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menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps (also known as dysmenorrhea) are pains that occur in the abdominal and pelvic areas as a result of a woman's menstrual period. The pain can vary significantly from woman to woman, with some cramps being relatively mild to others which are extremely severe.

Mild menstrual cramps are often barely noticeable, and usually only last for a few hours. In such instances, the main symptom is usually just a sense of bloating or heaviness in the stomach area. Severe menstrual cramps, however, usually result in significant throbbing pain in the lower abdominal area (and occasionally the lower back) which can interfere with a woman's everday activities. In these cases, cramping can usually last for one or two days.

Other symptoms that sometimes accompany menstrual cramps include nausea and vomiting, sweating, dizziness, and loose stools.

Causes of Menstrual Cramps

During menstruation the body releases a hormone called prostaglandins, which causes the uterus to contract in order to help the uterus shed its lining. Researchers believe that this hormone is one of the main causes of menstrual cramps.

For reasons that are still unknown, younger women tend to experience more severe cramps than older women. Additionally, severe cramping tends to decrease in intensity with age, and often disappear after pregnancy.

Other factors that are known to lead to menstrual cramps include stress, depression, anxiety, and smoking. Therefore, reducing or eliminating these risk factors may help to reduce the severity of cramping during menstruation.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Menstrual Cramps Treatment

Menstrual Cramps Home Remedy Using Heating Pads

Many women have found that a heating pad placed on your lower back or abdomen helps to ease the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps. If you don't have a heating pad, one can be easily made by filling a sock with flaxseeds or uncooked rice and heating it in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes.

Menstrual Cramps Home Remedy Using Chamomile

Chamomile is widely used to treat gynecologic complaints such as menstrual cramps and discomfort related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Add 2 teaspoons of dried Chamomile flowers to a cup of boiling water and let it steep for at least 5 minutes. If you are using a package of Chamomile tea bags, then follow the directions as stated on the box. Honey or sugar can be added for taste. A good preventive measure is to start drinking Chamomile tea a couple of days before you are expecting your period, and then drink at least 2 cups everyday during your period. It also feels great if you use your hot mug as a hot compress for your lower abdomen while you are drinking it.

Vitamins and Minerals for Treating Menstrual Cramps

Foods and supplements that are rich in B-vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and zinc have been found to reduce the pain, bloating and other symptoms of menstrual cramps.

In particular, calcium is known to help maintain muscle tone as well as prevent cramps and pain. For most women, a daily intake of 800 mg of calcium is recommended, which can be found in 3 cups of milk. Increasing magnesium is also recommended, since it helps the body absorb calcium. Good sources of magnesium include beans, whole wheat, tofu, salmon, shrimp, nuts, and vegetables.

Regular Exercise as a Natural Cure for Menstrual Cramps

Exercise is considered to be a natural way to reduce muscle tension and elevate one's mood. Therefore, maintaining a regular exercise program, including something as simple as walking for 20 minutes each day, can help reduce the severity of menstrual cramps.

Ginger Root Tea to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Ginger root has been found to help relieve the pain associated with menstrual cramps. Therefore, a simple soothing herbal tea can made from Ginger as follows:
  • Slice a handful of ginger root
  • Let the pieces simmer in boiling water for 15 minutes
  • Using a strainer, pour the tea into a drinking cup or mug
  • Add some honey as a natural sweetener if desired

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Reader Comments

Posted by friv 2 on Jan 06 2014 03:06:56
bad cramps I was givin some meds from my dr for tummy pains These pills are for women with bad cramps When i looked them up on the computer almost 100% of the women say it changed there lives These pills are called bellergal spacetabs I guess if meds are the way to go look it up then ask your dr They help me with my tummy cramps and sharp pains It might be the miracle Yous need If natural dont work then give them a try god bless yous all good luck. friv 2

Posted by Cindy on Dec 16 2013 23:16:12
PLEASE READ: I am 38 yrs old and suffer from menstrual pain for as London as I haves had my period. SYMPTOMS: Heavy periods Blood clots Leg/ muscle pain Debilitating to the point were I can't move and or breath bc pain gets worse Have to miss work I take up to 5 motrin or Advil, doesn't help Pain is present for approx 2 to 3 wks per month I have been to ER Recycling contractions Swelling Pain when I sit and stand Trouble sleeping Ina ll positions Tired Hot sweats Pain during intercourse Bleeding between periods I have over exhausted myself telling drs family and friends bc they can't seem to understand Drs Recommended: I get a laparoscopy bc they are certain I have endometriosis due to my symptoms. I am afraid to be put under but I have avoided this bc I researched and learned that there is nothing to be done other than removing the tissue which causes pain, but it grows back, so I don't want to put myself through more pain by having a surgery that will only burn and scar my uterus. I have read women who have this procedure done experience worse pain. MY SOLUTION: (When I follow this routine, before my period, I experience very little mentrual pain)... Take 3 multi vitamins daily Carry a bottle of water with me and drink constantly Instead of coffee, I opt for green tea, ginger , mint or chamomile No, sugar, pastas, processed foods, bread and caffeine Less sodium and sugar in food At least one cup of veggies and fruits daily. No more Advil or Motrin that will hurt my liver. I wear warm clothes and always wear leggings under my jeans. I carry a muscle cream or oil to massage my lower back to keep it warm In my purse, I keep..cinnamon sticks ( i learned that cinnamon helps with pain), tea bags, tampons, sanitary napkin, heating pad and a vitamin bottle ... Always use my car heater on the seats. Walk daily or hike, even when in pain. It helps with circulation. Also, ginger candy helps with circulation. :) I really hope it helps...it's difficult to live a normal life anticipating pain and living in fear that I cannot go to a specific important place, appt or event bc I fear I will be in pain.. :(( If you have any advice for me as we'll, please email me: cindyn63@ymail.com. Cindy

Posted by ngockonvang on Dec 06 2013 21:59:05
I don't think that heating up a an egg mc muffin is going to be your quick fix to a uti. BUt contrary to popular belief, Ice works better than a heating pad. So, buy some popsicicles. Pillows may comfort you. thanks. Friv 2

Posted by Loraine on Oct 05 2013 21:02:39
I am a TYRANT during my period. I complain about my cramps, grouch, and go on random rants. I sit at a boy lunch table, and they all looked up how to stop cramps. Everyday of my 'special' week, I get eight bananas. Eight. And I eat them all! Nothing else, but it works! Though it does make me feel a little sick...

Posted by Natasha on Sep 21 2013 13:15:02
None of these remedies help. I get severe pms and severe periods from severe IBS. It is so severe when I bleed I scream and cry non stop. I scare my cats. Anyone have anyone more tips email me NPolychuk@yahoo.com I seriously want to die it's so severe.It's bad enough having IBS.

Posted by jdubb on Jun 16 2013 23:17:32
Lydia Pinkham herbal supplements are very good at preventing and eliminating PMS and painful cramps. My last period i didnt take any pain killers just these herbal supplements. Also take them a few days before your period. Another this to stop cramps is taking a laxative or eating fiber rich foods before your period to clean out your system, most women dont realize the cramps are gas pains or from constipation.

Posted by Selena on Jun 06 2013 06:37:50
I was 11 when I first got my period. I've had really bad cramps with lots of bleeding. For some people it does get better with time. For me it has gotten a little better, but not enough to where I can function. I one time has my mom give me a muscle relaxant and a vicodin, it made me pass out, but I was still crying in my sleep. As my mom put it, it seems like I would be going though labor every time I got my period. that's how bad they are. Now I'm 24, I make sure that the second I start to feel my cramps coming on I take pain meds. It's the only thing that has worked so far. I've heard of a lot of things that can work too, so I guess I'll try some of it out. I'm glade I found this page. :)

Posted by Char on Mar 13 2013 14:54:04
Astaxanthin! It's a natural inflammation reducer & pain killer. Do some research on it - there are so many benefits to adding this supplement to your vitamin regimen. I started taking 4 mg a day as a supplement. When I have menstrual pain and cyst pain and ONLY when I am in pain I take 10-15 mg and within 10 -15 min the pain has subsided. It's natural, comes from red algae and has tons of benefits to the body. Plus it won't damage your liver or kidneys like all the advil and tylenol will.I am 41 and have been dealing with severe cramps since I started my period and now have severe cyst pain. This works great and is natural!

Posted by Eleni on Mar 08 2013 23:26:33
Hi Ladies! I have suffered through horrible cramps since I first got my period at the age of 12 and since then, they have only gotten worse throughout the years. They're only super bad the first day of menstruating, but let me tell you that first day, is absolute hell!!! They typically start out with me crouched down hovering over the toilet in the fetal position with terrible sharp pain around my ovaries and lower back while I feel weak and nauseous. I can barely move for about 5 hours and I just sit there writhing in pain until I throw up 1-2 times until I slowly start to feel better. I have had to miss classes, exams, work, fun activities, and other important events because they are so debilitating to me. Throughout the past 16 years, I have gone on birth control, tried every single pain killer out there (incl. naproxen), tried homeopathy, different diets, and exercise, but the one thing I have found that has helped me the MOST has been acupuncture. I typically go for it every month around 2-5 days before my period is about to start and get some needles poked in me and I'm good to go. My periods have improved significantly since I started doing this to the point where everyone who knows me and my history of terrible cramps are surprised and relieved that I can have a 'normal' period. I am also mindful to drink lots of water and avoid sugar and salty food around 7 days before it's about to come as these foods can cause bloating. Acupuncture & tcm has been incredibly amazing to me and the best part is, when the acupuncturist is examining you, s/he will tell you what imbalance or symptoms you may be feeling rather than you having to give them your list of ailments like western doctors. I hardly take any pain relievers now and I'm so happy that acupuncture is natural and safe. To happy periods! :)

Posted by Jill on Feb 28 2013 20:13:26
My period gets so bad ..thanks for the help guys

Posted by Amanda on Feb 22 2013 15:31:01
Hey Kadijah, do you want to talk? I can't say that I know what your going through because I don't, but I can give a non-judgemental listening ear. Email me:c_amanda32@ymail.com

Posted by Johnson on Feb 22 2013 07:43:04
Khadijah, I know it may seem like know one does, but they do. Don't give up on life, just pray on it. What doesn't kill you can only make you a stronger and better person. You can e-mail me also if you want to talk sharlanabrown@yahoo.com

Posted by Cartieroliver@ymail.com on Feb 13 2013 00:41:06
Kadijah hit my email ill listen

Posted by Ray on Feb 10 2013 11:10:03
PERIODS SUCK! (: ooh, and @Kadijah I'm sorry

Posted by Kadijah on Feb 10 2013 11:04:25
Someone please respond to this? I'm not looking for sympathy or attention. But, my life is just so shitty, I fight and I keep fighting...I do what I do so people won't stare and and ask questions. Don't get me wrong, periods aren't what making me like this. I know talking about my life on a period website is pathetic...But you all seem caring, I mean we're all sharing our secrets about periods. Right? I just don't give a fuck anymore about life, I don't even really wanna go into detail.. My dads an addict, he's abusive, physically and emotionally. I was taken away from my mom by the state. She always wants to kill herself, I was sexually abused, harrassed, stalked and molsted by a 15 year old who thought he could get in me, I was a drug dealer, I have been arrested 3 times, sent to the E.R. 3 times for blunt force trauma to the face and attemptted suicide. I've seen 4 people die. I've seen my adopted mom get her brains beat out by her boyfriends, so she sent me outside with the baby, so we didn't have to see them fight, or have makeup sex or watch all the other thugs in that crackhouse fight over who got the last blunt. But maybe momma would call me back in there so her boyfriend could feel me up. Anybody else want to share, because I just want to talk and listen.(:

Posted by Aubrey on Feb 01 2013 23:19:52
I got my period when I was nine. I have the worst cramps and I terroize every one around me. Why cant guys get periods? Life would be so much easier. I will definitely try this, thanks!

Posted by Cait on Jan 25 2013 23:15:50
When I was younger I used to have horrible cramps, feeling like I am going to pass out, unbearable, can't sleep awfulness. Try still can be bad but I found these things work for me. I take magnesium the week before and during my period, additionally I try to eat lighter foods leading up, I found that the heavier foods I eat, the more constipation and that leads to more cramping. So between those 2 things it's really helped me. Hope that helps some of you!

Posted by Monae on Jan 07 2013 11:47:49
I started my 1st period when I was 14. The exact date of my birthday. I am now 16, turning 17 in march. But since the last year I've started having Severe Menstrual cramps. (Nauseous, Vomiting, Weakness, I can't eat, can't drink anything, It hurts for me to even walk around, I have a very upset Stomach during the time Etc It gets worse.) But this Mostly only happens on the first day when I start my Period. Can anyone help me out on what I can do to ease this pain? something to ease it even a Little because I cannot take it anymore. -Thanks

Posted by Ciara on Jan 05 2013 19:48:56
I have the worst cramps in the world and no medication seems to work for me. I started taking birth control but then my period stopped all together and I didn't think that was healthy to not have a period at all so I stopped taking it. I don't know what to do, how can I relieve my cramps?

Posted by me on Dec 26 2012 10:58:20
Been having my period since 12 and they have always been irregular. I get diarrhea, vomitting, nauseous, severe cramps and my migraines get worser and worser and this is throughout the WHOLE CYCLE. I cry, I scream, I flip like a fish. It's unbearable. I'm 19 now still no cure. Over the counter meds don't work. Nobody will help and IDK what to do. I can't exercise it makes matters worse and than i'm screaming more than ever afterwards.I get fevers as well. I've passed out before and hit the floor. I missed weeks and weeks of school and everything but, all I hear is there's nothing we can do or get a hysterectomy. My family hates to see me in pain and all they can say is I'm sorry. I can't enjoy myself and this is a serious nightmare. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It'S COMPLETELY out of control.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec 18 2012 05:25:40
I apologize if this post is tmi but from personal experience I have noticed that my cramps (which can get pretty bad) are due to being constipated from PMS and when the menstrual cycle starts it wants to flush out everything at causes cramps. Usually when I use the bathroom (which can be quite a few times the first day) then the cramps generally go away. I find that taking pain killers just makes this the whole cycle worse because it masks the cramps and thus I would not know when to try to empty out in the bathroom naturally. I take, "Sugar Balance and Women's Tonic," Tea by Triple Leaf which holds eases the cramps just enough that I don't have to use painkillers anymore. The first day is the worst and I am up right now at 3:20am on my first day. If I had tried to take pain killers the pain would have gone away, I would've slept but woken up with major stomach problems due to prolonging the issue and the whole week would have been worse. I generally recommend having more fiber and water in the diet to reduce abdominal pressure during the cycle. Chia seeds are a great way to add fiber and iron on the diet while on the cycle. If you take a few tablespoons per day by the time the cycle comes around you should be good. Plus it has tons of Omega3, even more than flax. Hope this helps you!

Posted by jenypoo on Dec 17 2012 11:58:21
My last couple of periods have been horribly painful but ive found a system that works. Usually its only one day o severe cramping and nausea. First i heat my heating pad for 3 mins. You can put uncooked rice in a sock or cloth bag no metal and heat place on lower belly reheat as needed. Second suck in peppermint candy or drink peppermint tea i love peppermint water this stops the nausea and sweating in 5 mins. Also laying still with heat pack while sucking on peppermintcandy and sipping the tea or the peppermintwater stopped my HORRIBLE cramps in 15 mins. This just wored literally my cramps are gone and i didnt even have to touch ibprohen or fexeril painkillers. Th key is to remain still dont move around let the peppermint and heat pack work. Also stop using disposable pads they create or make cramping worse. Try reusable clothpads buy or make your own youll notice a difference and no bad odors that you get from store bought pads. Or try using a diva cup. Tampons and disposable sanitary napkins cause harm to yourbody do some research.

Posted by Scensibles on Nov 28 2012 11:23:37
Hello ladies, Want to be cramp-free? We made a video specially for you that reveals 5 simple secrets to help you beat your cramps naturally for good! Check it out and share the loving! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L9RSQP65BI

Posted by Barbara Turner on Nov 27 2012 19:51:09
Hello everyone I also suffer from cramps. I use a all natural heating pad that I heat in the microwave. It has some weight so it adds a little pressure along with the heat. These pads have worked so well for me I started making them for others. They don't cost alot of money and they last for years. If anyone is interested please contact me at kozykomfortbags@aol.com or Barbiet881@aol.com

Posted by Farah on Nov 20 2012 05:43:54
Having calcium tablet 500 mg really helps.There is no need of having painkillers. Deficiency of calcium causes severe cramps. It miraculously reduces the pain. I have upto 3 tablets on the first day when the cramps are the worst for me. The next few days one tablet is enough for me. I suggest others to also try it. It may work for you too.

Posted by BB on Nov 12 2012 20:54:15
I have endometriosis and the cramps from that have been so severe that I was put in the hospital. My new doctor doesn't understand why doctors don't do this for women but if you have bad cramps please talk to your doctor about 800 mg ibuprofen! It reduces the swelling which causes the cramps to stop. Has worked wonders with me!!!!

Posted by Linz on Nov 06 2012 21:04:02
my menstrual cramps are sooo painful..all I want to do is hold my abdomen and cry. I am tired of having to drink pills when I am menstrating... I want something that will help it go away quick.. I can't stand pain!!

Posted by BriBri on Oct 18 2012 12:34:08
I am a pre teen and have had horrible periods since I was 9 years old. I take Tylenol and Motrin but nothing seems to work. I need a way to get rid of these cramps because they are interrupting my time in school. I really need a solution to get rid of this horrible pain!!!

Posted by lydia on Oct 16 2012 19:44:37
I have had severe cramps from my first period. Pain was so severe, I passed out. Did not stop after having children. Tried heating pad etc. I found the prescription drug "anaprox" works wonders. Taken on the first day, the rest of days are painless. Hope this help.

Posted by sabita on Oct 06 2012 04:00:32
I am 22, never experienced my any monthly periods go easy :( The first 2 days are really worse, extreme bad cramps followed by diarrhoea, thigh muscle cramp,bad abdomen and back ache.I stuck in bed for all day and end up crying! tried ginger tea ,Hot bags which is better for an hour. Don't wanna go for medicines ! what would be the best solution ?

Posted by cathr on Sep 22 2012 11:05:13
I have terrible menstrual cramps EVERY single month for one day. This month, I tried something that stopped my cramps completely, and they never came back. I dissolved Epsom Salts in water in a spray bottle, and sprayed them on my stomach and on the underside of my arms where the skin is more sensitive. I'll keep trying this next month, and hope it works again! Thought I would share, since cramps are the worst, and Epsom Salts are extremely cheap and easy to find.

Posted by Mii on Sep 11 2012 23:34:26
I find that ginger tea works, also if you have a heat muscle relaxer like bengay or A535 rub it on your stomach, it really works!

Posted by Aftab Ansari on Aug 25 2012 02:06:31
My wife,35,slim,have too much weakness always,anger all times. She discharges heavly white fluids, sometime change trouser 2 times, unbearable pain during this. Used Damiana Mother Tin., Hammellis 200, Pulsatilla but didn't cure.This she faced since last 5 years. I'm very worried due her this problem. Kindly... kindly advise any suitable medince for her problem that could be stoped. I will be very thankful to you always. Regards Aftab Ansari Email: draftabaft@gmil.com

Posted by lemonoranage on Aug 22 2012 00:11:02
I have cramps that often put me in the hospital. The first time I had my period my mom thought my bladder had burst. (I have had previous bladder problems including a surgery at seven.) The following are things that I have found work for me. 1)Heat and pressure. Get heat pads such as hot hand or a microwaveable alternative. Place them on your stomach and place TEXTBOOKS on top of them. This is most effective when done at the start of the cramps. 2)Sex and/or masturbation. I know this sounds like crap but it helps me out LOADS. I'm sure it's something to do with revealing stress but it has helped. This is most effective a week before hand. 3) Weed. My grandfather uses it for his M.S. And it has helped him spectacularly. When I was in the hospital this last time he asked the doctor if I could get a prescription. I use the marijuana medically now only at the peak of a bad spout of cramps. I have talked to other girls about it and they have had problems getting it to help with there cramps if they are frequent users. Also this is a use at your own risk deal if you are using it illegally.

Posted by Sandi Blaine on Aug 14 2012 18:05:26
I'm 16 years old, I have had my period sence I was 11 years old and just starting 6th grade. However started yesterday things have gotten worse. I was stuck on the coutch in so much pain I was screaming loudly. I tried everything I could but nothing seemed to work. I tried everything I could think of, my mom could think of, and my grandma (Whom is a doctor) however nothing seemed to work and I ended up screaming my self to bed. Please if you have found anything that you think can help these unbarable cramps please let me know I would try anything and everything to get them to relax!

Posted by hili on Jul 31 2012 23:27:57
can someone help me im in so much pain all the time when i get periodsi cop it so so bad! im lucky to get 4 periods a year and lately when i get them thye last like 10 days sometimes they havee lasted 15 days and the l;ongest 22 days and very heavy and massive clots !! the pain is like nothing i can describe its awful and tiring ....the drs do nothing been emergency 3 times..... i used to get a period like for 3 days and so light and the occassional pain nothin too bad but these last 4 yrs its been awful pls someone any one can you help me? thanku :(

Posted by Aya on Jul 29 2012 16:55:29
I used to suffer terrible cramps as a teen and they only got better after I became serious about my health. Regular exercise and eating better especially a couple weeks before my period helped a lot. Be sure not to lift anything real heavy a week before you began. For cramps itself, aside from room temperature or hot drinks and keeping the lower belly warm, I use acetaminophen. Sex or masturbation also helps (if u don't want to touch it yourself, vibrator). Make sure you keep breathing, it hurts more when you hold your breath. Feel better ladies

Posted by Laura F on Jul 26 2012 17:30:52
When I first started my period I had severe cramps, the doctor gave me those tablets specifically for period pain (I forget what they're called) but they made me sick. He then put me on the pill and though it made me sick the first time I used it, it really helped. In fact if I stop using it I notice a big difference in the amount of pain I experience. As for something a bit more natural; a cinnamon hot chocolate! The heat helps but the chocolate and the cinnamon are wonderful for helping with mood and reducing my cramps. Hope this helps!

Posted by madi on Jul 18 2012 12:42:20
I am 12 yrs. old and i have the worst cramps ever. i am constantly puking and i dont now what to do! i have no woman or mom to help me. my period stared when i was 11 and each time they are getting worse. I am laying on a couch with a labtop on my stomach breathly deeply praying it goes away soon. Does anyone know what i should do?

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 15 2012 11:29:32
My Best friend Briana has irregular periods but when she gets them the cramps are severe that she doesn't feel like doing anything. Please HELP

Posted by D.L on Jul 13 2012 22:59:16
I never had any problems until I started premenopause and boy, did I get cramps!Getting a medical check up to be sure you don't have anything else going on, is very important. What helped me,was taking Ibuprofen as soon as I got my period, and before the cramps started, and excercise !Even though it was painful at first to excercise (like walking, bike riding ) once I did the activity for a little while, the pain got a lot better. www.naturalremedyfix.com

Posted by Blueberry1 on Jul 04 2012 12:39:57
I can sympathise with so many of you - severe cramps that keep me awake or stop me from doing my usual stuff and no amount of pain killers seem to help. One doctor (a man, obviously) helpfully said that the reason my cramps have got worse is because I don't have children (I'm 37) but I hardly think that it should be used as a solution to bad period pains! If I take painkillers, then the only things that seems to work is to take ibuprofen early on, and then take paracetamol in between (so I'm effectively taking painkillers every 2 or 3 hours throughout the day). Ibuprofen works best if you take it the moment you have the slightest bit of pain - if you wait until it's bad, it's too late (something to do with it needing to build up over time). Whatever you do, don't take Naproxem, it's vile stuff and it really damages your stomach. What's worked best for me though are vitamins and supplements which you can usually get from your local pharmacy or health food shop and shouldn't cost too much. I take Vitamin B complex and primrose oil every day, it reduces cramps significantly. You must make sure you don't just take them around your period; they're more effective you have to take them all the time. They build up and they supplement your body's natural defenses. Calcium and magnesium supplements also help - you can usually find them together with Vitamin E (which is also meant to be good). I drink Chamomile tea and ginger tea (not together!) - I'm not keen on the latter but you can add some honey to make it more palatable and it's really worth the odd taste. I also use a menstrual cup, it takes a bit of getting used to but it's really helped. Tampons can damage the opening of your uterus and dry out the lining of your vagina which increases cramps - and it's saved me a fortune as I never have to buy tampons or sanitary towels! If the idea puts you off, get sanitary towels, they are messier but it's much better for the menstrual flow. Other supplements that are supposed to help are zinc, fish oils (omega 3) and starflower oil, although I haven't tried them other than in a multi-vitamin. As many have suggested a heating pad, or hot water bottle does help a lot, as does gentle exercise but I know that it's usually the last thing you want to do! So I hope there are a few suggestions here for you to try - sometimes you can get supplements on prescription (I live in the UK - and it really depends on your GP/ doctor) but if you go to Boots or Superdrug, you can get most of these at a reasonable price. The best products are from Health Food shops though - there's usually fewer additives and chemicals in them. Please make sure you try out a few things, it can take a while to find what works but once you find it, you'll find it was worth experimenting. Best wishes to all!

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 25 2012 08:01:18
I have been living with these cramps from hell since my first ever period, age 12. I've been dreaming of menopause ever since! The only thing that works against my pains is Mefenamic Acid. In Ireland where I now live it is sold under the name of Ponstan (prescription only). In Romania it is OTC and called Vidan. Must be taken before the cramps begin, i.e. at the first sign of discomfort. I probably take 3-4 times the recommended dose, otherwise it won't help. I feel for all of you out there and in pain, I really do!

Posted by loren fangor on Jun 25 2012 04:04:44
I first got my period at 8 years old. Every week I had horrendous cramping, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, diarreah, sweats, weakness, dizzyness, etc. I have never found any cure that works for very long. People pass it off as 'being a baby'. However, when I did have my first baby, the nurses and doctors and even my best friend who used to mock me for my 'pain intolerance' were amazed by the fact that I didn't make a peep up until I had to start pushing. Because after all, labor pains/contractions are exactly what I experience every month of my life.

Posted by KThanks on Jun 21 2012 09:28:08
Hi guys! I get my period for 8 days! and along with that...obviously I get menstrual cramps :'( the pain is so bad that I basically take 2-6 pills of Tylenol [extra strength] every day for 8 daaays! I know this is extremely dangerous for my health but I honestly have nothing better to do. When i'm at home I try reducing the amount of pills and when I do that, I can't even sit still. I basically run around the house like an id*ot, roll around on my bed like a retard. It seriously sucks. But you know what...I may have just found the perfect remedy...breathing exercises..trust me it sounds stupid and when I'm sweating like a pig its also very hard to calm down but, deep breathing actually helps me a lot. When I say deep breathing, I mean breathe like your yawning [outloud] this helps me calm down and it gives me the strength to overcome my pain. Good Luck! X follow me on Twitter @Nandos_D

Posted by Drica on Jun 20 2012 16:21:33
After my tubes were tied my cramps got even worst i must take a 800mg ibuprofen and always keep socks on my feet with a heating pad on my lower stomach

Posted by Debbie on Jun 18 2012 12:47:38
I suffer to with cramps but for one day. Usually one-two weeks prior I get really tired, then a week before I get very nautious last night was weired I threw up and did not know why. I am not pregnant unless you believe in the imaculate conception. Not in a relationship right now. I'm 43 and each month I experience a different thing. I never know what to expect this really stinks. Us women are very special and all suffer in our own way with this kind of thing once a month. I hope all of you are able to find some kind of relief too much NSADs are not good it can do more harm internally. I guess we just have to try what we can and hope for the best. Mother nature decided women should suffer once a month what a cruel gesture but so true.

Posted by MASSAGE PROFESSIONAL on Jun 15 2012 00:21:53
I'm 38 with one child. I have suffered from severe, debilitating pain since I was 12. I popped Alleve daily for 7 days every month...was prescribed Naproxen at age 12. Would pass out, hot flash, nausea, bloating, IBS, extreme mood swings, carb cravings etc...It has taken me a lifetime to know my body and what it needs to be relatively pain free WITHOUT DRUGS...Try all of these...and stick with whatever works for you! God bless you ALL! YOGA..detoxifies, stretches, balances, relaxes MEDITATION...centers, helps with stress and pain management MASSAGE & ACCUPUNCTURE (it saved me...I got it once a month) balances, restores, helps with pain SHIATSU, THAI & CRANIOSACRAL Therapies DRINK LOTS OF WATER...WATER HELPS DECREASE PAIN...DEHYDRATION MAKES IT WORSE. include ginger, chamomile, red raspberry, liver detox, milk thistle, and dandelion teas. TRIGGER POINT THERAPY (for those of you with hip pain that refers down the leg and across the lower back; take a tennis ball, lay on your side and place it between the floor and your hip/gluts. roll around, find the spot that hurts and sink in. BREATHE until the pain subsides. VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTATION (MAGNESIUM, CALCIUM, D) get your blood levels tested! TOPICAL ARNICA GEL and/or ARNICA tablets (homeopathic for pain) HOT BATHS WITH EPSOM SALTS DR. SINGHA's MUSTARD BATH INCREASE FIBER and GREENS INCREASE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY when you're not on your period. REST when you are. NO GLUTEN, DAIRY, SUGAR or CAFFEINE GET CHECKED FOR FOOD INTOLERANCES/ALLERGIES/SENSITIVITIES

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 14 2012 00:45:42
@ In Pain - I Know how horrible these cramps are.. The only thing I noticed helps me is Oregano Tea. I just boil a teaspoon of oregano leaves a cup of water for a 3-4 minutes and add a pinch of turmeric and honey for taste. Voila!! Also put a heat pad on..It works ladies!!

Posted by InPain on Jun 13 2012 03:13:43
I have the worst period pain, I usually vomit or nearly pass out from the pain. I have had my periods for about 3 or 4 years and the pain has just started in the last 2 years. I now have the period pain every month. I put the heat pad and take Aspirin, ibuprophen and nurofen and that seems to help after an hour of agony. When I exercise it feels like I am going to faint. What can I do?? PLEASE HELP!

Posted by Jimena on Jun 08 2012 10:34:46
I have had my period since I was 10 and now I'm almost 15 and the creams get worse. The day before I get it I have the feeling it's not going to be pretty. Normally I dring two (500) pill of ibuprofen but I have to drink the pills before the cramps start or else it doesn't help at all. Then my mom makes me some tea and I go to bed but I can't sleeP because I have severe cramps. I have back, abdomen, and leg cramps so intense I cannot even walk and I feel like tearing up. Sometimes sleep helps of pressing on my lower abdomen and rolling my fist up and down my thighs. I'm in so much pain you can't even understand. Even my feet hurt and are starting to swell up. Help! Ugh

Posted by How to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps Fast on Jun 04 2012 17:43:14
To reduce pain, just put something hot on your belly, drink water and avoid drinking cold beverages.

