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Toothache Home Remedy

Toothache Home Remedy

Signs and Symptoms of Toothache

Toothaches are characterized by deep and sharp throbbing sensations in a tooth, as well as extreme tooth sensitivity. Practising a daily routing of brushing and flossing, as well as regularly visiting the dentist (at least twice a year) are effective ways to prevent such toothaches. However, if pain does occur, you can try some of the home remedies below to get some relief. You should also always see your dentist when a toothache occurs, even if the pain goes away, since there is always the risk of losing a tooth if the infection penetrates deep into the root.

Causes of Toothache

Most toothaches are due to a build up of bacteria and decay in the mouth, which eventually penetrate the tooth's tissue (also called the pulp, which is located at the center of the tooth). This results in inflammation, which leads to pressure and pain. Other common causes of toothaches are gum disease, restorative dental work, and tooth fractures.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Toothache Treatment

Toothache Home Remedy Using Oil of Cloves

The oil of cloves (also known as Eugenol) is a fantastic pain reliever for toothaches, particular those that are due to temperature sensitivity. Simply add a few drops of clove oil directly onto the tooth, cavity, or crack for some fast relief. Eugenol is often available over the counter in most drug stores.

Using Warm Salt Water to Relieve a Toothache

Swishing warm salt water can help to reduce toothache pain. Simply mix 2-3 teaspoons of salt into a warm glass of water and use it as a mouthwash. The salt will help clean the area around the infected tooth, and will help draw out some of the fluids that are causing the swelling and pain.

Tea Tree Oil for Natural Toothache Pain Relief

A simple mouthwash using Tea Tree Oil can help provide toothache relief. Simply add a few drops of tea tree oil to a glass of water and use it as a mouth rinse, and be careful not to swallow. The tea tree oil will penetrate into the gums and de-sensitize the nerves of the tooth that is causing the ache.

Toothache Treatment Using Cinnamon and Honey

A simple paste made with cinnamon and honey can help provide toothache relief. Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 5 teaspoons of honey, then apply a small amount of this paste directly onto the aching tooth. Store the remainder in a small container at room temperature. Continue to apply a small amount to the aching tooth 2 or 3 times per day until the pain is relieved.

Black Seed Oil to Relieve Toothache

Black Seed Oil has been found to be very effective at treating toothaches. To alleviate the soreness and pain, simply rub a small amount of the oil on the affected gum and tooth, and repeat for 15 seconds. You can also mix a half teaspoon of Black Seed Oil in a small glass of warm water, and gargle with it.

Green Tea for Toothache Relief

The active ingredients in Green Tea can help treat infections and reduce inflammation. Therefore, a simple remedy for toothaches is to drink two cups of Green Tea daily while symptoms are present.

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Reader Comments

Posted by Viking on Mar 14 2014 03:51:17
OMG! worst toothache EVER. I saw the post about cinnamon and honey and gave it a try. Almost instant relief?!?! I cannot believe it!!!! Thank GOD I ran across this. I was about to try and pull the thing with pliers!!!

Posted by jordan on Feb 12 2014 21:00:32
thanks so much everyone for their willingness to share and raise awareness of whats worked for them. helpful indeed.

Posted by Margo on Nov 25 2013 07:49:58
One way too dispel tooth pain - place tip of finger over the pained area - and hold it there for 10/ 20 minutes!!

Posted by Trishie on Aug 31 2013 01:42:47
Whatever you do, DO NOT put crushed aspirin in your mouth and leave it on your gums! It will cause a chemical burn! I know because it happened to me accidentally. I was half asleep when I took some aspirin (crushed aspirin headache powder) and didn't make sure my mouth was completely rinsed of all the aspirin before I went back to sleep so some was caught between my teeth and my cheek. The next morning, the cheek area was sore, raw and peeling. Please think twice before doing this.

Posted by Henry on Aug 13 2013 01:22:14
I have trials at the moment and my gums (all of them) are swollen as all hell. I haven't eaten properly in ages because it hurts so much and I've lost and 2kg already. I really need help with what to do, I can barely concentrate in exams it hurts that much. Please help!

