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Signs and Symptoms of Migraines

A migraine is a severe pounding or pulsing headache that commonly starts in the forehead and moves toward the side of the head and around the eyes. It is a form of vascular headache which affects about 28 million Americans, with women being affected more often than men in the general population. Migraine headaches are caused by a combination of the enlargement of blood vessels and the release of chemicals from nerve fibers that coil around the blood vessels. During a migraine attack, the temporal artery, which is found just under the skin of the temples, enlarges and causes nerves to stretch around the temporal artery. The tension of nerves then triggers the release of chemicals that cause inflammation, pain and even more enlargement of the artery. The increasing enlargement of the artery intensifies the pain.

Common symptoms of a migraine attack are:
  • Moderate to severe, throbbing head pain, most commonly on one side of the head.
  • Head pain that worsens with physical activity.
  • Sensitivity to light and/or sound.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
Untreated attacks most commonly last from four to 72 hours, and may persist for weeks. If your headache is accompanied by convulsions, fever, severe mental confusion, or any type of acute pain around your face or ears, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Another form of headaches are due to muscle contractions. See our headache remedies page for more information on the similarities and differences between these tension headaches and migraine headaches.

Causes of a Migraine

There are myriad of causes that can trigger migraines. Common causes include:
  • Stress
  • Sleep disorders (or too little/too much sleep)
  • Fatigue
  • Caffeine
  • Smoking
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Birth control pills
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Fasting for an extended period of time
  • Heredity
  • High salt consumption
  • Strong perfumes

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Migraine Relief

Migraine Home Remedy Using Ice Packs

Compresses of ice can help to constrict blood vessels, returning them to normal size. Therefore, an effective home remedy for a migraine headache is to take a soft, cold ice pack and wrap it in a towel. Then hold it against your temples and forehead, alternating positions every few seconds. Repeat this for up to three minutes to alleviate migraine pain.

Natural Remedy for Migraines Using Henna

The flowers of henna have been found to be very effective at curing headaches and migraines. A simple home remedy is to dip henna flowers in vinegar and then rub them against the forehead for quick pain relief.

Chamomile Tea for Treating a Migraine

When you feel a migraine coming on, Chamomile is a wonderful preventive measure to limit the severity of the pain. Simply take a cup of chamomile tea when you start noticing migraine symptoms.

Niacin for Relief from Migraines

Niacin has been shown to be helpful in relieving migraine pain. Valuable sources of this vitamin are yeast, whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, sunflower seeds, liver and fish. Therefore, vitamin tablets containing at least 100mg of niacin can be taken daily for treating migraines.

Migraine Home Remedy Using Ginkgo Biloba

A simple remedy for migraine pain is to take 120mg of Ginkgo Biloba extract daily before any meal. Ginkgo Biloba has been found to help increase blood circulation and relieve migraine pain.

Consuming Vegetable Juices for Curing Migraines

Researchers believe that low levels of magnesium are a major cause of migraines, since magnesium is considered to be effective at relaxing the body. Therefore, regular consumption of magnesium supplements may help alleviate migraine pain. Fruits, nuts, and dark green, leafy vegetables are a great natural source of magnesium, so a cocktail of fruit and vegetable juices is very beneficial for alleviating migraines.

Carrot juice combined with spinach, beet and cucumber is great for migraine pain relief. Simply use a juicer to combine 300ml of carrot juice with spinach leaves. Then add up to 100ml each of beet and cucumber juices to the mix.

Fresh grape juice has also been found to be effective for migraines. Simply grind fresh, ripe grapes and drink the juice directly without adding any water.

Discover Migraine Triggers with a Diet Log

Many people find that certain foods always seem to trigger a migraine. Unfortunately, these trigger foods often vary from person to person so there is no easy list that applies to everyone. If you know which foods trigger your headaches, then a simple solution is to avoid them in your daily diet. However, if you still don't know which foods may trigger your migraines, then it is a good idea to start logging what you eat and also when your migraines occur. This will allow you to figure out if there are items in your diet (such as certain ingredients) that often coincide with a migraine attack. You can then try to avoid these suspected ingredients to see if they reduce the frequency of your headaches.

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Reader Comments

Posted by lakshmi charan on Apr 11 2014 07:23:29
hello...i have migraine from last 4 years.i can't do anything properly.i have headache all time in day and night everyday in left side of my head.its creating very big problems in my career.i have been take aaurvedic and all treatment to stop the migraine.bet no any benifit.so please please help for this.thankyou so much.

Posted by Miss Rose Mary Hebert on Apr 08 2014 20:01:03
Hi, How are you? I am not fine. Will you send me a book? My address here is: Miss Rose Mary Hebert P.O. Box 1529 Plattsburgh, NY 12901 Then I will order or other it. 518-907-0271 hebert1@charter.net I want read and look for pictures a books? What kind I like a something's and anything & etc.. Any Questions? Thank-You, Rose Hebert

Posted by God's vessel on Apr 11 2013 21:45:11
Just had a baby and started having migraine. Never had one before now. Anyone with same experience? Peppermint oil helps relieve it but I need it to stop totally. Please advise

Posted by pansy on Mar 31 2013 08:18:44
i had this headache for the last 15 years but i never tried any medication but just used wash my face and affected part with mild hot water and keeping a finger on the center of forehead.sometimes it did works.

