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Diabetes is a serious illness where there is a persistently high glucose level in the bloodstream. Glucose (blood sugar) is the primary source of energy for the cells in our body, and diabetes occurs when the glucose level is not regulated properly by the hormone known as insulin.

Common symptoms of diabetes include:

  • frequent trips to the bathroom
  • unquenchable thirst
  • weight loss
  • fatigue and weakness
  • numbness or tingling sensation in the hands, feet or legs
  • blurred vision
  • dry or itchy skin
  • frequent infections or cuts and bruises that take a long time to heal
When these signs are associated with diabetes, they are the result of high glucose levels in the body. If you notice any of the above signs, schedule an appointment with your family doctor. Blood tests will be able to tell you if you have reason to be concerned about a diagnosis of diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes

There are two common types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce any insulin on its own. Type 1 diabetes has often been considered a childhood problem, but it can also develop in adults. This form of diabetes requires regular insulin injections for survival, and there is currently no known cure.
  • Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin or when there is an insulin deficiency. This type of diabetes can often be managed with regular exercise and a proper diet.
Thus far, medical scientists have been unable to pinpoint the exact causes of diabetes. However, there are certain factors which may increase the risk of developing diabetes, and therefore an individual must try to overcome them. The most common causes are:
  • obesity
  • smoking
  • having a family history of diabetes
  • eating an unbalanced diet
  • regularly consuming too much sugar, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
  • emotional stress
  • age
  • certain virus infections such as the Coxsackie B virus

Home Remedies for the Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes Home Remedy Using Apple Cider Vinegar

The nutritional components of Apple Cider Vinegar help control the rise in blood sugar levels when you eat a meal.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and add a pinch of salt to it.
  • Mix it in a glass of water.
  • Drink this before every large meal.

Diabetes Home Remedy Using Flaxseed Oil

Supplements containing essential fatty acids, such as Flaxseed Oil, can help repair the cellular damage caused by a lifetime of high sugar consumption.
  • Combine 4 oz. of cottage cheese with 1.5 oz. of flax seed oil and 1 oz. of milk into a blender.
  • Add honey or fresh fruits to add sweetness.
  • Blend this mixture and drink daily each morning.

Diabetes Herbal Remedy Using Alfalfa

Rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, Alfalfa makes an amazing herbal remedy to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Take one teaspoon of Alfalfa seeds and sprinkle them on every meal you eat.
  • Alfalfa capsules can also be taken following the directions on the package.

Herbal Remedy for Diabetes Using Cinnamon

Research has shown that small doses of Cinnamon can be beneficial in treating Type 2 Diabetes, since it can reduce blood sugar levels while simultaneously increasing the body's natural production of insulin.
  • Take half a teaspoon of Cinnamon powder each morning.
  • Repeat this for 40 days.
The Cinnamon powder can be consumed in a number of ways:
  • Sprinkle cinnamon into your coffee.
  • Add a cinnamon stick to your favorite herbal tea.
  • Mix cinnamon powder into unsweetened applesauce.
  • Add cinnamon powder to your cereal or oatmeal.
NOTE: If you are taking medication to control blood sugar levels, any regular consumption of cinnamon should only be taken after consulting with your doctor.

Natural Remedy for Diabetes Using Whole Foods

Whole foods such as fruits,vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds are rich in fiber and other nutritional factors that help stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Eat at least five fruits every day. Fruits like banana, blackberry, blueberries, cranberries, figs, grapefruit, pomegranate juice, granny smith apples, kiwi fruits, and citrus fruits are highly recommended.
  • Try to eat every color from whole foods each day to control high blood sugar levels. Excellent vegetables include artichoke, black beans, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, garlic, lettuce, onion, radish, string beans, tomatos, spinach, squash, turnip, and brown rice.

Using Exercise as a Home Remedy for Diabetes

Obesity is one of the main causes of diabetes. Most people with Type 2 diabetes are 30 to 60 pounds overweight. For them only losing this excessive weight can control their Diabetes. Muscle building and weight training can play an important role in Diabetes control. Having more muscle and less fat reduces the insulin intake requirement.
  • Taking a brisk walk for about 45 minutes each to 1 hour each day helps normalize body weight. It can also help correct insulin resistance which is the main problem in Type 2 diabetes.
  • 10 to 40 minutes of Yoga each day can help to relieve stress, which is a contributing factor for Type 2 diabetes.
If you exercise everyday and are taking insulin injections, you should monitor your blood sugar level closely since exercise may allow you to cut down your insulin by 30 to 50 percent.

A Miracle Cure for Diabetes

Learn about a breakthrough remedy for Diabetes in this exciting eBook. The book claims that it will help you discover:
  • 1 Nobel-prize winning ingredient that boosts your immune system.
  • 3 critical ingredients that help to clean acids from your pancreas, which helps slash your blood sugar levels.
  • 5 other ingredients that help your body remove waste, charge your immune system, and produce insulin.
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Reader Comments

Posted by Trent on Apr 03 2014 21:56:35
Hi there, I hope you are having a great day! I would like to speak with someone regarding a JV partnership. Our company has a couple of products that are diabetes related and would compliment your amazing website. One of the great aspects of our system is we offer reoccurring commission for the life of the customer. Please contact me by phone 202 470 0105 or email. Thanks again Trent Schmuland

Posted by onn on Feb 04 2014 01:44:28
Thank's for remind me to take apple cider before i use to take it but i stop then only i relies why my sugar whoops up when i see doctor thank you very very much i will start up with apple cider hope to hear from yuo again with regard onn 4 feb 2014

Posted by Theresa on Jan 18 2014 21:51:16
10 years after I had gestational diabetes, I woke up seeing impaired from type 2 diabetes. I used MNM with Vitamin C colloidal and a special bio-silver liquid in my eyes and got my sight back in 6 weeks. when my sight returned I did not need prescription glasses that I had worn for 20 years.

