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age spots
Age spots (also known as sun spots, liver spots, and lentigines), are harmless, flat, yellow or brown discolorations of the skin which usually occur on the back of the hands, neck and face of people above the age of 40. These age spots are usually not serious, but instead are mainly an annoyance since they can reveal a person's age. However, if you have irregular, dark spots that increase in size or change color/texture, have them checked by a doctor since they could be a sign of skin cancer.

Causes of Age Spots

Age spots are commonly a sign of sun damage by having the skin exposed to the sun over many years. In more serious situations, they can be due to impaired liver function or dietary and nutritional deficiencies.

For example, as we age, our metabolism changes and the liver can become overwhelmed with toxins. If the liver cannot rid the body of these toxins, age spots (liver spots) can begin to develop. Oxidation within the body and a lack of antioxidants in your diet can also play an important role in the development of age spots.

It is important to remember that age spots take years to form and eliminating them will take time, too. But don't give up! Try one of the remedies below for a few months, and if they don't improve simply try another one. Also, as a preventative measure, always use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 if you plan to be outdoors in the sun for extended periods of time.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Age Spots Treatment

Age Spots Home Remedy Using Apple Cider Vinegar

When Apple Cider Vinegar is mixed with onion juice and applied directly to the skin, it can help you to get rid of age spots and sun spots.
  • Finely chop or blend an onion, and use a strainer or cheese cloth to squeeze and extract the juice.
  • Take one part of Apple Cider Vinegar and one part of onion juice and mix them together.
  • Dab a cotton pad into the solution and apply it directly onto the age spots.
Leave this on the skin for a minimum of 30 minutes, and as long as you are comfortable with it. Repeat this once a day for approximately 6 weeks and you should begin to notice a gradual improvement. If the spots have not completely disappeared after the 6 weeks but they have started to fade, keep repeating the process until they do.

To speed up the process, you can mix 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar into a mug full of water (hot or cold), and drink this twice daily for a month. This will not only improve your age spots, but it will also give you a healthy young glow and make you feel energized and active. If you find the taste of the vineger to be too strong, try adding a tablespoon of honey as a natural sweetener.

Natural Cure for Age Spots Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera juice or gel has long been known as a general healing agent for skin problems, particularly burns. Many people have also found it to be helpful in reducing the visual appearance of age spots. Simply rub the juice or gel directly onto the affected areas twice a day, and leave it on the skin for at least 45 minutes each time. Within a month you should begin to notice improvements.

Home Remedy for Age Spots Using Lemon Juice

The acid in Lemon juice has been shown to help fade the appearance of age spots. Simply dab fresh lemon juice directly onto the spots twice daily and you should begin to notice improvements in about two months. Leave the juice on the skin for at least 30 minutes, or as long as you are comfortable with it. You can also leave the juice on the skin overnight.

NOTE: If you plan to go outdoors, wait for the juice to dry as it increases the skin's sensitivity to sunlight.

Using Castor Oil as a Remedy for Age Spots

Castor Oil has been shown to improve the appearance of age spots. Simple rub the oil directly onto the affected skin areas once in the morning and once in the evening. This should help fade the spots within a month.

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Reader Comments

Posted by Uma on Mar 30 2014 07:08:46
Use goats milk and lemon to lighten your skin for old birds and if you in your teens and 20's, drink a lot of water and cleanse your skin with lemon daily.

Posted by lucy on Feb 21 2014 15:20:45
My mom has age spots or you can say liver spots on her face, she tried hydroquinion bleach cream and tri-luma she did laser treatment did'nt work & some thing just came out in market peel tablet treatment she did that paid lot's of money after the peel treatment her spots are gone for a month, then it came back even worst,i think this problem is internal not the external somebody above said its internal problem and i agree i will tell my mom to try your recipe for morning drink,raw broccli,kale,parsely,celery,aloe vera juice to drikn every day, thanks for your advice:)

Posted by CERETHA on Nov 22 2013 22:45:13
My dr told me to use selsun blue on my brown spots it works put on brown spots leave on for about 1or 2 hrs or longer Twice a day for 2 or3 days.

Posted by Sin on Sep 13 2013 22:50:33
I used castor oil for three months, my age spots are larger, it will bring a turd out but not dark skin age spots

Posted by Mary Ann on Aug 10 2013 14:18:20
Please don't use apple cider vinegar instead use lemon juice with honey leave it for 30 minutes do it 2 x a day rinse it off with cold water and apply your moisturizer i'm using city light radiant facial cream, use a sunscreen with SPF 30......

Posted by gina on Aug 01 2013 15:49:49
To whoever said castor oil doesn't work is wrong. If you put a dab of DMSO then the castor oil works it's much faster! It got rid of a number of big moles on my neck in addition to a couple of big warts on my arms..they never came back! My Love bird bit off the smaller ones for me!! (Lmao)

Posted by Terri on Jun 30 2013 22:19:21
I too just read an interesting article about using apple cider vinegar for helping age spots and many other things, as well (see link below). You dab the apple cider vinegar on your age spot and leave it on overnight. I'm going to try this starting tonight using pure undiluted, apple cider vinegar. Believe me, at 60 y/o, I've got plenty of age spots to choose from to conduct this test. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-5875/15-Reasons-to-Use-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Every-Day.html

Posted by Kelli on Jun 06 2013 19:03:29
The description shown above all the reviews explains the causes of dark spots, age spots, sun spots. Whichever name you choose to call them. The recommendations given are all very good. There are also many recommendations on other natural or herbal websites for taking Gotu Kola internally as an herbal supplement. They sell this in capsule form and the recommended dosage would be listed on the bottle. It stimulates collagen and increases new cell growth and has been shown to help with dark spots. If you take medication for any medical condition you should consult with your doctor or an herbalist who has a degree in this field. Castor Oil, which comes from Castor Beans, has been shown to be very effective for dark/age/sun spots along with other various skin and/or hair problems. It is fairly inexpensive and can be purchased online or in health and nutrition stores. Another remedy is Licorice Root Extract, which has been shown to lighten skin and evens out skin tone. Ginger Root Extract diluted in a small amount of water or pure Aloe Vera Juice (not aloe vera gel from the store) increases circulation in the skin when applied topically. Bearberry (Uva Ursi) Extract contains Arbutin which also lightens skin. For the person with skin tags, you could go to your doctor and have these removed easily. I believe there is also a product that is sold in stores in the health care aisle that is for skin tag removal but please use caution and read the instructions carefully. You may also want to apply an antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandage as soon as the skin tag falls off. Please DO NOT use Compound W on skin tags or dark spots. This product is intended for warts and has an extremely high amount of Salicylic Acid which will burn your skin.(but you could have nice scar tissue to replace the dark spots) A lot of people call them age spots for a reason. Over time, as we age, our bodies accumulate toxins from .......basically everywhere and everything. Especially if you eat a diet that contains highly processed foods, soda, sugar etc. All of that combined with years and years of sun exposure (even in small amounts) and you begin to see these spots. If you are going to be in the sun for longer than 20 minutes you really should wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 15. Fair skinned people (or people with a lot of freckles) should increase the SPF to a higher number and apply before even going into the sun. Another cause, as shown above, can be due to toxins building up in the liver. Our liver is the hardest working organ in our bodies and is also affected by everything we consume (willingly) and external pollutants that most people don't even think about. Sometimes the liver can use a little detoxification and I don't care what website you look at Milk Thistle will be listed as one of THE BEST for liver function. You should consult your doctor before taking this if you have any type of history or problems with Liver or Gallbladder disease before taking this supplement. Our entire body functions from the center out. Meaning: the digestive system is the center of everything and all other organs and body systems respond to the functioning of this system. Be it good or bad. Your diet, medications, nutritional deficiencies all affect the digestive system, which in turn affects everything else. Including your skin largest organ of the body) and hair and nails. Take great care in what you feed or put into your body and you will see great results.

Posted by that's life on May 22 2013 22:43:40
To PS...You're an idiot! This is a page for people with health issues & you're on here cutting people down for the way they use the English language? Go to your room!!!!

Posted by Peter on May 16 2013 18:15:57
Use the algae supplement astaxanthin to prevent sun damage, wrinkles, age spots, and freckles

Posted by Zee on May 10 2013 11:53:54
I have skin tags on both side of my neck. I always have to cover mu neck and the skin also around my neck is dark. I like to dress up and tie my hair in different ways, but because of this i can't.Plz kindly show me a remedy that really works fast. As I'm going to get married in two months time. Thanks.

Posted by bella on Mar 24 2013 05:16:28
Castor oil does not help i have been using it for 6 months the age spots they are still there you talking rubbish why you saying castor its good for age spots you talking from your ass

Posted by NorahlynneNorahminer on Mar 06 2013 01:00:01
I used Bio-oil twice a day and after about three weeks or so it scraped off with my fingernail. That's the third one on my face that I got rid of. It really worked and the age spot was quite large and raised. The other ones have never come back. Give it a try and let us know if it worked for you as well.

Posted by LOVELY on Feb 26 2013 02:26:49
taking plenty of water,taking proper diet by avoiding oils,sleepng atlest 8 hr/dy is the best remedie to avoid agening

Posted by MammaD on Jan 28 2013 08:16:53
To the person criticising others understanding of the English language. I would like to point out that neither do you, as you're spelling of basterdizing with a Z does not have any business in the English language. I am more concerned about your ignorance and attitude towards people who may be dyslexic or have any other reason for not being up to your so called standards. Ignorance comes in many forms as you have proved. "Who are you people and where did you learn the English language? I think you all (should all) should go back to school to (and) learn how to write and speak (talk) before you begin dispensing advice to others. Who could understand such a bastardizing of the English language?!? Wow, is this what our school system is teaching these days?)

Posted by Gloria Ukwat on Jan 24 2013 09:57:43
Pls how do I get rid of white patches from my legs, I don't know what it is, some say it's liver spot or cream reaction.

Posted by Robert on Jan 17 2013 12:01:02
At age 70 I decidet to concentrate havely helping my body. With my BS in chemistry was not very confusing to act. 0 sugar, diet cola has artificial sweeteners mor danderous than sugar. Cranberry Juice has 10% sugar. Read labels and stay away of sugar. No butter margarine or animal fat. Olive oil, flax seeds and more instead. Whiter the bread sooner you die. No pasta and high charbohidrates. No smoking and alcohol. Check PH and corrected with baking soda and black strap molasses for 10 days. 33% fruits aple, bananas, pineaples, papaya, grape, and more. 30% vegies brocoli, red onion, red beets, spinich, carrots, red cabbage and more. Spices black peper, turmeric, ginger, flax seeds, 12 apricot kernel per day, 4garlic clows, with red pepr and more. In less than 10 days the brown spots are gone and the remaining are fading. The problem is not in the skin but inside your body.

Posted by Janet Sunderland on Jan 05 2013 14:22:56
For a few years now I've had trouble with bruising on my forearms. I bump something, I have a big bruise. I began wiping my arms with fresh lemon juice every morning and I'm not bruising as easily. I also wear arm guards when I'm working around the house, but the lemon juice really has strengthened either the skin or the vein walls. Either way, it's great!

