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Psoriasis Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious disease that is characterized by itchiness and a skin rash. The rash is usually red and slightly raised, with silvery, scaling patches on top of the red regions. The infection usually affects the elbows, knees, scalp, fingernails, and trunk of the body. Psoriasis can also lead to arthritis-like joint pain.

Note that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between psoriasis and eczema, since both often exhibit similar symptoms. A common way to differentiate between the two diseases is by seeing which area of the body is affected. Psoriasis often affects the back of the elbows and front of the knees (extensor surfaces), while eczema usually affects the inside of the arms and the back of the knees (flexor surfaces). Eczema is also more often found on the ankles than psoriasis.

Causes of Psoriasis

The underlying cause of psoriasis is unknown. However, what we do know is that the symptoms of psoriasis occur when skin cells begin to mature more rapidly than normal. As a result, these poorly developed cells cannot shed quickly, resulting in a build-up of skin which leads to the thick and scaly rash.

Suspected triggers of psoriasis include:
  • Family history of psoriasis.
  • Stress or anxiety.
  • Reaction to certain drugs.
  • Certain infections such as strep throat.
  • Drinking alcohol.
A few studies have also found that decreasing the consumption of fatty meats (such as pork) helps to reduce the appearance of scaly psoriasis patches. Reducing caffeine consumption was found to have a similar effect.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Psoriasis Treatment

Treat Psoriasis With Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective way to treat the itchiness associated with psoriasis. Simply dissolve 1/3 cup of baking soda into 1 gallon of water, and then soak a washcloth into this mixture. Wring out the cloth and then apply it directly to the affected skin. Repeat this several times.

Coconut Oil Remedy for Psoriasis

Coconut Oil has been found to be an excellent natural treatment for relieving psoriasis. A common recommendation is to take 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil each day. It can either be consumed directly from the spoon, or you can mix it into a fruit smoothie, sautee vegetables with it, or use it as a replacement for butter when eating pancakes. Another option is to apply coconut oil topically onto the affected area 3 times per day.

Petroleum Jelly to Treat Psoriasis

One of the best ways to control the build-up of skin that occurs due to psoriasis is to make sure skin is well moisturized. Petroleum jelly is an effective moisturizer, so simply apply a small amount to the affected areas each day. It is also important to apply moisturizer within a few minutes after a bath or shower.

More Sunlight to Prevent Psoriasis

Many doctors prescribe artificial ultraviolet light treatments to patients suffering from psoriasis. A less expensive alternative is to simply get more sunlight! Exposure to the sun can enhance the production of Vitamin D, which has been found to be effective at treating psoriasis.

Psoriasis Free for Life

A new eBook called Psoriasis Free for Life suggests that psoriasis can be cleared away within 2 weeks using their natural remedy. We haven't tried this out, but they offer a 100% money back guarantee, so it might be worth a try if your psoriasis is particularly bad and no other techniques have worked. Click here to learn more about this treatment.

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Reader Comments

Posted by Arun Shanghavi on Mar 06 2014 01:22:53
I suffer from Psoriasis since last 8-9 years.I live in Calcutta,India,am 72 years male and have some thing to comment on.As i have to gather my thoughts,i shall get back in a day or two.

Posted by Susan on Feb 13 2014 06:31:39
Inverse psoriasis has been very challenging. What helps me, stops the internal itching within 24 hours is auto hemo therapy. it is saving me!!!

Posted by Silvia on Dec 25 2013 18:37:04
I have SUFFERED for 4 years with pustulars on hands and feet while working on a military base hauling gravel where it was dusty a lot. We found 55 gal drums rotted by rust, when dug up..I truely believe my ps is associated but in what way? I've been researching since I can't walk n e way..and just started military gases and poisons. As you all after thousands of $ it's getting to the point where I cannot take it anymore.

Posted by Lily on Dec 07 2013 05:25:23
Hi, creams from dermatologists are not working for me. I have tried white vinegar on my psoriasis then apply olive oil after, it's working for me. Rashes on my arms have thinned and are going away. Rashes on my legs are bigger so some have dried and the rest are not getting larger. It's has been 3 weeks and i can see my skin now :) Diet is important too. Yeah, i think it's connected with candida overgrowth. I avoided nightshades,avoided sugar and bread, took vit D3 and zinc supplements. I'm working on cutting down my caffeine intake. I'm also starting to prepare bone broth, helps my gut. I think we need to heal internally before the symptoms goes away :)

Posted by Jan on Nov 15 2013 05:39:49
I have used Protopic ointment for eczema on my skin for years with amazing results, not sure if it would have the same results for psoriasis but worth checking out.