Posted by Julie on Mar 24 2013 22:21:04
@manoj, I have a suggestion for your migraines. How about cutting out spicy foods and green chillies from your diet?? ;)

Posted by manoj kothari on Mar 24 2013 00:40:35
I have been suffering migrane from last 15 year. 6-7 days in a month. last 3 year i have logged my diet, whenever ist day i ahve eated spicy food & geen chille than next day i suffer migrane.Any suggestion .

Posted by joe on Mar 05 2013 13:00:27
I just started having them about 2 months ago. They have ben daily about 4-5 per day. Mine are vestibular migraines so they cause dizziness, not headache. I started a migraine diet three weeks ago and the effects have been dramatic. I am down to 2 per day and they are MUCH less severe and can last only 10-15 sometimes. I would strongly encourage you to find a book about the migraine diet and start immediately. The first week was VERY tough. Quitting caffeine was the hardest. I also started taking Magnesium supplements. Good luck.

Posted by saba on Mar 01 2013 05:02:45
i have been getting migraines for past 15-16 years now iam 36 and is getting worse i have tried medication but of no help it is just a temporary solution with lots of side effects now iam taking homeopathy pills which the doctor recommended me for about a year but the pain will go slowly in this period and iam still dying for instant relief iam gonna try some home remedies and yoga with homeopathy lets be positive and hope for the best

Posted by karen warren on Jan 30 2013 21:40:37
I too suffered from migraines I found the only thing that worked for me was norgesic forte = ORPHENADRINE CITRATE,ASPIRIN,CAFFEINE made by 3m they no longer make it but you can find it in generic they do sell orphenadrine by itself and you can take a aspirin and a caffeine pill with it. Out of all the migraine pills it was the miracle pill. The other thing it does is sea sickness I tried everything it was the only thing that worked. Good luck this will stop your migraines try it and spread the word karen

Posted by Millie on Jan 24 2013 11:45:55
I am also having migraine pain. But after delievering baby it is now more frequent. As i can't take proper sleep. But what i am doing i am jut putting 3 to 4 drops of almond oil in each of my nostril in night and eary morning. I cant say it will stop your migraine but it will reduce the frequency of this pain

Posted by erinn on Dec 28 2012 19:41:14
I use Vick's and Bengay and rub both on my head and neck and put a little vicks under my nose. I sometimes would go to the steam room which would be an immediate relief. The vicks and bengay will help even during an attack to the point where pain meds would be able to work.

Posted by theriault on Nov 29 2012 13:00:53
Does anyone ever have symptoms of burning eyes, photophobia, pressure in top and back of head? i'm so sorry all of you are experiencing those symptoms.

Posted by Anon. on Nov 27 2012 22:24:42
i finally hit rock bottom after trying to cure my self of about 6 years of chronic migraines. I have been through medicines that list from a-z, unfortunately they are only a temporary relief and actually do you more ham than good in the long run. I vomited a few times a day throughout this long 6 year cycle, felt lots of nausea, dizziness, couldn't enjoy anything in my life. Nothing mattered anymore, I couldnt enjoy time with my daughter, husband, family and friends. Working was the worst, just couldn't wait to get home and go to bed. One episode lasted atleast 2-4 days before I got a little relief. Finally almost a year ago after starting to feel depression hit me really hard I couldn't take it anymore. I have seen many neurologists and dcotiors ( they basically all do the same thing, offer drugs) so do your research and tell them exactly what you want. I used to take ecxcedrin daily and dink lots of coffee - it helps for the moment But trust me It is not the answer. Let me just g to the point. I first stopped everything I was doing and tried to change my negative energy into positive hope, I stopped drinking coffee which was hard to do. I stopped the pills - all of them. I began drinking calming teas, ginger for the Naseua and stomach (daily) and cinnamon sticks helped too. I went to the local organic store and purchased valerian tincture (to help calm nerves and muscles) and feverfew tincture for the migraines - this helped so much because it helps circulate the blood flow. This was a great deal of help to me but I wasn't quite there yet , I researched botox and saw alot of positive results, so now I get Botox done every 3 months along with fioricet which helps on suddenly onsets of migraines... Recently I noticed theat I have been taking less fioricets so I feel that my health and migraines are improving with less drugs. Honestly I can't recall the last time I had to vomit or had a migraine that kept me away from the rest of the world. Bottom line.. Don't wait for some doctor to cure you, believe me they won't.. Do your own research. I hope this helps atleast one person. Ps. - if u can't afford a doctor , feverfew and just store brand ecxcedrin helps.

Posted by JAYANT WANI on Nov 24 2012 05:19:20
After an a little accident of my mother i has been increase a migrain problem of my mother ,some time the headache pain is so much then my mother went to illness so there was so critical prob when onion smelled to her mother then my mother was stable in condition i was tried so much medical treatment but no result please do some needful information about this i was in very tension what to do this please suggest jayant wani jalgaon

Posted by Raja on Oct 08 2012 04:53:02
As far as i heard, there is no english treatment for this. For me it is worked well. take fresh grape juice and carrot daily a cup. very simple and cheap solution. doctors sucks money

Posted by Sandy on Sep 19 2012 08:56:29
i suffered years of migraines to find feverfew tablets have the best result

Posted by nathan i on Aug 05 2012 01:43:56
my gf has fibromyalgia and graves diease along with that cronic migraines she cant work and does not have ins. the only thing so far that takes the edge off is percacet but no longer can afford them diets dont help working on trying vitimins and niacin. any ideas on who to contact in ohio for some type of help and or any ideas on a good relief. its hard for us due to the fibro. intenceifing (sp) any pain she incounters. it seems like a circulating nightmare cuz graves is her throyd which causes an imbalance of hormones and how her body processes vitimins which in turn causes migraines then fibro kicks in making her feel 100 times worse most the time causing nausea vomiting dizziness and from time to time fainting spells any idea would be greatly appreciated my email is theoneishere200@yahoo.com thnk u

Posted by Maya patel on Aug 01 2012 22:43:15
For almost 2 years now I have been having throbbing head ache on the left side only associated with scleritis. I have been taking 2 ibuprofen 3-4 times a day! to relieve pain.Lately Dr. started me on Humira! but no luck. Any suggestion.