Posted by beca on May 28 2012 23:09:59
Currently stranded at home with no car with the woooorst period cramps. Ive been laying down with the heating pad trying to play on the computer or read or do anything to distract myself. It feels like someones twisting a knife inside my torso im all out of ideas :( theres got to be some weird un heard of remedy out there that i can try. am totally desperate! need to get some sleep before work.

Posted by Coolness on May 23 2012 16:07:06
My cramps are worse from the beginning (and pre-menstural) period. After a couple of days, it seems to be better. I use heating pads, ibuprofen, and sleep. Exercise and tea also helps :)

Posted by Alyssa on May 23 2012 01:18:39
I'm almost 16 years old and have been suffering severe cramps since I started menstruating a few years ago. I used to load up on pain pills until I realized how harmful they are. Heating pads and hot water bottles increase my pain, along with ice packs. I've tried drinking tea, but it doesn't give me relief. I started taking Naproxen back when I was prescribed it for my knee before my surgery, and I've even tried one and a half to two Vicodin for the pain after I had my knee surgery. Both work for about an hour or so, and I'm back in pain. I don't take medicine unless it helps, so I'm out of medicine options. I refuse to go to a gynecologist to save myself from the embarrassment, but I'm starting to feel like it's the only way to get answers. I'm tired of staying up at all hours of the night in pain! I wish all of you reading this the best of luck in finding your remedy!

Posted by Danna on May 20 2012 02:24:08
I take 2 Advil Liquigel together, 500mg each, when I really can't take the pain. I limit myself to 8 pills or less during the course of a period since painkiller ingredients acetamorphine (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil), and naproxen (Aleve) accumulate in the liver and kidneys respectively and keeps building up as you take it so over the course of your life it's possible to cause organ failures. My cramps lighten up if I go to the toilet every hour or so and just let everything flow out. The longer I sit and have the flow build inside me, the more severe my cramps. If I am staying at home, I bring my laptop in and stick myself on the toilet all day, use a basket to prop up my feet and use a blanket to cover the stomach.

Posted by somebody that you used to know on May 14 2012 10:32:07
I always cramp very badly and usually cant do anything on my first and second days i just stay in bed all day. NOT as comfortable as it sounds because ill be in serious pain and bleeding terribly which doesnt help with the sleep. usually my feet and joints join in the pain party and keep throbbing My magic trick is PAINKILLERS!! cannot do without them at all, and then drinking some ginger and honey, anything warm reallly. avoid caffeine! and eat a lot. or try to eat ti get your appetite back. hot packs, just give you momentarily relief but its better than nothing

Posted by Zoie on May 14 2012 07:58:53
Smoking cannibis is a very affective way for, relieving menstral pain,

Posted by Ari Flyy on May 03 2012 21:11:27
Cramps suck like Sucrets. Chamomile tea (loose, I get my loose tea from Whole Foods), Aleve (generic Naproxen, same ingredients, but cheaper), or some Ibuprofen PM (for when you just can't) works wonders. Have a Happy Period!

Posted by DEEDEE on Apr 16 2012 21:42:59
im dying of cramps rynnao..been up since midnight..its now 6 am..doesnt anyone know anything else tht could work coz im alone in my hse n in ths state i cant evn move or take myself to the pharmacy..i think iv overdosed on painkillers buut they only wore off n nw im writhing in pain..the heatpad z crap n i thinkn im gonna die..

Posted by Sarah on Apr 14 2012 11:54:54
I also have suffered from life-crippling cramps since I began menstruating about 20 years ago. This is what little I have learned in that time: 1. begin taking regular (400mg) doses of ibuprofen at least a day before you suspect your period will begin. 2. switch to one strong dose of naproxen (aleve or similar) when you feel the cramps beginning. 3. continue with regular low doses of naproxen as recommended unless the cramping gets unbearable. If it does take 2 but don't go over the recommended amount per day. It will seriously tear up your gastrointestinal tract and can be very dangerous in excess. 4. heating pads usually help me to at least fall asleep. don't set on high unless you like burning your netherbits. 5. when especially bad have someone (I use my hubby) help massage the cramping. Its not THAT kind of massage, though that could work too probably.. I have him stand over me and put his fist directly over my uterus and then lean onto his fist with all his weight, effectively smooshing the cramps. It feels SO much better, at least temporarily. It actually helps release endogenous opioids (natural pain killers) and can give a bit of a natural high. Cramps do that on their own (you know how they go in cycles and when the wave of pain passes you feel almost great?) but a little massage assistance can be very helpful. I wouldn't recommend this at the worst of the pain though, as you will likely want to vomit. 6. My sister with similar problems swears by high amounts of licorice root extract for a few days before and during her period. This doesn't help me but we have very different bodies for being so closely related. 7. Stay very hydrated and when you manage to eat take a multi vitamin with lots of vit b and calcium. Water and the right vitamins can help your body recover and may decrease the pain as well. 8. Tai Chi. Is amazing. It is literally the only non-drug therapy that has conquered my cramps by itself. Even during the worst most crippling days, tai chi could relieve the pain without any pain killers. I'm sure this is one part relaxation and one part movement. I very highly recommend trying it - once you take a class and memorize the short form you can do it on your own whenever you'd like. 9. Similar to tai chi deep breathing exercises and deep relaxation techniques in combination with pain killers will help dramatically. It can be very hard to relax when in extreme pain so I try to do them when I can feel the cramps coming on. Find a place you can be comfortable and alone but I wouldn't recommend a bed. A floor works for me. You can get guides and guided tapes for relaxation but all you really have to do is lie flat and place your hands on your lower abdomen. Then focus on breathing very deeply so you feel your chest AND belly rise fully - about 5 seconds per inhale. Hold the breath in for a moment, appreciating the full feeling, and then release, slowly relaxing your diaphragm and your belly last. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine a relaxing/healing energy entering your body with the breath and the pain and tenseness flowing out of your body as you exhale. Go through your various muscle groups (face, arms, legs, chest and finally groin/uterus) and on each exhale try to relax a new one. Do this for 10-20 minutes and you should feel much better.

Posted by Yuki on Apr 04 2012 23:31:03
Im SO glad I've found this site!! Im 18 I have had Bad cramps for a few years. Pain pills only work for a few hours for me, but I have found that coupled with hot tea and a heat pad I don't feel as bad! I want to thank everyone who has posted advice. It has helped me to know Im not alone. Currently having a horrible period and missing out on vacation :( *Hugs for my fellow women*

Posted by Becky on Mar 31 2012 13:26:25
So, I found a very affective way for ME and hopefully some other people for AWFUL craps, is lying down, drinking hot camomile tea with a heat pad on your lower back/ belly helps! and If that doesn't work, try doing "leg lifts" Where you lift your legs up about a foot from the ground/your bed, and hold it. It helps your Abs, and helps with cramps! I really hope this helps for you all. I am 13, and have had this wonderful cycle go through my life each month since I was 11. it's not fun for anyone. Try everything until you find something that works. :)

Posted by Carla on Mar 22 2012 07:04:17
I am 43 yrs of age never really had bad cramps ; would take a few pain killers here and there but as the pros say diet is everything eat very lite meals to almost nutting would help but once my daughter said mom hey try this Dairy queen brownie with me I did and I had the worst cramps for my whole period... Glad I was on summer break from work or I would have missed a lot of work but I also have cravings and just this week I had to leave work cause of bloating/cramps I cannot do the dilly bars or Oreo blizzard thing but along with medicine I sit on my bed Indian style hugging my body pillow seems to take the pressure off the rite spots till the mess kick in along with two PMS pills and an aleve do feel better going back to work. Blahhhhh lol

Posted by jaime on Mar 18 2012 09:44:45
i've had bad cramps & get severely naseous (sp?) for as long as i can remember. the pill helped considerably but started throwing my body off. never knew when i was going to start. i'd go every 3 wks then not again for 2 mths. stopped taking them until my gyno appt in a couple wks & have had the worst cramps/back pain & sickness ever! never actually get sick tho, that's the worst part! just need something besides a heating pad because it gets too hot even on low & trying to get up & walk around feels impossible. got lucky w/an understanding bf, but.....just want to feel normal!!

Posted by Dave on Mar 16 2012 20:31:15
My girlfriend has really bad cramps so I'm always looking for ways to ease the pain a little. I feel bad to see her cramping so if anyone is willing to share and personal remedies I'd love to hear them to try (sylar_1011@yahoo.com) More than a few times she has been over and started cramping so we lay down on my bed and she takes a nap. Please help me

Posted by henna on Mar 07 2012 06:10:34
hi my names henna i started my period arount the age of 7 and ive got engaged at the age of 11 now i suffer from serve period cramps because i eat egg 2 much LOOOL HAHA

Posted by Jenna on Mar 06 2012 09:21:01
I've suffered from severe cramps since I started my period at 10 years old (32 now). Birth control pills helped ease the cramps (I started them as a virgin--specifically to ease the severe cramps and the nausea/vomiting), but I developed menstrual migraines on it. Now I'm off birth control pills and suffering from severe cramps again. I'm in total agony again--thankfully, no nausea or vomiting; however, I have extremely painful cramps. I try to limit the amount of Advil I take (600mg every 4-6 hours the first day or so), but I'm in such agony that I overdo it. I find relief with a hot washcloth or water bottle on my abdomen, going for walks (which is SO hard to want to do when I'm exhausted and cramping), Advil, and drinking hot tea. I feel for all you ladies. It really is awful. Also, I have an inverted ("tipped") uterus, which my OBGYN told me increases cramps. Lucky me! Good luck to all in finding relief!

Posted by Kuy on Mar 05 2012 03:48:15
I used to get horrific cramps as a teen and was on medication for it. When i turned 18 the doc put me on the pill which helped the pain. I'm a Migraine sufferer so decided last last year to stop the pill (after 10 years on and off) howevervit didn't help my migraines at all and horrific cramps were back I could always cope whilst on the birth control, once in a blue moon have a bad one but usually could get carry on as normal with the help with some Nurofen+. I went to the doc about for something else and mentioned about the intense period pains I was having since coming of the pill and she suggested a Vitamin B and evening primrose oil, take one of each every day and it really does help tremendously.

Posted by LauraLeigh on Mar 01 2012 01:29:24
I love all of you ladies. I'm so sorry that we all have such intense pain in our lives. I wish I could give you each a hug, backrubs, and tell you that everything will be okay. It will be okay. This is temporary. Drink plenty of fluids ( avoid caffeine ) Keep warm ( hot bath & your favorite music ) Stretching helps Naps & snuggles Honestly, there isn't a lot you can do other than these things. I generally try to sleep as much as possible & have to take Lortab ( hydrocodone and acetamenaphen) for the intense cramping and severe back pain when I have some available.... Currently I do not :( so I am suffering as you all are. I hope you feel better soon, sweetie.

Posted by Melissa on Feb 28 2012 17:18:13
I had terrible cramps today (can't breathe, diaherrea, hot and cold sweats). My Aunt says that when she was younger that pain relievers didn't really exist so girls litterally had to go to the nurse and get a slip to skip PE class. And to think now that is sort of cliche. She also said that about 10% of women go into shock from having cramps (I haven't found her sources for anything I am about to say, and I have tried in vain), and that this has a special name (even she can't remember it). Anyway, she said that Ibuprofen was developed specifically for menstrual cramps. I took some today (1200mg! because they weren't working) at 9am and they didn't give relief until 12pm... 3 hours later is rediculous. But it helps me, and it is the only way I can walk, breathe, not be on the toliet constantly, stop having chills and sweats. Midol works perfect for me for about 5 seconds and then I get blasted with pain for the next 15 seconds, and then 5 more seconds of pain-free and then 15 seconds of pain, and so on and so on for hours so I refuse to take something that works in spurts like that.

Posted by Teresa on Feb 28 2012 12:46:05
Tampons help w/the uncomfortable flow when it's heavy. Your hymen shouldn't get in the way-I'm a virgin and have used tampons for years. If you have trouble getting it out then you have to practice on not pushing it too far in you. Hope this helps someone!

Posted by Sue H on Feb 26 2012 23:48:12
I have heard that a remedy for cramps is a supplement called MSM. You can purchase it from just about any health food or vitamins stores online. Start off with one tablet of 500mg. And if there is still pain take another and pain should subside. It is good to take 1 week leading up to your period. MSM reduces headaches, cramps and muscle pain caused by hormonal imbalances, for example, PMS. Women who have had monthly menstruation problems often no longer experience the headaches, cramps or muscle plain associated with their periods. Many women have these problems because their hormones are out of balance. The monthly cycle can be a shock to the system. When the hormones are brought into balance, the body functions normally and these painful problems can be vastly reduced or eliminated.

Posted by nicole on Feb 25 2012 20:10:52
I have the worst cramps ever it literally feels like I am being stabbed in my abdomen. And when its not a stabbing pain its aching and it hurts from my diaphram down. I have seen a doctor and he said it was normal but the pain keeps me up all night and dosent stop until a week after my period ends. It makes me puke and nothing helps, hot baths it showers heating pads tea medicine nothing everytime my period comes I feel like dying and usually have to call off work if anyone has any ideas I would love the advice on how to stop this pain.

Posted by WhatsGUCCI on Feb 23 2012 17:52:07
My period last for 8-10 days and every day i have it i have severe cramps i can't move and stay in bed in fetal position. All of this tea crap and pepper and pain medication never works. What else is there other than heating pads, etc.

Posted by Irelics on Feb 15 2012 17:27:01

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 11 2012 20:50:09
I usually have severe cramps and I have found that cranberries seem to ease them (not get rid of them completely, but make them significantly less painful). If you don't like the taste of cranberries on their own, cranberry pills or cranberry-mixed fruit juice works just as well.

Posted by Sandy on Feb 07 2012 11:57:02
Ginger root tea and or candied giner isused tosettle stomachs

Posted by Tiggs on Feb 03 2012 21:23:30
I find having an orgasm can relieve some of the pain, if its only minor to medium pain. Seriously heavy pain (aka. please-just-kill-me-now pain) can only be eased by smoking weed, but even then it only reduces it down to minor pain, but hey at least you're not vomiting, convulsing/shaking, and in the bottom of the shower wasting piping hot water as you let it flow over your back and stomach. Only trouble is that weed is either illegal or, if in america you need permission from your doctor. It seriously works though, i've been on the verge of going to the hospital cos it was so bad, but had a smoke instead, almost instant relief by taking the edge off and calming and relaxing your muscles.

Posted by KellyW on Feb 01 2012 21:44:11
I gave up all dairy and my cramps disappeared. Check out notmilk.com. Not to mention my scalp condition, acne cleared up, my hair doesn't need conditioner anymore and I am losing weight! Cows milk was never designed for human consumption.

Posted by Ashlee on Jan 29 2012 15:33:31
I had severe cramps since I initially got my period. They got worse after having two children. What has worked wonderfully for me, getting chiropractic adjustments. I have not had anything more than a minor cramp and my bleeding is down to 3-5 days! Find a good chiropractor in your area. It's worth a try

Posted by Jacque on Jan 28 2012 04:58:47
I use Naprogesic.

Posted by Kamy on Jan 25 2012 21:20:31
Im 16 and I've been having the worst cramps of my life for 2 or 3 years now..It starts every 1st day and doesn't end till the 2nd or 3rd day. I even have to get out of school they're so painful. No medicines have helped at all, they only last for about 2 hours and it takes em forever to kick in. I always have that lump in my throat and get fevers...Are there ANY other ways to help???

Posted by laden on Jan 24 2012 11:35:49
hi im 17 and right now im going through the worst cramps ever i literlly want rip out my stomach i took a pill and it worked for about 2 hours or less and been going through pain the rest of the time im in school right now and could use a remedy

Posted by Jennifer489 on Jan 24 2012 11:35:03
I'm 14 I have been have cramps since i started a year ago. Its not that bad in the begging but on my 4th day i get really bad cramps and vomiting. Ive tried every thing heat medications. Please HELP!!!!!

Posted by ryan on Jan 22 2012 22:17:36
have sex

Posted by Lovely on Jan 20 2012 06:10:32
I used to suffer a lot with menstrual cramps. One Ayurvedic guru had advised a remedy. Take half tea spoon of Black Pepper and a tea Spoon of Khandsari Sugar and powder them. Mix it with half tea spoon of Ghee (Clarified Butter) and then take it thrice a day. It worked like a miracle for me.

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Posted by Anonymous on Jan 18 2012 00:24:33
I'm 18 years old and I had my first period at 14. Ever since I first started, my periods have been so painful that I rarely can move, I'm constantly nauseated, and my cramps even effect my digestive system, so I suddenly get diarrhea when my period starts. I honestly have no idea what to do because I've tried everything but birth control (which I have no money for) and nothing works. Heating pads only make the pain worse, pills are useless, everything. I feel like all I can do is roll around and wail in pain and I really don't know how much longer I can deal with cramps like this.

Posted by SUPER CRAMPED IN CA on Jan 10 2012 16:27:11
I'm 30 years old and have had severe cramps with my period as long as I can remember. When my mom was younger she had them as well, at 15 I went to the doctor after dealing with periods that were sometimes 3 weeks long. I was diagnosed as severely anemic. Since 15 I have been on birth control pills & I have taken Iron supplements to help. Now that Im older my risk of blood clots is high so I am no longer taking birth control and can't function due to the severe pain. I usually have to take 2 to 4 vicodins on my first day just to make it through work but I'd love an all natural remedy thats easy to use on the go. Any tips??

Posted by tributegurl on Jan 08 2012 23:24:17
hi just got my first period yesterday it is late and i just mived in with adoptive parents they dont know plz help

Posted by Chiquita on Jan 08 2012 01:33:22
Chrissie I have the exact same symtoms on the first day I am 23 years old. I've had them since towards the end of my 9th grade year in high school. It starts of mild and then it gets worse and worse and thats when vomiting diahrea starts and bed rest it last it seems like almost all day like if I have the symtoms in the morning they're stop mid evenning it I start symtoms in early after noon it stops late at night> after the first day the pain is imroved much more from the first day.. when I first started my menstral i didn't have any cramps I didnt know how cramps felt I later started getting hte severe cramps on the first day only tht hurts really bad. I thought something was wrong with me but everyone says that its normal.

Posted by Katie on Jan 06 2012 12:49:17
I've suffered from cramps for over 20 years. I found just the thing that not only made them go away once, but not return in subsequent months! Here is my story http://www.livingcrunchy.com/2011/07/natural-cure-for-menstrual-cramps/

Posted by Stacy W on Jan 04 2012 23:16:39
menstrual cramps have been ruining my week, I just want them to go away! at least i've been using a new cream that got rid of my vaginal dryness http://tighteningthevagina.com/vagina-tightening-cream-intivar-review is there any cream or pills that help with cramps?

Posted by Chelsea on Jan 03 2012 07:42:27
I have always gotten severe cramps on the first day of my period since i was eleven. The best thing that works for me is Chamomile tea.. Its a natural relaxant, so it calms your uterine contractions and lessens the pain a lot. Stay AWAY from caffeinated tea and coffee, for they both stimulate muscle movement and give you even worse cramps. Bananas also have natural relaxants in them as well. I've also learned that staying super warm is a must. Hot showers, baths or hot pads work wonders.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 01 2012 11:04:45
Hey ladies, i experience extermely bad pains during my period as well along with many other symptoms. I have been taking 2 aleve every 2 to 4 hours which helps. However I don't like taking medications so i have been looking for something natural that will help and i recently read that Irish moss can help. I'm trying it out now and will see what happens.

Posted by Chrissie on Dec 30 2011 21:26:28
I'm 17 years old and the first day of my period I get such bad cramps I can't eat, I get sweats and chills, I feel like i'll vomit if I take any food at all, no painkillers work for the cramping, I always end up coming home from school the day my period starts and it's really embarrassing when I have to leave :( I end up in bed literally rolling around in pain wanting to scream, the only thing I'm able to do is try to fall asleep and when I wake up hopefully they're gone. Is it weird that my cramping only lasts for about 5/6 hours? Three months ago I started taking these supplements with all the Vitimans and calcium and magnesium in them and I didn't cramp that month I think I'll go back on them and see if it was the supplement or just chance! Good luck to everyone out there

Posted by Amanda on Dec 30 2011 19:35:56
I started my period when I was 9. I'm now almost 21 and suffer from bad cramps during the first 2-3 days of my period. I find that a hot water bottle often helps to ease the cramps slightly, and it's comforting. I alternate taking 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprufen every two hours to keep topped up on pain relief. However, if things get unbearable, it's ok to take the two type together so long as you remember to wait four hours until your next dose. I went to the doctors at one point about the pain. I can't go on the combined pill because of a high susseptability to blood clots. I was perscribed some odd painkillers that actually made me feel faint and wobbly every time I got hungry, so I stopped taking them. They weren't any more effective from what I usually take anyway. I know that the last thing I want to do when my stomach is killing me is excersize, but I do find that if I do gentle excersize like go for a walk around the time I'm due, my cramps are easier to bare. I know they're awful. I've been driven to tears by them more than once and, living with a houseful of boys, it's difficult to deal with. I also get the most horrendus mood swings and try to lock myself away until I feel more sociable. My honest advice to anyone feeling that they cannot deal with their cramps any longer is to visit the doctor. There are ways for them to help, even if it does mean going on birth control. Just because you're young doesn't mean that you shouldn't take them. There's no reason to feel that you should only use them if you're sexually active. Oddly, another method I find works often is simply lying on my stomach. Usually it's on a hot water bottle or a pillow. Something else that helps is if someone does something that helps you relax (play with your hair, rub circles on your back). This helps relax your tense muscles! AND chocolate helps me. It's probably the comfort thing again, but it's meant to release these happy hormones and stuff. Good excuse to scoff chocolate I say!

Posted by Paula on Dec 29 2011 17:02:07
Hi everyone! I am part of the unlucky group of women that experience severe cramps. I am 30 years old now but I have always had severe cramps since I was 11 years old. I already tried heating pads which helps a little bit, tried all sort of pain medicines but seems like as soon my body gets used to it, then the painkillers don't work anymore. I throw up and sometimes I can't eat for up to three days because my stomach doesn't even holds water. Now, I just have my period twice a year. I had to beg to my doctor because my last visit to the ER because of the cramps, the doctors wanted to cut me open because they didn't believe it was just cramps. I am not thrilled to have my period twice s year but was my only way out.

Posted by Alondra on Dec 29 2011 12:46:56
I've had cramps ever since I got my first period at 9yrs now I'm 15. They are horrible, I can't move, I can't do anything. It really sucks. I had started taking Midol the day before my period and it had helped. Now I'm on my period and took Midol but to my surprise it doesn't help. I have horrible cramps right now I don't know what to do anymore. The teas don't help and I don't want to eat anything because I'm afraid of throwing up. I want them to stop because we've got guest over for New Year's. It is really embarrassing when someone finds me in the bathroom throwing up. I need HELP ASAP!!!!

Posted by No One You Know on Dec 28 2011 16:02:20
i am under 16, wont tell u my age cuz its unsafe, but in currently on my second period. last time, there was cramps, about mediocre. right now, im bleeding heavy and cramping SEVERELY. last time, my period lasted 5 days, and i had no cramps until day 4. for this one, today is day 5, and i had mild-mediocre cramping before any bleeding came, day 1 no cramping, day 2 no cramping, day 3 no cramping, day 4 severe cramping, day 5 10x worse than day 4. yesterday, i tried a hot shower (they said do tht at my maturation night) and heating pad. neither helped at all. i have an extreme phobia of taking any pill whatsoever except tums cuz i can chew them, ever scince i was staying with my grandma for 2 weeks in 3rd grade during summer break, and i got a stomache bug, and she gave my a pill and it triggered my gag reflex and i hurled all over her LOL (srry gramma! i luv u!) so i wouldnt take a pill, and my parents wont buy liquid kinds unless i NEED need medicine, like i get an ear infection or sumthin, cuz they wanna teach me to take pills. at one point yesterday night, i was in the kitchen cutting olives to help my mom with dinner, and all of a sudden, when i feel nothing at all, BAM! a giant cramp pops out of nowhere and hurts so bad i doubled over in pain, unable to move, then just collapsed on the floor, unable to breathe more than short gasps. (srry if im getting descriptive, its habit) once i could move again without feeling like i got shot, i stood up and went and laid on the couch. i layed there crying, fighting vomit, for about 10 minutes then it just pops away like it never happened, although when i stand, im still dizzy. my mother insists its normal cramping (she probly thinks im being overly dramatic, i have low pain tolerance, but this was just overwhelming) but there is no way it is. today, i have had cramping even worse. all yesterday and today, a hot shower/bath and the hot pad just make it worse. i found this site, and im glad i read the comments, cuz i read savannah's post, and i tried the peppermint, in currently sucking on a peppermint wheel, and it is doing everything in the world. i feel nothing more than slight discomfort. =D thank u soo much savannah!

Posted by Namea on Dec 28 2011 12:47:08
The rum and Dr. Pepper (or Mountain Dew in my case) tricks work well as does the Chamomile tea. I don't generally have terrible cramps and have never taken anything for them so imagine my irritation when one month they were there and painful! I had nothing to take and had to go to work so I tried some of the remedies here and they helped. Cheers.

Posted by Cramps on Dec 21 2011 12:25:51
I have the WORST cramps each month, shaking, vomiting, curled up on the floor crying kind of pain. When I was 15 and missing school every month because of it, my mom kindly clued me in to the ONLY thing that works. A small bit of rum! I'm serious, I don't ever drink because I hate the taste, and yes I was underage, but she knew that it was purely medicinal for this purpose. I mix a small amount of rum with cola, and it will dull the pain enough to function, hold down food, or go to sleep. Especially helpful when you wake up in the middle of the night with already full blown cramps. Try it guys, you'll be amazed. It relaxes your muscles. I'm on a doctor ordered food elimination diet this week that specifies "no alchohol," so I'm a little mad that I have to endure the cramps today without my typical cure. :( hot packs don't help much

Posted by Meli-ann on Dec 21 2011 11:07:25
I've been experiencing extreme menstraul pain from age 10,@ 12 it wasnt so bad but has soon as i turned 13 it has gone back to its hurtful state,am nw 14 and i experience it on and off meaning sometimes it doesnt hurt but most time it does...

Posted by Savannah on Dec 20 2011 08:32:56
Im 13 and me and my friend has have our period at the same time and when she sleeps over we both get really bad cramps we r on my bed in a ball screaming it hurts so bad one thin I found that helps me with cramps is peppermint

Posted by Anon on Dec 18 2011 14:35:05
I have had my period for 8 years now and I suffer from severe menstrual cramps. I sometimes pass out, with a cold sweat and extreme nausea. When I was in grade school, I would have to leave school early or come in late due to my severe pain. I use a heating pad and take 3 Advil every 6 hours... It sometimes helps, but most of the time does not. HELP!

Posted by Anonymous on Dec 14 2011 16:49:29
AJ you could have endometriosis u should see your doctor ASAP because heavy cramping after period doesn't usually happen without another condition it could just be ur body but a head to toe exam would be best.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec 14 2011 16:45:48
Mandy u should see a doctor it's not normal for this to happen u could have a more serious problem my friend had appendicitis during her period and did not realize till after when it still hurt better safe then sorry

Posted by Mandi on Dec 14 2011 07:10:09
Well hey everyone , I am 12 years old and I got my period at age 9-10 So I have never really gotten cramps but my last period (a week ago) has been non stop cramping and at this very moment my period has stopped for the month but the pain hasn't and it really reapply hurts . At school the pain is horrible and I have PE. I walk around 6 buildings everyday(school is 6 buildings) And the pain WON'T GO AWAY. if I try taking a pill I end up vomiting . Eating food scares me, I try drinking juice but nothing works!!! I really need help, my mom has no clue what to do. HELP ME.

Posted by aj on Dec 13 2011 22:43:02
I've been having my period since i was 11 yrs old. I am now 21 yrs old. I can not get my cramps to stop, as i have gotten older they have gotten. I have tried everything. I am tired of the ibprofin every day i want it to stop.. please give me some suggestions

Posted by Emma on Dec 10 2011 10:01:51
I have cramps soo bad every single period... i vomit non stop, I am on the toilet 24/7, i feel light headed, i scream in pain, double over in pain....and i have a very high pain tolerance. I am covered in tattoos and have many piercings and my PMS is 30000000 times worse. my mother and my grandmother both use to get the same kind of things. my mother would faint nonstop and have migraine headaches also. i tried using birth control to ease the pain and it made it worse!!!! i have been dealing with this since i was 11 and i am now 20. HELP

Posted by sequoia on Dec 09 2011 09:31:52
i hurt so bad im 16 n i dnt wnt ppl 2 nmo that i am on my period but i have no choice bcz the pain me double over n i cnt the control the shados of pain that flashes over my face sumtimes i fall on the floor in curl up in a little balll to get away from the pain the pills never work i hurt so badplz hlp

Posted by jessi on Dec 06 2011 15:58:26
im 13 and ive been getting HORRIBLE cramps now. they dont come all week, but on the first day, sometime in the middle, and on the last day. i try to not let it bother me, and it turns out that for me, walking around is the best medicine. if im active and walking around (helping pass out papers, getting papers copied for the teacher) makes thecramos hurt less

Posted by Sonja on Dec 06 2011 15:37:08
I never had such severe cramps, but my daughter does. I'm reading too many comments where people are taking more Tylenol than recommended on the bottle. DO NOT DO THIS. Tylenol in levels above recommended doses can be extremely TOXIC and you can permanently damage your LIVER and shorten your life span. If it doesn't work in recommended/prescribed doses, don't take it. Just try the other more natural remedies here. This is also true for ibuprofen, but this isn't quite as toxic as Tylenol. Yes, both can damage the lining of your stomach, but they can also damage the liver as well. Try the things that someone has said really do work. If the medicines don't work, stop taking them and try something else. Lots of love to all of you, and I hope you get better soon.

Posted by Valerie on Dec 01 2011 01:04:42
Hello Ladies. . Let me start off with saying Menstrual Cramping suck! I think we can all agree on that. We all have cramps, I just happen to get really horrible cramps. It's gotten to the point that I start crying, that I miss class, or put my head down in class because the pain is so strong. So I decided to go see my doctor and ask her what I can do to reduce the pain. -Hot rag on the stomach ( This didn't help me) & told me to continue taking ibuprophen. Her suggestion was take the pill a day before you know your going to get your period, or hours period. The pill only works for so long though, that at times I feel like taking the whole bottle because of the pain. So one day my mom made m hot tea and it worked! Take a pill, and drink hot tea. It puts you to sleep and the pain is gone. The only problem though is I wake up 3 in the morning. I'm going crazy! :/

Posted by Ashley on Nov 22 2011 09:43:45
Hello everyone I am 14 years old. I had cramps since I was 12. I'm on my menstrual cycle right now and its the worst one yet. I can't take pills without throwing up and I'm afraid to eat anything. I don't know what else to do. The heating pad helps but if I move I'm in pain again. If someone could help me i would really appreciate it.