Posted by Lola PuertoRico on Nov 13 2013 15:33:52
You can find the 100% Organic coconut oil at Walmart,in the baking isle at Walmart. Same isle as cooking oils and shortening. ITS CHEAPER THAN THE HEALTFOOD STORES, AND IT'S THE SAME ONE. I'm using it and helps a lot, you will see in few days! GOOD LUCK PEOPLE, WE ARE ON THE SAME BOAT, AND IS NOT EASY. I PRAY EVERY DAY FOR A CURE. I'm with this for 10 years...

Posted by Neda Hall on Sep 29 2013 20:54:15
My mother had psoriasis on over 40% of her body. Go to a bee keeper and get liquid propolis. After having scabby sores on her body for over 50 years, the propolis (in 3 days) had her skin looking like a baby's behind. It works great and quick.

Posted by Lorraine on Sep 25 2013 07:57:21
I have suffered from psoriasis since I was 16 (now 56) and the best and only treatment that I know that will definitely heal psoriasis is proved by the Psoriasis & Skin Clinic here in Australia. Fantastic results!

Posted by Deniz (Dennis) Appleby on Aug 23 2013 00:59:00
Hey everyone! My name is Deniz. I've had psoriasis for almost 2 years now. I'm 13 years old, when I first got it I got it from my father who had it badly on his arms and legs. I didnt care much for it at the time, but later in time, it started going on my knees and legs. I think that when my dad died 6/21/2012 it really struck. I had all these emotions going through my head about life and school that I got really fat (170) and got pig patches of it. Now, for about a month it got very tiny but then started to get out again. I currently have it on my hand, legs, arms, and majorly my elbows. If you dont have it yet youre so lucky. and to anyone who has it Im here for you, and even though I'm a kid, my friends think I should be a therapist haha. Anyways, Im defiantly going to try the coconut oil, bcuz ive tried the doctors recommendation and it doesnt work at all, tried it twice a day for 1 month and nothing happened. But a tip thats helped me is sunlight and water. Thank you everyone else who commented on this, these have really helped.

Posted by therese on Jul 29 2013 00:37:10
I've had psoriasis since the age of 16. I am not completely healed, I still have it on my knees and elbows, I'm gonna try this coconut oil, just like I try almost everything. MY SCALP IS FINALLY HEALED. A friend with the same scalp problem gave me her cure. First, No hairspray, gel, or hair products of any kind. Second and most important. Wash your hair everyday. Use any shampoo, doesn't have to be tar or psoriasis shampoo. Just what you have at home. Let your hair air dry, of course your scalp will peel if it is bad like mine was. But in a short time your scalp should heal. It should go without saying, wash your hair everyday but I have found a lot of people with scalp psoriasis don't wash their hair everyday because of the peeling. I hope this helps some of my fellow suffers out there. Just remember, when your psoriasis gets you down, EVERYBODY HAS SOMETHING...

Posted by craig post on Jul 05 2013 14:49:06
Thanks to all who took the time to add your helpful suggestions! Although my case is relatively mild, it was nonetheless embarassing and maddening as many of you can also agree. My dry and flaky skin occured on my nose forehead, and sensitive spots of my face that I needed to shave on a regular basis. As you would probably guess sometimes I would avoid shaving around my chin and mouth area or it would resemble something like raw meat. I will definitely try some of the things that were mentioned ! Thanks again!

Posted by Beth on Jun 17 2013 07:51:33
My daughter is 18 and has had excema since birth. Just within the last year, she had a flare up that has never gotten better, but severely worse. We found out a couple weeks ago that she has psoriasis, no excema. Her skin was so bad 2 days ago that we were willing to do anything to help her. I read up on psoriasis online and kept seeing coconut oil as a solution. I bought some extra virgin organic coconut oil and starting applying liberally several times a day. This morning when she got up, her skin is 50x better! The itching has subsided and her skin has stopped oozing. I urge anyone that has issues like this to please try it. I bought a fairly lg tub at Walmart for . Best wishes!

Posted by vangelia Whitakeer on Jun 09 2013 01:07:07
I have had scalp psoriasis since i was 13, didn't know what it was; and always scratched my scalp; it would bleed and i would get bald spots. When i went to bootcamp and drank all that water my psoriasis stoped; I also drink acv in water and rinse my scalp in it. i also went natural'

Posted by Becca on Apr 18 2013 16:19:51
About 7 months ago I had a major patch of psoriasis appear on the front of my neck. Im in nursing school so im sure the stress is what triggered it again. Right now I don't have insurance so I looked around for home remedies cause I cant handle the pain, itching, burning, and most of all, the looks from others and the comments. I had someone say, thinking I couldn't hear them, that I looked like a meth head and I should be ashamed to be in public. That was the last straw, I was humiliated. So, after searching this is what Im trying..... A mixture of baking soda, salt, water, and lotion(containing ceteayl alcohol, sodium). No exact measurements were givin, so i just winged it and made it into a paste like consistency. Apply to area, and let sit for 30min to 1 hour(until dry). Wipe off with a soft towel, gently. Burns like hell at first, but Im noticing results and I have only done it once so far! I'm willing to try anything and I know how everyone here feels so I wanted to share my little recipe. Hope everyone finds their own remedy, and can finally reach a therapeutic level of comfort :)