Posted by girlinpain on Jul 30 2012 06:06:11
Ever since I can remember I have had migraines. My migraines feel as if I have a rock in my head, feeling so annoyed and confused, I have taken over 300 pills in the last 6 years, messing Up my stomach and liver, I have had test done about 3 times, nothing came Up. I have tried many treatments from pain killers to acupuncture, nothing!!!!!!!! Im tired of the pain of migraines and vomiting!!!

Posted by Dr Mahesh Nule on Jul 21 2012 12:37:31
Dear Patty, If possible please take homeopathic medicine if it is feasible for you. It surely is effective inn relieving migraines in view intensity, duration and the discomfort in general. if you are not in a position to consult a homeopath let me know maybe I can take the details and prescribe. Dr Mahesh Nule Mumbai India

Posted by patty g. on Jul 15 2012 11:19:53
please someone help, need home remedy for severe migraine. my daughter has had every test, nothing is wrong. but, they come every week. she can't swallow a pill, so im looking for another alternative. she can not work and has to be in bed for the day in the dark. she also cant take a liquid pain killer because her stomach is upset. It needs to be some thing she can put directly on the forehead. Help Patty G.

Posted by Yvonne on May 25 2012 14:20:27
Thanks for the help.

Posted by executivegifts123 on May 04 2012 11:02:28
Thank you for your very informative post. Most of the cases people can avoid or get rid of headaches by changing small things in their life. Simple things like changing your pillow or mattress or sleeping habits can have a major effect in terms of headaches. Sometimes taking easy on caffeine can do the trick. People who are suffering from headaches should try different small things and pick the ones that work.

Posted by help on May 04 2012 01:28:47
I have been suffering from migraine for 3 yrs now. Initially I would get relief once I vomit. Now, that does not happen..The headache stays on for 6-7 days at a stretch. Its unbearable.Please let me know for home remedies. I ve been taking too many pain killers..

Posted by crying in pain on Apr 15 2012 16:48:52
When reading these comments I actually broke down into tears. Its just because its so nice to hear that there are people who feel the same as I do, I always feel like people dont really understand. I have also been suffering for years and I have done a tremendous amount of research recently...I have started taking magnesium (500mg) and flax seed oil (250mg) I have noticed a big difference, but the biggest difference I have found is knowing my food triggers...it takes alot of time and research and sadly you will have to give up a lot of food that you love but its worth it...for me the biggest triggers have been cheese, caffeine and chocolate. I also want to agree with Meg Hawkins...whenever I have a really bad one making love DOES help! I dont know why but who cares! it does help try it! thanks for all your posts and stay strong!

Posted by Cecilia on Mar 29 2012 13:16:05
I have suffered all my life from debilitating migraines. I took a trip recently to visit my daughter in another state and arrived with the "aura". I had forgotten my Rx so I asked her for coffee knowing supposedly caffeine helps. She had none so she went to get me some Excedrin Migraine (bless her heart but worthless to me) and she picked up some Red Bull. I drank it, yecch, but within 30 minutes my migraine was gone. Hmm.. Fluke? Well I picked some up at the grocery store to keep on hand should I need it and last night I got the chance to try it. I was in full blown migraine stance. I remembered the Red Bull in my fridge. I sucked it down quickly. Within 30 minutes I was up and at 'em. My Rx instructs to take one tablet at onset and to take another in 2 hours if still needed. 2 hours is too many to wait with migraines. I will never be without Red Bull in my fridge again. I consider it a miracle remedy. Twice now it's been almost immediately effective. That's proof enough for me.

Posted by Rj on Jan 28 2012 16:59:17
I've been suffering Migraines for years I'm 28 this years, usually can handle a couple a week a sleep used to get rid of it and a panadol, now that does nothing anymore. Just had a migraine for 10 days straight still have it. Keeping a migraine diary and can't see any possible hormonal triggers. And starting an elimination diet in week coming. Cold pack always helps on the head, but this last 8 days has been he'll doing normal day to day tasks, even cooking or washing anything just want to lay down. I don't like taking prescription drugs prefer more natural, had bloods done they are fine getting MRI done on wednesday and seeing a neurologist in couple weeks. Doctor says he usually puts everyone on Topomax has anyone had that or can tell me if it's ok? Just want to be me again and smile everything's a struggle ATM pls email me rikki-j@live.com Any help would be appreciated I'm in Aus

Posted by shah on Jan 13 2012 05:33:58
Fire Cupping Therapy is the BEST EVER treatment for migaraine,It heals migraine problem very fast and stops it from occring again,best day for fire cupping therapy are after the middle of month,best on 17,19,21 dates of a lunar month,and avoid bieng cupped on wednesdays because it cause leprosy on wednesday if cupped

Posted by Sarah on Nov 25 2011 19:19:20
For me, Maxalt is a miracle cure, however it's extremely expensive. I can only take products containing Tylenol (no ibuprofen or aspirin) due to easy bruising. I used to take Zomig, and my doctor gave me some samples the other day since I'm unemployed and waiting on patient assistance to hopefully go thru. I know they're the same class of drug, but Zomig actually made me worse. So I took Midol Complete (tylenol, caffeine, and antihistamine). My next hope would be tramadol, but i like to try the other methods first. Something told me to just try my "home remedy" which is actually a common trigger for many people, so I just ate two pickles, and I'd say I'm 80% better. It also helps me with nausea. I figure if it works for me, it might help someone else out there. Good luck, everybody.