Posted by Henry on Aug 13 2013 01:21:06
I have trials at the moment and my gums (all of them) are swollen as all hell. I haven't eaten properly in ages because it hurts so much and I've lost and 2kg already. I really need help with what to do, I can barely concentrate in exams it hurts that much. Please help!

Posted by bebexo on Apr 27 2013 00:01:41
Hello! i have a question.. i been having a bad toothache since friday last week and i been taking tylenol and other medication.. but it seems that it doesnt seem to go away.. i have a premature baby and I'm breast-feeding and i don't know if i take anything that won't be that bad for me or my baby??

Posted by lynnie on Apr 17 2013 11:14:12
I took a tablespoon of hot picked pepper juice, warmed it and used a qtip dipped and drenched the sore tooth area, OMG!! Finally some relief after all night of pain. I beleive the vinegar, salt, garlic and pepper does the trick.

Posted by gemma on Mar 04 2013 15:35:19
Oh forgot to mention -- for oral hygiene maintenance, do oil pulling with organic coconut oil nightly. Swish it around for 20 min, split out and rinse. It is antibacterial and promotes gum health. Look up more info on Mercola.com.

Posted by gemma on Mar 04 2013 15:07:37
I have had great success with packing the affected dental area with organic Turmeric powder (mixed with some ground black pepper for enhanced absorption). Leave in 30 minutes, then rinse and spit out. Repeat as needed. If you try ACV, remember to add a pinch of aluminum free (like Bob's Red Mill brand) baking soda to help alkalize somewhat and protect enamel. For maintenance, make your own toothpaste cheaply with organic coconut oil, mixed with AL-free baking soda and a few drops of grapeseed extract. You can add a little diatomaceous earth (DE is naturally antibacterial) if you like but brush gently as it is a mild abrasive.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 28 2013 01:22:12
oh my word ....ive been guzzling down disprin and grandpa's for the last 3 days....and still I feel like dying....I hate sugar now with all my heart as I know damn well that it is the cause of all of this torture....ive missed tests and school because of the unbearable pain....i hear garlic is good ....but right now its a tad bit out of reach...#help

Posted by siyethemba on Feb 21 2013 11:30:42
I have a bad toothache I've tried using warm salt water and putting a tea bag on the sore tooth but its not working plz help me!!! Sincerely 14 years old!!!

Posted by Wendy on Jan 08 2013 14:30:32
I have been suffering with a nasty toothache/abcess for for the last couple days. I have done everything. Saltwater rinses, swishing alcohol, mouthwash, scrubbing the gumline with my toothbrush til it bleeds to get most of the nasty out. The infection started to spread though instead. Soon the right side of my jaw was swollen and could barely open my mouth enough to eat. Swallowing hurt like hell and there was swelling across the top of my palate too. I woke up this morning, in agony after finally getting things settled, but the swelling was worse and I could barely talk. I did the routine again and again and nothign was working. Felt like it was only getting worse. I made myself a hot as I could stand it cup of green tea with mint and sat down, whimpering in pain as I tried to get a hold of my work to let them know I couldn't work today. After about two tall glasses of hot green tea, the swelling sarted going down and the pain was less. Right now, as I write this, the swelling is only around the tooth now and only my jaw aches a little due to being locked up all night from the swelling. I am going to keep doing this and adding yarrow tea later today when my roommate comes home with it.

Posted by David on Sep 10 2012 03:46:15
u can also wet your finger and sprinkle on some salt and rub it onto the affected tooth, the poison will come out in the saliva quickly and take away pain, but only do it if u dont mind a salty mouth xD

Posted by chloe on Jul 13 2012 23:55:24
i tried everything etc: salt water, lemon juice nothing worked then i tried olive oil. I put some on my finger and rub where it hurts... trust me it helps:)

Posted by Bryan on Jul 10 2012 02:26:06
@ Jordan, Root canal is done with local anesthesia so it doesn't hurt. I got mine done a few years ago and all I felt was the pain of the needle and then frozen jaw and just heard drilling sounds and stuff. It didn't hurt afterwards either. So don't worry it's going to be okay!