Posted by Anne Horning on Apr 15 2013 21:11:20
I have had psoriasis for almost 3 miserable years. I have done every cream and topical with some results, but none that are long-lasting. I have done excimer laser on my hands and feet as well as Soriatane and Humira. My hands and elbows are good with the exception of a quarter sized spot on one palm. My feet are a different story. Nothing has cleared them. They crack and I often feel the soles splitting while I am walking. I am on my feet all day and it is truly painful.i will try the coconut oil and turmeric and see if it makes a difference. My feet are disgusting and I dread summer shoes!

Posted by SK on Apr 03 2013 09:05:04
Firstly i am not able to distinguish whether i have eczema or psoriasis. As Dermatologists claimed it as Eczema while homeopathic doctor claim it as psoriasis. It seemed like numular eczema but now i see ozzing wounds which crystallizes after some times this make me feel its psoriasis. I have my skin condition for past 14 months all it started was with a small dot size wound. Dermatologists diagnosed it as eczema and put me on anti-boitics n topical steriods it went away for the moment and came back again with itchiness & red flarries all over the body. Tried 4 different dermitalogists in past 10 minths nothing worked as permanent solution. Now on homeopathy regime with de-toxification process hoping fr best

Posted by rao on Mar 22 2013 12:11:23
A skin problem should always be give due attention, cannot ignore it away as easily as some bruise. It all started as a Bruise to me and slowly turned out to be eczema. I "hunted on the net" and found VCO. Was very happy to read about it and how it has helped in the upkeep of health in general. So what happens is VCO when used externally helps immensely in retaining moisture and keeps the affected skin away from further damage due to its anti-bacterial properties! The severity of your eczema will help you decide if VCO is sufficient or you need to supplement with internal intake too or with medicines. I'm using it for treating eczema so that is what I can comment about. To put it in one line, An oil that is fantastic and useful. Added to this is a friendly concerned and knowledgeable MeritVCO supplier like Excel Combines!

Posted by catherinalucy on Mar 08 2013 01:09:07
I think coconut oil is best to treat this treatment rather than petroleum jelly.

Posted by khan on Mar 03 2013 21:28:47
iam using coconut oil but its not working

Posted by SUNDAS on Feb 21 2013 02:00:24
i m suffering from psorisis.i have a red patches on my eye , ear, elbow, nose...plz help me. i m so worried abot this disease...

Posted by DEBBIE on Feb 09 2013 13:19:35
IT'S GOING AWAY !!! I've had it since the 10th grade and I'm 57. Of course the sun and salt water work in the summer, but the winter as soon as the humidity goes away I start breaking out. I started taking coconut oil capsules, probiotics, and high potency stress vitamins with a 1000 mgs of vitamin c. I had some on my legs that were 6 inches or more, they started healing from the inside out and and now there are just the rings around that are starting to disappear. My friend had her whole scalp covered and told me about olive leaf extract and fish oil, so I started taking that also. Hers totally went away! I don't know which of these is working or just the combo, but something is! I'm also using organic shea butter lotion. I switch off between out of africa and greenscape. They are both made in south africa, I found them at k-mart, they smell kind of strange, but I don't crack and bleed. I got my vitamins from swanson on line they will also send you a catalog. I used the certified organic coconut capsules, 15 strain probiotics, super stress b complex with vitamin c and the lemon flavored fish oil. I am sooo looking forward to getting out of hot clothes this summer! Can't say that it will work for you but its the best thing I have found and I've did the steroids and creams . they left dark marks on my skin, now the skin is coming out smooth and baby soft. I am thrilled!

Posted by Navin on Feb 06 2013 00:11:09
I get Temporarily relief for 8-hours after applying MUSTARD OIL. For some reason only DABAR (company) mustard gives me relief, if I use other brands then it doesn't helps. I buy this Dabar-Mustard oil from INDIAN Groceries Stores for .00 which last for 2 months but it saves my day. I read somewhere that I have to apply this for 1-year to get permanent relief. Also now I am starting with NEEM tablets.

Posted by Elizabeth Barnhill on Jan 15 2013 15:42:17
I have found that omitting sugar from your diet is highly effective against psoriasis. Any other treatment is enhanced by omitting sugar. Try it for a month and watch the difference.