Posted by Sick Of Dark Spots on Dec 19 2012 11:46:22
@Lucy bonilla, Thank you for your helpful post. I'm dealing with age spots on my cheek and nose for 2 years. I posted here on Nov. 25 when I started applying apple cider vinegar mix on the dark spots. It's been 3 weeks and I see some improvement. The spot on the nose is almost gone but the one on the cheek is not budging. Now I have some hope that this one might fade slowly too but I think it's going to be a long process. I'd really appreciate if you can let me know the names of Retinol cream and vitamins specificly that you used/took. I live in Canada. Thanks for your help - it will help millions who come across this page.

Posted by lucy bonilla on Dec 18 2012 11:19:04
i also have age spot on right cheek bone i would like to get ride of tried numerous productos u named it ive bought i o tried it however i started applyng TEA TREE OIL Y USE RETINOL creams seems to be working for me try it out guys hope u all have results all so the use of retinol cream productos give u a younger look eliminates wrinkes ,also i take vitamins with cologen as well as cologen cream HONETLY I HAVE NOTICED A BIG CHANGE BEARLY WEAR MAKEUP ANYMORE try it out please give me feed back email me lucybonilla99@yahoo.com

Posted by Andrea on Dec 08 2012 00:40:18
i have used a mixture of puree lentils, yoghurt and honey, to fade freckles, and it also softens the skin, when used daily. For achne, my son drank orange juice only for 5 days and all his achne vanished. I have had large age warts on my face for years, and am now considering lazer as a permanent cure.

Posted by Sick of Dark Spots on Nov 25 2012 21:29:23
Guys, I started applying Apple Cider Vinegar mix on my dark spots on the face two days ago. I mixed half a cup of rose water and 4 tbsp of ACV and stored it in a bottle. I'm applying it in the morning and let it dry and then I put my moisturizer and foundation if I want. I'll let you all know about the results after a month. Wish me good luck!

Posted by HG on Oct 19 2012 00:47:55
My grandmother sliced ginger and rub on the aging spot, it works very well.

Posted by Dud Clark on Oct 16 2012 21:33:53
I have chlamydia, please help

Posted by PS on Oct 04 2012 21:36:28
Who are you people and where did you learn the English language? I think you all should go back to school to learn how to write and speak before you begin dispensing advice to others. Who could understand such a bastardizing of the English language?!? Wow, is this what our school system is teaching these days?

Posted by shelby on Sep 29 2012 11:33:10
I have not tried this on age spots yet, but my face looks young and amazing, and all I did was got to the freezer. Make a baking soda mask and put it all over your face and neck, let it dry for 15 minutes, rinse and apply Dickinsons witch hazel. Your face will look firm and beautiful.

Posted by evatimm@bigpond.com on Aug 21 2012 09:38:38
To the reader who is in her twenties and ageing early can I suggest a daily dose of codliver oil - 1 teaspoon mixed with a little milk or orange juice. Not only will it improve your skin but your hair and nails. Dont be tempted to take more than a teaspoon daily as it can be toxic. I am in my sixties but look a decade younger with few wrinkles and I am sure it is because I consume a reasonable amount of fat and oils.

Posted by Jodie on Jul 07 2012 18:07:20
If you only have a few sun spots, you can use "Compound W." Make sure you put a nice heavy coat only on the sunspot. Leave the coating on for 2-3 days. Then peal off and no more sun spot. Make sure you keep it moist after peeling it off. I used a little neosporan and a tiny paper towel piece. It will heal like any other bo bo. It took 5 weeks to disappear from healing. *Cause its almost like a cigarette burn. The initial application will only burn for a few seconds. I used it on myself with excellent results. IF YOUR FACE IS COVERED IN SPOTS... get it treated professionally. I tried to do sections and unless you can get away with looking like a burn victim for a few weeks. So, for individual spot treatments, this is the cheapest cure of all. Guaranteed fast and permanent. After treatment, remember to use sunscreen or suffer the consequences of more sunspots. PERIOD...........

Posted by Al on Jul 06 2012 02:56:51
Mario, I really hope you are not putting Castrol Oil on your face, since that is a motor oil! Castor oil is something different. Please confirm!!

Posted by Joy on Jun 25 2012 01:16:13
Rachel, Try applying Apple Cider Vinegar once in the morning and once at night or whenever you can at least twice a day. It seems to be working for me. I also apply Castor oil sometimes. I hope it helps.

Posted by rachel on Jun 25 2012 00:45:25
I am 37 with age spots on my cheeks but i also have a black mark above my lip that makes it look like a mustache. I dont know if black mark is from waxing or something else. Can anybody give me any idea on which remedy to use.

Posted by Mario on Jun 21 2012 15:08:54
why you are saying to people to used castrol oil for age spot that rubbish it does not work people are spending money because of you saying in two months they fade do you have ashare in castrol oil

Posted by Annaw on Jun 20 2012 10:14:31
For quick remedy for removal of brown spots, use DuoFilm which is a wart solution. I dab directly onto the spot and buff off next day. This is working for me, but need to interject caution to anyone who would try this. I was desperate to rid mine. After peeling off first layer, I rub antibacterial like Polysporin. DuoFilm has salicylic acid which is good. Some spots scabbed and looked terrible but after that all was well, but for most, just the top layer was affected.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 19 2012 10:39:31
I have oily, acne-prone skin. For years, I have used all the acids, salicyclic, lemon, acv, glycolic, etc. They can lighten but also can darken too. I have also used lightening products with some success but not impressive results. I had dark marks that would not go away for years. The BEST remedy I've discovered is daily steaming with a warm wash cloth. This helps improve circulation!, loosen dead skin, and melts away oils. Make sure to moisturizer afterwards since dry skin will block pores and allow for breakouts.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 17 2012 14:42:25
sun block is the cause of age spot, so stop using sun block..

Posted by Tim on May 26 2012 04:55:43
Very helpful.

Posted by Nancy Davis on Apr 28 2012 00:06:43
looking for Dr.OZ.com Spot cure with rice water..

Posted by alfred on Mar 29 2012 07:06:22
i have been using lemon juice for age spots for about 1 month and a half i cannot not see any improvement know i going to start Castro oil is it OK

Posted by Tara on Mar 17 2012 10:55:40
For all those with white spots,you could try using same leaf just crush and squeeze the juice and apply to the spots morning and evening after cleansing your skin.its an old remedy which worked for me when I was a child. good luck.

Posted by dirt diva on Feb 10 2012 17:36:46
Hello Ladies. I am finding all this info and ideas about ACV very interesting and believable, BUT CAUTION!!!! Do NOT use stuff like CRYSTAL LIGHT or other powdered water flavour enhancers. They contain artificial sweeteners which are VERY bad for you. If you don't believe me, just GOOGLE a few. You will be shocked. Try stevia or a few other plant based sweeteners that are out there. Try enjoying food and drinks without sweetening them. You will soon learn to appreciate the true flavours and the health benefits of cutting sugar and sweeteners out of your lifestyle. Cheers!

Posted by Amra on Jan 31 2012 00:23:55
i use lemon juice it is good and work for age spot i am 43 and i like to use lemon so i will start to drink apple cider vinegar and i will wash my face, for hair i know it is good because have (HP) Which one is very good for your hair . And i know if you like to have very good boobs and hard wash your boobs with cold water and one ounce vinegar every morning so you will have very good boobs be leave me so people who have problem with heart don't use it is dangerous be carefree.

Posted by gurvinder on Jan 28 2012 08:00:58
hi, i m gurvinder, My face is acne and i m 30 yr old, i m facing the problem of open pores and its increasing day by day, and also i have a pigmentation from last 6 month on my cheek,its also becoming darker. Pls help after 6 month, i m getting married, pls help me, i want to get rid of this problem.

Posted by Asian Makup Diaries on Dec 16 2011 23:07:33
My age spots developed when I was in my early twenties. At the time, my dermatologies recommended vitamins and face cream which cleared them. But they eventually came back. Now, 10 years later, I have to live with these age spot until I decide to do laser treatments. I have found ways to conceal age spots using makeup. I also find non of the skincare products out there like Clinique Laser Focus Repair do not work.

Posted by kiran on Nov 10 2011 06:12:04
i have black spots on my face now a days i got daily pimples on my face and after 2 days it become a black spot nw my whole face is with black spot plx tell me sumthng

Posted by maya on Oct 29 2011 06:58:11
hi, i m 27 yrs old and my skin started loosing on face around nose and jawline skin loose looks very bad and I am not that much older to start loosing skin @ early age even i take care of my skin and drinks lots of water also.please suggest me the natural way to get rid of it.. pls i m very worry

Posted by sona on Oct 27 2011 23:55:00
i am 25years old ,i developed these black spots when i was in my teenage,near my eye. i went to a clinic and consulted with the doc to get it removed. the doctor examined and told me that they are warts ( they were about 11 of them in between cheekbone and the eye).so using lazer technique i got them burned. though they appeared to be gone they reappeared after a fortnight,they look a shade lighter now. i am completely tensed and do not know what to do? please help!!

Posted by Zafar on Oct 21 2011 19:12:50
For Sandeep, I understand how horrible they look - I got so many dark brown spots after the birth of my daughter. I mixed 1 part of Organic Apple Cider vinegar and 2 parts of Organic Rose Water and applied it with a cotton swab every night before going to bed. I also used Organic Castor Oil as a moisturizer during the day. Now after a month of regular application, they look very light. I could actually go out today without putting the foundation/concealer on that I always did to hide them. Castor oil feels a bit sticky - you can mix it in your regular moisturizer cream if the stickiness bothers you. You can buy these all three items from pretty much any herbal food store. Make sure you get everything organic. I hope it helps! Good luck

Posted by sandeep kumar on Oct 21 2011 08:53:48
i was fair .but skin problems over years have dramatically made me dark,i devlop some pimples,it would dry and leaves very dark spot,resulting my face is deeply marred and plagued by dark patches and spots. on left side of forehead it is deep dark.i look horrible and feel outcaste.no one even talks to me, i am taunted by everone.any solutions PLEASE REPLY TO MY MAIL "sandeep10133@gmail.com

Posted by Institute of Applied Research on Oct 14 2011 13:02:06
We have developed herbal and bioteck for black marks wich is an ointment; for brown marks and pigmentation herbal powder. If anu one inetrested we will forward the details about the products.

Posted by Jacquie on Oct 07 2011 21:59:09
I have tried a number of purported remedies for my skin tags - currently do not have health insurance so the liquid nitrogen option is out - too expensive. After trying all the other methods out there, I tried ACV and voila - the darn thing diminished by leaps and bounds, and is now virtually GONE! I was told to try covering up this pesky thing on the side of my face w/clear nail polish, cover it up w/duct tape - none of that worked and only served to irritate the surrounding skin. I dabbed on the AVC 2-3x/day and at night covered it up w/a small bandaid, and couldn't be happier w/the results. I fully intend to see if this same item will solve the age spot problem. Will report back, but if you suffer from skin tags, BY ALL MEANS, SKIP PAST ALL THE OTHER SUGGESTED REMEDIES AND USE THE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! I bought mine from the local grocery store. You'll be glad you did. This joker was HUGE on the side of my face - we ladies (and men...) don't like that.

