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Constipation Home Remedy

Constipation Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Constipation

Constipation is the term given to a condition in which bowel movements happen less frequently than is normal for a particular individual, or the stool is small, hard, and difficult or painful to pass.

In addition to infrequent bowel movements, other symptoms of constipation include bad breath, loss of appetite, headaches and dizziness, constant fullness in the abdomen and pain in the lower back, and diarrhea alternating with constipation.

Constipation is often the main cause for many other illnesses and diseases in humans, since the waste products from our bodily functions are retained for longer than what nature intended. As a result, toxins are absorbed back into the system, leading to a number of ailments.

Causes of Constipation

One of the primary causes of constipation is a bad diet. For example, consuming foods which are low in essential vitamins and minerals, not drinking enough water during the day, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee or tea commonly leads to improper bowel movements.

As we age, our bodies produce less and start to lag behind in the manufacture of digestive acids such as hydrochloric acid, pepsin, and digestive enzymes. This natural slow-down is also a leading cause of constipation. A proper diet and regular exercise can help reduce the chances of chronic constipation.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Constipation Treatment

Constipation Home Remedy Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar assists our body in performing natural bowel movements since it contains significant amounts of pectin, which is a water soluble fiber that helps to improve digestion by normalizing the acid levels in the stomach.

For an effective treatment of constipation, add 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar into an 8 oz glass of water, and drink this mixture three times a day. The Apple Cider Vinegar can also be mixed with apple juice or grape juice to make it more palatable.

Treat Constipation with Psyllium

Psyllium is a wonderful treatment for constipation, which is why it is a common ingredient in many over the counter laxatives. Therefore, a simple remedy is to take 1 teaspoon of psyllium mixed into a glass of juice three times a day until your constipation is relieved. Be sure to drink the mixture immediately to prevent it from thickening, since it may become more difficult to swallow. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day when using this remedy.

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Reader Comments

Posted by WMC on Apr 19 2014 23:55:19
My sister suffered severe constipation for over 2 years, and so did I. After several procedures, two emergency room trips, and many medications, the doctors said there was nothing else they could do for her -- except, of course, continue the medications (that were not working). Finally, I convinced her to take 2 caps, 3x/day of the Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse. Since she started 6 months ago, she has never been more regular. No problems - and she's happier. It will definitely help you also cause your symptoms sounds just like mine. = )

Posted by Bonnie on Oct 15 2013 23:22:58
Have to do enema to rid colon of waste everyday. I have tried everything and more to try to have normal BMs to no avail. Planning on trying the acv . Hope it works.

Posted by Nina on Sep 17 2013 23:25:43
@Liz, I feel bad for you for what you went through. I don't like the taste of ACV either. I can only drink it well diluted in really chilled water. For constipation, somebody told me to take a half teaspoon of castor oil mixed in any thing you like twice a day (once in the morning and one in early evening).It works mixed in warm milk really fast and within an hour you feel the urge to go. You should not take more than one teaspoon of Castor oil in one dose. It always works for me.

Posted by liz on Sep 17 2013 21:44:39
tried 2 tbls of acv for constipation and made me sick to my stomach, burping up the fluid, so grouse and I am so nauseated and still no BM, so frick'n frustrating.

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 29 2013 02:45:19
For infants try red lifeboy soap enma .take a piece of soap with help of water make it in a long cone shape , when still watery n slippery insret it 2 to 3 times .the child will be relived from bowls, irritation,stomach etc. It had worked wonders to daughter when she was suffering 4m constipation at the age of 3 months.but be sure to consult the doc for medicine.

Posted by mkr on Jul 10 2013 21:43:08
Dr. Christophers Fen B or lower bowel formula is the best for constipation that I have found.. Fenegreek seeds good, Apple cider vinegar. ALSO, found I had LOW Stomach Acid (which looks like high acid), so I take betaine at meals with proteins, to break down for me. Look up malabsorption, but get tested by natropathic md for low acid and make sure that is issue. There are good HCL(hydochloric acid) remedies that are natural. Ginger after foods also helped constipation. I sip on fenegreek water during day. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by Little Sheep on Jul 10 2013 00:00:25
Peter Gillham's Natural Calm cannot be beat for taking care of constipation. I had rectal surgery & was warned I could never get constipated again or the nerves & muscles in my rectum would be damaged & require surgery all over again. I learned about Natural Calm & have used it ever since. It's completely natural with zero side effects. Apple cider vinegar is something I've been trying recently as well & have found that it also helps with going to the bathroom when taken nightly before bed. One or both of these combined will get you going to the bathroom again without painful cramps or the discomfort one gets from strong laxatives which are unhealthy anyway.