Posted by Brit on Nov 27 2012 23:43:48
My psoriasis started in my scalp when I was a young teen. As I grew older and stresses grew, my psoriasis began to as well. It now covers 90% of my scalp, 80% of my legs and is also on my ears, stomach, back, and arms. I've read everything comment on this page and I am going to try bathing with the baking soda and apple cigar vinegar (since I read on another page that those make great shampooing products) and I'm also gonna try the coconut oil and witch hazel. May even try the oregano oil and flaxseed and D3. I will do my best to remember to come back with results. :) and also, just Wanted to add to the "you are not alone" trend. I'm 23 (24 on 2/16/13) and I've been suffering with it for a while. It gradually increased and is now massively horrible! It Burns and itches and bleeds like crazy! Cannot even dream of shaving (though Nair tends to work and also will bring the patches down for a bit, but it Burns pretty badly)... anyways, good luck everyone. And may we find a cure for this extremely disturbing disease...

Posted by Tommy on Nov 24 2012 06:23:08
i have only just come down psoriasis and am finding it hard to cope. i went to the doctors who just gave me some stroid cream but as my psoriasis is in a rather persinol place and steroid creams can thin the skin so i never picked up the pesription. now i have read about coconut oil and banana oil both being very good. i just want to know if anyone has tryed them both or even together and how it has been. any help would be good as im starting to freak out about it. also its nice to know im not alone :) so thank you all

Posted by Ma on Nov 21 2012 12:09:17
Try Simply Herbs' Chickweed Cream

Posted by Stephen on Nov 01 2012 09:48:26
D3 not B3 sorry

Posted by Stephen on Nov 01 2012 09:45:04
I have had psorasis now for 4 years. When I first got it, it covered my entire body. I was hospitalized for 8 days to get it under control. For a while it was minor. Recently it is getting worse on the back of my arms and in the groin area. I am going to try the apple cider vinager baths and taking vitamin B3. You all are not alone in your pain.

Posted by Carol on Aug 24 2012 23:11:10
I want to share how my husband's psoriasis disappeared for 4 years. It was very simple. His psoriasis was all over the trunk of his body, his legs and elbows. He had it for years. A health food store lady told us what to do and it worked. We noticed it was disappearing in less than a month and it was ALL gone in less than 3 months and had not returned for four years. We have told others about this and the do not want to be without these two products that you can find in a health food store or buy online. We are not in anyway connected with these products. This is all you take. Twin Labs EMULSIFIED Cod Liver Oil (Mint taste and make sure it is Emulsified) ~ Take 1 oz 3 x a day. Dr. Souza's Chlorophyll ~ Take 1 oz 3 x a day THAT's IT!!! He started noticing changes almost right away - little by little, it disappeared. We are both so excited - no more flaking, bleeding or itching. After it is gone, continue taking the cod liver oil at 1 oz. a day. Take a small bottle of chlorophyll and drink it once a month and try to do it in a day or two. P.S. - Just recently there have been small outbreaks, so we don't know if he is immune to this treatment. We are just happy that it was gone for those 4 years.

Posted by Lee on Aug 22 2012 16:25:44
Forgot to mention the surgery was bariatric weight loss surgery.

Posted by Lee on Aug 22 2012 16:23:57
Hi everyone! I've had Psoriasis for almost twenty years and believe it started after finding out my wife cheated and my stress levels went through the roof. So did my eating and I ballooned up to a lean 315lbs! Keep in mind I still had Psoriasis on my elbows, knees, knuckles and a few decent size spots on my legs. After the surgery I could only eat a medicine cup full of scrambled eggs (yes, like a Nyquil cup) and a medicine cup of carnation instant breakfast. That was the only thing I could eat for the first month after surgery for every meal and the funny thing was is that I was stuffed! I was told under no circumstances to eat any kind of bread product or my new stomach (golf ball size) could explode. After 4 weeks my psoriasis was completely gone and remained gone for the next 8 years. Yes, I was able to eat more things and my meals became more normal but no bread products. I guess it was because of the yeast, gluten, and enzymes the infest every bread product imaginable. Then the day came when I thought I’d take a little chance and try a piece of bread. Dear God it was like tasting . . . . I can’t even describe how good it tasted. I noticed about a week later a small patch of psoriasis and thought what the frick??!! Now it’s back on my elbows knees and knuckles and legs and I’m absolutely 100% guaranteed it has everything to do with bread or the ingredients in the bread. Good ole gluten screwed me again!! I’m stopping anything that may have flour in the ingredients and I’m betting that within 1 month from today, Sept. 22, my psoriasis will be completely gone. Do you have the courage to do it? Of course you do!! If I can do it, anyone can do it easily. No more wearing long sleeve shirts to the beach or jeans to mow the lawn. I make light of it only to show that it is so very easy, just cut out anything that has any flour or gluten in it and your psoriasis will be gone. I did lose a total of 120lbs from surgery and feel great and have kept that off no problemo. Good luck!!!