Posted by Kate on Oct 07 2011 09:31:01
Applying Aloe Vera gel to age spots can be an effective way reduce their appearance and gentle enough for all skin types. Aloe contains a concentrated mix of compounds that nourish skin and promote cellular regeneration. For people with dry or sensitive skin, Aloe is a moisturizing alternative to peels and acidic topical treatments.  For a facial mask recipe and more info on how to use Aloe to fade spots check out: www.aloeplant.info/see-spot-disappear-with-aloe/

Posted by Nancy on Sep 25 2011 08:50:41
I found a break through product 3 days ago that has dramatically faded my age spots... In only 3 days. It was scientifically made from the Nerium Oleander plant. Check it out for your self. They provide a 30 day Risk Free Offer. The before and after shots are incredible. http://review.nerium.com/Results.aspx

Posted by Janus on Sep 19 2011 09:35:22
I have used avocado oil (cold pressed) and mixed it with my regular face cream for about two weeks now and find it very effective. My complexion becomes more even and fair, and the discoloration on my face starts to fade noticeably. I read from an article about anti-aging cream with avocado oil that the sterolin contained in avocado oil can help heal sun damaged skin as well as rejuvenate aged skin.

Posted by Joanna on Sep 17 2011 12:37:58
I am sorry but i have stopped beleiving in grand mother cares long time ago. However, I am using a brand that my mother has been using for decades! That brand is from Belgium and it is called NADINE SALEMBIER. They have plenty of choice to fight against the age spots, but it would totally recommend their AGE SPOT WHITENING CONCENTRATE! http://www.salembier.com/en/our-products/whitening-range/concentre-eclaircissant-actif.html

Posted by mmabatho on Sep 01 2011 10:09:17
i had an allergy then i was left with dark marks on my legs oh it hurts me to see those marks i am afraid to wear short clothes please help how can i treat this dark marks its summer now and wearing long things can be boring you feel out of place i am going to try Vinegar and lemon hope it will work i guess one needs to be patient with this remedies

Posted by zprimrose on Aug 31 2011 17:49:18
I have ugly dark marks on my face and forehead Itried bleaching creams first they work after the marks got worse and spread all over my face and got darker,since i got this web i tried lemon and turmeic after a wk i notice improvement now its a month i even use potatoe but apply mosturiser face dries.I am pleased thanx so much.

Posted by ayesha on Aug 20 2011 05:06:47
mere face pa black dots han like natural til lakin pahla wo chota hote han r phir thoda bare ho ka ak dots jitna phir wahin stop ho jate han ma na kabhi koi treatmnt nae kia i m in 20 now plz tell me any solution

Posted by ali ch on Aug 16 2011 07:33:24
Hy.. plz tell me treatment of brown spots on face... I already used lots of medicines... But... Still have lot.....

Posted by annemarie on Aug 07 2011 23:34:24
retin a , prescription cr is great for your skin, it is from the dr though.. I am going on 52 and look like I am in my early 40`s... must apply at night and stay out of the sun.. i have used retin a my whole life due to acne as a child.. my skin thanks me for it ... give it a try for your age spots too.. Iam surprised no one has talked abut this..

Posted by Bo on Aug 05 2011 12:25:07
Hi guys. I feel for you guys. You can try this natural oil healing potion that I found at this website. They have serum and cream for spots, discoloration, acne and scars. I only bought lavender oil. So I have not tried or tested their other products. Here is the link: theorganicwitch.com/BeautyProducts.aspx Hope that give you guys some hope.

Posted by jgallegos on Aug 02 2011 15:20:59
8/02/11: Male, age 35. Five years ago I notice a dark blemish on my left cheek bone. I started purchasing lots of different creams such as Age Spot Removal, Bleach Cream, and others. I even tried using lemon and nothing really worked. I also notice another age spot on my right cheek and now I’m in panic mood. Currently both Age Spots seems fully develop; they are both dark and very unattractive. So, this is exactly what I'm doing in hope of a full cure. 2 times a day I exfoliate my face with NIVEA FOR MEN (FACE SCRUB) with a drop of vitamin E oil. And now for what I’m hoping that may do the trick: 3 to 4 times a day I apply on each age spot APPLE CYDER VINAGER WITH ONION MIXED TOGETHER, I use a cotton tip. I’ve been doing this for almost 2 weeks and barely see results. BUT, researchers suggest waiting 6 weeks for minor results.

Posted by Tara on Jul 29 2011 04:03:14
Hi Jen i saw your comment on age spot on june/25/2011. i would love to try your recipe for sun or age spot but you did;nt say how many times a day to use your recipe.i am willing to try anything that would help, thank you Jen please reply at [taramotee@hotmail.com]

Posted by Jacqueline on Jul 28 2011 18:16:58
I have being using Venivegeta powder for a month now and I see the skin lightening and reduces Age spots. Venivelgeta is a medicinal creeper found in Srilanka. It has a natural antiseptic ability which nourishes the skin.

Posted by wonderinmom on Jul 28 2011 13:41:22
How long is the lemon juice left on this age spot? Thanks.

Posted by Rupali on Jul 26 2011 23:59:36
I have pimples which turn later into black spots on my back and upper arms.suggest home remedies.even pimples on my legs.

Posted by Taramatie Persad on Jul 25 2011 08:11:03
I have age marks under my eyes, ihave tried almost every cream, and some home remedies, which some blistered my face,i have learned about cucumber, it has a cooling effect iam using it now on my face, just peel slice, and rub on a clean face 2 times a day.I am seeing some result, wish you all luck.

Posted by cathy on Jul 25 2011 05:20:15
I found it interesting reading about the apple cider vinegar and lemon etc for age spots. I have quite a few now so I will try one of them and see how it works. What i can definitely recommend though is liquid nitrogen for these yukky spots. Carefully applied by your doctor it will dry up and romove the pigmented skin, leaving a new pink skin underneath. Never leave the house without sunscreen over it. The scab on mine fell off in one week.

Posted by cathy nairn on Jul 25 2011 05:18:43
I found it interesting reading about the apple cider vinegar and lemon etc for age spots. I have quite a few now so I will try one of them and see how it works. What i can definitely recommend though is liquid nitrogen for these yukky spots. Carefully applied by your doctor it will dry up and romove the pigmented skin, leaving a new pink skin underneath. Never leave the house without sunscreen over it. The scab on mine fell off in one week.

Posted by Deb on Jul 22 2011 20:07:04
@ dru... try Paula Begoun (www.paulaschoice.com) and her skin lightening lotion in combination with her AHA. I've used them for years and they have cleared up many spots for me. My sister used it on her scar and it made a significant difference as well. Good luck ;)

Posted by anneb on Jul 21 2011 09:49:26
I have been using CompoundW to get rid of Moles with great success. However, it causes the skin around the moles to become a little damaged. Now that it's summer I want to keep getting rid of the moles without the damage. I put on lemon juice last night and kept applying it for 2 hours while watching tv. I literally saw some of the moles lighten. I have a LOT of moles so this is going to take a long time to get rid of all of them. I am encouraged by the lemon juice. It has long been used to lighten hair. I see that it is also good to get rid of the moles. I believe the moles go away permanently as long as I stay out of the sun. I just have to keep going until all of the root system is gone. It pushes its way up to the skin until all of the root is gone. That's my understanding of how it works.

Posted by Bob on Jul 13 2011 16:55:03
I have had success with using freeze spray such as sold for wart removal to remove a few spots and skin tags from my face. It's a little painful to apply on tender skin (use the swab applicator to apply for at least 5 seconds) but the spots come off in a few days after shriveling up. I am thinking on try this other product for some new ones on my arm...but it's expensive compared with the wart spray. http://www.free-of-blemishes.com/welcome.html

Posted by Chris on Jul 13 2011 15:02:07
I just had a ViPeel trying to get rid of my dark spots. I have also used a jessner peel three times plus the vi-peel. NOTHING is working. I have a photofacial scheduled next week. I am desperate. I have not used lemon or anything- but i hacve used about every other thing there is out there. I will start the lemon and aloe this evening. Fingerscrossed

Posted by Barbara on Jul 11 2011 18:58:44
to aid in the removal of brown spots I suggest a liver cleanse as well. Do this 2 days on and 2 days off for 3 treatments: 5 tablespoons wild rose hips & 0.5 litre of boiling water, leave in a thermos overnight. In the morning dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of sorbitol in one glass of very hot tea. After drinking, dont sit, walk around for 20 minutes then finish the rest of the tea in the thermos.Wait 45 minutes to eat breakfast consisting of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Avoid meat, fries, white bread and pasta,potatoes and sugar while following this. Drink 50ml apple, carrot and beet juice mixed with the juice of 1 lemon. Brown spots are a sign of too many toxins in the liver...clean it up and you will feel so much better and it'll help the spots!!!

Posted by dru on Jul 11 2011 09:41:50
To Eleanor who posted on Glycolic acid (25%) creams, can you tell me the brand you used and also if its available at the pharmacy or do I have to get a prescription. Thanks

Posted by Jen on Jun 25 2011 09:52:52
*~*~*~*~* I had DRASTIC results doing just a couple simple things in a couple DAYS. Every commercial products said you'll start to see signs of improvement in 4-8 weeks. No way. My sun spots are nearly gone in less than a week. Here's what I did: *Wash your face with an exfoliant. I use target's brand. *Crush up 5-6 vitamin c in a small cup (I used a shot glass), with a small amount of water. Apply this to your face and leave it on for about a minute. Longer, at first, if it DOES NOT HURT. It'll tingle a bit. Rinse with luke warm water. *Use a bit of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE on a cotton swab on your darker spots or all over. *Milk Thistle. I use caplets purchased from Walgreens that are concentrated. I cut them open with a small exacto knife and use what is inside. IT DOES NOT SMELL GOOD. But add a little water, apply to face, wash off, and your skin feels so happy! *Use a decent lotion with sunscreen. YOU WILL SEE RESULTS and you'll have only spent to get there. :) Good luck!

Posted by Meo on Jun 21 2011 10:29:51
I'm 27 and the last couple of years I've noticed an exponential growth of my age spots. Despite the fact that I've been using high sunscreen and a cap. I have sensitive skin so I can't even use regular sunscreen I got to use the sunscreen for babies. Anyways I will try lemon and I also heard that potatos work quite well for fading blemishes and age spots. I shall try both out and post an update. But has anyone actually tried potatoes?

Posted by Lara on Jun 18 2011 16:49:54
One more comment: I also believe that as some have noted, I believe that these brown spots have something to do with having high toxicity levels in your liver. So, in addition to using lemon, I am going to undertake a detox of my liver. Not sure yet what it will consist of, but I am sure I can find natural remedies online. I believe that drinking lemon juice and warm water every morning cleans the liver--also using natural supplements and olive oil. Just gotta check exact regime.

Posted by Lara on Jun 18 2011 16:44:01
Hello there everyone! Just wanted to share my experience. About four years ago, a friend of mine told me her doctor in Mexico told her to start using lemon juice as a natural deodarant. She told me that it worked and that it also lightened her underarm area. I have used lemon juice for that reason and I love--it works really well and I am love that I don't put nasty artificial chemicals on my skin. Anyway, the other day I noticed that my friend was right, the day use has also lightened my underarm skin, So, now I have a tiny age spot on my face and I have NO doubt that it will work-- lemons have a bleaching effect. Just apply daily or maybe twice a day and be patient. Try it.