Posted by Sneha Mehta on Dec 25 2013 04:11:45
People with diabetes should intake apple cider vinegar regularly, as it lowers blood glucose levels. It relieves heartburn and digestion problems. The effect of vinegar on blood sugar levels is perhaps the best researched and the most promising of apple cider vinegar's possible health benefits. After all, it was the father of medicine himself, Hippocrates, who endorsed ACV as a healing elixir and cleansing agent in 400 BC. The good old ACV was used by Hippocrates both as an antibiotic and antiseptic to treat his patients. Good news is, we have made this product readily available for you. For more information, visit www.herbaldaily.in. For free home delivery all across - India, call on 91 - 8764021693

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 30 2013 10:58:04
@Theresa, how was the book? Anything useful that you'd like to share? Thanks!

Posted by theresa on Sep 28 2013 05:58:10
hi im gona read the book and try everthing init';'

Posted by Blake Dunnington on Sep 20 2013 18:45:00
I'v been Drinking coffee a lot I thing it is working look it up it is helping me I know and the Alfalfa and some other things I'm doing

Posted by Jyoti Koirala on Jun 12 2013 00:33:40
Dear Jeimja, drinking the home made juice can never be as effective as taking the pills. You need to be aware on this.

Posted by Al on Jun 08 2013 23:06:42
Try to stay in a good mood and have small multi meals

Posted by ray on May 21 2013 20:13:04
i have diabetes 11 years 300 to 160 thankyou ray

Posted by Tushar Kanti Nag on May 03 2013 08:36:35
I am now 63 years and suffering from high blood pressure and diabetic. Noe my Sugar level is little bit low i.e. Fasting is 117 and PP is 137. But my blood urea and uric acid is high i.e 64 and 8.1. Creatinin level is also high i.e 3.9. Please advise me what to do? I am having sound health and no problem with my health. Thanks

Posted by Dipak Patil (Surat) on Apr 16 2013 04:32:51
Dear Readers, First time i checkup for Diabetes,My Fasting result is 359 and After Meal is 501. i am afraid of this result. My Age is 36 and i have 3 Years baby. i am scared what is me & My family future.Then i follow the advice of Doctor , it Prescribe me Metaformin,Glincise,Atrovase. After that i believe in Ayurved. So i take Cinnemon 1/2 Spoon in 2 times(Daily) And Karela capsule(Bitter melon) from (Himalya Drugs) After Dinner And Lunch.(I am Very lazy Guy, So No Any Exercise .Its Fact). And Avoid Sugar With Tea,Rice And Potato. And After 1 Month , When i check My Sugar Lavel its (105 & 115).So Moral of the Story ...Try Cinnemon&Bitter melon in Daily Use.....

Posted by ruben dignadice on Apr 11 2013 03:15:36
I'm 57 years old, filipino national, i'm working here in saudi arabia almost 18 years in one company. now my problem about my uric acid, every go to a doctor give only medecine but can't remove. so i want to asking what medecine can remove cause until now i'm suffering to much pain maybe become to arthritis. what home remedy can i use or what treatment of arthritis?

Posted by jnddarvin@charter.net on Mar 22 2013 13:03:14
hello, I am a 54yr old woman, when I was pregnant with twins at age 28, I developed gestatinal diabetes, I turned diabetic at age 50, actually 3 months after my father passed. My maternal gradnmother had type 2 and so did my father. I have had a 5.8 AIC for over 6 months! I requested to be taken off insulin in the 2nd year, and the doctor wouldn't comply, new doctor, 2nd request, Jan 2013, insulin free for 1 year, & the 5.8 AIC, I have canned & grown our own vegetables, eat fresh vegetables, & fruit, I take cinnamon caplets 1 daily, 1 flaxseed oil pill, cook from scratch, since my husband was diagnosed with diverticulosis, 4 years ago. Amazing, I had all the symptons of being a diabetic, but it was still a shock! I have lost 60 ounds, and walk and hike when I can. The weight will come off, its just keeping active. I belive in the whole foods, and less processed, I believe that is the real problem! I continue taking Janument 2 times a day, but belive and have been told, if I lose more weight, I will not be on medication. Although, later in life I will probably return to it. Good luck to all, 1 change is a start, but several will make a big impact, there is no magic pill. Unfortunately, the convenience of fast foods, snacks, the damage to our bodies WE did. Life is too fast, and now that I'm older, I enjoy so much more, but less, if you know what I mean.

Posted by Rima on Mar 14 2013 13:17:27
@Joy - please try the cinnamon home remedy mentioned above on this page. My dad had very high blood sugar levels and he took half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder / crushed cinnamon for 40 days first thing in the morning. Now his blood sugar level is close to normal. You can read more about remedy above on this page. Good luck!

Posted by joy on Mar 14 2013 11:14:59
My husband suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. A couple of day ago he started seeing blurred, double vision. Can you advice me on what home remedy he can use to lower both problem. He is on medication. Thanking you in advance.

Posted by Youlanda on Feb 26 2013 01:46:52
Very helpful tips my mum is type 2 diabetic suffering with her feet they swollen and sore please help to relieve her pain

Posted by John Nankivell on Feb 21 2013 15:06:59
There is some great information in this forum. Many of the herbs mentioned are very effective, as are exercise and eating whole foods. The key is to do these things in combination. Also need to look at psychology, support and good old rest and relaxation. They all contribute as a package. Find out more at yourdiabetes180.com.au. Sorry about the blatant plug but it is definitely worth a look and will be very helpful information.

Posted by buzzard on Feb 19 2013 21:03:07
this remedy may help for diabetes,and blood sugar get these from the health food store only,for the other is the way they prcesses it ruins it. one pint of organic apple cider vinegar one pint raw honey mix well together one tablespoon 3 x aday. one more one cup raw honey,one cup organic apple cider vinegar,8 cloves garlic,mix well in blender,two to three teaspoons before breakfast,this is good for lots, look this remedy up. before using garlic is blood thinner,also look up benefits of garlic warnings.for me this is not to much garlic,but use you own judgement and read up on all we talked about before using

Posted by mic on Feb 08 2013 13:13:08
Some people found homeopathy remedy "ARNICA 30" one drop in table spoon water.before every meal .they found it excellent result.may some one no need furhter medication.but do not leave your mdecations untill u found good results.best regards.