Posted by Sara on Jul 23 2012 17:35:50
I just wanted to let everyone know that I use coconut oil on a regular basis and it has REALLY made a difference in my psoriasis and eczema. Also, I completely cut out milk and that permanently decreased my psoriasis by about 40 or 50% very quickly. Lastly, this may sound strange but if I use a blow dryer on different parts of my body and on my scalp within 3-5 minutes of getting out of the shower, it significantly reduces my psoriasis as well. I hope that helps!! I still have psoriasis and use steroid creams, but really the 3 things I mentioned above have made the most difference and improved my symptoms by about 75%! :)

Posted by jp on Jul 15 2012 19:54:56
Hey everyone, so I've been suffering with Psoriasis for 2 years now! I've been looking for something to clear it up for quite some time now with not a complete result but I've found something that works well! Baking Soda! Its funny because if you pay close attention to all of the comments on here there's one thread, the one thing that seems to work, antifungals! Well after doing research I found out that some people believe that psoriasis is a sign of systemic candida infection! Now I'm not no Dr nor can I offer sound media advice but for me, I use one teaspoon of Baking Soda in glass of water completely dissolved! I also rub it into the patches and use a pediegg to get the dead skin off... the ocean and 5000 units of vitamin d3! Google up using baking soda for candida before using this treatment because it can cause issues and u need to check your PH balance during!!!

Posted by Stevenjames14 on Jul 12 2012 19:37:53
Hi all, i just wanted to share my experiences with psoriasis as i hope that it can help others. I statred getting it in high school and am currently 29. Up until the last year and a half i had it pretty bad and had tried all the medicines, ointments, lotions, enbrel self injection, and even quit smoking in hopes that would help. It didnt in the slightest. I could always get it to kind of clear up for a bit if i religiously applied clobex or clobatasol but it always came back sooner or later. Ok, now for the good news! Bear with me because i dont know which part actually made the difference or whether it was a combo of all but my p is almost all gone. Like a miracle because i thought i would have to live with it my entire life. I started eating six to seve small meals a day along with a rigorous workout program. I lost probably 30 pounds and drink 95 percent water. I cut alot of the drinking i used to do out and get good sleep as much as possible. I dont use anything on my body or ingest any food that has chemicals or is highly processed. I even use a soap called Grandma's lye soap, all natural stuff. The stress and worry in my life has seemed to go down quite a bit and that may play another big part in psoriasis outbreaks. Now when i see a patch or two surfacing it usually coincides with a lack of proper diet or a little too much alcohol consumption, overall just not treating my body properly. Once i recognize it and adjust the patches go away on their own. Hope this helps. God bless!

Posted by Steve on Jul 12 2012 19:15:06

Posted by Dan on Jun 05 2012 11:37:51
I have had psorasis now for about 14 years now. It started real small in my knees and then my elbows and now its all over my body. Its very depressing to see your body looking that way, but you need to be strong and positive.The one medication that works for me that controls now is talconex ointment but it is costly if you do not have insurance. It also has reach my hair line in my scalp and use talconex scalp ointment which also works. Now that it is summer time I have been going to the beach going in the ocean water and getting a lot of sun and have noticed my skin looking so much better. I strongly recommend ocean water and sun light in help to improve your psorasis it works so those looking for a remedy at no cost this is the way to go. Good luck to everyone and stay postive.

Posted by Faizel Sedick on May 28 2012 05:43:47
Hi Everybody, Thanks for all the tips. I've had it for about 6 years now and it's getting worse. it started out as a small rash on my one leg and has grown to the size of about 1 sheet of toilet paper. This has happened over a period of 2 years. It has now popped up all over my body and it itches like hell. I've tried prescription druggs which works , but not for long. I'm gonna try the coconut oil and as i've heard petroleum jelly does also work. I also read somewhere that bathing in apple cider vinegar might also help. Are there anybody out there that can confirm that? Will keep you posted with my results Regards

Posted by ep on May 16 2012 09:13:54
I have had psoriasis 35plus years. I have no answers just wanted you all to know your not alone :)

Posted by Unknown on May 12 2012 21:57:26
can anyone help me out with other ways on how to treat my psoriasis PLEASE i have been trying everything and the only things helping are the things i wrote about below

Posted by Unknown on May 12 2012 21:47:47
also a shampoo that has helped me is the tea tree, you should be able to get it at almost any haircut place. Hope this helps you with psoriasis

Posted by Unknown on May 12 2012 21:39:56
I have had it since the age of eight and am only 11 but the only things that helped besides certain prescriptions is chlorine in water such as at water parks, lots of sunlight, and for soaking areas with Epsom salt dissolved in warm water. P.S. one of the only medicines that have helped are clobetasol foam on scalp and cream on legs Hope this helps out others with Psoriasis.