Posted by laxman on Jul 04 2013 09:12:38
I am more than 55 yrs. But my passing of stools is not what it should be at this age. Only scanty stools that too like the babies pass stools and faceus is only little. That tantamounts to heart irritation and giddiness. At times ushers to mild heart attack. what should be remedy?

Posted by laxman on Jul 04 2013 09:12:38
I am more than 55 yrs. But my passing of stools is not what it should be at this age. Only scanty stools that too like the babies pass stools and faceus is only little. That tantamounts to heart irritation and giddiness. At times ushers to mild heart attack. what should be remedy?

Posted by CONSTIPATION FOR 2 YEAR on Jun 17 2013 11:50:50

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 05 2013 07:21:59
Magnesium. A study in Japan said magnesium can help constipation more than fiber.

Posted by jenny on Nov 22 2012 19:31:26
I have trouble with consipation and Citroma is very good in 30 min you will emtpy your bowel

Posted by dennis on Nov 05 2012 00:08:20
fiber dqoesnt work. for me i increased my intake of healthy fats by taking a spoonful of coconut oil three times a day plus i use olivd oil on my daily salad and eat at least one avocado a day as well as getting healthy saturated fats from eating meat with every meal.

Posted by crystal on Sep 26 2012 21:15:38
use smooth move tea...its a senna tea, works well.

Posted by Zerrin on Sep 23 2012 01:39:21
I used every constipation remedy for my then 6 year old son who had chronic constipation for very long time. Nothing worked until I came a cross a reflexology technique shown here on step 1. It worked like a charm and we are free of constipation last 6 years. http://www.ehow.com/how_6619_shiatsu-constipation.html

Posted by Miranda on Aug 08 2012 17:16:10
Hi, where do I buy cheema karrakkaya powder from in London? Thanks

Posted by polumuri Samuel on Jul 26 2012 05:51:17
The best remedy as far as I know for Constipation is to take a tea spoonful of Cheema Karakkayya (in Telugu) powder early in the morning. It will make you release with in an hour without any trouble.

Posted by DR SHAKA on May 29 2012 11:38:04
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Posted by DR SHAKA on May 29 2012 11:32:56
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Posted by Anonymous on May 22 2012 17:34:43
Try drinking a 10 ounce can of coconut water (also called milk. Worked wonders for me.

Posted by Lost30Soul on May 09 2012 06:59:20
hi, i've tried taking ACV for 2 weeks for once daily. still constipated for almost 1week. am going to take ACV starting tomorrow for 3x daily, lets see what happens. Before this, i used to take psyllium but i think my stomach got used to it eventually. and you always need to drink lots of water! Then my doc gave me Fibrosine, just the same, my stomach got used to it.

Posted by Wisdom on Apr 27 2012 22:07:20
When all else fails, Jesus will never! Believe that by Jesus' stripes you were healed! 1 Peter 2:24. It's free, no one has to know about the "procedure" (of course until after you confess this word and are so joyful to share so others can be healed of whatever it is they are dealing with)! Best of all the Word works! Jesus is the Truth, the Way, and the Life...! Try it and you won't be dissapointed - never forget it. He's your mainstay against all the lies the world tries to feed you. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth (that Jesus is Lord) and you will be saved. Live life to His fullest!

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 23 2012 06:12:17

Posted by Marinelli V on Apr 14 2012 00:45:52
I had been "blocked up" for the past couple weeks. Very bloated, uncomfortable, constant "full" feeling, etc... The day I started the Lady Soma Detox, I "went". It wasn't an uncontrollable feeling, but just that things were finally starting to work the way through. I've been more regular these past few days using this product than I've felt in quite some time. I feel lighter and normal.

Posted by Sophie on Apr 04 2012 13:59:55
I have always had one to three bowel movements per day, but now I am on opiate pain medication and am terribly bloated and constipated. My diet is vegetarian and rich with fiber and protein, but it makes no difference to the medication induced constipation. I just drank 2 tbs of organic apple cider vinegar and swallowed 2 500mg magnesium oxide tablets, along with lots of water. I will continue this remedy 3 times a day, and let you know the results if and when I have any. I have not had a bowel movement in 3 days.

Posted by nek on Mar 26 2012 15:44:13
This is a fantastic site! Thank You!