Posted by Jenn on Nov 15 2011 18:06:41
Hi,I'm 20 years old and I first had my period when i was at least 14, my first period what tough then thru out the years...now, it seems less but earlier this morning, i had woken up by 4:34 because i had my period,i was in so much pain, that i had took a hot bath just to get the of the pain away, and i took, pain relief pills but it takes so long to start and i didn't fall asleep to like around 5:30 so after that i felt ok, it wasnt hurting like it was before, so between like lunch time, the cramps were hurting me like crazy, i was in a point were i wanted to cry, so i then i took to hot baths even tho it help just a liitle bit but when i got in to bed it still hurt, and im by myself so i tried to relax but I just wanted to cry and i was warm by the i got in bed, but the weird thing is that i was more in pain than i ever been before but the nice thing is that my period only latest to 3-4 days but i feel better now after i had woken up but it just hurted me like crazy and i never been that pain before. but might go to Walgreen for emergency situations.

Posted by Johannes Klupfel on Nov 12 2011 13:50:24
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Posted by Johannes Klupfel on Nov 12 2011 13:46:57
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Posted by Alfred on Nov 07 2011 00:11:55
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Posted by Kathryn on Nov 06 2011 23:06:15
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Posted by Kathryn on Nov 06 2011 22:46:41
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Posted by Kathryn on Nov 06 2011 22:46:05
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Posted by Melanie on Nov 04 2011 09:49:17
i dun know if this is helpful but i read in one of the sites and i tried, and it really helped me. just try and make sure your legs are warm. both legs when you are having cramps. i try and put on a thermal wear so that my legs and foot will be kept warm. and when you sleep, try and have a pillow on the bottom of your knee so that it doesnt strain your muscles much if you are lying flat. if you are the side sleeper, then try and bring your knees to ur chest area. these are what i have read from other sites, and it kind of helped me so i really hope it does for you guys as well!

Posted by Shelley on Nov 03 2011 17:48:43
Hello fellow ladies...I am 30 years old and have ALWAYS had the WORST period pain EVER!!! I have passed out, I throw up, get diarhea, cold sweats, trouble breathing etc... The pain makes you think that you are dying. Some of you, unfortunately, know what I am talking about. I am quite athletic and I am on my feet 8 hours a day so I have tried exercise. I have tried herbal remedies etc... I have tried heat, it helps a little bit. All I can do is sit in a ball in a blanket and pray for the pain to end. I take a prescription anti-inflamitory called mefenamic-acid. It helps a little bit with the pain. It makes you feel nausious though so that sucks because you already feel sick and then sometimes I throw up the pills.....Go figure! Anyways, I just wanted to share. Thanx.

Posted by kikisSweetRumpjohnson on Nov 03 2011 09:23:55

Posted by cook on Oct 29 2011 01:59:03
1. Playing any sport thrice a week for 30 mins 2. Increasing the intake of prawns just before your predicted period date 3. Drinking a glass of extremely sour lime/lemon juice on day 1 of your period 4. Sipping on water at room temperature all day (yes it may increase blood flow, but definitely reduces pain)

Posted by :( on Oct 26 2011 16:51:28
omg i only get period pains every few monthsbut am regular i spent the whole day and most of last night in tears and i spent the whole day in bed dosed up with panadol and with a hot water bottle on my lower belly and back but as soon as they started to get cold again i was in tears please help im 15 and the pains are becoming more worse with every minute.

Posted by Clarissa on Oct 25 2011 02:49:23
My cramps were so bad I woke up at 5 am and poured myself a hot bath with cooking oil instead of bubble bath and waited about 20 minutes. When I got out my cramps were still there.

Posted by ouchhhhh! on Oct 24 2011 14:16:35
-first day of period, and cramps are KILLING me! :(

Posted by shantae s on Oct 21 2011 08:58:45
hi all. i'm paining and i still didnt get my periods. i feel like dieing. i cant handle the pain. what can i do? i already went to the doctor for a check up.

Posted by sg1 on Oct 13 2011 13:26:28
Posted by Sonia on Aug 23 2011 15:21:50 "Drinking raspberry tea is a huge help with severe cramps. heat and exercise help. Yoga is super helpful too. " Rapsberry tea only works for some people. It depends on the reason you have severe cramps. Raspberry leaves are like an extra shot of estrogen. If you have cramps because of too much estrogen, then raspberry tea will intensify your pain. Trust me.. : ( I made that mistake. It does help some people, but don't drink a whole cup of the yummy tea before you know how you are going to react to it.

Posted by Shannon on Oct 13 2011 00:03:14
To All: All of you with severe cramps may want to check with your Dr. You may have what is called "Endometriosis" It is a condition that can make your cramps/symptoms a thousand times worse. My Dr. recommended a better diet, and it helps when I stick to it. Less caffeine, less salt, and about 10 sit-ups a day. It will change your life.

Posted by autumn on Oct 09 2011 15:55:41
I am 14 years old and have had my period since i was 12 and suffer from severe cramping.Every month it seems 2 get worse.i miss 2-3 days of school each month,i double over,vomit,get severe thigh cramping and it really effects my daily life.ive even been sent to the er bc of the cramps.for 3 days i cant get out of bed and the slightest move increases the pain.ive tried heatingb pads and every medicine known to man.currently i take 600 mg ib profen and halfway thru that i take 600 mg of tylenol....nothing.i am currently on my period and the pain is unbearably severe.

Posted by girlg on Oct 09 2011 07:27:18
Hi all have read several forums or bypassed them n the past.. I luv this one tho. I have had my . Since 11 y.o n am now 24 all s/s diarrhea and cramps nausea n ongoing vomiting food seemed to make me more sick. Then it traveled to my legs like numbing cramping. I began depo n I was so thankful. But stopped after like 4 years bc of bad effects I hear about.. hanvnt personslly exp them. Also so much nsaids ibuprofen naproxen etc is not good for stomach can cause ulcers. Just sharing for anyone feeling alone. Also those e stupid ASS comments we r not nita le workers n promise no cure just suggestions. Thanx for all urs will try n get bak. Symptoms not as bad since depo but cramps still exist. Also depo f's up ur sex life after years if use. Fyi. But it'll bounce bak day after a year.

Posted by sheila on Oct 07 2011 00:51:59
i dont get cramps that much however when i do i constantly take tea, with Ginger, and dont put anythg else into my stomach. by my 3rd cup i'm usually feeling much much better, u shd try it..if u have to take water let it be hot, in short take as many hot fluids as u can, it works wonders...

Posted by Catherine on Oct 06 2011 21:34:49
Hi, my name is Catherine and I've been suffering from period pain since I was 13. I'm currently on my period & it hurts so bad ... I've tried everything and suffer from everything (fainting, diarohea , vomiting, dizzyness etc). I constantly look for new cures but its so annoying when no one believes how much pain you are in ... I've tried go natural which means no pills & just crying it out of my system but it really affects my work & lifestyle ( I have 10 mins before work starts & I'm thinking of writing my will ) I'm using a heating pad which really does help but I can't carry it everywhere I go ....... Please help !

Posted by Leah on Oct 06 2011 13:31:33
Ive suffered with severe mentral cramps since my second period (11yrs old). I dont know why but I didnt have pain with my first period. Anyway, Im now 21 and Ive been on countless pain killers and birth control pills. Now, the BC makes me nauseous all the time, so im off it. The last one I was one didnt help at all. My cramps have been so bad these past ten years I have blacked out, vomited, gotten cold sweats, and even rushed to the ER.

Posted by Johnica on Oct 06 2011 12:23:37
I am the opposite. When I was a teenager I didn't cramp at all. The older I become the worse they are. I have to leave work they are so bad. I become dizzy from the pain. If I eat, consume caffaine, alcohol, sugar or am around cigarette smoke it increases my cramps. Otc meds don't do much of anything unless I take 12 or more pills which is not safe. The doctor prescribed me a mild muscle relaxer; which makes me loopy and doesnt do much for the pain. If I drink a ton of water it is the only thing that helps. I drink at least 64oz of water daily. The first sign of my period starting if I drink an additional 16 oz or 1 bottle of water as fast as I can. Usually 1 min then follow up w naproxen and more water in addition to the muscle relaxer, no caffine, no sugar, nothing heavy to eat. It lessens the severity of the pain. Also, if I need to pee the longer I wait the less my cramps are. As soon as I pee they start right up. WATER IS KEY TO PREVENTING SEVERE CRAMPS. Ps my cramps feel like extreme diarrhea cramps that cannot be released. In addition to an alien trying to claw its way out of my uterus. Pushing on it with lbs of pressure can help too.

Posted by Elodie on Oct 06 2011 12:18:49
I have ended up in A&E a few times because of period pain- they prescribed heavy duty painkillers which worked for a while and then I seemed to become immune to them. My doctor tried me on 2 different birth control pills, which both made me dizzy and depressed- so I can really empathise with everyone who has posted here! The pain was so bad I thought I was dying! The only thing that has worked for me is homeopathy---I would really recommend seeing a homeopathist if you can, rather than self prescribing, as then you can talk through the type of pain and get to the root of the problem- eg. my uterus would go into spasm whilst contracting (thus causing the epic PAIN) so I now take a gentle sugar salt remedy (Mag. Phos. by New Era) morning and evening the week before my period and continuing for its duration, and this gently encourages the uterus to relax. If the pain still creeps up on me, I have been given another remedy speific to me and I find if I take it in conjunction with ibuprofen then the pain is almost non existant! (Paracetamol doesn't touch it, and don't take aspirin for period pain! It affects blood.) So please consider a natural method like homeopathy! The effects aren't quite as instant as usual hardcore pain medicines but they do work and last much longer, as well as not causing other body trouble, which can be the case with chemicals. I'm not trying to advertise or anything, but it worked for me and I hope it could work for others as well. I also found that lying on my front for a while helps. Good luck! x

Posted by nadia on Oct 04 2011 18:02:59
I just went to the hospital for my horrible cramps :( I am 22 and this happens every single month! I have not had a baby yet, but I imagine my cramps being at the same level of pain as birth contractions. I had to leave work today and I feel like people just think I'm a big baby or pain intolerant and they dont understand! It's horrible... curled up in a fetus position, nausea, headache, and to top it off depressed! the hospital did NOTHING! just gave me pain killers and a pregnancy test NEGATIVE... i walked out of there feeling worse than before! no answers.. no relief.. so frustrating!

Posted by Texasgirl on Oct 03 2011 21:09:56
I dnt know if I'm the only one but sit-ups give me so me releif and walking when itsnot severe pain is also helpful. I take ibuprofen rather than aleve if I can help it heat compression helps even when your laying on a towel with a compress it doesnt hurt to stretch the area just try to ease back into the original position if that makes sense. Keeping your mind busy is really important because it distracts you so uch that your body relaxes like a good book or something fun your planning or how your day went just havehappy thoughts but happy thoughts make a big difference in any situation it sounds crazy I know but I still try it a d it helps after 5 years. I'm going to try that chamomile tea thing.....I'm on my cramps todY and I started today so it was aggravating walking upstairs for classes and especially having to goto soccer practice andnow I'm laying in bed with a hot towel but the reason ive told you all this is because this is a way for me to distract myself cause look! I don't even even acknowlegde the pain anymore ...just don't think about it too much it mite come back with a vengence. Hope I helped and wish you luck and here's praying these pains will be cured in our lifetimes.( not talking about doctors and drugs; I mean back in the ancient time s what did women do? They have to have doneSOMETHING natural? Right??)

Posted by tima on Oct 01 2011 05:11:05
hi, i used to take a medicine called indocid 25mg it works like magic, you have to take two tablets when you get your period and before the pain, and you will feel a bit sleepy and after ten minutes you will be great but its out of stock in my country and for the last two months i didnt stop searching for it !!!so i dont know what to do

Posted by jenny on Sep 28 2011 20:03:39
i got my first period when i was 16 and its been hell for the last ten years. when i got it the first time i ended up in the hospital because i was having seizures and i wasnt around my family so they didnt see the conection at first. it turned out to be that my hormones where out of control and basically short circeted my brain. the next month when i actually got to experience it i got Diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding for 14-17 days and pain so bad i would constantly pass out. it still like that. i tried birth control, pills, and most of the remedies ive seen posted. i also have ovarian cysts and an inverted cervix. the best that works a little bit is heat but i need some relief. does anyone know of anything else? my doc says he cant help me.

Posted by Tash on Sep 25 2011 23:39:30
I have suffered from the begining and was diagnosed with Dysmenorrhea 'severe period pain' there is no other underlying cause Im a fit of health even though I feel that there must be something else going on, I have been extremely bad that once when i got my severe pain with the usual symptoms (loose bowels, felt like throwing up, dizzy, black out momentarily, sweatng and shaking, sore legs, tummy etc)I was in so much pain that my body went into panic attack mode which was the one and only time I have ever experienced it where I literally thought I was dying because I started hyperventilating, I was on my own and I was getting tingling feeling through my fingers and body ontop of all my other normal painful period symptoms..Im not sure why it happened this particular time but the doctor at the hospital told me that with the amount of pain your body put you into a panic attack..I find the best thing to stop the pain is as soon as you get a feeling or see the first blood or spotting start taking your pain killer I use Neurofen, if I dont take it earlier enough and the onset of pain starts then it is too late and it seems the painkiller does not work..the dr has advised that I should take it 2 days prior to my period to be safe because my periods always vary 2-3 days each cycle..Also if I dont get the neurofen in earlier enough I use a hot water bottle on my belly aswell as another one on my lower back and camomile tea and elevate my legs slightly with one or two pillows at my feet and I tend to rock normally the pain is so exhausting that my body eventually gives in & I fall asleep 2hours into the pain, when I wake I take the neurofen before the pain starts again...I also take evening primrose capsules everyday which help the severity of pain although unfortunatley I dont seem to stick to the routine always forget to take them and buy more I only remember to take them when its too late and the pain begins sometimes I feel like im my own worst enemy....I hope my experiences help others so they dont think they are alone.

Posted by Leti on Sep 23 2011 15:22:22
Re:Posted by Belia on Sep 04 2011 03:04:06 You people you need common sense and you younger ones need a belt to your butt for the language you're using and some of you need training in how to be a lady and talk like one. ------------------------------------------------------------ Belia, the health concerns that teens and adults are sharing with others who might be going through the same problem has offended you deeply. This is not an English class. When you go into the doctor's office, he does not care who you are. He/She is there to help you with your health problems. I understand where you are comming from, but when it comes to health problems, especially something of a severe nature as cramps, it is not important what langauge you use. Common sence helps the other person to understand. So please, stop being HEARTLESS and thank God that you are PAIN FREE and hopefully, will always be. PS: You are a very, stupid, uneducated person. That's why you have nothing better to say. Keep off this site! It does not need people like you.

Posted by Dominiquee on Sep 23 2011 05:33:22
Ever sense I was 12 . My Mens. Pains be very! PainFul 'To the point where I couldn't get outta bed , if I tried I would cry. Etc ; Now I'm 15 with the same thing but worse ! But I started using "Beyaz" Birth control ; And that first period I had of usinqq it . Was relif . I wasn't feelinqq any pain period was light and I recommend girls start using birth control . [Dosent mean your havinq sex If your using it] . But I had to stop because it became way to exspenive , from first hand . Start excersing , they say walkinqq works . No , run jog etc. Also Lay off "SALT", Eat lots of different fruit everyday , also wear socks around the house. Plus when you know your period is coming take a painkiller before and when its here ; take another 1. Tea is also really good in the morninqq / I tried this whole thing for a month and I didn't have any pains . At all!!! It is really good and I hope it helps ;

Posted by nandhini on Sep 21 2011 23:21:05
hai during menstrual cramps boil 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds in water then strain the liquid and had it..sure it will reduce the pain....also drink hot tea,take hot bath ...dont take any tablets however in future it creates many problems..also u can graind fenugreek seeds and had 1 teaspoon in your empty stomach in the morning...i had severe pain for past 5 years but now it reduced a lot and my peroids is regular now....

Posted by kris on Sep 21 2011 20:28:41
Hi everyone, i am so happy to find this site and your comments.I am writing for my 15 year old daughter who suffers from cramps every single day. She has gained weight and rarely has a period. We have gone to several Gyn's.We did a battery of tests at the hospital thinking it is Poli Cystic Ovarian Syndrom. All test came back in the normal range. She is in constant pain, day and night. She's had 2 pelvic ultrasounds. Nothing. Does anyone else suffer from anything like this??? We are desperate to find a cure.

Posted by Midgie on Sep 21 2011 19:14:04
I've had cramps for years and years.No home remedies I've tried have worked.Raw apple cider vinegar,Calcium,Mag and Zinc.B vitamins.Heating pad,etc,etc.Tylenol helps,but I have to take so much of it,it makes me sleepy and sick to my stomach.I am going on 45 and the older I get,the worse the cramps get.They nearly double me over.I never used to bloat,but now I do.Some of the things mentioned above can't be done if you are at work or away from home.

Posted by Alison on Sep 21 2011 17:04:04
I have had my period since the end of fourth grade. Im 25 now and my cramps are still awful. I usually had to miss school or work my first day bc they are soo bad. Ive tried birth control and all kinds of pills like ib prophen pms midol... The only thing that works for me is alieve taking two as soon as the cramps kick in. I lay down with the fan on my face in silence and put a heating pad on my lower stomach and try to take a nap. Imone of those women who cant function bc my cramps are soo bad. If I take a nap two hours later I feel 95 percent better....

Posted by lizzy on Sep 15 2011 20:26:58
i must have my period as i almost cried hearing all you ladies go through the same thing! We are blessed to be Women! Powerful,strong, and always helping even in our worst state! thanks for all your tips Stay Beautiful and Bless You x

Posted by Crystal on Sep 14 2011 15:26:54
Currently I take a one-a-day woman's vitamin and drink a glass of juice with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinager. The smell is bad but the taste is okay. I started doing this everyday and my cycle is less painful and my flow is A LOT lighter. Taking pills everyday is too expensive so this is much better. Hope this helps!

Posted by amy on Sep 13 2011 16:45:47
my daughter is 12 suffering from extreme period pain for last 6 months finally after trying most things doc prescribed 15 mg (2 tablets)codeine to take with 800 mg ibruprofen and two paracematol/tylo / you may need as many as that if the pain so severe/ it takes 20 -30 mins to work but the pain finally does stop and starts again 5 hours later usualy just the first day it is severe -i found just taking 2 tablets not enough she need the extra codeine and ibroprofen it may be that you need more tablets you can have 2 of each every 4 hours nothing else worked but the combination of the above I TRULY FEEL FOR YOU GIRLS BEING SO YOUNG and having to suffer like that it is truly awful and effects your daily life like my daughter and having to go through so much pain --please see your GP and ask for stronger pain killers and get more help as they can look into it and try different methods to see what works best

Posted by wen on Sep 10 2011 20:50:00
hi ladies :D i had my period when i was 10yrs old and the cramps were realyyyy badddd!!! i wanted to die but i found out about a treatment that i had started 2 months ago, it has helped alot and it's called 4LIFE Belle Vie http://globalsuccess4life.com/Products/Bellevie.html , this product is AMAZING!!!!! I recommend every lady to buy this and take this pills everyday!!! it will help your menstrual cycle to come normal and cramps will not be painful . In the first month that u take this , ur period will be a little painful because its regulating ur menstrual cycle but the next 3 months is gonna get better :D i promise u this treatment will help . Good luck :D

Posted by Angela on Sep 10 2011 11:59:14
Wow, first of all I am astonished at how many people have experienced exactly what I have! I am 22 and first started getting cramps like this when I was 17. They were the usual, stabbing in the uterus, sweating profusively,vomiting, dizziness, hard to breath. I know no one with cramps like mine. Many of you have some very encouraging idea's and I am looking forward to trying them! So far birth control has kind of worked... But it has been a process finding the right pill, and I don't know if we will. Also incase you don't have any vitamins in the house or your in need of a "quick fix" try taking a bath, and remember to bring water on with you! Water, for me anyways, is KEY to not getting cold sweats, which I dread because that usually means my pain is about to double. That or lay with your head and feet propped up. Make sure your upper thighs and lower abdominum are warm and watch something that you have seen before and makes you feel good. The reason behind having seen it is so that you can fall asleep. Again make sure to have water or if you have any sage make yourself a sage mint tea. I am still so taken a back at how many women suffer just like me every month! I have been tested numerous times for the cause, however apparently I just need to have children. We shall see. Oh one last note, ice on the lower back! It reduces the inflammation! As well as if you can cry, control your breathing... Kind of like giving birth :). Okay last note, also make sure you are in a place that calms you, or use breathing and self talk techniques to calm you. The more anxious you are the worse the cramps will get as the body tenses up when we are anxious. Personally one of the most important things to remind myself is, that it will all be over soon. So what if your on pain, you do not have suppress the pain. If in public, don't worry about making a scene, people get sick, I know what I need to do in order to be with less pain. Stuff like that. Thank you for reading, hope that will help some of you out when your in a pinch :).

Posted by Phayden on Sep 10 2011 09:07:59
I really hope someone has gone through what i have,.. I am Almost14 years of age and my cramps are out of controll, at school yesterday i was in the nurses office for an hour and a half just laying down crying,... my parents would not answer their phones. I Started My period when i was nine, almost 5 years ago and my pain gets worst...I Have an Extreme Period Every 3 Weeks and Yesterday I Almost Vomited on My Best Friend and He Told Me I Should Go To The Nurse... Every Year For The Past Year My Period has Happened Every 3 Weeks and for the past 2 years my period has ruined my birthday and i amm in 8th grade now and i need help to get rid of all of this pain.. I have Taken 3000mg of tylonal [cant spell that word] every day of my cramps to the point where it doesnt work anymore... anyone please help me i am Begging you! :'(

Posted by marie on Sep 10 2011 08:33:54
I also have bad cramps Dr all said the same thing just cramping nothing seems to work I get dizzy sick n also almost pass out every time n when i was 19 the Dr finally agreed to look into it n i had a surgery n they found out I have endometriosis n nothing really calms the pain if u have any ideas that could b helpful thank you cuz now I'm 30 n the pain gets worse every time I get it clots don't pass n its very painful if it does thank you

Posted by Tiffany on Sep 09 2011 07:47:34
birth control works for me! my doctor put me on birth control at the age of 16 and i was still a virgin and didnt have sex until i was 18, which was always protected with a condom until i got married. im now 26. At first i didn't want to do it but the pain made me do it. So not only are my cramps less painful, i can control when my period comes on

Posted by Kreagan on Sep 08 2011 08:58:13
Something that helps with my severe cramps is laying in the shower and letting the water hit on the lower stomach. It better when it's really hot but you have to be careful or you can get over heated very easily.

Posted by Gur on Sep 07 2011 07:52:08
hello ladies!!..i am 19 now.i get severe pain since i bared my first menses..itz horrible..and still i havr the same problem even more severe now.I always vomit whenever i get my periods and day before yesterday it was something terrible i got loose motions then vomited n then i got my periods and again i vomited and then pain lasted for 2 days.i feel very heavy during this and i use to think tha tthis is all because my acidity problem.i also intaked a painkiller named meftal spas it worked always work for some hours and again the same pain starts.if anyone will get a life time solution for this so please share..

Posted by isis on Sep 06 2011 15:41:41
I just started taking magnesium and I hope it works because aspirin, alieve and the all the other pain relievers seem to work for 20mins then stop.

Posted by Belia on Sep 04 2011 03:04:06
You people you need common sense and you younger ones need a belt to your butt for the language you're using and some of you need training in how to be a lady and talk like one.

Posted by Sara on Sep 03 2011 20:00:02
Forget all of those other comments that everyone made. I am 33 years old and I have had severe cramps since my very first period and have finally found something that works. I own a dance studio so let me start by saying exercise does not work that's crap. And besides who can exercise when u feel like throwing up all day. Two days before your period start taking vitamin D. It is amazing. Take 1200mg a day and start your pain medicene at the very first sign of pain. If u do this I promise it will start to change and u won't be leaving school or calling off work for cramps again. It has been life changing for me after suffering for 25 years.

Posted by Kathy on Aug 23 2011 21:24:56
where is the post that just took me 40 mins to write?

Posted by Sonia on Aug 23 2011 15:21:50
Drinking raspberry tea is a huge help with severe cramps. heat and exercise help. Yoga is super helpful too.

Posted by mica on Aug 22 2011 17:59:24
This is my first period since i lost my daughter. nd for some reason i hav the worst cramps ever. like wen they come they are so bad tht its hard for me too even breathe. WHAT SHUD I DO BECAUSE I HAV TRIED EVERYTHING YEW CAN THINK OF BUT THEY WONT GO AWAY......?

Posted by Christie on Aug 22 2011 08:39:11
I'm 15, almost 16, and I've had my period since I was 13. I've always had very heavy periods, but I usually just had mood swings and some very dull back pain and bloating. Today at school, I was overcome with these absolutely agonizing stomach cramps and pain in my leg joints. I started breaking out into a sweat and had these overwhelming rushes of nausea. I ended up keeling over my desk in pain as I've never experienced cramps before. At first, I thought it may have just been indigestion or food poisoning from going a bit crazy at a buffet last night, but I got home to find an unwelcome visitor. I'm praying that I never have to go through it again, and my heart goes out to all of you ladies who have experienced it. Let's hope we find a remedy that works wonders for all of us!

Posted by Bella on Aug 22 2011 08:38:04
Hi Ladies! Being in pain as we speak, I decided to look for some more tips to feel better. Having severe pain every month already now for a decade, I tried a lot a lot of remedies, and some work well in my case. I totally recognise the comments about doctors telling there is nothing wrong, but at the same time prescibing you painkillers strong enough to kill a horse. Not finding my relief via a doctor, I looked further myself.. What works for me in my period is yoga. There are a few excersises especially to help relax the muscles in your pelvis and stomach. Yoga is also about breathing well. You'll be surprised how much deep, controlled breathing makes a huge difference. Having seen every regular doctor with no answer I decided 2 years ago to go to a homeopath. To me this was the best help ever! It already reduced a lot of my pain and the amount of painkillers I have to take right now(solvable in water works the fastes btw) reduced bij 50%. Another hippie-tip; surrender. Sounds probably weird, but my advice is to listen to your body. If the only way you can force yourself to work is pumped full of pills and sheer willpower bigger than yourself.. Just don't go (I did it for years and I still don't know how I managed). In my experience, forcing hurts like hell. And this sort of pain hurts enough without pushing it to the limit. Seek comfort (for me this is at home with a blanket on the couch with a comedy) and give your body the space to do what it's supposed to do. Frustrating but true, it's our nature. In the meanwhile, give some good old lovin' to your body by eating healthy, reduce ciggies if you smoke and ask comfort or help from your partner or a friend if you feel like it. Be kind to yourself and good luck! x

Posted by Genevieve on Aug 22 2011 01:54:07
Hey guys, I've had my period since i was 13, I'm 16 now... my cramps have alwaye been on the bad side but my cramps got so bad yesterday that i broke into a cold sweat and had to sit down because when ever i stood up i was gonna faint, i couldn't walk or stand the pain enough to compose myself in public. I actually ended up curling up on the ground in a store at one point. This is the second time this has happened, the first time it was at school and my mother had to come and get me. It's really weird because sometimes i will have tolerable cramps, but then there are times like this. And the only thig that is sure about my period is that it's gonna be heavy and its gonna last 7 days.. everything else is completely random... does anyone know if i should worry about this?

Posted by Natasha on Aug 21 2011 20:57:56
When I first started, (around when I was 13 or 14) I was completely pain free. I had no idea what females had waiting for them on the other side..and now, almost 17, I have the WORST cramps imaginable. Thank God they aren't in my lower back like most of my friends, but they are hell. I was in one of my classes last month, and it hit me. (They always surprise me, too. I have no warning, whatsoever.) And I kept thinking, "Shit! I don't even have my pills with me!" So I tried to carry on in class, you know? Try and ignore the pain that was coming..and after a few more minutes, I was sweating bullets. Sweating, shaking, shivering, clammy-skinned, numb-thighs, and CRAMPED. I don't wish that experience on anyone. I ended up going to the Nurse, like, 10 times before Lunch. What sucks, is that the only way to stop the Cramps, is to catch them in their tracks. When you don't know they're coming, you feel them. (Because any pain pill takes some time to enter your blood stream.) And so, all I can say to my fellow Females is: notice the signs. If you're getting moody, (extremely happy, sad, angry, or all three) feeling a little more frisky than usual, or just feeling change in the wind..start your pills. Because I always notice these signs, but I just blow them off. I'm a late bloomer, anyways. But when I'm begging to die the next day, I realize where I went wrong! So, start the pills as soon as possible. As long as you take them BEFORE the pain, you won't have to suffer.

Posted by j on Aug 21 2011 01:37:38
Hi.exercise helps, especially walking. don't think about the pain occupy your mind. Read, watch tv, listen to music. Do your favourite things. You usually get pain before a period because the ovaries are releasing an egg which with the lining of your uterus makes your period. Don't worry worry makes things worse in life. xxxx

Posted by tracy on Aug 21 2011 00:26:21
exercise really does help. im a majorette, one day i was cramping so bad i didnt want to go to practice i just wanted to crawl up in ab ball and cry. but i went to practice.. and soon as i started working out the cramos were gone. also if they get to bad to where you literally cant take it, go to the doctor and get some pills perscribe. me and my twin did..!! and they are the best.. take 2 for the wholle day and i promise you will be set. pain be gone. also, diffrent methods hellp diffrent people. our bodies is all diffrent. and as they say, "our periods have its on mind".. best of luck to the young girls.

Posted by chifundo on Aug 18 2011 09:27:57
l always feel pain b4 my date why

Posted by Chloe on Aug 18 2011 08:06:27
I get unbearable cramps at the worst times. Last month I was sitting a test in Legal Studies and they started, and got so bad I moaned rather loudly and everyone looked at me and laughed -.- I have them right now, so I'm going to go cry in the bath- FML. Good luck though ladies :) Wish you all the best.

Posted by mrow on Aug 16 2011 04:21:52
Been awake for 2 and a half hours now...nothing helps. only thing i do in times like these is just sit and wait it out. im pretty sure i just sat and read every comment on here just to distract myself. pain is slowly subsiding. about to smoke a j once it feels bearable to knock me back out. i just want to sleep. good lucks girls

Posted by Ginger on Aug 12 2011 19:40:55
I'm 13 and I just recently started and whenever I'm on my period I have unbearable moodswings, major irritation, extreme aggressiveness, andI hyperventilate. I'm pretty sure my family knows I have recently started and most of my friends do too. But I'm always so mean to them and so aggressive to everyone that I have major guilt hanging from my shoulders. Not only that, I've been having it on and off for several months. Ill have it like, twice a month for only 2 days. How do I keep my cycle somewhat under control while also controling my mood?? Thank you!