Posted by jordan on Jul 08 2012 22:39:27
Do root cannels hurt ! IM SO SCARED OF DENTISTS

Posted by Rita on Jun 21 2012 13:42:08
If you add a pinch of salt to a glass of water and add 1-2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, it doesn't harm the teeth enamel. I've been using it for years - no damage whatsoever!

Posted by KThanks on Jun 21 2012 09:37:19
Hey, uhmm to the comment below me... ACV ruins the enamel of your teeth! be careful and ask your dentist to make sure. Anyways... If you have a toothache.. clove oil is honestly the best remedy [listed in the article above] my mom got like 4-6 surgeries in her mouth [I know, its crazy] and she used to use that to basically numb out the pain and if it works for her..then it will work for you because she cannot tolerate the pain of even a bloodtest. Yikes! hah. Good Luck! X Follow me on Twitter @Nandos_D

Posted by Danielle on Apr 30 2012 19:07:31
I have had my last molar broken in half for almost a year and up until a week ago no problems, Then the swelling came...No insurance, Petrified of the dentist. My advice, Although I am certainly no doctor/dentist/anything with the healthcare profession...is this. first if you have any antibiotics around take them, second go to a healthfood store, some grocery stores may carry it but its hit or miss, Find BRAGGS apple cider vinegar with "the mother", This is absolutly amazing stuff!!! Shake it very good, Use 1 tablespoon in about 8 ozs of water swish it in your mouth around the abcess, Make sure you rinse afterwards. You can drink this mixture as well 1 glass a day. I started this 3 days ago because of the monster abcess I couldnt even open my mouth hardly...This evening it burst through the opening in the tooth. Don't squeeze it, gentle pressure GENTLE will help it, Rinse it out with the vinegar mixture to kill bacteria. Trust me even before it burst the vinegar rinsed helped numb it, I did this about every hour 3 or 4 times. It has to be the BRAGGS brand, its cheap too, 5.99. Hope this helps someone else, I know it did me!!!!

Posted by Dr Morgan Rogers on Mar 22 2012 02:36:51
Mixing baking soda with warm water helps pretty good too for pain. Or else you can use Teeth Sensitivity Removal toothpaste and regularly you can brush and clean your teeth, Hopefully within few months your tooth pain will be gone. Source: http://www.morganrogersdental.com

Posted by Bob on Mar 11 2012 15:59:54
If you get a bad toothache, the warm salt water rinse will help (assuming its caused by peridontal abcess). If you see swollen red gums, try rinsing with warm water and then putting light finger pressure on the swollen red gum. Hopefully, you will see pus drain around the tooth, which will relieve pain. Keep rinsing and get to the dentist. If your toothache is caused by an abcessed root, you almost need to see the dentist. You can get numbing medicine at the pharmacy oragel or whatever, and put that on the "hole" in the tooth. You can also use eugenol but careful, it is very strong and will burn your tissues. Ultimately, until that abcess drains (which it will, through your chin, face, gums, wherever it can), you will have pain. Heat will make it worse. Plugging the tooth can make it worse, so use beeswax and get to the dentist. There isn't much you can do except get to the dentist. Even if you can't afford it, you need to talk to them and explain your situation. Short of symtomatic relief--a few hours/day, etcv., there is nmothing that will cure it. Eventually the nerve will die, and pain will go away, but it still needs to be dealt with. The infections can be fatal if untreated.

Posted by Barb macmartin on Mar 06 2012 11:22:58
I have been having terrible tooth ache cant keep getting them pulled did some research said to take fish oil I take 3 a day 1500mg am amazed what it does takes the pain away but another bonus it lifts your mood. never saw me as having low mood or depression but feel so much better more energy. worth a try make sure you get good quality fish oil

Posted by Nita K. on Mar 03 2012 22:48:14
For anyone that is suffering from bad teeth, take Olive Leaf Extract Capsules. Start out taking about 6 a day and after about 3 or 4 days you can usually get by with just 3 a day. Olive Leaf Extract has saved me for over 2 years now. I have 3 teeth broken off at the gum line and one tooth that is holding a bridge that is broken almost off and if I miss even one dose of the Olive Leaf I can tell. This has kept me out of the dentist chair for over 2 years. I buy it at my health food store. For intense pain, you can also make a poultice of Activated Charcoal and put it directly on the tooth. Not wood charcoal, Activated Charcoal is in capsule form also at health food store.