Posted by Barbara on Mar 18 2012 11:06:55
I think I need an Enema to get the one piece of stool out. I have been trying for 2 days to push it out. it almost comes out and goes back in. come someone please tell me what to do

Posted by raghu on Feb 26 2012 07:21:15
i am sufferng fromheavy constipation. pls advise me

Posted by Bob on Jan 14 2012 16:07:15
Why take pills or drugs that can harm the system. The best way is a natral cure which only efects the lower bowel and is safe to do. Take up to a quart of warm water with a teaspon of Salt mixed in then admister slowly in to the bowel hold for 15 minits or when the erge to go is strong. You may repeat the Enema proses again till the out flow is clear. The bowel is like the plumbing in the house You must clean it out or it will compact same as the bowel.Your diet has much to do with how the body digest its food and our prosessd foods the way it is made in the USA. You will be more better after the prosess with no pill or drug after efects. This is for the health do this it works.

Posted by Grand mom on Dec 28 2011 15:26:38
Constipation can be caused by a lack of linoleic acid found in ALL NATURAL SAFFLOWER OIL; cold pressed, organic. Good company is Eden Oils. Adults take 1 or 2 teaspoons with every meal; young children start them slowly with 1/2 teaspoon with each meal. Increase slowly. If BM is too green, too much bile is getting through, so cut back on the oil. Do this every day. They will improve each and every day. Stay away from all oils if they are not cold pressed/all natural organic. Flax seed can be dangerous. Do your research.

Posted by Gopal Rao on Dec 26 2011 12:16:15
I am suffering with accute constipation and not in aq position to pass the stools at one sitting.added to this I have developed fissures and it is very difficult to pass stools. now i have been advised to go for surgery for fissures. recently I have started taking apple cider vinegar.Kindly advise me the remidy.

Posted by claire on Dec 16 2011 20:49:48
For anyone with constipation it probably indicates not enough good bacteria in the gut. You may want to look into GAPS by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride www.gaps.me

Posted by di on Nov 29 2011 15:40:03
My Dr. said to take 2 tspns of Calm, Anti-stress mixed in water once a day. It's a mix of all natural Magnesium minerals, that you body needs anyway. It works amazing! Also, don't forget. You're constipated for a reason. Don't just treat the symptom, treat the cause. Fix your diet!! You may have a food allergy, or are not eating well. Once I got rid of gluten, I starting have regular bowel movements. Try removing things from your diet for 2 weeks and see.

Posted by Bob on Nov 27 2011 16:52:30
Take a warm water Enema with a teaspoon of Salt up to a Quart while on the toilet or on your left side You an do this on Your own but a partner giver can help make the prosess better and hold the enema for up to 15 Minits or when the erge to go is strong. You may repeat this Enema again to get all out.

Posted by James on Nov 19 2011 16:16:56
Follow God's Word. He gave us fruits and vegetables for our food. An apple a day will keep the doctor away. Trash the sugar drinks; drink plenty of water. Ever since I started eating what God made us to eat I no longer have to reach for the toilet plunger and ex-lax. Consider fruits and vegetables as your natural Roto Rooter. If this doesn't work then I don't know what will.

Posted by Pat on Nov 19 2011 07:09:10
I use "NOW" Senna tea, it works great, however I went to order it again and found they have discontinued it. I am trying a different senna tea. I hope it works as well. iHerb.con Best of luck, it is no fun being constipated.

Posted by Kathleen on Nov 15 2011 13:00:09
Constipation is serious and can lead to other ailments like leaky gut and Appendicitis. Female hormones can play a factor and we all know diet is key. I recently found this product with clinical studies and many testimonies if allowed the website is www.oxypowder.com I am not associated with them in any way just sharing to help here as many have this issue and it's important for your health. Your colon is your other brain and it affects the entire body and mind if unhealthy as well as healthy. Be well my friends.

Posted by Ernie Assselin on Nov 13 2011 16:33:27
This is good! www.natures1st.com/2196 NutraShotz is a good vitamin & Plant Mineral Complex. Look us up keep your health its the life you want.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 20 2011 16:27:37
Alo Vera Gel makes a good lubricant for Enema and Duch tips and is safe for Himroids

Posted by Kate on Sep 20 2011 03:02:38
I was using Psyllium Husk for months and I was going daily without any pain. But now, suddenly I've gone back to bein constipated and bloated and really don't know what to do. I've tried nearly everything, plenty of water, prunes, vegies and fruit and nothing...it's frightening. I'm only 30 years old and feel yuk!

Posted by Anonymous on Aug 31 2011 13:35:10

Posted by Anonymous on Aug 31 2011 13:35:09

Posted by wendy on Aug 13 2011 08:57:10
aloe vera juice helps with anykind of health problems...shingles, boils,diabetes you name it.....It works!!!!!!