Posted by Evelyn on Jan 19 2013 19:38:39
Watch and read all labels on sodas and all foods such as salad dressing,ketchup. cereals etc. don't eat nor drink anything that has "high fructose corn syrup" in it. It has no fruit or corn in it , it is manufactured in a chemistry lab, just a cheap way of sweetening food and drink, and has been in our food and drink and even bread, since 1950's This ingredient is known to cause stomach fat and diabetes.

Posted by Cathy J on Jan 18 2013 18:03:14
I have been a type 2 diabetic for 9 years. I am 60. My sugars run in the 200's. I take Metformin, Lovastatin, and hydroclorithiazide. My question is, can I take "Naavudi" with these drugs? When can I stop taking my drugs? Can I also add the ACV and Cinnamon as well without causing a problem? Thank you so much for your soon reply.

Posted by Jacob Johnson on Jan 04 2013 09:53:00
I had done some research and they found this product called 13C which is to be some miracle product put out by a Dr. that produces home remedies or natural remedies. Just can not find out where to buy this or if it is actually available.

Posted by gedy on Dec 17 2012 08:50:59
hi,i wish to lower my fasting sugar level which goes as high as 150 rest is undercontrol after meals two hrs latter

Posted by Diabetes and asthma treatment on Dec 07 2012 07:46:13
I strongly agree with you. Type 1 diabetes sometimes starts in childhood; people with this form of diabetes require lifelong insulin administration and careful dietary management to survive.

Posted by shiv on Nov 26 2012 02:36:56
Mohamed Caffoor on Mar 04 2012 15:07:08 Mr.Mohd.Caffoor, can you please share your mail id. I am keen to know how you managed to reverse your diabetes. Thanks

Posted by Ramachandran on Nov 22 2012 07:43:07
Need to get the e-report to beat diabetes

Posted by samu on Nov 05 2012 21:50:30
@ Edna - Hi, you have a very serious case. I know of some people who will be very willing to assist you without any cost. you may contact me on this email for further details. samu_tui@yahoo.com

Posted by sriram on Oct 31 2012 09:30:52
The best way to control the diabetes is to have the meal by breaking the meals into 5 portion. If you are having morning breakfast, lunch and Dinner, try to have the same in 5 portion which one you can have for the breakfast, by 11.00 am can have some Marie biscuits, for lunch have salads and very little rice, and by evening some snacks and night light dinner. It can control your blood sugar levels. Also minimum walking of atleast 30 minutes will reduce considerable levels of sugar.

Posted by Sarah on Oct 13 2012 18:16:29
Hey any idea about type 1 diabetes cure ?

Posted by Vic on Oct 13 2012 01:46:22
Cure diabetes watch the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-SjIMj9i6E&feature=related

Posted by Tom on Oct 08 2012 15:05:43
@Sharma, Also don't drink Cinnamon tea for more than 40 days. Give it a break and start again after a few months if you like!

Posted by Tom on Sep 30 2012 21:30:08
Sharma, cinnamon tea helps with lowering the blood sugar levels. My dad boils one teaspoon of ground or crushed cinnamon in a cup of water for 5-7 minutes and drinks it everyday first thing in the morning. It has lowered his sugar levels significantly. He doesn't take any medication any more. His diabetes is controlled with good diet only. Make sure to cut down bread, rice, dried fruits and sweet things from your diet. I hope it helps!

Posted by Srinivas sharma on Sep 24 2012 12:05:46
Hi I am 55 yrs old man and my weight is around 120 kg . And my sugar level is 470 I want to control my sugar could u please help me what shoul I eat entire day to control it

Posted by Edna on Sep 13 2012 10:29:53
I am suffering from type 2 diabetes for 15 years and at the same time my kidneys are so weak that I am already on stage 4 but thanks to GOD Im not yet on dialysis I'm still fine. Please somebody help me what kind of herbal medicine can I take to stabilize my health without further damaging my diabetes and so with my kidneys.Please,please,please

Posted by Debbie on Sep 05 2012 11:18:20
Hi. I am a type 2 diabetic that does not take diabetic meds.I control mine with diet and exercise. Last a1c was 6.8 and doc was very proud. She told me to keep doing what I have been doing. I take cinnamon, chromium picolinate, and gymnema sylvestre. I was wondering if adding bitter melon and green tea would help. My fasting blood sugars are 135.

Posted by Steve on Aug 11 2012 06:47:22
I was just diagonosed they never told weather it was type 1 or 2.After fasting for 24 hrs had a 315. I'm not very knowledgable on diabetes can some one give me advice, some advise this and then someone else say that it doesn't work.Is there anything that really works

Posted by Angela on Aug 03 2012 04:35:51
Wow I'm amazed, tomorrow I'm going to buy alfalfa capsules and drink cinnamon with my tea every morning. Oh, and I'm going to try the apple cider trick with my dinner since that's the biggest meal of the day :)

Posted by Tina on Jul 24 2012 03:29:42
@Agne - Don't take the sweet one, take the cinnamon that comes in sticks and grind it or buy cinnamon spice powder from a grocery store or a herbal food store. Also when it comes to exercising, we don't have to be overweight to exercise. we should work out to keep ourselves healthy and to tone the body which helps regulate blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and so on. I hope it helps!

Posted by Agnes on Jul 10 2012 23:42:22
Mine is a question. Cinnamon comes in two types, which one is recommended? The sugar one or the other one? The second question is about exercise. Is it to just lose weight or to control the sugar level? If it is just to lose weight, is it necessary for some one whe is not overweight to do exercise?

