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Hemorrhoids Home Remedy

Hemorrhoids Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are enlarged, swollen veins that can occur either inside (internal hemorrhoids), outside (external hemorrhoids), or around the anus. External hemorrhoids are often the most painful.

Internal hemorrhoids are not as painful as external hemorrhoids and can range in size from a slight swelling to large, sagging veins that stick out. Internal hemorrhoids may cause painless bleeding during a bowel movement. If you notice blood covering the stool, in the toilet bowl, or on the toilet paper, which is common with internal hemorrhoids, make sure to contact your doctor as soon as possible. A person may have both internal and external hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids include occasional throbbing pain, itching, burning sensation, bright red blood on toilet paper or stool, or a lump of soft tissue protruding outside of the anus.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Common causes of hemorrhoids are constipation, straining during bowel movements and pregnancy. Constipation is often the culprit if an individual tries too hard to have a bowel movement, which causes the veins to pop out. Hemorrhoids do tend to shrink when pressure is off, but daily straining can make them continually protrude, bleed and hurt. Constipation should always be taken seriously and be treated right away.

While home treatment may be all that is needed to relieve the discomfort of minor hemorrhoids, any rectal bleeding needs to be evaluated by a health professional. In some serious cases, surgery may be needed.

Home Remedies for the Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids Home Remedy Using Sitz Baths

Warm water relaxes the sphincter muscle, which can help soothe the pain associated with hemorrhoid protrusions.
  • Fill your bath with three to four inches of warm water.
  • Don't add anything to the water.
  • Sit in the tub for 15 minutes.
  • Repeat this several times a day.
When hemorrhoids are sore, sitz baths are the best and easiest way to get quick relief.

Herbal Remedy for Hemorrhoids Using Petroleum Jelly or Zinc Oxide Paste

Studies have shown that Petroleum Jelly and/or Zinc Oxide work as well as other expensive creams. To reduce the pain and swelling of hemorrhoids either or both can be used.
  • After wiping, dab a small amount of Petroleum Jelly or Zinc Oxide on a cotton ball and apply to the swollen area.
  • Keep the swollen area dry and clean. Make sure not to use any scented toilet paper, soap or body wash containing chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Hemorrhoids Home Remedy Using Psyllium Seeds

The most common cause of hemorrhoids is a low-fiber diet, which causes constipation and leads to small and hard stools that are difficult to pass. Psyllium seeds are high in fiber and help make the stool softer and easier to pass. Psyllium seeds help prevent hemorrhoids and also make bowel movement less painful. It is recommended to make Psyllium fiber part of your diet. It can easily be found at most herbal nutrition stores.
  • Start taking one teaspoon of Psyllium seeds in an 8 ounce glass of water in the morning as part of your breakfast for a week.
  • In the second week add another glass with your lunch.
  • Slowly during your third week make it a habit of drinking psyllium seeds three times daily.
When you are taking psyllium seeds 3 times daily, you don't need to take any other fiber supplement. Make sure you drink lots of water when taking psyllium or any other type of fiber or fiber supplements because fiber creates large, soft stools by absorbing water. It is recommended to drink 1/2 ounce of water for each pound you weigh.

H-Miracle for Curing Hemorrhoids

This new ebook for curing hemorrhoids claims to offer a plan to eliminate hemorrhoids within 48 hours. The cure consists of a number of Chinese herbs that can be purchased from almost any health food store. To learn more, click here.

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Reader Comments

Posted by Julia on Apr 09 2014 20:26:55
My hemorrhiods have grown over the years but never affected me like now it's been 8 years I've had them burned and everything was perfect it's been two years n they came back need help cause really don't think I can go through surgery.... Pls help anyone who has ideas I would greatly appreciate it I've tried pushing them back in but they come right back out

Posted by chad on Mar 22 2014 20:12:59
Just add a few drops of pure Tea Tree Oil to olive oil and apply to it, should help ease pain and promote healing. Fresh aloe vera from plant helps... avoid aloe gel from stores, they have alcohol that can burn and cause inflammation. Long warm baths help.

Posted by MARTHA on Mar 15 2014 16:50:07
BAKING SODA for flare ups, large growths will disappear. I found this accidentally treating acid indigestion! But still have pain while sitting at my desk!

