strong enough to dissolve plastic like nail polish remover, yet it's non-toxic. These other remedies are questionable, but tea tree oil works. It's also very effective on pimples, zits and cold sores.

Posted by country girl on May 17 2013 10:44:00
Ok so I have what I assume is a wart at the opoesnt ening of my vagina... It doesnt look like what I've seen in pictures it just looks like raised skin... I tried the ACV and luckily it did shrink but every time I apply the ACV it burns more and more. I also think I am gettin another one on the other side.. Can I dilute the ACV? And how r u supposed to cover or wrap something that nothing sticks to

Posted by bazz on Apr 28 2013 14:18:47
Hi, my GF has had this wart on her foot for the last 35 years.....no luck removing prior. This time she used oil of oregano. A few drop an a bandaid, placed over the wart. after three months this deep painful wart is gone. She's elated! also worked on her sons achne! make small mixture of olive oil with 10 drops of the Oil of oregano. Apply daily! Voila.....75 % better after weeks!

Posted by PeterAnderson on Apr 23 2013 14:10:23
I has warts a few years ago and I tried everything to get rid of them from over-the-conter kits to burning to rubbing banana peels on them and NOTHING worked! UNTIL I went to the dermatologist finnaly and she gave me this persription cream called ALDARA which is for genital warts-which I did not have and I rubbed it on my warts (that were on my hands) and within a few days they were all gone--and I had like 6-7 of them! Recently Wart Control from ForcesOfNatureUSA.com is becoming a more popular natural treatment. http://www.forcesofnatureusa.com/Natural-Plantar-Warts-Treatment-s/1894.htm

Posted by shan on May 22 2012 18:10:32
Hi guys, I've suffered from genital warts for a good few months now! I've been treated twice for it by both gp and a sexual health clinic! They gave me a wart cream and another called aldara, the first didn't do a thing, and the second made me cry with the pain, it burns like mad and leaves you crying while passing urine. I've also tried vinegar, which doesn't do much, also garlic was pretty much the same, but now I've tried tea tree oil and in just a week my warts are getting very small. It doesn't hurt or cause any discomfort, just tingles for a while. I recommend you concider tea tree oil. X

Posted by sherry on Apr 25 2012 08:14:15
This works FAST. copper supplement capsule... break open mix with a drop of water to make a paste and put directly on the wart cover with a bandaid to hold it there for 12 hours. in three days the wart should be gone. if its not repeat the steps one more time.

Posted by rachel on Apr 05 2012 19:54:50
I had 2 warts on my hand for a long time, just 2 days ago I started putting vinegar (white) on effected area, now the warts turning black but around it is purple....is it infected?....should I stop?

Posted by Anonymous on Dec 05 2011 21:53:30
Of topic but any cures for excessive sweating?

Posted by Mark on Nov 29 2011 06:12:42
Lee is a moron. Doctors are not much more than Big Pharama reps. I had a bunch of planter and seed warts when I was a kid. I had the frozen and cut out all painful was told to use medplast and compound W. Cutting out worked but left a scar The rest failed I suggest you try any Apple Cider Vinegar, Or Iodine, or Sovereign Colloidal Silver. Try every remedy you can that is a home safe remedy before you go to a doctor an spend hundreds of dollar on something painful that probably will n to work.

Posted by cassy on Nov 19 2011 00:25:00
i have been in warts removal in jenina skin care clinic after a days,it becomes scar,, i thought the scar removed but its not... what will i use to remove the scar on my face?

Posted by Smiley on Nov 18 2011 09:08:17
For genital warts, used tea tree oil probably 4 days in a row. Didn't seem like it was doing a whole lot, so I tried the crushed Vitamin C. 500 mg Vit. C. Took a Qtip, soaked the end in water, dipped it in the crushed vit c, applied it to the wart and in 2 days it's gone. Had this damn thing for 3 years, tried the crap the dr gave me but it didn't work at all. Was going to have to go and have them burned off. Found this site, thanks God and now I don't have to face the humiliation of having to go to yet another Dr. Very very happy. :)

Posted by Evelyn on Sep 23 2011 06:21:22
the banana peel treatment really works because my daughter used it on her warts which were growing on her neck. she used the banana peel for 3 days (mornings and evenings), and sure enough all the little suckers fell off the following week. No scars, no pain and absolutely no blood. try it. it really does work.