Posted by Kailas Ahire on Jul 01 2012 00:36:55
i am kailas ahire from rupeenagar pune i am suffering from diabetics,cold,cough,weakness,body-ache,acidity,gastrabbled,as well as sexual weakness please suggest regular treatment & Ayurveda medicine to maintain sugar & health strougeness

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 29 2012 13:27:34
I've been taking mustard seed powder + fennu greek seed powder + Azadirachta indica leaves powder + Okra powder remedy and it has helped me in lowering my blood sugar levels.

Posted by Rina Sharma on May 15 2012 01:58:34
Hi! My Mom has beeb recently told that she is diabetic. Please tell do's and don't for her, as she is 58 yrs old and has lost weight 10kgs in just 15 days. Her legs are swollen and she feels very week and dizzi. Please suggest home remedies also.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 26 2012 23:10:56
Sitting in a sauna watching the sweat roll off me I wondered what effect the sauna had on my glucose readings. The next morning I set up a test and went to the sauna with a reading of 193. To my surprise, after only 12 mineuts in the sauna I showered and went to my car and got a reading of 97 or a drop of 96 points. A few other tests also had good results. My next test is to see how long the effects of the sauna lasts 2 hrs. 4hrs.??? Lifting weights lasts about 2hrs. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by SereyHimyoun on Apr 15 2012 12:50:33
Pls help when my pregnancy my sugar went up after fasting glucose drinking 8.1 n Dr told me to be careful cuz my dad got diabetic n after birth m ok but recently after a year is shoot up again to 7.5 fasting sugar level. So pls help me which to lower down my sugar level n how to prevent me from getting diabetic.

Posted by ray jackson on Apr 14 2012 10:26:03
how do you fix fenugreek seed to drink or put on food thankyou ray

Posted by Mohamed Caffoor on Mar 04 2012 15:07:08
I reversed my type 2 diabetes and have been medication free for over 2 years now. Today I help others do the same. Type 2 diabetes CAN be reversed!

Posted by wanoon on Feb 01 2012 03:59:04
Hi, Is feeling pain in knee can b the reason of sugar.

Posted by siddiqui samina. on Jan 29 2012 03:42:01

Posted by TR on Dec 25 2011 08:43:48
Friends Hi.I'm the person to get 80% cured from diabetes. No jokes here. Even I use to believe to doctors words "NO CURE FOR DIABETES" but 1 year of proper consuming of herbs and followed instruction according to SB GROUP helped me to get lot of positive changes in my diabetes. I was suffering from asthma,my intestine was weak and I had lost 26 kg weight. I had lost confidence in myself and this made me was very low and depressed. I was injecting total volume of 66unit, which is combination of 3 insulin . Today I'm injecting only Lantus 18 unit insulin once in 7days. So friends herbal medicine is new door which reverses diabetes. Herbs what are provided from SB group are according to my sickness and immune system.Herbs names are as follows . 1)Have full trust in herbs as you have blind faith in insulin. YOUR HEALING START FROM THE FIRST DAY WHEN YOU BELIEVE THIS " HERBAL MEDICINE WILL CURE YOU". 2) bitter gourd. 3)Gymnema sylvestor. 4)mustard seed powder (1gm) 5)almond. 6)azadirachta indica leaves. 7)black pepper powder. 8)Turmeric. 9)Drum stick powder. 10)Amla powder 11)mango leaf powder. 12)Aatis (Aconitum beterophyllum) 13)Aegle Marmelos 14)fennugreek seed. All herbs are taken 1.5 gm each 4 times a day. follow the instruction as given by SB. No doubt sugar level start reducing after 3 months of medication. Very important thing what I have seen in SB treatment, Mr.Sb gives extremely good amount of time to study our whole immune system. SB took 7 full days to study my immune system bcos of my other sickness. No doctor will give you so much time. But yes SB group medication are little expensive but it is worth.For me, my Health is Wealth.

Posted by katerero73@gmail.com on Nov 22 2011 06:51:46
I am from Tanzania, there is a medicine that cures type one diabetes, it is made on mixture of Tanzanian herb from Southern Highlands, cinmanon, fenugreek and almonds. the dosage is for 2 weeks and itn has cured many people.

Posted by James on Nov 19 2011 15:53:32
The true secret, which isn't really a secret; it's mentioned in the Bible (God's Word) is eat what he gave us to eat and also be active. Also don't forget self control; this applies to eating also. Stay away from food-less foods which have been robbed of what God provides us (donuts, pastries, processed foods). You will feel and look great when you wen yourself from processed foods. Many health care professionals know only how to treat diseases. Once you start taking care of yourself, their services are no longer needed.

Posted by Bob Dunton on Nov 18 2011 17:56:17
The Organic Coffee Enema realy works wanders for the diabetic well but it takes commentment. A partner to help administer helps the rutine but this can be done by self administration to. Helps to Detoxify the colon and many other part of the Body. The benifits are very good. Go to (CoffeeEnema.com)and learn more about how to make the health of this work for You.

Posted by NAMESHWAR on Nov 11 2011 21:14:36
my daughter 6 yrs is suffering from TYPE 1 DIABETES, TAKING TWO TIMES INSULIN . pls. suggest me some natural products to reduce or control this.

Posted by sb sidh on Oct 27 2011 07:52:46
Important tips to reduce blood sugar. 1)Drink minimum 3 glass of water every 3-4 hours. 2) make different combination of herbal powder as follows. a) bitter gourd( kerala) + Vijay saar. b) neem + awla poder. c)Bel leaves powder + Turmeric. d) bitter gourd + Indian Kino pwder. above four combination are all rounder combination. one of the combination will suit each and every individual. Very Imp:- this combination is only to reduce sugar levels. you need to consult expert before starting herbal medicines.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 20 2011 16:38:26
Take up to one quart Organic Coffee Enema hold it for 15 min. This will help stimulate the Pancreous and help the getting up to pee so many times it works. Helps to keep the numbers count normal.