Posted by PJ on Mar 02 2014 23:15:06
Quickest relief for hemorrhoids: Lubricate anal area and hemorrhoids (inside and out) with coconut oil using a clean finger and gently push protruding hemorrhoids back in. Wash hands thoroughly after. Then put some ice in a cloth and apply to anal area 10-15 min at a time until pain subsides. Much of the pain is caused by the hemorrhoids protruding and being constricted. Repeat as often as necessary. Practically instant results. This should also stop the bleeding. I have been there and this works.

Posted by mike on Dec 21 2013 19:48:51
Any body who has problem with hemorrhoids. USE MAI-LING-LONG Chinese medicine ordered from Amazon.com. I had severe problem for 25 years .GONE. Now I can eat spice food and hot sauce.OFcourse I watch my diet and drink more water. GOOD LUCK

Posted by nirobkhanbb on Jun 16 2013 11:56:57
Hemorrhoids affect our human body by serious way. talk with doctor and drink more water, do regular exercise.

Posted by S4I on May 12 2013 11:15:27
I suffer from swollen piles I think...I gve birth abt 3months ago nd wen I feel I hve a stool then when I go 2ra toilet it hurts much when I po nd it bleeds feels like my anus is tearing!!!

Posted by vincent w on May 04 2013 08:44:52
good ideas! but i got some more advice on how to shrink hemorrhoids. check it out~ http://hemorrhoidhomecure.blogspot.com/

Posted by h on May 02 2013 04:20:38
i am suffering from external haemoroids. its very painful. plz help.

Posted by jerryjuice on Apr 25 2013 22:29:06
DON'T take aspirin, ibuprofen or Naproxen as they make it much worse! If you have to take pain medicine make it acetominophen(Tylenol) . I will try the cayenne. If I drink water with a tablespoon of psyllium husks twice a day I'm usually OK but what causes mine are red meat, white flour, coffee, alcohol --just my favorite things.

Posted by Sb on Apr 04 2013 22:06:08
Use petroleum jelly ......trust me nothing else works and lay down take stool softners and eat oatmeal and drink alot of water . When taking a dump use shower head spray your anus clean dont use toilet paper and use your hand with cold wAter if you dont have shower nozel do not use soap and dont clean to much you will irritate it more. Witch hazel works great but for short time after use petroleum and wear loose underwear . I tried evrything evry doctor in new york believe i know what you ppl are going through and im a officer i sit drive stand run hemroids almost got me fired . You have to cope with it no more spices bland dull food yep life can suck. Peace out

Posted by cuream on Apr 03 2013 13:58:13
Stool is usually the same color naturally. Internal hemorrhoids are usually painful only if they become thrombosed or necrotic. how to curea hemorrhoid

Posted by jor on Mar 28 2013 10:50:43
I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for the past few months and trust me its something i wouldn't wish even on my worst enemy. Initially. i tried using preparation-H wipes and gel but it gave me only temporary relief and no reduction in the size. So i tried this procedure the following mixture that worked slowly but surely. First, make a concoction of olive oil, coconut oil, honey, brown butter(Indian ghee) a tablespoon of each. Then, as and when you want to use, grate and little bit of garlic in maybe half a teaspoon of the above mixture and a large pinch of turmeric. Apply this mixture on your hem. Trust me this really works. It will definitely sting at first no doubt but it will give results. Make sure the garlic is freshly grated every time you apply the mixture. Later on, once the 'roids have decreased in size, you can try a mixture of just plain ghee and honey and the important thing here is pushing them back in to prevent them from hardening up and forming a clot. Also, try to increase fiber slowly in your diet as a sudden increase in fiber will cause gas, bloating and either constipation or diarrhea in some. Try to avoid garlic and just apply the above mentioned mixture with turmeric if you have bleeding 'roids as some people are super sensitive to garlic.

Posted by hemorrhoids-guide on Mar 14 2013 07:41:20
I'd like to read all the comments. Sounds intriguing. Is it terribly expensive if you happen to go to Canada as a tourist? I will look for it if I ever travel there. Foreign pharmacies and grocery stores are always fun to shop. http://www.hemorrhoids-guide.info

Posted by jar on Mar 09 2013 00:09:44
I share your pain everyone I suffer from them as well. I use ibuprofen 200mg.I take about 6 as my doctor recommended helps me sleep cause its all I care about when I'm in pain.