Posted by Misty on Nov 17 2011 10:41:14
For Teresa E, did the Tri-Baron help?

Posted by aunonymous on Nov 09 2011 11:39:38
what is "V drink", is it a available on chemist shop

Posted by Carlton on Oct 24 2011 15:12:42
My wife has had migrain headaches all her life and she is 41 years old. But it seems to be getting worse. Doctors do not know what is wrong so we are going to try niacin. I will let you know how it worked. Thanks for this site!

Posted by Shannon on Oct 08 2011 07:44:08
Only recently started having migranes. THought they were sinus headaches until they got so bad last night I threw up. Then the pain lessened, so I knew it was a migrane. I have seen some people here saying weather affects it, and it's possible I get the same. What works for me is a hot water bottle filled with really hot water, under the top layer of my pillowcase, and I lay on it, so the bottle is over the worst part of the side of my face. It usually helps. I also take 2 muscle relaxers so that I fall asleep. Hoping this helps for others, and hoping mine don't get too much worse.

Posted by Ram on Sep 09 2011 15:55:44
For all the people suffering from migraines please do not take any medication. I have suffered from migraines as a kid and have had it for 20 years now. I eventually got tired of it and started doing some research about migraines. I found this book "Heal your Headache "The 1-2-3 program for taking charge of your pain". I used to have at least 10 headache days a month. After reading the book i stopped taking medicines and i cut out all food triggers. This process took me a couple of months. Right now i get headaches just once or twice a month. Even those are bearable and mild much better than the ones i used to get before. Following is the list of some triggers. It is not a complete list by any standards and it might not be a trigger for some people. It is just a general list: 1. Coffee, tea (anything with caffeine) 2. Chocolate 3. Red Wine 4. Banana 5. Papaya 6. Guacamole(anything with vinegar actually) 7. Sour Cream 8. Pizza (Some variety of cheese is good not sure of the name) 9. Peanuts/Groundnuts, Cashewnuts 10. Coconut Read the book and you'll know a lot more about migraines and how to avoid them and live a migraine free life. Good Luck Everybody.

Posted by Ashleigh on Aug 09 2011 05:54:45
I'm 15 and have been suffering from migraines for almost 4 years now. They are irregular and the symptoms usually include seeing stars/white fuzzy lines, sometimes so bad that I can't hardly see. A good sleep/nap works for me as the only medication that works (voltaren), is recommended that you do not take for more than a couple of days, but I have had a migraine for nearly a week now. BUT I have discovered that as soon as i feel the migraine coming on, if i have a whole can or 1/2 a bottle of plain "V" energy drink, the pain is gone within 10 mins. Its crazy. But I am going to try some of these remedies as I'm sure too much energy drinks would be bad for me too. Thanx

Posted by lillieth & lilly on Aug 05 2011 12:46:22
we are 11 years old going on 12. docors proscibed birth control to regulate our period but it is giving me migranes and lillieth had too what do we do???

Posted by lizzy on Aug 05 2011 12:40:27
i am 11 yrs old and birth control gives me real bad migranes. i only take birth control to help regulate my period which can last weeks! it is making me dizzy weak and skinny! my migranes are so much pain

Posted by sonia wood on Jul 28 2011 23:56:52
I have had migrains for years,it usually gets worst the day before my period start.Here is the natural cure that I found, mix a little coke or pepsi with lime repeat about 3 times within 8hrs(a can has about 5 serving) Good luck! it works!

Posted by maddy_ jane on Jul 14 2011 22:46:48
i am 13 year sold and have been getting migraines since i was around 9 years old. they start out by me getting white spots in front of my eyes. it becomes so bad i can hardly walk. i once had one so bad i collapsed and my gym coach had to carry me to the office. what i find most helpful ( and a bit gross ) is puking. i cannot always puke. so i stick my hand down my throat to enduce vomiting. yes it is gross i know but its all i know to help. after that get some sleep. sleep till you you wake by yourself. i don't know what triggers the i get them often but i don't know what causes them.

Posted by Becky on Jun 22 2011 14:52:53
For years I had bi weekly migraines that nothing helped but going to the er and being knocked out from the pain. I started keeping a journal of when they happened, what I ate etc. Eventually a very smart doctor figured out it was hormonal trigger. He put me on birth control pills solid- no going off for a week and the migrines went away completly for the last 25 years. You may want to ask your doctors about this, and give it a try. For me, it was a miricle!

Posted by miski on Jun 13 2011 07:46:29
my daughter has been prescribed birth control pill as her migraine is hormone related, she just started to take them last month but the result is her period has stopped but the migraine have also stopped. We don't know what to do. We are just waiting to see. Please advise are birth control pill the best solution.