Posted by amsimone on Aug 06 2011 02:35:56
I use a warm water enema..Have tried this method many times and it works wonders.. I now take Kefir.. fermented milk ..

Posted by lola on Aug 05 2011 12:37:12
i can't gain weight because i am bolemic! and constipation gives me hemroids!

Posted by Charlene Berrie on Jul 23 2011 00:23:27
Try the product CALM It is magnesium citrate, a natural supplement, very helpful with constipation problems. Magnesium has many other health benefits. I am sure it is marketed under many brand names.I get mine at the chiropractors office. Hope this helps

Posted by David on Jul 06 2011 08:11:48
Oh nearly forgot,you take the mixture once a day.. :o)

Posted by David on Jul 06 2011 08:01:59
Hi,Guys im some body who has suffered constipation over the years off and on,what works for me is 1 or 2 TSPNS of vitC powder mixed in a little hot water with fruit juice added to taste.....its like rocket fuel..BEWARE..

Posted by Constipation Remedies on May 18 2011 04:56:16
When treating constipation, home remedies should be tried first before resorting to additional medication.

Posted by cindy on Apr 19 2011 20:06:16
I have just found this web site and find all of the posting very helpful....I am having a serious problem do to the meds I am taking....will be back to let all of u know how the acv works ...thanks 2 all

Posted by Leona on Apr 14 2011 08:36:45
Take a good quality Probiotic every day for the rest of your life.

Posted by Mo on Mar 03 2011 16:57:23
Hi,I have a slow emptying stomach, causing sxtreme bloating and constipation and extreme gas . Have tried fiber, more water,eating softer diet. I am taking Reglan to make my stomach spasm, but I hate it, side affects of muscle cramps. does anyone have any ideas?

Posted by abe on Feb 07 2011 08:36:56
Hi guys we have same prob before. I started this program and now no more constipation that last more than 3 days. My friend recommended this tinyurl.com/endconstip . and also try hullahopping(exercise for intestines) and if you are open to alternative try clove of garlic this helps me somehow. Hope i was able to help.

Posted by liliy on Feb 01 2011 21:52:59
all you got to do is eat soup regularly!! not the caned soups that can stay on shelfs for years but the real one with real vegies that cooked by YOU! why do you think european girls stay so thin? its cuz we eat soup every day at least once. TRUST ME it works. stay away from anything that can stay on shelfs for years, cuz that stuff will stay in ur stomach for years. its common sense.

Posted by ayeshakazim on Jan 08 2011 06:16:24
iam 31 years old and iam having thyroid problem so is there any harm in using applecider viniger.becoz iam using applecider viniger and green tea three times a day from last one month and now iam severly suffering with joint pains so please suggest me what shall i use for weight loss.

Posted by joybell on Dec 26 2010 18:04:21
Lauren, about your constipated youngster, Try tinned pears,pluss drinking the juice. ..an old fashioned remedy, pears help with bowel regularity.. remember drinking water , warm baths and massage good also to get the tummy working in a healthy way...hope it helps,pears worked great for my son...joy

Posted by Jill on Nov 13 2010 18:35:54
Im pregnant 17wks that is and im starting to get really constipated....my dr. only gives me a limited list of OTC medicines...but i'd rather do something more natural. I just am wondering if it's safe to take Apple Cinder Vinegar while being prego? and If you are pregnant too or have had a baby recently and know a natural baby safe doctor approved rememdy please please email me! THANKS!! :) SINGERDANCERGIRL@YAHOO.COM

Posted by Bob Dopp on Oct 11 2010 23:40:00
Thank you so much and may God bless you for recommending this to me!!! I am a 31 year old man. Since I have gotten serious about burning that last little bit of belly fat off my abs by adjusting my daily diet, 3-4 weeks ago I began having constipation so bad that I couldn't go for 2 days at a time some times, usually on the weekend. I eat a lot of fiber, BUT I do drink a lot of water. I'm very active at my full-time job (and with walking being part of my commute), eat a low-fat & low-sugar diet, and I eat many fruits and vegetables and lean proteins with complex carbohydrates. So I don't know why I was getting that way. It got to the point where I started also getting gas and bloating so bad that it became painful with gas feeling trapped in my bowels. I thank God I found your site with the recommendation on taking apple cider vinegar. Currently, for close to a week I have been taking 3 Tbsps of Bragg's Organic Unpasteurized Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (bought from local Fred Meyer, but am now buying generic bulk of equivalent quality from AzureStandard.com) with 2 Tbsps Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses (also from Azure Standard) with a dash of Herbal Advantage pure Stevia extract powder (bulk from herbaladvantage.com) mixed in some hot water when I wake up and before I go to bed. I am regular everyday again, plus the painful gas and bloating are gone! My joints are feeling better as well, and it seems as if I have more energy in mind and body, plus it seems like it has given my metabolism a boost so that I can eat a little more and still lose weight! I remember one time taking the advice of some site that recommended it for head congestion, and it took mine away within an hour! I feel so much better now! Organic Unpasteurized Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar really, REALLY is a miracle cure-all!!!