Posted by mazie on Sep 12 2011 16:45:56
could i die havin wart in my throat

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 05 2011 02:22:26
how to reduce unwanted hair??? im very hairy..exspecially on my hands n legs...it look so ugly...hope u guys can search me a remedy...im end up of shaving

Posted by Eunsoh on Aug 20 2011 08:23:17
My mother told me that the best wart treatment is Wartscide. Her friend used it and it is really effective. For about 3 days the product started to work. It is also safe.

Posted by Tested,tried and happy. on Aug 18 2011 14:09:12
Ok...as for genital warts. I was way more concerned about my immune system than the warts but...going to the GP was torture! The nitrogen hurts. So I tried teatree oil face wash-in a 2weeks the warts were gone. Tea tree oil is amazing.

Posted by lisa on Aug 05 2011 16:34:13
how do you get rid of a shaped, like cautiflower wart on your forhead? please help me! people look at me like i'm contagious! thank you!

Posted by Laura on Jul 28 2011 20:55:31
I suffer from genital warts & have found that I can treat it myself by applying topical Neosporin and also by taking 400mg of echinacea three times a day for several days. I rely on echinacea tablets for most of my medical problems (headaches, minor illness, etc.) Before I discovered the benefits of echinacea, hyssop or chlorella (which I've taken in the past with WONDERFUL results) I would have to call my doctor numerous times during the winter because I was constantly getting sick. Because I'm Type 1 diabetic, I am more prone to illness.

Posted by sasha on Jul 08 2011 08:08:57
I would like to know the best way to get rid of warts on the lips and face of a child as freezing them has made it worse, thanks.

Posted by bob on Jul 01 2011 10:05:34
My young son starting getting warts on his fingers when he was 2. I was not going to "burn them off" with him being that small. I did research online and read a suggestion to use Apple Cider Vinegar. I would put it on his wart with a Qtip and ACV (it didn't sting at all) then put a bandaid on it. We did that every morning and every night. After about a week it turned black and fell off. No pain, no crying and no burning it off. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't tried it myself. Try it!!!!!

Posted by Jeff on Jun 25 2011 23:13:32
I have warts on my testicals. Not sure what method to try

Posted by Ellie on Jun 24 2011 05:40:44
Try rubbing garlic on and leaving it for a few hours. It stings a lot!! However very effective. With a combination of using a nail file to keep it down it will be gone shortly!!

Posted by Amber on Jun 07 2011 01:06:42
The banana peel trick, really works. I highly recommended it.

Posted by ana on Jun 01 2011 10:38:41
I have taken many warts away from friends and my child by rubber a onion on it everyday twice a day until they fall off naturally.Give a try and be patient.c3gg3

Posted by barbie doll on Apr 14 2011 05:58:56
i used apple cider vinegar, couple of weeks and it did the trick.

Posted by Jay on Mar 14 2011 17:24:51
genital warts: i read the suggestions but would like to see if any guy out there personally tried any of these remedies? if so, which remedy did you try and how did you do it? appreciate your response

Posted by Matt on Jan 25 2011 09:33:10
place peanut butter on the wart and surrounding area. go to zoo, place affected area into lion cage. the lion will gladly remove wart

Posted by skittles on Nov 26 2010 07:39:08
thank u for the idea of keyboard cleaner lol air duster all the way unfortunatly u r going to want to do the treat away from where u breath i got a serious buzz off that lmao but on the bright side that can turned up side down killed my wart thanks

Posted by Tracey on Sep 05 2010 11:16:31
My son had a plantar wart. Instead of spending .00 for wart removal. I tried an ordinary penny. The copper in the penny caused the wart to turn black and was gone in just over a week. And all it cost me was a penny!