Posted by S Davis on Aug 11 2011 21:19:38
The comments/advice about exercise are not realistic. I don't think it is fully understood how sickening the pain is for some of us. Exercise is not always the answer (esp. on the first day.) I take 3 500 mg tylenol and a LOT of b-vitamins which seem to help. Ponstel (have to get from dr.) helps at times too. I would love to conquer these cramps without drugs, but when you HAVE to get up, get dressed and go to work, you will take/do whatever it takes!! Everyone is different and I'm open to suggestions, but I'm tired of exercise being an answer.

Posted by Taylor on Aug 11 2011 03:35:39
I am 14 and normally don't get cramps, just excruciating back pain. Now for the first time I have both. It hurts to the point where even an 800 ibuprofen doesn't work. My legs hurt, and basically my whole torso because I also suffer chrone' s disease. My back pain and cramps are to the point where I'm nauseous most the day and literally have to just stop walking in the middle of the hallways. I don't know what to do except curl up into a ball and let the teArs fall. Please help!

Posted by marty on Aug 10 2011 13:02:44
im 12 and started geting it last year mint tea helps alot and do some thing to distract your self. also no mader what eat chocolat lots of it hope that helps

Posted by Channel Webley on Aug 10 2011 00:17:34
Hi im 12 years old and ive had my period since i 11 years old. I have my period right now and this is the second time in a whole year that ive had menstrual cramps, the first time was july 12. And when i have menstrual cramps i feel like nothing. I dont wanna eat at all and i have to keep going to the bathroom for diareah(i dont know to spell that word). My pain from a 1-10 today is like 9, someone please please help me im in so much pain and i neee some advice why this is happening to me and im only 12.

Posted by Channel Webley on Aug 10 2011 00:17:30
Hi im 12 years old and ive had my period since i 11 years old. I have my period right now and this is the second time in a whole year that ive had menstrual cramps, the first time was july 12. And when i have menstrual cramps i feel like nothing. I dont wanna eat at all and i have to keep going to the bathroom for diareah(i dont know to spell that word). My pain from a 1-10 today is like 9, someone please please help me im in so much pain and i neee some advice why this is happening to me and im only 12.

Posted by jade on Aug 09 2011 11:47:33
Exercise can help with cramps, possibly because it releases endorphins, chemicals in the body that literally make you feel good. Acupuncture also works cause it also releases endorphins from your body that gets rid of pain. Watch out for food with too much salt. Caffeine adds to the pain also.

Posted by Emmy on Aug 06 2011 19:13:49
I have really bad cramps and back pain. I have tried taking pain reliever and just laying down but it doesnt work i have tried the heating pad thing and sometimes that doesnt work either. The last time i had my period my cramps were so bad that i started crying. School is starting in a couple of days!! i need an easy and quick way to make my cramps go away before they get any worse so im not in severe pain while im at school :/ any ideas?

Posted by amia on Aug 06 2011 18:51:47
I have to take the aspirin pills so I can go to bed with no pain ugh!

Posted by lulu on Aug 06 2011 18:27:05
Hi Im a 33 yr old with endometriosis. I started taking a suppliment called astaxanthin for its beauty/anti aging properties. I had my period and noticed it wasnt as painul as it usually is. I didnt even have PMS and the only difference I had made was taking the suppliment. I did some research and found out that astaxathin is a powerful antioxidant and it stops inflamation that can cause pain. Hope this helps someone on this forum. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH About me : I started my period at age 9 and have had horrible periods ever since. When I was a teenager, I went to a gyno who asked me if I was hypochondriac since I was complaining so much about the pain....fast forward 5 years I had pain 1 day during my period that was so bad I couldnt walk....rushed to the hospital and taken in for emergency surgery...turns out I had two ovarian cysts the sizes of an orange and a grape fruit. They were successfully removed but last year I had to have another surgery because I had started bleeding from my belly button, not a smudge, but a full blown 9 day period thru my belly button...yuck...yes the endometrial cells can appear ANYWHERE...good luck to all those suffering out there...If you have to plan your life around the PAIN you experience from your period...you need to get yourself checked for ENDOMETRIOSIS!!!!!!

Posted by lilly on Aug 05 2011 12:33:07
my period lasted for a month the first time. the second time 10 days. with no pain this is the third and i got cramp that are unbearable this is the worst summer ever. and i am alergic to a lot of things so i can't do the treating thingy! help!!!!

Posted by Coolrulz on Aug 04 2011 11:04:23
Hi! i too suffer from sever menstrual cramps and i tried each and every technique finally switched on to ayurvedic medicine and my doc suggested not to eat curd,spinach and eggplant.regular exercise and cut down on chocolates and caffeine content helps.To some extent it has helped. Keep walking regularly and it will help a lot.also eat apple a day.hope this will help you as it has helped me :)

Posted by ABC on Aug 04 2011 01:50:47
hi i am 25 yrs and i am suffering from irregular mensuration due to ovarian cyst.. I suffer from a lot of pain in my back, legs anf joints kindly suggest some remeady

Posted by JE on Aug 03 2011 09:52:16
Im 12, and I swear, my cramps hurt like hell unless im like overdosed on drugs. I can like feel it curl up. I got my first period when I was 10, and ever since, every period I cry because of this stupid cramping. I keep waking up in the middle of the night, and I'll feel fine for like an hour even though I cant go back to sleep, and then it hurts soo bad, like someone stabbed me. It'll just hit me, and by then its like too late. I can take any medicine, but it will only help a little. About an hour ago I took a plain pain reliever, then just took some Acet. It still hurts like hell. I usually breath deep and squeze a water bottle, and it help for a little bit, and my mom says to lay on my stomach with the heating pad, but when I do, my stomach hurts. It feels like really wacked up gas. I dont have any pamprin, aspirin, or midol, and ibuprophen dosent work. I take acet alot because I have brace's, and my teeth hurt so I take it alot, and I think my body is 2 use 2 it. Help?!

Posted by RISHARAY on Aug 02 2011 13:04:12
Please guys... the birth control helps for most of the month, but when it's time for your period it is way worse than being off the pill. If I would have known that my periods would have been this bad, I would have stayed off the pill, I would rather have severly irregular periods. The pain is horrible, and now that I am on the pill, I cant get off of it. My body depends on this medicine now.

Posted by cookies on Aug 02 2011 03:43:29
please please please please help! i woke up at 2 this morning cause i had unberable cramps. this is only my second time having a period and im only 11. im the only one awake and exaighsted so i cant really get ibprophen. ive been awake for 45 min. please help,i cant fall back asleep cause there so bad!:'-(

Posted by gymnasticsgirl22 on Aug 01 2011 10:37:44
im 12 right now. very severe cramps runs in my family. my mom said when she used to get them she would stay home from school, and i would probably be the same. i fell asleep finally at 3:00 am. i probably wouldnt have slept if my mom didnt think of heating my gingerbread cookies (basically like sacks that you put into the microwave to heat up.) i still have my cramps. hopefully, there gone by tonight, because i cant afford not sleeping, or else i might get hurt in gymnastics. wish me luck! :(

Posted by Ballerina on Aug 01 2011 09:42:09
Oh my gosh ladies! I just discovered a miracle cure for cramps and blaoting. I discovered it by accident. I usually get terrible pain and bloating every month, but this time I feel literally no pain at all and no bloating or discomfort. Its STRAWBERRIES!!! I ate a large pack of fresh strawberries the day i got my period. I dont knowif it s the vitamin c, the fiber, the antioxidants or what. But it worked like magic! No advil or tylenol for me. Eat a pack of fresh strawberries and see how your cramps will dissapear. Good luck everyone!!

Posted by Survivor on Jul 31 2011 01:01:28
At age 11 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and since then I have had 9 sugeries to lazer off the endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I am going to be 32 in the fall. I have tried surgery, numerous birth control pills, along with alernating depo provera and depo lupron injections for many years, and several medications to ease the pain, which at this time nothing seems to helped, except for the laproscopy surgery and that relief only helped for a few months. I am afraid I will develop scar tissue from the numerous surgeries. I am so irregular that since the beginning of the this year (2011) I have bled 20 different times with deblitating cramps and clots that goes on for weeks at a time. I use a heating pad, stay in the fetsl position for the first 3-4 days if I'm able to, take Ibuprofen 800mg 1 at bedtime every night and then 1 tablet every 8 hours as needed, when I start bleeding. I also lay in the shower so the heat from the water hits my back and lower abdominal.The only time I did not severe cramps and heavy clotting was when I was Coumadin or Heprin. Unfortunately I am unable to take any form of birth control or estrogen b/c I had numerous upper extremities DVT (deep vein thrombosis# also known as blood clots, which 3 clots broke off into my left lower lobe of my lung with infarction #which means I had 3 blood clots in my left lung and that portion of my lung died). This is the reason I was on Coumadin, Heprin, and ect. The doctor also drained 3 liters of fluid off my left lung after I developed the pulmonary emobolisms. For almost a 18 months I was on oxygen 24/7.Thank goodness I was able to get into Pulmonary Rehab. Till this day when it is super hot and muggy I feel like I and breathing through a straw and become extremely winded, and played several sports all through school. I don't smoke, eat dairy d/t severe allergy, hardly eat sugar and/or salt. I get severe cramps, heavy clotting, migraine headaches, nauseous, and bodysches. My mom keep trying to make starting your menstrual cycle the best thing that has ever happened and I had no idea what she meant by it b/c I was in so much pain. My periods would last for 90 days, then I would get a 10 day break. Over the years in JR High and High School I missed to many days to count and when I was in school I used a heating pad in class, drank 7up, ate crackers, and could night wait for school to be over with so I could lay down. At times I wish my OB/Gyn would do another surgery, but 1 1/2 years ago I had radition on my thyroid b/c I had Graves' disease and now they can't get my thyroid levels in a stable range for surgery. I am also scared to have surgery again b/c the doctors did an emergency surgery to remove my gallbaldder when I developed the blood clot in my arm where my IV was placed and then I had a picc line placed for blood draws and IV fluids and medications b/c all of my veins had collapsed. The picc line had to be removed d/t several blood clots around it. Thank goodness it was not a central line b/c I might not be here todsy! I was not allowed to have any needle sticks d/t increase of clotting. That brings me around wanting to have surgery of endometriosis and/or D&C. I have had one surgery since all of this had happened and before the surgery I would call and cancel the surgery d/t the fear of the surgery and fear of what I have been through. Then I would call and reschedule the sugery, this happened several times until I finally had the surgery. My Ob Dr, told me I should put this fear behind me, and I replied if I ever do put the fear behind me, then lock me up in the metal hospital, I spent 3 1/2 months in the hospital with 19 days in the ICU getting CT Scans every 2 hours making sure I didn't have a clot that had broken off from somewhere that could cause a heart attack or a stroke. I'm not sure if there is anything for me do to, to ease the pain. Please parents don't lie to your daughters by telling them this is the most joyous time of their lifes b/c for many of us it is not

Posted by Jen on Jul 31 2011 00:13:47
I started my period yesterday morning and had bad cramps, after I went to the bathroom and sat down for a little bit the pain started to ease up. I took some advil and layed down for about 15 minutes and the pain eased up like it normally does when I have period cramps. This morning I woke up at 7:30 with the same feeling from the morning before, but 10x worse. I of course went to the bathroom (because I have stomach issues sometimes that will wake me up during the middle of the night and after I use the bathroom the pain goes away but that is not period related) and that was not the issue. I tried to lay down but it didn't help. I had to wake my mom up to go find me the advil and midol. Normally I am one to just roll around in bed until the pain goes away but I was screaming, crying, sweating, shaking, and on top of it all started to throw up. I am worried something is wrong because this has never happened to me before. Someone suggested the heating pad and all, and if not birth control but I'm not sure if I want to be on the pill...

Posted by DanA on Jul 30 2011 13:08:05
Well i just started getting pretty severe cramps that keep me from sleeping and im really not one to cry from pain but thats exactly how i feel when i get them i also get a bit nauseous :/ but ive found that midol definatly does the trick with my cramps and my grandma always told me to not walk around the house barefoot since we have tile and that it would give me terrible cramps when i got my period so maybe she was right. so if you have tile or just not carpet try wearing socks and she also said when you feel nauseous to eat a mint. so maybe thatll work for some of you, its pretty simple and maybe thats all you need!

Posted by Mia on Jul 29 2011 17:59:08
Hi girls- It's really helped me reading your comments. Ive had my period since 10 years old. Im 14 now and I never used to cramp badly at all, until today. All of a sudden i felt like I was dying.. I was terrified! i didnt know what was going on. Reading your comments has made me realize that this a semi normal! It got soo bad over the past hour that I almost threw up, felt dizzy, couldnt stand, had terrible dirrhea, starting crying, and having extreme hot flashes.I had to cancel going over to my friends house today.:( I am reallyyy praying that this was a one time thing- I cant imagine having to deal with this for the rest of my life every time i get my period. This is horrible and unfair.I feel like a should be in a hospital right now! Ughh. Thanks for the comments tho- theyve calmed me down a bit. Love goes out to all you ladies experiencing this- Its terrible!! ps. the heating pad didnt help me at all:p I just ate a bannana and so far havent had any recent bad cramps. !(: Hopefully we can all find a remedy that works for us.

Posted by LEWIS on Jul 29 2011 14:10:21
When I first started my cycle my cramps were REALLY BAD I had to stay home from school and everything. I tried the birth control thing but I just forgot to take the pills at the same time and it just made my periods irregular so I don't take those. The DR prescribe me 800 mg of IB and I take about 4 of those at time each day and take a nap when I wake up normally they have let up. If not I just take two more. You will not OD I do this plenty of times. I heard bananas help too.

Posted by Christy on Jul 29 2011 14:07:05
First off best advice I can give is to get off birth control pills with hormones. Now I am not saying to not use protection but the pills can cause blood clots and then you have to be on blood thinners which is like taking these horrible periods and multiplying the pain and cramps by 20times! I am 27 and was diagnosed with a clot and could not believe it.. scary event in my life. Thought I was doing right by taking the pill. I have had the horrible "stay home from work, can't even bare ot get up" cramps since I was 15. Somethings I find that help: heating pads, muscle rub where the cramps are, caffeine such as coffee or green tea, and tylinol extra strength rapid release gels. I sympathize with all the girls and women out there who go through this time of the month.Be sure to be open and honest with your ob/gyn and please please ask about alternatives to the pill. It'll save you from the pain of a blood clot later on...

Posted by babb on Jul 28 2011 10:15:32
Im not ususally one to post on forums, however as I sit here at work in pain from my cramps unable to concentrate I decided to do a little research. I am really annoyed by those that are saying to deal with it its a fact of life, obviously you do NOT have cramps, at least not the debilitating unbearable kind. I think everyone here is looking for a few suggestions on how to get some releif maybe something they havent thought of and being told to deal with it doesnt much help. AT any rate ...... I have found that most definately a heating pad helps (I have to rotate between my low back and lower abdominal areas), also as hard as it is to do when you feel so horrible exercise makes a huge difference (I force myself to go to the gym on my second day) and I also agree with those that say changing your diet helps I have not been eating as healthy the last few months and my cramps are definately worse. Good luck and feel better to all those out there in pain.

Posted by carly on Jul 27 2011 12:39:17
i have tried every thing i use a heating pad and midol and my birth control but nothing seems to help my mother has polycystic overy syndrom and im afrid i do i ask my doc she just gives birth control but it dont help what else can i do im in a lot of pain it hapens sencie i started when i was 13 and nom im 18 i dont think going to end?

Posted by THE CURE! on Jul 26 2011 15:00:52
As soon as you feel pain - Take 2 children CHEWABLE Asprin - the same thing works for heart attacks. The asprin is a blood thinner. heavy clots and cramps go away. the chewable asprin gets in your system quicker than others. - Leave Salt alone the week before your cycle - especially if you see the salt on the food - fries - chips - and soda.

Posted by Grace on Jul 26 2011 13:21:37
A friend of mine used to experience severe cramps that would last up to 7 days of her period, just to discover she had a tumor in her ovary. She's been having mild cramps after having an operation done on her to remove it

Posted by Clare on Jul 26 2011 12:36:08
To all the girls reading this suffering from hurtful cramps / dysmennorhea, DO NOT GIVE UP. It is NOT normal to be in so much pain that you have to take time off school, college or work every month. I have put up with this problem every period I've had for nearly 7 years now, and have just been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Keep a diary of your period frequencies and heaviness, cramps, tiredness, mood, weight gain, irregular hair growth and bloating and discomfort in your bowels as well. There are many explanations for our pain.

Posted by Megan on Jul 26 2011 09:58:41
My cramps are killing me right now. I don't know what to do other than take a bath and lay down.

Posted by Bella on Jul 26 2011 08:30:34
Im 14 & I have severe period cramps . I Tried the bottle of hot water , heating a washcloth in the microwave , medicines , & peppermints . They all don't seem to work for me. Any suggestions ?

Posted by khill on Jul 22 2011 20:54:29
First, let me say that my heart goes out to all the young girls on this post looking for answers. I'm sorry to see you suffering at such a young age. @Jenni: i have endo too and know just how you feel...it's very frustrating. You may not want to hear what I have to say...the TRUTH is that unless you change your diet (i.e. what foods you're eating)...the pain is NOT GOING TO GET BETTER and any drugs you take will only mask the symptoms and cause even more serious issues down the road (like surgery, infertility, etc.). I know, especially for us Americans who love to feast on Frankenfoods, this is especially hard to hear. But, here are the TOP 5 FOODS TO AVOID if you want to get rid of menstrual cramps for good: 1. Dairy Products 2. Processed Foods 3. Enriched, White Flour & White Rice Products 4. Refined Sugar/HIgh Fructose Corn Syrup 5. Salt That may seem like practically everything in your pantry right now. I’ll admit, it's not easy b'cuz sugar and white flour products are the main ingredients in many of the foods we eat. But give it a try…HINT: if you stay on the perimeter of the grocery store aisles when shopping and don’t go down any of the center aisles, you’ll avoid a majority of the foods that contain these bad buys. AND you'll notice pain free periods in a matter of 1-2 cycles. If you're in pain RIGHT NOW, chamomile tea is a great natural way to calm the muscle spasms and get some relief. Also, check out this blog post for instructions to make an easy herbal heating pad at home: http://pain-freeperiods.com/2010/11/how-to-make-a-herbal-heating-pad/

Posted by Ashleigh on Jul 21 2011 20:06:41
Hey you guys. I just wanted to let you know that if you have bad cramps you should watch what you eat during the month it can really affect how you feel during that time of month. Don't eat salt it makes you feel boated and sugar makes cramps worse. Ibphopen (sorry i suck at spelling) is better than tylenol because it doesn't make you bloat. Taking calcium tablets a week before your cycle makes the discomfort go down. The last thing is that staying at home thinking about how much pain you are in sends more blood to that area and makes it hurt more. So get out of the house and do something to keep your mind off of it. I hope this helped!

Posted by Jasmine on Jul 19 2011 22:05:19
For the post under mine posted on the 17th I think I know exactly how you feel minus shock and hospital I've had the cold sweats and what not and my whole day is shot...what's helped me is when you feel that first twinge of a cramp go to the grocery store and get the nice size container of pineapple and start munching ill be honest it won't end the pain but the severity will go down also ginger ale helps...also if if u can stand it I like soup because it's warm and eases the cramps up some too the low sodium kind matter fact I'm waiting on moms to go to the store and get me some soup and ginger ale now because my cramps are coming back

Posted by emma mcconville on Jul 19 2011 10:36:41
okay, so ive read some posts. and ive tried everything. im 17, been having periods since i was 13, when i first started the pain was bad but it waas copable. now i dread my period. every time it comes around, i vomit, sweat,scream, pass out from pain.. the works. its unbearable. a couple of months ago. i was at college, and was taken into hospital because my pain got so bad that i (on top of throwing up, breaking out in cold sweats and screaming and shaking in pain) went into shock and passed out. they called an ambulance and i went into hospital on gas and air. they gave me an injection. but the next day i was exactly the same. i refused to go back to hospital because i cant stand being in so much pain and being told that its normal. if its normal to be in the amount of pain im in each month, then im being 100% honest when i say i would rather be dead than put up with it any longer. i went back to the doctors twice since and theyve given me tons of pills to take but nothing helps. they are insistent that nothing is wrong with me. PLEASE HELP.

Posted by Ashley on Jul 18 2011 23:48:56
Hi! I first started my period when i was 9 years old. I'm 20 yrs old now. It started out fine for a few years until one day I was in gym glass and I was cramping so bad I couldn't walk. Turns out I was trying to pass a, almost the size of a football, clot. It hurt so bad!!! So I went to the doctor and they told me my uterus has a 9 inch thicker lining than a normal uterus, and that I will be passing these clots until that lining has become normal. So ever since then I pass golf ball/marble size clots. The only thing that helps is a hot bath in lavender. That helps until its over. Any advice on what helps, beside ibprphen, and aleve, and motrin?

Posted by Sam on Jul 18 2011 18:33:08
During your period, cramps do hurt. Even if it hurts go out and have fun. You'll easily forget about your period and you won't feel cramps. Fun=no cramps

Posted by nicole on Jul 16 2011 08:53:53
My mom is 49 and cries from her period so badly.she seems so depressed but its only during her period please help me with any ideas she us crying between 11 to 15 hours a day till its over then she's normal.

Posted by ashley on Jul 16 2011 00:33:59
hey girls im 13 and really hav done my homework! I started about 3 cycles ago and found out alot. for the fist one to two years of a girls first period its totally normal NOT to hav regular periods! so dont freak out! i always take ibuprofen not EVER more than recommended! but try a heating pad! Good luck to all gals in the future!!!

Posted by A.Banana on Jul 15 2011 10:32:58
Hey everyone. Periods suck but for those of you who revolve your lives around it need to change. Your going to have your periods for a long time and you need to face the facts now. If you plan to go to a concert and your periods come the day before. GO! Don't sit at home thinking about your pain - go out, have fun and I promise you will forget about it! Imagine if it was your wedding? You wouldn't call the date off because it was your time of the month. Us girls have to be brave and fight of the annoyingness and painfulness of periods because it is 1000000x worse if we sit home thinking about the pain. So if your on your period and you have plans to go out - be it to the movie's, a study date or even to work/school don't sit at home feeling sorry for yourself :)xx

Posted by Shelby on Jul 14 2011 22:12:27
I'm 15 and I've had my period since I was 12. I cramped so bad I was borderline emergency room and all that. I always get really bad migraines around the time of my period and so my doctor put me on birth control. It makes your flow lighter, cramps less extreme and you have your period less days. I was STRONGLY RECOMMEND birth control. Loestrin is a low dosage of estrogen and it has REALLY helped me!

Posted by kasi on Jul 12 2011 16:36:18
ok I'm 14 and I got my period when I was 9 I'm very heavy and have really bad cramps I've tried heating pads, ginger, fish, milk and salty things even pomagrante nothing works please help!!!

Posted by ashley on Jun 30 2011 09:18:26
I have had my period since I was 13/14 being 20 now and it controls my life :( I can't go to classes I cant go to work I have to wait to see if I am able to make plans because I never know when my period comes. It bounces all over the calender that I have no idea when it will come. I have had periods that hurt so bad I just want to die. Lying in bed with cramps in the front and back trying to breathe through the pain :( im afraid to go to the doctor but i think after these many years i just need to go and see what can get done cause i cant handle this anymore ... i have to go to work today and tomorrow i cant get out of it... :( wish me luck

Posted by Kathryn Isabella on Jun 25 2011 13:33:59
For menstrual cramps a very effective way is having a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds { i.e, dont bite it jus swallow dem with a glass of water } have it often in a day..I have tried it, it really works trust me................

Posted by jiniva@oldhomeremedies on Jun 24 2011 03:43:49
Old home remedies are very effective as well as it dont have any side effects. Try old home remedies for menstrual cramps.

Posted by meme on Jun 23 2011 15:38:48
So I know where a lot of you are coming from because I to get very bad cramps to the point I wanna cry they are the worst the first day so bad that5 I just wanna lay down all day heat makes it worse and I don't like bananasa they say exercise helps with cramps but who really wants or even feels like moving when they have there period? No one

Posted by Molly on Jun 21 2011 15:00:14
I've been having excruciatingly painful cramps and my legs are very weak--I need a really quick remedy besides just ibuprofen because i have to walk in my graduation, but I won't be able to in high heels with really weak legs...I'm dyinggg for anyones help...Pleaseeee!!!!!!!!!

Posted by angela on Jun 17 2011 11:25:01
okay girls i have bad cramps especially the first day!!! I cant even sleep i used to take tylonol but now im immune. this is what i do: eat a banana,sit in a hot bathe(feels amazing)for sleeping i use a heating pad and take deep breaths and lastly i drink 3 cups of milk hope this helps

Posted by LT on Jun 11 2011 00:22:17
PMS tea by Traditional Medicinals and a Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc tablet helped me. They all can be purchased from Wal-Mart.

Posted by Emma on Jun 02 2011 11:53:43
@ Elyse, I completely understand how terrible menstrual cramps are when nothing seems to be helping.. I have gone through it for almost 28 years and wasn't able to do anything - go to school or work for the first one or two days. But then one of my friends told me to drink Oregano tea and start taking Vitamin B-complex or just Vitamin B6 supplement a week before the period starts. Because B6 plays a role in prostaglandin synthesis which is associated with periods cramps and it helps with the pain and inflammation and PMS during menstrual cycle. Also taking a combination of calcium, magnesium and zinc supplement once a day at least one week before the period starts helped me. Because Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc help in relaxing the tense uterine muscles and reduce inflammation that causes the pain. I also noticed that the month I don't work out I get more cramps. So now I start taking these things a week before and have it under control. When period starts, I simply use heat pad and drink 2-3 cups Oregano and/or Chamomile tea throughout the day. Or only one 200mg Advil completely takes care of the pain. To make Oregano tea I boil one tsp of dried or fresh Oregano leaves in one cup of water for about 5 minutes and add honey for the taste. It tasted weird in beginning but now I'm used to it.. And yeah, try to avoid caffeine and pops as much as you can!! I hope it helps! Good luck!!

Posted by Elyse on Jun 02 2011 10:15:21
hey everyone im 15 almost 16 and i first got my period when i was 13. my period usually last at least 7-10 days. i am in pain everyday 24/7 and my periods are extremly heavy and painful. i've been to the doctor to talk to her about my pain, they discovered that i am anemic because of how much i bleed and i might have endometriosis. i have had a couple of ultrasounds but i havent had any absolute anwsers to what may be wrong with me. im really tired of this pain and im willing to try anything if it will help. :( thanks

Posted by Becca on May 28 2011 13:11:18
Sorry to hear about all of you having to deal with this. I'm 18 and I've had my period since I was 11. I've always had cramps but over the years they've gotten so bad I've gone to the emergency room a few times. One thing that really helped was finding out I had a UTI, once it was gone my cramps got so much more bearable. For the rest of the pain I just take midol extended relief, vicodin, and lay in bed a lot and eat whatever my body craves. Hope you all find some relief!

Posted by kayla on May 22 2011 18:59:48
soooooooo i've had my period since i was about 14, i'm 16 1/2. i don't get bad cramps, but when aunt flow iz heavy i feel sooo damnn sore. my ass and abdomen are sooooooo sore that i don't even wanna get outta bed in the morning and i just wanna lay down alll dayyyyyyyy long. sometimes i get diarreah or constipated. alot of times when i'm on my period i get a pain in my vagina that feels like a knife or some sharp pain. i don't know what to do about that pain, but any suggestions????

Posted by Molly on May 21 2011 22:56:12
Hi girlies! Ok, so i got my period for the third time on Monday, and I tried tampons--and guess what? They saved my life!!!! I no longer feel uncomfortable during my period and I feel ten times happier!! Anyone who has been thinking about it should really try tampons!!!

Posted by Nicki on May 21 2011 11:17:46
My periods started at the age of 13,heavy for 6 days,terrible cramps and feeling nausias. I am now 20 and my periods have gotten worse over the years..I start to feel sick days before im due on have terrible moodswings and tender breasts..when i am on my period..i have the most painful cramps on the first and second day,i curl up on the couch in the fetal position..they get that painful that i start to go dizzy and vomit. I am so weak,constantly re heating hotwater bottles,i also get a hot bath which helps until i get out of the bath and it all starts again,i also wake up covered in massive amounts of blood clots,some months ill have two periods a month. I have been to the doctors several times and the answer i get everytime is that i have a hormornal imbalance,i just dont believe this and i am so tired. Can anyone suggest anything else that could be wrong with me?

Posted by Jessica on May 17 2011 06:50:21
Hey i know what all of you 13 year olds are going thru im 15 and i got my period when i was only 11!I got my period today and it came at treally bad timing. Cause i have a band concert thursday and mine usually last for 3 to 4 days and i have sever cramps!!!!!!

Posted by Deann on May 12 2011 12:59:03
Jenni - I too have very severe cramps. I am 38. I never used to get them this bad except they seem to get worse and worse. I am on pain meds which is the only thing that even remotely helps (I have tried may other things). I am having a sonohysterogram on Monday (my doctor thinks he may have seen a polyp last time I was in) so. Basically, for the first like 2 to 3 days of my period I am pretty much useless.

Posted by Molly on May 10 2011 19:31:13
I definitely understand what u mean about feeling like ur wearing a diaper! Im really upset because I'm going on a school trip to Hershey park in 2 days and I'm due for my period--I always have the worst luck so I'll most likely get it during that time- I had my last period on march 15-25 (it.was.horribleeee) and I swear I had to change my extremely thick pad about every hour! Plus I had intolerable cramps and I jst didn't know how to deal with them. And "Problems" haha I feel bad since I'm only thirteen and I'm still learning- sry!

Posted by Problems on May 10 2011 16:50:55
:( I can't use tampons due to my hymen (getting the hymenectomy soon) -but for now I still have to use the really big pads. They feel like diapers and they're really uncomfortable. My period is really really heavy the first two days and then the third day it stops, and then starts again on the 4th. It's neveer lasted more than 6 days and the 6th day is usually extremely light. I have cramps for the first day or two and then for the rest of the time I just feel bloated. But using the pads is so uncomfortable because I feel like people see the pad through my jeans and my underwear is constantly stained with blood. I have to use like..four pads a day for the first few days. I even stay home sometimes from school and work because it's so bad. Any suggestions? And tampons are really not an option. Once I put one in, and it took me nearly an hour to take it out because of the septate hymen.. HELP!