Posted by Cyndi on Mar 31 2011 12:39:34
This may sound ridiculous but it works for me, try BRAIN FREEZE, a glass of Coke (soda) with LOTS of ice in it, try it you'll never know it might work for you too...goodluck!

Posted by Shanny on Mar 22 2011 10:27:32
I have been a "sufferer" for about 15 years. I normally get them at least once a month and can't function at all. I've been to multiple neurologists, chiropractors, etc. (Chiropractic theorapy does help if you can afford it regularly.) Having to give up the treatments, I found that making a simple cinnamon/peppermint tea works well. Just dissolve/melt 1 or 2 pieces of peppermint and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to 1/2 cup of hot water. Drink it while really warm or hot. Sometimes I add ginger and that really helps relieve pain faster. Be sure to sit and relax for a while and you should notice some change in the pain (depending on how severe the migraine is). Do some self massaging around the back of your neck or temples and the pain will go away. Just don't move around too much and think positive thoughts! Good luck! Hope it helps.

Posted by Shanny on Mar 22 2011 10:21:18
I have been a "sufferer" for about 15 years. I normally get them at least once a month and can't function at all. I been to multiple neurologists, chiropractors, etc. (Chiropractic theorapy does help if you can afford it regularly.) Having to give up the treatments, I found that making a simple cinnamon/peppermint tea works well. Just add 1 or 2 pieces of peppermint and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to 1/2 cup of hot water. Drink it while really warm or hot. Sometimes I add ginger and that really helps relieve pain faster. Be sure to sit and relax for a while and you should notice some change in the pain (depending on how severe the migraine is). Do some self massaging around the back of your neck or temples and the pain will go away. Just don't move around too much and think positive thoughts! Good luck! Hope it helps.

Posted by Migraine sufferer on Mar 21 2011 03:30:28
I too have suffered from migraines but mine are mainly over my right eye area where I have to lie down in a quiet dark room and rest with painkillers, if I catch it in time, otherwise I'm vomiting for 2 days. I had a mild migraine this morning and I read through these comments below. I put a hairdrier over my eye area for a while, it did get a bit hot, and then I ate a banana for magnesium, and oddly enough it has seemed to help, it hasn't gone completely but it's so much better, I'll try it again later on. I know too much sugar and chocolate is bad, and some food colourings like that red roman food dye. Pringles crisps give me bad migraines too. Don't drink red wine and eat chocolate in between as that also causes migraines. I do know that drinking lots of water (if you're not vomiting) and fresh air is good.

Posted by sheila on Mar 05 2011 20:41:17
I always know when a migraine is about to begin because of the change in my vision. I take 2 Excedrin and drink plenty of water immediatley. The Excedrin works if i take them as soon as my vision changes. (Migraine Excedrin is the exact same as regular Excedrin - check the labels). I also put Ben-Gay or any type of mentholated cream on my temples and along my hairline at the base of my skull and behind my ears - amazing results. Drinking lots of water is very important.

Posted by Joyce Lampe on Feb 25 2011 19:37:41
The best thing I have found for migranes is to take 2 TBS of Blackstrap Molasses when you have a migrane or any headache .I also take 1 TBS in the morning & the same at night just for prevention..

Posted by Teresa E on Feb 20 2011 23:37:38
Has anyone tried Tri-boron for migraines? It is a mixture of magnesium and Calcium that I have heard will eliminate migraines within a month. I have been taking the supplement for 2 weeks so we will see in a few weeks!!! I have been having migraines for 20 yrs...I know most of my food triggers and avoid them but also get the "monthly" hormonal migraines and do not want to use hormone treatment as I have heard it may increase your risk of cancer. I also tried chiropractic care for 1 yr and didn't realize until I quit going it helped tremendously...I will be making an appointment to go back soon!!!

Posted by Joe Bradley on Feb 15 2011 13:23:28
My fiancee has been suffering from migraines from the age of 16. She finds a hot bath helpful although it always makes her vomit before she gets relief.

Posted by Maria on Jan 28 2011 10:39:17
I'm now 67 and have been getting migraines since I was about 8. I learned my food triggers and am careful about when I choose to eat them (only if there is little stress and I don't have that pre-migraine feeling.) I also am affected by weather and flashing lights. My saving medicine has been the first one prescribed almost 60 years ago--cafergot. The look has changed but I still use it immediately (must be immediate!!) when I start to feel an aura beginning. I'm never without the pills and they totally block the actual headache within (for me) about 30 minutes. The few times I haven't taken the cafergot quickly enough, I have gone through the whole migraine cycle. I have tried newer medicines but, for me, cafergot is the one that works. I also sometimes take it before the aura if I have that pre-migraine feeling which, by now, I can readily identify.

Posted by preety on Jan 27 2011 00:37:49
I have a Nausea or vomiting problem what to do please advice.

Posted by Rosemarie on Jan 14 2011 10:24:32
I have been suffering with migraines now for a number of years. My doctor gives me Relpax for them. I am having re-bound headaches from too much meds. The headaches are severe to the point that I want to end it. I have them everyday and my quality of life is non-existant any more. I have tried not to take anything for them but after suffering for two days I get to the point that I can't stand them so I take the meds again. They help sometimes and other times they don't. I am at my witts end. Can someone please give me some suggestions. I have taken all and any preventative meds and other drugs too. I would be in heaven to have a week free of headaches. If anyone out there knows of anything to help PLEASE email me.