Posted by ashley on Jul 20 2010 06:17:55
does anyone noe how to get rid of the hpv virus and the symptoms with any natural remedies

Posted by Dude on Jul 10 2010 10:31:51
Unfortunately, Lee is correct in most cases. There are a few safe home remedies, but there are some things you just shouldn't play with--they are untested, unproven, and dangerous.

Posted by MizzMae on Jul 09 2010 20:16:29
Home remedies do work but it depends on the persons body. @ Lee yeah buddy keep listening to the dr and see who out lives who- Don't you realize the ppl who live the longest use home remedies! my aunt just passed away at 108 yr old and she has literally only seen a dr 6 times in her entire life time- most ppl who go to dr die within 45-65 yrs of age and FYI if you don't have good insurance kiss your life bye bye- home remedies don't discriminate buddy. And my stupid dr. gave me sumthin i'm allergic to and it was in my file!

Posted by Michael on Jul 08 2010 11:35:13
The Banana Peel cure worked for my wife. She had a number of warts on her hands, and a bunch of tiny ones on her forehead. We read about the banana peel -- and figured it wouldn't hurt to try. She simply taped a small square of banana peel -- inside part over the wart -- onto the wart and left it on overnight. After several nights the large warts were completely gone. We were amazed. Then she started simply rubbing the banana peel on her forehead after she would eat a banana a few days a week -- less aggressive approach -- but in less than 2 weeks the warts on her face were completely gone. Strange, but true. I have no idea why it could work. I hope this helps someone out there.

Posted by anon on Jun 04 2010 23:17:01
cornflour and water paste works too

Posted by Reb on Apr 30 2010 09:59:28
Lee, you are an idiot. Do you know that the 3rd cause of death in the US is the medical/pharmaceutical industry?! Go to your doctor is you please and good luck!

Posted by Name on Apr 18 2010 22:13:03
Dear Lee, I don't know what got stuck up your ass, but you need to calm down. Different things work for different people, so stop judging. And 9 times outta 10 a doctor is going to prescribe some harsh medication that will lower your immune system AND cause a host of other side affects that could be avoided if the home remedies happen to work for you. Be sure to do your research people, and I'm sure if you don't feel comfortable trying something then you won't.

Posted by Lee on Apr 15 2010 22:50:06
Are you kidding me?! Honestly you people are INSANE!! Most of the "treatments" you used on yourself sound utterly terrible. For the love of god...GO SEE A DOCTOR. Don't give yourself all these self cures,in some of your cases it is HIGHLY DANGEROUS and will more likely than not cause more complications in the long run, than the things you are trying to cure! The banana thing....I would like to research, the garlic supplements are iffy, the rest just sounds absurd! Sherry Ann....oh dear god...I bought a thing of Tea Tree oil today, right on the bottle it contains a WARNING!!! "For external use ONLY. DO NOT APPLY TO MUCANOUS MEMBRANES" followed by: "If you get it in your eye, rinse out IMMEDIATELY AND CALL A DOCTOR", which means you SHOULD NOT be using TEA TREE OIL ON, NEAR or IN your eye! Basically...the whole fricken Vicinity! GROW A BRAIN PEOPLE OR STOP SMOKING THE SHIT YOU ARE!!

Posted by Alice on Mar 17 2010 11:28:37
For Genital Warts: These, as some will know, are tricky because you cant tape a banana peel to your warts for three days and it's a particularly sensitive area for burning topical treatments. I went through two years of prescriptions, healing oils, acv, even burning with upside-down cans of keyboard cleaner. The last two did work, but it was very painful and very unsightly. When I was just about to give up I simply started taking 4x the recommended amount of GARLIC SUPPLEMENTS- 8 pills every day. Every wart was gone in under three weeks, go figure.

Posted by Adam on Mar 10 2010 10:42:22
This past week I got sick. I felt a sore throat coming on so I started taking Vitamin C orally. I used the powdered ascorbic acid mixed with some fruit juice. 1 teaspoon a few times a day to start. By the third day the sore throat had gotten to a point where I could barely talk and I took a total of seven teaspoons throughout the day. That's over 20,000% of the RDA. The next day I noticed that a wart I had on my left foot had mysteriously disappeared over night.