Posted by lauren on Oct 10 2010 11:34:30
please help my one year old daughter has been connstipated since birth the doctor has priscribed me lactoloss but this seems to have no affect!! ,y partner sufferd with bad constipation as a yungster and got bullied for it. im so afrid that the same will happen to my daughter..please help

Posted by Lola on Sep 30 2010 19:51:45
Does anyone have a suggestion for a condition called perastalic motion. That's where the muscle does not work properly for daily bowel movement. THanks

Posted by Skye on Sep 10 2010 19:22:52
Im constipated at the moment and i have tryed everything the doctors cant help me anymore. I really need some help thanks

Posted by luvthathorse on Sep 10 2010 17:39:26
Hi, I started drinking 2 capfuls of apple cider vinegar mixed with cold water twice a day to get rid of a ringworm. Not only did it get rid of the ringworm, but it cured my constipation! I've been constipated my whole life and to find this out accidentally was a great surprise! At first the taste gagged me a little bit, but now I can say the taste doesn't bother me a bit! Try it - it really works!

Posted by Bob on Sep 08 2010 17:03:41
Completely agree with Adelanoval's comment!I've found with experience that we can prevent so many health conditions just by home remedies and natural and organic food. One medication brings you 5 more health problems to deal with and that's what pharmaceutical companies want. Natural remedies are the saviour of life!!

Posted by adelanoval on Sep 08 2010 14:29:54
Hello friends: I found your website today and I think is great for people who have lost faith in conventional western medicine. Doctors are not trained in natural remedies, so they don't have a clue about natural remedies, except what drugs come in the market to use us as guinea pigs. Doctors get interest from Pharmaceutical companies who make lucrative business from double blade sword chemical drugs, which help one thing,but ruin another; therefore, keeping doctor's in business. It is to their best interest to keep is sick and returning back to them for treatment, which is why they don't believe nor recommend preventive natural treatments...It's all a monopoly my friends! God knows,our cure are in the foods and herbs we eat. There is nothing better than "organic", back to nature products. ALWAYS read the supplement ingredient labels and STAY AWAY from preservatives, additives and such as: MSG,Hydrolysed Proteins/oils, Trans "Saturated" fats, Gluten,wheat, Sugar,and High Fructuse Corn Syrups!!! AT ALL COSTS,..TRY TO EAT "ORGANIC", NON-PROCESSED FOODS.NON-ADDITIVES FOODS. AVOID "ALL" FORMS OF "MSG" MONO-SODIUM GLUTAMATE,A FLAVOR ENHANCING AGENT, USED IN ALMOST ALL PROCESSED FOODS TO EXCITE TASTE BUDS INTO MAKING YOU EAT MORE. THAT'S WHY FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS SUCH AS: MCDONALDS, TACO BELL, AND KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN ARE LOADED WITH THEM, WHICH IS WHY THEY LURE KIDS! DON'T UNDERSTIMATE "MSG",,,IT IS A "POWERFUL" NEURO-TOXIN! WHICH ARE MAIN CAUSES OF THE HIGH INCREASE IN: ALZEIMERS, MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY,LOU GEHRIG'S DISEASE AND CANCERS TODAY. STAY AWAY FROM DIET SODAS,AND ARTIFICIAL SUGARS, SUCH AS: ASPARTAME (NUTRASWEET), SUCRAOLSE (SPLENDA), SACCHARIN, IF YOU MUST: USE NATURAL SUGAR, STEVIA, HONEY OR XYLITOL! AND BY ALL MEANS, STAY AWAY FROM: SULFITES AND NITRATES, WHICH ARE IN MOST DELI FOODS, BBQ MEATS AND WINES...

Posted by Linda on Aug 24 2010 06:25:25
This is a good site... Thank You

Posted by Linda on Aug 24 2010 06:15:50
This is a good site... Thank You

Posted by Marlene on Aug 10 2010 02:41:17
I'm constipated. I use to bowel every other day. What can you suggest me to prevent constipation?Thanks in advance...

Posted by Busby on Jun 18 2010 07:46:14
I take three teaspoons of lactulose every night to keep my motions soft and passable. This means consuming large amounts of water to make sure the lactulose works effectively and I would like to find a substitute remedy. Can you help? I have a healthy diet and am already consulting my doctor with this problem.