Posted by Thomas Kim on Jan 05 2011 00:14:38
Try Bio-Booster(BB), it uses natural energies such as far-infrareds and negative ions to balance the body electrical and chemical based communications. Simple to use, just wear it and drink water and migraine problem is solved. Most migraine is caused by primary problem of body energy(s) imbalance that leads to energy flow blockages.100% money back guarantee, if BB does not stop your migraine problem. Best part about Bio-Booster is unlike drugs it has no bad side effects. To read more info or buy Bio-Booster go to www.thai-ka.com. For more than 90% of you migraine sufferers, Problem Solved! Enjoy your life in good health.

Posted by AnonyMouse on Dec 31 2010 16:28:14
I had frequent severe migraines for 33 years. I stopped them by taking chelated magnesium every night. I take one Magnesium Ultra from Vitacost, NSI brand. It must be taken apart from any calcium, milk, or calcium type antacid by at least 2-3 hours. Sometimes you may need an additional magnesium capsule during the day. Capsules are absorbed better than pills. It worked for me within a week.

Posted by vincent on Dec 15 2010 08:48:59
i get blindspots in my vision like part of my the inside of my eye fell asleep,usually caused by a bright light. Then i get my headache. It can last for hours but i dont suffer for more then 12 hrs at a time. I have been getting more and more this year and 3 this week! I think it has something to do with drinking energy drinks; But can't actually tell. I get the blind spot to stop by closing my eyes but reciently i been at work while it occured. Can you help with some pointers and or advice on eveything about how to stop and or even eradicate this problem?

Posted by mary on Dec 04 2010 17:29:49
the migranes I have had seem to come with cold weather and my cycle. i take primrose oil to balance my hormones and that helps tremendously - also i got to the chiropractor if i have a cycle of migranes in a row that breaks it. finally i take 2 extra strenth execdrin. its amazing how powerful that is - really works!

Posted by Jill on Dec 03 2010 00:43:42
I have been a migraine sufferer since the age of 11. Typical symptoms as many of you: localized over the left eye, sharp, throbbing pain with the nausea that soon follows. The ONLY thing that truly kills the pain for me may sound odd to some people, but it has always been a life-saver for me: It's my hair dryer. I TRULY point the "spout" of the hair dryer directly at the pin-pointed source of pain behind my left eye, and then turn it on full blast / high heat. Often times I have fallen asleep with the hair dryer on - pointed at my eye. I don't know if the intense heat feels good because it helps to expand the other vessels around the one that initially expanded, or not, but whatever the reason, IT WORKS!

Posted by Toni on Nov 24 2010 14:57:44
Had migraines since age of 5...now, 48 and the best way to treat: with onset ('white lights' in vision/loss of vision) take 400 to 600mg Ibuprofen, lay down in dark, QUIET room, sleep until you wake up. I always have a residual headache but only feel it if I cough or bend down.

Posted by meg hawkins on Nov 11 2010 23:37:03
When you have a migrain, or a really bad headache, press hard the area in between your thumb and index finger. You will know when you have the right spot as it is very painful. Massage this area, and you will be cured. If not, make passionate love, this really really does work! I ahve been suffering migrains for 10 years, where my sight becomes blurry. A good romp and its heaps better. Seriously.

Posted by liz on Nov 08 2010 13:37:43
Im 42yr and i been having margrain since i was 20yrs it the worst think ever i get it once a month.. i can't work can't go anywhere it last about 7 to 10 days.. i take imitrex 100mg every 4hr but doesn't help all the time..plz email me with any info uptownliz@aol.com thanks

Posted by XcCrazy on Oct 25 2010 21:06:09
I need some help. I'm a 16 year old cross-country runner and I get severe migraines every time I run in the cold. I can't just take the winter off or I would never beat my opponents. What can I do?

Posted by someone who cares on Oct 22 2010 14:20:29
To the ones with mirgranes, have anyone had thier back or spian looked at. You can have a pinched nerver some where.

Posted by Ann Smith on Oct 20 2010 01:08:44
I recently stumbled across a remedy for migraines, especially if the headache initially begins with a feeling of depression. I now drink 2 cups of organic, green tea (tea bags) and let it brew for 8 minutes. I have several different migraine triggers. Alka seltzer gold (the one without the aspirin) has been known to help me too (especially when my ph was low along with the headache), but I have more success with the green tea.

Posted by penny on Sep 30 2010 02:15:10
Migraines and severe headaches including nausea can be due to caffeine withdrawal. Soft drinks and coffee are addictive and if you're overdue for one this could trigger a headache or even a migraine. Best to give them up altogether. Caffein withdrawal combined with change in diet eg skipped meal, and drop in air pressure before a storm could trigger a severely painful migraine and nausea.

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 29 2010 13:31:39
@Angie, Sometimes migraines are caused by a childhood head injury. Try to remember if he ever had a head injury as a kid. I'd suggest getting a head scan done to be sure, he's too young to get them so often. Try giving him Magnesium supplements/magnesium rich foods. Also Chamomile or Cinnamon tea helps too. He should try avoiding sudden exposure to bright lights and loud noises.. Good luck!