Posted by john on Mar 03 2010 06:56:19
how can you treat and prevent genital warts.this sturbon warts have persisted for 2 years on my patient. any one could read this comment and help please.

Posted by Russell Comer on Feb 27 2010 16:04:28
Apparently you can't put a price like I have twice now it's TWENTY NINE NINETY NINE! ugh!

Posted by Russell Comer on Feb 27 2010 16:02:18
Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Should be found for about .99 for 4 ozs. NOT .99 as I thought it was put in below, sorry for any confusion. read below

Posted by Russell Comer on Feb 27 2010 15:58:04
Vitamin C,Apple Cider Vinegar,iodine,freezing,burning,milk from plants or tree,garlic,banana,grated carrot,tea tree oil. All of the above methods do and would work. The acids or thermal treatments can be very effective if and when they are done. I am not a doctor but I love the science involved so after alot of molecular reading I could see how they react. Consider the cause of the unwanted parasite. Best method to which I would recommend would be the tea tree oil diluted with another oil of olive or coconut or a galic base. 100% Tea Tree Oil costs .99 for 4ozs. (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Treats several causes and symptoms but always research these claims yourself. Hope you all get better soon. God Bless

Posted by sandy on Feb 04 2010 22:29:17
The best way to remove warts is: go to a pharmacy that can make up a 2.5 strength iodine. That is a little stronger than the iodine you can buy in the pharmacy. (it is commonly called LUGOL or POVIDONE iodine 10% If they have a lab there they willmake it for you. Iodine only stings on broken skin. Take the dropper and cover the wart with a drop of the iodine. It will take anywhere from 1-5 days for the wart will drop off. There is absolutely NO pain (unless like some of you seem to like self induced torture) but it leaves NO scar, does not come back, and is absolutely pain free. I told a famous doctor about this and he said that it would make absolute sense to him. Also my elderly mother had a fungus infection so bad on her diabetic toe that her toenail would partly lift off and become infected. I applied iodine daily and after a few weeks, the toenail lifted right off without pulling and the fungus underneath had dried up.. Brushed off and new fresh skin appeared along with a new nail. Please save yourself all of the hassle of he terrible burning and do this.

Posted by Bridget on Feb 04 2010 17:34:34
Use this remedy: Soak a small piece of cotton (large enough to cover the wart) in ACV(apple cider vinegar). Place cotton directly on wart and cover with a band-aid. Do this at night before going to bed and remove in morning. Wart is usually gone in one week. Sometimes the first or second night the wart will be painful, simply remove the cotton and begin again the next night. This is even great for plantar warts.

Posted by doug on Jan 21 2010 18:58:54
I took the propane tank of the barbeque and tipped the tank upside down and put some liquid propane in a cereal bow. Then use a q-tip to dab the liquid propane against the war and hold it on till the liquid propane boils off and then keep repeating till the wart is froze hard. It will blister and eventually turn hard and fall off. I have done this to many warts on my hands and they have not cam back since. It is the same procedure as liquid nitrogen except you are using propane which has a higher boiling point.

Posted by love on Jan 08 2010 09:18:53
I had same experience with the other guy.I burn my warts located in my fingers by a screw of which I heated it up in a candle.AFTER BURNING IT i USED A NEEDLE PIN TO PINCH MOST AREAS OF THE WARTS TILL IT GETS BLOOD,,i GOT A LITTLE OF IODIZED SALT AND APPLIED IT IN THE BLEEDING WARTS.iTS PAINFUL WAY,,BUT IT WORKS. AFTER FEW DAYS, MY WARTS WERE GONE.

Posted by Cathleen on Jan 06 2010 17:08:42
I had luck with burning them off. I found metal skewers with a blunt top. I heated them on the stove burner and then applied to the top of the wart until it blistered or it became too painful to hold it. It worked wonderfully as I had been plagued by warts for over ten years as a child. In the past I would periodically go to the doctor and have them surgically removed. The upside is that I didn't receive any scars unlike the ones removed by the doctor.