Posted by relief on Mar 03 2013 11:24:44
It's been since November for me,, I do everything i am suppose to,, prescriptions,,,,nothing worked until i tried orajel. Use externally, itching, burning and pain is gone. Last night, i actually slept all night!!! Try it.

Posted by Simon on Feb 04 2013 12:13:11
Some excellent advice here for hemorrhoid sufferers, I have found that for an alternative Hemorrhoid Home Cure then there is also some good advice at http://hemorrhoidhomecure.blogspot.co.uk/

Posted by Ssspam on Jan 27 2013 18:34:54
Pls help me..i dont knw what to do its getting bigger i can sit properly and i dont eat spicy foods..i always clean with soap and i always put tissue on it..pls help im always cry for this

Posted by dan on Jan 09 2013 20:27:56
I used the cayenne pepper remedy about 6 months ago. I was miserable for years before, but now im happy to report that my a-hole feels wonderful. It really works.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 07 2013 22:56:10
I'm sorry for many of you that's suffering from hammerroids; the home remedy I have sounds gross but it worked in my case. Two things 1. Application of crushed garlic soaked in olive/ coconut oil(repeat every 3-4 hours)- burns like hell for 10-15 mins but if repeated for 3-5 days- trust me you can see the difference. 2. If garlic does not work, try Applying Vicks vapoub ( yes! The one you use during a cold)...I did this for 5 days.. And I no longer suffered with a flare up once in 2-3 months!!! I would highly recommend Homeopathy as well... There is hope, pls drink 3-4iters of water, eat healthy and get moderate exercise- you'll see a change! Good luck to all!!!

Posted by soreass on Jan 04 2013 14:04:05
Grew this thing on my rear a few days ago,doc said its hemmoroids gave me proctosedyl and said do a epson salt bath.but stepping infornt of traffic seems like a quicker fix thise things are torture

Posted by Aljohn Mangaya on Dec 04 2012 22:59:37
Hi I've been in agony for months with this external and internal hemorrhoid. Please help me I can't stand it anymore. Thanks.

Posted by Rosy on Nov 28 2012 00:02:22
I Have 2 years without them....I have 2 years taken enzymes each meal, we don't have to suffer, take care of your digestive and every thing else is fixed. Good luck

Posted by Sharon on Nov 25 2012 07:32:14
I woke up a few days with a growth on my ass... I freaked out at first... took a photo with my phone and googled it and found it was hemmorhoids... I live in the Caribbean and am wondering if there is any bush/home remedy that i can use to get rid of the wart... Doctors on island just make things worst so you can go back to them every month for check up but nothing gets fixed. desperately awaiting a response...

Posted by Angela on Sep 29 2012 22:40:53
I am 33 years old an I am suffering from hemriods in an out there very painfull..all I wana do is cry..i cant sleep eat or sit..i feel so tired,my eyes r dark...i feel like dien..somebody help plz

Posted by Gerard on Sep 15 2012 06:48:03
Peanut Butter mixed with fresh chopped spearmint applied to the inflamed area for instant relief! The peanut butter smells good and the spearmint has a cooling sinsation! True story! :)

Posted by Gabriela on Jun 03 2012 10:43:39
Hello, My brother is suffering from hemorrhoids, ever since he used a cream for Irritable bowel. Did you ever hear about this? Thanks a lot for your help.

Posted by lou on May 14 2012 20:34:21
Some pls help me I'm in so much paon I can't walk move now I'm not sleeping I've had a pain in my bum since fr and its now tues I havnt bin 4 number 2 I'm scared itd gonna rip me spart I've tried but nufink will come but pain I can take it any mre help me

Posted by Dana on May 04 2012 13:55:31
I have been plagued with hemorrhoids for 27 years, since being pregnant. Bad external ones! Flair ups would keep me in bed. I have tried every cream and suppository known to man to no avail. Then I tried an ice cube! Wrapped in a wash cloth and held it on as long as I could. After the melting of one cube I was up and going again. It's VERY uncomfortable but I have done it several times over the years and it works. The other thing, I started taking Black Seed Oil for general health reasons and to my surprise my hemorrhoids have almost completely gone, I mean I had them BAD externally and were ever present even if they were not flared up! Don't throw good money after bad until you try an ice cube first.