Posted by tina on Mar 03 2012 22:33:50
i have had toothaches and no dentist insureance, salt water does help, but i usually just brush where the pain is lightly with pure peroxide, careful tho, make sure u spit it out, antibiotics, penicillian is usually free at some store pharmacy, but u do need a script for it,, good luck to all

Posted by Mary on Feb 29 2012 16:52:57
Odorless Garlic 1,000 mg x 4 per day WORKS wonders for anyone who is fighting a tooth infection. if you feel that an infection is resufacing taking garlic 1,000 mg x 4 per day *and don't stop taking it* you will be surprised by the results. They call Garlic pills Russian penincilin becaue Garlic wass used to treat Russian soldiers when they ran out of penincilin during the war. I was simply amazed by the results of these little capsules. They also are beneficial for so many other things. I put a garlic pill on an open cut on my finger...healed in several hours. Can't hurt to try it out...discuss with your doctor of course....do the research for yourself and try it out!!!! Before taking read any and all precautions. Discuss it with your doctor.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 27 2012 04:11:44
In LOTS of pain right now!!!! Salt water works, and whiskey works for a little while! Had perfect teeth until I had my children! I've had two teeth pulled and now I need three root canals. No dental and can't afford a big bill! Suffered almost a year before I had the other teeth pulled but don't know how long I can deal with it this time!!!!!

Posted by Tracy on Feb 25 2012 03:55:13
Jenn, I have the exact same problem as you do at the moment. The only thing that is helping is keeping cool water in my mouth over the problem tooth until the water becomes warm, and doing it all over again. I'm online trying to find another solution, because I can't sleep and simultaneously sip water. Also, this happened to me before, only on the left side, and it ended with an abscess and getting that tooth extracted. You have to find your way to the dentist ASAP.

Posted by Felicia on Feb 24 2012 17:18:29
The Salt with warm water actually works...but you have to see the dentist.

Posted by Jeremy on Feb 23 2012 02:48:35
I just wanted to vouch for the salt water rinse and clove oil. I get very bad toothaches as a result of three bad teeth and lack of insurance. At my worst I was up for almost three days from the pain. Tried OTC meds. Then i discovered what worked for me. I rinsed a couple times with warm salt water then dried my mouth out and applied a 1 third clove oil 2/3 veg oil mixture with a q-tip to the tooth in pain. kept it applied for a couple minutes. Worked great and has since.

Posted by Lucky38 on Feb 20 2012 07:05:03
Holding cold water in your mouth around the tooth till it goes warm and repeating this process will relief pain, depending if the ache is not deep into the gum.

Posted by Peter on Feb 19 2012 19:07:52
In tortured agony with a tooth which broke in half here in UK. Your tea bag trick did the job. I feel sorry for you poor Americans with no National Health Service. The expense of the dental work leaving you in torture. We have National Insurance which is taken at source and ensures health care is free at point of need. Because of the NHS I will be all mended tomorrow

Posted by Grainne on Feb 19 2012 16:09:54
I have a broken tooth, i can't afford to fix it. Last two nights i woke up in pain as if i was dying, i take Panadol.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 12 2012 01:18:24
Jenn, Try using clove oil or filling the hole with ground cloves. Or simply press on a clove between teeth. Cloves oil can be found at herbal food store and Cloves are available at Indian grocery stores in their spice section. They work like magic for toothache but keep rinsing the area with tea tree oil as well. I hope it helps!