Posted by rory hoover on Sep 28 2010 18:43:45
allergens are likely the #1 cause of migraine/ headache, and related symptoms. there is a special test (not often done) for delayed onset food related allergic reactions.(not the same antibody as the immediate skin reaction test)this is not widely known or recognized. I found a good source of info at http://2011diet.com the constant cycle irritates your immune system, giving rebound migraine as a result. once the trigger is found and flushed from your body, keep away from that item. you will never have to worry about suffering and pain relief again. - BTW - I believe that prescription pills are way more toxic than we have been told!!

Posted by angie on Sep 27 2010 21:37:59
my son has been having headaches on top of since the age of 14.. we have to to many different drs. noonoe have answers for me and now he is 21yrs old. everyday he has them i am tired of seeing him suffering he is my only child. and when he has this headaches his eyes r red and blled from nose. need advice. someone help please

Posted by Larissa Kreilein on Sep 25 2010 20:08:11
For years had hormonal migraines until using natural progesterone cream from Arbonne International, called Prolief, then Phytoprolief (same progesterone cream with added relief for hot flashes and pre-menopausal & menopausal symptoms. Use my consultant discount, www.arbonne.com, consultant ID 10420573 and pw 2235

Posted by amanda on Sep 10 2010 02:40:04
I started getting my migrains when i was 15 and have tried several different medications to get rid of them. i was on topamax for years and have now come of it and i dont get migrains several times a week now, its down to once a mth perhaps. When i get a headache i take 3 disprins to thin the blood which usually works. when that doesnt work i take caffergot which is fantastic and doesnt make you drowsy!

Posted by Marion Purwins on Sep 02 2010 19:24:31
I suffered daily migraines for 17 years starting at age 16. Lots of tests and unhelpful treatments. Finally discovered I am allergic to air conditioning.(Some kind of spore that grows in the system.) I take daily antihistimine and have not had a recurrence. My daughter started having them as well and this works for her too!

Posted by patsy on Aug 28 2010 09:07:15
cinnamon makes my migraines worse and lavender gives me a migraine. Be sure to keep a log so you can determine what is helping and what may make you feel worse...

Posted by Lydia on Aug 15 2010 14:25:15
I am 43 and like most, I have suffered with migraines since I was about 9. Tried feverfew, no OTC meds work, tried zomig, and a few others. The one med that works is Maxalt MLT. It's a melt in your mouth pill. I couldnt take the tablets because of vomiting. The first time I took it, my migraine was gone in 20 minutes.

Posted by Diane on Aug 04 2010 16:22:34
At the first sign of a migraine, drink a can of high energy drink, such as Redbull or Emerge, and this will clear the migraine within 30 minutes.

Posted by Lin on Jul 21 2010 12:17:49
I had been suffering from migraines for over 25 years. I tried feverfew (broke out in hives), 1 year of acupuncture, massage therapy, Imetrix, OTC Advil (had to take 4 at a time) and none of them worked. Finally,I tried Shakeology (pure nutrition shake) and my migraines are gone! More info at www.ChikletShake.com

Posted by Nancy on Jun 15 2010 19:24:51
For the reader with migraines that come on at night, my dr put me on 3mg of melatonin and it has completely eliminated the night time migraines. You can get it over the counter. HTH

Posted by Michelle on Jun 08 2010 22:18:02
I have had migraines for the past 12 years. I have had an MRI. I have tried daily preventative medication (topomax). It made me lose weight drastically and made me CRAZY and I was still getting migraines on a weekly basis! I finally started a headache/food journal. I narrowed my triggers down to artificial sweetener. If you don't figure out your triggers, nothing will help you. I still have the occasional migraine, but now it's monthly not weekly. I take Maxalt now for my really bad migraines. I am going to to try these herbal remedies too. A Whole Foods employee told me to rub peppermint essential oil on my temples and drink peppermint tea.

Posted by jenny on Jun 07 2010 23:40:29
okay i love this website it really helps but i get a 'migrane' right behind my left eye! it hurts so bad and it always happwns in the middle of the night never in the day... what the heck can i do?

Posted by Samantha Taneh on May 14 2010 10:17:52
I LOVE these tips. They really worked. :) XD I am only 12 but I get sever migraines. Thanks for the help.

Posted by mina on Apr 26 2010 23:49:37
hello i need an advice, am 40yrs housewife, since the past 3 years i get menstrual migraine thus preventing me to do chores normally, i get acute pain on right hand side, from head to neck including ears, accompanied with nausea or vomitting, please reply me on my email add. right now itself am having it, i need home remedies and alternate therapies thanks. my teenaged daughter who is 12 get acute thighs pain during menses any advice please. minadi@ymail.com

Posted by Anonymous on Mar 06 2010 23:25:33
Lavender also helps migraines if you put a scent around you of lavender while you sleep. -I'm a kid, I want to be a Herbologist someday!

Posted by jeevraj singh shekhawat on Feb 28 2010 02:25:00
i will try few of them...

Posted by Belinda on Feb 18 2010 09:31:13
I am 39 and have had migraines since I was 13. I have always used BC powders for immediate relief. They work when you take them at the first sign of a migraine coming on but as I grew older I began to worry about the effects of too much use of the BC's and wanted to find a more natural way to handle my migraines. I noticed a lot of food triggers such as MSG, red #40 and other unnatural ingredients in food. I make as much food from scratch as possible so I know what is in it. This has reduced my migraines by at least 80%. I went from having them daily to now just a few times a month. Another trigger is the weather. I get a migraine before a storm. I have been told it has something to do with the air pressure. Magnesium helps strengthen the blood vessels and taking this does help to where I don't get them with every storm now. I hope this helps Renee with her daughter. My 15 year old son has migraines too, but with what I have learned over the years I have been able to help him with his so that he is not having them daily as I did at that age.