Posted by Q on Jun 08 2011 19:11:53
I also purchased one bottle of meladerm that claims to remove sun/age spots which are quite light on me and after using it religiously for around a month it did nothing. I emailed them for a refund and they politely told me something to the affect that what I have must be moles!!!! How very disappointing. I can't believe they get away with such claims

Posted by Lisa on Jun 04 2011 10:05:15
I had a dime sized brown spot where my un-ibrow once was and another across my upper lip, which looked like an awful mustache. I have tried what seems like everything but nothing worked. Apple cider vinegar and aloe vera helped but didn't make much difference. I even spent a crap load of money on natural lightening products from Sweetsation Therapy that only seemed to make it worse. I recently started using Dr. Bronner's Miracle Hemp Tea Tree castile soap for my hair and body and love it. I decided to start using it on my brown spots twice a day and was quite surprised that after 4 days my spots have lightened considerably. I have not seen results this quick with any other treatment I've tried. The soap is concentrated, but I put it straight on then rub it with water and rinse. I can't wait to see what the results are in another week. I totally suggest you give it a try. Plus, the soap is awesome and is completely organic and certified fair trade. Good luck to everyone and remember your sunscreen.

Posted by magzhil on May 29 2011 04:07:01
hi everyone..am 20 years old.my skin is looking aded and matured.please give me some remedy?

Posted by Ramona on May 25 2011 19:54:00
To May Lim Taiwan. My sister has white spots and she says it because of her thyroid. She has been diagnosed with thyroid problems and she is seeing a endocrinologist for medical help.

Posted by Sue Guidry on May 25 2011 12:04:53
FYI: Using apple cider vinegar will do more harm than good to your skin for age spots. Apple cider vinegar is the reason for the darkening of the foods that are canned or placed in glass containers. My grandmother and my dermatologists both had a good laugh when I told them I was using apple cider vinegar. The age spots will get DARKER over time, so don't use it!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sue Guidry on May 24 2011 17:50:56
Castor oil DOES NOT get rid of age spots, so don't waste your time or money. I tried castor oil twice a day for over a month and NOTHING happened. After the second month of putting castor oil on twice a day, NOTHING happened.

Posted by Julia on May 08 2011 03:13:37
In reply to Julie: I posted earlier about using the "flonida" cream. I bought it from pharmacy geoff. I have had some light return of the spots, but not as bad as before. I am going to try working on it internally, taking zinc in case it is hormonal and caused by copper toxicity (I eat mostly vegetarian). I may also try doing the peel again after letting my skin rest for a while longer.

Posted by tommy on May 02 2011 19:39:38
hey I have vitiligo the white spots any remedy for that I have it since a decade but now its spreading please help

Posted by jeeva on Apr 30 2011 18:25:41
I researched on the internet and found that Meladerm was touted as the best remedy for age spots I ordered 2 packs of Meladerm and used it for over 4 months as prescribed. No results .I wrote to the company about my experience and so far have not had a response. i

Posted by Terri on Apr 28 2011 13:59:46
I am doing the same coffee enemas. I believe I started about 1 month ago and averaged 3 or 4 a week. Although I try to do 1 enema a day. Then one day I was sitting outside with my babies and I noticed a difference in my legs. I love wearing shorts so this was soooo noticable. I ran into the bathroom to look at my neck/chest region and they were gone! I still have some scattered but they have faded away!! I feel 10 years younger!

Posted by Fred on Apr 27 2011 08:17:14
Been taking a 32oz coffee enema (holding for 15 min)Daily. Not only have my liverspots gone away, so have my toenail fungas and foot callouses. Also feel better. hanginthere

Posted by ann malagar on Apr 27 2011 01:17:34
my problem is about my upper lip have a dark spot its been a years now i suffered which not good looking i feel concious about this can you give me some advice and what would you recommend used i apply to get rid of this. pls i need your powerful advice..more power...

Posted by sharmila rai on Apr 22 2011 02:52:12
I have brown spots on my face it is increasing day by day i am using sunscreen spf 40 and i am using onion juice on face and lemon but still it is increasing like any thing please suggest me.

Posted by sharmila rai on Apr 22 2011 02:50:37
I have brown spots on my face it is increasing day by day i am using sunscreen spf 40 and i am using onion juice on face and lemon but still it is increasing like any thing please suggest me.

Posted by Terry on Apr 20 2011 06:29:58
Next time you visit your Doctor, ask them to zap your age spots with liquid nitrogen spray. It works brilliantly.

Posted by mohammad abid on Apr 18 2011 08:42:25
i have thin cheeks..im very sad what have i do...but dont say with fat food or eatin coz i tried and didnt work

Posted by Julie Ann on Apr 10 2011 21:37:25
Julia what website did you go to to buy the flonida? How long has it been since you used and have the dark spots return? Could I use it on my neck? Thanks so much!

Posted by abhijit barman on Apr 08 2011 07:41:37
i'm 29 yers. my height is 5fit 2.5 inch. my leg is too short.i want to increase my leg.and height.by using ointment on my leg.please kindly suggest me.

Posted by mohammad_waseem_khan on Apr 04 2011 05:50:40
Hello i am waseem age is 29 for past 10 year i am facing the skin disease problem , first i treated a homepathay for last 5 years, Homepathy doctor told me its a VITILIGO disease before that it was a white spot over the lips but vitiligo is completely finished about 90% now .Currently there is more brown spot but it has not been cured properly for last 2 yeears it is going spread day by day . now i m currently treating the dermotologist doctor in Jaipur rajasthan . But skin disease is not going completely i have big brown spot on the forehead and some spots are both the ears,little bit beside the nose and neck , and more spots are on the both hand . so i am very much frustrated about a skin problem .And i also want the home treatment , remedies and as well as any other treatment you can refer . Note :- now my skin is very sensitive and it changing the pink color . Kindly , Please write a mail to me for better suggestion contact no :- 9309482832 mail id :- wassi_20302@yahoo.co.in

Posted by Julia on Apr 01 2011 15:14:03
That was Fourteen dollars and forty cents that I paid for the "Flonida" cream. Good luck!

Posted by Julia on Apr 01 2011 15:11:59
If you want fast removal, this works! I used a chemical peel cream called Fluorouracil that I bought online. The generic version I bought was called "Flonida" in 5% strength. It worked to remove quarter sized brown patches I had on each upper cheek. I looked into laser but decided to try this because it was so much cheaper, and I'm glad I did because it worked! It cost me .40 with shipping. I applied it 2 x per day for 8 days. It will not do anything for the first few days, but then it will start to get red and tender and will crust over. I used "bag balm" ointment instead of Aquaphor to promote healing after stopping the Flonida because it has an antibiotic that helps prevent infection and soothes. The brown spots are gone! I am beyond thrilled with the results and I just wanted to help others with the same problem.

Posted by sue on Apr 01 2011 09:35:19
I am so glad to finally found a place where women have the same dilema I do. I have nickel size dark spots on my cheekbones, I think my hormones are inbalanced due to b.control pills.. no longer taking them, so I'm looking forward to trying these rememdies... I sure do hope they work!

Posted by pooja singh on Mar 16 2011 05:10:59
pls help me diminishing dark sports, which appeared on my face after five months of delievery

Posted by kashifah on Mar 15 2011 04:12:28
hi ladies, i have a very good skin except recently i've noticed a dark spot devoloping on my cheek. i am using vinegar as a face wash leaving it for half hr then rinse and apply fresh lemon with vigin olive oil. i hope it will help. i'll keep u posted & good luck to all of u

Posted by Anonymous on Mar 10 2011 11:08:54
On 'The View' TV show today, they said that dabbing some Noni Juice on age spots will remove them after 2-3 months. Available at health food stores. They also said it is very healthy to drink pure, but apparently it doesn't taste very good.

Posted by Nancy Dollar on Feb 15 2011 10:36:33
I have age spots on my hands and face what can i do to get rid of them.

Posted by Eleanor on Feb 15 2011 09:51:21
I have been using glycolic acid (25%)creams for the past several years on my face, and my age spots have vanished and my skin is clear and smooth. I am 56 years old and have been told I look like I'm 40 or younger. My 18 year son also uses the glycolic acid (15%)creams for his acne.

Posted by M V PRASAD on Feb 06 2011 11:20:53
earlier i am having brown paches on my fore head and cheeks.now last one year i am not going outside,but i am sitting in ac room,even though the brown paches are increaing on my fore head and cheeks. i think these are due to exess of melanin. hence i request to inform me about home remidies to overcome the brown paches

Posted by jonelle on Jan 05 2011 08:50:12
I have dark spot on my face. Need help to get rid of these dark sport

Posted by Dr. Raj on Dec 08 2010 05:54:29
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Posted by shahnaz on Dec 03 2010 05:51:30
i have very bad kind of dark spots on my face i went everywhere in the world for treatment all kinds of doctors @! i did laser too but no use ! so PLZ somebody help me !

Posted by Dr. Raj on Nov 25 2010 03:12:41
Well very recently Herpes dark marks almost more than 15 year old is cured from the face of Ms. Bhakti. If one want to see the photograph can be uploaded. The prodcut is developed by The Institute of Applied Research & Training, Tarapur. The IART have developed products for burns, black marks, brown marks, acne and acne marks, open pores, stretch marks. The products are working miraculously. If any body wants further details about products and patients can be provided seperately as the list is huge.

Posted by Meg Raney on Nov 09 2010 10:14:42
I have a huge black spot that looks like a mustache but no hair!! Now my nose tip and forehead are brown. I feel so embarrassed. I spent the money on Clinique skin corrector and IT DID NOT WORK AT ALL!!! Neither does the Bath and Body Works microdermabrasion system. Good luck, I think I have wrote down all your ideas and am gonna try each one!!

Posted by anio on Nov 08 2010 19:05:07

Posted by jasmit on Nov 07 2010 12:24:24
for this u have to take good diet like take fruits green vegitable protein in your diet also take atleast 3 ltr water in a day apply sunscreen even if u r at home take almond akhrote amla alovera and also apply lemon, in night drink vegitable juice tamoto juice thn c the jadoooo pls try this

Posted by trimgel on Nov 06 2010 13:03:29
i have used trimgel for treat my acne and it results for me

Posted by christina on Oct 20 2010 06:46:57
We are from Mauritius (close to Africa). My mum has dark pigmentation on her cheeks and she is applying sunscreen protection. she wants to get rid of the age spots but can't. Is there any cream suitable for this?

Posted by Shameem on Oct 18 2010 08:36:35
I have brown spots on either sides of my cheek-bones. Using Environ products with small doses of Vitamin A but it seems as though my spots are now darker. My chin area seems as though I shave - almost like a shadow - looks dirty - I need help for my chin too!

Posted by emma on Oct 08 2010 16:03:39
age spots

Posted by Katherine on Sep 24 2010 19:11:20
Two more natural remedies: 1. You are having pain and thinking it's a urinary tract infection or yeast infection. **You and your significant other need to wash with Dove sensitive skin. Deodorant soaps irritate your vagina. 2. You have excema/very itchy legs. You are probably allergic to something you eat. I finally figured out that certain milk and chocolate products cause my legs to itch. They had itched for 3 years, and now they are finally okay because I stopped eating certain foods.

Posted by Kim Campbell on Sep 24 2010 19:01:55
I think it's funny that barely any of you seem to realize that the age spots/melasma has to do with a hormone imbalance. Taking birth control at a young age doesn't seem to affect people as often, but when people over 25 take it who are already estrogen dominant, the dark spots appear. I am 32 with a huge brown spot on my forehead that I hate. I'm going to try everyone's remedies...I hope they help! I suggest that everyone try an acupuncturist. She straightened out my hormones when I got off the pill.