Posted by Jenn on Feb 10 2012 19:26:03
I have a hole thats about 1/4 size in my 2nd mouler on the bottom right side and its extreamly painful and also becoming lose. I lose sleep everynight. I've tried tea tree oil, vanilla extract, baking soda and water, mostly everything in the past 5 days and nothings helping. PLEASE someone help and let me know of anything else that will help. Thanks

Posted by korey on Jan 28 2012 18:09:40
I have been suffering from a toothache for days now. 2 weeks ago it was great and it went away, but now the swelling and infection has came back. i just wanted to say that whoever came up with using the green tea bags THANK YOU! this works great! take 2 tea bags and use them and make a tea, drink some of the tea then dry off 1 tea bag and put it on the tooth fior 20 mins. WORKS WONDERS

Posted by korey on Jan 28 2012 18:02:36
I have been suffering from a toothache for days now. 2 weeks ago it was great and it went away, but now the swelling and infection has came back. i just wanted to say that whoever came up with using the green tea bags THANK YOU! this works great! take 2 tea bags and use them and make a tea, drink some of the tea then dry off 1 tea bag and put it on the tooth fior 20 mins. WORKS WONDERS

Posted by korey on Jan 28 2012 18:02:12
I have been suffering from a toothache for days now. 2 weeks ago it was great and it went away, but now the swelling and infection has came back. i just wanted to say that whoever came up with using the green tea bags THANK YOU! this works great! take 2 tea bags and use them and make a tea, drink some of the tea then dry off 1 tea bag and put it on the tooth fior 20 mins. WORKS WONDERS

Posted by hadid on Jan 27 2012 03:45:40
wheatgrass swish in mouth for 5 minutes and swallow. yellow dock root. Praying wholeheartedly.

Posted by Sam Tearne on Dec 21 2011 09:36:05
i am having a terrible toothache, i have had a root canel done and im in lots of pain can anyone help me

Posted by steph on Dec 18 2011 07:35:41
Clove oil is amazing. Be careful not to get it on your gum or tongue though!!!

Posted by Arielle on Nov 11 2011 09:24:32
I had the worst tooth ache this morning and I used the warm salt water and it really helped[at least most of it]. thanks for the great tip!

Posted by chris on Nov 07 2011 08:17:54
its been a rough couple of days, barely any sleep what so ever.. so becoming slightly delusional. the salt water has helped in the past but at this point its not doing much but leaving a wonderful salty after taste, whats worked to help up until yesterday was Listerine no other mouth wash does as much as that stuff does.. im going to see about gettin a clooove thing for my tooth pain i here that is one of those things that will make a bigger differ and help me sleep at nite so fingers crossed this gorrid pain will supside just a little so i can sleep

Posted by bragelle on Oct 28 2011 11:39:26
kim girl you are a trooper...this is my first root canal,,and i have to have surgery..my gum is over my tooth and im in pain..and i can't take it! you had 16 girl you super woman.

Posted by vic on Oct 25 2011 00:51:28
Mixing baking soda with warm water helps pretty good too for pain.

Posted by Morgan on Sep 25 2011 12:04:47
I have a very serious fear of dentists so I'm looking for anything that will work for my toothache. I chipped a part of a molar and its not infected or something because it hurts very badly. I'm trying the salt water thing once every hour and it seems to be working. That and tylenol, I'm hoping will do the trick. I don't know what else to do.

Posted by rainere on Aug 25 2011 23:14:39
Okay well i try hot salt water that only work for 10 minsin then i try oragel that didnt work so i used sensydion tooth paste to fill my hole the swish brandy in my mouth i slept like a baby have a wonder pain free day

Posted by bhasker on May 09 2011 19:11:53
tooth ache-health tips

Posted by Wanda on Apr 30 2011 22:38:33
I have a broke filing and i believe it the tooth is abcessed the pain is almost unbearable I used oralgel, took 800 mg ibuprofen, 2 500mg Hydros, and started a Zpak of Azithromycin and it was still throbbing!!! I tried the home remedy of putting 2-3 drops of Vanilla Extract on the tooth and gums it helped greatly but only for like 5-10 minutes.....I then took 2tsp salt and 2tsp baking soda and mixed them together then I took a cotton ball and dampened it and then dipped one side in the mixture and then put it in my mouthe between the cheek and the infected tooth and leave it there overnight or for several hours at least and put the remainder of the mixture aside for later if needed....the pain has almost completely gone and its only been like 10 min....it is suppose to draw the infecting out to a head so that you can pop it and let it drain but be sure to SPIT OUT THE POISON THAT COMES OUT DO NOT INGEST IT.....we will see if it works at least the pain relief part I can say does work we will see about the rest in the morning.........hope this helps