Posted by Molly on May 01 2011 08:55:21
Ginger- I know just as much as you do! I'm also thirteen, but getting ready for my third period in a few days( I hope it doesn't get screwed up!). But last night I had a dream- first of all I kissed the hottest guy in the school and he hates me afterwards, but then (I have the strangest dreams ever!) I was transferred to the desert and I was with my mom and my aunt and I woke up(in my dream) and my mom screams that there's blood. Then I'm transferred back to my room holding up my bloody underwear and then the dream ends...pretty weird,right? If anyone can help with telling me what that dream would mean, that'd be great :)

Posted by Ginger on Apr 30 2011 15:08:33
Hi! I'm 13-and just started my period like 1 cycle ago. I usually have a light, no trouble period. But today, my period started only after 22 days and I got cramps in my stomach, legs and back and it was really heavy. Is it normal I got mine only after 22 days? And how can I reduce the cramps and have a normal, light period I usually have? Please help!!!

Posted by Denise on Apr 22 2011 11:13:08
I am 45 and during my menstral cycle I get clot cramps. Which to me are the worse and I think most of you ladies would agree. The mucsle alot of can deal with but but clot cramps we just want to do. Well for the past few years I have been doing something that helps ease the cramping and discharge of the clots and I recommended it to alot of my friends and family and they said it works. What I do is I fill up my bathtube with warm water as hot as I can take it, then I gently rub my abdomin. by doing that the clots come out with no problem. I normally stay in the tub until the water starts to cool down. Then what I do is because I was in the tub with all these clots I then drain the water and then take a warm to hot shower. After the shower I take 2 advils and I am fine. But while sitting in the tub you will actually start feeling better. Trust me it works.Also during your cycle drink alot of water. To any of you who will try this method and like it pass it on.

Posted by Danii on Apr 21 2011 13:23:27
Ladies, I'm 20 years old and I know what it's like to get the omg-i-feel-like-my-body-is-going-to-fall-apart feeling. I never used to get cramps this bad when I was younger but then all of a sudden they got so much worse, to the point where I would lay on the ground curled up in a ball screaming at everyone to leave me alone. I tried tylenol which helped ever so slightly, I tried heating pads which did help but confined me to my bed all day, and I tried sucking it up, but then I was just in more pain. I finally found out from doing a little research that one of the best ways to help calm cramps is an orgasm. Something about the muscles contracting and releasing to relieve pain I guess. I tried it and guess what?...it worked!!! I was nearly pain free! I could actually go out and run errands or go to work without constant pain! Of course after a while the cramps would come back, so I would do it again. Hope this advice helps some of the ladies my age.

Posted by chelsey on Apr 18 2011 12:50:10
well idk much about periods since i'm 13 and got it when i was 11 but i can say one thing periods hurt like hell it maskes me feel like shit and i just wished that i i didn't get it and one question y couldn't guys get it i mean they could carry the baby that's fine with me anyone else agrees?

Posted by stephanie on Apr 14 2011 19:13:11
okay so im 14 yrs old and i have really bad cramps to! but my doctor found out i had a little ball in my ovary! so that makes my pain even worse, get checked girls. i was on birth controll for 6 months and it helped! but the took me off because they were afraid, i need them alot now! pills that are 800ml are life savers go to your doctor and ask for the perscription because they work alot! hope this helps girls! :]

Posted by Molly on Apr 07 2011 21:58:51
Q- thanks for the suggestion, but I'm only thirteen and my mom and sister used only tampons- I think that would probably be the best way to go :)

Posted by Q on Apr 05 2011 15:16:43
Hi Molly, I wish I had discoverd these sooner, but the DivaCup works great instead of tampons. I'm not a big fan of pads, and tampons are gross. This works similar to a tampon as you have to insert it, but instead of absorbing everything it just collects in the cup until you empty it. Check it out!

Posted by Molly on Apr 03 2011 12:02:08
Hey Belle! Thanks so much, and I have a cat too! So next time I might just put her on my stomach- Haha the good thing is, she stays there for hours! It ended up being that my period lasted for 10 days! Probably the worst days of my life...And since my bleeding has gotten worse, for the third time I get it, do u think it would be ok to use tampons? I hate pads!!!!

Posted by Olivia on Apr 01 2011 11:52:33
Hi there, I also have had EXTREME pain during my period for the last four years. If I don't prepare for when it arrives, i'll end up feeling dizzy, throwing up, and almost passing out from the pain. I get these weird hot flashes and I start shaking, it is TERRIBLE!!!! I went to the doctor and of course they prescribed me pills, I am suppose to take one every day but that defeats the purpose of me not wanting to take birth control pills. I take one pill the day before I know my period will start, and one right at the first sign of blood. I buy portable heating pads (life-savers!!!) You can strap them around your back and you can hide it under your clothes. Try Safeway or Walgreens. Hope this helps!

Posted by Sarah on Mar 30 2011 14:37:00
Hey ladies. I'm 20 years old, started my period when I was 12..Sometimes they take turns being horrible...One period I will be fine and won't even so much as have to take a tylenol. Then the other ones (Like the one I started last night) are absolutely horrendous. The pain is inconceivably horrifying and I can't hardly move. Heating pads help, but not as much as everyone claims it does. Other than that, I need to know what foods is safe for a period?

Posted by rachel on Mar 28 2011 11:48:15
40 years old and have had crappy periods all my life until I discovered Watkins. They have a whole bunch of supplements with what they call a bio-activator blend. black pepper fruit, ginger root, cellulase plant enzyme. I'm taking Theratrim and alternating it with pantx giner root blend for diet and sugar control. Not only has it helped my bloodsugar but I noticed my periods are far more easier to manage. Could be the ginger root. another thing is to add thyriod support. thyriod helps act as a master switch for horomones. Radishes will increase thyriod production. Avoid cabbage family, peaches and pears for they all suppress thyriod funtction. if you are having bad periods it's because your entire system is off. Treat from thyriod on down.

Posted by Jenni on Mar 28 2011 10:18:35
I have endometrios andI have severve cramps and the heaviest bleeding and with age it has gotten much worse. I have literatly ried everything under the sun. Heating pads, ibprophen, laying in the fetal postion and even though illegal pot. Is there anyone else out there with cramps this bad and my condition?

Posted by Erin on Mar 26 2011 03:23:48
I woke up at 3 this morning with the worst cramps, diarrea, and shaking. (since it was the first time it happened I was crying and panicking because I had no idea what it was, especially since I was supposed to get my period the 14th, but then again this is only my 6th or 7th period so I'm extremely irregular) right now, at 4 in the morning my stomach feels better but it making so much noise. (I took an advil and tums, I guess that's what helped) either way my periods have been getting more and more painful since I first strted them in the beginning of the year a and I wanted to know if I should ask to use birth control (the doctor said was an option for me if my cramps got really bad) or just wait it out to see if the pain regulates since I'm still irregular...btw I'm 14 now, I strted my period at 13...

Posted by Belle on Mar 23 2011 08:17:58
Hey Molly, It is perfectly normal for you to have a 3 day period then a 6 day period. There are no "normal" periods. Everyone's body is different, yours will adjust to something you will find normal. I remember my first period. I was with my dad for the weekend.. I cramped so bad, it gets better though. One thing I find that helps me when I have cramps, I get my cat and let her lay on my lower stomach, then she purrs. It releases stress and relaxes.

Posted by Kate B on Mar 21 2011 08:12:39
Hi there, I'm 18 and have had my period since I was 11. ALWAYS have I had the worst cramps on the first day or two of my periods. Most of the time, they are incapacitating. I will have to sit on the couch, in the fetal position and wait for the cramping to stop, but once I get up, it slaps me again. I take Tylenol, becuase Ibeprofen upsets my stomach, and it seems to only work for the first 2 hours or so. Like, it's 9 AM. I took two extra strength at 6AM, and now I'm bearing down searching for ways to make it stop. I think this site has given me some great ideas. I'll try the chamomile tea, and bring out the handy heating pad -- which is god when my cramps are so abd, I can't move. Hope all you aldies find some way to stop your vicious cramping. I know I'm trying. =[

Posted by Molly on Mar 20 2011 06:27:46
Hey guys. Ok so my moms on vacation in another country and I have my period. Just my luck! My sister isn't here either cuz she's studying in a different country. Now I'm left with my dad (who is a doctor) and my little brother. I was doing fine last night but at 6:10 AM today, I woke up in excruciating pain from cramps. They are right below my belly button and they've traveled to my thighs. All I could do was scream and cry until my dad woke up and gave me 2 ibuprofen. This is only my 2nd time with my period (the 1st was February 2-4) but this one has lasted for 6 days and it just keeps getting worse (more bleeding and more cramps). In school on Friday I was in a fetal position and neither my friends or my teachers understood what I was going through. So my questions are-is it normal to have a 3 day period and then a 6 day period? (im 13) And do heating pads really work?

Posted by Jennifer on Mar 17 2011 13:56:33
I have had bad cramps all of my life, I have had numerous meds that work for years and then my body I believe builds up an immunity to them and then they stop helping. But if you have not tried anything, ask the doctor for ponstel, or anaprox. Worked wonderfully for me for a LONG time. Sometimes 3 motrin will do the trick as well. A heating pad helps me along with the meds but not on its own. Also the moist heat from a hot bath soothes some also.

Posted by Molly on Mar 14 2011 11:05:20
Today i got my period and it's like the worst pain ever like people are stabbing me in the gut with really sharp knives and idk why...help. ;(

Posted by Sandra on Mar 12 2011 10:23:33
For the past 4 months, I've been having ginger tea and fish oil supplements. Coincidentally, my periods in the last 2 cycles have improved - pain shortened to 24 hrs instead of 3 days, heavy flow reduced to 36 hours instead of 4 days.

Posted by shanae on Mar 11 2011 12:10:38
Well im 20 and i started my period when i was 11. I did not start gettin really bad cramps until i was 15. I use to vomit all day long and my back use to hurt soooo bad and i would just rock back and forth crying. I even use to have to leave school. So anyway i went to the doctor and they put me on birth control. I didnt cramp or throw up ever again. Now i have stopped takin it and i still throw up but its not as bad

Posted by Tara Caldwell on Mar 06 2011 16:42:43
Hey , My period is seriously irregular , like some months I have it twice , and sometimes I go lie 2 or 3 months without having my period . I'm 14 and I got it the summer after I was in 6th grade, so 12 , maybe . Nothing helps my really bad cramps and back pain !! This is my entire week-long period , not just the first day for me ! I even got nauseas for the first time ever since I started getting my period . I've tried bananas , and a heating pad , and just laying down and trying to sleep it off . My mom had something done so she doesn't get her period anymore so we don't have Midol or anything , Help !!

Posted by Dana Oakes on Mar 06 2011 12:22:57
all u young ladies out there that have severe menstrual cramps, please go get checked for fibroids. I am 47 years old and have dealt with severe chronic cramps since I was 14. 2 years ago I found that the fibroids started existing in me when I was young before my period and also came with them endometriosis. Have your parents get u checked soon please. I still suffer to this day.

Posted by Angie on Mar 06 2011 09:01:17
im 25 and i have cramped sicne i was like 13 and its always been bad but for the last 2 years its been worse where i've woke up and cant go back to sleep for cramping and just recently like the last year i have the feeling like im going to throw up when i cramp it dont matter what kind of pain kiler i take it wont work i am crying for hours it hurt so bad im usually sitting and having to move one part for hours before it stop and recently its been comming early 2-4 days each month and i've been spotting for 3-5 days before i actley start please someone tell what i can do to make the pain go away it hurts so bad

Posted by Miranda on Feb 28 2011 03:24:56
Hi ladies! Where I live in Canada it is 3:34 and it is getting crazy! This is the first day of my period and I haven't been able to sleep I tried eating chocolate and I threw that up I won't stop pukeing, I can't even keep water down. I dont have access to anysort of pain killer and my mom doesn't buy bananas, is there anything you guys know of that could help me before I decide to give myself a hysterectomy, since I am only 16 I can't get it done by a gynocoligist I'm thinking it's getting to the point where I should do it myself!!!!!!!

Posted by destini on Feb 25 2011 11:40:55
my period is utterly rediculous i feel almost paralyxed at times. like right now sitting here in class (english 11) enduring this pain with a smile on my face like nothing is worng. this morning i threw up like usual on my first day and havet tooken 4 advil already soon about to take 2 more. even though they make me so sleepy. ugh!!!!! why me.? is it genetic?

Posted by Ang on Feb 25 2011 10:10:35
I am 24 and have had terrible cramps for years...I get my period every 18 - 22 days and I am sick of it!! I shake, get dizzy, will almost faint at times, get nauseated. It really interrupts my life. I have taken a lifetime of Advil I`m sure...and am looking for an alternate way to deal with this other than pumping 8 pills a day during that week.

Posted by Jemiah on Feb 24 2011 23:35:35
Hi, im Jemiah and I started my first period end of 6th grade (12) and I didnt cramp any in 7th grade , and now im in 8th , and cramps just began. My 7th grade year , i didnt have a period the whole summer, yes the whole entire summer , and it kinda creeps me out . What does it mean when you have missed your period for 3 months or longer ? Is this normal when your younger ? HELP !

Posted by flexo on Feb 24 2011 21:51:38
Oh you poor ladies. I used to have REALLY bad cramps to the point where I would just sit on the floor crying and rocking back and forth in pain, I wouldnt eat for my whole period as eating made it worse and I dragged myself up for tests at school clutching a hot water bottle to my stomach....Well I have now at least a 75% reduction in my cramps...how? CUT OUT SUGAR. I know it sucks, but seriously do NOT have sugar like ever. Have diet drinks, and high protein food and cut out lollies cake softdrinks anything that has high sugar....do it for a month just to see I promise that u will see a definate improvement!! And calcium/fish oil/primrose oil too works great. I can honestly say I don't miss icecream anymore, because its worth being able to walk in that week...give it a shot :)

Posted by Kiescha on Feb 24 2011 16:31:04
periods suck.... im sitting at work right now with nothing to do but undure the pain of my cramps and look up ways to relieve them...the first day is always the worst.... :(

Posted by Niki Walker on Feb 24 2011 14:04:48
Gabby- i agree. we are Period Warriors. haha, I like that. anyway, I'm 16 and got my period for the first time on Christmas Eve at a party when I was 10. That's right, I think I win the award for "Crappiest Moment To Get Your First Period". It was like "here you go Niki, Love Santa." Horrible. Soo, i've been having severe cramps ever month for the past 5 or 6 years. I get the shakes, fever, dizziness, nausea, PAIN (oh my gosh, the painnn), the whole shebbanger. Reading this blog makes me feel kind of like there isn't any hope. There are so many opinions here, and some of them even directly contradict each other. I guess I'll just have to start at #1 and work my way down...

Posted by CINDY TOUHEY on Feb 24 2011 11:14:16

Posted by Sara on Feb 21 2011 00:53:21
I'm 11 years old and started getting my period in November of last year, i got my first one the night before my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The pain was so bad that i was up all night sobbing. I am going through my cycle, again, and it is actually acting up right now. Chug water, relax, and if you have one, lay on your back on a balance ball and stretch the crap out of your stomach and back. Hope it helps!!!

Posted by Nikki on Feb 19 2011 14:47:40
Hello everyone! I am 23 years old and I suffer from horrible cramps as well, it started getting bad when my legs would actually go to sleep. Apparently my body was experiencing so much pain that it would go into shock, so all my other body parts would start getting numb. The only thing that helps me is to lay in a bath tub and let really hot water from the shower land on the area that hurts. However sometime that isnt enough, and midol has really stopped working for me unless I take 3 or four at a time. It ruins days at school and at work. I wish there was a miracle pill that fixed it all in a minute.

Posted by Michaela on Feb 19 2011 13:43:44
im 15 and ever since i got my period ive had sevre cramps that i dont know what to do. ive had all the symptoms-diorhea, vomiting, unable to move...i know wen there coming because i feel like giving up and just exsisting through he world the day before. wat elps me is to eat a banana, excercise take a strong medication and sleep. distracting yourself while doing this also works as it keeps ur mind of the pain. i know that this will not work for some people and that all the women in the world wud give anything to get rid of these pains but its only one a month :)we can live through it

Posted by emily on Feb 15 2011 18:32:23
Hey yall. Im 13 and i've been having my cramps since i was 9. their all menstrual but the doctors cant find out why. Its not just cramps i have been throwin gup the blood for the lasr month. the doctors know but cant find out whats wrong. but no know believes me. not even my own parnets. i wake up in the middle of the night scraming with pain and still nothing for anyone. they put me on meds and i have been on them for a while now but nothing seems to help at this point. its like it have no where to turn next. so now im on a mission to find out whats wrong since no one will do it. i will do it for myself

Posted by Arunachala Love on Feb 11 2011 05:08:29
MESSAGE FOR ADMIN (no email add?) pls would u delete my comments minus the last? Thank you

Posted by Arunachala Love on Feb 11 2011 05:03:17
I just feel so bad reading those comments, poor people. Be carefull with ur soul. Even joking about that scares me. right. THE PILL works (I was on Yasmin then some kinda home brand as expensive? think it had some bad press? you check) also CODEIN at first co-codamol, then meer codein, but think made me nausius now CODIPAR 2 every four hrs and ibuprofen like (the docs will say) usually the codipar works but if not I take ibuprofen a bit after a few hrs if poss. Sometimes vomiting can be a prob. and be carefull not to ODD over dose!!! but I must admit I do do an extra pill if I vomit. The codean just puts you into sleep and the pain goes, but remember to top up like 4hrs later. Im usually like this 2days ish. Be safe x

Posted by Arunachala Love on Feb 09 2011 17:08:20
sorry and hope, you'll all b well and safe eekkkk bye x

Posted by Arunacha Love on Feb 09 2011 17:06:09
This is my last message now, unless its a reply, but thats what works best for me n my pain is major. Get proper doctors advice though things like alternating the ibuprofen and codipar or maybe something subtler would help like the mefanemic acid that used to work for me. But yeah. I just take the codipar then sleep for like two days. But I dont wanna accidently miss guide people so, be careful with luv n sorry for my over load of messages x p.s. Codein is really ungrounding so b carefull on it, I barely feel on Earth when im on it. Take Care and you'll all be well n safe, luv x

Posted by Arunachala Love on Feb 09 2011 16:54:21
; ) I dont know what the chanting says but ; ) I was wondering how I could afford to eat for a week as i'm a bit broke, n just though... i'll leave it to the Buddhas to help then ; ) I found £35 in my purse that I forgot about and this was playing... Good Fortune, hope the chantings 'safe' sounds magic to me. Hope thats not too off topic, all connected in a way ennit. Good luck x

Posted by Arunachala Love on Feb 09 2011 16:48:00
Codipar I think is the stronger version two of those, works wonders sometimes, I feel I need three but try n take ibubrofen etc etc blah blah Good luck to you all ; ) I found this and it sound s magic, the singing at first is a bit? but u get used to it ; ) good luck x and Good Fortune x I feel bad for promiting animal tested drugs? im not??? eek. x p.s. All u English people pls sign the 38 degrees petion to Save Our Forests, spread the word and check out the Save Our Woods site, coz... thanks x Om Ah Hum x3 x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cyvCpb78wk&feature=related

Posted by Ginger on Feb 09 2011 09:14:27
You need to get the prescription strength 800mg ibubrofen. Not the regular stuff. Not even taking 4 of the regular stuff is nearly as powerful. Tell your doctor you want and NEED the prescription strength. KNOCKS it out!!

Posted by Arunachala Love on Feb 08 2011 15:37:30
Also, I may be wrong but I think taking co-codamol rather than codein and paracetamol made me less nausious? not sure. Good luck to you all, I know it's horrible x

Posted by Arunachala Love on Feb 08 2011 15:28:03
Not exactly below my belly button to be precise, but further down eek, u get me.

Posted by Arunachala Love on Feb 08 2011 15:23:48
Sorry, should have read through that x

Posted by Arunachala Love on Feb 08 2011 15:21:22
I get pain to each month, not sur if it's cramps though. I get it in my lower ; ) I dont even know the word ; ) like below my belly button, into my legs, it's horrid, I vomit and quite offen pray for my codein to kick in, the I vomit and 'od on codein. I hate animal testing but sometimes am so greatfull that I have access to codein and am horrified at the idea of being born in a country without access e.g. a 3rd world country or even to have been born in the stone age, I use to think, umm anyway. The pain is so horrible, no lie. But codein does it for me. The pill helped to I think when I was maybe 18? It took it totally away but I decided to come off, coz of animal testing and messing with my cycle (but that's just my preference) and when younger younger mefanimic acid I think? did it, but after a while that stoped (I feel immensely boaring ; ) but yeah, am on it toady the ol codein, even contemplaited calling up my doc to see if they could inject me with morphine, but the codein kicked in. there you go ; ) with luv x

Posted by AMY on Feb 08 2011 13:35:57
18 and didnt start having severe menstrual cramps till about 2 years ago i couldn't sleep and passed out and woke up in the hospital. this happened again 6 months ago but all they did was give me morphine and diagnose the symtoms as cramps >:o bastards then i went tomy primary physian and i got a sonogram they found nothing wrong. Last month Ididnt get my perd (im irregular) and i got it this morning, took a shower and fnted i am in agonizing pain just took a midol and drank a juice about 50% of the pain is gone but it hurts to wallk around tryin to pretend theres no such thing as cramps and discomfort

Posted by Lee ann on Feb 08 2011 13:23:19
I have severe cramps for the first 2-3 days i have tryed everything. I had my tubes tide 9 years ago and thats when the cramping started. I have never had cramps before i got my tubes tide. I am thinking about getting my tubes untide just so i wont cramp. If anyone has had the same thing and has had ther tubes untide could you let me know if it worked or if i should just get a hysterectomy. thanks

Posted by Deep on Feb 08 2011 03:38:09
Hi, Delmy if you put hot water towel on stomach for 15/20 min. it will really work for you and ear orange.

Posted by Deep on Feb 08 2011 03:32:05
its same with me ALEX hot water towel can help reduce the pain during mentrual. someone adviced me to take orange in these days and it really works it reduces some pain atleast. If you can try drinking coffee it also work for me....i observed when i take coffee it helps in diluting blood clot and i feel better afterwards. eating raisins also helps.

Posted by Nicole on Feb 06 2011 14:46:10
I've been dealing with my terrible menstrual cramps since I was nine years old and I am thirty now. It has gotten worse since putting in an IUD as the cramps now last for two weeks instead of one - fabulous birth control! I've tried it all: heating pads, hot showers, switching to cloth pads, codeine, pot (namely Indica), and finally I found something that helped... Buscopan, an antispasmodic. Stop it where it starts, right? Unfortunately, it is not available over the counter in all countries (Austria has seen the light, however...) and my American OBGYN insists that I take ibprofen even though I've told her repeatedly that it is a joke. I really think she thinks that I am just a drug seeker and doesn't give me the time of day. I am so fed up with the medical establishment not really listening to me so I am stuck with having weed delivered - oh well, I suppose forcing me to do something illegal is better than legally prescribing me that which I know helps - but who am I, just a highly educated idiot in touch with her cycle and body...

Posted by Alex on Feb 05 2011 14:44:33
I had no idea that there were so many ladies who have the same problem I have. Oh, how I wish I could be one of those girls that could go to school on their first two days of their period. My pain has caused me to miss so many days of school, it's rediculous. I'm 17, going on 18 and Ive had cramps for as long as I can remember. I'm on it now, and i'm truely desperate. None of the period pills work, and I hate seeeing those commercials because the damned things dont work. I get extremely irritated with the people around me, I hate the shower because I get dizzy and cant stand, and I feel like I'll vomit...I need HELP.!

Posted by Shelby on Feb 05 2011 07:12:05
Hey guys im 14 awake at 4 in the morning. i have been woken up my this pain and im glad i could find your website for quick tips

Posted by Taylor on Feb 05 2011 02:48:20
Hey guys I'm 17 and I've been getting cramps for as long as I can remember. It's 1:42 in the morning and I'm finding it impossible to get a comfortable sleep because my cramps are so bad. This past week I found myself more tired then normal coming home from school everyday and going to sleep and even with a nap I'll be exhausted by 8 at night. My cramps take all the energy I have. They give me headaches back aches nausea and everything you can think of. For some reason using tampons seems to make the pain worse and the only thing that ever helps is sitting in a hot bath. I'm on birth control and my doctor keeps prescribing me stronger pills because nothing ever works. Idk what to do the pain is miserable and it makes me a pain to be around. My dad even threatened to ground me because I was being moody from the pain. I hate beig touched when I'm on my period because the pain causes everything to irritate me. Idk what to do :( I feel like I've tried everything.

Posted by Alexandra on Feb 03 2011 21:49:19
I've been having the entire spectrum of symptoms - severe cramps, vomiting, muscle aches, headaches, diarrhea, inability to move - since I was 12 years old. I am 18 now, and the only thing that I've found to work is taking gratuitous Aleve pills and whimpering in bed all day. I would sell my soul for something to make my cramps go away for good.

Posted by Gabby on Feb 03 2011 07:14:32
Iknow about the regular menstrual cramps, but does anyone else experience butt cramps? Cramps that feel like someone took the handle of a plunger or something and stuck it up your rectum!? My daughter, 15, gets these and sometimes they keep her in bed. What to do?!

Posted by Amanda S on Jan 29 2011 19:29:17
When my cramps get especially bad, I have sex with my husband and it helps a lot. The tighteninng and releasing felt by sex also releases the tightness due to cramps. It may sound weird but it actually works for me.

Posted by Jenn on Jan 29 2011 14:39:13
Try Rasberry Leaf Tea it does seem to help. Don't wear tampons on the first few days as they seem to aggravate cramping for some women.

Posted by Karissa on Jan 28 2011 13:18:03
I am 19 years old and in the Summer of 2009 I ended up in the hospital with lower abdominal pains so bad they were making me sick and I literally couldn't move to get myself dressed. I found out I had an ovarian cyst, they prescribed me 800mg Ibueprofen which didnt even touch the pain. Summer 2010 I ended up in the hospital again for the same reason. They prescribed me Hydrocodone this time & it seemed to help. The only things that seem to work for me is sitting in a hot bath, but I can only stand to sit there for so long and sitting on the toilet. I know sitting on the toilet sounds so silly but strangely it helps. But those two things are things that I cannot do ALL day. I really need to find something to make this better.

Posted by Kaydince on Jan 27 2011 12:45:47
I'm 17 and I don't necessarily have stomach cramps, I have horrible back pains and because of the back pains, I begin to get the stomach pains which leads to me getting sick. I take every and any medication I get and NOTHING ever helps. I can't even lay down on my stomach, side, or back without some part of my body hurting. It's getting ridiculous...I don't even want kids, so why do I have to put up with this shit?

Posted by Aligato on Jan 27 2011 09:41:38
Yes, bananas help a great deal when it comes to feeeling dizziness and light headed.

Posted by CHRISSY Y on Jan 21 2011 10:46:23

Posted by Tracy Richardson on Jan 17 2011 08:06:35
For menstrual cramps try BLACKSTRAP Mollasses, make sure it's blackstrap. it's the good stuff left over from refinary of sugar. it's a thick treacle that taste like bonfire toffee and can be eaten straight off the spoon. it has a strong flavour that takes some getting used to. it can be dissolved with warm water then added to milk or used in some recipes. Try and take a least 2 teaspoons a day and more around bleeding time. It's has other health benefits too. Don't be put off by the flavour as it's no where near as bad as the cramps. There are sites with others testimonials and it seems amazing do a search.

Posted by Zaria on Jan 14 2011 07:22:57
I am 22 years old. I was diagnose with endometriosis when I was around 16. From then on, I had such severe cramps before and after my period that I would spend at least 3 days in bed, in severe- and i mean SEVERE pain. I would find myself taking 18-24 tylenol extra srength pills within 2 days, trying to relieve myself of the pain. And instead of getting rid of the pain, the pills had a hell of a side effect, and basically just put me to sleep for a good 16 hours, but I was still waking up in pain. After I turned 21 years old, I stopped proclaiming that I had the disease and, God healed me of it. Even though, after I was pronounced to be endometriosis free, I still had to deal with severe cramps that were not associated. My dad then advised that I take Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc vitamins (which could be found together in one bottle at Walmart) everyday and also take Evening Primrose vitamins along with that. This is no lie, but every since I have been taking the vitamins (which have been for 6 months now), I have had no cramps whatsoever. For the NAUSEA, DIARRHEA and BLOATING, I make tea out of pure mint leaves and mix with unbleached sugar. This really helps alot. Therefore, there is no more cramps and no more nausea. I am actually able to be active throughout the day, without having to worry about vomiting or feeling half alive. Thank God for the nature of nature!

Posted by Laney on Jan 11 2011 22:03:09
I have endometrosis and was diagnosed when I was 17. If the pain seems extreme talk to your doc. I do find simple things like making sure I drink enough water can help.

Posted by chocolate girl on Jan 11 2011 17:53:04
ive been through 2 cycles now im 13 and dred my period so bad it hurts im gonna try fish tonight but pleazze someone tell me what works the best it hgurts plezze make it easy

Posted by Amber on Jan 11 2011 12:55:23
I am 20 years old and have been getting severe cramps since high school. Sometimes it is not so bad, but other times I throw up on the first day of my period and end up rolling around on the floor (literally) in pain. It was so bad one day that I paced around my room and ended up falling asleep in my walk-in closet. I think the big problem is sodas....so I try to avoid it when I know my period is coming. I suggest !hot! baths and if possible, keep a leg or something out of the water. It sounds weird, but the contrast in temperatures can feel amazing when in pain. None of the pain pills work on me (midol, pamprin, tylonel, ibuprophen...nothing!). Exercise does help, but if you can't exercise try walking around even if it's in circles. Don't worry about looking silly. I paced around a bench at school in front of everyone because it hurt that much. Don't worry about people laughing at you. The girls will understand if you tell them what's up and the guys will be too freaked out to stand around laughing. You're comfort and relief is the only thing that matters. I really hope my silly real life situations helped someone. Also, I heard something about banana's helping.

Posted by Sarah on Jan 10 2011 15:10:33
I'm thirteen years old and when I first started my period, I had no cramps. Now, they get so bad, when I move to much (Walking down the hallways is always what triggers it)I get sick and puke. Is that normal?

Posted by Cicely on Jan 09 2011 09:11:04
I feel for all the young girls on here with severe cramps. I was 11 yes when I started my period and got cramps so bad that I had to mid 2 days of school every month! I had nausea to go along with that and couldn't keep food down. Heating pads did nothing but make me sweaty and uncomfortable and ibuprofen did nothing! The only thing that helped me was when I got on birth control pills on my own at the age of 20. I have been on it for 10 yrs now and I only minimal cramping that does not affect my everyday life. Just trying to find a natural remedy...

Posted by Azzy on Jan 08 2011 09:29:05
Of course, stress and anxiety increase the pain. Suddenly this whole thing makes so much more sense to me. I'm sixteen and have really...really awful pains right now. I've been feeling nauseated since the day before my period, feel even more nauseated now (the day it started), am shaking, having problems breathing due to the intensity of the pain, and no amount of pain medication seems to be able to do a thing. This sucks ass. I have a shitload of homework due on Monday and can't get anything done; my problems focusing for long periods of time freaking TRIPLED by the pain. :/ I'm a fast typer and it took me like seven minutes to type this because I had to stop for a moment because it hurts so bad. People who have only minor cramps are so lucky. Seriously.