Posted by Sandy on Apr 28 2012 11:49:24
I had some sort of psoriasis type rash on my face for months and nothing worked. Then on vacation in FL I went to the beach a lot and noticed that it was clearing up. I came home and it all came back. A month later I went back to the beach (FL Atlantic side) and got a bottle of water out of the ocean. I rubbed the water on my face twice a day or more for several weeks. It went away completely and has never come back. What a simple, easy remedy after trying so many, many creams and even internal remedies!

Posted by katrina tipper on Apr 19 2012 09:02:20
ive had psorisis since i was 17 yrs old i am now 39 and everything ive had prescribed to me by the doctors hasnt worked ive even had the treatment at the hospital where i had to lay in the bath with some oil then went into a big suntan machine and still nothing got rid of it im going to try the coconut oil as ive just been diagnosed with artheritis in my toes and i read that psorisis can bring that on too will let you all know how it goes

Posted by M.Sindhuja on Feb 18 2012 04:56:54
my mom had psoriasis problem on hand :-(.ill tell her to apply coconut oil. we didnt get any proper skin specialist. please give the remedy. if anybody cured , suggest me.

Posted by Maria on Jan 20 2012 18:48:33
Thank you for the tips, y'all. I've had a scalp psoriasis since I was 12 (I'm now 29) and it's starting to get worse and spread to other body parts. Especially now in the middle of winter when there's no sign of Sun here in Northern Finland. I'm now going to try coconut oil, baking soda, flaxseed capsules and see how it goes. So thanks again for the tips! I also want to say something else. It makes me sad to see there are some people who first tell their story how they found a cure, and then ask others to e-mail them to learn how they can order it. If someone really got cured and found out a great remedy, I'm sure they would share their "secrets" to others who suffer, and not try to make money out of it. It's disgusting when some people are using our horrible situation to earn money.

Posted by peter robinson on Dec 11 2011 02:48:07
dear sirs i have had psoriasis for 6 months can any one help me regards peter robinson

Posted by Abbas on Aug 29 2011 00:48:26
Can I get it from Kuwait market?

Posted by mama of 6 on Jul 24 2011 23:46:50
showed completely gone in 4 days.Use 1 in morning and after bathing at night.Drank 2 spoons 2x daily.To better treat my diabetes I gonna increase my intake to 4 tablespoons.And it doesn't taste like coconut.Which I like the taste of coconut.

Posted by mama of 6 on Jul 24 2011 23:39:05
I've been eating and using Coconut oil all over my body for 4 months now.It's amazing! No more dry patches and no itchiness just smooth shining brown skin.And my diabetes i more controlled. Definitely try this you will be amazed. can't be beat

Posted by wilma pickerill on Jul 22 2011 20:55:25
I had a really bad outbreak of psoriasis my body was pretty much covered with big patches. I have been fighting this for many years. I also have spent years using prescriptions and never have worked for me. My son-in-law gave me a bar of grandmas lye soap to try. I used it for one month and the psoriasis was cleared up. I quit using it for two weeks and my psoriasis came back. So I ordered some more grandmas lye soap and continued to use it everyday and I will never stop using it because it really does work. So if you are one of these people and you can't find anything that will clear your psoriasis just try the soap and you will see that it does work.

Posted by emily on Jul 14 2011 08:31:02
so my best bet with the psoriasis is to try the coconut oil?

Posted by Dee on Jun 01 2011 06:30:32
I have been suffering from psoriasis for a year. I brokeout all over my body. I have been using psoriasin ointment and shampoo. it is clearing up

Posted by Teresa on Apr 30 2011 13:26:51
You can purchase all organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil at I have used it on my skin for the last 2 years and my skin feels amazing. I've never had any skin ailments but my son does. He thinks I'm crazy when I mention coconut oil to cure nearly everything, but it is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. It can be taken internally and has a 2yr shelf life. I also cook with it since it's healthy for you as opposed to Canola which is from the rape seed, a known toxin.

Posted by pj on Apr 19 2011 13:49:21
forget-a-bout it.... nothing works. my dad had it, now i have it... tried everything. the last script was a tube of ointment for.... are you ready for this...0.00/tube, (vetical, I think)less than the size of toothpaste tube! And, doesn't work. we're cursed!

Posted by davey1450 on Mar 30 2011 17:39:22
I have a nasty bout of psoriasis on the backs of my hands,

Posted by Amanda on Mar 23 2011 16:14:12
i was told to try rubbing banana peels(inside of the peel) over my helps, but doesnt clear it up. It doesnt leave you sticky and doesnt even leave you smelling like bananas! Try it, and enjoy the banana while your rubbing!