Posted by avasa on Apr 24 2011 02:21:05
Trying the tea bag and Cinnamon and Honey have been in major pain for months on end now. Praying for us all!! Thanks for all the tips, hang in there everyone~

Posted by Leona on Apr 14 2011 08:18:39
If the pain is due to an infection, such as an impacted tooth, use Goldenseal or Oil of Oregano. Either of them will work much better than the antibiotics that the dentist will give you. Tea Tree Oil toothpaste will also help fight the bacteria in your mouth.

Posted by sharon on Mar 25 2011 00:57:29
years ago i had a hole in my lower jaw tooth due to the filling coming out of it, it started throbbing like crazy ,the only treatment available to me at that moment was to put a drop of liquor directly into the tooth,it worked !!the pain never did return ,eventhough i did'nt go to a dentist for some weeks after that ,hope this helps somebody.

Posted by Rachelle on Mar 22 2011 16:11:00
had a filling replaced a month ago and was fine for 3 weeks then it started to hurt when i chewed so went back to dentist who said everyhting was fine. filling fine, no infection etc but if it continued they would do a root canal. I thought it was weird if there was nothting wrong why wold they do a root canal? Feeling a bit untrusting of NHS dentists. Trying the teabag trick and salt water now so hope it sorts it out.

Posted by amanda on Mar 10 2011 21:41:14
When my tooth had a bad cavity, NOTHING really worked short of acting crazy rolling around on the floor crying in front of my 4 year old niece. To be honest, Aleve worked the first dosage. But didn't work anymore. The meds the dentist prescribed didn't even ease my pain a little. whatever home remedy ingrediants that I had or could afford to buy didn't work. Orajel worked a little at first, but then I kept having to reapply 10 minutes later. Until it too stopped working. Then I warm water was the only thing to help. Then that stopped and cold water started working. I literally had to keep a cup of ice cold water in my hand sipping until the water got too warm in my mouth and the throbbing rushed back. Finally I let the pain hit me, and I couldn't do anything but writhe on the floor in pain crying, until my body gave out and I fell asleep. Woke up the next morning and the pain was gone, and I got my dentist appt and started my antiboitics before getting my root canal. Now I'm having sensitivity in that tooth, but unfortunatel I am currntly uninsured. That's why I am doggedly looking for a fulltime job to contunue my treatment. Tooth pain really is hell on earth.

Posted by Pain hater on Feb 07 2011 23:21:57
I had tried warm salt water all day, have oragel, ibuprofen, and not any of them worked. Right now I am trying the cinnamon and honey. after I brushed my teeth until gums were sore, rinsed mouth out good then put cinnamon and honey on done that about 5 mins ago, which time is right now 9:21 pm it took the pain away a little bit. but was told it takes time. right now I do hope it works because that is all i have.

Posted by kia on Jan 29 2011 00:23:29
I used the tea tree oil as a mouth wash and I was fine, I was a little nervous not to swallow it but besides that it was fine

Posted by sony on Jan 17 2011 23:49:45
i've literally tried everything down to perc30's NOTHING will take this pain away ):

Posted by chad on Jan 12 2011 16:19:56
I broke a tooth in half and was in the worst pain I'd ever felt. The tooth went absess and I tried everything. Here is what actually worked to get rid of the pain and infection. First put a dry teabag in your mouth and keep it there at least an hour, then rinse with warm salt water and chew a clove of garlic. They both take a little while to kick in but the pain relief is worth it! And please don't chew pills, it can do permanent damage to your gums! Hope this helps