Posted by sherry ann on Dec 29 2009 12:30:45
I have about one and a hlaf inch of wart under my eye and I tried over the counter wart remover, an healing oil I purchaed via internet, a herbal treatment from Dutch Guyana, grated garlic, duct tape and even clipped off some of the warts and they kept coming back. I visited a dermatologist who said they will return even if they laser it off. I want to try the tea tree oil and would like to know what brand to buy from the local drug stores in Georgetown-Guyana.

Posted by Cynthia on Aug 07 2009 14:26:03
You don't give a lot of info on the vitamin C treatment. Do you apply the paste more than once during the 24 hours? Why water when it makes the paste dry out and crumble off? And what do you do if the wart isn't gone by then?

Posted by w. a.r. on May 26 2009 20:02:44
just be brave and use a ligther and burn !!!!! oh yeah is a painfull ..... very painfull just drink a tequila and is gone!!!! jajajajaja believe or not just burn i was using for a month !!! try it

Posted by Armando on Mar 20 2009 08:47:12
The milky stuff of a fig tree leave directly on a wart will illiminate the wart in about 2 days.

Posted by Lori on Jan 18 2009 23:50:35
When my son had several warts on his hands we took a small piece of cotton from a Q-tip and soaked it in vinegar-placed it on the wart-covered with a band-aid. We did this at night and he would remove it in the morning. He did this for about a week before it was finally gone. It turned black and fell out. It really worked! Try it.

Posted by darwin on Jan 04 2009 15:17:10
I personally used a thin slyce of garlic wrap with a bandaid or a piece of duct tape and takes about one to two weeks to completely disapear

Posted by Gwendolyn on Nov 13 2008 15:49:00
Sadly, I had the horrible experience of acquiring several plantars warts on my feet. I went to the Doctors and tried the liquid nitrogen, many times. The Doc never seemed to leave it on for long enough. So i decided to take matters into my own hands. I had heard about the \\'Match head method\\' of home remedies, so I tried it. I was desperate to get rid of them so I just did it!! I used the wooden matches as they are sturdier and hold the heat better, lit them then blew them out, then placed immediately on wart, held on wart until heat disapated. Repeated manay many times during one sitting. This method works the best of all. It truly burns the warts right off. Better then any of the other \\'natural\\' remedies.

Posted by Emma on Jul 20 2008 17:52:30
Burn your wart with matches! This remedy is only for warts not covered in skin. Such as cauliflour types. This remedy will kill your wart straight away but you will need to take painkillers as you will experience a painful trobbing. To do this treatment light a match then blow it out and really quickly place it on your wart and keep it there until the heat has gone. Repeat several times until you think you've killed it. This will work, just be brave. No pain No gain!

Posted by ROSS on Apr 28 2008 00:40:03
Re banana on planter warts, it does work. Cut a square of banana peel place over wart with meat side onto wart,cover with compfortable bandage leave on for 4 days & nights,place a plastic bag over foot when showering as not to get wet. Remove bandage not a sign of banana ever been there.Amazing!!! repeat if needed.

Posted by May Strom on Apr 27 2008 16:33:35
l was told by my mother to fine grate a carrot and put it on the wart and cover it with a bandage or sterile pad. You do this just before you go to bed and take it off in the morning---do this process for 3 nights(only).After time passes in a week to a month it will automatically fall off with no holes, scaring or marks left behind, just new skin.

Posted by Mary on Mar 25 2008 16:28:37
I had a forest of warts on the bottom of my foot for about two years many years ago. I read an article in Prevention Magazine about banana peels and warts. so since I ate a banana and orange juice for bf everyday back then, I decided to try it. I would rub the meat side of the peel on my affected foot until it the peel turned black. When the peel was about used up, I would tape a piece on my foot, cover with a sock and wear it for a few hours. Two weeks later, they were gone. And I've never had a wart on my foot again.

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