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 23 2010 01:16:44
Mishra, Lemon juice works great if you are persistent and regular in the application. You can try applying 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar mixed in half a glass of water. Just dip a cotton swab into this mixture and apply it for overnight. I found that drinking 1tbsp of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water gives the skin a natural glow.

Posted by sarmistha on Sep 23 2010 00:29:46
hi everyone. i am a beautiful girl at the age of 23.but the only problem is that i m having light brown spots on my face which i really hate.i ve already used the lemon juice, different creams but all are in vain.plz plz plz suggest a gud remedy.my marriage is approaching after 2 months.i need a quick solution.thank you

Posted by Maria on Sep 22 2010 14:49:29
I have two large liver spots on myface. I have beeen using fresh lemon juice for about a month now, and it seems to help a little. Is there anything else I can use? to make make them go away quickly!!!

Posted by Karen Holderness-Auld on Sep 20 2010 11:38:43
Living in New Zealand we have very strong UV and i see a lot of damaged skin even in young people. I had good skin until a road trip where i got sun exposure on shoulders, face, forearms which all developed ugly brown spots and some of them scaly. I have been doing microdermabrasion with a flat pumice stone while showering. Other times i gently rub small spots with an emery board. It's not overnight but gradually the spots are fading. Most important use SPF creams, clothing, sun hats. I also wear more makeup and powder on my face now as the talc in it acts as a physical sunscreen. Best of luck to everyone.

Posted by Burleigh on Sep 19 2010 17:40:33
Re: Dominica Apparently, your doctor is an idiot. ALL medical literature available states that the primary cause of age spots is due to sun exposure and liver malfunction. I'm sure your doctor made a ton of money off of your gullibility. I have successfully used vinegar to remove spots off of my hands, vinegar - neat, to exfoliate my face; and strip my hair of chemical buildup, etc. My hair looks better than it has for 20 years because I have stopped using shampoos and conditioners and rinse twice a week with a dilute vinegar solution after using Dr. Bronner's tea tree castile soap as the shampoo. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/age-spots/DS00912

Posted by Jay on Sep 16 2010 12:24:46
@ANIRUDDHPATEL: Try applying lemon juice or diluted Apple Cider Vinegar overnight on your dark spots regularly. They both seem to work for me! Good luck!

Posted by Dominica on Sep 16 2010 09:52:28
Attention: I'm 65yrs. old and twice in my life I have professionally had all old age spots removed from my face by a plastic surgeon. The procedure was done twice, 10yrs. apart. Totally painless. The second time they were new ones in different places on my face. Note: Some people get them, some don't. My doctor said it has nothing to do with your health or the sun. I hate the sun and am healthy, but the spots came. This home remedy stuff is for the birds... How to pay for it: Get a coffee can and start putting your change in it, and also save any five dollar bills in your wallet. You won't miss them, they add up quickly and you would blow the money on something else anyway. Skip a vacation you wanted to take, stop getting your nails done at a salon, do your own hair, stay away from the mall... you will soon have enough money to pay for the permanant solution and have all your age spots removed completely (face only).. that's the only place that people readily look at is your face. The first time I had it done was ten years ago, and it took ten years for me to have enough new spots to do it again. I had a few here and there and I hated them.. My skin is spot free. When you have something you want to get rid of, it will never go away unless you throw it out, not just dust it off. Right? They need to be burned off for good by a plastic surgeon or dermatoligist. All this home remedy stuff is a joke... go have your old age spots removed professionally once and for all! Note: Whether you get these ugly spots or not is bad luck. It has nothing to do with your liver, toxins, etc. That's a hoax! Go for it!

Posted by ANIRUDDHPATEL on Sep 16 2010 05:08:07
I need help for my age spots

Posted by Lyn on Sep 01 2010 18:20:58
I too have age spots. I recently read equal parts of horseradish and plain yogurt work well. I am going to give it a try.

Posted by bb prop on Aug 22 2010 10:29:46
Micro Plant Powder from HempUSA.org gets rid of any type of skin problem it is the most incredible detoxifier i have ever used, you can read about this product at HempUSA.org it has no taste or smell and you mix it in any liquid. The Cost is around .00 a month

Posted by erica on Aug 13 2010 10:38:51
please help me to reduce my stomach or belly after the delivery baby it's already 11 month but my belly is like 5 ,6 month pregnancy. Any good method beside exercise to reduce faster. Thank you.

Posted by Amy on Aug 11 2010 14:30:10
This is for Jeanette. I couldn't believe it when I read your post. I have the same probem! It runs in my family and they are the only people that I have ever seen that have brown spots all over their legs, besides myself. I used to love my legs. It depresses me that I feel I can't wear shorts or dresses anymore. My legs are covered! I a only 40 and don't go in the sun much. I am searching for a miracle to get rid of them. Please let me know if you find anything.

Posted by Barbara Leyva on Aug 03 2010 16:02:17
Obagi is the best. I had brown spots on my face I treated them with lazer treatments and a regime of obagi. It is costly but I have been very happy. Usually brown spots are forever. If you stop treating they will come back. Look this up online or at your local spa, it is expensive, but it's all worth it. I never go a night or day without it

Posted by jeanette on Aug 03 2010 10:54:20
When I was in early 40s I started having age spots on my face + I started using DECLEOR aroma white aromatic oil + over the years it actually fades away. Recently I have also tried Dr. Nick Lowe's day cream and night cream ( where labels mention for age-spots or hyperpigmentation ) + I found it very effective and noticed it does fade away slowly. So I am now using both products together

Posted by Elizabeth on Aug 02 2010 20:09:34
A dermatologist in Dallas used liquid nitrogen on 150 spots on my face, arms and legs. The results were great...completely gone and skin looks normal. Might need to add that I did pray about the sores healing without discoloration.

Posted by Anna on Jul 28 2010 22:21:46
Karen - Fresh lemon juice works the best. Because bottled lemon juice has all these preservatives in it and can't be as beneficial as the fresh juice. Try freezing the juice for days when you can't find the fresh lemons... Good luck!

Posted by Karen on Jul 23 2010 09:04:48
Can bottled lemon juice be used in the recipes for calling for "fresh" lemon juice? Fresh lemons are not always easily available.

Posted by Suzanne on Jul 20 2010 12:06:01
Try Vitamin K cream! I highly recommend for dark spots...also good for spider veins, bruising, scars. I bought this one from iherb.com http://www.iherb.com/Jason-Natural-Vitamin-K-Cr-egrave-me-Plus-Intense-Nourishing-Skin-Cr-egrave-me-2-oz-57-g/6292?at=0 I also take a Vitamin K supplement every day in combination with this cream. Read some of the reviews and the product info.

Posted by Ana on Jul 18 2010 13:27:25
I am posting this again since the website kicked out. This is for Amy, age 36, posted on July 01, 2010 at 23:14:49. Amy: I have information for you on breast cancer: I have a personal interest in nutrition and its relationship with healing illness through food. I did a research years ago while I was OCONUS and found the following information. Please do take this seriously since it can save your life by restoring your health. BUY: "Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer & Other Diseases, by Dr. Johanna Budwig. Dr. Budwig (1908-2003 accidental death) was a seven-time Nobel prize nominee. ISBN: 0969527217. Dr. Budwig (German citizen) was the pioneer on this research and there are documented cures. See also: www.budwigcenter.com. It is not a big book but very valuable. BUY: Flax Seed Oil Super, Cold Pressed, 100% Organic (20%) Lignan Nature's Way - 16 oz. Search GOOGLE as follow: type: “Organic Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil” and enter, then click on “Flaxseed Oil Super, Cold Pressed, 100% Organic (20%) Lignan…” This is the one I used to buy. NOTE: once you open the bottle of oil, you MUST tighten the bottle cap and place it immediately in the refrigerator. Store: Whole Foods Market (see store locations for your area) or any other similar store where organic food is sold. Dr. Budwig also recommends that a change in your lifestyle regarding your nutrition should also take place. Avoid saturated fats and any other unhealthy food. You will be glad you did. I am buying the book again and starting taking the flaxseed oil again since I neglected to do so when I returned to the USA. In your case, and with any other thing, you have to be consistent to get results. You should also consult with your doctor to find out what the interaction would be (if any) with the prescription medication you are currently taking. Perhaps your doctor will recommend the best time of the day to take the oil. Good luck and good health! A. Cabrera, Louisiana.

Posted by MAY LIM TAIWAN on Jul 16 2010 00:35:15
I am 40 and have tiny white spots on my arms and legs.Does anyone know what is it? And how to get rid of them??

Posted by Tina Stevenson-DeFeo on Jul 14 2010 23:40:50
Wow!I thought I was the only one with such ugly age spots. Im 40 and have a 19month old and spots went galore on my face. I have to wear makeup everyday because I do not like the way my skin is. Im going to try the lemon juice and try the apple cider recipes above. Let u know how they turn out.

Posted by Tiffany L on Jul 05 2010 00:11:07
Laurie...with darkened skin on upper lip...I had the same thing. I used exfoliater once a week and I washed my face with Lever 2000 daily. My doctor said there was something in Lever 2000 that got rid of fungus on the skin, so he said to try that. It isn't fungus, but it helped a lot. I don't have the issue any longer. :o)

Posted by Amy on Jul 01 2010 23:14:49
I'm 36. Was diagnosed w/stage 3 breast cancer 2 years ago. Had chemo, radiation and am now on Tamoxifen estrogen inhibitor. I've recently developed dark spots on my upper lip which I assume is due to the Tamoxifen. I've been warned against any natural remedies that could interfere with what Tamoxifen's doing. I'd love to skip this medication all together, but my reoccurance risk is high. Anyone out there have a similar experience and have any recommendations?

Posted by Jim L. on Jun 16 2010 13:03:25
Age Spots...Aloe Vera!!! The natural cure noted above is definately true. I have LOTS AND LOTS of Aloe Vera plants and am on the computer all the time. I keep an aloe "spear" by the computer and have rubbed it on my forehead age spots and a small dark mole. It burns a little, smells like a pepper, but works. Over the course of a couple of months the spots and mole decreased and faded away. Now, some have returned since I haven't been as "religious" about using the aloe, but as I have started up again I know they will fade away. GET AN ALOE PLANT. Treat as a cactus, low water, indirect sun, not shade in the house and it will propogate-quickly replacing the "spears" you break off and use. You will really be glad you did this natural treatment!!!!

Posted by ollie on Jun 16 2010 09:00:34
i have liver spots on both sides of my face and I've been using fresh lemon juice mixed with extra virgin olive oil in a very tiny bottle jar and I store it in the refrigerator, I apply this on the affected areas on my face every night before I go to bed and leave it overnight, and during the day I apply fresh aloe vera gel fresh the aloe plant. It works...

Posted by susan on Jun 15 2010 14:16:23
hi i am 20yrs old and i have age spots but i started useing toothpaste and it works! as well i am also useing ponds cream it in a pink bottle and that it it helps alot .ps don't use the toothpaste with bleach it will burn ur skin use arm and hammer or regular colgat and leave for 8-10 min.

Posted by laura aleman on Jun 13 2010 14:52:31
i would also like to know if the sun spots come back after we use the lemon juice? im in my 30's and already have 2 big ones on my face and getting more....

Posted by thea on Jun 09 2010 02:01:04
Hi everyone, I wonder if the "cure" from lemon juice, which some of you experienced, is permanent or long-lasting? In other words, does your face *stay* spot-less after the sun-spots are gone, or does the sun-spots come back after stopping using lemon juice?