Posted by Santosh Mhaskar on Oct 17 2011 05:38:02
I have type 2 diabetis from last 5 years & my fasting does not went >150 & pp does not went beyond 160. Can anyone suggest how can I bring down my fasting sugar down to 100 to 110 range presently I am eating rice in the dinner & am taking pioz15 medicaiton. I wanted to stop medication. I am doing regular cycling or walk.

Posted by Carla on Oct 16 2011 21:58:05
I have type 2 diabetes. Doctors wanted me to take high blood pressure pills. My ankles swole with them. So I took 2 garlic pills in am and 2 garlic pills in pm. My blood pressure is perfect now. I am working on curing this insulin resistance of mine. Exercise; Agave sweetner works great for me and does not spike my blood glucose; anger management and stress management is of utmost importance too.

Posted by sadia on Oct 16 2011 15:26:51
Hi, My son has high blood sugar level, its 600 above and he is just 4 year. So could you please suggest us few tips to bring blood sugar level down. Thank you.

Posted by sadia on Oct 16 2011 15:26:50
Hi, My son has high blood sugar level, its 600 above and he is just 4 year. So could you please suggest us few tips to bring blood sugar level down. Thank you.

Posted by Vic on Oct 09 2011 23:34:35
Nopal cactus is very good for diabetics it is replaces any medicine and natural cure for diabetics, if you eat it raw even better.

Posted by laila on Sep 27 2011 03:03:16
Kellie, My dad had diabetes and he took 1/2 tsp of cinnamon on empty stomach with a glass water for 6 weeks and he doesn't take any medication anymore. His sugar levels are balanced with only controlled diet now. I suggest you should try this remedy as well. I hope you feel better!

Posted by Kellie on Sep 26 2011 22:08:06
I am very sick from diabetes and need help!

Posted by Yadagiri on Sep 22 2011 01:34:55
I am Type1 diabetic patient i can using kerala ayurveda powder(hyderabad) last 4 months doctor said type1 course 12 months and type2 course 6 months after 6 months you can stop insulin and after course completion you can eat all types of sweets can believe me or not please reply to me

Posted by shital on Sep 18 2011 00:35:29
I have type 2 diabete. How can icontrol my sugar.

Posted by Tawna on Sep 02 2011 12:24:01
I am diabetic type 2 & have high blood pressure, my husband has high blood pressure. Any information on herbal cures would be very helpful. I am tired of feeling sick all the time and can't seem to get my sugar levels to stay down.

Posted by colleen on Aug 17 2011 18:39:21
has anyone had problems with menstral periods being alonger ans more heavy when taking metformin?

Posted by wendy on Aug 13 2011 07:47:03

Posted by sush on Aug 08 2011 09:17:22
Thank you for the article,good information. My husband has a pre-diabetes his A1C score is 5.9, can i give him cinnamon for 40 days is that gonna be ok or this cinnamon therapy is only for type 2 diabetic patients?

Posted by Loralee Rees on Jul 13 2011 18:41:57
Diabetes is a growing medical problem worldwide, as people live longer and as their diets increasingly emphasize western-style fast food. Diabetes that is not properly controlled and managed can lead to a stroke or to a heart attack, damage to your kidneys and your liver, damage to your nervous system, loss of vision, and even amputation of extremities. NAAVUDI is a totally herbal dietary supplement, comprised entirely of plant-derived organic biochemicals that has helped others to manage their diabetes. It is completely metabolized, and does not leave any metallic nor mineral residues within your body. It is a combination of nine natural herbal extracts that have been used for many years in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It has been rigorously clinically tested, under the direction of a medical specialist in diabetes. It has no known interactions with prescription drugs, so you can give it a try without otherwise changing any medications that you are already taking. Why don't you see if it can help you? Visit www.NAAVUDI.com today

Posted by PETER COLE on Jun 21 2011 22:52:51
ebooks appear to a lot of rambling crap with no cure following as stated in pre-purchase {STORY),all information in ebooks can be found on web and does not cost ,scammed again

Posted by G S SENGAR on May 30 2011 06:18:08
Diabetes seems to be caused due to taking more food than required by our body. As per Indian Vedic System of diet, one needs to consume as much food as much one can take in BRAHMCHARY ASHRAM( 0-25 YEARS), 32 kore in GRAHASTHA ASHRAM(25-50 YEARS), 16 Kore in VANPRASHA ASHRAM ( 50-75 YEARS) and 8 Kore in SANYAS ASHRAM( 75-100 YEARS) But since every body’s life style is different so this theory can not be blindly followed but one has to do some experiments to find out the correct quantity of food to be taken at his age and for his body. This theory of Vedic diet seems to be universaly valid in all time and all region since all over the world , more than 90 percent people gain weight from the age 25-50 years and with this extra fat on their bodies , all kinds of diseases come to one's body. I was suffering from type-2 diabetes since 2003 and I could maintain my blood sugar level by completely stopping sugar and taking herbs till 2008 without taking any medicine but from Jan, 2009, it became impossible to keep my blood sugar in normal level , no matter what effort I made, Then I came accross the VEDIC STYLE OF DIET. I started reducing my diet slowly till I felt little dizziness weakness once in a week or so and I presumed that quantity of food to be the right diet for my age and for my body. NOW AT THE AGE OF 57 YEARS MY BLOOD SUGAR IS 80H AND BLOOD PRESSURE IS 70H FOR THE LAST ONE YEAR OR SO WITHOUT TAKING ANY KIND OF MEDICINE OR HERBS EVEN. THIS INFORMATION MAY BE MADE USE OF BY DIEBETIC PATIENT BUT DOING EXPERIMENTS WITH ONE’S BODY, ONE HAS TO BE VERY CAREFULL AND ONE SHOULD CONTACT DOCTOR IF ONE FEELS ANY UNDESIRABLE EFFECT ON ONE’S BODY. ONE MAY CONTACT ME FOR ANY FURTHER INFORMATION AT gssengar@gmail.com Since I reduced my weight from 66 kg to 52 kg in 15 months by following Vedic system of diet so I got myself checked by Apolo Hospital Gurgaon for Annual health check up on 05  1. My all the organs were fournd to be working noramlly and all the paratmeters of body were found to be normal so it seems that Vedic diet is the best option available for us to prevent health problems .