Posted by Natalie gomez on Jan 07 2011 13:30:31
When I was 11 I got my period and never had cramps, then around when I turned 13 I got them, gradually they have been getting worse. I am now 14 And must go to home from school, or not go at all on the first day of my period. Today I went home after having preventitively taken 3 bayer chewable pills (since I can not swallow pills) and takin another 3 at school when I began to experience pain. I have not eaten since the day before at five pm and it's about 3 pm now. Does that have anything to dowith it? When I went home from school I lied in bed and the only cure I had was to scream at the top of my lungs, which distracted me some. Please help.

Posted by Salloon on Jan 06 2011 01:21:58
hi ladies i am now 17 i got my period when i was 15 and my sis got hers when she was like 8 or 9 but anyways. i get very bad cramps being how my sis is older she is the one to help me (my mom died when i was 2) so my friends tried to make me take a birth controll pill ahahah good luck getting my dad on bored

Posted by Thomas Kim on Jan 05 2011 00:28:28
Try Bio-Booster(BB), it uses natural energies such as far-infrareds and negative ions to balance the body electrical and chemical (hormone)based communications. Simple to use, just wear it and drink water and menstrual cramp problem is solved. Most pain is caused by primary problem of body energy(s) imbalance that leads to energy flow blockages.100% money back guarantee, if BB does not stop your menstrual cramp problem. Best part about Bio-Booster is unlike drugs it has no bad side effects. To read more info or buy Bio-Booster go to www.thai-ka.com. For more than 90% of you menstrual cramp sufferers, Problem Solved! Enjoy your life in good health.

Posted by softballchick on Dec 29 2010 17:36:59
I have been having very bad cramps for awhile now and my mom told me to stop crying cause its put more stress on you. And stress makes cramps worse. When I stopped crying I noticed that the cramps weren't that bad any anymore. I aslo find that reading posts about everyone elses stories takes away pain too. my cramps right now aren't that noticeable cause I've been reading your stories. I am still going to try that apple and banana remedy to take away all the pain. I hoped I helped if not then sorry!

Posted by Ciara yo on Dec 11 2010 18:14:14
Well i am laying in bed with some pretty bad cramps right now as well. Haha nothing to do besides look up relief and bitch at all the men in the house. Ive found the best thing to do is to pop some pain pills, chill, and smoke some weed. This seems to be the best relief for me. You girls take it easy and take it out on men, they deserve it for not having to go through this every month! HAHAHAHAHA

Posted by Vanessa on Dec 10 2010 19:43:30
Ok so i started my period when i was 11 and got cramps on my second period, then after that they seemed to go away until i turned 13 and i am currently 13 and having trouble dealing with the cramps i feel very jumpy and stressed out and very moody. Is is normal to feel jumpy and dizzy? I usally get every bad cramps the first two day and it keeps me from school i just want to feel normal hopefully the advice will help me on here, usally ibroprofen helps and a heating pad but i don't think it is very good for me to take too much medicine and i think it will be bad for me to be on birth control.

Posted by Linda on Dec 08 2010 15:32:42
Aeryn, It's normal to have abnormal periods after the onset of your menses for a year or so. If it's been almost 2 years of abnormal menstrual cycle, you should consult an ob/gyn. I also suffered from painful menses for about 12 years but the herbal remedies mentioned above on this site has helped me a lot. Especially, taking the vitamins it talks about and chamomile and oregano tea along with regular exercise worked. Now I don't need to call in sick at work every month anymore :) Try some of these remedies and if it doesn't help regulate the menstrual cycle in a month or so, I'd suggest visiting a doctor. Good luck!

Posted by Aeryn on Dec 08 2010 10:40:42
I started when I was 16. I know that's like really late. Over the last year the cramps have gotten worse and I started experiencing nausea, vomiting, dizziness and chills. Last month it lasted for 13 days, starting on the 9th and ending on the 21st. Is that normal? Now here I am 2 1/2 weeks later cramping really bad. Heat no longer works and otc medications don't either. Now I'm just looking for any home remedy that will help.

Posted by Jill on Dec 06 2010 20:27:01
I have the worst cramps in the world, stomach and upper thighs. Nausea, severe mood swings, hot baths don't work and heating pads rarely help. I scared my roommates my first semester at college when I sunk to the floor in pain and couldn't get up and just started crying. I'm 19 now and have had this pain since I was 11. I just had my first visit to the gyno. She asked me why I hadn't come before and if I enjoyed being in pain.... My advise. Visit the gyno. She is there to help. I'm now on birth control for medical reasons to help the pain. Before I would just take two pamprin and two ibuprofen. Then I would put on a heating pad and read to take my mind off of the pain. Then eventually the pain would go away.

Posted by lily on Dec 04 2010 11:12:37
H......someone please help. I started my period its an everu month thing that I. Stay in bed My abadomenhurts motrim 800mg seems not to help as well as midol.. Anything thatt can make my 1 st day ease away ..?? The next few days always seem to go well

Posted by Debbie Williams on Dec 02 2010 16:03:38
Most often I recommend women take large dosages of Magnesium, Omega-3s (Krill Oil is the very best), Curcumin, Vitamin E and Valerian. But...the best results include the aforementioned in addition to progesterone cream (starting mid cycle). Another suggestion is Parsley as it is loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties.

Posted by Kris on Nov 29 2010 05:10:55
My doctor put my on birth control. The hormones counter the cramps after a while and I only get my period 4 times a year. Truly a blessing. My cramps used to severly cripple me, keep me up in the middle of the night, make me miss school and work, and keep me in bed ALL day -_- I recommend talking to your doc about it.

Posted by Emma on Nov 21 2010 14:43:26
Have any of you been checked for ENDOMETRIOSIS?... just a thought..

Posted by Aisleyne on Nov 17 2010 14:40:34
I've been getting my period now for 4 years. Got it when I was 12 or 13, now 17(18 in a week! YES) and I get the worst cramps. I usually try a bit of everything. If folding a pillow and laying on it doesn't help, I do cold on my lower abdomen, NOT HOT. That never works for me, heat.. Ew. My problem is, though, no one else at work seems to get cramps as bad as me! I am fairly new at where I work, and its hard for me to tell them I'm missing work because of this. Is that something I should worry about?? Cause I'm in agony when mother nature is pms'ing and taking it out on me.

Posted by GABBY on Nov 15 2010 23:04:36
This blog is not for the lightweights... This is for the period warriors... PMS Zoloft 7 days berore your period (this is different from prozac) it starts working immediately on crazy bithc- symptoms. you can get a Rx for periods. Day of period-Advil 4 with food and a red bull or coffee caffeinated drink of choice. Caffeine helps speed metabolism. Psycho cramps-hot bathtub and pass those clots.You will feel better immediately when these buggers are out. Big guns for pain- take a muscle relaxer with 3 advil with food and caffeine again. The key-- stay in front of the pain, not behind it. You even feel a hint of period and take advil with food. you can dose adult up to 8 advil in 8 hour period. Drink lots of water to flush out meds. If you can use med marijuana that would prob seriously help. i dont like high feel i get paronoid sucks Lastly go on line and buy a heat up bag ill post next time my brand but they rock. u heat them up in the micro for 4 minutes and its the ymmiest heat you have ever felt. the clots just slide out and your better. like i said not for lightweights but serious suffers who have tried everything Happy period(yea right i want to kill that person)

Posted by missy on Nov 15 2010 19:18:58
Weed relieves! Feel no pain. And sleep great. Perfect reliever

Posted by Mara on Nov 09 2010 12:17:57
I am 12 years old I have the worst cramps.I am very irregular and at times have no period at all.My problem is that the pain comes in waves.One minute it really hurts then I can barley feel it then it really hurst again.Heat always works with me.A super hot bath or a heating pad set on high.But I know we younger girls don't have that stuff at school,I am now at home.This is the second time this year I was sent home for my cramps!! I want a really good at school remedy.Any suggestions?

Posted by Ashley on Nov 04 2010 14:10:22
The first time I got my period was when I was about 10 yrs old. I didn't have cramps and it stayed that way for about two years then I started getting them more. I'm 18 now and the cramps come and go, some more severe than the others but still a bit tolerable. I find that taking a nap seems to take the edge off, so does a bit of Motrin or even something hot to drink works. Liquid Motrin works almost 8 minutes after I take it, and lasts all day, but liquid Tylenol works just as good. As for the nausea.. I get that once in a while. Any way to get rid of it? Feel free to email me with suggestions! Dragon_lover456@yahoo.com. Thanks.

Posted by Angel on Nov 03 2010 08:25:51
I am 31 and still have this issue. No children, but have had 5 miscarriages. My cramps are horrible, get the severe diahrrea, and I get migraines that time of the month. My doctor has given me prescription pain meds but they don't stop the cramping or the lower back pain. The heating pads work for a few minutes but not gor long.

Posted by kristen on Nov 02 2010 10:50:11
hey i'm 11 i got my period october 12 and it sucked! i was @ the icerink with my mom for my older bros hockey clinic tell 12:00 pm so we were at target then all of a soden my stomach hurt so bad also did my lower back. so we got me pills and pads. thrn i got it the 22nd of october birthday even worse. now i got it yesterday novembor 1st what is with that?! and my cramps are so bad and my stomach is really really bloated. please if any one can help email me at hockgrl@yahoo.com thanks.

Posted by blaava on Oct 22 2010 11:57:13
I hate smoking marijuana but I have to say that times that I am dry heaving and can't move, weed completely helped.

Posted by missy on Oct 16 2010 06:32:48
Hello.. my I started my cycle when I was ten. I used to get cramps in my stomach now they are lower. My boyfriends mother gave me a recipe for this tea. Yes it is nasty but it works. U drink it one to two weeks before your period. It will shorten it by a day or two and u will have no cramps. And it will be light. You canu also take ADVIL LIQUID GELS around the clock at least 3. And exercise work really well too.

Posted by Glad To Help on Oct 15 2010 02:27:12
Check out http://www.periodcramps.info for a free recipe thats natural and has been used in India for quite some time

Posted by Laney on Oct 12 2010 15:06:32
Excedrin Menstrual is WORKS try it, and it's way better than MIDOL. Honestly 100% better, I've had cramps so bad that I cry all nite and my husband feels he has to bring me to the ER because I'm in so much pain, chocolate doesn't help, neither does a heating pad, that makes the pain worse.

Posted by B on Oct 11 2010 22:40:19
My pain is relly bad that I really have gpot to stay in bed and do nothing. I can't get up cas the pain is too excruciating. And the worse part is that I keep gettiung diarrhoa/soft stools. Even after I egested, I still get the I-want-to-go-to-the-toilet-again-to-pass-motion feeling. And the feeling comes like every 5 minutes ): Panadol doesn't work at all. Any suggestions?

Posted by Darlene on Oct 10 2010 14:22:12
Hello everyone I have a 15 year old daughter who's goes though what most of have took in your stories about your pain I was told by my mother n law of this liquid medicine called three sss it's tastenasty but works if you tale it one or two days before your cycle starts then you won't be in any pain now the problem is I'm can't find it so I'll keep looking and if anyone comes across it please let me know where and how to get my daughter really needs help with this pain as well thank you and good luck you can reach my at got2getmoney@yahoo.com

Posted by Paige on Oct 09 2010 09:28:31
Hey ladies, my best friend just got this new birth control pill that you actually do not get your period at all while you are on it. if you are like me and deathly afraid of birth control you can try children's Tylenol and Motrin. Since they are meant for kids they are gentle on the body and when they wear off the cramps wont come back as strong. Since its mainly for kids 11 and younger here is what you can take and still get pain relief; choose an amount within the range that you are most comfortable with taking. You can also increase the amount as you wish to get more pain relief. age Dose 12-20 3- 3.5 tsp 21-30 4- 4.5 tsp 31-40 5- 6.5 tsp

Posted by janetta on Oct 09 2010 01:05:52
hey umm im 17 years old i have cramps since i started at the age of nine! the first day i got my period i was in pain!! from then on it got worse! my peiods would last for three days the first day was always the worst! i would vomit to thepoint were there was blood! i could hardly move! my body would shake and my uterus was very swollen that you could think i had two stomachs! i would be in somuch paint thatit hurt to cry! if i even toched my stomach it would hurt!! i tired taking every med, every home remedy, everything would work the first time but thenext time my body would be ues to them! that chocolate one made them worst the heating pad made it worse!! some months i couldnt even lay down a certain way!! it got to the point were i knew which month iwould be in htemost pain!! my pains were so bad that i missedaweek from school every 20 days! weird but thats when my period would come! went to the doctor the presciption didnt work even the least bit! no im seacrhing for something else to try! any suggestipn?

Posted by Nydia on Oct 08 2010 12:44:30
I am 21 and still have sever cramps.I got my period when i was 9 and the cramps never seem to get better.When i have my period i am worthless. i can not work go to school nor do anything around the house.Nothing seems to work and it totally sucks.My husband is in the military and is planning on coming home in the next couple of days. does anyone else have a cure?

Posted by Caitlyn on Oct 01 2010 13:32:51
hey ladies, your comments have helped EXTREMELY! i have had horrible cramps since i got my first period at the age of 12 and i usually end up in the hospital. the laptop did release some of the tension in my lower stomach but having your boyfriend or husband rub your stomach and lower back seems to work the best

Posted by Laura on Oct 01 2010 05:34:58
I can tell you that when you have cramps you DO NOT want to get up and move around. For me, heating pads only make the situation worse. You want a good remedy for it? CHOCOLATE! and lots of. It is proven to reduce the severity of cramps. Also fish does help. Before it comes, if I do not eat enough, I tend to get dizzy, but eating fish has helped alot. It gives me the energy I need and it makes me feel like I have eaten enough. Also if you cook it up in butter and brown it a bit, it makes the craving for fast food somehow disappear. Weird huh?

Posted by PALLAVI on Sep 28 2010 01:20:39
There 2 remedies:(1) drink 1 ounce ASOKARISHTAM (will get in any Ayurvedic Shop) after breakfast, lunch and supper; Avoid strong masala foods during these days. (2) Drink Hot Water boiled with slightly roasted FENUGREEK SEEDS (methi) frequently during this period. Above remedies are proven and by 3 months you can cure it completely.

Posted by Jo on Sep 27 2010 11:19:54
Hi Im Jo & I have suffered with Period Pain, It gets so bad every month that i Faint, & Sickness, sweating ect ect every single time its in fact getting worse by the month more intence & The faintness so bad. Back pain say Level 10. Now My problem is I have anxiety/panic disorder So i can not take Medication, the only thing i can manage is 1 Paracetamol & this does not even scratch the surface. Can anyone give me any form of help or something i can take that is free from side effects. As you can see i live in fear all day every day So this really does not help me at all & I have suffered for 27 years & the pain seems to intencify more & more I used to just suffer the first day But now im on day 2 & its today I fainted, vomited & then could not move for the pain. PLEASE PLEASE can anyone out there offer me any hope. Any hope at all. Im finding it quite hard to cope right this minute, Im at my lowest ever & want it all to stop. Please help me with some advise. Thankyou

Posted by Dawn on Sep 23 2010 14:22:47
I have had cramps since...well since forever. They just kept getting worse. I did go on the depo shot in my mid to late 20's and it was great. No period at all along with no cramps for many blissful years. Then I read I'll lose calcium in my bones as I get older. Damn...I was getting older. I stopped taking it. Everything was fine for a while. 6 years later my cramps are coming back full swing again and I'm in misery. I'd smoke some pot if I wanted to kill some brain cells, but I don't. Too old for that now, so I'm going to try some other natural substances. It's just not very convienent to have a heating pad straped to my abdomen while walking down the street getting exercise. :) (although those ones that go under your clothes are nice, when they stay in place) That food thing might be a good thing to try too. I get migrains, so what the hell, can't hurt.

Posted by r fell on Sep 21 2010 13:11:24
not to advocate anything, smoking pot does stop all cramping, vomiting, etc...just like the state of CA allows for chemo patients.. it works wonders for that 5-7 day stretch. I even heard Princess Anne smoked when she had hers!

Posted by TANIA on Sep 11 2010 06:16:05

Posted by Me on Sep 08 2010 18:10:38
@ Queen...I too have bad menstrual cramps and found that the depo shot does nothing but make you gain weight and give you bad headaches. For me it also caused me to have seizures. For the last 3 months I have been taking a natural supplement called Ganoderma Luciderm. This stuff is wonderful!!! Not only did the cramps subside I also lost about 37lbs!!! You can get it in pill and coffee form (yep coffee!!)Here is the website www.cafenishea.organogold.com. This is the only place Ive seen 100% organic Ganoderma Luciderm! Hope this helps!

Posted by rn_damia on Sep 03 2010 22:40:02
Queen- several suggestions, Depo-Provera shot frequently stops periods altogether, also there is the option of taking BC pills 6-8 weeks @ a time so you only menstruate a couple times a year, though insurance companies are slow in covering this. Do you bleed a lot? Sometimes a procedure can be done to help decrease the density or thickness of the menstrual buildup. Good luck, being told your only option for relief is childbirth sounds like your doctor doesn't really realize the true meaning of pain.

Posted by Queen on Aug 24 2010 13:09:58
For 18 years I have been dealing with severe menstrual cramps. I have been on every kind of medication, pain reliever and after taking it for several months my body becomes immune and it doesn't work anymore. I have been on several birth control pills and still had cramps. I am now working with a naturopathic doctor to try and create a healthier me. I have been eating better and taking calcium and fish oil pills. She has given me progesterone to produce the hormone to decrease the cramps. I am on my cycle for the first time since and my cramps are currently moderate. I am afraid because usually I have nausea, vomitting, diarrhea, cold/hot sweats, inability to swallow and severe abdominal and back pain. I am at my wits end, my doctor keeps telling me to have a baby and that is no where in my future at this point. I have several heating pads, water bottle, everything related to relieving cramps and they seem to be getting worse. I am disgusted and am thinking about having a partial hysterectomy at 32 years old. Please tell me that someone has a better option because I just can't deal with this anymore!!!

Posted by lisa on Aug 21 2010 18:07:49
i always get really bad cramps in my stomach and lwoer part or my back but i find that getting someone to rub your stomach deals really well with the cramps as well as going for a run or eating chicken soup also bananas and cups of teas with lots of sugar helps aswell i also find girly nights in watching films and scoffing chocolate helps :) i also curl up inot a ball as well that helps me a lot anybody can an idea on getting rid of the back pains though havent figured that out yet?

Posted by Aleah on Aug 18 2010 05:50:22
As a long time sufferer of horrible, agonizing, menstrual cramps, I believe that the Depo-provera shot is the best way to go for the young girls who don't want to conceive anytime soon. Some women, a few who I have talked to, bleed for like 20 to 30 days on the shot, but I didn't, and it helped my situation tremendously. I didn't get my period at all. I decided to go off of it because after a few years it lowered my sex drive to nothing, and even after I stopped depo,and my periods resumed, my cramps were a million times better than they were before I started depo-provera. That was in my lower 20's. Now that I am 30, the pain has become unbearable again. I tried exercise, and that did a whole lot of nothing for me. I recommend using a blow dryer on the abdomen because the heat is more intense than a heating pad, and it helps me a little bit. I do not want to be on any contraceptives because I'm having problems with high blood pressure. I'm to the point where 1600mg of Ibuprophen (8 tabs) dosen't do anything, then if I take more than that (which I know I shouldn't, but, ladies you know how bad the pain is) I just throw up all the pills. I just give up on taking anything, I get really fatigued, in bed for 3 days, and I am just really frustrated!!! P.S ultram makes me itch, so I can't take that either.

Posted by Ruth Campbell on Aug 17 2010 01:35:06
A lot of people are allergic to tampons and are unaware of it. Try using pads for a month and see if it helps. People have died of toxic shock syndrome. Every month I used to have to go home from work and felt someone was pulling my insides out. Fear of pain makes it worse. Wrap up warm and go for a walk or something else to take your mind off it. Keep trying natural remedies, that way you won't destroy your livers etc.

Posted by Bethany on Aug 15 2010 23:33:48
Jenna, I've found that excedrine, or the generic form of it, works really weell. It has the exact same active ingredients as midol, but it's cheaper. But since you can't swallow pills, I would advise taking the appropriate dosage of liquid tylonol and aspirin, because that's what is in midol/execrine.

Posted by Myesha Smith on Aug 12 2010 14:57:04
hello ladies, my name is Myesha and I started my period when I was only 11 years old(which is sort of early).Every since then I have been regular and I dreed the day that it comes at first i start out have 7 to ten days now its only 4.I also have very servere cramps where has reached the point where i have to e hospitalized. one thing that i know works for sure is alieve tablets and heating pads.and if ur out on the go or in college i would suggest that u take two pills before it becomes heavy. i am a testimony to that it can be ur worst nightmare but one day i really wanted to attend a family event so i start taking pills and using the heating pad on the regular.oh yeah plenty of exercise will help especially sit-up although it make hurt at first after 5mins everything will start to relax n the blood will begin to flow.wish u all the best

Posted by Sky on Aug 12 2010 13:18:24
hey everyone, the hot compress helped me. i dont get pains often only like every 3-4 months but when i do they are sooo painful and i often cant move or breath deeply and sometimes vomit if i do. Im 18 now but only started my period when i was 15, all your ages seem to be a lot younger, i hope thats not abnormal?

Posted by girly q on Aug 10 2010 13:02:29
Hey ladies. Over the past 16 years I have had stages of period symptoms. They've ranged from being doubled over in bed to no cramps and a light flow. What I've found to really help is a healthy diet (little to no animal products) and lot's of exercise. Not trying to offend anybody with these next comments but a steady sex life and orgasms will relieve cramps and make your period more regular and shorter. I'm not sure what the science is behind it but it really works.

Posted by Teddy on Aug 09 2010 04:38:11
Hello I'm 24yrs, I too hve the same old problem n still nothing seems wrking. I get cramps 1-3 dya n its reaaly bad cant do nything thn cryin n jst lying in bed. I was suggested for sum painkiller tabs but later sum ppl told me to stop making it a habit as its bad for long run and later may create complications during my pregnancy. so plz help me with sumthing tht will help me really with this pain......

Posted by Lacey on Aug 06 2010 13:00:48
I am 15 and i got my period when i was like 10 or 11 and i have excruciating cramps. Some of my mom's friends have told us about doctors we could go see and my parents seemed enthusiastic at the time but we havent gotten around to it..... My cramps are definitely the worst pain i ever feel. I try to take pills before i am expecting to start but i am very irregular so sometimes its hard to do. The heating pad also doesnt work but sometimes i put an ice pack on my lower abdomen and sometimes it really helps. Hope this works for someone :)

Posted by Reme on Aug 05 2010 18:17:22
since i have cramps i focus on what i enjoy doing and the pain goes away as quickly as it came! but it could be very hard because once i get it all i want to do is lay down and i'm only 12!

Posted by Ashleigh on Aug 04 2010 14:15:59
Jenna im 15 aswell (until tomorow :D) and i have the exact same problem with the pills. what i do is i use soluble asprins. not all of them taste very good but i sometimes mix them with fizzy drink to help te taste. it took me a while to find one that worked well for me but now i can take 2 in the morning and go the whole school day without cramps and then i just take a couple when i get home :) i know that for some people different brands will work better so just look around ;)

Posted by Jenna on Aug 04 2010 13:06:18
Hey everyone, I'm 15(16 in a few months) and i got my first period Thanksgiving day when i was 14. Yeah, i started late. But anyways, I'm still really irregular, and i recently started using tampons, but only when i need to. I get the WORST cramps. I literally just crawl into the fetal position and lay in bed all day and watch movies, because i cant do anything else. I dont drink tea, and the heating pad doesn't seem to work. I can usually only take from 1/2 to 1 midol, because i cant swallow pills, and that usually only works for about an hour, and then it goes back to reaaaaaally bad cramps. What can i do to get rid of the cramps, besides applying hot applications, pills, and tea? Thanks! (BTW, i get the severe cramps usually days 1-3, and my periods last for about 6-8 days.) (still really irregular & always late)

Posted by Kes on Aug 03 2010 11:33:51
I started my period when I was 11 (now 21) I have been hurting so bad this year! It feels like my stomach is ripping in two. I don't eat and feel sick to my stomach the whole time. I feel like I am going to pass out. My mom told me I should go to a obgyn but I hate going to those. And my bpyfriends mom told me I need to go because she wanted to have grandbaby's oneday! I need help What should I do! Please help me out!

Posted by Nyairah on Aug 01 2010 21:42:14
I dred my time of the month. my cramps are so severe that I curl up in a ball and cry and yell. i'm only 15 and they are so bad I even talked to my mother about surgery because I'm always in so much pain EVERY month. some say if you premedicate yourself it helps a lot, but my period is so irregular I never catch it. here's my tip for people out there like me. go to the hospital and the doctor will prescribe you some really strong medicine. and when your cycle begins take the medicine, get a heating pad and curl up until you fall asleep and sleep your pain away. hope I helped :)

Posted by linda on Aug 01 2010 09:06:45
my cramps are horrible.i end up fainting, vomiting, or i lose consciousness.sometimes, to make the pain go away, i feel like slitting my wrists,thinking that pain is much better than the cramps.otherwise i detest that time of the month!

Posted by claudia McGough on Jul 16 2010 15:36:55
@lorna. you said you get constipation with cramps? well, its prob because most painkillers inc. neurofen have an ingredient that causes constipation! the only ones you should is; 1. ibeprophen 2. panadol

Posted by Distant on Jul 16 2010 01:29:55
Just before I get my periodi get dizzy spells as well as severe crampsin my lower left stomach... I also get severe cramps too :( as well as constipation which also leaves me nausea... Does anyone else get constipated when you get your period?? And if so what do you do to help....

Posted by Lorna on Jul 10 2010 16:18:43
Oh and the birth control pill doesn't always help your body inside. It does a lot of damage to your hormones, your ovaries and your general digestive system. I've been on the mini pill for about 5 years and I've ruined my body. My ovaries have swollen and become lumpy, my digestive system is a mess, I've been unable to handle my anxiety and stress very well at all :( Some people are ok on it but some people get all of these problems with it as well as it not even helping the periods at all. I don't recommend the birth control pill anymore :( Not after what it did to me. What I was taking was Femulan.

Posted by Lorna on Jul 10 2010 16:16:25
AT ASHLI - I am so sorry yours are that bad :( I feel your pain! Try my tips I wrote a moment ago about the food. Heating pads really help too. I had prescription painkillers, cocodomol, they didn't work for me :( Has your doctor done any hormone tests on you? And have you had your womb checked for endemetriosis? That can be so bad for your periods and causes the worst cramps! I also find how much I bleed is a nightmare, it's really embarrassing sometimes as it goes through everything and I'm afraid to go out :( Then you get some people who don't suffer barely at all and it's not fare :(

Posted by Lorna on Jul 10 2010 16:13:02
I have suffered with severe cramps for such a long time, since I was about 14 and I am now 22. They are so bad I end up crying in bed for days. I have managed to eliminate some things from my diet during my period that really help. If you suffer from severe cramps DON'T eat chocolate, it's awful! Everytime I have some chocolate while on my period I start cramping about 10 minutes after and it's horrible! Try to stay away from the high in bad sugars food as well, try and stick to a diet which is healthy in fruit and vegetables and good foods. It honestly helps with the pain. My pain gets so severe I have had pains in the ovaries and and they thought I had endemetriosis but I have had a scan and I don't. But everyone says eating chocolate helps, it only makes it worse for me. If you take tablets if it's an absolute need to as sometimes I have no choice then only Nurofen Plus works, nothing else works for me as it's not strong enough. Feminax used to work until they removed the Codeine from it so take Nurofen Plus but always take it carefully and read the instructions as it's very strong stuff. Also take it when you have eaten as it can make you feel a bit sick. I really know how awful the pains are and how much they ruin your life around that time of the month. It's just so horrible :(

Posted by Katie on Jul 09 2010 14:12:54
This wont work for everyone, but im 15 and the remedy i use is using a heating pad on the second to highest setting (if its to hot its very uncomfortable) drink non caffeinated tea (chamomile is the best) and eat fruit, any kind (my favorite is raspberries). try to avoid caffeine and sugar, and always switch to pads if you use tampons. hope this helps. :)

Posted by brianna on Jul 08 2010 13:47:16
u guys suck u dnt help me with anything

Posted by haley on Jun 29 2010 14:38:02
Most of the time I don't get cramps, but when i do they are very uncomfortable. I haven't tried any herbs yet but i find when you're waiting for midol or something to work or you don't have any take a laptop and put it on your stomach. over time a laptop will start to get warm and it really can make a difference. I am on light birth control because i would get really heavy periods and it seems to help, although i did not get cramps before i started it. so if you have a heavy period, i reccomend trying birth control.

Posted by Ashli on Jun 24 2010 06:24:31
I am 22. Ever since I can remember I have had horrible cramps. Some months are less severe as others. This month, however, is really bad. I just started my period this morning. It woke me up out of a dead sleep because the pain was so bad. I have taken a prescription pain killer to help dull the pain, and it won't go away. I have been vomiting, sweating and have a head-ache to boot! I want to cry. It hurts so bad I can't move. Any suggestions? The doctors tell me that I'll be okay. That it's just really bad cramps and to take a nap. I don't know what to do.

Posted by Self-acupressure and massage! on Jun 18 2010 09:50:20
The more I take care of myself (get enough sleep and plenty of water; avoid animal products, sugar, caffeine, yeast, white flour and processed foods) the better my periods are. When I've been indulging, though (!)and end up with cramps and backache, I find that doing stretches and acupressure really helps. I sit with my feet sole-to-sole in front of me, massage my insteps and then do acupressure/massage up my legs from my ankles all the way to my groin. I use my hands, forearms and elbows, but you can use a massager too. I also stretch my arms over my head and then lean my upper body forward as far as I comfortably can to give my low back a good stretch. Also, you can do acupressure on your low back by putting one or two tennis/golf/rubber balls on the floor under your low back on either side of your spine, and rolling on them gently. If I'm really hurting, I usually take 2 ibuprofen first, and by the time I'm done stretching, I feel a lot better. I was reading through these posts for ideas for my 11 year old daughter who is having cramps with her first period, and my heart goes out to all of you who suffer so much. You are loved.

