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Signs and Symptoms of Age Spots

Age spots

Age spots (also known as sun spots, liver spots, and lentigines), are harmless, flat, yellow or brown discolorations of the skin which usually occur on the back of the hands, neck and face of people above the age of 40. These age spots are usually not serious, but instead are mainly an annoyance since they can reveal a person's age. However, if you have irregular, dark spots that increase in size or change color/texture, have them checked by a doctor since they could be a sign of skin cancer.

Causes of Age Spots

Sun spots

Age spots are commonly a sign of sun damage by having the skin exposed to the sun over many years. In more serious situations, they can be due to impaired liver function or dietary and nutritional deficiencies.

For example, as we age, our metabolism changes and the liver can become overwhelmed with toxins. If the liver cannot rid the body of these toxins, age spots (liver spots) can begin to develop. Oxidation within the body and a lack of antioxidants in your diet can also play an important role in the development of age spots.

It is important to remember that age spots take years to form and eliminating them will take time, too. But don't give up! Try one of the remedies below for a few months, and if they don't improve simply try another one. Also, as a preventative measure, always use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 if you plan to be outdoors in the sun for extended periods of time.

Home Remedies for Age Spots Treatment

Apple Cider Vinegar

When Apple Cider Vinegar is mixed with onion juice and applied directly to the skin, it can help you to get rid of age spots and sun spots.

  • Finely chop or blend an onion, and use a strainer or cheese cloth to squeeze and extract the juice.
  • Take one part of Apple Cider Vinegar and one part of onion juice and mix them together.
  • Dab a cotton pad into the solution and apply it directly onto the age spots.

Leave this on the skin for a minimum of 30 minutes, and as long as you are comfortable with it. Repeat this once a day for approximately 6 weeks and you should begin to notice a gradual improvement. If the spots have not completely disappeared after the 6 weeks but they have started to fade, keep repeating the process until they do.

To speed up the process, you can mix 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar into a mug full of water (hot or cold), and drink this twice daily for a month. This will not only improve your age spots, but it will also give you a healthy young glow and make you feel energized and active. If you find the taste of the vineger to be too strong, try adding a tablespoon of honey as a natural sweetener.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera juice or gel has long been known as a general healing agent for skin problems, particularly burns. Many people have also found it to be helpful in reducing the visual appearance of age spots. Simply rub the juice or gel directly onto the affected areas twice a day, and leave it on the skin for at least 45 minutes each time. Within a month you should begin to notice improvements.

Lemon Juice

The acid in Lemon juice has been shown to help fade the appearance of age spots. Simply dab fresh lemon juice directly onto the spots twice daily and you should begin to notice improvements in about two months. Leave the juice on the skin for at least 30 minutes, or as long as you are comfortable with it. You can also leave the juice on the skin overnight.

NOTE: If you plan to go outdoors, wait for the juice to dry as it increases the skin's sensitivity to sunlight.

Castor Oil Remedy for Age Spots

Castor Oil has been shown to improve the appearance of age spots. Simple rub the oil directly onto the affected skin areas once in the morning and once in the evening. This should help fade the spots within a month.

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  1. on said:

    Carola Maglaya, The remedy mentioned right under your comment suggests that you should drink it.

  2. on said:

    Is it to drink or wipe the skin?

  3. on said:

    I have found that drinking the following mixture is so much better than apple cider vinegar and water. I take 1 gallon of apple juice and then I add 1 quarter cup of organic apple cider vinegar and 1 quarter cup of lemon juice. I drink this mix everyday for a healthy body and dark spots.

  4. on said:

    Castor oil should be easily purchased from your pharmacy or chemist or from a herbal foods shop. And organic Apple Cider Vinegar can be found in a good grocery shop or supermarket in the pickles isle. Good luck!

  5. on said:

    How do I get Apple Cider Vinegar and Castor Oil in the local market? Please reply.

  6. on said:

    Castor oil helps with sagging skin on the neck. It takes a while to see results, but it does work on "turkey necks". The oil has to be applied consistently to see the results.

  7. on said:

    I developed a large dark patch on my right cheek which was embarrassing and sometimes itchy. Eventually, over the December holidays I took drastic action. I got a rough pumice stone, soaked the area in warm water and using soap, I actually pumiced the dark spot, literally, until it bled. I presume I removed the upper layers of pigmented skin. After a few days of healing, the scab flaked off and beautiful pink skin was revealed which has now blended to match the surrounding area. No more brown patch! Drastic action, I agree, but sometimes you simply reach desperation. I have since then removed even patches of eczema, and warts the same way. I guess it comes down to being able to actually take the pain to solve a troublesome problem. If you are not prepared to try this, then I suggest you see a skin specialist for deep peeling or microdermabrasion.

  8. on said:

    Rodan and Fields Reverse Accelerator Pack seems to be working for me to rid dark spots without burning, scarring, and redness. After nightly cleansing, I use a Q-tip to apply the accelerator cream specifically on my facial liver spots and leave my face alone all night. The next morning the dark spots sort of slough off, kind of like a sun burn would flake off. And, gradually they are disappearing. I only have about 6 spots remaining. The accelerator pack alone works too. :-)

  9. on said:

    I have a dark sport on my face, do these remedies help? Thanks!

  10. on said:

    Hi Simon, If you don't mind me asking, what kind of products are you using that are restoring the skin on your arms and neck? Thanks, Suze

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