Posted by Shelly on Mar 30 2011 18:53:05
For SB I could understand being charged if I was taking medicine. I could even understand being charged if I was going to see a doctor because they are in money making business. But being charged by SB Group after somebody goes looking for your email on all the sites and just to get information on what and how to mix. I am sorry if I sound rude but when you really think that you found a ray of hope and that also turns to be mercenary. It hurts. I am sorry if I have hurt anybody's feelings.

Posted by kk on Mar 26 2011 10:00:31
how to reach Sb ,I know his medicines are good.I'm staying in cuff parade. I never happen to be on chat on line with SB. there are different strange people who give response.some lady as assistant doesn't forward our form to sb. they need full details.I don't want to give my name. just take the 6mth cash money and give me medicine.but they not ready.strange.

Posted by Shelly on Mar 20 2011 14:42:32
Hi, I have type 2 diabetes for 4 years. I have been taking Januvia & Metformin but I am interested in going natural way if somebody knows exact doses and what to take and when. I have read on all the websites about kerala, neem, methi, jamun, cinnamom etc but no doses. I really am not able to pay any fees for anybody's advice so please don't respond if you need to be reimbursed for your advice.

Posted by Ragav on Mar 18 2011 22:28:56
Hi, My papa has high blood sugar level, its 335 and he has high blood pressure also. So could you please suggest us few tips to bring blood sugar level down. Thank you.

Posted by jason t on Mar 08 2011 14:19:27
has anyone used alfalfa

Posted by faridanpanjwani on Feb 22 2011 23:31:28
I am diabetic type 2 since 2000. I take good diet, exercise and have lost weight too. I am now 110lbs only. I problem is my fasting sugar level goes high now a days and my doctor says after 3or 4am your lever gives out sugar and you have no control over it. I tried Vinegar but I think my knee is being damaged so I will stop vinegar, what can I do to control my fasting sugar level. all day it is fine. I am in Canada . Thanks. Pls send answer on my email address

Posted by joan on Jan 27 2011 15:37:54
hi i have type2 diabets and have started to take cinnamon cap 2000 mg a day and watching my diet also. hope this helps.also taking apple cider vinegar, and was told the drink is better.

Posted by David Whidbee on Dec 29 2010 17:02:37
I am a kidney transplant patient. Had this organ 13 years and between transplant doctor who weaned me down to minimal rejection therapy and my own gradual lowering past his lowest levels to ultimately no prograf, or steroids. I have been off rejection therapy nearly 3-years and blood test are as good as year after surgery. Should I be concerned about any of these natural diabetes cures. My diabetes started post kidney transplant, probably medically induced. davidwhidbee1@yahoo.com

Posted by 419 on Dec 28 2010 19:29:11
Please be wary of miracle cure and holy medicine man. Exercise & proper diet can control diabetes. If you need advice go to a doctor. There is not short cut! Herbal remedies does help, but if you need to pay for a prescription from some unknown person in another country, I'd rather you donate the money to charity.

Posted by Al Wright on Dec 12 2010 05:26:28
Excellent forum, please allow me tell you that I too HAD suffered from type 2 diabetes, I have tried all the the herbs including cinnamon. To put diabetes in retreat required a discipline programme of whatever work for you, I used cayenne for 40 days, whole food, reduce sugar and carb and I do my exercise I am feeling much better now.

Posted by Home Remedies Web on Dec 08 2010 15:44:45
Julie Bug, Cinnamon derived from Cassia plant contains a toxic compound Coumarin and its longer term use in high dosage may cause liver and kidney damage. Since the powdered cinnamon that we purchase in our supermarkets is typically derived from the Cassia plant, herbalist recommend its short term use in small doses. I hope it is helpful! To learn more about the benefits and side effects of cinnamon, please visit: http://www.homeremediesweb.com/cinnamon_health_benefits.php Thanks!

Posted by julie bug on Nov 11 2010 10:17:44
I am interested in the cinammon theory. I am having it now it my coffee as I write. It is quite yummy. I would like to know why you recommend for only 40 days. Can it be taken indefinetly? Thank you. Great site! :0)

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 28 2010 22:53:53
To Lynn Shelton, My dad had type II Diabetes too and he took half tsp. of crushed cinnamon for about 2 months every morning (empty stomach)with one glass of water. Now he doesn't take any medication for diabetes and it's controlled with diet only. Cinnamon has lots of health benefits and also helps with overall health.. Hope your mom can benefit from it too!

Posted by lynn shelton on Sep 28 2010 21:23:23
mother is a type II diabetic. beginning to have problems with eyesight. The vinegar and water does work but causes her feet to swell. any more suggestions.

Posted by sp on Sep 12 2010 01:03:57
hello, my 7 years daughter has newly detect juvenile diabetic. doc. told for daily insu. injections but some time she not like to take injections.....so, pl. help me how i will give natural insulin to her

Posted by Naveen on Aug 24 2010 21:24:58
I am diabetic since 2002 and my blood sugar recently started rising maybe because of nature of the work I do, My Hba1c came to 7.5. Fasting sugar was 7.3 . last three days I started 1/4 spoon of cinnamon powder twice a day after every meal my fasting glucose is now steadily coming down , now it reads 5.3.I will post more after I test Hb a1c in 4 weeks, Thanks

Posted by kaveera on Aug 11 2010 22:08:15
im quite interesting in this home remedy.do i hv to soak the fenugreek overnite or can i just consume as it is dry?

Posted by suraj on Aug 11 2010 22:02:52
hi,recently i had my sugar level test and for my surprise it was too high.i was recommended to take senna (aavaram poo). i could notice some differences n my health. i wish to get to knw in detail abt consuming senna as remedy for diabetics.does it really work?