Posted by Kim McClennan on Feb 03 2010 17:53:08
This is a very interesting site. It is good to read what other people are doing to help themselves. I think I am going to try some of them for my migraines. Sincerely, Kim

Posted by Renee on Jan 20 2010 15:12:45
My 18 year old daughter has been suffering from severe migraines for over 2 years. They started mild and infrequent. Now they are severe and happen on a weekly basis. None of the migraine meds work on her - she has tried them all!!! We have tried topamax as preventive. Off that now - didn't work well. Now on depakote and keppra (both seizure meds that are supposed to prevent migraines). She stil has them at least one a week. She always ends up in bed for hours or days. Menstrual cycle always triggers one that no meds can help. We have been to ER and come home with a migraine still. I am going to try some of the remedies listed here. I pray they help!!! Any suggestions are mery welcome!!

Posted by kurtandlexie@hotmail.com on Jan 17 2010 12:14:01
Dear Lexie, I hope you're doing well. In case you still get bothered by these headaches, I found some things that might be of any help. I know you've tried already a lot but the ones I found are quite easy to use and don't cost much. Up to you if you do anything with it or not. I hope you'll be able to get onto 6 & 7 soon. I admire you're dedication and intention. Ml, Joop

Posted by Jimmy Vou on Dec 30 2009 22:25:11
I have a friend that if someone rather then me, mail her the information, would be helpful, not only for her, many people she knows have the same trama... she dosn't have a computer; if you would send this information to her... 2306 Longridge, Garland, Texas 75040 I certainly would be much appriciative in all respects... I again thank you for your willingness to help in this matter... I remain, Jimmy Vou

Posted by John Salamon on Aug 27 2009 20:50:44
I totally agree with Jodi's comment in that mainstream medicine mainly focuses on treating the symptoms of migraine headache instead of the underlining causes where as natural health therapies put more emphasis on the underlining causes of a migraine for a particular individual and provide highly individualized and holistic treatment according to the exact causes of the migraines for that patient. I think mainstream medicine has got a lot to answer for in regarding to the treatment of migraines. Many Doctors talk of migraine triggers and how to avoid these possible triggers, where natural health therapies prevent the migraine sufferer from getting into a pre-migraine state where all that is needed is the 'trigger'. To prevent someone entering the pre-migraine state takes a lot more effort, investigation and trial and error as well as some lifestyle and diet changes but is well worth the alternative and that is being doped out on painkillers and becoming a vegetable every time a migraine hits.

Posted by Darlene on Jul 23 2009 08:43:34
my mirgaranes were quite bad. I thought mostly from the change of weather or stress. And with some a RX from my orthopedic doctor for shoulder, neck and back massage I can say I am alot better and don't have to rely on Maxalt anymore.

Posted by Jodi Ojeda on May 05 2009 15:56:26
In regard's to cause of migraines, (among many of the other condition's listed). I don't feel that we dig deep enough to find the true cause of a condition therefore we are only able to alleviate symptom's (most of the time) rather than heal the condition. Most research that has been done has actually shown that even stress, depression, anxiety, etc. have shown to be a physical condition rather than mental or emotional. The same goes for ailment's. So, if you have a migraine caused by stress...what is the stress? Is it an obvious situation in life? Is this situation prone to cause pain? Or is there something that you might be exposed to (likely, unseen) that could be making you feel stressed and causing headaches? I hope this makes since. Research mold & toxin's. Although everyone may know plenty about it...Research more! I love this site! I use it everytime I am researching a condition and a natural form of treatment! Thank you so much for creating an informational site as this! God Bless, Jodi

Posted by Melanie on Jan 11 2009 19:03:58
my migraines have gotten better over the last several years for some reason, but when i do occasionally get them, i find that taking a nap cures it. it doesn't matter how long i sleep, as long as i do fall asleep. this makes me think that relaxation techniques may help. i doubt this would help much with severe, 72-hour kinds, but it might with smaller ones.

Posted by Diane on Jan 05 2009 22:48:46
1,000 mg of Magnesium will cure headaches too, but beware that it can also loosen your stool.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 25 2008 16:45:42
If You're looking for an ALL NATURAL Remedy...please visit www.pulse4theheart.com. I've suffered with Migraines for 20 years and now I'm finally Migraine Free. I'd love to help others who suffer. I use to vomit, go blind in one eye and see pink spots. Please take control. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Please visit! BE MIGRAINE FREE NOW!!

Posted by Miles on Oct 03 2008 11:05:30
The absolutely best cure for a mirgrane is (a)one cup of stout coffee (b)1000mg of aspirin (c)1000mg of acetainophen (d)1/2 teaspoon cinnamon in the coffee. Take this after eating a sandwich of some sort so you don't get stomach upset.

Posted by julie aber on Aug 16 2008 13:18:51
this is a very helpful site.can i find these herbs anywhere?i'ld rather take herbals than keep taking the presciptions that i am on,because some medications are addictive,and i don't want to go that route.my aunt always took home remedies and she lived till she was 88 years old.i want to live that old and maybe then some.also could you send me a list for arthritis,gerd,asthma,and migraines.thank you for allowing me to check out your site,it was very helpful.sincerely,julie aber.

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