Posted by dawn duchene on Mar 19 2011 20:29:29
i am 23 years old and have an extreme case of psoriasis. It is on my elbows, scalp, ears, hands, face, thighs, stomach, knees, calves, teet, and yes even my bum, i cant shve because a tiny nick turns into a giant patch of psoriasis and i was perscribed a 300$ cream( better cure cancer) that i can't even afford=( I have tried cortisone perscribed, but after a full year and one very hot summer wearing long sleeves and jeans the whole way through, i am officially fed up!!! talk about a blow to the self esteem... i have been using coconut oil as a topical but am going to try ingesting it aswell, cut out the caffeine... and ill let ya know what happens...

Posted by suzie on Mar 03 2011 13:42:59
Beware of 'Psoriasis Free for Life' recommended above. It's a scam. Once you go to the page you can't get out of it. Luckily i have a mac computer, but I think you may get a virus with a p.c. Anyways am gonna try the coconut oil plus apple cider vinegar....

Posted by Sarah on Feb 13 2011 00:40:08
I have been using baking soda every time I shower on my scalp. I put a small pile in my hand and add a bit of water to it till its like pancake batter. I dont use shampoos if I really dont have to, I find they make it worse. After I get out of the shower I rub tea tree oil onto my scalp, it really feels good and I find I can lessen the outbreaks as well as the frequency of them. Also I bought oil of wild oregano from a health food store and I have been taking 4 drops everyday in a little shot of orange juice. It helps boost ur immune system and I find lessens the frequency of my outbreaks as well. After reading about the benefits of coconut oil I am going to try that too!

Posted by Harvey on Feb 02 2011 04:40:35
I found pure coconut oil in the baking isle at Walmart. Same isle as cooking oils and shortening.

Posted by Jeremy on Dec 02 2010 21:34:58
I have read that psorasis can be a sign of some internal body problem like digestive leakage due to compromised immune system; allergies, etc. It might be good to see a homeopathic doctor or chiropractor if you have this problem like I do?

Posted by mv on Nov 24 2010 16:02:44
my psoriasis is mostly on the back of my ears and around my hair line and different other places esp. skin folds I started using witch hazel ((tucks pads work great as it has witch hazel as main ingriedient)), it has cleared up behind my ears because it helps with any infection that may come from scratching i still have several patches so coconut oil is my next try thanks for feedback.

Posted by LISA on Nov 12 2010 16:22:18
pauline, I'm using coconut oil for my stretch marks and it seems to be helping so far. I wanted to let you know that one thing to remember is you do NOT want the refined oil because it goes through so much heat and chemical treatment to be refined that it loses a lot of its natural healing components. Look for organic virgin coconut oil which is cold pressed and unrefined. You can find it at herbal food stores. Good luck!!

Posted by pauline on Nov 12 2010 09:56:56
I have developed(as my doctor diagnosed, this week) psoriasis over the last couple of months, being mainly on the soles of my feet.My doctor also said it was probably a change of temperature that caused this. It has got to a stage that my skin is cracking over a wide area of my feet, including in between my toes, and the soreness is too much to walk at times. I was subscibed a mild steroid,hydrovate.Although I have only been using this ointment for 5 days, twice a day,I am still suffering with the soreness quite badly. Can someone, anyone, tell me how I can get hold of this refined coconut oil.

Posted by jULIE on Nov 08 2010 12:42:13
I've been taking Vitamin D3 supplements and Flaxseed capsules and my psoriasis cleared up!! I usually take 2,000-4,000 IU's a day of Vit.D3. I noticed when I was in Florida in the sun all the time, my psoriasis cleared up, and you get D3 from the sun. So if you don't get enough sun, try D3 supplements!!

Posted by getwhat on Oct 02 2010 13:39:11
I take 1000mg of turmeric as 1 pill everyday. It helps a lot with keeping the swelling down

Posted by Linda on Oct 01 2010 15:33:04
@ Saira.khaliq, Try applying organic Coconut Oil for overnight on affected areas. Its anti-oxidant activity helps with rapid maturation of the skin cells which is considered one of the main causes of Psoriasis. Also taking Coconut Oil internally and eating Vitamin D supplements work too. I hope it helps... Good luck!

Posted by saira.khaliq on Oct 01 2010 03:36:24
My 17 year old son has suffered with Psoriasis for about 5 years. we have tried all tratments from GP and referal made to Hospital without much success. this has had an emotional impact on him and he often brakdown in tears. i would love to hear from someone who would be able to suggets home remady to cure the problem.