Posted by ed derri on Feb 29 2012 08:50:47
i had hemorrhoids years ago but someone gave me a home remedy ointment and i have not had a hemorrhoid problem since.

Posted by Got internal on Feb 01 2012 08:18:07
Instant coffee/coffee causes my hemmorrhoid to flare up. Laying off the coffee for a week or two and I'm fine.

Posted by Yolanda on Jan 17 2012 23:05:04
I have never had hemroids in my life, my husband was actually trying to push them back in me,is this ok?

Posted by Jess on Jan 17 2012 23:00:07
Tucks(witch hazel.hemorrhoidal pads) are the best. It will relieve itching discomfort, irritation, and burning. Dissapearance of hemorroids will occur from 2 to 5 days. tip: don't shave or wear thongs until your 100% sure it's healed.

Posted by Ros on Jan 05 2012 01:07:56
i have a question. I had an internal hemorrhoid and for about a week i had blood in my stool.I went to the doctors and they told me it was an internal hemorrhoid that was vein was a little inflammed so they prescribed suppositories. The next day my bleeding stopped but i havent used a suppository. I have been fine for a couple months now not having blood in my stool but i can still feel a little bulge. Will the bulge go away over time or should i take a suppository?

Posted by Katie on Dec 22 2011 23:24:02
How do u sleep w these dang things? This is first time I every had them and I'm in so much pain. Help.

Posted by hemroids on Dec 19 2011 02:48:37
I see! Basically, these are the usual cause of hemorrhoid. Does irregular intake of fluid also contribute in having hemorrhoid? http://myhemorrhoids.org

Posted by john on Dec 06 2011 20:10:05
Hello Desperate, I am sorry to hear that you have been suffering with the disease. But I would suggest you find a good homeopath in your area. Don't try to treat it your self. Homeopathy could be expensive like around 500 dollars for first couple of visits. www.homeopathic.org is agood site to search for them in your area. Let me know where in california you are may be i can recommend one for you. I wish I could help I have just started to learn homeopathy but i could ask my teacher to recommend somebody for you.

Posted by desperate on Dec 06 2011 01:27:28
hello john... first of all, thank for the response. i am from california. i've never heard of homeopathy but i just researched it a little bit after i read your posting. didn't it convincing enought to try though. i am just afraid that it will make things worse since i read that there could be aggravation. i am thinking that maybe some chinese medicines/herbs could help but i don't know. i bought a book on chinese medicine and one of treatments was eating clams and also boiled banana with crystal sugar. i tried them and i think it works a little bit by having lesser pain but the problem is still there. i could not believe some people have had this problem for almost half their life, including me. sad, because frankly, it also affects your sex life. :(

Posted by john on Dec 03 2011 15:08:41
Hello Desperate, Where are you from? Have you tried homeopathy?

Posted by Jim Johnson on Dec 02 2011 11:33:36
Speaking of hemmorhoids: dferospina19@yahoo.com

Posted by desperate on Nov 30 2011 18:14:16
i have had this problem for more than 20 years. the last 5 years have been so bad, it's debilitating, that i'd rather die than deal with this anymore. i have bowel movement 2-3 times a day, and the thing sticks out for hours after each bowel movement, and it hurts, so i just lay in bed for hours. it's hard to work, can't sit properly, can't walk or stand for a long time. almost all kinds of food irritate it. anything with caffein, nuts, most fruits & vegetables. i take pain reliever everyday, but doesn't always work. i am so tired of going through this pain and discomfort every day. i just want to die. does anybody know of a real, effective remedy? please help... or can somebody just shoot me, please.

Posted by sandy on Nov 02 2011 08:15:55
Hello guys! I want to try petroleum jelly but I'm not sure if it works, can anybody vouch for me if it really works so I can try it. Also, I tried soaking in the tub with warm water and baking soda, but the bump in my anus is still there. Please help! Thank you!