Posted by Kelly on Jun 04 2010 06:31:59
I have severe constipation IBS and nothing helps.

Posted by melgibson on May 05 2010 04:41:59
For all those with children with severe constipaton: Try to cut out all wheat, My son (5) was only going about once every week - ten days. He's never been diagnosed with gluten allergy, the doctors said his diet was good and there should be no problem, they wouldn't look into it beyond offering laxatives. I have always made sure he has a good healthy diet, loads of fruit and veg, proper meals with no rubbish. He's had the same problems with his stomach since he was a baby, always had trouble and never very regular, seemed to be in pain as a baby too, wriggling around with discomfort. The doctors gave him laxatives but I don't want my son on medicine forever to treat symptoms, I want to find the cause and remove it. I started him on a wheat free diet, not completely gluten free, just cut out wheat bread, biscuits, cakes, pasta and all items based on wheat or with a large wheat content. He has some gluten free items to replace these, ie: gluten free pitta breads, crispbreads, biscuits and cakes as a treat. He has rice and also eats oats too, these seem ok for him. It took over 6 weeks but because I have the same problems and I could feel the difference in me from removing the wheat I kept it up and around 7-8 weeks he started having very runny poo's, then got much more regular. He now goes every 1-2 days and with much more ease. No more pain and struggling for literally days to get out a over sized dry and very hard stool. Kids shouldn't have to deal with this, we have to find the solution not just treat the symptoms. If your child is having dry hard stools only once every 5 day or more and struggling to pass them then I would put money on it being wheat-gluten intollerance. I've dealt with this myself for over 15 years before finding the solution. (a lot of pain and tests included) Please try a gluten free-wheat free diet for at least 8 weeks to rule it out. I tried EVERYTHING with my son before finding a solution. It is so hard to find the cause of these sorts of problems and the body takes a long time to normalise after years of item causing the problem being it the system, you may have to wait at least 6-8 weeks before you see your child improve. But it's worth that time to elimiate gluten as the cause, I would be surprised if it's not wheat causing the problem. Gluten allegy - intollerance is the most common and a lot of people suffer from it. Please try, it has changed my son's life :o) Now my stomach feels more normal, nice even, before with wheat in my system it felt knotted up, blocked, bloated and I had terrible cramps, and of cause, the constipation. I now feel more empty and things are moving in a more normal time frame. We still have trace amounts of wheat and barley and rye, we have not needed to remove every trace to get a good enough reaction. I don't want to be over strict on us unless it's vital. I hope this helps someone's child :o) Nothing worse than seing your child in pain. madmellymel@yahoo.co.uk

Posted by jet on Apr 11 2010 15:02:28
What should i give to my son, he is six months old. he has a constipation.Thanks

Posted by Sandra on Apr 07 2010 12:08:20
Flaxseed works wonders for constipation, and the great thing about it is it works the same day. No, need to be bloated, and filled with gas for days on end.

Posted by Heather on Apr 04 2010 07:11:56
I have tried everything, magnesium-psyllium-movicol-lots of fresh fruit-dried fruit-aperients to name a few. Have just started on ACV for arthritis-x3 times/day & after 2 days I have a reaction from the acidity of the apple juice. Reading the comments here has helped me to put 2 & 2 together, thanks

Posted by Jane on Feb 10 2010 17:41:18
I honestly believe that honeydew has cured my ibs. As weird as it sounds...I know. I recently went on a cruise where they gave us endless amounts of food. Im not a big desert fan so I got the fresh fruit for breakfast lunch and dinner in place of any kind of desert. It always had honeydew on the plate. Over the course of the 12 days, my bowel movements became normal! The only thing I could think of was the fruit because it was a consistent meal of mine throughout the trip. When I got home my ibs came back even though I was eating all kinds of fruit (everything but honeydew). So I bought the melon about a week later and sure enough...IBS GONE! Its amazing and Im so happy. I looked up the nutrients and it seems that it has a lot of potassium which could be why its helping. My body just may have been lacking potassium and ibs struck. Well thats all in the past...yay! Im female 23 yrs old by the way.

Posted by Brea on Feb 01 2010 15:20:00
A lot of constipation is caused by an over growth of parasites in your digestive tract, or from candida. I've been doing a series of cleanses from RenewLife: Advanced cleanse, ParaGone, and CandiGone... No more constipation for me. Their FibreSmart is what did the trick I think. Many fiber supplements are based with psyllium husk, but psyllium husk is either only insoluable or soluable fibre, and you need both for healthy digestion so often psyllium based fibre supplements can make a person sick. FibreSmart is Flax based.