Posted by Mayak on Sep 28 2010 17:25:44
I would like to share with all of you something that has worked for me to get rid of my psoriasis completely. I got my first sign of psoriasis about 13 years ago on my hands. It was not bad at first but in the winter of 1997 my hands looked like that of an unhealthy 90 year old man and I was only 26 then! In 1999 I had some major challenges in my life and it came back full force in my palms, on my knees, under my feet and on my elbows. I tried everything natural and unnatural to get rid of the psoriasis, but it would not go away and the stress I was under wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. During the day I visited every dermatologist I knew and at nights I was on the internet searching for the answer. Finally in 2009 after 10 years of research and paying thousands of dollars to doctors, I found the combination of couple of ointments that were suggested to me by doctors, that worked and since then I have been living psoriasis free! My skin has never been smoother since then and I am not ashamed to wear short sleeves or short pants and even go to the beach and enjoy the sun and the sand like everyone else. Now that I have tested this on me, for almost 2 years, and with confidence I know it will work for you too and you too can live psoriasis free, I am willing to share this ointment mixture with you. For further details on how to order this ointment, do not hesitate to email me at I will reply ASAP to your request and explain you exactly how it works and how you can order it. I guarantee you will see result in less than three weeks.

Posted by Misty Greder on Aug 04 2010 16:05:54
I have had psoriasis since i was little. i have tried everything. the topical creams worked for a while but then they stopped. i am going to try the coconut oil and see if it works. i have psoriasis over 90% of my body and i would love more than anything to be able to wear shorts again...or even a bathing suit. wish me luck

Posted by cece on Jul 21 2010 01:46:38
I have Psoriasis on my face. I was givin hydrocortisone cream 2.5 (spell check) for it a while back and it worked wonders. Now that im no longer recieving it, the patches flare up, itch, turn red, and scale. My face is more sensitive than most of my other bodyparts. So, what else is there i can use so that it will not look so bad??

Posted by kathy on Jun 18 2010 03:19:49
I've read the comments on the coconut oil, I want to give this a try. The problem is I can NOT find refined coconut oil. Everyone sells unrefine coconut oil. Where can I get it.

Posted by Alana on Dec 29 2009 19:23:19
I have had inverse psoriasis on my neck and starting under my arms. I have tried about everything, the tanning bed doesn't appear to work on inverse psoriasis so through trial and error I have used the following and the psoriasis is clearing up. First for the severe redness and inflamation go to your local pharmacy and buy Domeboro astrigent solution. You can mix this to whatever strength you want and use it as a compress. You can keep the solution for several days and keep reusing it. I then use a good moisturizing cream that is absorbed into the skin. Next for the itching I used Caladryl Clear lotion. Then I top off with a "chafing relief powder-gel" made by Monistat and can be purchased in the feminine aisle. This is keeps the skin from chafing. I also used some anti-fungal spray in case the moisture from the lotion caused a fungal infection. you may need to try a mixture of these and may need to use them in a different order. The caladryl will dry out the psoriasis but not to the point of being plaque psoriasis. Hope this helps someone else.

Posted by Steph on May 24 2009 15:45:16
I have been having Psoriasis for the last 2 years and despite numerous visits to the doctors and using various skin fungi creams, the ocndition persisted.The simplest way for it to subside is to AVOID totally all milk (including evaporated milk altogether. This meant a big NO NO to all cheese,yoghurts,ice creams,cakes,creamy gravies, biscuits,salad creams/dressings even mashed potatoes mixed with milk products. The psoriasis will flair up exactly 4 hours after ingesting any of the above.I will try the coconut oil treatment

Posted by sunnie on Mar 31 2009 23:19:50
I found this site back in January of this year. I was researching Psoriasis. I had an outbreak that had lasted more than 8 months and was desperate to clear it up. I have spent years using prescriptions and finally reached the point where they stopped working. One of the comments mentioned coconut oil so I did further research and decided to try it. I purchased refined coconut oil and put it to the test. For the first month, I ingested 2 TBS per day (in hot cocoa or tea) and applied it topically as a moisturizer. To make the test fair, I stopped using a tanning bed and all the topicals I had accumulated. Once my skin started clearing (arms, legs, hands, scalp, stomach and back), I stopped ingesting it and just continued using as a topical. Not only am I clear enough to show my legs and elbows, but my nails have also cleared. If I have a flair up, I do go back to ingesting coconut oil until it clears up. I have stuck with it for 3 months and I am very pleased with the results. If you do a search on 'benefits of coconut oil' you will see that it has many benefits. I did learn that it needs to be refined coconut oil because that is the one that has the 'anti-fungal' properties. I worked for me. This site and the participants that took the time to share their experiences made such a difference for me and I am grateful. It inspired me to do further research because I also have a slight case of rosacea on my face and read on this site that Apple Cider Vinegar was good for that. The recommendation was 2 tbsp daily and then using it as a topical. It tasted horrible and it burned my skin. Fortunately, there is an ACV supplement and it also has multiple benefits. After 3 months of trying that, I have found that it also provided wonderful results for me. Not leaving anything to chance, I did further research and discovered that Oregano Oil is also a great supplement. I have taken that for 3 months too. My overall results are amazing: my skin have improved at least 90%. I encourage people to research alternative options, because they do exist. BTW (ladies), coconut oil is wonderful for the skin. It can actually help diminish age lines; it does offer UV protection and helps your skin retain moisture.

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