Posted by allenmark on Oct 03 2011 05:05:11
I think the best way to overcome hemorrhoids is through homeopathic hemorrhoids treatment procedure. It is very effective, safe and moreover, very cheap. http://www.hemorrhoidtreatmenthome.com

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 27 2011 02:57:49
@Hopeconnie, Very sorry to hear about your mom. May God give her health! It is very common to get constipated and not feel hungry when stressed out. It happens with me whenever I'm stressed. I think you should try slow and deep breathing to relax your mind and body. Try to eat more fiber, drink lots of fluids and do some yoga whenever you have a chance. It helps me and it may also helps you. Good luck!

Posted by Hopeconnie on Sep 26 2011 14:15:40
Ever since I found out my mom has stage 4 colon cancer and is so so sick,I have been so constipated.I slowly crept up on me,my stomach is in knots.I have had a colonoscopy and it came back totally normal.I don't think my problem is really constipation as it feels like I'm just carrying my stress and tention fear in my bum,and can't have a bowel movement,I've tried everything. I'm seeing a theraphist.Could this just be because I'm so scarred and grieving so bad? How long is this gonna last? I can't seem to eat I have no appetite at all and I'm loosing weight from this. Could someone reply and shed some light on my situation PLEASE! Im so worried something serious is wrong with me.Is this normal when so hurt inside.

Posted by Chris on Sep 20 2011 15:04:53
What works for me is to take Epsom Salt baths, let the hemorrhoids soak for a while, apply Tucks ointment and use Tucks wipes after each poop to help prevent future flare ups... also taking Stoneroot extract daily helps strengthen the veins.

Posted by badboyuk on Sep 18 2011 05:59:47
ive had this itching arsehole for years and i noticed twice it stopped for about months then started again and on both occasions i know what stoopped it, i had stomach trouble and shitted approx 4 times in a day ( solids not diarrea ) and it stopped so im sure we need clean our stomachs out coz this seems like an internal issue, the best thing i found to releave itching ( beleave me i tried everything ) aloe vera gel was the number 1 and number 2 was witch hazel

Posted by Paul McLoughlin on Sep 12 2011 08:49:31
I have suffered from internal hemorrhoids for the past 40 years and cannot get a cure even though at times they dont give me any trouble at all. I would be grateful for any suggestions that might help me get rid of these brutes once and for all. Please email me if possible

Posted by hurting on Sep 10 2011 23:19:59
I am curious if that helped Pamela? I swear that my hemmorhoids get so bad that they actuallly make me not be able to go to the bathroom. But when I ask I am told that no, its the other way around, not going to the bathroom makes you have hemroids. But I have changed my diet, drink tons of water, everything. Even when I'm regularly pooing they are just as bad as when I'm constipated. There is no difference. But I swear that when they are really flared up I can't go to the bathroom no matter how hard I try or even pass gas. Is this in my head or does this happen to others?!

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 06 2011 05:42:53

Posted by babe on Aug 08 2011 12:31:44
try ultraproct cream for external ultraproct supository for internal!!

Posted by Henry on Aug 04 2011 21:39:42
the best remedy, natural, and fast for me in the world arehttp://804349-ilax4ftbfn9ug8m0n5w.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=IDAUGUST82011

Posted by TrueShite on Jul 09 2011 01:00:35
Stop fucking in the ass and your shit won't bleed bitch!

Posted by john on Jun 21 2011 00:40:14
Hi, We would like to pay you to advertise our hemorrhoids cream on your site. Please reply if this is something you maybe interested in. Thanks John

Posted by paramecium on May 02 2011 05:48:56
Great suggestions here. For external, there is also petroleum jelly. I washed with water (soaking in warm water with salt seems like a good idea, too) patted (not wiped) dry, dried fully with hair dryer on lowest setting, and then applied petroleum jelly. I don't know if what I have qualifies as a hernia, but the area around the anus is raw and weeping. Has been painful to walk due to the friction.

Posted by me on Apr 27 2011 14:06:01
Bleeding is also a sign of colon cancer - better to get a check up too.

Posted by John on Apr 05 2011 20:15:23
My A$$ hole is on fire. It feels like blades of glass ripping it apart. Does anyone want to trade me A-holes.

Posted by juju on Apr 02 2011 00:36:52
mix salt and OJ in an 8 ounce glass, afterwords you take two fish oil vitamins and a shot of white vinegar. Then it should be shrinking within seconds. Trust me, i do it all the time, my mother taught me this remedy. Good luck you guys!