Posted by Cassandra on Jun 09 2010 15:09:46
Hello ladies, I work for a small healthcare technology company in the Seattle, Washington area. We are currently conducting a study for a new device for menstrual and low back pain relief. It is not a pharmaceutical. It uses pulsed heat instead of constant heat for pain relief. I am currently looking for women who live in the seattle area and would be willing to come to our offices to participate in the study. I am posting a copy of our study flier below, please contact me if you live in the area and are interested! Test a new treatment for low back pain We are seeking women who have pain associated with the menstrual cycle to participate in a research study. Participation involves filling out some questionnaires, then attending a test session that will last about 2 hours. During the session, you will be asked to try out two devices for pain relief for about 30 minutes each. The first is a commercially available heating pad, and the second is a new electronic heating device. You will be asked to rate your pain, your pain relief, and to tell us which device you would prefer to use. What: Test two new heat treatments for pain relief. Who: Women with pain associated with their menstrual cycle that is not due to cancer. Where: Study offices in Madrona (3300 E. Union St., Seattle, WA 98122). Why: Earn up to 0, and help us learn about what kind of treatment people prefer for relief of lower back pain. How: Contact the research coordinator by phone at (206) 579-04855 or by email at painrelief@talariainc.com. Note: We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any information sent by email.

Posted by NANA on Jun 02 2010 15:04:29
I usually eat dates, they help tremendously.

Posted by NITHYA C on May 26 2010 06:28:14
I have severe menstrual pain for every periods,and 4 the past 2 years i starts consuming pain killer pills...i know that it has side affects piz give me any other remedy to overcome(24 yrs)..?

Posted by C australia on May 22 2010 11:46:11
Oh, and a practical idear FOR WORK, it will provide a little assistance, They have heat-bandages now - for athletes to stick on muscular areas. There should be an affordable brand. Iv used them for athletic shoulder problems and there good! flat and slimline like a big big bandaid, very warm for 3 hours and average warm for up to 9 hours.

Posted by C on May 22 2010 11:32:14
For instant relief its realy quite SIMPLE. Pop a painkiller if you like. then Ignore the 'heat sack' and go straight for the HOT WATER BOTTLE. filled with boiliing water. wrap in in a tea towl so its hot as hell, but not burning. hold it against you public bone or below the belly button, wait 10 minutes and taa daaa. amazing, INSTANT RESULTS. Also grab a cheap bottle of Iorn-plus vitimans, or calcium, or magnesium, and keep them in the cupboard for when ever your desperate.

Posted by Andrea on May 22 2010 11:29:41
Anyone have a cat? Believe it or not, I try to get my cat to walk across my abdomen. It might hurt a bit with the first step, but the slight pressure works wonders as soon as all four paws are on there.

Posted by lynn on May 11 2010 12:54:49
My gosh i woke up with pms cramps so bad today i couldn't hardly move. Being a mom of 3 small children i dont have much time for resting. My question is... is it normal that my cramps are getting worst with every cycle or should i go see my doctor. Does anyone have any home remdies that might help THanks from the mom with the cramp:(

Posted by ald on May 07 2010 14:13:26
I am 41 years old and having severe cramps........I am home from work today because of it........Can anyone over the age of 40 tell me what to do about these cramps let in life. I have had no children, and it hurts..........My periods are clottie.....

Posted by courtana on May 02 2010 03:51:20
one word. Advil. I have bad cramps and its an anti-inflamitory med so it brings the pain down for about 2 hours. i just got my period .

Posted by courtana on May 02 2010 03:46:03
one word. Advil. I have bad cramps and its an anti-inflamitory med so it brings the pain down for about 2 hours. i just got my period .

Posted by MzWise on Apr 27 2010 21:47:47
Ladies Ladies Ladies!!! Please check out this wonderful website that I found on the net where I order all of my natural cramp medicine from dherbs dot c om

Posted by Cindy on Apr 27 2010 17:26:47
Since I have used this site in the past, I thought I would share something that works for me. I get severe stomach pain and I just don't like taking medicine that has side effects. Anyhow, I found this in a health food store and I love it "caulophyllum thalictroides". What I bought came in very small white pills that you dissolve under your tongue. You control the dose and how often. Pain is gone (in about 10-15 minutes), I feel normal, and no side effects. You might have to do this every few hours, but it works great. My only complaint is I couldn't figure out how to open the container (turn and shake) LOL.

Posted by Gudia on Apr 27 2010 00:58:41
I have noticed that if I take the pills the day before they are about to start or even hours before, I am so much more beetter off than if I wait for the results to start showing after I have started my period.

Posted by jessica on Apr 20 2010 21:44:27
Mine are severe. I cannot walk or anything. FLAT COKE-A-COLA works for me.

Posted by Brandi on Apr 19 2010 13:33:56
The only thing that has helped me get out of bed at that time of the month is red raspberry leaf tea. I would normally be in so much pain that I won't get out of bed for 2-4 days.

Posted by Ulanda on Apr 14 2010 02:25:47
I have menstrual problems due to hormon imbalance. Is there any home remedy that can help me to get my periods every month? Please help me as I am so much eager to conceive

Posted by Stephenie on Apr 13 2010 05:07:59
Today I have etreme craps. So bad they woke me in the night around 4am. I am still up. . . :( However, there are a list of things I try to do: First I try to switch from tampons to pads. That helps take some of the pressure off of my stomach area. Then I try to eat healthy, there is a great recipie in readers digest natural cures, it calls for cayanne peppers, kidney beans, vegetable broth, carrots, brown rice. . . That helps ALOT. However, ever single month I get this terrible period, and I ignored my responsibility to eat healthy and not smoke... If you get bad craps DO NOT EAT: WENDY's (2 jr bacon cheeseburgers and a Frosty.) Within a 1/2 hour I had indigestion... and severe pain has accumulated throughout the night.

Posted by lil_girl on Apr 12 2010 07:54:39
I have tried the suggestions from this website but some actually make it a bit worse..!!!

Posted by lil_girl on Apr 12 2010 07:53:23
I am only 12 and I got my period when I was 10 and I always get pains when my period come (like right now) and I usually have some chamomile tea which helps some times but not always and I am not able to take adult medicine but I feel really bad pains to the point I cant stand up and have to sit down and try taking deep breaths. The doctor says its normal but I can't stand it. Any suggestions?

Posted by ash on Mar 30 2010 03:12:10
hi,everyone,i had a severe pain today,and i m taking panadol extra but still my pain dint go,but trust me cataflam tablets really works they r tiny tablts i cant remeber the mg but really these tiny tablets are amazing for menstruation pain,mn drink hot milk n black tea with boiled egg,use this remedy n see the quick difference

Posted by maryann on Mar 26 2010 01:30:39
My cramps are very severe. I can't walk and just double over from the pain. It feels like a labor pain that won't quit. My doc finally gave me Vicodin. I take one or two, and lie in the fetal position with a heating pad on my belly. It numbs my uterus and I can finally drift off to sleep.

Posted by India on Mar 24 2010 13:53:56
When i start my period i cramp the whole day very badly and if i go lay down on my bed i cant they only way i can lay down without moving and constantly keep getting up is if i lay on the floor by the bathroom. i know it sound weird but i have to or imma be in so much pain. i cramp real bad for 2 whole days and i just constantly throw up and when i take medicine it dont help what can i take to make the pain go away :(

Posted by Cierrah on Mar 15 2010 13:32:46
Honestly ladies, all it took for me to ease my cramps and have none at times was changing my eating habits. I eat more healthier with a diet rich in lean protein and veggies and fruits. I limit my intake of sugar and salt. I take my vitamins and herbal supplements. Suggestion is to take more calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins before and during cycle time.

Posted by Sweetie on Mar 10 2010 22:41:45
Rosie, I would like to thank you for posting your advice about the Apple and Bananna/ a day for 6 weeks! I read it and decided it wouldnt hurt to try it (after all, I loved the idea of eating more fruit during my cycle and getting more nutrients) Well, I began eating a couple apples and a bananna --the night before my cycle arrive and for the FIRST TIME IN 10 YEARS--I HAD NO PAIN (WITHOUT ANY MEDS, PAINKILLERS, ETC.) I am still in shock!! I have told my sisters to give it a try and I am going to continue this remedy for years to come . Thanks a buch!!!

Posted by noor on Mar 10 2010 05:36:05
i take a cup full of cofee and sit in the sun and it is very soothing for me in the cycle

Posted by Kesha on Mar 08 2010 10:25:24
I use something from the health food store called Menstrual Magic it's made with essential oils and it really does work! I suffer from immensely painful cramps each and every month for at least 3-4 days of my cycle. So these pills along with Ginger tea works for me. I cut up a ginger root about the length of my hand, put the slices in a full pot of boiling water and then let it simmer for about 20-30min so that it's nice and strong. I sip on a cup at a time (as needed). Works really well.

Posted by Courtney on Mar 06 2010 13:40:52
I woke up on the 13th birthday to find a great gift...my period. And let me tell you I have the WORST cramps you could imagine. It feels like my inside's are being pulled and twisted in every way, I get sick to my stomach, I have loose bm's, my lower back feels like it's going to snap and to top it all off my knee's kill me and it hurts to walk...it feels like my knee bones are rubbing on one another. Something that not to many women seem to get. I find the best thing for me was when I would catch it before I started it...if I start taking pain pills the night before I'm usually ok. But if I don't catch it..WATCH OUT lol The heating pad works ok...drinking tea is ok...going into a ball works great and smoking a big joint is even better. SO my home remedy >>> take some pain pills, have a nice hot bath while drinking a tea and smoking a jay, once you get out grab a heating pad..put that on your back and curl up into a nice ball. Half hour and you should be doing pretty darn good.

Posted by Victorea on Feb 28 2010 14:34:05
This morning I woke up with the worst menstrual pains I've ever had. I usually get terrible cramps and heavy bleeding during my period but this morning tops it all. The pain lasted about a half hour consistantly on both sides by my hips. I went to the bathroom but I couldn't go because it hurt SO bad! My boyfriend is taking me to see a doctor tomorrow but I wish to know if this is just bad cramps or something worse...

Posted by kayla on Feb 26 2010 17:41:35
I have severe cramps with my period,i take pamprin and midol but they dont help. I am in so much pain i have to go lay down and cant get up for hours. does anyone have any tips for me to get rid of this pain? it feels like my stomach is getting ripped out and stomped on...it HURTS!!!!

Posted by Lori on Feb 24 2010 15:40:10
I am a professional worker who has suffered from menstrual cramps since day one, had 2 endometreosis surgies. Still bad cramps. I have always used marijuana to ease cramps and it does help. I wish it was legal. Alcohol is way worse. I have been using pot for almost 20 years now and it has not impaired my life.

Posted by Tristan long on Feb 23 2010 19:47:47
i tried the lap top thing i dont have so sevre pains ther getting better

Posted by tristan long on Feb 23 2010 19:44:53
i like this artiicle but it didnt help me and i am 13 and home right know alone

Posted by Home Remedies Web on Feb 22 2010 16:26:21
Hi Sally, During menstrual period woman's body releases a chemical called Prostaglandin which causes contractions and hence cramps. Women who suffer from severe cramps produce more prostaglandin chemical than the non sufferers. Sometimes, severity of contractions can cause intestinal cramps and slow the blood flow in the digestion system as well. This may lead to cramps in the vaginal and anal area. Eating fibrous foods and drinking lots of water can be helpful. Also,using heated pad along with drinking teas like Oregano Tea and Chamomile Tea may help alleviate the cramps. These teas contain fairly strong antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory constituents. They may relax the intestinal or uterine contracting muscles. However, if the cramps are extremely painful it's recommended to consult with your physician as soon as possible.

Posted by Anna on Feb 22 2010 15:05:02
Sally, Because of all the contractions and cramps in the area it is sometimes (NOT every time) normal to feel cramps and pain while pooping. But if it's every time you use the restroom and it's unbearable, I'd suggest you talk to your doctor about it. Better to be safe than sorry!

Posted by Sally on Feb 22 2010 07:44:35
Wow I'm glad to see that other people go through the same thing I do. I got my period when I was 11 (I'm 18 now) and I've had the worst cramps my whole life but I was just wondering does it hurt anyone else to go to the bathroom when you're on your period? Is this something that I should be getting checked out? It's excruciating pain every time I have to use the restroom.

Posted by shrabani on Feb 13 2010 05:09:44
I have been healthy all my (24yrs) life with regular almost painfree periods. For the last 6 months or so, I am having intense abdominal cramps with irregular bleeding. The cramp generally last the first day, and it is nauseatingly intense (a stabbing pain in the abdomen)in the first few hours. It also affects my stomach. Please suggest some easy remedies. I live in a hostel and cant get most of the stuffs prescribed here.

Posted by sheena on Feb 13 2010 05:06:14
I have been healthy all my (24yrs) life with regular almost painfree periods. For the last 6 months or so, I am having intense abdominal cramps with irregular bleeding. The cramp lasts the first day, and it is nauseatingly intense (a stabbing pain in the abdomen)in the first few hours. It also affects my stomach. Please suggest some easy remedies. I live in a hostel and cant get most of the stuffs prescribed here.

Posted by Mandy on Feb 11 2010 23:21:46
This sounds crazy, but if your cramps hurt as much as mine do, you will try anything for relief. An old but effective remedy from the school nurse. I ended up in her office every month in tears with horribly painful cramps. Warm an iron but not too hot. Place a towel over your belly where you are cramping and iron. The heat and pressure relieve even the most painful cramps. I use it today, 25 years later.

Posted by Mary on Feb 11 2010 21:07:18
I am 48 years old and have had horrible cramps since my first period at age 11. They are excruciating in my 40s. I am sitting here with a heating pad on my belly. The only thing that gives me any relief is taking an herbal preparation with crampbark, black haw, ginger, red raspberry, and motherwort. I take the motherwort every 20 minutes when the cramps are the worst. It's not working as well tonight, though, and I feel like my uterus is being ripped out. Can't wait for menopause or a hysterectomy.

Posted by Clarissa on Feb 08 2010 13:44:03
Another natural product on the market is called Oona. Its the 1 in the Orange tin. It has ginger amoungst other things in it and it really does help the cramping as well. Look it up online to see if a store near you carries it. Its a 2 part system but if anything use the Orange tin for your cramping, bloating, menstrual headache needs.

Posted by Clarissa on Feb 08 2010 13:40:02
I've found (although not today) using an old fashioned method passed down from my mother and generations before her- her mother, taking calcium helps cramping. Now, I found that using LIQUID gel calcium pills work faster with the combo of an iron supplement. Iron REALLY helps kick my menstrual cramps. I got my period when I was 11. I'm nearly 25 now. I remember how severe I used to get them; riding to school on the bus and being in such discomfort and pain in my seat that I curled up between my seat on the ground til I reached school. Dragged myself into the school and the school front desk staff said I looked like a ghost. Thats how horrible I had cramps at such a young age. I hate having to work the 1st day of my monthly cycle because it is the MOST painful. I have a physical job so it makes it quite difficult to perform at my best when I'm in such pain and discomfort. I do NOT take anything un-natural like Advil, Motrin Tylenol etc. I use only natural methods and done right they work. Iron is fabulous with the calcium liquid gels. I also like to eat alot of greens like spinach, swiss chard, salad, etc and beef. Some steak or lean ground beef help in the iron department and ease the pain of the cramps.

Posted by anonymous on Feb 07 2010 12:42:01
I am cramping as I type because I am out of my "majic cramp reliever". I can't go to the store to get any today because the store is closed! :C oh well... Anyway, if you have cramps/heavy bleeding, try sabina. it is an herb or something like that, avaliable at health food stores. it made my period go from 6 days of heavy bleeding to a 3 day period pain free!!! hope this helps because I know your pain!

Posted by brenda on Feb 01 2010 14:35:10
i have never had these kinds of cramps before, i just got my period and i had terible cramps before and after. my cramps got so bad i was crying one night to my boyfriend and he rubbed my tummy and put a heating pad on me. it relaxed me and allowed me to go to sleep.

Posted by DK on Feb 01 2010 12:00:51
I have had terrible cramping for many years to the point that it hurts from my chest to my ankles and all the way around my body. many times I even have to get sick to feel remotley better, but, I SWEAR BY CINNAMON! I drink a cup of hot tea with as much cinnamon in it as I can stand every few hours. It really relaxes the muscles and calms the pain.

Posted by A on Feb 01 2010 05:29:13

Posted by KLUVATL on Jan 27 2010 21:49:50
This is a great article! There have been some good responses, too. My worst symptom is the horrible feeling of being scratched at from the inside...which is the shedding of uterine lining, I believe. For this, and the basic symptoms, I have made use of the following remedies, starting a few days prior to Day1: Eating *OATMEAL* (found this amazing tip years ago in a magazine; helps with fatigue & cramping); Taking *EXCEDRIN* with food and water (I use Extra Strength and re-dose every five hours. Note: Eat & drink plenty of water with each dose to avoid dehydration.); Eating *BANANAS* (short remedy for low energy); Using a *HEATED COMPRESS* (Such as a water bottle filled with hot tap water, heating pad, heated towel, ZipLoc bag filled with water then microwaved for a short time); Soaking in a *HOT BATH* (Bubbles may help to fully relax. Note: Recommended only if wearing a tampon); and *WASH FREQUENTLY* (Using warm water each time you use the lavratory helps eliminate the "not-so-fresh" feeling, boosting hygiene confidence. Note: If you can`t take a quick shower then warmed-from-the-tap paper towels or baby wipes should do the trick.). Also, *SLEEP* helps for obvious reasons, as does *LAUGHTER*, *POSITIVE THINKING* and just *RELAXING* in general! What a lot to go through each month but certainly worth it!

Posted by Jenny on Jan 27 2010 13:45:58
Lyn, Thank you for the Thyroid test suggestion! Also thank you everybody for all these tips.. I should get thyroid checked out to see if this is connected to these severe cramps!

Posted by Lyn on Jan 27 2010 01:58:17
I also recommend having a long-haired fuzzy comfort cat who likes to sleep on your neck when she sees that you don't feel well. Works wonders if only to cheer you up!

Posted by Lyn on Jan 27 2010 01:53:17
Kayla, I can definitely relate. Thanks for the tip on the mint, I'll have to try that. Usually I can't look at food at all. I take the Motrin with chocolate milk or carob milk or hot cocoa, and that helps to coat the stomach. The nausea was much worse before I started doing that. I usually have to put everything on hold for 3-4 days and not go more than twenty minutes from home, in case they come on suddenly I need to be able to get home quickly. It's completely unpredictable. I've had them come on when I was feeling fine, and in a half hour I was home curled up in a fetal position in tears and practically crawling to the throne to violently throw up. Not fun. Thankfully it's getting better. One thing that helps also is not eating foods during the period that could cause bulk or constipation. That seems to make it worse, as does straining to have a bowel movement (sorry for the gratuitous detail). Sometimes I will stick to a nearly liquid diet during periods to avoid these issues - some Progresso chicken soup, strawberry protein shakes/smoothies with milk in them, and so on. If I can eat at all. Sometimes I can't. But eating something heavy like a steak or spaghetti can cause problems. Last time I went to the ER, I went to a local clinic to get a shot of some pain medicine (Tordol I think it was called) because I coudln't keep anything down and was really ill with cramps. I was curled up on the doctors table yelling in pain for probably a half hour while it got worse. I was shaking and really kind of out of it. Eventually the nurse from the clinic drove me to the ER herself. They had to give me a narcotic drip to get me out of pain. That's how bad it has gotten in the past. I don't want any kids, I'm 45, and unfortunately I don't have medical insurance or I'd have it all yanked and be done with this. The thyroid situation does appear to be improving it so my fingers are crossed hoping for a solution.

Posted by Lyn on Jan 27 2010 01:31:51
I've had severe cramps my whole life, which have landed me in the emergency room on a number of occasions. Shaking, chills, nausea, it gets very bad. Recently I've addressed some thyroid issues (hypothyroid, tsh 10.5) and as I take the Levoxyl, it seems to be improving quite a bit. Menstrual issues can be a symptom of hypothyroid. Currently my tsh is still being adjusted and is in the 4 range, which is still on the high side of normal and some professionals consider that still in the hypo range. My hope is that they will continue to improve as my tsh improves. I have not had to go to the ER in a year and a half and while they are still miserable, they are manageable. What has been working best for me is to take high doses of Motrin regularly during the period (hate this), and try to get to sleep as soon as the cramps start. That helps the relaxation of the spasming. And of course the heating pad. Sitting in a really hot bath with some candles helps... relaxing.. sometimes three times in a day. Since starting the thyroid meds, I've actually been able to reduce my Motrin take as the cramps have been better and less frequent. Hope this is helpful to someone out there.

Posted by Meghan on Jan 25 2010 17:02:58
I am 23 years old and since I started getting my period at the age of 14, I suffered severe cramping along with heavy bleeding. It was so severe that I was home- schooled because I was unable to function. I tried so many different things from birth control pills to the nuva ring, to the patch, to an IUD, I even had doctors suggest a hysterectomy (at the age of 16). A few years ago I found an herb called lady's mantle, you can buy it at the health food store in a liquid form (it tastes pretty gross so I also buy empty pill capsules so I don’t have to taste the herb) I use 30 drops 3 times a day when I have my period and it significantly reduces the bleeding and cramps. It was a life saver for me, and I recommend it to anyone who has painful periods. Good Luck!

Posted by k on Jan 09 2010 12:18:11
thank you all so much for these remedies. i tried some of them and my cramps went away. thanks! :)

Posted by latonya mcneill(35 mother) /kaeilin mcneill(14 yr old daughter) on Jan 09 2010 07:51:27
i have pain in my tail bone then it shoots upward and now my daughter want tell me nothing she just says mom it hurts leave me alone should i throw some chocolate at her my friend said that helped her some and pampering herself

Posted by unknownforsafety on Jan 07 2010 15:20:30
HELP! Im 14 and i have severe menstrual cramps, and very heavy bleeding...Heating pads and medication kinda help, but not alot. I really want a great way to treat my cramps without medication or drugs. Can you please help me?

Posted by Sarah on Dec 30 2009 19:01:50
I find that I have very bad menstrual cramps! I can't eat, work, and can hardly walk for two days! It makes me sick to eat or even think of food. No pills help me, but I have found that the thermal care heat wraps for the neck and back do wonders! The best part about them is you can wear it under your clothes (loose clothing)and no one will know! They last for about 8 hours, perfect for a work day, I encourage women to try it and see how it helps!

Posted by Rosie on Dec 30 2009 14:14:35

Posted by Michelle on Dec 27 2009 23:57:58
Kayla that sounds so horrible! I also experience extreme pain during my period that only seems to get worse with age. Anyways, one time I happened to be in the hospital for something else and coincidentally I got my period. The nurses couldn't believe it and said that I should see a obgyn for the amount of severe pain, bleeding and nausea I was experiencing. They gave me something to ease the cramps and I couldn't believe how pain free I felt!! Of course my body always feels really weird even if I don't feel cramping, but they gave me prescription strength ibuprofen. They told me to take it the day before I get my period and continue it through and it works! Anyways, went tot he dr. - ends up I have a polyp on my uterus. It is way too expensive (even through insurance) to have it removed so I'm just going to deal with it for now. Either way the ibuprofen helps! I'm also going to try dong quai.

Posted by Brenda on Dec 23 2009 13:25:33
I have been using Dong Quai from the health food store for years. Most of the time, I don't feel any symptoms, and I used to get some of the worst symptoms like dizzy, fainting, sweats and overall feeling bad. Dong Quai has been a miracle worker for me!

Posted by Aline George on Dec 23 2009 01:13:01
For the ones with heavy bleeding and cramps Start on the pill. will make it easier on cramps and will make your cycly much easier.

Posted by Kayla on Dec 22 2009 15:52:49
My periods were heavy and sore when I first got them, aged 12 (im 25 now), but i could manage. I turned 18 and I swear i've never felt pain like it! I have severe diaorreah, vomitting, I can barely think or speak and definately CANNOT stand or walk. I can't even bare to wear clothes. I am sheet white, hair saturated with sweat and shaking very badly. Sometimes agonising kidney pain. I have tried pain killers, exercise, healthy eating - EVERYTHING, and nothing works. The only thing that seems to help is a hot water bottle, but only to an extent. They only advice I can give is to wear very loose clothing, lie propped up in bed with the hot water bottle, suck on a mint to eliviate the sickness (proven to work), and stick on a girly dvd (pref something with Kate Hudson lol). This for me usually goes on for about 2-3 days while im practically bed ridden. The pain killers I use are Anadin Ibuprofen 200mg. I have just recently in the last couple of months started taking Omega 3 with vitamins a,b,c so hopefully this will help. Last months was PAINFUL, but not the usual, hopefully this time will be better (i will find out in a day or two :S). After all, a hot water bottle can't help when the dreaded the hot summer arrives. Maybe acupuncture?...

Posted by Angela on Dec 13 2009 11:55:43
My menstrual cramps and bleeding were so severe I had to miss days from work and school. Motrin nor any other medication helped. Now,three days before my cycle begin I start taking 1 Vitamin C 500mg tablet and 1 Fish Oil 1000mg softgel per day and continue to take them until the end of my cycle. I do not have any cramps and only a very small amount of bleeding. I use "Spring Valley" products that are low cost. IT WORKS FOR ME.

Posted by Jane on Dec 09 2009 17:29:04
Laying down under a thousand blankets, putting my laptop on my stomach and not moving sometimes works for me. The pressure and heat from the laptop are a great combo, and usually whatever I am doing on my computer distracts me a bit so I am slightly less aware of the war being raged in my uterus.

Posted by Bonnie on Dec 02 2009 09:43:31
I am suffering from severe cramps as we speak. Mine usually last for 24-48 hours in the beginning and then lessen over the week. My period only lasts for 4-5 days. During the first day or two I can barely eat, i get very bad nausea. The thought of food makes me want to puke. I tend to stick to toast with peanut butter (tastes the same going down as it does coming up). Putting heat on my stomach triggers me to vomit even more so. I CAN NOT have any pressure in that area as well, so I can barely wear clothes. I double over in pain making it hard to walk, triggering more nausea. I don't take birth control due to trying to have a baby. The only thing that does help when available is FRESH air and cold ginger tea. The tea is disgusting either hot or cold but it works over time (hours). Also calm surroundings. Any one anything else that can help or why these pains are so bad?

Posted by layni on Nov 30 2009 03:02:05
Like all us women out their I have bad cramps, it feels like one my in sides are falling appart. Also it feels like the #2 is comming along. But it nothing. I been to the doc, but they just say having bad cramps. Take midol. But midol seems to make it worse. I lay down and apply pressure that seems to work for a bit but not for long, same with baths and tea, along with no caffeene. My question is does anyone else have any more ideas. Or what to do I'm sure all of us would love it. Thanks to all.

Posted by Stephani on Nov 28 2009 15:29:57
If you regularly take 2 Red Raspberry herb pills daily it will not only decrease your menstrual symptoms it will also lighten and shorten your period. I went from full 5 heavy days to about 4 days and after the 2nd day I typically forget I am even on my period because I am symptom free! I had not been taking mine regularly this month and sadly there is a VERY NOTICEABLE difference and it sucks bad! I now have the worse cramps EVER. I buy my pills at Whole Foods but you can get them at any place that sells herbs, even online. Nature's Way is the best brand!

Posted by Mel on Nov 21 2009 20:21:37
I have only read some of these, but this is for Allison, and likely many more of you! I too have suffered from really bad period pain. i had several years that I was sick all month! Cramps, diarhoea, achy back and all over, thrush(vaginal and in my mouth), mouth ulcers - you name it I had it. Then finally after many years I was diagnosed with endometriosis! I have had it removed, but it is still taking time to feel nearer 100%. Lucky I have a very supportive husband, who should of walked by now, even though it isnt my fault. Coffee and caffiene is a craving but it does not help, neither does fizzy drink. Electric blanket on full with a few ibuprofen or voltaren and with panadol a few hours after, hot blackcurrant juice with ginger in it can help. Frustrating and unfair I know and the advice to eat healthy and exercise is true, but 50 times harder to get into than other people i reckon!

Posted by Shelley on Nov 19 2009 00:27:51
I have suffered terrible cramps for years. I finally have them under control after trying every pill on the market. WHAT WORKS FOR ME: Regular aerobic exercise. A week BEFORE your period, take one Aleve a day (or 2 ibuprofen, or whatever) I found a natural remedy at the health food store an herbal rememdy called Cramp Bark Extra, take this while on your period, it really helps. STAY AWAY FROM alcohol and caffeine around your period, these both make cramps worse. Good luck.

Posted by Kristen on Nov 18 2009 23:22:48
This sounds nuts.... But for years I suffered with horrible cramps. A year ago I became a vegan and to my surprise my cramps went away along with the horrible foods I was putting in my body. My doctor used to have me on a pill called ponstel, which does help also...

Posted by Tananda on Nov 16 2009 21:41:48
Girls I know an INSTANT remedy for cramps, however I bet less than a 4th of you try it because OH NO its illegal. Marijuana,weed, reefer, green, grass, pot, call it what you will but I will tell you right now that the government is lying saying it has no health benefit. All the other stoney girls reading this are only reading it because they can't find a sack. Thats right people. I'm not kidding, I'm not lying and I'm not trying to trick anyone. It's the fastest way to get rid of ANY pain at all. Cramps, nausea, vomiting, headache, insomnia,and more. why do you think its prescribed to help ease the pain cancer sufferers have? Now I know that some of you are moms and I'm not saying you should roll your 11 year old daughter up a joint or load up the bong. Maybe you have a son, sister, some random crazy friend who smokes, You can make tea out of marijuana that I GUARANTEE will stop any pain in its tracks for up to 8 hours. Drinking "green" tea does not caused one to have what we like to call "head highs" in fact is purely a body/ muscle "high" if you will that will give you a feather light sensation and can also help with your mood swings. So next time your doubled up on the kitchen floor about to cut out your own uterus just remember, Reefer relieves!

Posted by Amy on Nov 16 2009 16:00:05
Hi Al, I looked up bellergal spacetabs on the web. It appears to be a medication for menopausal symptoms.

Posted by al on Nov 13 2009 03:33:48
To all you ladies out there I feel bad for yous I am on here looking for the girlfriend and her daughter who have bad cramps I was givin some meds from my dr for tummy pains These pills are for women with bad cramps When i looked them up on the computer almost 100% of the women say it changed there lives These pills are called bellergal spacetabs I guess if meds are the way to go look it up then ask your dr They help me with my tummy cramps and sharp pains It might be the miracle Yous need If natural dont work then give them a try god bless yous all good luck

Posted by tina on Nov 12 2009 02:06:36
hi ladies i have just been reading all your comments and i feel your pain trust me i do i get severe menstrual cramps but i also get the other symptoms too including the hot n cold sweats the diarrhoea the dizziness passing out migraines nausea and vomiting the goosebumps and constant urinating its horrible and men should be able to feel our pain everyonce in a while and although this has kept me home from work many times whilst im at home i find the best way to get rid of the cramps or atleast ease them is find the comfiest place in your house get a nice big polar fleece blanket wrap yourself up in it with a pillow and put socks on, and a hot water bottle make your self really wartm and comfortable a mug of hot chocolate or cuppa tea 2 nurofen every three hours a favourite dvd and just relax if you get tired then to hell with it goto sleep where you are more often than not i wake up feeling so much better and im ready to face the world again until the next month haha try it i think it may help and good luck :)

Posted by Chelsea on Nov 11 2009 23:02:15
Hell0, I have had cramps since I was 16, I am 25 now a friend of mine suggested eliminating all cold food for 5 days before my period and during the first 4 days, this means no cold water too. If I do this I have almost completely eliminated my cramps, I then take midol for the bloating and other pms symptoms

Posted by jessica on Nov 04 2009 13:01:38
i took like 4 extra strengh midols yesterday and it didnt work my cramps were so bad i cryed my self to sleep and i woke up today and it still hurt but i had to get up and get ready for work so im online trying to find home remedies so yeah....