Posted by Lori on Nov 14 2010 23:04:21
Thanks soooooooooooo much for all your tips, will try a few of these. Had a desensitizing filling put in about a month ago and to go back and get top done. For the past week i have been in agony and pain now too severe to sleep! On painkillers i shouldn't be taking as have had a stomach ulcer but if i end up in hospital for that then so be it! Have dentist on Wednesday anyway but hopefully these tips will get me by til then. Pain lifted alot on Saturday but clearly Vodka was doing the trick then :)

Posted by Debbie on Sep 25 2010 12:28:54
I had a root canal over a year ago but haven't been able to afford the crown. The temp filling has vanished so the hole is open. I also have a tooth above that one that has a large filling and recently the tooth broke. So I have pain in both areas and it's difficult to say which one is the culprit, maybe both. I have no dental insurance so for now, I use oil of oregano. I put 1 drop directly on my toothbrush with toothpaste and then brush my teeth with it. It helps a great deal.

Posted by Amy on Aug 19 2010 06:53:25
I have always used peroxide as a mouthwash. Years ago I had some teeth pulled and the dentist suggested using peroxide while my gums were healing and I continued to use it everyday. It will stop the pain immediately, but you have to keep applying it with a Q-tip or cottonball.

Posted by terry on Jun 30 2010 22:30:19
I am moving to the phils Cebu, in August, can I buy a Water Pick tooth cleaner there, seeing as the power is different than the USA

Posted by Lita on Jun 21 2010 19:17:39
I've used warm salt water, no help. Lots of asperin, ibuprofen, naproxen. Silver water, clay. Got to a point where nothing helped. I used the ground clove, with a little water twice. Got some relief, but didn't last very long. Then I mixed ground clove, cinnamon and honey and this worked great! I'm now able to think. Still tender, but if I can keep this level going I'll make it till I get into a dentist. Of course, how I'll pay, I don't even know.

Posted by Anonymous on May 30 2010 02:29:17
I need three root canals but can't afford to go to a dentist. In order to kill the pain, I tried salt water, vodka, raki(very strong alcohol, baking soda, mouthwash, toothpaste and leaving it on. Chewing Onion.. ......................... Havent tried garlic or clove oil, what I found works best for me is: 1. to immediately take a panadol as soon as you start to feel pain................. ............................................... 2. get a tablespoon of honey and smother it with cinnamon and then moving it into the problem areas (or holes) Repeat 3-4 times. ..................................................... 3. If that still doesn't kill the pain, then insert Tabasco sauce into the hole or problem area. .. That works great for me as I can now think better .................................. 4) avoid coffee at all costs, even if you think its getting better and smoking. ( I think im going to quit after this). ............ 5. Everyday use your fingernail to scrape away at the grit, which is usually located and floss everyday until you can afford to go to a dentist.

Posted by chuck on May 08 2010 22:55:09
I have heard that tree tea oil in toothpaste and mouthwash can rid a person gingivitis. Does anyone know about this. I used it when I had a tooth infection and it went away. It seems to be a good natural product.

Posted by dan on Mar 31 2010 02:35:46
tobasco is great, the heat of the chillie will kill any germ or infection and give tempory pain relif.

Posted by brian on Mar 06 2010 00:31:18
Just had a painful not with an abcess on the inner gum and root canal infection. Tried everything because I am a pain wuss. Oil of oregeno cleared me up in 5 hours. No pain and swelling going down. (I popped the abess BTW before taking the oil)

Posted by Stevie on Feb 02 2010 20:40:20
Never chew up an aspirin or any pill for that matter, it can and will hurt you. For an abcessed tooth, I've found that 1000mg equivalent tablets of odorless garlic taken evry 4-6 hours will reduce, and even kiil the infection without the smelly side effects. Ibuprofen is wonderful for the pain ,especially when taken on an empty stomach. I would eat at least some toast in an hour to prevent stomach ache. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and assists it in fighting the infection. And a DRY tea bag placed btween the cheek and the infected tooth will draw out the infection. Rinse with salt water and peroxide to kill and remove the infection from the tooth itself. It worked for me and I'm going to the dentist soon to have the teeth that are bothering me removed. Good luck and Blessed Be!!!