Posted by Doug on Apr 01 2011 00:21:18
@bobik Try this one, lots of people contributing with their own experiences: http://www.myhemorrhoidshometreatment.org/hemroids-symptoms/i-have-been-bleeding-from-my-butt-what-causes-this

Posted by Bobik on Apr 01 2011 00:19:03
I'm having the same issue as many others and looking for a solution. I noticed that I have increased occurrences when I eat junk food and/or increase my weight. So my solution so far has been to drop some weight and eat less fried/fatty food. Seems to be working somewhat. I have also looked for hemorrhoids home treatment forums for suggestions and the diet seems to be on the top of the list of everyone else.

Posted by Tibui on Mar 17 2011 22:00:53
i love the comments and all the natural hemorrhoids remedies, i found some useful tips here: http://naturalremedyforhemorrhoids.com/

Posted by Miranda on Mar 17 2011 07:29:23
I never had a single problem til i got pregnant and gave birth to my son. No i have constant issues with bowel movement and hemorrhoids. I am so sick of being afaid to have a bowel movement because of the pain and bleeding that occurs and i do not have health insurance. someone help me

Posted by Simon on Mar 16 2011 22:26:35
i READ ABOUT ANEMIA BEING PART OF THE OUTCOMES OF SOME Natural Remedy For Hemorrhoids can someone explain how this ll be

Posted by Megan on Mar 04 2011 14:01:09
Sam, how did you use the black seed oil?

Posted by linda44061 on Feb 20 2011 22:37:56
just shower and then add ice 4 about 20 mins 2 shink them and add tucks no more pain it works 4 me

Posted by Pamela on Feb 18 2011 03:05:40
I. Haave suffered from constipation all my life. I was born with it, even. After my first child was born I developed hemorroids. (23 yrs now) Their so bad, their blocking me from going to the bathroom. I have the both inside and out. I now am suffering with upset stomach and throwing up. I'm scared as to what all this is doing annd will do to me if something isn't done about itt soon and my husband just could care less. He won't get medical insurance for me to be seen by a doctor. I'm going to try the cayenne pepper. Hope this doesn't harm my hyatle hernia.

Posted by Steve on Dec 14 2010 21:55:04
I suffered from hemorrhoids constantly for months, and someone told me about cayenne pepper benefits. I started taking cayenne pills I got from Walmart and then I realized that the next morning I did not have hemorrhoidal pain. I had no idea that they healed hemorrhoids and I looked on the web and saw a lot of sites that said just that. Well, I'm here to tell you that cayenne pepper works! I also bought some powdered cayenne pepper and mix a half teaspoon in hot water and drink it like hot tea. It is not bad. Just spicy water. I also eat high fiber cereal in the morning. You would think that bowel movements would burn, but they don't at all. Read all the benefits on cayenne pepper on websites. Also, if you have warts, put apple cider vinegar on it and cover it. The wart will be gone in a few days.

Posted by Sam on Dec 12 2010 05:53:08
Hi dear , i have a muslim family as neighbor ,one day the lady saw me sad coming from my GB as i was told i have to do an operation,the lady quick started telling me about her mother that used Black seed oil to cure her hemorroid... i had no idea what is Black seed oil so i used Google , i found it but really Expensive.Two hours later my neighbor knocked the door ,she has bough it from the Asian shop , i could not believe it so i have decide to try it,WOW 20 minute later i am much better now and totally clean , my Doctor was surprised .I feel really shame , i have never said good morning to that family because i did not want to have nothing to do with Muslims now if i have the money i will send her for holidays to visit her parents .

Posted by p.i.a. on Nov 29 2010 19:23:24

Posted by Moe Lester on Nov 29 2010 19:21:32
rectal itch

Posted by Cnayon on Nov 29 2010 01:09:43
For anyone who has ever suffered from hemroids (intentional mispelling), you know that they are very painful indeed. Aside from the constant bleeding, pain is just one more aspect of hemroids that you do not want to deal with. There are many reasons that hemroids appear. Do you have a job that requires you to lift heavy objects? Hemroids result when you do heavy lifting. Are you pregnant? Pregnant women are prone to get hemroids because of all of the pressure that is constantly being put on the blood vessels of the lower body.