Posted by Evelyn on Jul 20 2010 00:59:16
I have been a diabetic for six months.I read a lot of research articles on reversing diabetes. Personally I settled for fenugreek, cinnamon pills at bed time. I also control my portion sizes.All these have worked well for me. My weight is within the healthy BMI. My blood sugar and A1C are within the normal range.

Posted by Allen Nash on Jul 05 2010 23:59:03
When posting my e-mail address as shown above, your system will not accept for some unknown reason.

Posted by Dion on Jun 28 2010 05:54:30
Hi there! my bro. is having diabetes and lost a lot of weight, what can he do to gain back some weight? I told him to start taking the Apple cider vineger, and what if he doesn't get the Apple Cider Vineger? as he lives in West Africa, can any vineger help? Please answer to my email. Thanks.

Posted by syed ashraf on Jun 11 2010 13:07:49
i want to know how apple cider vinegar cures the diabetis

Posted by Johnny on Jun 03 2010 06:39:10
Ok its June 1st 2010 Ima try the applecider vinigar and be taking some cinnamon pills and adding cinnamon to my ceral's and apple sauce. I realy have a low energy level so lets see if this lowers my blood sugar. I will keep in touch every Tuesday...cya then

Posted by Monica on May 13 2010 08:44:55
I am a diabetic with Charcot feet and glaucoma and unable to do any exercises on my feet. Because of my inactivity, my blood sugar levels are between 262 and 389 all the time and I have put on weight. I am scared as I have neuropathy overall. How could I help myself without having to take more medicines? Please reply to my email address. Thank you.

Posted by Joy on Apr 16 2010 10:25:37
I appreciate this information. Also, I might add, I lost a ton of weight, in a slow, steady fashion, using a low carb regimen consisting of mostly lean meats, healthy oils (like olive oil), leafy green vegetables such as spinach/dark green lettuce and greenbeans and zucchini, and small quantities of berries (strawberries, blackberries)as a treat. Low carb does not mean tons of steak, bacon and eggs every day. A low carb diet with close monitoring of my blood sugar and regular exercise allowed me to wean off three medications. (Do not stop them all at once!) My blood sugar returned to normal in two days, and remained there as long as I did not eat things like white bread, potatos, etc. Check out the new Atkins.com site for the science behind this. If you don't eat as many carbs, which turn into sugar, you don't need as much insulin! You can even get low carb ice cream! And low carb tortillas! And Dreamfield pasta does NOT raise blood sugar levels - it's WONDERFUL. I am going to add the vinegar and cinnamon into my routine. Thank you for this information!

Posted by shispal singh rawat on Mar 14 2010 15:32:27
read ur food tips and from next day onwards i will follow them and change my food habits hope it works

Posted by muthoni on Mar 03 2010 07:59:31
I would like to buy this exciting book. But in the internet our country is not in the list. I would like to learn more am 43years and diabetic and also my Mum too. Am still a child bearing mum as I would like to have more children but with the risk I would like to learn more.

Posted by muthoni on Mar 03 2010 07:57:10
I would like to buy this exciting book. But in the internet our country(Kenya) is not in the list. I would like to learn more am 43years and diabetic and also my Mum too. Am still a child bearing mum as I would like to have more children but with the risk I would like to learn more.

Posted by charlotte rodrigues on Feb 26 2010 03:45:53
I have been suffering from type 2 diabetes since menopause and was on diet, exercise and tabs. Last year I had fruit (papaya) poison and landed in the hospital with diebtes shooting up to 300. Since then I have been on insulin and glimy 4 twice a day with bp tabs with no results except it just does not go high and carbuncles on my back, a few on the abdomen, and arms. I do have sleeplessness alternate days, feel hungry, tired and knee pains after 15 minutes walk. My age is 58. Whats the best remedy?

Posted by scott grammatico on Feb 20 2010 15:49:12
i appear to now have type 2 diabetes,i hve been treating myself solely with 1000mg capsules of cinnamon it has helped but not eliminated my high numbers.i seem to have numbers in the 200's even when i am not eating poorly.will excercise such as swimming laps return my numbers to a more normal level. i really do not want to take any meds.

Posted by walt on Feb 20 2010 14:37:26
Alternative solutions should be matched with standardized testing..Be sure as a diabetic you know your Hemoglobin A1c score , cholestrol and triglyceride blood levels.Your doctor should order that bloodwork for you.. The A1c score rates the amount of glucose in your blood average for the prior 90 days.. thats the gauge of your level of glucose control. Also test yourself daily with a glucose meter so you know what effects foods have on your blood counts.. I prefer the one touch ultrasmart becaus eit can show me my weekly monthly and 90 day averages..that keeps me in charge of teh ailment ..not the ailment in charge of me... do you hear me folks ?? get busy babe. We all need to be a PRO at DIABETES control.. you can train yourslef like i did.

Posted by walt on Feb 20 2010 14:24:47
Ive been a Diabetic since 1993. I was type 2 then went to type 1 insulin.. I made up my mind to stop it in its tracks. I have a gym in my basement I work out everyday strength training and cardio. (lean muscle) burns more fat. After a few months of exercise and eliminating empty calories in snacks , no junk food etc I DROPPED 55 POUNDS. My hemoglobin A1c score is 5.7 which is excellent..NO MORE INSULLIN and got off some other meds as well I only take metformin now and vitamin supplements.. EXERCISE is like a pill. learn to count your carbs in every meal. after a while you will retain the information and work out daily like an automatic pilot without effort..Im 51 years of age weigh 172 and have a 8 pack of abs and Im Ripped... God be Praised ! You can do it..get your mind right !!

Posted by Lino Durante on Feb 02 2010 00:29:44
You mentioned to eat five fruit a day and in your list you included : figs, bananas,bluberries etc. aren't these fruits high in sugar? Also I love Pasta. Would a small quantity hurt a diabetic?