Posted by Tara on Jan 07 2010 04:17:20
I have researched tooth pain recently because I have about 5 teeth that need worked on at the moment. Not only can I not afford them, but going to the dentist is hard on the body as well. Teeth will heal themselves naturally if you allow them to. If you draw out the infection, and stop eating sugar, they will heal. Of course in order to get rid of infection you need to brush and floss and gargle. But things don't need to get expensive. *Baking Soda for brushing and gargling. *Colodial Silver, the good kind, for gargling and ingestion to rid the body of harmful bacteria *Oil of Oregano *Vodka for a mouthwash *Vanilla for a mouthwash, although it leaves a really bad aftertaste, it gets rid of the pain *Xylitol is wonderful and I believe it tastes better than sugar *Licorice Root, the herb not the candy, will destroy the bad bacteria *Garlic, eat for the infection a couple times a day *Keep your toothbrush clean. Boil or soak in something that will get rid of bacteria. Avoiding harsh chemicals of course. *Brush immedietley after eating, as well as floss. There are a lot of little peices of food that get wedged in your teeth that brushing can't reach. *STOP EATING SUGAR. Refined sugar is deadly. Google it to find out, but I believe it is the #1 reason America is a nation full of sickness. Hope this helps ;)

Posted by Azslyn Cole on Nov 27 2009 07:00:14
Wish me luck my husband has a bad tooth ache hope these helps thanks

Posted by Jacole on Oct 14 2009 03:33:28
I have a cracked wisdom tooth and the doctor gave me tylenol 3 and antibiotics. Everything is fine during the day but at night nothing will help me sleep through the pain. I have had now 3-4 sleepless nights the tea tree oil works ok but the taste is annoying but let's see if the salt water works!

Posted by Kim on Oct 03 2009 06:59:59
Trust me warm salt water rinse works best. I've had 16 root canals it know tooth pain.

Posted by Sean on Sep 13 2009 01:01:13
I have done the salt water thing and it has helped. Take ibuprofen to reduce swelling, which reduces pain. Orajel, if you are lucky enough to be able to make contact with affected area. Salt water is more effective with time, keep up with it and it will have better results after an hour etc. So, ingest ibuprofen, swish salt water as mouthwash for guaranteed improvement. I have heard chewing a tylenol helps..I've tried it, it may have helped a bit, but stayin on the toothache with salt water definitely gave me longer stretches pain free throughout the days. I had to do it when I was out in the bush, ibuprofen and salt water got me through an absessed tooth. I think in 3 days?

Posted by Umar on Apr 26 2009 21:29:52
dying with pain here...just tried salt with water..i really hope it will help..otherwise Im up for Ancid (Pain Killer)

Posted by Tim on Apr 20 2009 03:07:38
water pick it with listerine/water mix.... its hurts, but more often than not, whats has really cause your pain is food that got jammed under the aching tooth. Follow up with orajel/tylenol regimin because it will throb a little, but pain should subside somewhat immediately, and completly by an hour or two.

Posted by Barry Barton on Feb 22 2009 01:31:57
My wife is Philipino and right now she has toothache and much pain in her mouth. We are here is Cebu. What natural remedies do you know of that I can use before I get her to dentist in morning

Posted by ryan on Feb 05 2009 11:50:24
i was having a terrible toothache and i seemed to find the pudding was a nice ease of pain for awhile.

Posted by Travis on Dec 17 2008 15:33:52
The warm saltwater really will draw the infection to a head on the gum which in turn will often "pop" giving instant relief. May sound gross but if you have ever had a "true" toothache, any relief, anyway possible is great!

Posted by jen on Nov 04 2008 08:05:38
here isa few things to help thy worked for me and im a baby when it comes to toothaches first one take a tea bag get it went and stick it in ur mouth were the sore tooth is and hold it there it help draw out the pain.... next one take rum or whisky and put some in ur mouth and swish it on the side the tooth is on then hold it there long as possible it helpd infections and stop pain .... orojel pm stick ome on a cotton ball or galls and hold it there it helps numb it.... so does a crushed pain pill and place it on the tooth helps to

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