Posted by H.S on Jan 19 2010 12:20:26
Here is a tip that is also helpful and something I came across by chance and I had to share this here. When sitting on the toilet lean forward when you feel the urge coming. Lean all the way forward so your shoulders are touching your knees and stay there until you are done. Do this always when going to the bathroom for it makes passing stools a lot easier. Hope this helps!

Posted by Les on Dec 09 2009 00:10:15
These nutritional tips have worked for me and now keep me going regularly and effortlessly. I do at least one of these things daily and it's ok to do them in combination as all of these are natural foods. Try: Colon Care Formula by Yerba Prima, Raisen Bran with extra raisens, Yogurt with rolled oats and raisens (substitute any fruit you like cut into small pieces) it is absolutely delicious and your insides feel soothed and healthy after you eat it. Eat an apple daily, it works. Italian grandmothers call this "Mussolini's Cure" for constipation- a spoonful of Extra Virgin Olive Oil first thing in the morning followed by a warm glass of filtered water with about half of an organic lemon squeezed into it. It can also be done at night when you go to bed- works good. Stay away from soft drinks of all kinds, cut WAY back on sugar and salt. Do NOT smoke or drink alcohol- they are poisons, period. Reduce greasy meats and substitute vegetable protiens (Google "Complete Protiens" and go from there). For me, in the recent past, whenever I would eat too much candy, chocolate donuts or peanut butter I would become dangerously clogged up for days. I no longer suffer from constipation. Happy bowel movements! : ) ruaft18@yahoo.com

Posted by Jessica on Oct 27 2009 20:37:25
Any safe suggestions that I can try on my 2 year daughter? She had a little 24 hour bug 2 weeks ago and since then she has been having a lot of trouble going to the bathroom, she tells me everyday her tummy hurts...and she can't go!! She is going thru the "I hate veggies" phase....any suggestions are welcome!! Thanks a million!!

Posted by au khan on Oct 26 2009 23:49:34
HI, i was one of the sufferer from severe constipation,100% treatment of constipation is \\"eat at least of 150 gm ladies finger sabzi along with wheat roti in dinner\\" and see the wonders next morning,

Posted by josephine on Oct 14 2009 13:18:36
Soak 2-3prunes in a glass of water overnight.Consume the prunes and water first thing the next morning i.e. on an empty stomach.Works wonders for me,give it a try.

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 19 2009 11:16:06
Try 3 BALLERINA TEA works wonders.You can get it at any chinese stores

Posted by sandra on Sep 11 2009 13:19:14
my 2 year old has a hard time going her stools are so big it even bleeds when she goes it looks like her insides are comeing out please help me i tryed so much she wont even eat anymore seen so much doctors and they cant help me

Posted by peggy on Sep 11 2009 00:01:42
Hi, Just like to share with you a natural fruit juice that works very good for me,without all the cramping that a lot of those medical laxatives do.That is prune juice.you take it depending on how bad your constipation is.a 1/2 cup may be o.k. for some people,but i've taken more.too much I found will send you running for quite a while.don't plan an out- ing or anything until your ordeal of running to the bath room a few time's over.I do believe before you eat anything is better,since i've tried this stuff at different times.also i try to drink a little soda behind this stuff to chase it down.on second thought you might want to start with 1/4 cup or less that is, if you are mildly constipated.this stuff gets the job done with me. it does have a lot of potassium.you might want to try the dried prunes.I don't know how many you would have to eat, because everyone is different with this problem of consta- pation.when i was a girl growing up,my aunt gave me caster oil that stuff would make you sick.it did however work. I would not give that castor oil to nobody.

Posted by shadyp on Aug 13 2009 14:28:28
I have tried the following: flax oil-ok when used daily hot water 1st thing in the morning-works sometimes physillium husk in the form of fibrogel-not very good 1 glass prune juice-works but stay at home until 'empty' movicol-very good but is a laxative and its better to not use laxa tives as this will weaken ur bowels more. jordans wheat bran or wheat germ-1 tablespoon in ur cereal gives extra fibre.aim for 20g of fibre per day with 2L water.

Posted by Dot on Jul 31 2009 11:26:52
I was taking miralax every other day and I started ACV for arthritic pain. After a week I noticed I was not needing the miralax and realized its the vinegar. Much cheaper and I feel better using vinegar rather than chemical. Now Im going to try three times a day and see if it helps me lose a few pounds. Pain in legs definatly a thing of the past. Dr.s need to start telling people about this.