Posted by EMMA ROID on Nov 25 2010 09:42:06
Cant see how cayanne pepper will work but going to give it a go,wish me luck

Posted by Semore Butts on Nov 23 2010 22:06:32
Proctofoam is by far the best "cure" for hems. I highly recommend getting a prescription for it.

Posted by painful on Nov 21 2010 06:05:34
Crush 2 50mg vitamin b6 tabs into powder. antihistamine shrinks swelling. Crush 1 bromelein tablet. Protease dissolve blood clots 1 500 MG Capsule Witch Hazel. Astringent heals tightens blood vessels. 1 1000mg capsule Aloe Vera Gel. Pierce into empty container such as carmex. Heals wounds 1" strip of Hydrocortisone Gel. reduces itch 500mg Capsule Licorice Cortisole and estrogen like Shrinks Swelling 1/2 Teaspoon Vasaline Petrolium Jelly Lubricates and is suspension for the ingredients. Mix thouroughly apply as needed.

Posted by Red on Nov 17 2010 07:56:44
I have had problems with constipation all my life. Im pretty sure it's because of my unbalanced diet and lack of water intake. Now that im older my body is telling me to stop it by acting out and giving me hemorrhoids. I would get them once in a blue moon but this latest one is atrocious. Im gonna try the warm baths, Prep H, Witch Hazel. Zinc oxide and anything else i can get my hands on. Wish me luck!

Posted by Yolzy on Nov 11 2010 16:47:19
YES warm baths are the best, but i put salt in the water to me SALT fixes everything its like a HEALANT...i fixed my sons INGROWN TOE nail and he was due for an operation...SALT fixes everything~~

Posted by EFF on Nov 02 2010 03:34:57
i just want to help those who are in bad pain of there hemroids specially those who are residing in U.A.E. since the medicine here are limited, there is one available in the market named Neo Healar ointment, it will helps you a lot... i promise..

Posted by alba on Oct 26 2010 00:08:53
Colon cleanse is very important and i believe that everyone should look into it and get it done. It is better then takin a pill or the drink. Click here and get a 10% off coupon

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 19 2010 00:40:55
I tried using alovera gel as what i heard from friends. Do you think it helps?

Posted by Molly Carpenter on Oct 04 2010 20:46:22
I found a fantastic Natural Herbal Cleanse. Check out my blog for more info. Herbal Cleanse Herbal Colon Cleanse Master Cleanse

Posted by susanne on Sep 20 2010 10:58:27
There are other options for natural home hemorrhoids treatments, like venapro and h miracle, see review here http://www.1homehemorrhoidstreatment.com/

Posted by Anhel Adams on Sep 17 2010 02:26:32
Chamomile is very calming if used on the sensitive area. Herbal remedy in http://www.byebyehemorrhoids.com I love herbs!

Posted by MRS. LRA on Aug 23 2010 19:55:42
The Solarcaine soothes the pain instantly. Thanks TC.

Posted by Lizzie on Aug 20 2010 11:07:04
Got them BAD! Inside and out. Going to try Peggie's cure and I'll post my findings. Wish me luck.

Posted by JS on Aug 14 2010 22:10:18
How cayenne pepper will cure hemorrhoids????? In India we consider it the root cause for hemorrhoids.

Posted by MedValia on Jul 23 2010 04:37:50
Here is a remedy using oak bark: (added in http://hemorrhoidsblog.wordpress.com/) - Pour 1lt=1000ml upon 3 spoonfuls of dried bark of Oak branches and leave it for 10-15 min, covered,in order to release its substances. Moisture a piece of cotton with this infusion and apply it every night on your sensitive area. The rind of Oak branches is very styptic and healing. Good luck everybody!

Posted by SofiaM on Jun 22 2010 06:38:57
Boil chamomile in water, then leave it for some time to get cold and moisture cotton with it and leave it on the sensitive area for the night. It is anti -inflammating. www.byebyehemorrhoids.blogspot.com

Posted by tw on Jun 03 2010 09:21:16
ever since i can remember i have had bowel movement problems and have always suffered from hemrroids my mother told me to just push it back in..i still get them every once in awhile and they are so bad they affect the way i walk and sit..im gonna try what peggie said

Posted by KT on May 23 2010 22:08:16
The closest thing to an overnight cure for hemorrhoids is Proctofoam. Ask your doctor for a script.