Posted by Pankaj on Jan 24 2010 02:16:46
For diabetes take 1tsp tumeric powder 1tsp gooseberry powder (AMLA) 1tsp fenugeek seed on empty stomache evey morning

Posted by razi ghazali on Jan 23 2010 13:55:36

Posted by Dina on Jan 20 2010 17:56:31
There are many ways to help lower blood sugar levels,However you should check with your Dr.,Pharmatist, or Herbalist before attempting to take something if you are on Medicines prescribed or otc.Alisma is one of the best herbs to lower the blood sugar level.But again, speak with a health care provider before taking.

Posted by khatijah on Jan 07 2010 08:18:49
I was told by my doctor that i had diabetes recently...i was shocked for a monement. i was given some medication.Can i take the cinnamon powder. thanks

Posted by steve on Dec 16 2009 08:25:30
I have been a diabetic for over 30 years and have had a difficult time controlling my blood sugars. However, since I have been using vinegar my blood sugars have been much much lower. In fact, for the first time ever my A1c was normal! In spite of my great response, my doctor, an endocrine specialist, dismisses the value of vinegar. I have tried cinnamon in the past but did not experience any appreciable response.

Posted by thiruvelan on Dec 11 2009 09:08:59
Cinnamon for diabetes is believed to control glucose level by nourishing digestive system and effectively support glucose metabolism. http://healthy-ojas.com/diabetes/diabetes-herbs-cinnamon.html

Posted by zahidah on Nov 17 2009 18:00:07
me too i also take black seed oil i noticed a differents in my body but i'm type 2 diabets and i'm new to this site i like all the info here i'm a give it a try

Posted by Hassan on Nov 14 2009 08:10:41
I use black seed oil as remedy for my type 2 diabetes. Anybody knows anythink about this.

Posted by sreedharan on Nov 12 2009 14:01:36
i cant afford to buy the book.is there any other way 4 me to have the book..,tq & tq again

Posted by HomeRemediesWeb on Oct 29 2009 03:14:51
Palitha, the Cinnamon remedy for Diabetes suggests taking one-half teaspoon of Cinnamon each morning for 40 days. You can add it to your coffee or tea, or as a topping for cereal or oatmeal. For more details, please see the remedy listed above on this page.

Posted by palitha wiratunga on Oct 29 2009 02:54:16
if cinomon will cure for diabitics kindly give how much cinomon powder i will take per day

Posted by Mill Sbuchanan on Oct 27 2009 06:34:37
The ONLY treatment for Type 1 Diabetes is Insulin Injections. Insulin is destroyed by stomach acids. and so canNOT be taken by mouth. there are NO Insulin Pills. you need to lose theweight and get theweight down and then it goes awayyou can keep it at bay doing this all the time.

Posted by lisandra on Sep 14 2009 21:56:14
i am puertorrican 38 years old with diabetes since 2002 i wish feel better to my son of 7 who need me but i feel always tired and diferent pain feel every day worst i am under insulyn n 30 unit morning metformin 1000 two times daily also glyburide ;i am feeling under stress with this condition i am scared because in feel different symptoms right now in my arms,legs,back,face,head like tickles and burning please help to improve myself with natural remedies i speak spanish if someone can answer me in spanish i appreciate

Posted by irene angeles on May 16 2009 19:52:17
thank you so much for the knowledge i gained reading your article i will try it and hope to trim down for better management og my glocuse i am 30 yrs old type 2 but because i eat a lot my endo advice mo to take insulin to prevent complication. Thank you and God bless

Posted by ashok kumar on Feb 02 2009 06:25:38
I have been a diabetic of recent origin(2mths to be precisie) and thru the net have arrived at this practise for the present.Take Fenugrrek seeds immersed the previous night in water and drink the water along with eating the seeds on an empty stomach the next morning.Follow it up with breakfast of Oats and it bring ur sugar to the basic level my noon.I need now to test if this effect will last the whole day.As a result i have stopped my daibetic medication of the morning quota.

Posted by Diane on Jan 05 2009 22:13:42

Posted by Anonymous on Dec 29 2008 08:05:21
bitter melon, banaba,gymnema sylvestre, can beat diabetes naturally. The sourse http://www.all-about-beating-diabetes.com/natural-cures-for-diabetes.html

Posted by LURA BURGE on Dec 12 2008 23:27:11

Posted by Josephine on Oct 30 2008 09:54:45
I am a diabetes patient\\\\\\\\' I am on Glibenclamide 10mg twice a day and on Metformin Hydrochloride 1000mg three times a day. Question is! Is it advice able for me to take cinnamon powder first follow buy my medication

Posted by Neet on Oct 24 2008 16:36:55
Very helpful tips

Posted by Rai on Oct 06 2008 02:11:17
Trying to find the toxic levels of Cinnamon. My (now) Ex was trying to treat his Diabetes only with Cinnamon - he was packing the powered form into capsules and taking several a day.

Posted by HomeRemediesWeb on Feb 11 2008 00:09:14
One thing to watch out for with the pill-form of Apple Cider Vinegar is that some pills don't actually contain any ACV! Companies often use other weak organic acid salts plus flavoring to make it smell like ACV. For this reason, the liquid form of ACV is usually a safer bet.

Posted by Jeimja on Jan 21 2008 16:43:52
The article mentioned apple cider vinegar ... there are several companies that offer this in pill form, like those reviewed at http://www.nutritionaltree.com/reviews/weight-loss/weight-loss-combinations/vitabase_cider-vinegar-complex.aspx. Does anyone know if the pills are as effective as drinking straight vinegar?

Posted by group benefits on Jan 20 2008 12:17:13
I`ve attended a discourse held by one of the Toronto life insurance companies presenting the possible remedies and solutions for diabetes. The majority of the people voted for the whole foods to be the best remedy and they provided wonderful recipes to encourage people. They regarded the most unendurable symptom the thirst which makes diabetic people to desire the extra cold drinks which can cause flu. It would be so great to have regular meetings with people suffering from diabetes and providing opportunity to do exercises or try the products which are concidered as remedy for this terrible disease.

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