Posted by Godot on Jun 06 2010 21:32:31
Can you think of any reason a lime would not work as well as a lemon? Should be the same active chemical agent, right? I ask because I have a prolific lime tree in the back yard, and I always have to find someone willing to take some.

Posted by Trease on Jun 06 2010 00:33:49
I have freckles that pop out when I am in the sun, I want to get rid of them. Do you think any of the drug store creams work? When using lemon juice do you apply with a swab to the freckle only or do you cover your whole face in the juice?

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 04 2010 09:35:20
I have age spots on my hands, my arms and my legs. My doctor froze them (what is used to remove warts)...well lets say it took them away but I have a scars now and he did the same to a few on my legs only the ones that were bumpy...I hate looking at my legs in the sun...you can see the age spots, some of them are not all brown, I have more that are clear in color...its just ugly to see this and yet it cost so much to have these taken care of. I'm going to try these home remedies....it's just a shame that not one doctor can find a cure for these ugly things….meaning not the expense cure. I also heard the other problem could be our body is low in B12...I was also told to watch my sugar intake. Does anyone have clear colored spots on their legs..no browning on them...when you touch your legs you can feel them...plus one leg has more on them then the other leg?

Posted by indu on May 27 2010 01:58:34
i hav many blochy and brown marks on my face last many years im vry fadeup about this plz give me some home made solution .

Posted by Jeanette on May 22 2010 15:43:16
Age Spots...I have never seen anyone so far that has as many as myself. My legs from top to bottom are completely covered along with my arms. I had my arms lasered last year which helped for a while. Now I'm trying my legs. I just want to be able to wear dresses and shorts. I'm 40 and look 80. I thought when I had them lasered I could get the spay tan and they would look great. Well I found out yesterday that the spots are just faded and by applying the spray tan, WOW, all the spots showed up. So, I'm hoping my legs get better but I seriously doubt they will. I hate summer now and find myself getting more depressed every day.

Posted by Nimmy on May 19 2010 02:28:43
Please suggest some remedy for my face my cheeks are gone too inside and it looks very odd, my body structure is ok so i dont want to increase my body size only the face to improve please suggest me some home remedy.

Posted by Mazaqi on May 13 2010 07:13:32
I've started using Apple cider Vinegar, I hoe it fades those brown spots on my face. I've taken photos as Evidence n i'll let every one know every week about it's progress. Please share your experience those who've used Apple Cider Vinegar.

Posted by Eddy on May 11 2010 15:20:49
Been using fresh lemon juice ovnt every day and I saw the improvement on the 2nd week my brown spot on my face was getting clearer and also my face looks great. Make sure use moisturizer with SPF 15 everyday.

Posted by Mazaqi on May 11 2010 02:08:46
Well I'm 20 years old got brown spots on my face for last 3 years. I've used all expensive products all in vain. I went to Skin specialist for Laser treatment due to my skin level they don't suggest Laser.My descendant is from Middle East I was wondering If this Apple Cider Vinegar has helped any body plz share your experience. Thanks

Posted by Rhonda on May 09 2010 08:51:34
I am 71 and only just recently got a large age spot on my cheek running down my face and across my chin. I'm using INVIL Vitamin E cream applying it twice a day. So far the chin and jaw pigmentation has faded nicely and the cheek area, the oldest part, is starting to fade. The age spots on my hands have greatly improved. I've tried other Vitamin E creams but they seem to have a lot more added chemicals and didn't work. Best of luck ladies!

Posted by laura on May 08 2010 13:22:36
إظهار التحويل إلى الحروف اللاتينية I also suffer from that problem, which caused me pain as long as psychological as my age was 24 years old and I suffer from him since childhood and tried all the roads so it will not only try something natural recipes In case of any improvement will come back to thank you But does the Lemun detrimental effects on the large pores and Yaluge holes left by the large number of tests and treatments that experienced and led to his recovery and non-disappearance

Posted by anonymous on May 05 2010 13:31:04
yall think yall have it bad....i have age spots all over my face. And i have them all over my arms and legs!!!! i cant find anything to get them to go away !!! Does anybody have any ideas of somthing i can use?

Posted by Jenny on May 03 2010 20:48:57
I have tiny white spots on my arms and legs,i guess due to the sun.Can anyone help me with this problem?? Thank-you.

Posted by Donna on May 02 2010 11:46:27
My neice gets like a rash on her skin and the doctor told her it was a yeast infection and when she sweats it REALLY irritates her and he told her to use Selsun blue, just dab it on and leave it on for about a hour and then wash it off and her rash is usually gone in a couple of days

Posted by sue on May 01 2010 12:50:59
I have been tanning for about a week and my face on both sides have very noticable brown spots how do i get rid of them

Posted by Andrea on Apr 25 2010 01:23:13
I have had freckles and brwn spots on my face, arms and legs, ll my life. I am using an equal portion of;pureed tinned lentils, plain yoghurt and honey. Spread it over the face evenly, leave for 15min - 30 min then wash off. Use every day for a month or longe. The spots have faded, some of the worst ones have now gone. This does not dry the skin, leaves it feeling soft, and I follow up with moisturiser. I hope this helps somebody.

Posted by ana on Apr 20 2010 13:51:08
Hi Patty. Could you elaborate on the juice drink? Do you have a recipe?

Posted by patty on Apr 18 2010 21:13:19
I have the same problem with the ugly brown spots on my face I like all have tried anything and everything.. I tried that Clarins product that is not natural very expensive but did not work ... After 2 years I decided to cleans my body inside as my husband is a fanatic of Natural Cures. I have been drinking the green juice very morning which consistes of raw broccali,kale,parsely,celery,aloe vera juic to mix does not taste bad.... I have seen 100% improvement in the past 2 weeks I can tell it is going away... I believe the problem is internal ladys ... I wish I could put pictures so you guys can se the diffrence. Try It works

Posted by Ashley on Apr 10 2010 23:11:44
Lauri, I have the same thing above my lip and it is caused from the long term use of birth control plus sun exposure. I use a 70 or higher on that area when I got out in the sun from now on, and it will slowly fade.

Posted by Lauri on Apr 08 2010 11:47:44
I have sun spots that line my upper lip making me look like I have a mustache. I have done chemical peels up to 40% and nothing has helped. Every summer they get darker even with sunscreen. Has anyone else experienced this and found a way to remove? PLEASE HELP I am only 33

Posted by coreen on Apr 06 2010 16:20:34

Posted by Terry on Apr 05 2010 17:27:50
I'm 55 year old male...currently using natural lemon juice (right from a lemon), apple cider vinegar (in the evenings before bed then the lemon juice all night) and Aloe Vera (real plant) I leave the lemon juice on all night and the aloe vera on during the day. Just a cut a small section of the plant off and open it up and smear it on your face...Feels great, no smell and is a natural lotion to your face. all seems to be working. I've been doing this for about 2 weeks

Posted by Kevin on Mar 27 2010 18:56:11
Dear Tea Drinker, I had the same problem with age spots. I started drinking Green Tea about 2 months ago and my skin looks better already. Also get a juicer and drink 8oz. of juice a day. Many people I know said they lost 30-45 pounds in 6 months and the only thing different they did was drink homemade vegetable juice.

Posted by leesa on Mar 25 2010 23:06:11
I am a fair skinned AA woman age 39. I recently (6 months ago)went to the DR and she says that I am drinking to much cafeine because I have black spots on my breast. I have decreased my tea drinking to maybe 1 glass or cup every other week, but I haven't seen much of a difference. Is there anything that I can do to make a change for my breast?

Posted by pallo on Mar 23 2010 15:50:56
hi there, i am mother of 2 kids and i am 37 year old,could you please help me out that how can i find out that what kind of spot do i have on my face, basically it appears between under eye and cheek and spots are same as my skin colour. also i have some brown spot coming which is darker than my skin. please advice me what is best treatment for my skin? thanks

Posted by Anonymous on Mar 22 2010 14:17:07
@ ftm1776, I believe fresh lemon juice is the best! Freshly cut lemon can be used and the left over can be refrigerated for a couple of days!

Posted by ftm1776 on Mar 22 2010 11:04:33
To those who use lemon juice: What is the source of your lemon juice? Only fresh lemons or will concentrate work?

Posted by jeannie vanloosen on Mar 21 2010 16:05:10
a friend of mine was watching the Dr.Oz show and he said to use lemon juice mixed with sugar - i havent tried it yet but going to tonite i have brown spot on my nose and my cheek and looks awful and makeup doesnt really cover it hope this helps will let u know how it works when i try it

Posted by Jo on Mar 18 2010 13:28:02
I have age spots on my face i am 45 yrs old, I started using fresh lemons, to removed them i did use lemon before and i did see a lil change but then i stopped ladys u leave it on for atleast a half hour or if u prefer do it before u go to bed and leave on over night make sure u put on a really good moisturizer the next day cuz the lemon drys ur skin really bad and sometimes it burns it i was also told to drink this tea its called BOLDO its a mexican tea . i dont think pregnant women can drink this just trying to help other ladys in my place...Good Luck

Posted by frances folsom on Mar 15 2010 13:00:22
had peel on face and arms but they are back very expensive what next ? should i use fresh lemon to start or not?

Posted by cat on Mar 01 2010 21:49:45
Today a patient told me about this website and I am so grateful. It's sad to hear that their are so many people suffering with these ugly brown spots that make them feel unatractive. I am getting married soon and hope to be free of the spots under my eyes on my cheek bones. I have also tried just about everything, bleaches, creams, peels, makeup etc...but they just dont do the job, they only make you broke.I was considering lazer but a lady that had it done said it turned her skin green. I am going to try the lemon juice and I will let you know how it works. Thank you for your stories and remedies!

Posted by Dee on Feb 27 2010 17:27:02
Been using lemon juice and getting much lighter in about 3 weeks still there and ugly but much improvement and now trying castor oil. I will keep you inform.

Posted by Sippa on Feb 25 2010 18:36:35
The reason for age spots is malfunctioning of liver. To clean the liver avoid starches, and fried food for a week then take a couple of tablespoons olive oil. Try also liver cleansing protocol and warm Castor Oil pacs on the liver. This will stop the development of new ones as well.

Posted by Julie Hamilton on Feb 23 2010 14:05:51
When you talk about getting rid of sun spots and say to use lemon juice does it have to be freshly squeezed or can you use what comes in the bottle.

Posted by Home Remedies Web on Feb 03 2010 16:10:27
Glo,leave the lemon juice on the skin for at least half hour or as long as you are comfortable with it.

Posted by Home Remedies Web on Feb 02 2010 16:52:51
Hi Fouzia, Try one of the above mentioned home remedies to minimize the dark spots. Usually there are underlying reasons for these kind of dark spots. Most often they are caused by sun exposure, iron deficiency, and/or hormonal changes. You should use sun block and take extra care when going out in the sun. Also consult with your physician for any possible hormonal changes or low iron levels.

Posted by fouzia on Feb 02 2010 02:21:28
my face have apigmentaition dark spot almost full face-pls reply me home remedy-i try many cream but not effectie any cream-pls help me

Posted by glo on Jan 26 2010 14:24:07
Do I leave The lemon & apple cider overnight? or do I let it sit for how many minute..Pleas help

Posted by gail moreland on Jan 21 2010 16:24:29
I have used cold pressed organic coconut oil by Spectrum and the spots really faded. After a long time, I have more and am going to use that again--twice a day. try that again.