Posted by Lynn on Jul 07 2009 00:18:51
This is a great site. I wished I had found it before I gained 15 pounds from chronic constipation, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Posted by NoBrothers on Jun 24 2009 02:15:46
Here's a good one too: Every morning take 2 Omega 3,6,9 FishOil Capsules (not to worry, no taste) and this will keep you regular. But if you can tolerate drinking Cod Liver Oil (lemmon flavored a must) then that works great too. I liked the suggestion of olive oil mixed with oj. But I need to check and see if that's ok otherwise, like cholesterol, etc. probably is. Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil Caps keep you pretty reg, but may not work "immediately"; may take overnight for results. Taken everyday though, should keep you on a regular schedule...

Posted by T rynise on Jun 23 2009 05:33:12
Four ounces of orange juice and two ounces of olive oil mix well works very quickly

Posted by Dawn on Jun 09 2009 19:41:44
I'm so going to try this. Thanks!

Posted by Nancy on May 28 2009 22:45:54
I have found that triphala works wonders. I take a product called CleaseMore. It will give guaranteed results within 24 hours...the safe way...no harsh chemicals and nothing acidic.

Posted by lorraine on May 26 2009 13:09:50
Constipation remedy:Use ground flax seed(approximately 2 tablespoons per day). Mix it with your favourite cereal, sprinkle it over a salad, mix it in your favourite juice or in yogurt.search the web for more benefits and how to use it. Use it daily for best results.Keep it refigerated.

Posted by dulcie on May 16 2009 00:56:00
flax seed oil or capsules are often very effective in relieving constipation. this remedy is also safe for young children. I have opened the capsules and put them in choc milk or etc.

Posted by Nancy on May 15 2009 21:34:55
Magnesium tablets will work.You can buy them anywhere try 1 and work up until you get relief. Nothing works better.

Posted by fairy on May 07 2009 23:48:02
best advice. do not take banana after 4 pm in the afternoon. Also drink warm milk ( warm enough ) before going to bed. This will help a lot

Posted by Hilda Simmons on Apr 25 2009 16:29:22
My constipation is caused because the perastalic motion in my intestines is so weak. Diagnosed as chronic slow bowel syndrome. I never have the urge to go. I've tried lots of water, raw fruits and vegetables (gained 20 lbs on so much fruit) and still had a hard time going. Has anyone else on this site dealt with that problem or diagnosis? Thanks so much. Hilda

Posted by Tim on Apr 20 2009 02:53:58
Class... can we sya Karo Syrup? That does it almost every time... and kids love to drink that stuff. If that doesn\\'t work things loose... try Fletchers root beer flavored laxitive... talk about gone in 60 seconds!

Posted by Maw on Mar 15 2009 12:21:19
I give my 4 year old apple juice all day long when he is Constipated it works by the afternoon every time :)

Posted by kevin on Feb 03 2009 06:18:51
i have a 5 year old son who is bloked up all the time medicen from the doctor not working nearly at my tether someone plz help

Posted by Angie on Dec 15 2008 01:50:51
My five year old was terribly constipated, I tried different juices and even adding spinach juice to mashed potatoes, these were slow to work, but then I tried a few celery leaves in his potatoes and the next day his movement were easier and better.

Posted by Axel on Dec 05 2008 16:49:47
ugh, thank you, I'm always so stressed out which can leave me constipated every month or two.

Posted by Inge Sellers on Dec 03 2008 13:16:26
Thank you I will try this I'm starving my self because my blood pressure is sooo high and I stay constipation.

Posted by Miriam on Nov 17 2008 13:55:54
I haven't used this one yet but many others from this site and they all have worked in particular the oil of oregano. Thank you soo much!

Posted by Letty on Oct. 30, 2008 19:10 on Oct 30 2008 07:11:48
Am pretty sure I will try the apple cider vinegar. Big help though. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by Thomas P. on Oct 13 2008 16:13:10
Was planning on giving this a try for heartburn and acid reflux.Although that remedy calls for less ACV,I will go all out.Will post again and tell how it worked.

Posted by Dreda on Oct 13 2008 13:06:13
I will definitely try this remedy. Thanks for the info!

Posted by Marie on Aug 07 2008 14:30:58
It worked in two hours.

Posted by Freddy on Jul 28 2008 15:53:04
Use also two tea spoons of Psyllium Husk every morning mixed with your favorite juice to increase your bowel movent and to reduce your cholesterol from your system

Posted by Diane on Jul 21 2008 11:57:45
lots of very useful information here ... Thank you!

Posted by John on Mar 06 2007 20:28:06
Very nice site!

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