Posted by Myra on Oct 31 2009 00:12:25
I'm 18, and I play mellophone in something called drum corps. My cramps used to be so horrible that I'd have to stay home from school and other activities every month, but once I started corps (20-hour workday, tour all summer) the cramps went away like magic! Maybe it had something to do with the endorphins. I don't know. Of course, not everyone can do this, but for all you girls out there who are still eligible...it's just another reason to go to that audition camp.

Posted by Allison on Oct 29 2009 23:26:47
Thanks Amanda! I'll try this next time.

Posted by amanda on Oct 25 2009 00:52:49

Posted by Allison on Oct 20 2009 01:45:44
I also want to mention that I am a runner. I've heard exercise helps ease menstrual cramps, however mine are so severe I can't run. It feels like someone pumped my abdomen up with too much air and is scraping my insides with a rake. My husband is understanding to a point, but he doesn't seem to "get" just how agonizing the pain can be. Lucky for him, he'll never know. Any advice you girls can offer me would be appreciated.

Posted by Allison on Oct 20 2009 01:34:33
I am 32 and have experienced horrific cramps for about 8 years. For two weeks out of every month, I suffer severe abdominal pain, emotional turmoil, oily skin, breakouts, and nausea. These symptoms increase in intensity for roughly 3 days before my period actually starts. I have chronic insomnia, and menstrual pain makes it literally impossible to sleep, usually the night before the first day of my period. I have tried about 5 different birth control pills, all of which only increased the pain. I had an ultrasound and my doctor said everything looked okay. Midol does not work; I just end up with dry mouth. I lie awake with my heating pad, suffering night sweats so severe that sometimes I have to change my clothes and sheets. The agony can be unbearable and at times I want to jump off of a cliff. Now I try milk, coffee, and ibuprofen...and prayer.

Posted by Emily on Oct 19 2009 13:06:56
Okay ladies, now I am being totally serious here. A friend once told me that having an orgasm can get rid of menstrual cramps. Believe me, this works. It takes your mind off the of the pain and when you're done, you feel nearly back to normal!

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 15 2009 18:56:21
Beth, you can give her Oregano tea. Make Oregano tea by boiling one teaspoon of dried oregano leaves in a cup of water. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes and add honey for taste. Chamomile tea helps too. I find that heating pad relieves pain to a great extent.

Posted by sss on Oct 15 2009 14:00:12
yoga help to reduce the pain

Posted by Lisa on Oct 05 2009 22:25:23
When I was in middle school I had bad cramps, one time so bad I was sweating, couldn't move, and went home from school. I was also very obese and unhealthy...I found that after I cut out most of the crap from my diet (no pizza, mac n cheese, soda, packaged snack crap, chips, fast food, processed food in general) they went away and my period itself is very light now. And I'm still 30-50 pounds overweight. I'm no expert but I really bet most people wouldn't have cramps if they ate healthily and got some exercise.

Posted by Beth on Oct 01 2009 11:02:48
My 11 yr old started her period last month. Yesterday she stayed home from school because her stomach was hurting so bad. Then the more I thought about it I realized it was about time for her to start again. Any suggestions, besides pain medication??

Posted by sarah on Sep 25 2009 01:26:54
I totally feel your pain ladies. I have my period now and its like my clock's ticking with this horrific pain. I have tried the heating pad method, doesn't quite work for me. I was surprised to read that dairy products such as cheese, milk and even chocolates alleviate the pain, i always try to avoid eating these things whenever i have my period. I will definitely try drinking chamomile tea from now though im not fond of teas. Thanks for the tips it made me feel better knowing that there are women who also feel this pain and overcomes it...

Posted by sunshine on Sep 10 2009 18:28:39
doctor ordered me off pain pills for 5 days yesterday. started today. arghhh! Im in pain with no heating pad, so I thought, \\"My laptop gets hot\\" It\\'s on my tummy now. I\\'m not pain free but it definately helps!

Posted by Amy on Aug 28 2009 23:32:01
Ooooh I feel like I'm about to die. =( Thankfully I had some chamomile tea in my cabinet. I hope it works!

Posted by Dimity on Aug 15 2009 22:03:26
-Eat strawberries with chocolate -Drink cold milk with cookies -Stretch and stretch and stretch -Take panadols -YELL something out loud and sing LALALALLALALA (it helps, trust me) -Sit in only one position so the pain wont come as severely. -heat pack or hot bath in your at home These are the methods I use, but my cramps aren't THAT severe. So yeah, good luck!

Posted by RAFIEKA on Aug 11 2009 04:29:55

Posted by jeanene on Aug 05 2009 18:47:48
I use Thermacare Heat Wraps (you can use the lumbar or neck one) at work for my cramps. You can hide them under your clothes and they work great! They come in a box and once you open the single packet and expose the heat wrap to air it starts to warm up in about 10 mins or less. They last for about 8 hours. They are not too expensive and you can get them at Walgreens, Target or Walmart. If you buy the neck one you just slap it on your "cramped" area. The lumbar one has velcro but it is too cumbersome in my opinion...makes me sweat...and let's face it, I am already "leaking" let's not sweat too and make matters even worse. I hope that helps!

Posted by Julia on Aug 05 2009 11:54:17
Anybody have any PRACTICAL ideas for while at work? Who uses a heating pad while at work? Who can take a bath at work? Come on!! I am in pain and need releif!! But, I also need to function at work and can't call in sick because I would like to keep my job and don't have any sick days. Any remedies for that?!

Posted by Sharma on Aug 05 2009 10:44:32
Although I'm only 13, I have very severe menstrual cramps, and haven't found much to help me , I have realised that a piece of fruit helps take away the pain for a couple of hours, But I'm running out of Banananas =S

Posted by leah on Aug 02 2009 09:11:36
I; like all of you have the worst cramps EVER! if I don't take aleve at least 2 hours before my cramps start I'm screwed, and I have to wait until the aleve kicks in, believe me even 1 minute with this pain feels like an hour. Cramping during your period is probably the worst pain I've ever experienced and I've been through a lot! For me aleve and motrin work way better then any perscription narcotic, and I really don't think taking such strong pills are a good idea when theres more effective options out there for period cramps!

Posted by Jamie Lee on Aug 02 2009 02:22:17
I am only 14 yars old but i have absolutly terrable period cramps they hurt so bad it fells like some one is scratching there nails in my uterous and they also go up my legs every time they seem to get worse but i have found a few remodies, heat helps me i ether take a hot bath or sit with a heating pad, also fruits that are ritch in potassium help like bananas, ginger or cammamile tea helps, caffine helps so dose chocolate,i also usualy take a combonation of pamperin and advil

Posted by Jamie on Aug 01 2009 15:13:57
Do like I did and see a competant doctor to diagnose the cause of the severe cramps. Mine was fibroids. After having a procedure called a "ufe" my fibroids are gone and my periods are back to normal. After having cramps that initiated up to 10 Motrin's at a time, I now take one or two on the first day. So ladies sometimes there is a cause of the severe cramps. Ask your doctor for help.

Posted by tonya on Jul 31 2009 21:07:04
I have had cramps since I got my tubes tied 8 1/2 years ago. Im 32 and never had them before that time. My dr says its because my ovaries are pissed at me for messing them up. It hurts so bad on the first (like today) that I cant move. I get sharp pains in both ovaries that will almost knock me down and always instintly I double over from the pain. If I dont eat its makes it like 100 times worse. The only thing I have found that helps me is as soon as I feel the pain coming start eating midol 2 at the time every 3 1/2 hours and making sure I stuff myself and keep my stomach full. I dont know why but it seems to help. If anyone has a better suggestion please let me know I will try anything legel.

Posted by Ela on Jul 29 2009 16:55:26
Those of you who take Tylenol on your period, it isn't good to do that because Tylenol will take away the cramps-yes, but it stops your period and that's bad cuz you need to get all of that (the blood)out of you.

Posted by Mandy on Jul 29 2009 10:25:35
DONT TAKE prescription pain meds for cramps... they are highly addictive. I didn't word that right, I agree w/ someone about the marijuana, not about the percosets and stuff... not my fortay!

Posted by Mandy on Jul 29 2009 10:23:24
I am with you ladies. I have been suffering from severe cramps since I was 15 years old. I have tried every prescription med. from my doctor, and all the midols and such and I have found that if I have my heating pad along with 1 advil and 1 tylenol that it WORKS!! I still have the vomiting the very first day, and it just really sucks and it is so uncomfortable. I have to agree w/ "someone" though... and marijuana does help! It relaxing and does ease the pain! Marijuana is also helpful if you have something in your eye and its irritating, a toke a day, keeps the doctor away!

Posted by Someone on Jul 26 2009 01:02:02
No, no pills REALLY work. in the past 3 hours i just ate 5 extra strength advils, 3 naproxen, and 2 percocets... You guys wanna hear the best cure ever? Marijuana baby. instant pain releif.

Posted by Colleen on Jul 23 2009 19:31:46
I use a heating pad that emits wet heat. Its one that massage therapists use. I alternate it from stomach, lower back, back of my legs, my feet. My feet throb in addition to the cramps and aches. I find that it also helps to start taking 600 to 800m of Ibuprofen a few days before the cramps are due to start. Of course how much you take should be dependent on your height, weight and tolerance. Start with 400m every 6 to 8 hours 2 days before you think your cramps will start and keep that heating pad on hand.

Posted by Stacey on Jul 20 2009 15:38:55
I use to have severe cramping but have found the answer about 4 years ago. If you spread mayonaise on your privates and site for about 30 mins, it cures the pain.

Posted by Kari on Jul 19 2009 06:34:01
Ever since I started my peroid I've had awful, terrible cramps. So bad that I couldn't go to school or work. I couldn't even move. I cried and cried, wishing to just die. I lay in bed, cringing, crying and wish for death. Sometimes I would get cold sweats or have to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. I seriously thought something was really wrong with me until I started reading that other women had them just as bad as I did. I have done some surfing around on the web and read something that made total sense to me. When you don't get enough sleep at night the week before you're due to have your period it will make your cramps worse. You're low on energy and tired so it makes them seem 100x worse than they should. I'm having cramps right now but they aren't as bad as they normally are. I usually take midol or something of the sorts, use a heating pad or take a hot bath. It works for maybe a few minutes, or if I'm lucky, a few hours. These cramps usually only last for one day, but they are enough to want to die. Sometimes when I remember to, I take midol when I either know I'm due or feel the irratating tug at my stomach telling me I'm due. Also, I take a nap so I can get some sleep (that I never get at night since I have insomia...)

Posted by Emily on Jul 15 2009 13:55:43
I've gotten horrible cramps for about 4 years now and I've found a few things that work for me. Midol sometimes works for me if I ignore the prescribed dosage. Taking 3-4 when I feel the cramps coming on and then going back to their recommendations can alleviate the pain. I know you're not supposed to but as everyone here is aware, when you're stuck in bed crying and offering your first born son to god if you can just find a comfortable position, the "recommended dosage" seems like a joke. Drinking milk will often calm my stomach as I can get really bad indigestion as well. Ginger tea with a little honey, then the cup on your stomach with your knees propped up, can be a blessing afterwards. If you're looking for some serious medicine that can take the edge off, in England they sell an over the counter period pain reliever called "feminax" and it contains a small amount of codeine which is exactly the kind of pain reliever you need when you're muscles are contracting. Either getting a prescription for Codeine from your gyno or searching the over the counters in the states to find something similiar will be a godsend, TRUST ME. Then, in terms of muscle stretches, I'm an avid yoga-doer and at yogatic.com, the woman there has a series that is specially worked out for when you have cramps. I swear i'm not like advertising for her, but if you're interested, she demonstrates how to do hip-opening exercises which can really help to relieve pressure. one such is putting the bottoms of your feet together and laying on the ground, so your legs are splayed and you can feel your hips being pulled to the ground. Its helped me, though if you're bad enough, it might be hard to get into this position/ out of bed in the first place. Overall, I just keep trying new things every months. Sometimes these work, sometimes they don't. Hope this helps!

Posted by Sara on Jul 12 2009 02:23:37
Off the subject but... learn how to spell ladies! =/ nothing is more irritating when people don't even pay attention to spell check. Anyways, I was just looking at the site for remedies to ease my cramps and vomiting =( ...thanks for all the comments.

Posted by Marie on Jul 07 2009 14:37:45
usually the pills aren't very effective for me, but midol works the best. noto for everyone though.I can tell you some things that help my cramps: eating bananas hot baths/showers exercising heat pads rubbing the area in pain,like a massage. and those normally work for me.

Posted by sash on Jul 06 2009 14:54:15
my cramps are soooo painful on the fist day i feel like to jump off a cliff n end it. I get diarrhea (sp), i cant eat neting without the fear of running to the bathroom to use the tiolet. my ass n waist hurts n i get cold and get goosebumps all over. the second day is better with the use of advil

Posted by Julie on Jul 03 2009 19:10:29
Well my cramps have never been extremely painful up until about half a year ago. They are now to the point where i'm crying in bed, too dizzy and too much in pain to walk. what i've seen work control the pain for me is gently doing a bit of exercise to help stretch the muscles in that area. dont do anything extreme just lay on your back and raise your legs slowly up and down. take calcium tablets and take some chamomile. i drink some natural herbal tea that has chamomile as its key ingredient and wow took the pain away and put me to sleep :) hope this helps!!!

Posted by JEN on Jul 01 2009 15:46:21
ok so i started early at 8 years old and i didnt have any cramps until i was twelve and the all of a sudden they were so bad i was having to go home from school once a month every month. now im sixteen and the cramps only seem to be getting worse i use ibprofen and all sorts of menstural pain reliever but it takes forever to work and once it dose it only lasts maybe 30 minutes. im typing this while im crunched over a heating pad that dosn't seem to be working either. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Posted by Kacey on Jun 28 2009 16:14:37
I understand everything you girls are saying about cramps. I used to get HORRIBLE ones, so I was put on birth control 6 months or so ago, and it has lessened them, but today they came back, and it's horrible. I sit around crying, rolling around, making weird agonizing sounds, my back, legs, and lower abdomen hurt, I'm hot, sweating, and medicine NEVER has worked for me, except one time a Vicodin had helped lessen the pain. DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT CURES THIS HORRIBLE CURSE??!

Posted by Brittany V. on Jun 18 2009 20:59:39
I have been getting my period since I was 12 years old, now 18 and in these past few years I have gone through some of the most severe cramps. I normally only get cramps right when I get my period. When I get them they feel like someone has taken a knife to my pelvic area and just started digging around with it. They get so bad that all I can do is cry. Nothing helps suppress the pain either. Advil, midol, no over the counter pain meds help. When I get cramps, sometimes they are so bad I can't even get myself out of bed. I can't tell you how many times I stayed home from school, went home early or had to call out of work because of this. Curling up in a ball, rolling around for hours and sitting on the edge of the bed, hunched over are no relief. To top it off I get pain all the way up my back and down my legs. Sometimes my legs feel like jello, but in pain. And when it is really bad it makes me physically ill. I throw up and have to use the restroom every half hour. Although, sitting hunched over on the toilet makes me feel a little better... I have used heating pads, menstrual tea, herbal pain relief and nothing has seemed to help. I am currently not taking any birth control pills and never have. I have heard of a few birth control pills that really help with severe pain caused by menstruation. So I am wondering if a good talk with my doctor can find a way to help relieve some of this awful pain when I get my period. Because I do not want to have to suffer like this every month and as I get older, it seems to get worse :( If anyone have good advice, please let me know. Thanks.

Posted by Molly on Jun 18 2009 10:18:28
The day before my period starts I have nausea & vomitting & body aches like i'm getting the flu, and then it starts the next day. I'm almost 30, and my cramps seem to get worse every year. They are so painful i can hardly stand it. I feel like I'm going crazy. And the flow is so bad that I have to change my super tampon about every 45 minutes, because it goes through the tampon and a pad. I don't know what to do. Nothing seems to work....ibuprofin, midol, lortab(is the best cuz it puts me to sleep) I don't know what to do.

Posted by Whitney on Jun 11 2009 23:25:49
I use to be on birth control for my acne for a few years and I guess because of the birth control I never really had cramps but when I got off of them I had THE WORST cramp in my life. I cried and cringed at the SHARP pain that made me SERIOUSLY want to dial 911. That being said I got rid of them again by taking an extra strength Midol at the first sign of my period, the pre-menstrual cramp and it works every time. P.S. I feel for you ladies who have a hard time finding a treatment that works.

Posted by sgilmore on May 26 2009 23:04:50
If you have heavy bleeding talk with your dr. about having an endometrial ablation done. My cramps were so bad that I had to change tampax every hour and it was going thru my clothes. Flow is better but still have cramps. Overall not as bad as before.

Posted by a avila on May 24 2009 12:43:39
When I first got it I had cramps soooo bad that medicine didn't even work and I would kick and scream on bed w/no relief. So I understand fully what these woman are talking about. I had them up til I had my son...and after he was born no more like that.(He is 10 now)After my daughter came it is heavy duty. I guess it is better than the cramps. Does anyone know if anything can be taken to slow the flow? Thank you.

Posted by a avila on May 24 2009 12:43:34
When I first got it I had cramps soooo bad that medicine didn't even work and I would kick and scream on bed w/no relief. So I understand fully what these woman are talking about. I had them up til I had my son...and after he was born no more like that.(He is 10 now)After my daughter came it is heavy duty. I guess it is better than the cramps. Does anyone know if anything can be taken to slow the flow? Thank you.

Posted by brittany on May 18 2009 17:13:44
i get the worse cramps. my legs tighten up, im very heavy during my cycle. i get very nauseated and i cant do anything. i take tylenol/pamprin/midol/ibprofn. but i have my b.f. rub my stomach or back it feels alot better. the one thing that worked was HAVING SEX! wen have sex ur muscles contract it halps release the blood and it gets your muscles down there moving. it may sound gross but believe me it helps and it shortens ur cycle.

Posted by Sara on May 13 2009 17:06:19
I suffer horibble cramps and nothing works. I get back ache, numb legs, vomiting, shooting pains from my abdomen all the way down my thighs to my knees, dihorrea...all of it. ive had it since i was 12. i want to go on birth control but im scared it might just mess up my periods if or when i decide to come off. im 17 now. 18 in 2 months. the first thing ive tried that seems to be sort of working is buscopan. its an antispasmodic, so basically instead of hiding the pain the way painkillers do (which do not work on me now as i think i over used them to the point they now have no effect), they stop the muscle spasms from happening in the first place. People with IBS drink it and their cramps are just about as bad. Give it a try. 1 10mg buscopan tablet three times a day. and also have that with 2 paracetamols with that. (i take paracetamol extra to be on the safe side)

Posted by Steffini on May 07 2009 14:26:39
I always have horrible cramps the first day on my period, last night it was so bad I went to the ER because I thought something was wrong. I've tried heating pads, all the pills I could think of, and nothing helps.

Posted by Tori on May 01 2009 03:38:33
I have suffered too long with my cramps. I vomit the first day only, then after it gets milder. I have tried several things to relieve the pain. I started taking more omega 3's and magnesium. I just found something helpful at Wholefoods called Oona it has cramp bark inside a gel cap. It is the first time I used it, so still waiting for a difference. I can relate to a lot of these women here. I have noticed certain foods can make my cramps worse than other times. I'm waiting for a miracle too! Any other suggestions appreciated~ God bless

Posted by Jess on Apr 22 2009 01:37:19
I had some HORRIBLE cramps AGAIN a few days ago. I tried my ibuprofen that was prescribed to me and I couldn\\'t hold it down. I ended up going to the hospital again and this time they gave me a shot of toradol and also sent me home with a prescription for it. It was AMAZING! My cramps went away instantly, which was a first for me. The pills work great but they can be taken no longer than 5 consecutive days. They work a miracle, I swear.

Posted by Amanda on Apr 21 2009 15:54:48
I have very very very painful cramps that normally leave me in a fetal position on the floor, have birth control and didnt help, tried the heating pad that works a bit but normally makes you head to the bathroom. Tylinol didnt work and muscle relaxers sometimes worked. WHta i found that worked best was 600 ml calcium pills i think its ml i dunno but i know its 600, they worked almost instantly, you just have to have something to eat then take it. Sadly i ran out this time but it actually worked! I suggest trying that their cheap and amazing!

Posted by Sarah on Apr 08 2009 21:19:19
I'm gonna tell you right now, DO NOT take Midol unless you have some food in your belly. I took some one night before bed and I hadn't eaten anything. All the caffeine in the pill went right to my head and kept me up all night. So please eat something when you take Midol.

Posted by chelsea on Apr 07 2009 11:56:44
i have the most miserable cramps in the world. I have tried various birth control pills and they will work for a few montsh but then my body becomes immune to them. my doctor perscribed me a pain medicine that i take with a stomach coater so that i don't get sick. i also try to take it consistently starting the morning im supposed to get my period. warm baths always help and sleeping tends to cut off the edge. I recomend a steam room if possible and heavy breathing, just try to relax yourself. Also, your doctor may perscribe muscle relaxers to slow the contractions.

Posted by BJ on Apr 05 2009 11:22:57
for COOKIE: when i was 11 years old, i was put on birth conrol for my periods. i have been on it for 7 years. just because you daughter may be on it, doesnt mean she will be sexually active. it really helps the pain and i know that if my parents had said no i would have been so mad at them. if her pain is as bad as mine was, PLEASE, put her on it, it works wonders.

Posted by dd on Apr 01 2009 16:36:33
I have always bad terrible cramps. To be honest, it's so bad that I cant hardly move, eat, or anything. Especially on the first day, and i start getting pain the day before. I hate this uncomfortable pain feeling, that just puts u off and suffer for days. It is so bad that I vomit, and aspirin or paracetamol is not working for me. Please help me, it's like in hell.

Posted by Jessica on Mar 19 2009 07:28:25
I've had my period for around 18 years now and I still get terrible cramps that cause me to not be able to do anything... I've tried ibuprofen and midol and they don't work... Aspirin is out of the question as it causes me to vomit. What should I do??? I don't want to try birth control because me and my fiance are trying for a baby soon and I don't want to ruin our chances.

Posted by Jess on Mar 13 2009 20:26:43
I've had my period going on 11 years now, and my cramps are so severe that I usually end up going to the hospital. I completely cut caffeine and alcohol out of my diet about 2 years ago. It hasn't made a difference yet! I have no cysts and no endometriosis. I have even tried 5 different types of birth control for it. I need any suggestions anybody might have. I'm tired of going to the hospital and getting poked with needles for meds that don't work!

Posted by hapa on Mar 10 2009 02:53:56
I too suffer from severe cramps. VERY severe. Take flaxseed (fish oil helps too) and the calcium/magnesium supplements (fish, cheese, and milk work the same way as they increase omega 3 fatty acids in your system). Omega 3 fatty acids in these products help alleviate the pain. It's great. I can actually function with this. It used to be the old: "exercise, heating blanket, and advil" which never worked for me.

Posted by Jamie Lyn on Mar 08 2009 16:29:22
My "menstrual pains" aren't agonizing in the way that it "hurts" like everyone has been explaining...and kudos to you ladies for dealing with that...I would die! BUT however my menstrual cramps consist of TERRIBLE TERRIBLE bloating and stomach aches to the point where it's so uncomfortable that I can't eat or drink, wear any kind of clothing that touches my stomach, and it's very very difficult to function. It's not actual hurt pain, but uncomfortable pain that makes me miserable. No bloat medicine, vitamins, cramp meds or anything works. Please, does anyone have any suggestion?

Posted by Marissa on Feb 23 2009 12:59:40
I have horrible menstrual cramps!1 horrible.. they are the worst the first day and I have them lightly even the day before I start.. and have them not as bad the second day.. So bad that I cant get out of bed for a few days. I do not have a job because of this because how am i going to explain to my employer that I can not work cause of cramps. Not many people especially males understand how severe these can be. I need something thats going to work.. natural prefered.. supplements something I can take so I can function.. Missing out on life because of this stupid pain!! TYLENOL DOES NOT WORK FOR THIS PAIN!! IT STILL HURTS SO BAd! And the hospital does really nothing.. Should I talk to my dr about birth control.. Does that really work?!?!?!?!?!? Id hate to be put on something like that because I have enough stomach problems and I do not want to make it worse.

Posted by Elizabeth on Feb 20 2009 00:55:02
Dong Jiao is an herbal remedy (homeopathic) and helps cramps. Also take these Vitamins: Vitamin B, Magnesium, Calcium, and Flaxseed. Also, Thermacare wraps are great. You can also try birth control pills.

Posted by Eve on Jan 31 2009 22:56:07
An internist doctor told me about a medicine that treats conditions in the cerebello that inhibits the excess production of prostaglandins (the hormone that cause the uterus contracts to liberate the endometrium.) You may ask your doctor about this medicine or other prostaglandins inhibators. If you are not allergic to aspirin and its derivates, you may use Anaprox. It is Naproxen Sodium medical doses or use the over the counter version Aleve. Also, drink Chamomille tea.

Posted by HELP PLEASE on Jan 25 2009 23:50:01

Posted by Katie on Jan 24 2009 02:25:06
Hello Ladies, I need your help.. Im 20 years old and I suffer like crazy with horrible menstrual cramps.. I cant stand it when my period comes. I get so so sick that I usually end up going to the hospital. I also suffer from an ovarian cyst. so it makes matters even worse when Im on my period. Whe I use the heating pad it makes me feel more worse. Then when I get up and take walks its still a killer.. I am up to anything.. I have been to several doctors and they say losing wieght helps which Im trying but I need something to help me while Im doing that.. If you have any ideas please let me know.. Thanks so much

Posted by ashley on Jan 12 2009 00:51:32
Pickle juice at least 2 cups works wonderfully. I have the worst cramps ever and this actually eases them believe me ladies I feel your pain!!!

Posted by vagina hurts on Jan 07 2009 21:56:16
I don't think that heating up a an egg mc muffin is going to be your quick fix to a uti. BUt contrary to popular belief, Ice works better than a heating pad. So, buy some popsicicles. Pillows may comfort you. thanks.

Posted by Jessica on Dec 31 2008 19:03:43

Posted by rebeca l on Dec 31 2008 16:46:58
hi i have SEVERE cramps and i cant make them stop i have tried advil,midol,hot tea and baths and NOTHING can make it stop somebody know a good doctor so i can get morphine shots

Posted by COOKIE on Dec 31 2008 01:15:45
My 13 year old daughter has severe cramps that cause her to have to leave school almost every month. Sometimes the pain is so severe that she becomes nauseous. She takes 2 Aleve but it doesn't last 4 hours. I hate seeing her miserable. The doctor suggested birth control but I think she is too young. The doctor also said the pills would make her nauseous. What can I do?

Posted by Leticia on Dec 29 2008 16:55:46
If you have bad menstrual cramps & bleeding-try taking Unsulphured Black Strap Molasses. You can get it from any Whole Foods Store. Take 1 Tablespoon a day. It also helps alleviate iron deficiencies. I personally dont like the taste of it so I put 1 tblspn in a 8 oz cup-add a littel of hot water to dissolve-add ice cubes and fill glass up 3/4 with light vanilla soy milk....after two weeks you should see difference in flow and pain.

Posted by Jessica B on Dec 28 2008 10:06:08
Severe PMS cramps run in my family so I've been dealing with them since the 1st day i got my period which is 8 years now. I tend to have more severe cramps on the 1st 2 days so I i begin taking aleve the day before it begins. this assure the medicine is in your system before the cramps even start. I also take a hot bath to relieve lower back aches. My cramps get so bad occasionaly i have to take perscribed narcotics just to be able to function! So I'm always looking for the next best pain solution.

Posted by Dawn on Dec 20 2008 09:04:13
I used to have severe menstrual cramps but now they are mild so I changed my life style to a healthy one. I eat a lowfat vegan diet, exercise 30 min five days a week, drink lots of chamomile, mint, fennel, raspberry leaf tea, eat candied ginger, take hot baths, and take magnesium pills.

Posted by Celine on Dec 09 2008 04:05:50
Flaxseed oil tabs and drinking calcium and magnesium in a liquid form can dramatically reduce your cramps. Take it from me as I have severe cramps since I got my menstruation at age 11...I have made countless trips to the ER for morphine shots....the pain I felt was extremely SEVERE. I also workout 6 days a week and it does not alleviate my pain completely but a combination of exercise and SPECIFICALLY Calcium/Magnesium in liquid form has helped alleviate my cramps incredibly. I buy it a Vitamin Shop or WholeFoods and its called Floridix…it even tastes great.

Posted by Janelle on Dec 07 2008 18:40:51
I suffered with cramps for several years. My GB told me to lay off the caffeine,nicotine, alcohol, and foods with bleached flour, sugar, and partially hydrogenated oils (only eat whole foods). It works,but if you aren't ready for that ,like I wasn't. You can try this wonderful herbal supplement called " formula 303". It is mainly Valerian root ( Plain valerian works just not as well). It is excellent for anxiety also.

Posted by Tiffany on Nov 25 2008 14:21:36
I also suffer from severe menstrual cramping, to the point where i had to go and get morphine shots from the doctor because absolutely NOTHING worked for me. However, i found that "breath control" and breathing, actually works wonders. i know some people may thing that im joking, but take it from someone that was a second away of getting a hysterectomy just to stop my period and its cramps for good. just simply lay on your back,take deep breaths in through your nose only and release the air through a tiny opening in your mouth. slowly do this while rubbing your stomach up and down applying light pressure and before you know it your relaxed and on your way to sleep. try it it works

Posted by Becca on Nov 17 2008 18:14:20
Ever since I was ten years old I've had extreamly painful menstrual cramps. Medicine doesn't seem to work, and the best remedy I have found is Dr. Pepper. The caffine in it works miricles. Just dink one whenever the pain gets bad, and it shoule work for a couple of hours.

Posted by Trisha L on Oct 04 2008 21:28:17
I have severe cramps for only the first day...Does anyone know the quickest way to releive the pain..Aspirin, ibuprophen, pamprin, and midol don\\'t work....

Posted by DELMY on Sep 28 2008 18:52:56

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