Posted by Emma on Jan 16 2010 04:54:43
I am using the onion and apple cider vinegar. Just wondering, I juiced a whole onion and have a lot of juice left. It is stored in the fridge. Is this ok to continue to use this stored onion juice everyday, or am I meant to squeeze an onion a day?? My face is covered in sun spots, so I am hoping this remedy works!

Posted by sonu on Jan 07 2010 06:03:56
My sis used suncros sunscreen by ranbaxy and lomela cream at night for extensive pigmentation of face,after 2 weeks,it's almost gone.

Posted by Rainey on Dec 17 2009 22:35:52
All, thanks so much for this home remedies, I have many dark age spots/sun damaged on my both my cheeks & spreading. I had an expensive peel & it made them works, bringing more out & darker. I have used bleaching creams & nothing has worked. I have been to derm & it seems they just want give whatever creams & keep asking me to come back, none of that is working. After reading these reviews, I started using the lemon juice last night & will also be trying the Castrol Oil, both twice a day & I'm praying for some results as some of you have had. I'm 42 & no longer feel sexy or comfortable around people, I hate the spots on my face & they do make you feel older. It's horrible!!! If these remedies work I will be telling my sisters who also have dark age spots/sun damage to try, we have nothing to loose, except hopefully fading of the spots or a miracle & they completely disappear. I will keep you all posted. If anyone else has had good results please post them, I love to think there is hope.

Posted by Janelle on Dec 01 2009 18:57:04
Okay ladies don't feel bad I'm 32 and have dark brown spots below my right eye (almost on my cheekbone!) Talk about being sad! But I think I'm gonna try either the lemon juice or the Castor oil. I too have tried Ambi with no luck. I'll keep you posted!

Posted by Jean on Nov 29 2009 04:36:14
has anyone tried more than one of the remedies at the same time. i.e. at different times of the day would be interesting to know. thank you

Posted by Michele on Nov 28 2009 04:03:45
Take one tbsp.of liquid honey and add one tsp.of cinnamon and by mouth in morning and before bed. Heals so many things that I cannot type them all.In Europe they call it the cure all. It tastes good so why not try it.

Posted by Michele Carter on Nov 28 2009 03:58:36
Just wanted to let people who suffer with dry sockets that this can be serious and you should go back to dentist. They will pack it with gauze that is moist with oil of cloves. The pain will disappear within minutes. Do not remove packing it is natual material that the body will dissolve on its own while your gum heals over the opening.Never take a dry socket lightly.

Posted by Anonymous on Nov 27 2009 10:55:24
oh so i am not alone in this world. it started from my forehead and then covered almost all of my face. did try many products mary kay etc nothing worked. even the dermatologist's suggested cream couldn't do anything. i am using skinlightner it is working but when i go out in the sun i notice they become darker. will try these now. thanks everybody

Posted by Sharon on Oct 02 2009 22:07:44
my dermatologist used liquid nitrogen and dabbed it on the spots on my hands and arms with a big cotton swab (Qtip). There was very little discomfort during the application and withing 2 weeks the dark spots started flaking off, within 30 days they were gone and you could hardly tell where they\\'d been. Best news of all, they did not come back. I\\'m a happy camper!

Posted by Alan on Sep 30 2009 23:39:46
I meant CASTOR OIL (now I need something for my brain).

Posted by Alan on Sep 30 2009 23:37:33
For an age spot on my 63-year-old forehead, cod liver oil used once a day over two months did the trick .

Posted by Lilly on Sep 28 2009 02:23:10
I also have lots of age spot on my hands. I am going to try some of this remedies and see if it works. I will let you\\'ll known. I am 66 years also and I have had cancer. I am going back for a check up tomorrow. We\\'ll see.

Posted by Ruby on Sep 25 2009 20:20:57
I have dark spots on my forehead and both cheeks. it seems like new one's wants to come out. I am going to try the lemon and see how that works. I have tried so many products and nothing has worked.

Posted by Joy on Sep 24 2009 06:53:45
I am an old lady with two age spots on my face. I'm looking for a home remedy. I', currently using AMBI. it helpes some, but soooo slow. I have read that the main ingredient in it could cause cancer, so i want a natural remedy.

Posted by Joy on Sep 24 2009 06:53:44
I am an old lady with two age spots on my face. I'm looking for a home remedy. I', currently using AMBI. it helpes some, but soooo slow. I have read that the main ingredient in it could cause cancer, so i want a natural remedy.

Posted by Sharon on Sep 22 2009 18:41:58
I have brwon spots on my face and i am having trouble covering them with make . I am going to try the lemon juice and see how it works

Posted by lina on Sep 19 2009 11:58:03
ladies do i was the lemon juice off my face.or do i just but my moistures on .please reply thank you ladies.i dont feel alone anymore.

Posted by lina on Sep 18 2009 22:46:24
I am 41.i have age spots on my face.i feel like a different women.i used to feel sexy.now i feel sad.i will try the lemon juice.i will keep you posted.

Posted by Kizzy Kate on Aug 29 2009 19:37:20
I am 56 years old and my remedy for age spots works fantasticly.Two tbs. lemon juice and 1/3 cup plain yogurt.Mix together apply to face for 10 or 15 minutes. Then wash off.Do this daily.Then use moisture cream with 15-30 sunscreen in it. Youll be happy with the results.

Posted by Robyn on Aug 27 2009 00:36:42
I am 52 yrs old and have quite a few age spots on my face, I know it is sun damage. After reading all above posts, I am keen to try the lemon juice but unsure if you wash it off or not. Can someone please let me know.

Posted by James Gray on Aug 22 2009 21:49:27
Hi, I have lots of age spots up and down both of my legs which has been diagnosed by two separate dermatologists. Lately they have been starting to sting particularly when i am wearing pants and sitting down. I have been trying all sorts of creams prescribed by the dermatologists but nothing seems to be working. Can anyone suggest anything that can help make the terrible stinging go away?

Posted by Aliya on Aug 18 2009 18:47:23
I have dark spots on my face, rite under my eyez, afta reading err'onez comments, I have decided to try the fresh lemon juice on my spots. I hope this helps coz I have paid alot buying expensive cremes 2 fade away these spots. Wish me Luck! thanks err'body for sharing your ideas.

Posted by Anonoymous on Aug 18 2009 00:36:32
P.S: For those that don't know what a Garlic Press is, it is a hand-held gadget used for extracting juice from a Garlic Bulb. They are cheap to purchase and most probably one can be found in even a $-store and most definitely in any home kitchen utensil department. A Q-Tip works well for application of the mixture.

Posted by Anonoymous on Aug 18 2009 00:24:19
For the mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and Onion Juice...prepare the latter as follows: Peel off outer layer of onion, cut into chunks suitable for the size of a Garlic Press. Fill press with a chunck and press over a small bowl. Measure quantity and transfer to a air-tight glass container. Add equal amount of Apple Cider Vinegar. (I found this method works better than a sieve/cheese cloth. One medium onion shud yield about 4 TBSPS. of juice. Rinse the press occasionally during preparation.)

Posted by Tricia on Jul 24 2009 22:13:08
My dad's been using a 'zapper' which is digital signal. I thought it was bs but he's been on it and it's taken out his liver spots. I'm vegan and I still think it's weird to use digital impulses for health but it's been working and apparently it's been giving him a detox from heavy metals as a side effect. 8-\ Still wary, but if it helps it helps. Personally I use the Apple Cider Vinegar and it's the best stuff I've found out there for general feel-good stuff. That 3 tsps to a hot mug of water is goodness. Now I'm going to say first; change your diet, drink more SPRING water, de-stress, stretch a lot, quit ALL dairy (dairy calcium is acidic and depletes human calcium stores, YOUR Mom's milk had human friendly calcium- cows don't), don't drink alcahol, all that is going to help an immune system and ward off disease that's caused by who-only-knows-what. However, in leiu of sounding like an advertisement, some knowledgeable people have been using this zapper thing and it seems to work. I would only ever use it as a last resort and not as this 'maintainance' this they hawk it as but supposedly it keeps cancer cells from attaching to healthy tissue. That's why I'm throwing it out there. DO YOUR RESEARCH! I'm only saying anything because of the lady who posted about her cancer and this is something people I know personally who know their sh*t endorse and have been talking about. The Name to look up is Dr. Hula Clark. The best of luck to you. I hope your ok. My e-mail is: PrinceMaxwell @ Juno . com if theirs any discrepancies.

Posted by ms perki on Jul 09 2009 17:32:46

Posted by Home Remedies Web on Jul 08 2009 02:25:46
Re: Post by Sandra, Tea tree Oil and/or Oil of Oregano work great for red flaky skin. Add 5-6 drops of Tea Tree Oil to a cup of water. Apply this mixture on affected skin with a cotton ball after washing the face in the morning and at night. Make sure you mix the solution well before using it. It may feel a bit stingy for a while. When using Oregano Oil for treatment, simply add 2 drops of Oregano Oil to one tbsp of Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. Apply this mixture onto the affected skin at night until cured. Hope it helps!

Posted by sandra on Jul 07 2009 16:13:27
I can't afford a dermertologist,no insurance but around my nose and now on chin itstays flakey, I use moisturizers and it helps for a few hours. It is a little red when I peal off dead skin and drys back with white dry skin. Anybody have a solution?

Posted by Debbie on Jun 25 2009 17:26:01
Re: post by Judith....olive oil and eggplant....sounds interesting...going to try...anyone else tried this????

Posted by Ana on Jun 25 2009 07:58:06
Reading all these advices for facial age spots which i hate so much has given me some hope that I can either fade them a lot or eliminate them. I am trying the apple cider with the onion juice this is my first week after the 3rd day i notice some difference. My age spots are bad and do not cover up well with makeup so I hope this works. Also looking forward to trying the lemon juice that also seem to work well. Well keep you all posted.

Posted by Jean on Jun 25 2009 05:07:10
my age spot is getting bigger and it now has like a white circle round it ,I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer and I am frightened that this may be something to do with cancer

Posted by Jean on Jun 25 2009 05:06:36
my age spot is getting bigger and it now has like a white circle round it ,I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer and I am frightened that this may be something to do with cancer

Posted by Home Remedies Web on Jun 19 2009 14:50:28
Hi Noyhin, Yes, Lemon Juice has natural bleaching as well as exfoliating properties. The gentle bleaching action of lemon juice helps fade away the acne scars and an active ingredient of lemon juice Alpha Hydroxy Acid works as an exfoliant for skin. It slowly exfoliates the dead, scarred and spotted surface skin and helps reveal the newer, less damaged and healthier skin cells underneath. It may take weeks or longer for its effects to appear though.

Posted by noyhin on Jun 19 2009 04:24:38
i have a lot of acne scars on my face and i am 21...will the juice of lemon help???

Posted by ana on Jun 14 2009 12:01:47
i been getting some spots in my face like acne and they stay red im so mad my face was so nice and clean of red spots what can i do will they go away im putting bleaching cream see if it helps any help please write

Posted by kathy on Jun 03 2009 19:02:15
Hey Robin- dry sockets after tooth extraction can last for weeks- Go to the drugstore and buy "Red Cross toothache Medicine" and use an eyedropper to place 2-3 drops into the socket- this medicament is what oral surgeons use on gauze strips with vaseline to treat pts-also use heat on your face

Posted by karen on Jun 03 2009 10:02:17
After trying one of these remedies, in particular the lemon juice, if the age spots fade, do you need to keep putting the lemon juice on or does it stay away ?