Posted by Raymond on May 02 2010 12:26:08
In my case nuts exacerbate the condition

Posted by TC on May 02 2010 11:59:28
The best relief I have gotten has been from a pharmacy recommendation: buy the tucks circle wipes spray the pad with solarcain (first aid spray for for sunburns, scrapes, etc) then apply to external hemorrhoid. After this apply Prep-h or some other medicated cream that shrinks the tissue. Eat lots of dried prunes everyday and youll be good to go oh and hot baths daily!

Posted by Patrick on Apr 26 2010 05:20:39
Sometimes ago i found a good solution here: http://www.hemorrhoidremedyblog.com

Posted by truther on Apr 15 2010 23:09:01
The most important decision in your life: http://jesusisthewaytruthlight.weebly.com/

Posted by Amarylis on Apr 15 2010 21:07:06
Maybe it would seem like an ad, but this herbal remedy saved me !!! Go to www.byebyehemorrhoids.com and try this out. If you have not been healed by the above ,then make the remedy at home and maybe be cured permanently like I did!

Posted by Ty on Mar 22 2010 14:36:22
I've got this stomach condition that is the most ''moody'' thing ever. I can go from diarrhea to constipation in a matter of hours. I eat fiber and all, but between the different extremes i get a recurring hemorrhoid every couple of months. The creams and stuff work for a while, but it always eventually comes back. I also got a job where i just stand for the entire time, so I've read standing that long can cause them too. I'd rather not go to the doctor, but damn this shit sucks.

Posted by molly on Mar 19 2010 21:38:20
i got drunk and let my boyfriend stick it in my bum and now its flared up again... take it out i gotta poop! no more drunken butt sex! my porn star days are over

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 22 2010 06:08:12

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 20 2010 06:37:06
For itchy butt avoid sweet food and eat fresh Aloe vera and drink plenty of water plus eat more fresh friut and vegetable

Posted by Josh on Jan 04 2010 07:51:47
Roids suck! My butt itches more than a retired prostitute. Sometimes I can't even sleep. I'm gonna try Peggie's pepper cure, but (no pun intended) if that doesn't work I'm going to go to the doctor. This sucks!

Posted by Jess on Dec 24 2009 01:54:53
I can't sleep at night I shower too much all because my butthole itches I'm only thirteen and I cry because I'm too embaressed to say anything to my mom. I don't want some doctor sticking his finger in my butt. I hate this

Posted by Jennifer on Jul 23 2009 09:21:48
I used to use the cayenne treatment mentioned below by Peggie, but it doesn't cure them forever. It does however help for a very long time. My problem is that all of a sudden my stomach has become very sensitive to the cayenne. Major pain. So I'm searching for another solution. Guess I'll try Witch Hazel.

Posted by sally on Jul 06 2009 09:54:31
i SUFFERED for decades then i cut out coffee reduced my consumption of red wine included radishes (preferably black) in my diet on a daily basis i suffer no more!

Posted by scottm on May 26 2009 14:46:34
An excellent source for hemorrhoids info is http://quickcare.org/gast/how-to-get-rid-of-hemorrhoids.html

Posted by aaa on Apr 15 2009 11:35:47
take 4 teaspoons of pure ghee(desi ghee) everyday and stool will definitely be easy to pass along with diet full of fibre.

Posted by Em on Jan 10 2009 15:37:11
How much of an impact does tea tree oil hold for helping with them? If you apply it many times throughout the day how long would you say it might take to start seeing results of fading?

Posted by Peggie Gatto on Jul 28 2008 17:07:17
This sounds like it would be counterproductive but my husband tried this and IT REALLY WORKS! Put 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper in 8 oz water. Drink. Do this twice a day for one week. You will never suffer from hemorrhoids again! This really works! Plus cayenne aids in digestion and is just an all-around awesome spice! www.cheapcheez.com

Posted by sandrabuggs on Mar 17 2008 23:12:16
i have been haveing problems with this and it is hard to deal with i dont wont it to turn in to cancer so what do i do

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