Posted by julie on Jun 01 2009 00:03:02
I have alot of white spots on my lower legs, from the sun I am sure. Can anyone help with this. It is small white spots as if the skin has no color. help what should I do.

Posted by Jawairia on May 29 2009 09:17:06
Hi Karan, I checked the Urdu name for Chamomile and found that it's called Gul-e-Baboona. To read it in Urdu transcript here's the link: http://urduseek.com/dictionary/chamomile?nolog=1 And yes of course the Lemon and Castor Oil remedy can work for lightening the dark spots on the skin. Just be careful when applying close to the eyes. Good luck!

Posted by karan on May 28 2009 11:37:53
thank u jawaria for your reply.i live in pakistan and i am not sure what is chamolion tea ,?is that avaiable here.?i have never heard of it.should i go for lemon and castoroil remedy do u think it will work?

Posted by Jawairia on May 27 2009 15:23:05
Hi Karan, A simple remedy for dark circles and dark spots is to dip 2 chamomile tea bags in warm water. After 5 minutes, remove the tea bags from the water and let them cool to room temperature or a bit cooler. Then place them on your eyes and cheeks at night as a compress for about 15 minutes. Chamomile is known to help with lightening the skin. Usually these kind of dark brown spots are triggered by both sun exposure and/or hormonal changes. You should take extra care when going out in the sun and consult your physician for any possible hormonal changes.

Posted by karan on May 27 2009 13:28:22
i have v bad brown spots under my eyes and over my cheek bones.i went to a dermatologist and used meladerm cream but no results its more worst now,what should i do,i feel like crying when i c my face in mirror please help

Posted by Anonymous on May 17 2009 14:11:00
I\\'m trying the lemom juice for age and sun damage spots, do I wash it off after leaving it on for a certain amount of time or do I just put moisterizer on over it? My face is all sticky but I haven\\'t put moisterizer on yet so I\\'m wondering if that will help with the stikiness

Posted by Jennifer on May 15 2009 15:27:03
Here is an update. By using lemons for the past six weeks...my age spots are still there but have faded greatly! I can now cover them up with makeup; without the dark hypermigmination showing through. It has been six weeks now of applying lemon juice 2 per day. I am very happy with the results. I am going to continue doing so for the next month or two. Lemons are a wonderful natural solution. I will keep everyone posted on my progress!

Posted by SUSAN on May 14 2009 09:09:52

Posted by tammy m on May 11 2009 13:43:34
I had a few spots of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and forehead - like skin dicoloration. I looked around the web and did some research - when I ran across site that had recommended the Made from Earth skin care line. I went to their website (www.madefromearth.com) and found their Rosehip % Hibiscus Face Serum / moisturizer. The description sounded promising, and I figured that I had nothing to lose, so I ordered it. After about 3 months of use, my skin is looking very nicely toned and the spots are fading rather quickly. Once you apply this moisturizer, you'll instantly notice how it makes your skin silky smooth. I find it to smell very pleasant - almost like the hibiscus flower. Overall, don't expect this product to work immediately, you have to give it a little while, and I assure you that you won't be disappointed. Plus, for a chemical free and organic face cream the price is just perfect.

Posted by Jennifer on Apr 28 2009 15:50:43
Michele, In the morning I pull out a fresh lemon from my fridge--cut a small slice and rub it into my forhead where I have the age spot. I do the same at night about an hour before bed. I have been doing this for 4 weeks now. The hyperpigmintation has faded in HALF. In some areas it has completly dissapeared!!! The lemon juice dries out your skin some...so after I wash it off, I apply avocado oil to deeply mosturize my skin. It greatly helps. Everyone I know now is telling me they hardly see it at all anymore. Over 1 month ago...not even the heaviest makeup could cover it up. It is such a cheap and simple soultion...that is so effective...I can hardly believe it works...BUT IT DOES! I hope this helps! I has worked for me so far! Good Luck!

Posted by michele on Apr 16 2009 22:17:27
Jennifer - what sort of lemon juice did u use. the only one i can find is lemon concentrate in publics.

Posted by Jennifer on Apr 12 2009 16:26:59
Hello! After trying every cream in every store, a chemical peel; which made my age spots worse, I tried lemon juice. I have been using it 2 per day for about 2 weeks. My age spots have dramatically faded...and seeing is believing. Before doing anything drastic try this first! So far it has been working for me

Posted by judith on Mar 16 2009 08:08:54
Hi, for the last 3 months, I have been using an eggplant mixture and my spots, including a large baggy one under my eye, have almost disappeared. I chop about 1/4 cup fresh eggplant (including skin), let the chop air dry about 1 hour, then put them in a cup and cover with pure olive oil. Let sit 2 weeks, then twice a day, take a small amount of oil and rub on face and chest. I am 66 and spots almost gone. important to keep oil cover over plant or will spoil

Posted by Viola on Mar 01 2009 20:35:09
Hi, for brown age spots might want to try AMBI fade cream.Good Luck !

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 24 2009 19:27:16
I have been using classfiel cream and its not working i use it for 3 years

Posted by Carol on Feb 11 2009 12:07:39
For white spots on the skin (not age spots) that many call liver spots - my doctor told me to use vaginal cream and it works. My son had the white spots on his neck and it actually took care of them - they never came back

Posted by johnni on Jan 09 2009 19:10:54
how about ACV for hot flashes?

Posted by jenny on Nov 19 2008 18:50:00
I am a fair skin African lady, and have very dark spots on my cheeks, and have tried everything with no luck also both my legs have white patches what can i do? please help me.

Posted by jenny on Nov 14 2008 18:34:21
I am a fair skin African lady, and have very dark spots on my cheeks, and have tried everything with no luck also both my legs have white patches what can i do? please help me.

Posted by kitty on Nov 12 2008 10:59:46
I found washing my face with my normal facial soap and putting about a teaspoon of regular 'ol baking soda stimulates my skin (the baking soda works as a great exfoliator). After rinsing I put Natural Apple Cider Vinegar (NOT the kind you use for cooking, etc!) on a cotton ball and wipe lightly over my face (like you would a toner) it will sting a bit, but for a short while. I then take a bit of Virgin Coconut Oil (put jar in warm water to liquify) and smooth into my face (as you would a face lotion) My face after this 3 step process had a glowing effect. Ever since starting this (and I do only a couple times a week) I notice my age spot have dramatically decreased and my skin is more supple and really looks smooth and glowy all the time!

Posted by Ang on Oct 31 2008 15:18:29
I have a lot of sun spots. I know I have them due to the sun. I\\'m going to try all the things mentioned her,i.e. onion, vinegar and lemon juice. I just want to let anyone out ther to cover up when in the sun. Use a hat and use sunscreen. I regret not wearing protection when I was young. If anyone else has other things I would appreaciate the sharing. I have tried bleaching creams and none have worked. Good luck to all.

Posted by urmi on Oct 30 2008 23:20:41
how can i tell what ihave on my face are dark spot or sun damage oe malasma? iam 61 i neet help

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 28 2008 19:25:41
Alexandra, My children also had had these white patches, but more so on the upper arms. I was told it's some kind of light fungi problem, and washing this area with anti dandruff shampoo will help this problem. It did help for my children. I think your health food store or natural practitioner may help with natural remedies.

Posted by Alexandra on Oct 07 2008 18:12:59
My 10 year old daughter has a white spot the size of a quarter on her face. Although, I was diligent with sun block she did still spend a lot of time in outdoors sports this summer. Is it a sun spot or sun damge? I am worried, but don\\'t want to worry her. I would love to try something natural before I go to the doctor. Please advise!

Posted by HomeRemediesWeb on Sep 22 2008 16:11:35
The term 'aloe vera gel' is often used to describe the jelly-like pulp that makes up the inner tissue of the leaves. The 'aloe vera juice' is a yellow liquid that is extracted from just beneath the outer skin of the leaves. Usually if you break a piece of a leaf, both the juice and gel can be extracted together and applied onto the skin. However, the gel contains the majority of nutrients that are beneficial for age spots.

Posted by JOSIE CASILLAS on Sep 19 2008 09:59:32

Posted by bibi on Aug 05 2008 22:54:05
Please becareful when drinking apple cider vinegar it can really lower your blood pressure and you can collapsed. Consult your Doctor first

Posted by Kerry on Jul 20 2008 00:28:04
I had dark sun spots on the back of my hands, and I used Solar X made by "Naturally by Trisha". A natural beeswax,olive oil based product, with red clover, violet, harakeke, cleavers, turmeric, walnut, burdock root, and kumarahou. This is a New Zealand handmade balm. I also found it wonderful for my sun damaged skin, it gave a fresh glow from years gone by!

Posted by Charlotte on Jul 15 2008 16:51:57
I recently had sun spots appear under both my eyes. It looks like i've outlined the white piece of skin under my eyes making them look like i have really bad bags. I've just turned 29 and am wondering is it usual to get age spots at this age?

Posted by Amparo on May 22 2008 01:04:30
I am going to try the Apple Cyder Vinegar, my face is full of pregnancy spots and I hope they dissapear, I have used lots of different lotions and they just don't work.

Posted by Robin on May 15 2008 11:38:54
I need HELP !! I had two molers pulled last Friday and I hurt bad. Loritab is doing nothing.Only Advil 5 at a time will help a little. How long does it take for dry sockets to go away???

Posted by Maryann on May 01 2008 19:41:20
I will try the castor oil and the lemon juice twice a day. I have very bad dark spots on my face. I will let you all know if I have any improvements.

Posted by rit on May 01 2008 00:34:09
you did not say how often to use the cider and onion on the face .....how ofter do you use it.

Posted by aswan on Apr 13 2008 17:12:03

Posted by Amal on Mar 07 2008 16:54:20
I am 39 years old Ihave dark spot in my hands and chloasma I will try to use the vinger, hopfully it help

Posted by teresa on Dec 28 2007 11:52:12
I have age spots on my hands and face, its the one on my face that i don't like i am 55 yrs old, I started using fresh lemons, it seemed to lighten them but it hasn't completely removed them help.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec 12 2007 11:44:48
I'm going to try the vinegar and onion method...drinking the a.c. vinegar (mixed w/ water) was HORRIBLE

Posted by Wilda on Sep 11 2007 02:25:04
I just had my 65th birthday and to date I have found nothing that rids my body of age spots including prescription meds. Anyone have a sure cure please advise and thanks.

Posted by Frank on Jul 22 2007 11:42:36
Hi Marie, Apple Cider Vinegar is generally safe to take during and after pregnancy. Overall, ACV helps to rid the body of toxins and may even help with any complications that may arise or have arisen with the pregnancy. It also supports regularity and promotes digestion. Nevertheless, if you are still unsure, you can consult your doctor just to be on the safe side.

Posted by Marie on Jul 17 2007 15:32:25
Does anyone if this is ok to try while being pregnant? I notice that my age spots are getting dark. Although, I think it's best to wait until after I have my baby.

Posted by tony on Apr 26 2007 20:36:55
I was reading a paper and it told of vinger for age spots,But they wanted you to order a book. Thanks for the wed page

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 25 2007 00:10:01
Isabella, you should try the Apple Cider Vinegar and Onion remedy listed above!

Posted by Isabella on Jan 20 2007 14:40:16
I need help for my age spots

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